The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII. NO. 19. CABttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST HI, WHOLE NO. 907. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with lew expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Svrup of Pigs. • Its excellence is due to it* presenting the form most acceptable and pleas- tto the taste, the refreshing and truly _ aeflcial properties of * perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feven and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions ami met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels Without weakening them and tt is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- jkta in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. OHTJBOH DIBBTTOBT HORNING service*, 11 a. •.;'«venlng services •I 7p. in.; t. P. 8. C. B. swvlee, I p. n.; Ban oar school. 12:16 p. m.; Prayer Keating, Tnurs*aj evening, 7:80 p.m. B»v. O«o. FOLSOM, Pastor. BAPTIST. fJOBNINO iMvloe. 11 a. m.; evening terrlee »» 7 p. m.; T. P. a. C. K. service • p. m.; Mn daraohool. Ud» p. n,; Prarw HMtlot, Tlmnday fv&Hia, I(BD p. n. BIT. J. C. HnrnaioiwH. Pastor w. H. OumkT, Snvettnttnarat, fJOBNWe tenlpe ,11 a. »,; enalnf senles • 7 p. m.; Junior Bpworth League. I p. •». tpwortb tisgue. • p. m., Bunda? Behoof ll t, m, ; Prayer Meeting, Tbursdai Bvwlng, 1 v. m. taf. W B. TBOHTSOH. Pastor. DB. W*. Hmif «MT. Buperintendsat Uarroli foit-Offlne. HalU at the office oloss M folow»: flolog eait: 2:40 and 740 o'clock p. m. UolBgWMt: 130 p. u. and 7:90 o'clock p. m, Office open on tiundar f roB f to 10 a. at. aad from 8 to 4 p. in- STAB BOOTES. Mt. Cirrael aad Kenlnor. dally eioept Sundat Departs 12 m., arrives at * #1 p. m. Koaelle, Tuesdar, Thursday, Seturdav. Depart la. m. arrives Mm. Coon Baptdi. Carrolltoo, Wlllsr.- Thursdav. BMurdM. arrive* 11 la. departs 1 p. O. • M. W.Tune Oera. •e. 1 Overland llattM ..... ....... M U a. m. •u- • ti^,-. _ _i n>.di i •rnTMo w* •* • < »e. I Denvertoeal ......... lieawe 6 10 a. m Mb. 7 Paelne Kmress. ............. .160 p. m K«. * Overland limited 910 p. Me. I M» 16 Des Molnes Passenger .......8 00 a. m. •e. N rreliht, WsstBMstt Beeas.. 0II a. m. uenx am urn not JLU MU»M .ARtVM MeuOlttBiprsw, 7M p.» MNaaSMeauoo 1 ^. 1JOP • l$»-ai aeseaisieiUflaB ..»80r • 7»a,a» j. B. OaaAom, Agent O. M. *JK. F. sJ-y, raaaaMH nuws AT summe TKiuseoiaeau*. ', • Passenger .^i*....... i p. m , Freight..........................9«» p.m. I freight Iflfia. tsuus eoiae wan fiio a. a>. 10 A a. M lOiW ». n. far sal* aitae eflet. Atae Bi- attaaadaisa w. w. •• »•> Aatot —THJRB— OF OABBOLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00 0. A, MAST, U. W, WAITI'IO). - - VIM «. L. WATTl-IW, 1. to, ttruutit, v, M. i". rtiurtftw, COM*, W«lt«n«li«M, Buwutir THB OABBOl.Ii BOOT ASP BHOB FAOTOBT WAS OMBBD SATUBDAt BVftMINfl B* V1B TtTB OF A OHATTBli MORTGAGE FOB $23,000. Last Saturday evening a padlock waa placed on tbe door of Ibe Carroll Boo and Shoe factory and O. D. Boynton waa given peaceable possession ot the eami to satisfy a mortgage ot 123,000. Atom eight mouths ago Mr. Boynton came in poasession of this obligation against tb factory, and be says that instead of tbe amount ot the olaim being reduced, that hie eon had pledged his own persona security to keep the factory rnnning He says be saw no war to gst the money oat of the factory unless be took poa session of it and will now try to raise money enough on U to satisfy his olaim and that is all he oarea for. Tbe factory will be opened the latter part of tb week and will be ran until the stock now on baud ia made op. Then, it it ie rnn after that, Mr. Boy o ton aaya tha some one elae will have to own and ran it, for be dots not propose to do so. Tbe mortgage and assignment now on fils in the recorder's office includes everything, about tbe factory, books, notes and al aooonnts. There are a large number ot ootaid claims against the factory, which are be ing filed and attachments being issued but it ia tbe general opinion tbat there will be bat little left for them after the claims ot Mr. Boynton are settled. One ot tbe wont teatnna ot the whole affai is, that tbe help in the factory, to the number of about seventy hande, will loee their month's salary, amounting in all to 91,000 to $1,500. Thtae laborers are men and women who can illy afford to loaa tbe month's pay and also be thrown 0 it of a job. Orrr SCHOOLS. The city schools will open next MOD day, and it is quite eseential that tbe first day's attendance should be equally aa good as any daring the year. Students starting to school are liable not to fully realize tbe importance of being on band the first few daye ot the term and assist in organizing the olaasea and beginning at tbe flrat of tbe work. This is especially important where classes are beginning new atndiea. It tbe student starts a few day a late he ia ignorant ot the work gone over, and aa tbe olau baa all it can do to keep op with tbe work when tbe pupils etarted at the beginning there is no time tor tbe belated one to catchup with tbe work. Seeing that other members of the class are doing better work than be, and realising how difficult it ia (or him to accomplish anything in tbe study, be ia liable to grow diaoonragsd and drop behind and loee hie grade. Tbe whole year's work is greatly interfered with, simply because the sin dent WM not in tbe class room at tbe beginning of the term when tbe other member* of tbe olaaa mastered tbe rudiments of Ibe atndy. Parents, it is a doty yon owe to your children, if yon are going to eend them to eohool daring the year, to aea that they are in tbe class room tbe first day. Sea tbat they have an equal advantage with other students who may not be a whit superior to them mentally, but who will on! reach Ihem in the year's work if vou do not aae that they are on band to let an even start. It it beat by far to lava the pupils in school tbt flrak wook or so of tbe term. They oao mis* «u equal number of daya at any time during tbe tarm with IMS low than the fint tew. Parent*, aea tbat the pnplla start to school the first day, and in Iba forenoon. "How to Cure All Bktn Olaeaaee." 8(mniy apply 8«af m'*o<ntn«at. NoinUroal MMlloln* required. Ourwi Utwr, Doxenm, Ituh. lloruptlont on ths f»oe, bandj. OOM, «}o. .eavli!gtn«*klnoI»sr,wbUo ana be»TtU». Itt reat healing and curative power« are PMMMMNI if no otbur remedy. Ask reui druggM tor >w«fo«'» ointment. _ »•!•«• TKAOAKHB MBBTINO. The Norluoaitern Carroll County IVmcliere auoolatlon will again resume i« dulie* al Kuit Liberty ichoolbouie Saturday ov«nln«, September 1, 1604, and hence every third week. Al! teacber* Had Ihoie intareited iu the «use of education, are moil oarnuitly to attend and extend every uoruy possible toward enlivening «n'' imping awako tbo spirit of intolleolual ragrnii. The proftram for the eveoluK will bu very ImoruKllnn. KOUKUVI. Cor. Sec. Carilliial Ul»iffiiu» dalitf tu BAi;rmouu, Aug. 80.— Cardinal Q|b- »i)», U wtw ttiititorlttttivoly uuuouuooa t thu urohepiiKiopu! rt»lihmoo, will gc o Europe in tlw foil. Ho will visit louw, , Tux,, Aug.' 83.— ortou lustltutut) unit agmiul; tlw Mlu- sourl, KaiiBiw »ud T0XS4 rHllwuy la the urn of fiO.OiH) for injuvloa rewived Iu B MTJT8UH1TO, EMPEROR OF JAPAN. Emperor Mnteahfto is the most proneesire of all eastern raletn. To him is dn« ne credit for the -wonderful ibide* made by his country in the last few yean. He was born in Kioto in 1800, succeeded to the throne in 1867 and was married in 1860. IN BEHALF O^ENGLISH. Satolli Listens to the Committee From Hastings. BONAOUU'S ORDER MUST STAND Bat Father KnglUb Will Be Given • Hear ing >t • L»ter Day— Birrctt Bcott o Trial— Populists Nominate O. Clem Dearer For Confreti— Mclkli-Jnha R*> noiuiukted — Nebrcsk* Happenlnat. Aug. •-!».— The tronbl that has arisen in the St. Cecilia Catholic church of Hastings, Neb., over tbe trans far of Rev. Father English, the pastor to David City, has been brought to th< attention ot Mgr. Satolli. The dissatis faction of the congregation over the near departure of their pastor resulted las week iu the appointment ot a committe to appeal to Mgr. Satolli, and Tuesday the committee had an audience with tb apostolic delegate. The interview be I ween Mgr. Satolli, bis private secretary Dr. Papt and tbe representatives of the discontented congregation occupied an ionr and was held behind closed doors. The utmost secrecy was observed. The representatives of the Hastings church lubmittod tl' L nr case and protested against :he arbitrary action of Bishop Bonaoum it the Lincoln diocese. They referred to the high opinion in which Father Bag lifthwas held by Ilia parishioners anc asked Mgr. Satolli's intervention to revoke the order of transfer whicb takes effect Sept. 1, It is understood that at the end of the interview the apostolic delegate promised to give the matter full consideration nnc o return a prompt decision. Mgr, Satolli refused to discus* the mattei when asked about the case. BONACUM'S ORDER STANDS. An jB*Mll«BtloB mtu Ills Keuioml of Father Kugllsh Ordered HASTINGS, Neb., Aug. 3b.—FatUer English of St. Cecilia's Catholic church received a telegram from Washington an< nouncing that the delegations from thU city and Omaha had been received by kfgr, Satofti and had been assured thai vhile it was too lato to suspend the order tor his removal to David City Sept. 1, he would be given a hearing uudar tegular aucmicttl procoed>«ga. " there vftu no formal cbarges •gainst htm before the apostolic delegate ind that Bishop Bonnoum would bo or< dared to forward him (Father English) be charge* upon which hU rtmiovul was made. Father English 'denies the charge** that he made n»e of language lerogutory to the German members ot ils congregation in bin sermon Sunday and wtys that those opposing him do n ot represent tbo Uerwuu element of his ougrugatiou. ,^_^__^ BARRETT SCOTT ON TRIAL. Hondimcn of Holt liountjr** Treasurer M»k> Vlgoroui ri«lit |o few •70,000. Nab., Aug. ««.—The court was crowded Tuesday listening to the most important trial in the history of the county. Judge Cuupumn of Plattamouth prosidiug. The suit ia brought to ro- wver |70,(*00 from (lie bondsuton of ox- 'reuaurur Barrett Scott during his wcoud term of ofnce, State Treasurer , S, Hartley in one of tlw boudamau «ud a prwwt at tho trial. The ttttorueys for the boudsiueu aro C. WuUou of Nebraska City, E. N. iartlott ot Oma.Ua, uml P. M. Utloy anil 1. It, Ditilaou ot this city, The couuty • repraumteil by County Attorney U. 13. lurphy oud M. F. Uai'rlugtou. Thu ury wiw Bworu and tlw trial is now iu , U will to btublnmily u both VETERANS ATjSRAND ISLAND. l(lo«ulh Auuuitl Itvuulun u( (U« U, A. li. In Noltrwi*-*. itANU IVUMU, Nub,, Aug. ay.—Fifee» hundred Nebraska voterau»orow<lui] autp Morrow Tuesday iu utteiuluuoo at Uu Idtb.uuuujil I'unuioti of tUq Army of tbe .Republic of the state, members present already exceeds by sev eral thousand the attendance of previon yean. The veterans are denying tha any considerable number of their organ ization have left the state as a result o the drouth and have passed resolution declaring that the damage is by no means so great aa has been repeatedly represented. Tbe resolutions recite tha the drouth damage ia in no wise common aveu to the western part of the state. Jnmt* Meyers Arrested at Odetl. OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 2tt.—James Mey en, cashier of the bank at this place was'arrested lost evening on a complain sworn out by tbe president, charging him with embezzlement of |3,000 of thi bank's funds. Meyers was forme; editor of the Consistent. He fnrnishec bail and was released. O'Connor lleld for Murder. CHADRON, Neb.. Aug. 29.—The coroner's jury held an inquest over the body of Mat Me Nerney, who died yesterda; afternoon. O'Connor is hold for tbe murder. Both O'Connor and Shannon are held by the authorities pending further action. John Nelson Grant Dead. BEATRICE, Neb., Aug. 2U.—John Nel son Grant died at his home in this city The deceased bad lived in Gage county continuously since )8(i«, with the exception of a few years. He leaves a wif« and six children. D. Clem S>eaver OMAHA, Aug. 38.—The Populists oi the Second congressional district noral uated D. Clem Deaver of Omaha, Doaver is state chairman of Populist cen teral committee and a pioneer Populist Melkltdohn by Acclamation. NORFOLK, Neb., Aug. 89.—The Republicans of the Third congressional district renmninuted by acclamation Qeonge D MuiUlejobn. PamUo of 8»m B. Scott. BBATBIOE, Aug. *«.—Sam R. Scott, an employe of The Daily Express, di«d aftoi an illneas of several months. Imprisoned For Kicking* Hoy to Death. CHICAGO, Ang. SO.— Timothy Graham, who has been on trial charged with kicking 8-year-old George Ryan to death iu a drunken rage, was found guilty. He was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, _ Discouraged lUlnumker, DENVER, Aug. 84>, — The man who committed suicide «t the Hope hotel proves to be Frank Melbourne, tho rainmaker, well known throughout the west, particularly iu Wyoming, where he lived. Steamer Aground OOF Hhade Island, PHOVIDKNCB, Aug. «tl.— The Providence lino steamer Connecticut, from Now York, in aground off Fluid's Point, Providence river. Sho ia uow being lightened of her freight. Ueatli uf Consul's wife. GUAUAM, Vit., Aug. att.— Mra. Kate Campbell Smith, wife of tho United Stutui miuistor and consul general to Huyli and Sun Domlngu, dlod here after u brief Knlglils of ibe UulUcn Bat*. CINCINNATI, Aug. SO.— Tho Supreme Custlo uf tbu KuightHOf the Uoidon Rule «ru Iu »e««Jou here. Bqpromo Command- wr Sii< Knight lU>bert W. liayu«aof Juck- san. Teiin,, Mow lUutpxIilrv Vutlou MIIU lleiuut*. DOVKU, N. U., Au«._8tt. -Tho Cuoltuco lotion niillo, tho n«'omi largest wiriioni- 4o« in tho stttti', has roopejiwl ils milk uCtor uouvly. u montU'b shut down. Or»guu Mbiirt Mui). CHKVICNNM, Aug. 80.— Tho Union Pa- Hu ruuoivura wuro upiioiutod by Judge iutif I'ttouivtini uf tho Ufugau Slvort Lint< 011 putiiiun of J, F. Dillon uf Nuw York. MIllllUlN UulU« MOW*, Aug. »»>.— Couut lunuber uf thu imporiai liimily uf Jttpun. ui'rivud hum fiiruutu tu iiis iialivu uuuii try ' CZAR'4 MeALTH_CAU8INQ ANXIETY Bis Majeitjr Is Threatened Wltfl Ors» Kidney Troubles. ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 39.—The health of the czar is causing general anxiety in Russia. There is no longer any donb tbat his majesty is threatened with gravi kidney troubles. It has been apparen for some time to those who have been with the czar in public that he is a sick man, He has grown thin, his complexion is pale and of bad color and he baa th air of a man who is greatly fatigued This was commonly remarked among the spectators at the recent launching o tbe armored cruiser Admiral Senivana Professor Zaccharin was summoned 1 * St. Petersburg to see the czar. After a thorough examination of the patient thi professor declared the dangerous malady did not exist, but that his majesty was suffering from pronounced albuminuria The future movements of the imperia family will be regulated by the progress of the empe.ror'a disease. GRADUATED. A class ot eighteen graduated from the county normal this year out ot twenty. six applicants. Tbe record has been broken in this reepeot us well as in several others during the past session. Tbe number graduating from tbe county coarse at any one session wee never more than half what it was this year. The following ie tbe list of the graduates Mettle Fox Flora Baselton D. C. Murdock Mae Wolfe Elizabeth M*o<ean Bertha Bangs Lulu Long Grace Kail Jennie Ferguson Laura Sohollenberger Ada Thompson Emma Roderick 6. If. Llsk Lf da L. Moon Jtssle 1. Obllnger W. A. Doming Mrs. Gertrude Smith. Clara Blakeslee OKM> twelve cents In postage stamps to 36 Cor- O COIBU Building, Washington, p. C.. and TOO will receive four copies of KATB FOLD'S WASB- IKOTOK, containing matter ot special Interest. (iive name and address, and say where YOU «a«r tills advertisement. Advertised Letters. Tbe following letters remain uncalled tor at tbe postoffice, Aug. 27, 189*. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead totter office at Washington, D. C .: B. Sum berg Aug. Stuve Ernest Stodregen Geo. 0'IIern F. Leaiwle Wm. Kenoa A. J. Blfglna Wm. Btn«s Hoawell * Haddock Eufeno Denlion Uatte Deeth Sirs. joe. Courtney John Brown K. Bock Jobn A. Brown J. H. Boston W. E. Brown Mr. H. Abel. The law provides that one cent shall be paid for nil letters advertised. When calling (01 .same please state date of advertisement. .Ixo. L. POWKHS, P. M. WANTBD. An active agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. AsV dress, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. PERSONAL GOSSIP. Alexander W. Terrell of Texas, United States minister to Turkey, is in Washington on a 60 days' leave of absence from his post. Throw Away Trusses wb«n our new method Is guaranteed to peruitn- entlf cure tbe wont cases ot rupture, without be use of the knife. Send IQeentt In stamps for muiphlet and references, world's Dltnonwy ledtcsj Association, 668 Main Street, Buffalo, ''fun 'warship Lancaster, recently re- .u rued from a voynge around the world, ins been put out of commission at the A Household Treasure. . D. W. Fuller, of Cannsjohrle, N. Y., «ar« that 10 always keeps Dr. King's hew Diaooverjr In lue louse and his family lias alwais found the verj best resulta follow ltd uc«; ttmt ho woulu not be without It, If proourbale. tt. A. Ujkemnn, druggist. Oatsklll, N. Y.. sar* tbat Dr. King's • New Hscoveryts undoubtedly the best cough remedi; bat be bas used in bis family for eigbt r»ars, and It has never failed to do alt that Is claimed or It. Wbr nottrr a rtmedrso long tried and tinted. Trial bottle* free at J. W. Uatton's drug turo. Bcgulat site < We aud 11.00. A flue H«UM of Uumot. Bo — Mist) Swomdown uses such queer couiparUous. Spooking of you, aho said 'our podigroo wtw a* long tut tho tail of •our fuvurito oaU Sho — Sho IIOH u curtain soiisoof humor ttluu. The only oat I pongou ouiuo (rout ho islo of Aluu. — Life. Specimen Ooaea. b. II. U)lHord,Nuw Oassu), WIs,, was troubled wuli neuralgia and rhuuuialUm, his utomtch was dUordored, bis liver wits etf«oiod to au lartulng d«gr«e, ap|>ollla foil •way, And bo •us terribly reduoxid la flo«U tivil tUou|V&. hruu botllos ot UluoUlo Illtlvo aurud him. Kdvrtni Hbepatd, Ilarrlsburg, 111., bad a unulug *ore on his lag of elgulyaars' nuudtug. «ed throa botilm of Kl««trlotlltt«rs sud soveu axv» of lluoklvu's arnica salvo, «ud his t«| i sound aud wwll. John bimaker, Onuwba, 0., lad ovo largo luvor »or«t on bU Ivg, dooiort aid be was Inourablo, Onobollle Klaolrlo Bit or» aud DUB box »uoslcu'< aruloa nslvo cured lui oullroly. Hutu at J. W. lUlton't drug ,«FO. __ a Ilurtoit C. Uook, who pla'ovd Mnoolii Iu OHvtutUloiv u,t tho couvuulloiu of Ibtt) aud , IH ilyliitf ut hU bout*. Iu Kvuu«on. CARBOJLlj Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MBS. U. SHADLE, Fashionable MI88 EttA TODP. Millinery and Fancy Good* FINANCIAL. K1BST NAMONAt. BAfiK, Cor. Main and Fifth Streets. NOBTHWE8TEHJT BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth Street. PEED MILLS. 1. J. * J. B. MATLOCK, Iflftb Street. HARNESS, ETC. L, T. ANDERSON, Harness and Hone Clothing, Trunks, Valises and Sowing Machines. WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. 8TBPPTJHN, "The Diamond," Fourth Street. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD A PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tanks and Pumps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY. SENTINEL, Adam* Street. Beat Kqulpped Printing Office In Western Iowa. Professional Cards. JAS. L. UARTI*. o. B. UIRTIM. MARTIN & MARTIN, vm Practise In state leoeral oonrts. »-Prompt attention given to collections. Notary In office. Office In UeLagan Block. BEACH A HOTT LAWYERS. „-- to state and federal eoarti. Ossseae. Main street, over Nlavronger'a dry goods stoic. &EO. W. KOBTE, LAWYER. OfBee on flrst floor German bank bulUUag. Will practice In state and federal courts, •arspeolal attention given to foreclosures aatf QJIOBOI W. BOWKM ATTORNEY A J LAW. omoa. BUILblftff. F. M. DAVF.NPORT, ATTORNK AT LAV. Legal business baa*- f\ aoted In both state andfederalcooru. d*w —o— Office over A/orfc's d-T/good* «fore, Corrolt BELUBLE INSURANCE Id tha best companies at the lowest rates. It pays to have tbe best. Better bave no Insurance than t* be Insured In an unreliable company. The beet companies can be secured ot H. W. MACOMBER OFFICE IN THE BANK OF CARROLL. PARTIES Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 341 B. C. Co., Chicagc Have Burgnin82tu Aid Cuts' FaniiHiii Cull. The OUI ,ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS. NOCKKLS & UMAM, HoatU Hide t^nar*, Camll.!»«». HOW FOR Bwoklens Aroic« 8»lye TU« titi«t «*!«« In th« world for Cuts, •rul***. arns, Ulucr*, a»it Kheuai, r«v«r Bor«s,T«mr. hem* U»nds, Uaublata*, OOIBS aaa a)i akia uiiou*, and voslMvely ouiei pUsi er i»» •ay r«4uirud. U UgukraaUd to ilvsptrfoci WtUtMtloa 91 ukon«y itfwudtid. l»ilo« H otuu Mbe*. J. W.U»tt«». aSlll AMMUALMNOAill'MKMT U. A. H. U>W UATKS VIA II. A U. For (he National Kuoauiiuu«nt of lit* . A. 11. at PHUtmrjj, HoptDitibvr 8lJi to Bvh mdtho w*«tluK ot the Naval Veteran* ouUlloi), SeptomUorHtU, thu U. *, O. i. H. (to. will aoll uxcumlou tlokuts to UUburK (rum stwtluua ou iu lino 8«j)l- mber 4lli lo lUth, valid for return |>iiiutagt» until Bu|>toinbor Will luulusiva. Thy ralu (or the rouuJ trlu (tutu OUloago will b» 810, atiU C(irrua|ioiullugl)' low ratua (or oiliWdUllons. Tl'ikeU will also be placet <ui »»lo »t till luo i>tlucl"»l oftlwa tutoujja- i din tli» wtwl and uurtliwt'il. , { No w»uor whore >uu start from, a*k (or tlokttu via. llhloflo U. 4. O. for lutorumtlou Iu detail wrltw 1,. S. Allou, Aj»t.0.1».A.W. &0., Conlral |iiutlou,01ilo«Ko. Ills.

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