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rtBLlSIIED EVKUV JIOUUUNO, (XXCaPT SlTNDAT,) AT THE SUN IKON BUILDING, tj, K. Coriirr of Baltimore and South BY A. S. ABELL CO. To subscribers in the city, "Thb Scn" is served for iir and a cfntf yvr Hvei.

payable to weekly. Price for nwt'ire 94 a-year, in advacoe. TtlK VKKivl.Y MAILED rorl ONE DOLLAR A-YEAR for 35 six coping: for $1'.) thirteen ocpiw; frr SI5 twenty copies: fur twenty seve copies. IX ABVASCR. rib off, and penetrating the lung.

This wound caused internal hemmorage, producing death. By Mr. Preston. The wounds were inflicted with the face of the deceased towards the person stabbing; Mrs. Williams must have been in a partially stooping oosition when the blows were inflicted; does not think the wounds were inflicted on a person fleeing from the striker; the wounds-were in all probability inflicted in striking over the person, both being face to face; they might have been inflicted by striking over the person at a third party.

Drs. Magraw and Carr were sworn, and corroborated Dr. Less' testimony. Dr. Leas recalled by defence.

Has known Williams lor several years; his character has always been good. Dr. Carr recalled by defence. The rings exhibited witness took off the finger of Mrs. Williams Mrs.

Catherine Neverker sworn Knows Wm. H. Williams and knew his wife Eliza, After his arrest witness went to the jail and heard the conversation between Mrs. Creamer and WUTiams; witness went to the jail with Mrs. Creamer to get money to bury his wife; Mrs- Creamer said to Williams William Henry, what a fourth of July is this how came you to murder your wife in such a manner?" Williams replied, "I do not know PRICE ONE CENT.

BALTIMORE, THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 16, 1852. Mr. Greenottoh, the Artist. A Boston correspondent of the New York Post, confirms the rumor that Horatio Greenough, the eminent artist, is insane, and adds: began a course of lectures on Art and So-cir-1 Life, a fortnight ago, but delivered only two of them. The second one was strange and unin- VOL.

XXXII. NO. 24. DRY GOODS, LADIES' PRES GOODS. BIRD No 69 BALTl.ilOKK STREET, have on liana a ev assortment ot Hlack Si'ks; Plain and Ero- I antle Frer-ch ai Kcsl-sh Mermoes.

all eoiors; Oasnmere de Oosse; Cloths; French De IAines and Cash.Tseres; Persian L-e Lainep; IMack Bpiiibaames aid Lustres: Enu-roi- er es ver chei.p: Kid G-o-rb; EiiibnMdsrrii ihimikerchief-. Ail of which wi.l be ar radioed dL5 ti Sli KS. K.MP.rllltiKKlK!1. a. vf i-J are row se'linz orT at reilu e.i pi our stocV of FAWS' (ilt-ins.

hvs irured. 11 ard SIL'ff; Bo ai.d Scqut EL 1 1: Bonnet Si ks i Sat-cs; bUos Si cf alt Vi. p-o qmlit'es: EiiihrojJered C. iJdkf e-vr; Cuffs; French SUoisliaes; vlojh, fee. JOHN A.

RtK-BK SIO.V, i i t-st" 52 s-reet. HAWLS, ft.c. VHHiSTOFHSft, '97 BRO.IV.-Tt Will tnia caT a lot of Fay Stats Lor.j; Shawls, verr rscft: Hruche J.onjr ard Sauar? cheap; Tan colored Cobarss reach Lupin's make: rinii it-nre lilac SH.KS: EiiiOroi'd. Kl uaome. Koiret Velvets; Sa-iis; KiblK-ns.

a ether tot of Wool laurels at and a variety of ch.apand (iairable blk Tab-r-y Velvet, si.i finish, a arfie'e. the ONE PRICE d4-St Golden Bee fiive. AVE YOUK PEN I Ft! By eorairs to HA RT'S c'l'DKr 15n Ktxington Strtei. and bay si me of these tTO-ds, vhich we feaic? below cost, sueii nss-h-awls, 50 cen 3 to the very best quant; Childrea'3 Woolen at 8 cent a pa lrge ize ankers, at 51 cor.ts; a. 12 cents; i sryle Priata.

Hi. fast "oiorc; iJ n. VelvrU: ks; Satins and of every color sril kir.d. C'ci? tar.y, dll-ef I niK.s. i'ri'KvTiiA! ravirs oat a ri RsTTrirrt STrPffr.

IOt for less than 5f cents on the AH ar, we will -irunerce runnine oil" the entire stock- on Monday text. ec. 12. The space be liin.ted wo only name a few articles, viz: Fine de Lames at 6 Ui, r-upernne lii, tu iy worth 25. Wool Ficured Lustres at 3.

worth '3i. tsrinoef: Aipacis; Fhnrels: Kl ktts; Shawls; s.f ry and Gloves, and cumerous other r.rricies. It is L'KeteJs i say mere abonr prices the Goodsmust be 'Id for the brhig. Kemembor this chance, and don't this fiopo- luruty, but start early fur THE STOKE, S. E.

corner Broa and Eastern avenue. dil-'eot Gr LLiNG OFF TO CLOSE 'r he larfo r.ud en-O tire stock of GLOVES. Yarns. Ln-'er-Shuta and Drawers. ZasbTr Worsted, Fringe.

II.ds. Comforts. Kni and Sp wl Cot too, and sal othr articles kept hi Trimming yt-ores. The whole will be sold without oot. EDMU.sD GATES.

C8 erCtJ 191 Ba'tiniore opcos, St. Fan! ft. CLOAKS AND ApES. Bitot Sr No. 61 "air-more street will open to at a sss oi tae.

Erasla, Talrna and New ort er.ura r-ew ercs: Velvet Capes: Man'tlta velvets; ati colors; a iarea assortment leni ai.d S-sawis. in c- ors aadniur mz. iroca'i i Saaw I'asdir-ere Shawls: Crape -nawi fee, Will be sold at creatiy reduced prices. QH-tf lLRDEROUS ttl-SlNESS. A.

V. HOU is i -J. sel-irn; Worsted Mi at 2 ca. ts a pai--; Wide aeetnifi: Itluslms. 6t cents; v.hil.lren's Wurn Socl's.

2 cents a aair: Liren 4 cents; Lr.rge Hlanket i Shawls, from 25 cents to Calico fur ConftMts. 4 I cents, Go to A V. HOUCS'S l'a Slo-e, 25i 1 i.e-rirsrou eeet, two doors east cf Peuri street, (red ansrs in front. di3 'HEAT B-RGA1NS- k-KEaT REi. I'CT OS out nn present large ana baaatisui srocK ticod.j at very reduced Rich ain c'llks worth plain heavy Miks only worth 81 ss, P.ria fancy Be Lainss.

ad wV. worth 75. Call and dI3-tf5 RO'Ji'. DiVDE No. 67 Baitinvre 6trev, near Gay.

v- i.r. MtRiNOS A'D CLOTHS Ve hK to call attention to our slock A the above joods, which is as comp-eie in nd cjI-ts aa psroi tins fall. As the season is advancing ws have markei at such prices as will msnre ready sales. An early K. h.

No. 133 Baltimore B'roet. d'l -tn v.6t i pHE CEN TRE Ma.RK.ET RGAI-n STo'SF. I received from Aucli -B another LOT OF GREAT BARGAINS. suca aa Rich M.

ds Lain- 12 worth beauitnl Cashmeres. E1. worth fini do Laine. 181. worih sii: d-.

iJ; Ciihmares.S'V- worth): Piam Lustra Casa RlTe- 12. AicO, Carpet 'a p-tce. GOPSC-CK JONKS, coraer it f-LoVKS, "MANTILLAS, ANI 1 hive on ha assortment of CLOAKS i cfcpai, om -23 5 to lsuf plaid Shaw's at SrS, i worth Lone Srociia for "5, worth I ati tife-rniued pres-nt Xao in wi ret caU-it f-t" SOiJKBf DilN'S. 1 di3 tf Mo. ev Marker Near Gay.

C-A KG A I 1AINS iN i hi--e reeeivec trrad Curtiinsj ur-i M. L's frr-in a1! a.i iniss: Krenoii J' 4 4 ve'vet. -ak Cloths, for lA'Res. i r.e ott-us wi-i at lets former prices. Csli find see rh-n.

J. EDWARD BIRD, ifg-tf 211 Ba Brreet. UUiH UULUKKi'lr. LAIN F-S. S1A.KTH- H''TTOr6 1A OLOiV, Ti ses T-i'tln co de (i I'o Ka tie Persian de C-i" sj.d fs.

Ii22-tl7 i.HS received uaitce; ni u.j, Laines: ex th Printed tie La.nci Laires; la ct" tew yellow scarlet Fl inra is, '-v oiseAp: wita many otb er goods at i-w rri i UASrl BARGAIN Sl'Oi? i. ancrion ereat 'tAKG: a mo which a'e Persian de Laires. as nn as are sell- is for 3U: soma -1. fe i.aines 5. worta some Cashmeres U.

worth 25: some De Lames i nv', ct3 very cheap; ad wool Kersey Ke a sreal! lor of very c-hp. S.c dll nl GKQ. W. UrtLER.if Franklin st- ABIES' DHKSS VI INGS CLOAK En BRAIDS CROP i-FT i GIMP. A A il I EMPROlDilPvY.Bf ALUS SILK.

Black and Co'd Si RiNGLir; aok and Cold Velvet RIBBONS, ior sale ty d-a-lw: fAPCP-l armors XT kXWAVY COLOR i'C AN A -Hi ELS Xc Now opening a BRTHOLOW, Ti FAN A 163 ii LT1 OWES ET, 1 --4 and 12 4 Whitney and premium i-willed Blankets: California and printed wftite, scaiet and ve; ow all iradet: low-priced and super hi? coinred Cambnc; 3f casc3 new styie3 Prints; Mous-hr da, shawls, xc, d6-tf( JELLING Ob 1 SELLING Oi- 4 2" WMA ti 1 RS' i BALTIMORE -TREE BETWEEN LIGHT AND CHARLES STREETS, r.ieir entire oi CUJ. if tae 1st fr eb- raary.ioo.-4, oraer caine um.umj fb--e. fr.n Ladies are rarncujariy requested, if they want BARGAIN'S, to call erly, aa the stock be a our hy bt timo. nl.s-rfr nORDKAL'X ALMONi'S in PKESKRVP-D GINGER brles. FK UNES-4 u.

zlass RAISINS "K' half ar.d r. boxes. CITRON hoses pnnif Leghorn. CURKANTS 20 casks prim-cu ility. Forsaleby SCHWARTZ DTX, di4 ff cor.


1K half co 5i quart- bbl3. Co No. 2 do No. 3 do do na'ifax TTFRHING. In store ard for rtale by W.

D. Ml L'RTZ d3-tf No 6'1 wharf. iJ'RESH MYRNA FIGS, PKUNKS, S.c Two S. cares fro r.irna Jbr', fanny 1 do. do.

crums, superior qua lty; a cases sf'ss top box PRUNES; 15a tK)xs C'lis'er Ra-sinK: Sne led Aiiniirnis: crop t'jrueni i and a Krqe a-H irtm-nt (- re auihes; Chocolate Drops, ko. Juit landed and K.r wde oy fu.iiMr.ii? ntuiiiti fff No.l Ntirr.i: reet. F.ROME'S FAMILY Oil corner of Pr. ef l.tTint str-ets N. O.

at.d CubaSUGaR, at fit, 7 and crate; a superior qua -ty of Biaeic TEA, 2, 37 fci and 7.3 "er-t extra tirifl lo.5"',73 ami as: siiaenor Jiio. I Kiiayra and Mar. COFFEK. lo. and la cents: Olu Govorn merit Java.

I. an-J 14 cts. toeer.ier with a eenerai Fre.rhGROOEK -n price 1 nrf flllll.ltT b. n-iP in Ina pit. nli ri' i pUTT r.

JIICSWKKAT, IIISKY, Ac 225 iades iHA. mon ot it tres'i an sac it- et; 40 We'ern flu holt KI7CKV EAT. IS lArre!" antl do. Pure 2.5 and pound 6-1 rtss'3 venison, La'bar, whits Beac Rid 'bejnuis. For aa'e KEIXSEL ON, tll-tf StfA Baiiiniore street.

LAD'-S BUTTER, FLOUR, CLOVEKSEF.D. vT Kf-S8 prinrDHtry lii-d--! BUTrF.R bbla FanndT. Kxtra and hjutiiuia lo bush- Supsnor Old Rjo WHi-KY io Aptie BRANDY. For by JAS. J.

LAWN, 133ani 141 N. Howard street. GEt EORGE'S FAMILY G.HOCE!l liOiS triiiA.V XTiiXKT. near i jru.sw.. Just received, a fresh lot of GROCERIES, suitable for the hohiiays: Brown SUGAR.

5. and 7 cents: Whd R. ard If cnis: freh TiS. of all mdes, lromS7 oeuts to Al: COF FEE. of all kinds aiid 121 and 14: I r.s;uflra, 11; Maracnibo, II a 12; cents; Extract of OofT.

12 cents papp.r: RAISINS by the box or the ib 61 a Vif. 14 cents: CURRANTS, 8 a id cents; CITRON, 23 cents; SPICES of all kinds; frevh Mace, Ail-spice, Cloves and Cifnauioo. rU of my own snndin; pure: DRIED FKL ITS Apples, Peaciies an Print and Roll BITTTES; Bacon Hams and Mackerel aad Hairin by thA bbl. or doz; Flax, He-np and Canary Send, by the bas tti Smvl's lo'ebrated Buckwheat; Sperm. Adamantine, and Dipped Caudies; Sf ruos and Mo S-5, 31.37.

so anu Wi oen's: Imported ami Domestic LI-ifljORS brandies, Wines, Gin and Whisky. Flour constantly on haid. Jnst received, lubbls SWEET CIUER. jnv from the pres; and a pen ftrai assort merit of GR' Cr Kl I Sioo nuimjrorfi to me-ttum. My friends and former customers wal pieasa give me a call, ami I wid try to G'khis le ivered free of ci.e Call at Mo.

4,5 GREEN STREET, 7 3 ffJ t-TEr KKN GE 0R. E. 3 Tf 1. 4 if m. prtrn ARCHITECTS AND BU1LUEHS, Take this method of inforinmc their ar-d the i ill IE, Si; no that, after this date, say tueir 19 ECHAK ICS' LCd AN wul be promptly attendad to.

H. it Buikbwf, Balliaor. tli 1.TJ43. Frucl ef i of I I I I i i FOR SATiE A3 tULT. "XT FOR t.i EE- 1 1 i 1 OF r.

AJ i. OW EL-LING a tha south east co rsrcl ij-nrt-mana Gren etrests, now aa sn Apo neosiy immediate to DR. (jiUK'M B. SMi rn. No so rh fevers s-.

i storv r-riok HGUrtF. f2 wi; good tenan ETTr jLE I HS ST oCrt. GOH-VILT aTOK.r-.f-n the xrurof pruc? s. nI ai th- prorriator havits ue.von ac- n.Minf nf his JtlDfll-n IDnt. liJ.T.

"OR KENT That large three or a tu tr a rns mntn de ranK-i- ff 1 "Vh" i mi of Kiiww street. with a twy story back llnidme, asd oassase h-adng front. Posyefsion eire ths firs ffqnire of heOOMAS, on the premises a 6' RXT-A aOWhlNti SALOON under the Jt? armors' coraer ot F.retr til streets: Apply Messrs. ttREEN, at arnp. Hotel.

i A i i 1 -5 tinrf. a BARGAIN. -J -t trM siriK-f-. 45 Sinlldi' strei't, Nnn? fr sale nis entire R-iXjx ot i'A i iv- rraJe, with riOi for sale or reat, Also. for sale, one eeaocd-Land LLTION, one CARRIAGE.

fib Mrhi. HortfES, COUNTRY SEA IS GROUND gSl RENTS KOt rmeasfry tiousM LsS-on Fayette w-th 1 tnree story one oa Ross near rrestoa-gl fwo w-ts Pmmn hones. 33 feet iront c-n Faus Kosu, 3le S-t KoaJ.we.'im-iprjvea rjvea-Cf-i Aiso, lire A c- war.t.d. Ar-p to vVARFiv i.H x. M'- FOtl LE A COU TRY SK AT. iro.n th? ctrr. on ihe reoeack uro- food i urn ater ar.d nnder goJ rexcia. idtje eo.d Yarzain if lmmed.ate be made to mk i4Mf-. wh eoruer i Anity street, or fii tf it.ii-L- -ii MJil I rl 1 IIK. fpNEti ok of Ma-gJLDiSN AVEM-E ANO adverjser offers for sate one cf the most e.e--anf 1 nisbed tctideucea in The inr.ts Si feetoa Nlau son svenae; is three B'or 12 ria'it with arcs t'tree-story lok bau-diae.

swi cos- 1 the modern as ys nnc nor si-rarmte sot is Saff-etoerp. Tha 'ina -wiii maae t- suit rite pureuaser. -more derailed das-rir'i- uu.1e-e5s.yy, as a purohieer wul uodr-ubi tne Prer.e fo; hirn-lf. Apply to JACOiJ r. 4- waie street.

'JL; 1 ROOF BUILDINGS, in th- r-arbi l.1 Prs.t tep-r Hiiiovar "si-h a 4 feet 1a Frtt m-J a est Alley in rear, an ui yard far UMTS, te. to turc n. Taei ar? 1 auutvjrurir fi-M8- 'am Etigine. 3t KASTVaV.

49 s.r. FoR SALE T-o HO MS ft- atnaat. ti.n;.-" and iwsmeut oa McEaerry e-is rer-, stoi fft f.iuc fit'per T. N. st 52 LtS.

c2i- DFSIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE. Kt, Ks, wi.n es v- 54 T. near Paea he rn st cf fij lly of tnr n-laofrh-: I rrver-s' of aid of he oiurca trout, and bei'n? a hard omlv -irpr peiVwh'Wd. A so. a EOT OF GROLND ir 7en y-t-sro feet on tie west fit's 01 PaCA t- Rrd tn the rear 01 inD unproved by asmali d7-iaw4w ii street.

wrST LOMBARD ST. ftVI I HKiia The is tnnnsed to iUeUa hsndsoms DWELLING on West Lombard treat, ahove Green. -he ius- oo.;s eleven is convameuty arraased. ao-i ntr.

fi i the modem lrnsrovenieuis Hot arn arer Baths. Gaa A soacious Cktms ii.vle and Harness loiim cover th of the ioi. A rronnd ret't of will cwte.l on 'ot. or the who will so in fee, Ter ns easy. CHaKLES Z.

LUCAS, Attorney d4-e'tf 5 "No- 45 ZH a l.V Ft tTAN VCiOUS JWHAHF HROPFRTV OR KfAT-THt w-LOWBH EN I) of SPEAR'S ipmi the Btsia ai.d st-e' i sever? hmrt of the of r- -or "-ftii' Tears 1 Oompac or Oi No fr'i to eiveii on t-i -1 Bext. The Wnarfhss a v-r su--fw, with a -or, of abort "'63 he Ha leer on the baain. ana a deW 1 01 ie- uc tronrs f.w of 12 f-e- ra.ii tuc there are bora insiue asa cn- access to tho pr -pe't. barf one aioe, w- irbiah thare if a road, cn oCier hoasca. rswiy in fKie may be w-h o' i it has every v.

Applf to -s 6-eo6-r: 13 r.ue i- r. FOR SALE IN EASTF.KN ViRGIMA A tHs-nail FARM of three 'firea ir li-r-in the r- i ft' antes City eouGtv, k-'are-n iT i i from rie "ity of Wi'I fl i'. Vcrk River, at -t on oiw nr. t. o.a -landing on ttie James ver.

tliir rfc. stenmers stop doily re a Oak Wood oa the- poe. The Farm witti aa abundance" cf tnar', --inJ ia a j-ci prove meat on the five lie id s-ei Owir, oinitT to the r-e mrab as a a DWELLING K-ther, t. io. 4-3aw4w Jm O't KENT A lO ill? obsr.g, tn 3.oy i.

-i at tn" cr: "MSEASK- OF TilE A. VON MO rr from i eipE -i. ui i-a c-" 'ks E- an i Ear. Pr. in rn title to s-u ar eh-'- i-'rs-OFf- CE 54 r.

A OR. J. S. OSE O-ALL RVOi Co' SYSTEM. 'his in the seism-a wiiicli reachrsthe Nervous tne Tretn all tendencies ior ii vu, FOR iTit'N- Of THE ii3crvery ij th? preparation 1 jfcd.and eradicates from Nervous Headache of the worst trequer.tiy to a sin gle dose.

Palpitation, heartburn, tremor of tne inusies or face. Neuralz-aaad Naaibr.ess.aii yield to its power. The mmd or l'Qy worn by care, snjdy, (a-tisiie, or sny disease, is renovated by this wonderlal preparation. r'ce in7 5f pr and soM by W. H.

EROV BRO ai TN'itY it HATCH, Arenfs, ar -a bv all the inuetifs in liLtunore, asamstrm, Alexandria. Riclimond. Wiccnes'er Kred- Harspr' Ferry. Stn. d-Snt MRS'ViiARNUM'S CO US CANDY.

i-I-t tai itA 155 tnr itt him tienr.77 Baltimoss, Nov. 10, 1350. 3e.r Madam Th if rny business hav ei- poMu rr.i frCt-nLS. rr.n to ottic, aetata, ana pnimoDary s. i r.

jvs (vri apr.vesol tne power oiartenu- I trte ditt.s r-n ano snon'a nave t. not Tour Medibted 0hi.i1 fare I b'-zvi to reap and ooarseneas r-eeii --r tp.e nemrn eiiaeis oi r. 1 ed it but a few hours be-f e.dviita;o cf its etfats. My ARE HEALED! Ard tc- reat.y improved. therefore, have no'-aiina in adding testimony to that of the rr -y tpo have experienced tne rrhts of your valuable Car, ly.

W.M. MEftCER. For sale J. W. Bond, S.

S. Hance, J. W. Berrr, H. Perk'i la, Psrlrin St J.

F. Perkins, S. Flemir r. M. A.

Duk K. H. J. M. Larosue, Thoa.

J. Ihi-, Messrs. Read, Hork-ns, and by tnroaiboct ths cuj, State fJx-X District of Coioim-'n rpi'ili. o3it-Srn( HANCK'S KE XTR ACT OK SARSAPA-H RILLA PILLS, the iiiiiiain in tne wcri 1 for euricj! Jjyspipsia. Flitnltnr.t, Htniicht, vrtcKJM, ire.

Persona of fall habit, woo sub'ect to Has-lvjhft, eiiiu in ess, Browsin ess an sunsln THE EAR, trlpin' from too prest a flow of blood to tne hi, enoula revir bo without them, as many daneroae tn w-II be strictly of! by Kwwsbr SF.TH S. HAtS CE- ttl-Sm 19 Baltimore street. HO! HO! HO! YOU'RE GETTING GREY, -RF. YOU? Vel', that is a ciiFfortune and not a enmn. but to reaiaia when so fie an opportunity offers to restore jour ti to tne ou or in tiir-r r.unatf.

bj appl ias JciS.N A. NATIONAL HAIR UYE.iabot bttle short of crime. (rders to from part of the United App and b.r nt it final lnTir.ror. JOHN AJONKS K. Balrixore street.

r.24 lm I 'Hi. HI A DR. ES couuii KU1' in thVORLU. KOSK'S CUvGH "Lr is the remedy tor Conehs, Co 'it, sn-i Cocs-imrtion. It not only kilaya c- u.ti.ih of tlis b'it it fortihea tt.9 system future at tacks.

This is no quack but -In a lare prat.x- in in bot-t'es at cents sad lsf-! ty te Pni-cista ard hj CAVKy fe HrVTt.ti and w. H. rR. ROSE'S SREaT PAIN CURER! If you -l- suifer with it pa f-ir Limbs, or have the Sore Surf Neck. Ear or Tooth-Acre, Uru ices, ior ns, Inflamed Feet or Chilblain.

y- i Jisd immediate re'ief by usirs jjR. Mi Jr'VL PAIS CUKFti. in hoi. i -Ai by the rPtail Dru-ists. an r.y W.

II. BROWN BROTHER and Ca.NUV tfATO.4. r.15 3m FREEDOM FROM COUGH IS TEN A FT Fa And a positive Cur in a ft'tr ri hi 'i' of BRYAN'S PULMONIC AFFrlS. For sale, wholesale and t.v C. WISEMAN, l'rrceist, corner oi vvrs: ana sra.

Price 25 cents per Box or t-n- the QAntttT of fiv hrtTM IV.r rtr. .1 4-H TOR COLDS AND BILIOUS HABITS- 751 BEST LIVER AJJ PUtLGA.TiVE RILl ESOWy.Xt yoar hvr is cf order, you wui have the dysoeoBia and If you are bilious you require a jtood perrutive meiiieiaa. if you ktiva a ettled cold you should rm'v -t Iroin liie system. The best Billious and I jver Pii! a Dr. Hope's brated Railroad or Anti-Bilious Pill.

Tr.i r.r. a-ad of all others in their jiXKl erlectj. i.5 ths bo J. Soi.j the T-t-t; by W. H.BROWN at BRO Til Hit and CANiJ-k Ci HATCH.

r-15 TO CARPENTERS AND BUILOEltS. STEWART, MOUSE ON WEST SHE UNION Have Just receired a frrsh aud larja supvly of ersor Cypress SHIN wLES, of tr.eir owi maiaiao- ture, waich they oiisr tt waoier. or retail, at very law mem. o27-tBa two story bacs Diitis ns. ixn-f irci uuut, a depth of nf feet, rentea cn-ap iit t.

Enquire (WKbt, laavennw BPa' Dmitri's lune. dli 3t 5 I r- a. i EYirAND" list i -'d ru- hi his it in .11 Eye fi imn Twri-irirrn-rrriririr UN. EUR villi It FO'-'lUGN SEWS. The msils last ereninr brought the full accounts from Liverpool to December 1st, by steamer Arctic, at New York: Amons those who arrived In the Arctic were H.

Drrper, Esq bearer cf despatches from or.r ministers at London and P.iris; Lieut. General Antonio VePer. of the Hnnsaiian and Mad. Aurelia Feierzr, Rnrgaiian rauslcal artist, Mr. Henrr J.

Tnckerroa, by the Baltic, -was bearer of Otf Loi-d-m. Knglnnd. It is presetit i adj-nn Parlisment. on the 10' ins a -it, lor a rCi-soi ice weeks, to the middle of February. Uncer'ainty still prevails i's to the -av on which Mr.

D' Israeli wil! make his financial statement. Te address of of England," convened by the Duchess of Sutherland, for 1 tie purpose of addressing a memorial to the ladies oi the United Slates, calling on them to use their influence for the abolition of nfgro slavery acknow-ledzes the share Britain had in the introduction of slavery into her colonies, deplores the interdiction of religious instruction totbeslaves, and sug--sests, as the means of abolishing the institution, that the ladies of America, "as sisters, as wives, r.nd as mothers, raise iheir voices to their feilow-citizens, and their prayers to God, for the removal this affliction from the christian wcrld." It trans ired, however, that a subscription is to be collected as an auxiliary to this end. It may on interesting to know that among the ladies pre sent, or wtio signified tneir concurrence with tne mee'icg, were the Duchesses Bedford, Argyll; Dowaeer of Beaufort; Countesses cf Derby, Carlisle, Shaftesbury; Viscountesses Palmersto'n, Melbourne: Mesdames Charles Dickens. Alfred Ten -nvson, Mary Howitt, Macr.uley, Rowland Kill, with others of lesser position. An office is opener at No.

13 Clifford street, Bond street, London, and the whole machinery of the movement set in operation. Oa Saturday, the 27th, expired after a lingering of more than a year's duration, Lady Ada Augusta Lovelace, "sol? daughter of the house snd heart" of the poet Byron. Her age was 37, th" same as her illustrious father at his death. In the list of company at the Countess of Dotbv'p late "reception," are the names of the American Minister and Miss Wilcox. Aa s-riral from Tenc-riffe mentions that the dispute on s.Tnepoints cf offlcialerlo.uette continued between the rerently appointed Spanish Governor end the Consuls cf America, Britain and other na- lions.

A notice posted in the bulletin of tbe Bank of England states that the bank now sells An-on cm twenty-franc pieces, ana Linton tnn-gviii ier pieces, at 7(5s. 71. per ounce Tne seams price for eagles was previous iy per France. The receipts from customs in France for the ten months ending the 1st of November, exceed, Dy over n.wu.uHj irsncs, tne receipts lor the cor rrspom'irg eric-d of the previous yeer. Thn othciai vote of the Etnp're hrs not reached us.

It is r.oiiced that in the South the partizans of Legitimacy have shown themselves stronsest. The policy was to abstain from and it is found that in Marseilles, Nismes, Toclon, and some smaller towns, the nons and abMenfeors together exceed the number of affirmatives, while at Lille, Lyons, and adjoining places, the Republican veto was stronger thm was expected. Elsewhere, however, the vote was almost unanimous for the Emperor. On 1st Dscember the whole of the Coras Lfgisla-tif were to proceed to Cloud to make known the result to the Emperor elect. The program for tho 2d, wlion the Empire is to he formaUy pro-c-aimcd, was that Napoleon will come tothe Tui-leries.

where he will be received by the three ereat bodies of Il is expected that on his way to tha Palace he wi'l proceed to the Church of Notre Dame, where a Tc Deuvt will be celebrated. At theTui'orics the great bodies of State wili swear allegiance to the Emperor, who will then be formally proclaimed by the name and title of "Airpo-Icon Ilf. per Is grace ffe Deu, (t far la volcmle du Kmjereur Attn Frcncais." No'hing is cow i of the title of "Roi d' The civil list of the Eim-eror, it is estimated, will be about thirty mi. lions of francs, everything included. Sicily.

Four shocks of earthquakes were experienced on the 5th and 9ti cf November. The eruption of ititiawes, and a new crater had onencd. trom which a st ana of lava was flowing iu ilisection of Zafierano. Two earthquake shocks S.gor. Styria, on the IRthand 17th.

The whole population, headed by their priests, turned out and encamped in the open fields. Port Mr. Drummond.the Brazilian Minister, has fallen into dlsHiarp for having pot forth a statement rc-sperHng the bad quality of the exports of saPed meat. The Pnrtuguese Government resolved to suspend operations with him as a Mirister. At 'he latest dates, the U.S.

brig of war Dolphin was ia the Tagus. Italy. The Pope has resolved to send an apostolic de-IrrrVi--n to the Haytien government. The Pope r.33 received a letter from the kin? of Siam, promising that there shall be no fur'iiir prosecutit-n of the Chiistians. Germany.

Preparations ere making by several hundred persons in Hamburg for emigration to the United States, thpir destination being the Mormon City, IIiiMSa ry. Two very violent shocks of earthquake had been experienced in the north part of Hungary, on the 15th of October, causing considerable damage. Turkey. Intelligence from Damascus, to of November, "stages 'har. the Turkish enrcpamn against th.6 insurgents ia Central Syna had totally failed.

An order of the State of Ticino, dated 191b. nit suppresses the order of Caouchins in the canton, India. The overland mail from India had reached Trieste on ths 26th No-embr, bringing intelligence of the capture of Prome, with but slight re- sis.ancp, ana tne announcement that, in: torrcal annoxationof Pegu to Britisb India was about to take place Admiral Austin had died of cho'cra The troops were heal 'h v. The British loss in taking Pome amounted to only one man killed and wounded. Fivethou- sane Burmese troops were still stronglv oosted about six miles fr Prome.

Financial and Commercial. We have Mjnchsster Mies to the day of the sailing of tne Arctic. Tho upward turn in the Liverpool Cotton market had given a bettT tone to the Goods and Yarns market The speculations of the rircubrs, papers, and private letters from this side on the Cotton supply were watched and quoted with unusual interest. The fre demand tor Flour and Grain continues, aiid both are quoted higher at Liverpool. The "Matk Lane Express," London, the organ of the gr-dn trade, looks to higher prices in the Ene- Lsh markets, rnd quotes largely from private advices the nor.hof Europe and France, show ing a speculative activity at Fans, Harao Dantzic, Rostnf Large salos were making for delivery ia the Spring.

English were r.t Hamburg for wheat. The Iron tr3de is still on tne advance. Kails have been sold at 5 10 urther gold arrivals to the extent of ounces, or $1,180,000, are announced from Australia. The report that the "Dido" is on he way with ounces, is not credited by the mat t.i the "Eagle," who left Port Philip at the close of August, or early in Sentembfr. The Turkish losn is itoiva to 101 per and the surged continues to re aiscusseuln the stock cir cles ot London nod Tans DuttH Markets.

The weekly reviews to hand from the Amster dam and Rotterdam produce markets, mention that business wunout material altera tion. Th3 transactions in coffee had been limited, but quotations continued to be supported with hrmneis. raw and reuned, was steady. A ai tia! oemad existed for rice, and indigo broug late quot- tions. The accounts from Hamburg and Antwerp represent a similar state of trade, prices Having oecn gecersuy niamtamcti.

iri.ili Linen Truilc. The linen trade cf the North of Ireland contin ues ermaiKaoiy crisn. ine ueraana lor tiax is steadv, au-'i large purchases have been made for cxpottation to France It is row said that the crop of Ust fall far short of what was anticipated The Case or Captain Gray at Havana The Havana correspondent cf the New York Times, ia announcing the release of Captain Gray and crew, of ihe ship Lady Suffolk, from prison in Havana, on the 2 inst, says: "The Captain remains here under tho personal security given by Mr. Antonio Cabargo, until the causa is closed, which, would cot have been ac had there been r.ny appearance ol crimi nality attaining to tne uaptain oranyoi ms om cers or crew. The friends may be assured that this case is arranged, and by the Spaniards them selves in their own way, to save fair appearances for suosequent history, tneir relations and im plication in tha slave trade.

"I should add, that previous to arrest, all the rauors of the Laav au noiiz naa oeen snipped on board of different vessels In this harbor; when leleaed they were ordered on board, with in-srructions not to communicate with the shore remaining in port; thus to prevent the of more facts in relation to the "mo- A. is opcranAV of Spanish benevolence, as eluci-I i'ntc 1 by their confinement, first oa bosrd of the fhip subsequently in the prison walls of this ol iiK-nt Gjvcmment, and generally in the pre-' i arjUoa and outfit of the cairier of chains for i I 5LjDuring the present season there have been head, of cattle slaughtered ia Chicago. a Interveiitiuit lit HnytI5Iore Official Dis-closufes. In communications ma it: to Congress by the Prusident, during the last session, appear a ccr-rapondence between certain executive and dip'o-mitic functionaries of this country and the Hayti. Mr.

M. Walsh, it appea -vas sent on a mission to Emperor Soulouqm 1 1 vith instructions from Mr. Webster to co-operate with the agents of France and Great Britain in tomtelling the government of Hayti to submit to alienation of a portion of its territory, Domini-a, and to make a peace with the revoltersin that iiwrtcr of the island, upon terms which should the right of the Dominicans to an independent and sovereign existence. The French id Eriiti-h Miijis'crs instruct the representatives of their governments in Hayti to threaten force, if ntccssTy, to compel Soul-uque to assent to propositi Sir Henry Bulwer, in his letter to the Uritish Consul, says "The menaces to which I have alluded, you make in language more or less distinct, according to the circumstances, and I deem it expedient that you should be guided in this matter by vour o-n knowledge r.f an important fact, viz that themt asures of coercion which her Majesty's government and that of France would be willing to adopt are at present confined to a blockade of the ports of Hayti, such as Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Aux Cayes, Gonalves. "If you deem, then, that a blockade would be sufficient, if declared and put into execution bv Great Britain and France, to compel the government of Havti to submit to the wishes which vou will have expresped towards it, you may, if the danger of war appears to be proximate or imminent, menace compulsion with the conviction that adequate measures of coercion will be adopted.

Ibit if, on the contrary, you deem that a blockade would not be sufficient to obtain the desired object, you will take care to make any menace of ioice on such vague terms as would not actuf.liy compromise herMajesty's government to employ force, unnl it shall fm-e learned Irom you what species of force would be necessary, in order to drive at he result which you deem that a blockade would not be sufficient to obtain. "Indeed, it would always be better rather to state that you ere authorised to menace force in the. presumed contingency, than actually to employ that menace, unices ihe necessity for so doing appears to you urgent, and tha brneSt to result it almost certain." Mr. Webster, in his letter to Mr. Walsh, refers to these instructions of Mr.

Bulwer, and says: "The motives and objecis of the intervenine parties are so clearly and luminously set forth in thes" instructions that it is unneccsssrr for me to advert to mem. entirety concur in the views tchictl tketj and ixpevt thvi you iirtfl be cor- ernra by mem. un arriving at I'ort-au-Prince you will accordingly seek a conference with Mr. Ucher and the Consul of France, upon the subject of your mission, and particularly with a view of inducing tne emperor to consent to a truce, or a permanent peace with the Dominicans." Soulouque received this proposition by telling me parties mar no "snouid assent to co peace with Dominica which contemplated the alienation of any portion of his empire," and after many nots passing backward and forwards, the ror consented to a truce, and proposed "that all the points of difference be regulated and settled by deputies named for the purpose by the two parties, in equal numbers on both sides, and that tho decision be effected under the mediationand guaranty of the represen'aives of 'he throe pot Our government, it will be recollected has never consented to the establishment of diplomatic in. tereourse either with Hayti or Dominica.

Neither has she ever officially recognized the political existence of either. A Fact or Two Tore -hiss Camphor. Camphor is a vegetable gum, semi-transparent tnd colorless. It is exceedinsly volatile. When exposed to the air it flies ofi'in a vapor.

On account of its strong and aromatic smell it is much used to preserve cabinets and clothes from moths and other From its strong smell has arisen the idea that it is a preset vs.tive agsirst infectious disorders, but, as it. i oisonons, disease is more liable from the camphor than from infection. Although camphor is dissolved ia water only in a small quantity, sufficient however is taken up to give the water oh is arom-i'ic odor and hitter taste. If some shavings of camphor are thrown on Ihe surface oi in a basin, the pieces immediately begin to rapidly, some round on their cent-os. others from place to place.

The cause of these motions is unknown. Camphor exis's in many plants; but i is chiefly obtained from two plant-, one a native of China and Japan, much res- mbhng the lauitl. It is obtained by chopping the leaves, branches, roots, into small and plr-cin? them in a still with water. The othercamphor tree is a native of Borneo and The camphor is obtain ed by splitting open the tree, when it is found in arge puces in he interior First Shipsiest of the Hippodrome. The rsr r't Nr.rt -r'md.

wiiicii at ea at, Yr-i on unday froa; broug tout nine j'-'rtc-ties. pcrtoimmg i.erses and six racing chariots, besides tbeexte-isive ardrobe and properties afpr-rtaining t- the Fie-pch Hippodrome about to be es N. Yoik cpy, by Fran-coni. Thl is onlr a part of the stock intended for the treat exhibitor, and the remainder, to gether with the various attached to the establishment, wi 1 r.rrive about the of Feb ruary. Contracts ha'-e been made tor the erection of the Hippodrome building at Madison square, N.

to be completed by the 1st of May next. U. S. Frioate Saranac A letter from Ma ranham cf the 13th of Novetubtr says that the United Slates steam frigate Saranao arrived at that port on the 12th from Para, after grounding on tne sand just beyond St. Marcc: she floated off the next flood tide without damage.

At. Pan, the Governor of the Province, S-cni-r Sonza Franco, in company of his family, and a largp number of distinguished persons, visited the Saranac, to pay their respects to Capt. Long and his liisthiguisbed passenger, the Brazilian Minister. The visitors appear to nave enjoyed their visit amazingly, and expressed their admiration of the neatness, order and discipline wmcri prevailed on hoard. Industrial Employment in Ireland.

A trom the north ol Ireland hasju-t set- tied down in Gal way, where he is giving employ ment to a coEiueraoie number ot poor weavers in tne manuiacture ot calico a new branch, ol trad--' in that hitherto neglected district Re brought the yam prepared from Belfast, and gives out work to the artificers at their own homes. He expects soon to be in a position greatly to extend held of his useful operations. Stitching Shoes by Machinery. A Bridge- water correspondent of the Plymouth Memoiial states that the introduction of sewing machines for sticking shoes is becoming quite One in Abington, uses no less than It is said that an operator, with the machine, will stitch in a day more than ten times the tmount usually accomplished by a "lilite.her," and the cost is very materially re duced. The Way they Treat Rowdies in Boston.

In the Municipal Court, of Boston, on Tuesday, James Ktiby, said to be a notorious Ann street ru.tian, was biouitht up and sentenced on three indictments, ss follows: For assartl'lng a man with a knife, 0 months in the House of Correction; for robber by violence, 21 months instate prison, th'S two first days to be solitary; for keeping a disorderly house and a house oi ill fame, 12 months in the House of Correction. New York Canal commerce. It is estimated that during the present year the increased value of flour, grain, beef, pork, butter and iard, trnns-ported over the New York canals will amount to $7,877,000. In corn, iye, bacon and chee there will be a decrease in the value of ail. In corn and rye the receipts at tide water have fallen of! mate- has fallen 000 lbs.

Finances of Virginia. The committee of the Virspni-i Legislature, which rcorted the new tax bill at the last session, esiinia ed that there was soomillions of taxable property in the State, nnd that the tax bill would produce about $1,400,000 and that $1,200,000 would be sufficient for present purposes. The rotnrns, it is no-v said, indicate that there is only 4-10 millions of taxable property and that the tax bill yields a little less than $1,200,000. Of this amount, licenses yield $370,000, and land and other property Baltimore Ohio Railroad. Frederick Depot.

The Examiner says the following produce wa? forwarded from tne Depot at Frederick, to Baltimore, from the 9th to the 11th of December, inclusive: Flour, 2,410 bbls whisky, 148 leather, 1,615 sides; wheat, 250 offals, 200 bush potatoes, T20 blooms, 10,097 sumac, 4,953 rags, 1,400 lbs pork, (fresh.) hogs, 63Jiead; miscellaneous, 14,000 lbs Railroads in Pennsylvania. According to the census repoit there were in Pennsylvania cn the first of January, 1852,1146 miles of railroad completed, and 774 miles in course of construction. We find by the last number of De Bow's Review, that the number of iles of railroad in the State at, present completed, is 1323, and tho number of miies in progress is 553. The tstimated cost of these roads is $19,662.813. California Emigration.

The number of pessen-ers arrived at San Francisco, seaward from the 1st ot January to the 14th of November, were 69,239, including 4,618 females. The departure seaward, during the same time, were 19,839, leaving 40,400 as the increaseto the population by sea. The overland immigration is estimated at 45,000, making the total locrease about 86.000 ia 13t 5 uionfe. ruiily compared with last aar. Cheese off about to railway tion, and bacon a receipts a swear that they were his; Mrs.

Williams had these rings three or four months, or over that, before the murder; Mrs. Williams had a white comforter of witness' which she borrowed to go a ball in company with George Richter; never received a plain gold ring from her; never wore a ring of hers; never had the rings in his possession after she get them; asked her for the rings several times ana she would not give them to him; went to the house on S. Charles street a little before or after dinner; Mrs. Creamer was there when he went at supper time; witness was there twice; first time went about 12 o'clock and stayed a couple of hours or so; Mrs. Creamer was not there all the time witness was; she came to the house after witness was there; witness went away after the flrt-t visit, aDd starting tlown to the "Old Ship," stopped in again.

Is sure he opened the front door to go out; has never stated that he went through the diving alley; the first noise he heard on that evening was In the alley; did not say yesterday that he hear! Williams knocking at the did not hear his footsteps; heard a noise, caused, witness supposes, by Williams coming against a barrel in the It was a minute cr so from the time witness heard him, till he got ovr the gale; the children, who were there before Williams the front door; as witness rose up out of his chair in the door, to let Williams pass him, he W3S stabbed; did not see Mrs. Williams spring up when her husband stabbed him; she did not spring up and jump between witnessand WiUiams; when he was stabbed he walked did not ru'h from the back to the front room; Williams did not reach over his wife to stab at witness; Wilness' clothes were not lose at the time Wil iams attacked him: the light was sitting on the table, still burning, when witness ran out the front door. After the little girls had got the candles for Mrs. Williams, they it in the notion and went off this was some ten or fifteen minutes before Willianis came. Cant say whether on a previous occasion he swore that he did not make the letter on the ring Could nbi say whether Williams seized hold cf his wife before witness left the front door; saw her head on his breast, with his arm uplifted as if to strike; made no outcry, and said nothing about it till he got home; could hardly save himself, and did nothing to save her; ran home because he saw he was bleeding to death himself; witness could not helr what her husband done.

Witness never removed a bolt or button to open the front door to get. out only pulled the knob. jiy Mate. ine wound oa his arm was a long one. The wounds were exhibited to the iurv.l By a juror Mr.

Scharf. Ate his dinner on that day at his mother's house one hundred yards off; cnanes street. Ate his dinner about 12 o'clock on that day. 1 By Mr. Preston.

Cant say whether the first time he 'pnt to the house was before or after din- f-r. Did not, leave the house when Mrs. Creamer came because she had come. Capt. Edw.

Heffaer sworn. Is cantain of tho outhern district watch; on the Sunday evening July 4th) at 8 o'clock, called the roll and placed he watch; weiit out, and on returning at about 9, ound Williams arrested, in the back room; went anu roia mm mat ne Wis sorry to hear of the ct; Williams replied "I am sorry for it. but anv other man woul 1 have done it under similar circumstances." Placed Williams in irons, and went the house where Mrs Williams lav; placed a watchman in charge, and then went to see Abbott; Justice Yoe came in, and witness got him to go to the watch house and commit Williams; William tiere commenced talking and witness told him to say nothing about the affair. Williams given one ot the Lieutenants a knife and about $90 in money to give to wit ess, with a request to hand the money over to his mother; then placed Williams in hack to take him to jail, and he insisted on telling all about it; he appeared in a great deal of distress, and said for some time he hal suspicionea the fidelity of bis wite with Abbott; that but a short time previous to the murder his little bov had taken his dinner to him it his work; something had occurred to his mployer, however, which made it necessary fo; him to return home; he done so, and found hi house shut up, and lound Abbott and his wife in a mall room, in a situation which satisfied him that his susplcio-s were correct; he said then that bis roubles with his wite commenced, which result-id in a separation on the Friday previous co the murder; that he had given her the things, (furniture.) and that they had agreed to separate; tha- he had moved somewhere on Charles street; that lie did not know the place, and on Sunday evening, after supper, started out to hunt the house: a mall boy, of whom he enquired on the street. minted out this house as one in which some Der- son had lately moved; he tried the front door and und it fast supposed it to be barred; he then de- cended into the diving alley, and while in that al ley heard Abbott and his( Williams') wife in con ver- ation iu the room above mm that he knew their cices; when he heard them berushe I immediate ly up the alley and sprang over the gate, and met Abbott at the door and slabbed him with a kai.e.

which W33 exhibited.) Williams further said hat his wife ran towards bim with her head down, nd he stabbed nerxvith the same that he kt such a passion that he did not know ho often he struck. His wife then ran cut at the ck door, and down through the diving alley, and hat in coming down the back steps, he (Wil- ams) had stumbled and brokfn the point off the knife. Witness asked Williams if there was any ight in the room he answered at to the best of tii knowledge mere was none, vwiuams stated other things to witness as evidence ot the lnfadeli- cf his wife on other occasions. By Mr Preston. (The rings shown.) Thev were taken off the second finger of the left hand of Mrs.

Williams; Dr. Carr took them off and handed them to Coroner Kennedy, who handed them to itness to keep for court. John Dunlaps sworn. On the evening of the 4th July (Sunday witness ana wile were sittins on the front porch; Williams came along and asked where a lady had moved who dressed in black and had marks of small-pox on her face; told Wil liams ne aid not know; ne then asked him to en quire of his wife, and witness said she was deaf sr-a her business called her back that he hdbet- er ask some of the children; witness' son George came in, and vv ulrmis asked mm. who tiointed out the house where some one had moved In; Williams talked some five minutes about his troubles he said he would like to find them out he would like to catch Abbott and her -ogether he would like to be he thought they were too clos ly connected together.

As he started away he said he believed he would give up the chase from that night that he would call again on Monday night, and see if he could find out through witness where thoy had moved to; he then remarked that he might not 03 a rue to can on aionday mgat, as he lought of going down the river to Havre-de- Grace, and would call on Tuesday night that he would know witness' house by the tree boxes. lliiams then went on up as far as the house where his wife had moved to thinks on the same pavement; there he stopped and looked up at the house, then started and went across the street oa the opposite side, where he made a halt; then wit ness saw mm start over to the house where his wi'e was stabbed; saw him go to he door, and then start and go down into the diving alley; witness then went across to Mr. Feich's house, and was relating to him what Williams had said about his wife; whilst there heard a rumpus in the house, like chairs knocking about so sounded to him: then heard a noise at the front door as if some one wanted to get out, and saw Abbott come out the front door, run "cat-a-corner" across the street and turn the corner Witness next saw Williams wiie come out the diving alley and skiD alone to Mrs. Hoover's porch; she said something witness could not understand, and she fell ever: witness and Mr. sich ran ovei to her; Mr.

Felch picked her up and held her up; witness saw blood on the porcn ana ran alter a doctor; lound and when he came back she was dead; went and got another doctor, who said sha was dead; witness then got a light and went to the house where she was st abbed. By Mr. Preston. Saw Williams come out of the house when he was going after the doctor the last time. Capt- Heffaer recalled by defence.

The front door of the house on South Charles street is a double sash door; if, was fastened on one side by a bolt down to the the other side fastened by a button high up on the door, acting as a bar; tt'itnoss is conf dent that there wbs eo knob; the door could not be opened from thoioutside unless this button was turned. John Dunlaps recalled by defonce. Witness saw Williams go over to the front door; he stayed long enough to try the door before he went into the diving alley; there was a lock on the door, but no knob to It; it was fastened by a button. James Matchett sworn Lives on Charles street, five doors south of the house in ouestion; cn the evening of the 4th of July was sitting in his back room, and heard a noise in the street; went to the front door, and heard some lady say "Lord, it is Eliza Ann Williams is murdered." Went down and saw watchman Warfield, who asked Williams, in his presence, if he would go up to the watch house with him; he immediately gave himself up and went up; heard Williams say, "I done it let her die." Did not know WUliams. By Mr.

Preston. The expression made use of by Williams was "I caught her and another man together I did It her, let her die." Monroe Johnson sworn. Witness lives on Charles street, five doors north of the house; was siting on his porch when Mrs. Williams came on Mrs. Hoover's porch, next door; witness went do on the pavement; Mrs.

Williams was sitting on the porch with her back to the wall Williams was standing five or six feet off; some one said "go for a doctor." Williams replied "It is my wife I did it I catched her with a man let her die this is not the first time." Williams then turned around to small boy standing there, and asked him to go for a watchman: in the mean time watchman Warfield stepped up, asked him to go to the watch house and he said he would go-Dr. Charles A. Leas sworn. Was called to at tend the post mortem examination; there were uiree wounus one in tne nack part oi the lett shoulder, directly downwards, striking the shoul der blade; the second one on the upper and back parioi tae shoulder joint, passing downwards towards the arm pit; the other wound was upon the right side, passing between the fourth and fifth ribs, near the spiae.cutting a portion of the fourth is 1 tellisible to the hearers. As he has once Deiore hpen sliehflv affected in the same wav, it is to be hoped that ne will recover, waving nveu aumau so long, the change cf social life, and our sharp thin atmosphere, have, no doubt, had an influence upon his mind and body, which has led to his pn sent melancholy condition.

Friends observed cuange in him all last summer, at Newport, but laid it to his not being able to accommodate himself to our way of life and living-" Object of the Revolution in Sonora. The Fronch Courier, published in New York, speaks of Soulbon, who is reported to have Sonora to France, as a mere adventurer, for whose acts the French Government is not responsible The N. Y. Times, on the contrary, says "We happen to be in possession of some impor-Ux. documents in regard to this matter -showing the interest, taken bv France in the progress of our country westward, and the steps already taken in pursuance or a grand design to cnecu mat progress, and to erect a barrier against, our further growth.

We have reason to believe that the great object of planting these French SPttlements in Northern Mexico is to prevent the United States from a jeasiole route jor a rauroaa me trw-cific." Melancholy Suicide. A young man named John Cheney committed suicide near Btaintree, a few days ago, by hanging himself. He was a total stranger there, and in a note written to his brother, but found in his pocket, he stated his intention of going to Boston to seek employment, and in case of finding none, of working his way to New York. On the back of the note, apparently written some time after, he adds: wanderine in pursuit of business, until my means are exhausted, my mind distracted, my body diseased, lam completely discouraged, and life is a burden too intolerable to be borne, and I therefore contemplate suicide, and should I do so my request is, that the good friends who may find me, will do me the favor to tumble me into some hole as quietly as possible. Drop my brother and friends a line, stating that I died suddenly, and that wiU be sufficient." An Explosion.

During the exhibition of Prof Anderson, at Lancaster, a few evenings aeo Mr. Jas. Crawford, an inn-keeper of that city, who went upon the platform to assist in some of the exercises, had the front finger of his left hand torn off by the bursting of a pistol whilst shooting at a target. Mr. C.

desir'ng to foil the Wizard in the trick, insisted upon loading the pistol himself, and puiting the wadding (which was composed of four nve-dollar bills) down too tight for the piece, otiused the explosion. Mr. Anderson expressed his regret at. the occurrence, stating also that it was the first time he had ever let aoy person use his fire-arms on the stage. The charm was of course broken by the explor-ien, and the bills destroyed.

The bills were obtained from the audience, and their value, after the exhibition, returned. Uncle Tom's Cabin. The publication of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Paris has produced a prodigious excitement. To illustrate the furore for the -v-ork, Charii ari relates that a Quaker, going home with the volume under his arm, was stopped by two reepcctably-dressed men, and each clapping a r-istol to his head, shouted "Your 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' or your life." Chinese in Cuba. There are now said to be two thousand Chinese laborers in the Islind of Cuba, and six thousand more are on their way there.

They are exported at a cost of 125 a bead, receive $5 a month for the eight or tea years for which they are bound to their employer, by whom he expense of their exportation is paid. Those already on it, it is said, have given great satisfaction by the industry arid intelligence they display. Proscribed Pigeons. The Austrian Pofcce of Parma, the famous little Duchy which was once transferred to Maria Louisa, the widow of Napoleon, has recently discovered that carrier pigeons may be made the means of diffusing political heresies, and so have made war upon that poor harmless race, which they have exterminated. Fatal Disease.

It is stated that in the northern and western parts of Pike county, Mississippi, there is a disease raging which is fearful in its results. It is calledfiux, attended with typhoid and congestive fever It is fatal in almost every case much more so than the dreaded cholera. In a spacrt of about 4 miles square, there ha-e been upwards of 40 deaths. Naval Court Martial. A naval court martial, composed of Captain William .1.

McCTuney, president; Commanders Armstrong, Pendergrast, Saunders; and Ueuts. Gabriel, G. Williamson and Murray Mason, convened at the Navy Yard, at Norfolk, on Monday, for the trial of a seaman and marine. President Fillmore. Several of the Ala- caina journals indicate an intention to extend a formal invitation to Mr.

Fillmore to visit that State in or after March next, that an opportunity may be afforded to the citizens of expressing tueir appreciation oi fcis nueuty to southern interests. Yet Another Planet. Mr. Kind, the distin" gu'sbe 1 astronomer at Regent's Park, London, on t.r,p. 16'h of last month, discovered another planet.

the sc-venth first seen by him, and the iwenty-fL-it now known to exist between Mars and Jupiter, The new planet, when first found, was in the con- ste nation laurus. North Carolina Railro ad The subscribers to this work having paid in $513,845, something more than the amount required by the charter, the Board of Internal Improvements have subscribed, on the part of the State, $2,000,000 to its stock, only ft 100,000 of which, however, will be asked for by the company at the present time. Fatal Railroad Accident. Mr. Garret Van Heusen, of Newark, N.

on returning from a visit to New 1 ont on Monday evening, attempt, ed to jump from the cars, but unfortunately sliD- ped and fell, when ten of them passed over his ipgs, mangling tnera in a shocking manner, and causing ins ueuiu a lew nours. The Court of Queen's Bench, of London, in granting a new trial to the Rev Dr. Newman, convicted of a libel on the Rev. Dr. Achilli.

did so on the ground that the verdict was against the evidence. Toe decision, it is said, was received with much lavor oy the crowded court room. Cheap Omnibus Fare. Some of the Charles town (Miss.) lines ot omnibuses are selling nine tickets for a quarter of a dollar. These tickets entitle a person to a ride from any part of Charles town Dover street, Boston, making the charge aDout a cent a mue.

Capital Punishment in Tuscany. The le gal penalty oi ueaui, wnicn was aDoiisnea many years ago by the great Leopold, grandfather of tho present reigning Duke, has just been revived in Tuscany by the Ducal decree, to the full extent of its application in olden times. Marriage of Count D'Orsay's Widow. It is announced in the English papers that the Hon Soencer Cowper is to be manif on the 1st of January next, to Lady Harriet widow of the late accomplished Count D'Orsay, and daughter of the Eail of Bless'ngton. Office hours in Washington are irom 9 to In Engirnd they are as follows: Accoun'ant General's office hours, 9 to 2 and 4 to Admiralty Court, 9 to Admiralty Naval department, 10 to 5: Apothecaries Hall, 9 to Faculty office, 9 to 4 luanne onlce, 10 to custom House, to 4.

and Susquehanna Rail road. Tne working ot this road has commenced The bridge across the Delaware at Easton, and the deep cut at tsnuncown, nave oeen ie and xvorkmen's implements are already heard in the vicinity. Robert Walsh, has been appointed clerk in the State Department, by Mr. Secretary Everett. Mr.

W. lias been an employee, bv go eminent, at different times, in Mexico, Brazil, St, uomingo, anu Nicaragua. The Aspden Will Case. The U. S.

Suorem Court, it is said, ia equally divided on the Aspden win fate jruiiaucioiija. j.iiis Hiurms mt judgment of Mr. Justice Grier in the court below, and gives the estate to the American heirs of the ha'f-blood LOCAL. MATTERS. Court.

Trial for Murder. Before Judge Stump Chas. J. M. Gwinn, Attorney for the tate, prosecuting.

The case ot the State vs, Wm H. Williams, indicted for the murder his wife Eliza Ann Williams, was resumed yesterday morning. Tne court decided on the proposition submitted by the defence, and argued on Tuesday, relative to the admissibility of testimony to show that presents were made by Abbott to Mrs. Williams, of such a character and at such times as might enable the jury to infer acts of adultery between the parties; that the testimony was admissible to go to the jury, from which, if followed up by oilier facts or circumstances, the jury could infer such adulterous intercourse as was alleged at the time Williams rushed into the house, and committed the deed. Samuel R.

Abbott recalled by the defence. Has never teceived any money from Mrs. Williams never told any one so; never said she chiefly supported him. (A ring shown.) Witness might have seen thatring before (Another ring shown.) Might have seen that one before, too. It may have been the ring he once had.

(Examines it.) Has overhauled it well on the inside is the letter scratched -cant r.wear he did it; cant swear to that ring cant swear to any ring with a clear conscience there were a number of rings like that where he bought it; bought the rings at a little shop on Light street wharf; it may be the same ring with the letter anybody can scratch an like that; had a ring once like that; witness had them in his hand fooling with them, and Mrs. Williams took them from him in the bar-room; Witltams knew his wife had Ihem. If Dr. Carr will swear that these are the rings he took from Mis. Williams' finger, witness will how I came to do iL" Mrs.

Creamer then asked him if he knew the report that was out around; he replied, "No what Is UP' Mrs. Creamer said, "It reported around that you caught your wife and Samuel Abbott in an improper position." Williams replied with an oath that it was a lie, and whoever said it told a lie She then asked Williams if he was ever jealous of Samuel Abbott p.nd his wife. Williams replied, "I was never jealous of him or any other man, or else I would ave never let her go to so many places with other people." The prisoner at. the bar. "That is a tale made up by Mrs.

Neverker and Mary Creamer." Mr. Neverker resumed. Mrs. Creamer asked him how he came to stab Abbott; he said he could not tell; he said he went to the house where she had moved, and when he went to the gate it had fastening on the outside; he then jumped over the fence and when he saw Abbott sitting there he plunged the knife in him; that his wife ran to hinx r-nd put her arms around him, and exclaimed "Oh. Bill, whut are you doing?" Mrs.

Creamer then asked him what was the cause of their living so; he replied "money matters were the most of it;" he said he was sorry he had done it that he did not intend to do witness then asked him. what he was doing with the knife in his pocket; he said that he did not know that he was going to do it, till about ten minutes before he did it; Mrs. Creamer talked to him about murdering her; he replied don't talk to me in that way, my feelings are as bad as yours; if I had her back again I would give all the world if I possessed it" The prisoner interrupting "Was that cS the conversation that passed bet ween ust" Mr3. Neverker, resuming. Some of the men at the jait were present at this conversation; witness is a married woman is a member of no church; when she goes to church it is the Methodist one, Dr.Dorsey, pastor.

By Mr. Preston Has said she belongs to no church. Witness to Mr. Preston. What church do yotl belong to?" Laughter.

By Mr. Preston. Was at the jail about three quarters of an hour on the day after the murder; don't know whether any of the officers of tha jiil were near enough to hear the conversation. Mrs. Mary Creamer sworn.

Went to the jail in company with Mrs. Neverker Mrs. Williams waa niece of witness; went there to see if Williama would furnish the money for her burial; found him sitting on the settee in the hall, with his two sisters and sister's husband talking to him- When witness went in Williams raised up and gave her his hand; witness said ''Wm Henry, this is a tenous 4th of July to all," he said "Yes, it is to me as well as to the rest I am sorry for it," Witness asked him "Why did you kill your wife he replied "I do not kno'." Acked him if he knew the reports about his wife he said "No." Told him that the report was that, he had caught Abbott and his wife in an improper situation; he replied "It is a iie, and let who will say it, it is a iie." Asked him what was the d.iffi-rence between his wife and himself; he replied "The most, of it was about money matterc." Asked him what he had against Abbott and why he stabbed bim? and if lie was ever jealous of him? He replied "No, I never was jealous of Abbot, or any other gentleman, or I would not have permitted her to frequent places witli them for I had given her the privilege." Asked him why he stabbed Abbott, if there was jealousy against him; he said "I did not know I was going to do it tea minutes before I did it I went to the front door and could not get in, then ro tne tnvmg alley, and, the gate being las- -enea on tne inside, I got over the lence and saw Abbott sitting in the chair by the door; as I went into the door Abbott isised, and I plunged the smite in mm the second time before my wife came. tne ran to me, put her arms around me, and said Bill, hat are you Then I plunged he knife into her." Witness then asked WiBiams if his wife said anything to him whilst he was. doing it? He replied "no." Asked if he heard er speak before she died? He said "no, I was thirty steps from her." Witness would have asked him more questions, but his two sisters, who were present, spoke very improper to her.

Asked if he was not sorry he killed his wife? He replied "I would Rive all the world if I could brine her back." By Mr. Frestcn. Mrs. Neverker went along with witness to the jail; don't know Williams' sisters' nines they are married, and don't know their unhands' names; their christian names are Julia ad Amanda. Witness would have conversed lore wiia, Williams, but his sisters interrupted oi; witness lives in Pratt street now at the time 1 tie murder lived in Paca street, near Market.

Vitnpss' family lived with her in Paca street its no person's business whether her husband lived with her or not don't know that she is on trial. Mr. Preston asked "Have you been separated from vour husband?" Objected to by the State, the court ruled that the question was irrela- ar ana could not De put. Witness, as she left the stand "Mr. Preston, I'll see you again, sir, about my character." (Laughter.) Mr.

Gwinn here stated that the prosecution had closed, exoept as to rebutting testimony, and with out proceeding with the defence, the court, at 19 ninutes past 4, adjourned to 10 tils morning. Common Fleas. Before Judge Marshall. In this court yestei day, No. 38 Thomas J.

Hand Jo seph rdyrick vs vviuiam is. I3urke, an action to recover the value of a promissory note, occupied the day. Not concluded. Ferine for plaintiffs; Pii ts for defendant. U.

S. District Court. Before Judge Glenn. A case of F. L.

Brauns Co. vs. the brig Von Gagern and Barreda a libel on a bottomry bond, occupied yesterday. Decree for libeilants. Frick for libeilants; Brune for the captain, and Wallis for Barreda Bro, I'owUg -'ourt.

The case of Cockey vs. Worthingtoa be fore reported occupied yesterday without concluding. Superior Court This tribunal continues to sit in equity. A BoJd Thief On Tuesday night a stranger entered the public house of Mr. Archibald Wilson, at the corner of President and Pratt streets, and made himself particularly obnoxious to some of hose in the bar, who, we believe, were about engaging in a raffle.

Mr. Wilson had a gold watch hanging up behind his bar, and tke stranger watched an opportunity ami secured the prize, but before he had been gone a minute, the loss was discovered, and a pursuit was made. He was discovered in the stone yard on the opposite side of the street, where he had halted in a dark place. Mr. Wilson seized and brought him back, when be was asked for the watch, and he took it out of his pocket and gave it up, with the remark, "You did not think I was going to keep it?" He was handed over to the watch, and yesterday morning Justice Kemp committed him to jail to answer the charge at court.

He gave his name as Edward Rirby, and it is said he i3 from Philadelphia. Letter From President Pierce. Mayor Hollins haying transmitted to Gen. Pierce, Presidentelect, the resolutions passed at aa extra session cf the city council, tendering him the hospitalities of Baltimore, upon his arrival en route for Washington, a reply was received yesterday in which he returns his thanks to the Mayor and council for their kind invitation, and st ttes he will probably reach the city, on his way to the seat of Government, about the middle of February next The short continuance of his stay in Baltimore, which he intimates will not extend beyond a few hours, will probably, however, prevent the hospitable intentions of tne mayor ana city council irom being luiiy earned, out. Not True.

A "yarn" which eppeared in some of the Baltimore papers yesterday in reference to a gentleman a wealthy Englishman it was allegedbeing knocked down at night and robbed, and then found and carried to Barnum's hotel, where it was said he was stopping, is entirely untrue so far as relates to the aforesaid hotel and is most likely so in every respect. There is enough of real violence and outrage in this as in all other large cities, without the indiscreet catching at every idle rumor and exaggeration and parading it in the columns of a newspaper. Dead. James Kent, a prominent and highly respected citizen ot Anne Arundel county, died in this city on Tuesday, where he was on a visit- His remains were yesterday sent his: home oa West River by steamboaL Mr. Kent served several sessions in the Legislature, and was an active member of the Reform Convention.

Collision. The brig Candace, Matthews, from. Baltimore for Boston, put into Norfolk 12th in distress, having on the previous night coma in. contact with schr. Emma D.

Russell, (so understood,) which is supposed to be badly damaged. The brig lost bowsprit, head rails and cutwater, which will soon be repaired. The Robbery of Mr. Hicks. Nothing has transpired as yet affording any clue to the parties who perpetrated the robbery on Mr.

Hicks, iiil 'rankliii lane, on Tuesday evening. The whole affair is shrouded in mystery so far as the highwaymen are concerned. StUi at Large. Sludden and Connor, the two parties charged with murder, who escaped from jail on Saturday evening, are still among the missing, no reliable clue having been obtained to their whereabouts. Gault, who escaped some time previous, is still running also.

LigU Butter. The clerk of the Centre market made another seizure yesterday morning of some eighteen or twenty lumps of butter, purporting to be half pounds, but were below the standard. It was duly sold according to law. Brave Mm Officer Murphy yesterday brought up John Farley lor assaulting Elizabeth Waddel, and Andrew Pr.tticord for assaulting Mrs. Het-sower.

They were both held to bail to keep the peace. Irg'iest. Coroner Rountree held an inquest on the body of a colored man named Stephen Brown, who died suddenly at his residence in Chesnnt street. The jury rendered a verdict of dearth froia I intemparacca and exposure.

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