Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 16, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Takei : Acheson U; S. Security Purge Tactics WASHINGTON GB—A new attack on the government's loyalty- security program came today from former Secretary of State Dean Acheson, who charged the Eisenhower administration has magnified a "grave mistake" of President Truman purge tactics. Acheson, a close friend of the former president, says in a new book—"A Democrat Looks at His Party"—Harper & Bros. $3—tha Truman intended his 19-57 order setting up the security program to be carried out "with fairness anc restraint" but that the opposite has happened. "It's warping effect." Acheson declared, "has gravely affectec the liberty of the individual in anc out of government to think and speak as he pleases and to live and work in the creative atmosphere of freedom and ' respect." Acheson, as Truman's secretary of state from 1949 to 1953, was in the center of the communism-in- government controversy. His widely quoted remark that he would never turn his back on Alger Hiss added fuel to the flames of that controversy. West Virginia's Turnpike Arab-Israeli . w . JL -r* ~n /»/> Revenues Below Estimates ROANOKE, Va. The failure of the West Virginia Turnpike to carry its anticipated traffic load has resulted in the pigeonholing of plans for connecting toll roads in Virginia and North Carolina. Spokesmen for Virginia and ... North Carolina turnpike authorities into Moscow-like said the West vjr g in i a highway Diverse Location WINTERSET, Iowa tB—The D. L. Grissoms live on a farm in Madison County, Iowa, but: their postoffice address is Boonville, in Dallas County; their telephone is listed on the Norwalk exchange, in Warren County; and their son attends school at Van Meter, Iowa, in Dallas County. Looking with Luke would have to prove itself before any further consideration could be given to extending the route. The officials decided to hold further steps after receiving a traf fie survey report noting "relative ly low revenues" from the Wes Virginia Turnpike operation. The report, however, pointed ti the possibility of^a "substantial in" crease" in revenue from-the turn pike in a few years, leading North Carolina and Virginia officials t take the view that reconsideration of their plans might be undertaken about 1957. The West Virginia Turnpike ex tends from Charleston to Prince ton. For department stores employment agencies sewing machines or any other product or service you need for the home or business, ; look first in the YELLOW PAGES of your Telephone Directory. It'll save you time and trouble. THE CHESAPEAKE I POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE CITY As originally planned, the mile link would join with a Vir ginia. toll highway through the mountainous southwest part of th< Old "Dominion for some 75 miles :o near Mt. Airy, N. C. Here Morth. Carolina would add the sec lion that would extend to Charlotte The thruway would total 356 miles and. would serve as part of a projected Great Lakes-to-Florid; corridor." Coverdale and Colpitts, the New York traffic engineering firm which has been studying the feasi jility of extending the road, saic ;he delaying action may be coming at a time when additional:help for road construction will be fortncbrri ng. :.•;..•- : ;. : .',;^v""^".- : :The- firm said, the bpn'd markel might, irhprqve.^for,. the ;:tumpike's >onds-sand '"congressional action may be : taken^;to provide greatly expanded i funds -for road construe :iori.--;'' : 'v)"!> 1 v'. ;; '.-:--.=!••• JJ^'.-.'.;' '.''. •''. 'Coverdale and Colpitts will; make additional periodic "reviews of the Vyest;yirgiiiia n .traffic in: July 1956 .January : 1957,'.'aifd-July 1957. !'/ If : ""ariy.':of\ tKe'' : reviews warrant the,'Virginia and North Carolina authorities may resume their plans for the superhighways in : their states.- •• • - ' Geneva Talk './.-/.(Continued from Page 1) state :t.hat.-their .exchange of. views here/; on!-disarmament, "has been usefuliin, clarifying their respective positions'," 'even-'though all they could.' agree''.';oh was. ihe_ statement that there was a need for disarmament. ' : •'• ' ----- •<."-. The., major, result of the confer ence appears to be the demonstration that Russia is determined not to,accept a reunified Germany allied with the West, and that the Western Powers won't accept any other kind of Germany. Any progress toward solving the disarmament problem, or toWarc eliminating East ; West barriers' to trade, travel and uncensore'd information also was 'trapped between the. rigid; positions ' of the two great power-blocs. U. S. Secretary of State Dulles was expected to leave for Wash ington — with plans to report to President Eisenhower as soon as possible — shortly .after this afternoon's meeting with'-V. M..]\Iolotov or Russia, Harold' Macmiilan of Britain and Antoirie Pinay of France. The round of closing speeches was expected to sum up the position of each side, and lay the groundwork for the,;propaganda battle made certain by failure of the conference. / '.'..''• The Western Big Three were resorted completing • a declaration ihat would blame Russia for the failure to bring a German settlement nearer. They agreed among themselves .hey would not commit themselves to holding new negotiations with Molotov next spring on the German question. Molotov's position on the question of a new con- 'erence was not known. Dulles believed it would be a mistake to pledge another meet- ng soon, or to' join in "any com- munique which tried to "paper over" the disagreements so sharp- y developed here. In this he was supported by the West German government. A Bonn spokesman said an essential condition for any new meet- ng must be that "the Soviets in-] dicate some sincerity" for German reunification. i Rowley Rites Slated Friday CATONSVILLE. Md. W-Funeral services will be held here Friday for John E. Rowley Jr., chairman of the Port of Baltimore Commission, who died Monday following an attack of yellow jaundice. He was 43. Rowley, a native of New York, also was former president of the Maryland Motor Truck Assn. and president of Rowley Transportation Go. and Hicks Express. Inc. When;the port cornmiss.ion was organized in 1951, Rowley was appointed as the.truckers' 'representative for a 4-year term: He became chairma'n last April under the rotation system for 'that position. Survivors include his father, John F. Rowley.Sr.; his widow, Mrs. Betty Martinet Rowley, whom he married.last/summer; two sons by a formed marriage, and three stepchildren. ;„-. . Weeks -.GETTYSBURG, .Pa. (tfl-Poor flying weather' canceled a. .conference today, between President Eisenhower ;and Secretary of Com merce Weeks. But tomorrow the chief executive will see Weeks and start work. on his 1957. budget. Fog, and -rain -weathered in the Gettysburg airport, .. :i '. • As a. result Eisenhower jvill. have no 'official callers • today., and has put off vratil tomorrow moving into his new office in the -Post Office building: •! ' : . '•'•. Coal Ship Afire, ' Sends Help Plea YORK W! — The Coast Guard reported today. receipt of a radio . distress call from the Italian coal ship Dea-. Mazzerla, reporting it was on fire approximately 1,200 miles northeast of New York. " : ~ The distress call said-the fire followed explosions in. the. No- 1 and No. 2 holds and "that" the'ship was in need of immediate assistance. The Coast Guard said the position given—latitude 46:04 north and longitude 50:34 west—was in the vicinity of the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. --..---. Peace Effort Backed By Ike NEW YORK WV-President Eisenhower said last night that the need for a peaceful Israeli-Arab settlement "becomes daily more imperative." A message from the President, was read to a big Jewish-sponsored rally in Madison Square Garden. The rally was supported by Jewish groups with a total membership of 750,000. Rabbi Hillel Silver of Cleveand, honorary president of the American Zionist Council, said of he Eisenhower message: "This sn't everything that I should have iked him to include in his statement." / The President's message was almost identical with a statement ;e issued through Acting Secretary of State Herbert Hoover Jr. in Denver in which • he described Israeli-Egyptian fighting as a 'threat to world peace" and declared "firm friendship toward srael and all other nations in the Far East" Editor Declares Newspapers Are "Sinews Of Democracy" COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo, (ft —Newspapers "provide the very sinews of democracy" and "must get the news, however difficult it is to obtain," Coleman A. Harwell of the Nashville Tennessean told the Associated Press ; Managing Editors Assn. today. t "Insofar as one newspaper in America fails in its responsibility, democracy is by that much weakened," Harwell said. "And,the voice of democracy loses that much of its effectiveness everywhere." His speech opened 'the annual meeting of the APME at the Broadmoor Hotel here. Harwell is chairman of the APME .Continuing Study Committee. In this program, managing editors examine annually the reporting job of The Associated Press, seeking ways to help the cooperative news gathering agency improve its service to its member newspapers and broadcasting stations. •The duty of newspapers to be "strong ; and clear voiced" applies not only in national affairs but in "the hundreds and hundreds of city councils and school boards and tax bodies and other public groups throughout America," Harwell said. This entails getting and reporting the news even if it occurs in "hidden places," he said. In this aim, he said, "we must look to our own papers as sharply as we look to AP" and "to the extent that we have kept in view this dual .responsibility to APME, the year's work will have been successful." The association president, Vincent S. Jones, Rochester, N.Y.. executive editor of the Gannett newspapers, said the meeting brings- to a climax "one of .the most massive and monumental study projects" .in the organizaV tion's history. In it, he noted, 120 members worked .on a study of the Associated Press. report. "As : working' editors,'* Jones said, "we are interested; in/every phase of •riews'papering • and we have tried- te" recruit'distinguished specialists,.in the -fields ;C-' defense and-research. ' \ • . State Senator Ends Mystery, Returns Home RIPLEY, W. Va. 'Wt—The mysterious disappearance of State Sen. Brad Sayre was solved last night when his brother, King Sayre, reported that the 43-year- old farmer and garageman had returned to,his home here. King Sayre said his brother had arrived home between 6:30 and 7 p. m. He quoted him as saying: "I came to in Jacksonville, Fla., Sunday, and hitchhiked' all the way back, I'm too tired to talk about any more details tonight." Sayre disappeared Oct. 31. He presumably started to Cincinnati to pick up a new car for the garage he owns with his brother, King Sayre, and K. G. Cunningham. King Sayre reported the next day he had received a registered letter from his brother stating that the Ripley Republican intended to take his own life and his body would be found in the Kanawha River at Charleston." . ' I U. S. Opposes » Israel Pledge WASHINGTON tf».' — The United- States is reported -to be unwilling-.0 meet Israel's request for an .mmediate American guarantee against possible attack from Arab countries. This-country has previously of. 'ered to join others in guarantee-, ng the borders of both Israel and'. icr Arab neighbors if they agree on the boundaries and settle other ong-standing disputes. President Eisenhower renewed that offer last night. Neither side has yet accepted. • . Handiest . Locations in PITTSBURGH! In the heart oi the Goldan Triangle • 400 outside rooms • bath • television • Air Conditioning • A Tlantic J -6970 Hotel Pittsburgher MOTEL Opposits Greater Pittsburgh Airport • 56 air-conditioned rooms • tila bath • television • private phone Courtesy car to and from motel AMktnH-5151 . . . JOS. f. OUDDY; GEM. MCR., Free Customer Parking on our lot-S. George at Harrison Sts. Baltimore Street at George Free Customer Parking on our lot-S. George at Harrison Sts. Phone PA 2-3700 Guilty Plea Made By Ex-Magistrate - NEW YORK W) - MartinTamin, 32, former Baltimore police magis- r.ate, dramatically pleaded 'guilty o second degree murder today in .he seventh day of his trial in irooklyn. Yamin was accused of masterminding the slaying .of Joseph Aronowitz last February to pre- 'ent him from testifying against Yamin in a Baltimor.e case involv- ng conspiracy to rob a policy slip )ank. ' ,..'•'•' No date was set for sentencing. Owner Inlereslcd ji Control Of Orioles BALTIMORE W) — Carroll Rosenbloom, principal owner of the Jaltimore Colts, said today he is 'definitely interested" in buying controlling interest in the Baltimore Orioles. ""If the present owners decide to nake a change," the board chairman of the National Football .eaguc club said, "and the oppor- unity presents itself for one man o 'purchase controlling interest in he Orioles, I am definitely inler- isted." Troops Rout Students NICOSIA, . Cyprus— (INS)—Brit- sh troops used tear gas today against rioting high school students at Paphos. )eepesl Lakes World's deepest lakes are Bai<al, in southern Siberia, with a ounding of 4982 feet, and Tangan ika, in' Africa, plumbed to 4708 eet. Qk flu/at kite. 438 s J? </i Of. 4/5 01. _ OLD The extra years enrich its great Bourbon flavor TJ T H If fl 1) V -\m^{^mi^^^m^mm •*m®3$r IJllUlVUiil in mis in It PKOOF II 1« PtOOf 80TTLED IK BONO • OLD HICKORY DISTILLING CORPOMT10W • PHILADELPHIA. PA. COAT SALE! / S 22 to *25 Quality • Rich, Warm, Choice Wool • New Textures—New Colors • Fashion-Approved Styles Imagine, this seasons' fashion-new Coats for just—$16. 100% wools, assure warmth and quality. Rich fleeces, checks, plushes. Some cashmere blends. Poodles too, faced with wool, backed with cotton. Newest silhouettes in button and dutch types. Many with insulated linings! Coat values hard to equal at this sale-low! 10-18. I \ ORION Sweaters.,.. Stunning Blouses Regularly 2.98 Your Choice 2.44 Josf woif 'til you $«« thews! They're extra special values for this extra-special event! Orion end wool blouses with such new fashion details! Some al! wools! 100% Orloo s sweaters in charming dressmaker styles! They wash beautifully, dry in no rim«l«You save 54c on eodi— to why not have two, Hurry tor your pick of rh« lot. Many jhode*. 32-40. •M»onf JttgM«r«4 7W« Mart BUY ON WARDS MONTHLY PAYMENT PUN I

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