Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 26, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, January 26, 1928
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The REGISTER'S CirquJor tion records open to public inspection at any time. CIRCULATION isth&m^i Commodity a Newspe^ei^ Has to SeUIUAdverm^ VOLUME XXXI. NO. SO. Succwaor tir The lola Dally; Register; The lola Dnily Record anil lola Pally Index. lOLA, KAN.. THURSDAY EV)ENIN6, JANUARY^ 26, 1928; CITIZENS OF JOLAHEAROF WATERPLANS r • ; Kansas City F.ngnineer Tells Needs For Safety; NEW DA^fPUU^NED Other Work Outlined In Talk—Cost Is About $189,000 To do, evcr>-thiug ni-cessafy In >rder to give lola an adf?<mate supply under adequate pressure ol ^jiure, safe, clear, soft recarbonated water would require a bond Ifisue o£ |1S9,(J00; but the net result ol theso improvement^ -wouiU mean a snviag in opcratinK costM ot about ^}{){} a year instead of an lu- rreape, thus niaHlug a. hike in water rates nnnf-cessary. This in what, was told' Uiose Y'ho .a'lieuded the iiuisa meeting at .Memorial hall labi night by K. K. Mcbonnell of. the engine>rin« firm oi Hums & .McDonnell in his report oa the water situation in .'lola. 1 Oi course that was not every- tliing Mr. "McDonnell told his audi- tnctf. He began ai tho very bi- gifining. analyzed conditions as thiy 'tow are and'described and explained in detail every step Vhich shoulil be taken, according to his recoiiimendations, | to im- provo these'conditions and bring! • our water system up to the point | where it should be maintained. He; lUugtarted the latter part of his | talk wiUv lantei'n slides. talks Two noiirs. VANGUARD OF HOSTS OF KANSAS ARRIVES FOR SESSION MONDAY Topeka, Jan. 26. (AP)^The vanguard of the hosts of Kansans coming to Topeka fof the 37th annual meetiig of the Kansas Day club here Monday, began arriving today Among the early arrivals. If not* the first, was State Representative I taken. Advance sale, of tickets foi ' the annual banquet Monday evening at which Col. Theodore Roose Clark Conkling, of L^rons, veteran newspaper man and speaker pro- torn of the 1927 house 6t representatives. Mr., Conkling' arrived thie morning: . Leading hotels of the city have announced that all room; reservations for Kansas Day have been velt. Jr., will be the principal speaker. Indicate a record attendance. Arrivals are expected on a largr scale by Saturday and the customary milling in hotel lobbies of party workers will start o%-er the week end. POLITICAL JPOTS BpWING IN N. Y. FOR CONVENTIONS Senator Reed Is First To Open Offices '* In City r New York. Jan.' 26. (AP)— i Tlio possibility of a ticket '• headed by Alfred £.• Smith for |ire .sidpnt and Jes :ic Jones, of Houston, for vice-president, was discus.-ed in l>emocralic circles today. Tho l>»oni for Jones-; as -a running-mate lo .Vcw York's ^ governor developed at a beefsteak dinner at the .National Democratic cliib and followed receipt of word from Govern- ; or Dan Moody, of Texas, that he positively would not be a . candidate for either president or vice-president and did not • want his name discussed. DYNAMITE BOMBS ARE TOSSED OUT OF CLOjED CARS Chicago Political Aides Of Mayor Are Not Injured* Chicago, Jan. 26. (AP)—.Terrorists opened fire on the city admfji- istration today with dynamite STEWARTTO TESTIFYFOR SENATENOW Standard Oil Chairman Colonel LINDBERGH IS • me Weekly Regtster, Established -1867., The lola Dally Register. Established :1S97. EIGHT PAGE^f^;; Will Appear Next Tuesday Good Will Tour From Colons COMMITTEE P L A N S S A L U T |S IS Commission To Question Guns and Bands Officials Will Be Asked Soon Uiisliinslon Jan. "6. (AP.) i oliert W. Stewart; 1 Icnnuiin of .lie lio^ird of .-stMijilard Oi; company at liiiliaii.n.; will pear iii'Xt Tiu"<';iy '(-fort tin- flpnafp oil coniniiitee in its in- vpstigaiion of til" operation.s.of tho Ci)niiii.-i :t ;il Trading company, littiited. Stewart so advised his p<<r .'=o|Kil : counsel. L. I.. .StPi'lun.s totJay i lie cancelled ensa?Tements lie lind ill .M.'Xiro r:iy, ill or<l-r Hint he Lone Eagle Arrival FIRED Welcome On m",'-'h.i comni \V .n .xIii lip.n. rir Ijr-fiirc Uie riii;il; itec j:-; it had i (•(lucstr-.l-. nKlo:;. Jan. y,. (.\pi— again, reached the gfoun J!locl;ed/in its effoils lo bring .sonio of guns was fired, bam and the eager speot .nlor> Cartag na. t'olomyh. Jin. 26. (.\P) — Coloiiel Charles A. Lind- l)erBh. completing th**' first lap of his resumed good will tour, lancfed here safely from Colon, Panama, shortJy before two 'o'clock this afternoon. The American ilier completed the hop which he estimated at 400 miles in about 4^2 hp\irs. He appeared over liie city at 1:45 p. m., i nd land.d at ijie fJ3oca Grande flying field a f.^w mittutes later. As th" good will tfyerj^iaek in •he s^virlK of .liis triumphant tou» "a salute s played shouted Washington Jan. 26. (.\P)—Po- jbomtis, .exploding them almdst!"' lviP"it:int wlti;.Vse.- to simultaneously against the homes "'i- ^.nau- .u) . nmi .ii'• ^j^;^, ,.„,„„^., i.iHD„cd from the t'-e .(xkpit of the historic spirit of St. interiiattiiiK:! imn.ier i ;i ;is sr;'rili fiouis. Ii" was wi -lcoixied by the of- for n ,.iie li;:hi on I'll- .p.niVi.ns .,f fdel .'pation which had been !iaK;i1y select^td when it became he would Bogota, the; cai ask Vice-1'r.-.ident Dawes to a,.- '^^•^ Hi-rthen -ntered of two of Mayor Thompson's close is i.ri -.iaring to r.ach u(in political aides.. interMaltiui::! i;i ;is > One bomb, carrying an unusually •>""" 'i^'" '""'"' 'Vr.i-' selectwl when large quantity of dynamite. , tore! the Contii .cnini Tnui:..g <on.oia-^;„-- „,.,^ away a portion of the residence or ""n. or^raiiized by oil inon alter U .e ^^^-^^ ..nroute to 1 Charles C. Fitzmorris, city comp- 1 "f '''••'.""I ^ , . capital of Colombia.*.. BERT AGGSTA GETS FIVE DAYS IN JAIL FOR HIS LOW FLYING Naugatuck, Conn., Jan. 26. (AP)—Bert Acpsta, famous trans-Atlantic fiier, was sentenced to serve five days in the New Haven county jail when arraigned in borough court heire today on a charge of violating the Connecticut aircraft laws. Acosta was charged, with flyingA- low over Xaugatnck yesterday witnesses claiming that he made one attempt to maneuver his p'anc beneath the arch of a bridge across the Xaugatuck river. In addition to the Jail- sentence .4costa was ordered to pay costs of $19.51. Acosta was spcclflcally charged with violation if the state aviation law which "forbids an aviator to operate an airplane at-less than 2,000 feet from the ground over thickly populated sections, except when ascending or descending. Acosta pleaded guilty and addressed the court in his own tiehalf saying that when he arrived- here he was a "little exuberant.'? HP saW he felt so because he waia glad to be getting home ° again.. aUa he took this way of showing: his friends how^ pleased he was.' He said he was sorry for his act. Prosecutor Tolles declared that .Acosta had been warned against low flying and there was no excuse for his act. Judge Sears said an apology- was not in order arid Imposed the five- day Jail sentence. SIX KILLED AND HEAVYDAMAGEIN EASTERN STORMS The cdimiiittee has jlccided to tion. In both instances the bombs wet-e from a closed car. At the Fitzmorris home, wiiich is in the ipable Hyde Park sectioii, the "'tldeniial campaign year. Construe-.'•>o»ni) shattered the front, door, nimt he asid within the limit.s- of-^j^^ experts ar« on the ground in^^'r^cked the lower portion of the these columns, but here are some I jp^.^^-j,jjjg nimbera. designing i'touse (a brick and frame struc- troller and formei- chief of police. The other smashed windows in the '""^ > lutr-. I.-M.IV.H wi.>M-> i, - nutomobili. in which th.- -nv- honife of Dr. William H. Reid. com- Poiut a commission to go to Ca.t- ;"V,n, "f the 'Jt"^^ missioner of puhlic service during: ond question Henry K. Osier: h /j e o^^^ an earner Thompson admin.stra-l K^-U- - the^Co^inenjal .^^^^ j;--' 'SHr IHV^^^l^'^. the dominion. Sui/.i -.i stcii was authorized by tli" seiiaif seveial days ago. of the high points: £ e water'in lola ai the present is unsafe—noi always or even impure—but. alwa.v^s unsafe. Eighty-nine samples out of 104 last year showed the presence of Bi coll, the cause of typhoid and o,ther water born diseases, and ionly a chlorinatiop plant which of course is subject to break-down stands ^between lola citizens and disease | two-thirds of the time. During' periods of excessive turbidity chlonnation is not entirely effective. - — • ! Because of this method of killing ^erms rather than removing thetri. lola water tas-ts bad a large share ot the time. I lola Water Is Hard- lola water is excessi\-ely hard. , -'Causing incrustation of pipes and boilers and consetiueiit expensive plumbing : bills. Four linies as much soap is UMi's.-ary a.i would be if the wa'ter were soft.- The .N'eosho rivfr dam i.s unsafe. siAurb of Islii Do Manga, where he was a guest of If. O. Ware, an Ani 'Tic .in '•jusiucss tfim. \ 1 V • .• ,.: I ->.> -'^'I "ip stores and commercial' i houses mthe aty^pf Cartagena! were closed in honor^of the Aineri- can's visit and exlinsive plans fore -the coniiuitte;' yosljerday bti none of them assisted materially in guiding tlie inquisitors U) the iFitzmorrls. his wife and their I structures thai^^irst must with-1aiid ibr'oke windows a.s far stand the s^ifffijer tempests of par- a'^ay.sis six blocks. Scvei;al guests ty conventions before encountering Jthe Windermere hotel across the | the November tide of ballots. *' " ' ~ The first of these stood almost full gro>^n here today, mushrooni- ing out i over night, complete .to the proverbial lightning rod. It flew^ the Democratic standard of Senator James A. Reed, of Mis- sourlj erected not by his own haiid but with his "full knowledge and consent." 'Reed's campaign headquarters were opened by Lee, Meriwether, .of St. Louis, who will manage the campaign Ijere. in conjunction with anotlier headquarters at Louisiana. Missoiiri. That one will bei man- information they are seeking. Th^ 'I'ZXn ^nr tLnnl^F^^^ chief development of the day ^''^a new testimony by .M. T. Everhart,,*" '^^^^ P'^^P*''-- ^ street, alarmed hy the detouation.! f""'* son-in-law and the man who p fS " fled to the f-treot. ' carried Sinclair's payment.-; to r rcncn r UerS Guatemala City 10-year-old son were in the living room "on the second floor. They were unhurt. The former police chief told all he knew about it OSI'T'^ dcp<>>!i ;iriM was sovuht I'.v speciji! fi> er .:iit.'iii oil roiMis'.l during the tria! of thi' civ 1 su.l or recovery of the T«-api)t Ucnie n-- sald. "N6"bne is hurt, but the house ha« been badly damaged. I have no idea what the reason was." • • A few minutes later the report of the Reld bombing on Garfield aged Tin- Edward A. Gleen, who bonlerard was made. Although the when h« called tho detective bu-j '-i^'r^*'- 'loln'ed to Je;;t!fy on reau. • «r""uil th;it lie coiild no' dis- "I hare Just been bombed," he Cii'S'- CI nfideutiiil info:inalion .liven t(5^1iiiii as'au iiiiiirney '. y liis clients. iKIer >lii » T<-ffy. Tlir. i' a:i co. r;s. lui .i- rill. .1 tincp that u-^;-!- iniu. i-.^i i. Illemand l>y liie I'nlti-il Slat s coiirt.s. liiit ;is uiidiTsiDinl iurf. handled Champ Clark's 1912 campaign for the nomination. I Thus Reed's headquarters, in tho Washington Hotel, takes a central It wa^ built than 4" years „ounced eim-ies in the qnadrennlal ago OI) a thtn ledge of cup rocK ^vhite House handicap. For his which has l«en ISrok.n down and neighlwirs Reed may expect Oov- ij-iten away by the con.-=tnnt action jernor Smith of .New York, Gov- of the water.flowing over the dam. It might wiihsiand another flood or two but ii inigiii break down any day. If it should, the result would be disastrous Thii pre-en' dn'c' fr •'•sure pumping >ysl»i;ii it iiii 'luiiuni .cal and inef'icleiit. givint; ori'-Kiir.' as low as two Jl.^lll< i: ' tlie outl .VjIgp d'strii-tn of lola. To come; th''<e <()iidi ':<iiis. y\ . .»w I »am Needed. Thf.'. er'^c;i (iiL- of a npiv tinm is IiracticaUy an un.i void :;1> e iieces- • E'ty. It should lie Imli 'u <t b?low the new river bridge. msdi> cf con- crf'te. rest lie 'iJ' t'l • .•^'.liiri lola • l:-ini'S!on<' .-i.\ f» et b U'w tlie shale . .Ijod of the river. lyi'ng into the .supports of th" hrfils • and il>u- s-trncted to tlie he 'glit approximately of the present dam. It WanUi add to the life and strength of^ the ridge bv puuiuK it in .iLiU water instead of :^piinv:iy w iter. Il would ; vention "campaign. His organiz- e ro- i :>r.v <.f thoMuilai, < 11 IiMu.ia, ^ rniu'd States c-m-!;"d James K.ONel. Fraiu P ., field, i .ildiug 5 hi? *'/''f''''=^ them an affectionatP^ farewell. > • oam- ''"tti'!*"-*- I 'larkiuer and u .Nen •. bomb exploded near a building two doors from the Reid residence, po- lic« BBW In tho two bonybings a . _ ._ _ close connection. I Dr. Reld how- position" in a polltiial campsite I ''ver. believed the bomb was not where' oth.r plots Jiave ijeen Iin««nt for him but for someone in marked off for pronpertlve or an- ' tho building beside which it ex-1 uen • -ploded. Police learned that tlie! Henry M. Iiiaciinier. «.: tae Mid first noor of that place is occupied I wost Hefin;n« coiiin::ii.\. aml.^i;'- by John P. Allen, caridldate cently for alderman. Allen ernor Rffchipiof Marjiand, fiecre-jthe target of a bomb durin Jary Hoover, Vice-President Dawes, Senator Curtis of Kansas, Senator Willis of Ohio, former, governor Lowden of Illinois, and many others. i If the opinion of Senator Bleasc. Democrat. South Carolina. Is widely shared, another camp might bo jdtched to straddle the parly line. He told the senate yesterday that a good ticket would lie Boray. Republican of Idaho,' for president, and Overman, Democrat, of North Carolina, for vice-pr.-.sident. These men he de.scrilied as "two great Democrats," and he then proposed to the Republicans that they unite on Calvin Cooiidge, adding that he "wouldn't she<I a tear"- if Qoolidge were re-elected. | With establishment of headquar- terii. Reed's candidacy takes first, rank prominence in the pre-con- Ciilon. PaiKjnii J.-tri. ift. (,\i>)_ Dicuiionne Cosies niitl Joseph Le- ^••iX.. French tlierr.--- hopped off from Fraii '-e Jield :it 'G:4R a. m. today for Cuateni.'ila C-'i..v. SvO miles away. • _ . I The Fr -iKlMiien. aj /er a'Vtop at (:'iat '-;iiai:i City for several flays, will ilit -ri fly 0 Me\ifo City whence ,ihey wi 1 lin;i to t'u'^ 1". it-d States ;"iir •) vi -it t 'i 's"v<-ra!; of the larger cities, iucliidin:; Ne^.- York. I The takeoff to<l:i.v^. was made Canada jjcfore a senate co:iimis-._ ,, _•' sion. a speck in the distance. Lieuten- nt 'ts Uiihard I.e firou and Harold Res de Stewart, hos,- ^ " " Kilig n F ic^P S^;;^ "™ pi r anteed the contract of '1'-' * ..i.^n-s ^sc»r-e6 them for s ntal ^company •^•^•••"'•r- dis.a- Vc -.f mile..T', ...p ^v,• s a i-vov.d.-on th - field to l''d thf i-'r':iich airfnen gnoiibyi.; Jiave flood sales wli -ch could be. opened during lloori times-to allow accumulations of silt and debri.s tojWash on down the river, keeping the reiservoir clean. , The building of a filtration plaint' will solve once and for a]l the querftioa of the purity and clarity ^f thei' water. Records from other cities show that on the average a filtration plant will remove more than 99% per. cent of all water infjinrlties including germs. Aliput-the same proportion of sol- iAs'- ai'e removed from the water, making It as clear, as crystal at afl • times. The water would never taste bad as the introduction of chlorine w^ould not be necessary. Water Snflenlnir Plan, iilong' with the filtration plant, a vaterj Softening system is proposed. To operate ihe s.vstem woiuld cost about a halt a cent per thousand gallons and tho result "H\-ould lie—soft water: and every housewife4n lola knows, what that means.-It means specifically that one bar of soap would, do what four baj-s now do. lola's annual soap bll|I would be reduced "5 per f*nt To correct the pumping and pre'sBur* situation, a tower and tank rcpVri'oir should be erer-ted in the northeast part of town and B few miles of large feeder mains cponected to It. The result would bo a cortdlant pressure In all parts . of the .4lty and Important saving<^ In pumping costs due to the constant "head"; \vhich could be pumped againist: Iti' is estimated • that th^ cost of the tower and (Continued on Page S, So. 1) - Btion. however, is no more complete or far-reaching than the less' visible machines of some other candidates who are act>va themselves oi^ whose friends are working for them.. Supporters of Go^^rnor Smith are reported to be extremely active throughout the countr>- perfecting an organization, as are those of Secretary Hoover. Dawes has no known organization behind him, although. his name holds its own in discussion of presidential candidacies. Senator Curtis is not saving much about his campaign tint there are indicatioits that the Kansan is ! pushing his , efforts in several states, and that he has a headquarters somewhere. - Meanwhile, friends of Senator Willis arc ac- tivi^. particularly his Ohio campaign manager. Carml-Thompson. to escape his enemle.s. Detectives regarded thi> bombings as retaliatory measures by gangsters who have been harassed by the administration and in many instances ordered to leave town. It was pointed out that the war on underworld leaders now being conducted follows much tlie same pattern laid out by Fitzmorris during his years as head of the police department. ' Police Commissioner Michael Hughes wa.s.cliief of detectives under Fitzmorris. The bombs were exploded, as nearly as police have been able to determine, at 12:35 a. m. This fact the detectives took-as an indication that the separate bombings-were by pre-arrangement. ' Colored Man Halts As Bullet Whizzes Along When M. G. Gracy. colored, started running after .Motorcycle Patrolman Aliller attempted to arrest him last night. CVIiller fired once. Gracy stopped. Today he was fined $12 in police court for being drunk. • The incident occurred near Memorial hall. Severe Earthquake In Mexico; Towns Damaged Mexico City. Jan. 26. (.A.P)—The most severe earthquake In several years has been registered over a wide area in the state of Oaxaca. No casualties were reported. Several towns were badly damaged. Katisqs Dentist Is Killed and ThreeArdlnjuredinBusCrash Wcjlllngton. KahB., Jan." 26. (AP) Dr. P. W'. Hineo, young dentist of Ashland, Kans., died here early today and three others are recovering from injuries as the result of a collision at '.Mayfield,i eight vailae west of here, last night of a SobtH- em Kansas stage lines bus and a truck driven by S. P. Stephen* o.f Anthoay. The Injured are Sam Smith of Medicine Lodge, Herbert Evans _D( Wellington and "A. K«rn of Wichita, J . . Tho bus, B. R. Shirley of Wellington, was coming toward Wellington when It was struck a glancing blow by the wheel of a tractor carried on the truck. Shirley, although knocked from ; his seat, recovered in-tlm«-to sarei the unsuccessful aldermanic ram palgn, and raor^ed tp the Garfield fl"d to France when the 'S'^an-.! . .p-, ^ --i T>f\KT\C3 boulevard address, he explained. ] dal first .was uncovered by the, >V CiilIXlJ^K anQ AUAUS senate lands commiitee four years I ,.— a.?o and all effO |rts to obtain their j FOR K.\>"S.\S; (irnerally ^Ir testimony have failed. ,fonl?ht and Friday: inot much Stewart was abroad when his |clinnge in tpmpemfnre.' testimony first was sought :n the; For Inin: Generally fair tonight civil Teapot Dome suit. Later he and Friday; not nyWh change In was Eummoneil to testify in . h .• tempeniture. Fall-Sinclair criminal conspiracy! Teninerature—Highest yesterday, trial, and he cardie to Wa^ihington 55, at 3:1S p.m.: lowest, last night, and apparently was road.v to r .o on i24. at 7 a. m'.: norfiial for today, the witness stand when the conspir- SO; excess' yesterila.vj. 10: excess acy proceedings broke up in a mis -;since January 1st. 0(i (degrees; this trial. In response to a committee, da/e i.^ust year, lii ^hdsL. 37; low- request yesterday that lie come [egt. .12. here immediately, he said be had; Precipitation for the 24 hours; important business in Cuba ami I ending at 7 a. m. trrflay. .00: total! Mexico, and could not appear in for this year to dativ.L'O inch; defi-J WasMii ^toa before some time in. ciency since January 1st.-.95 Inch.: February. - Relative huraiilit.v, at 12 noon! .—'~—- i yesterday. 29 per ceiitj; 7 a. m. to- i Defense Papers Stolen Washington. Jan. 26. (AP)j- Counsel for William J. Burns reported to the court hearing trie Sinclajr-Burns contempt case today that a' document affecting Williaii J. McMullin. a star witness for the government, was stolen last niglft froni one of (he defense witnesses The Burns lawyer told the Judge the document was taken from Mrs Jeanctte Lantz. who had been relied upon to contradict some of Mc- MuUin's statements, during a mysterious attack on her In her room at the Hamilton hotel. A-man entered the room while Mrs. Lantz's husband was absent counsel said, bound and gagged ransacked her/belongings 1 Both To Tesfhy. Both Mrs. Lantz and hpr husbanU William Lantz. had been summoned by the defense to contradict testimony by McMullirt a former Burnt detective. that| the Burns men faked charges against the Fall-Sinclair oil conspiracy Jurors. Thr court Is hearing testimony on ? charge that Burns. Harry F. Sinclair and others were guilty of contempt because of their shadowing of the Fall-Sinclair trial Jurors The Lantz's room also was ransacked the night before. «ald Ghas .\. Douglas, Burn.s attorney. H( said he merely wanted to call the Incident to the attention of the day. n?, per cent; .bltrometer re-^ Id'.ired to sea level. v?{|.26 inches, j I Sun'rises. 7:31 a.; ^.; sun sets,: '5:30 p. ni. Yesterday's niaximjim tempera-! ture. 55 degrees, is the highest re­ bus froRLoverturning In the ditch., _ .... _ _. One aide of Dr. H'ines's ^ead wds j court, and made no charges against laid open ^nd his skull fractured } anyone. In the craih. He died at -2:45 o'clock this morning, eight hours after tht accident ' It was reported at the same time but not to the court that the room (Continued on-Page 8, No. 3.) Terrific Gale Sweeps Eastern Coast; Many Are Injured N'ew York. Jan. 2t;. (^VP)—The toll of the severest wind storm experienced by; eastern states for years today stood at six deaths, scores of injured and heavy property damage. Extending from Cape Hatteras its path disrupted communications to Newfoundland, the gale left in and hampered traffic on land, and a marked curtailment of shipping at sea. • I In New York City, the wind reached a velocity of 72 miles an hour, which was said by weather bureau officials to be equivalent to a velocity of S9 miles an hour by vogue prior to • January 1. Not the system of measurement in since December 26. 1915. when a yu-mile gale was recorded, have the New Y'ork. Instruments shown so high a wind. Boston, Lauzon, Que., Camden, N. J.. Scranton, Pa., and Syracuse, N. Y'.. had one fatality each. A- heavy iron water iank. on top of a nine-story bfillding in downtown Npw York, crashed through four floors. . Some $250,000: worth of plate glass was broken In' New York City. In upstate New York blizzards piled falling snow into heavy drifts. Grain valued at $20.000.'000 intended for export, was in ships bottled up behind the breakwater near Buffalo. Vessels were drhon ashore or endangered all along the New England coast. In Can.ida every form of traffic was interrupted in the Ottawa valley by the worst storm of its kind in ten years, bringing with It more than a foot of snow. In the province of Quebec\two feet of snow accompaiiied a 50-mile" in hour wind, snowing In one train. Cosgrave Is Honored By Honorary Degree W.ishington. Jan. 26. (AP) — Loaded with: the official honors which the nation'is capital bestows upon visiting'executives' President Cosgrave of the Irish Free State today welcomed another that has been accorded only twice before in history. After a iKief visit with Secretary of Labor Davis and a private luncheon at his hotel, the Irish president's program took him later to CathjOlic University to receive an honorary degree of doctor ot laws Only two other honorary degrees have' been conferred by the university, one of them being bestowedup- on King Albert of Belgium. Mr. Cosgrave's day will be concluded with a dinner at- the home of the" British Ambassador and tomorrow he will leave for Philadelphia. FEDERAL LOANS^ FOU CONTROL OF FLOODS PLANNED Secretary Davis Advises Congress To Authorize Federal Loans 14th of this ons. corded here srince thq month. .CondJt All clear, ail roads!good. —\ ' ^ I Twenty-one Persons Seek Stolen JVIotometer A notice iti the.Register a few d.iys ago to the effect that the sherifrp office bad ^ [stolen moto- nieter. brought 21 ijiersons to the [•office in the Jiope o^ identifying the accessoi'y^ As j-et the right one has not showed'iup. The number of persons at-^he office Indicated an unusual number of accessory thefts In this.vicinity within the last few months; County Officers Asked To Watch Fiir Thieves Allen county offlccMf have been asked to watch for clues which may lead to the arrest of two men who ,were surprlsefl4while robbing a fur house at Rucllngton Sunday night. In a gun battle;the smaller -of two men in the r<fbbery was shot In the right b^nd. They escaped In a car, driving In ihe direction of lola. No cause ever tlir jcomplalnt.— Arte your grocer alJoul^ PKXWICK COFFEE.-r-\dv. . Kitchen Contest To Be Studied Monday A training school for leaders in the kitchen contest to be conducted by the Women's Fa"rm' Bureau units will be held Monday afternoon in the Chamber of Commerce rooms at Memorial hall. Mrs. Florence S>-verud. .county home demonstration agent, will be in charge. Washington, Jan. 26. (API- Faced with, the plea that the Mississippi Valley States are unable to help pay for a comprehensive flood control program. Secretary Davis of the war department today advised congress to authorize- tho loaning of federal funds to the states so they can contribute 20 per cent of the cost of the administration's flood control plan. Appearing before the house llood control committee today, the war secretary said that by these loans tho states could meet their ctjntri- butiohs arid "the flood control work could be effectively' done."' He said he considered the flood control problem a grave national responsibility. I A subordinate of the secretary. Major General Edgar Jadwin, chief of army engineers, v^as dismissed from the committee stand yesterday by Chairman Reid for not answering committee questions. The army engineers plan for control of the Mississippi floods, -wtich was fdrmnlated by General Jadwin, was described by the! secretary as "simple, flexible : and feasible."^ • '• "If the condition ^exists where the valley states I could , not pay their 20 per cent contribution for flood control" he said, "congress could authrioze the governm.ent to advance funds to the states.". He suggested that the treasury could take the bonds and notes of the states ^or; security. The secretary said he favored utilization of the Mississippi river commission as aii advisory board, and not as ah executive organization. "I believe ifwould be more efficient to place :the executing of the work under k single department like the army engineers," ho added. • SELECTTONil Defense Objects To Neiw Judge, But No Adion Is Taken QUESTIONING. CLOSE Defense Queries Jurors About Tfaleir Children Fair Weather Predicted For Entire State Now Topeka. Jan. 26. (AP)—Generally fair weather with normal midwinter temperatures was forecast for Kansas toilay by the weather bureau. Clear^skies were reported over tlie entlrl state and the mercury is; expect^ to reach 40 to 45 this afternoon and drop tonight .to 10 m the northern and 20 to 25 degrees in the soiitbern, section. No rain or s^ow was reported in the last 4S hours, the bureau said, and none is" in; prospect. '• Concordia reported a low mark last night of 12 above zero] Volcanic Inland Into ; Action In Greece Now -Mhens, Greece, Jan. 26. (AP)— The volcanic Island of Santorin, or Thira. in the Grecian archipelago, which has ifbeen inactive since 1926. has bec6me active again. Smoke is rising to the height of 650 feet. V Sproul Again to Be Congi-ess Canididate Independence". Kas.. Jan. 26. (AP)i. W._ H. Sprjoul, congressman irom' the Third -icanlas districli, ha^ announced his candidacy for rehom- inatian. He has served two terms. General Pershittg VotedBefore I He Was of Age, Records Indicate LaCIede. Mo..- Jan. 26. (AP)—Old friends and schoolmates of General John J. Pershing, happy in the second home-coming of the general since the armistice were armed today with a mild coup with which to greet him. Delving deep into the records, they had estalilished beyond dis- { pute that General Pershing cast j his first vote at an earlier age than was customary atid that he had voted while yet a minor. The general was born on September 13. 1860 and voted for the first time in the election of April 22. 1881, approximately five months before, be was: 21 years old. The older residents explained this, by recalling the practice in those days to count one's age by hUs nearest birthday. Of the' 113 voters at this election, only 19 are still living and-eight of these will attend the banquet for the general scheduled for tonight The women of the Methodist church worked hard and looked with critical e^es atthe products of their ovens^ with, which they will pay a debt of gratitude to f;enerar Pershibg at the banquet It wa8 _a $100 check from the general which helloed greatly In completing the> cbntch. annex in which the banqtiet will be serve*!. ' ' r Hall of Justice, Los lAngeles, Jan. 26. (AP)—The trial o£. William Edward Hickman, kfdiiaper- killer of little Marian Parker, got off to its second start at 10 o'clock today. Superior Judge Carlos Har* dy. who yesterday disqualified bim- selt appeared ibehind the beoch^ and formally turned over the case to. Judge J. J. Trabucco, protnloeat Jurist of Mariposa county. • • The defense, following the same tactics which resulted in ': Jtidge Hardy's disqualification yesterday, today objected to' Judge Trabhixp hearing the case on the rgrounda that he had been appointed by tthe presiding Judgi; of the saperior court here and not fay agreement of counsel or by the Judicial cdon- cil. •• , : Attack Oremiled. -.Judge Trabucco promptly overruled the attack on ils eligibility and went ahead with thle trial. V .Tiidgc Trabucco called upon the court clerk for a panel of faleis- men and the filling of the Jury box with prospective Jurors vras' started. Six men and six women wei^e put in the Jury box, and the district attorney briefly outlined the?casai, Defense Counsel Jerome Walsh (interrupted with a brief objection to a phrase of District Attorney Keyn outline, and promptly; wa* pvjer- niled by the court. • ' | •_ Jiitlge Trabucco then toofc over the attention of the talesmen, ^questioned them on their general qu ^fli- fications.- , ' i" '. ^ : Jnror Is Excused. ' '. One male talesman, admlttii having formed and.: expresi opinion oh ((he kidniaping-filjli] case, was not certain he coold der fair Justice. After being' lenged by the prosec'utldn,;' court approved the excusing of 1 prospective Juror. i Z''-^i'f'' More than a score of specta ^oi^- .leats were vacant, and few -MTemen were In the Morning aesslon. crowd.: The d($fendant sat 'ibehlnd his chief counsel; watchlttif^ ilia and turning his head onl}^ t0..elb^ serve the Juryman who was .belUK questioned. ' --. .'' , Initial questioning of a talMmaii indicated that Jerp ;ne WalsS. defense attorney, would challenge any who had daughters Of the age pt Mariaii Parker. .; . ' Walsh also aslced if the tales­ man had: any child att^.dlog the same school as the slain! glrl^ Speeds Q» Case. , After the first talesman was snb- Jected to- a thorough grilling Ijiy the defense the Intention of Judge Trabucco to speed the case a ^.loncli as possible was made clear.: The Judge suggested that Walsh 's qfles- tions were such "that be co^d examine the remaining talesinanl in' a group and at once. j i i - • The defense seemed p ^ttiibed and asked if the suggestion kvM an order.' Judge Trialhucco expliainiBd it was tatamount to an ord/eT;, bjat that alj questions which, would be answered collectively might asked indivldtially. • At the end of an hour, a minute recess was given. At thi^ time three jurors had been aiecept- ed tentatively. They were twet nien and a woman, all middle ageli..jT"-';^ Tho first talesman, rejected Jafter defense examination,, was strbject- ed to detailed questioning; He'was asked in detail of iiewspapei* ihe. had read, the closeness with "wblcb he had followed the. ,iiinav^i^ case, of radio accounts he 'bad heard, and of discussions he Bad had. "When the talesmkn saldlhe would; have to have proven beycindr a reasonable doubt that ihe de-' fendant was insane he wis'Chal­ lenged. . f New Thrill Given, j r . A' new" thrill and fresh Intjerest had been injected into thsl -caae with yesterday's legal tips fts- i^d the sensation seekers respo id sd in droves today.. .; : Corridors of the Hall of Ji stice were lined with crowds vajnlf -atr- tempting to "crash" thft loiriers to the courtroom without of 3cial passes, and .outside the sidei'slka and lawns were lined; with- tie morbidly curious. t One elderly man. A. C. Sno ^ to the corridor, fainted. Police giarda hurried the collapsed inani t< the emergency hospitaL ^ T Orders of Judge Carlos Hirdy, previous to the trial's false start of yesterday, remained in evitcnco: today. He had banned p lotO- graphlng during trial sefssioiis Ttie result w4is a lineup of a dozoii tripod cameras before! the opeafng. The most photograplTers got kero snaps of the courtroom crowd, minus the principal figures, f ; '•a t Cow County Judge Presiding Lo9 Angeles, Jan'. 26. (AX>)-f-A Judge from ope of t^ spai populated "cow counties" of fornia presided today;.. oyer!-; I _ court where WllUaant _^ BS^wiSr(t,,iS;: Hickman, Ud&aper and'slayer btE i (CoiUIiiwed iott Pafl;o.8|^ Jte

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