The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 1
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THE MALVERN LEADER •"-""—• — i. — , ** itMw««w *Mft_» Mt*mt>ftM • *«^m^L *>. . THtTRSBAf, MAf i6, lift* ^ _ - •' i nini Eighth Grader* ta CLUfe TONIGHT POPPY DAY High School Friday Board Reeleett All Local Grade Teacher*Tuesday Pi»t Action feetim of N«.t far Trpablous times Ate these tot boards ol edneatloa. They iattst continue the cofcdnct of the fa* fioas school systems 16 the face of tied ap fnads, drastically 're* duced taxes and greatly lowered etaef sources of Income. Poaderiag this data the mett* »«M of the Malvera Board of BdMBtion seated themselves coin* about aupt. E. 0. Kia* Office la special session Tuesday evealag and forthwith reeleeted the entire Hat of grade teachers. Not stated, however, was aay stipulation but this will County Seat Mill* Count* Worker, Leare fof at * July meeting. relected were Miss * erlae Caldweti, Mrs. Ward Rob* erts, Miss Isa flofene, Miss Edna Heru, Mrs. Edith Hossle, aad Miss Mae Churchill. Also feelected, without salary stlpulatlaa, was Jaaltor L. 3. Shay, whose term expires Aug. 1. No action was taken by the board regarding the high school staff, Taylor Leacea Blue Front Lunch} Haa Special Opening L. A. Taylor, formerly of Vil- Hsca, has leased the Blue Front Lunch and is now open for business. Mr. Taylor is making a special opening offer for Saturday afternoon, and invites tbe public in to get acquainted at that time. He will serve lunches, short orders, ice cream, aad cold drinks. M. H. S. Musical Groups Entertain Present Program Monday Under Direction of Miff McQueen &BM*"Chool musicians, unlike ft. B. (ioodfich, local feewitiag officer tot the cmiiaa coaserta* loa camp of workers, received ward fact Friday to hate the ftm toea eaiteted to report « Pott Crook, fhey were alt accepted here and wefe sent that eveaias o Fort 0es Moittes to get ia iiae <»r their work ia reforestation. Those going from here w«te Le* oy Peters, Keaaeth Mtiaatrtck, Ve roon tiavea, Joe fiflghteabarg, ar1 Clark, Archie Yoniaaa, Chester Wallace, Marlon Netsoa, Robert M, Selttsea, Cedl Bau<roia, Robert bavts, Walter Cuiieyt El* iaer Fadder, aad George otls. Petere Sentenced Rodaway, 25 Years •fudge Peters came la Friday aad held a brief session of court aad seateaced lames Rodaway to tweaty-flve years at hard labor ia the pealteatlary at Fort Madison. Deputy Sheriff Cooaey took him to Fort Madison Monday to bogla nerving his sentence. Four More Couples Licensed to Wed —a—— *lann^Q for Decoration Day Observance May 30 A fitting terrtee ia aoaer of tJwotattoti nay will be held aett Tae-day, May _o, ta this eoranin* nity as nas beea the custom ia tlfte past, fhe mala part of the service wiii be held ia the cota- te-aity batidiag bat a short eefe- ttoay will also be held at the cemetery. Woodford it Sylagtoa will give the address of the day, speakiag IB the Comajualty baild* Ing. Special music aad readings *»I make up the remainder of the service. The martial band will i>lay both at the Commualty bulidiag aad cemetery aad a»em« bers of the Harry Hammonds post of the American Legion will pre- Members ef the Malvera CWfcjSftjr C Jnb will gather tM* tintfdfrf hi the basement of tie CfcttBittfty bafldtng for the» May meeting Prestdeat R. W. Salyers has considerable baslaess o* fttfortance for the clab to consider oa the caiea- dar and It a«Ious to have as targe an attendance as possible. Matters of tf*de promotion, plaas for the Fourth of Jnly, aad development of other coat* mnhity work tot the summer will be considered. The meet- la* *as postponed from the regular date because of the conflict with school activities aad will start At 8 o'clock, seat Couaty Clerk Greene reports business not quite so rushing the past week In the marriage license bureau. He has Issued just four licenses since our last report May 17: C. C. Wllsoa, 43,'of Atlantic and Clara Puntney, 41, of Council Bluffs. They were married the same day by Justice Blr- delle Wllklns. May 18: John Edward Bredln, 21, Omaha, and Eleanor Louise Crowder, 18, Omaha. May 20; Wayne E. Stanley, 26, Thurman, and Dorothy Chizum, 21, Shehahdoah. May 28; R»y Rhyna, 22, Omaha, and Alice Horejsi, ai, Omaha. They were by Mr, a patriotic ceremony. program at the Community building: U30 p. m., Martial music outside. 2 p. m., Advaace of colors. •'America," sung by audience. introduction, E. C. Kincald, post commander. Invocation, Rev. L. R. Bobbitt Song by double quartet. "In Flanders Field," reading by Kathryn Swain. Address, Woodford R. flying ton. Tenor solo, Vernon Bobbitt Thirty seconds of silent prayer Benediction, Rev. Roy E. Gugeler. Retirement of colors. Program at the cemetery: Music by martial band. Flag salute. Gettysburg Address, Lloyd waiKer. Song, double quartet. American Legion ceremony. Taps. The special committees ap- . ^ •"• ——-• -*»»*u**«*bVV99 Hll'* pointed for the observance of the ay will mark the graves of soldiers buried in the Malvern ceme. $* Jf. 3g^3Si«r^f™^ r * ^^ **W™ ^flMP*"- •****^ <*"MH^»fi^ alforganl-atjons of Malvern high qhpoV under -the .direction of heir instructor, .Miss Oladys"~J, McQueen, presented a concert of vocal solo and group numbers and instrumental pieces. Particularly pleasing was the •;;• work of the soloists and mixed ' chorus, The chorus sang two numbers with an excellent sense of the harmonic possibilities. The first of these. "How Beautiful Upon the Mountain," by Harker, also sung at the baccalaureate service,- was exceptionally well . done. Soloists performed well and all were enhusiastically received, especially Jamie Summers, playing "Country Gardens" as a piano soip, from whom delighted listeners demanded the only encore , of the program. Harry Hilton played a cornet so}6, "Aphrodite" by-Gold wan and Jane Fletcher, who placed in the piano division ,. of the state music contest, played "Qwrdas" by MapDowell, as the other instrumental solos. Vocal soloists of the evening wej-e Woyd Walker, tenor, sing- in* "I Love a Cottage" by Oeof. Irej Q'Hara, an4 Bflwsrd Wearin, baritone, who WBg «<rhe Bed of tb§ Road" by Lamier, Pther numbers on the program Yre^a two songs by the boy* glee pjijb, two by the f iris sjub, two hy the hoys" octet led three byJ thd hiffh. schanl % nyntiaaii*a * > Accompanists for tjii syen|ng .ware ja,»ft Fietdfcr, - yerBGiri Geti Two School Of ficea !>. w Women, <w«M itat fl* Mftjyare Ott tbe 4»»|s 4f« daw aud Mayor Hanev - , Nab» Bootlegger Mayor Roy Haney has had his suspicions aroused in recent months by the somewhat regular appearance of a fastidious stranger who always seemed to have business in town the last of the week, so he determined to Investigate. Accordingly, when the stranger drove up last week in a nice Pontiac roadster bearing a Nebraska license number of 29*1887, and parked near the defunct Mills County National and seemed to have business inside, he started to Investigate, He found the car occupied by an auburn haired woman of pleasing appearance and when be suggested that he might search their car, she ecqul* esced but asked that be wait until her husband, appeared so as to not emharasg her too much, The mayor was willing, but first he deputized Paul Sulhoff to watch her while he trailed the man. He followed him. inside the bank building, & rs t ascertaining that bis name wa 8 -H, L. Wilson and informed htm that he was about to search his car. The man agreed »n4 • they went - outside where be readily admitted ?hat he had liquor aboard ana upon MF, jfaney f»»«d six esaJk -S4 glajs pflniaJsers flUed with what the man acknowledged was: liquor, He too* thenx ^vep S»wajd, the Jai^ajjuexjjiK. Sheriff OeMflss OR. the way, and ha4 the waa arrested shareed, with us* tewM f^ejaiojk Meiswhije, jhe, lacy an the c&se after aecurisg JU« t aad ery and each. will puce flowers on Union Memorial Service Planned fa* Sunday Night Gugeter to Talk at Patriotic Meeting In Methodist Church Malvera churches will continue their series of Sunday evening communly services this week by holdiag a special Memorial Da program in the Methodist church Rev. Roy E. Ougeler, pastor o the Methodist church, will speak discussing the subject, "Forward March." Special music is being arrang ed for the service. This will in elude a soprano solo by Miss Em lly Boland of Olenwood, a number by the high school girls sextet and one by a male quartet. The service will start at eight o'clock. v Mr, and Mrs. Leo Swansea «ud Mr, Swansea's sisters, Miss Elfle Swansea of .Omaha and. Mrs. Qeaevieve Willse, of New york City, drove dowa from Omaha Saturday to look after som* things at the cemetery and stopped off for a short visit with Malrern friends. About twenty- five or thirty years ago, Mr. Swsn- sos entered The Leader office w(th a determination to learn the printing business, but later they moved to Omaha and he gave It up and engaged in the plumbing business and operates a plumbing business on Cuming street, When he was here X. A. Jmel Bank to be Closed Friday The Malvern Trust & Savings Jank will remain closed all day Friday, May 26, while the officers and employes attend the meeting of the southwest, Iowa group of the^Btat* Banking glues. '• — r *-•" i • ' ' *•*» •**•• • ^^r~4HFigppW and about everyone had a nick name, This was about the time of the 'strip cartoons of Gloomy Ous and, Happy Hooligan. Mr. Jmel dubbed Leo "Gloomy Gus" who responded by calling Imel "Happy Hooligan." These they soon shortened to '"Gloomy" and "Happy" and they atUl refer to each other by those 'names, Well, we were glad to see these good people again and enjoyed our brief visit. Their >ister, Beatrice, is the well known "Hilda" of Hilda and Ole fame over KOIL, whom we have enjoyed very much as an entertainer, and their older brother, Cyrus, is In business in Sioux City, Service in Community Build ing this Afternoon At 2 O'clock Eighth (traders of the Malvera schools win march up to the stage of the Coitt«nnity building today, lletea to a program arranged and carried out by members of- their group and receive graduation dN >lomas. The annual commencement will be held at 2 o'clock :hls afternoon. Not dependent upoa outside alent, the eighth graders have made up their own program aad will have music, speakiag aad readlags for those who care to at- end. The program has been ar- anged by the executive commit* ee, upon which are Kathryn Swain, Ruth McCord, and Robert McCormick. The program: invocation, Rev. Lee Roy Bob- Welcome, Robert McCormick, Song, junior high chorus. Class will, Annella Waller. Saxophone solo, Paul Oalliher. Class prophecy, Ruth McCord ad Georgia Marie Hilton. Song, junior high chorus. Reading, Kathryn Swain. Violin solo, Margaret Ann Buttmann. Reading, Roberta Ranne. Presentation of class, Miss Catherine Caldwell, principal of junior high school. Presentation of diplomas, F E Mulholland, presldeat of board of educatloa. Benediction, Rev. Roy E. Gugeler. Observing an annual custom Saturday, May if. will be Poppy Day throughout the nation. the poppy, America's favorite flo * e 5 °f patriotic remembrance, will be offered to people of Mal- vern that day by members of the American Legloa Auxiliary who sponsor the sale each year. Proceeds from the sale will be used for local rehabilitation or relief work. Buy a poppy! ™- T — to Receive Diploma* at Service on Friday Evening Twenty.Four « Class of M Complete Work of High School With Thy Wisdom Get Understandi Bobbitt Tell« Opportunity Sale Opens at Leader Department Store Special Prices Made in All Goods at May Buy. mg Event Thrifty shoppers will flnd n , e8 ™ y two Pases of good news U, they fiim to 5 the Leader De» Many Attend Baccalaureate Service for Seniors Sunday Baccalaureate speakers well know that their task is to give sound advice to a group of young people who have reached that position known, in vulgar parlance, as the top of the world High school seniors, unless the be highly unusual, have been led to believe fairly much that they have arrived at a rather excep tlonal place In life. Some baccalaureate speakers therefore, use the occasion not only to advise their auditors, but to prepare them gently for the sound bump which will be theirs when they clash with the notably cold economic world a short time later. Rev. Lee Roy Bobbitt. pastor of the Baptist church, followed this plan Sunday evening as he delivered the baccalaureate sermon In his own church to the class of 1933 of Malvern high school. Large Attendance No dry dissertation on uninteresting theory was given by Rev. Bobbitt. Instead, seniors, and the large audience of laymen who tilled every seat and all May Opportunity Sale which is now in progress. Special prices have been made n every department of the store — prices which will probably iever be made again as continued nflatlonary policies indicate a igher level In the future. Late pring and early summer goods re included in the offering made Regardless of the fact thu wholesale houses are alreadj quoting higher prices on many o the goods included in the sale the prices have been cut durini the special selling, But the items listed tell more forcefully aboui it. Just turn to those pages anc j^ead tbe announcement. BACCALAUREATE (Continued on page 4) Teachers In the various public school systems of this state hate opportunity to exert a far reaching Influence on the citizen- ery. From the time the average pupil enrolls in the first grade until he Is graduated from the twelfth, he is under the supervision of the teaching staff nearly 13.000 hours — more, perhaps, than he Is In the company of his parents. The teachers of the Malvern schools have long been preparing the members of the class of 1933 for an event which comes Friday evening. For twelve long years they have beeii cramming, stuffing, Inducing knowledge Into the developing mental equipment ot the twenty-four members of that class. Friday evening they will stand back and survey their work, hoping It has been done well and that their good Influence will "take." Friday evening the members of the class will bo handed diplomas certifying their proficiency and effort In the educational field. Preceding this part of the service will be a special commencement program. Hon. Dan W. Turner of Corning, former governor of this state, will giro the commencement address. An able speaker, Mr. Turner has been heard In this community on several previous occasions and has always been well received. Supt. E. C. Ktncald will pre- lent the class for graduation and 1 \ E. Mulholland, president of the >oard of education, will present he members with their diplomas. Diplomas this year, as last, wlil consist of the diploma proper certifying tbe graduation, a list of class members, faculty members and board members, and a picture of the members of the class, the several sheets enclosed in a black cover, Silver Um Lodge of Masons Celebrate Event Thursday Evening tt.* a j *Var t . fat; mm SUUty, '' U *a,i on W» rial tkw» would Silver Urn lodge No. 234 A. F, & A. M. of Malvern Joined in a big celebration Thursday evening of last week honoring one of their members, M. T. Davis, upon his fiftieth anniversary as a Master Mason, There were visitors from the lodges of Red Oak, Emerson, Sil ver City, Council Bluffs, and Ta bor, some fifty or more. The first part of the evening was given over to regular work and Edwin Emerlck was given his Master Mason's degree. The local lodge gave the first section of the work with the regular officers in charge, The second section was put on by the visitors wjtb A. L. Nor- inan of Excelsior Lodge No. 359 of Council Bluffs in the East and assisted by Frank Sell of Red Oak in the West and C. L.' Leasure, Don Carpenter of Excelsior lodge. John Tickney O f Cobiah lodge No. 63J of Council Bluffs, H. C. Hicks of Emerson, L. P, McCormick of Red Oak, W. D. Slotbower, John Jeckwltb, R. W, Criswell, and U. R. Graves of Maivern, Mark Swarts of silver City, and Jack Seefeldt of Red Oak assisting. The work was unusually well presented. Following the work Dr. W. M. HJett, Master of Silver Urn lodge, had the guest of honor, M. T. Davis, escorted to the front and an impressive and well (Continued on page 8) M. 1\ U4VIB I. Baucom, Dallas W. Seals, Albert T. Ben ton, Robert E. Benton, Olinda Bronnlng, Marjorle Douner, Charlotte G. Dye, Clinton Fazel, Carl M. Holdon, Dorothy A. Howard, Gertrude G. Huey. Donald A. Leu. Howard Llnquist, Ruth J. Lutz, Billle McNutly, Donald E, Mllllkan, Ray Raines, Joe Robblns, Howard Seeger, Anna Elizabeth Shafer, and Verneeta P. Walker. Another graduate, Merle Wilcox, will also receive his diploma Friday evening. He finished most of his work with the class of 1933, completed the rest during the past year to earn the diploma. Rural Letter Carriers Hold Meeting in Glenwood Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Mills and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Perdew attended the Mills County Rural Letter Carriers' meeting held In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Seltz In Gleuwood Friday evening. Twelve were present, all towns except Silver City being represented. Following their usual custom of a pot luck dinner, the eve- nlng was spent in making corn necklaces to be sent to the National Letter Carriers' convention to be held In Dea Moinea in August. Necklaces of Iowa corn will be given to delegates from other >tates attending. The meeting was also u farewell for Mr. and Mrs. Mills, as it was the last meeting they would attend with the Mills county group. Mr. Mills, having received u transfer to Attica, Indiana, will eave June I to take up his ue\y vork there. '* History , , of the , , Week An Interpretative news summary of the important events of toe past week. wurly tlim» tuuulu* of the New Deal the U. 8. electorate is well accustomed tu thu suwitws given them by the dy- uuiulc President UooBuvelt, Kifty- «oveu uutloiin of the world w«r« ilkewtve #ururl»ed lu.t Tueud«y when they received froiu tha « ttote, uoiuHug om ta tUo grave dyuifor* uf cou- cauiueUUuu t*uU outllu lUe p«l»u uput which a »ut- to l»u»«d. wt uri«4 »* § velt lamented. AUo went the uote ta Uusatu, u country uou-exigteul ta the U- 8- state department, Which hu« never rocoguUed the couiuiuul-t state. More imtent than a mere dip- until, th. Uuo»evoU »tn;u uleam-d tlio U. 8. to iu the rtwiHumiblUtUw (or nwu-t', This VVMK iut*)i'uct)«»>d uot only u» a uruiulau uf « lniua«-uff iu l*utlu AmvrU'u but u» a tu u tt rUcimiH> itn a uf Buiun^u y«*«e, Uu> rtmHUMUw of ttw of Hull *ft«

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