The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 10, 1997 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1997
Page 44
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IB SATURDAY, MAY 10; 1997 THE SALINA JOURNAL DAYTIME May 12-16 LATE NIGHT 1:30 • (1:35) Movl* (Tue) ** Thief of Hearts" (1:40)32620462 I Next Step Happy Daya Word In th* World (Mon) 30 Good Minute* (Tue) Great Preacher* (Wed) On* In th* Spirit (Thu) Family Time* Up Clo** (Wed) RPM 2Nlght (1:31)m*lde Space (Thu) In Care of Nature (1:32) Veronica Clare (Fri) Gardener'* Journal Horrwtlm* _ (1:50) Movl* (Mon) ** The Old Man and the Sea" (1:36)94105787(1:50) (Wed) *** "Abbott and Costello Meet <•> Frankenstein" (1:22) 62186028(1:35) (Thu) * * * K "Stanley and Livingstone" (1:41) 48722061 • (1:45) Movl* (Fri) *x "Midnight Ride" (1:33)57634036 OS (1:38) American Gladiator* (Fri) 09 Donald Whrtaker (Mon) Carman (Tue) Myl*> Munro* (Wed) Reginald Cherry (Thu) Highway to Haavan (Fri) (5) (1:37) CBS Up to th* Minute (Mon) (1:37) American Journal (Tue-Fri) (27) (1:35) American Journal TCM Movl* (Wed) ** "Madame Du Barry" (1:30)4888711 2:00 B (2:05) NBC New* Nlghteld* (Mon- Thu) O Movl* (Mon) * * "Dinner at the Rltz" (2:00)666110 (Tue) ** "Dlggin 1 Up Business" (2:00) 155627 (Wed) ** "Cuba Crossing" (2:00) 637844 (Thu) *K "Order of the Eagle" (2:00) 126351 B ) "Kiss Me, Kill Me" (2:00) 502340 • (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute Sm-Thu) Community Bulletin Board Judg* Judy (Mon-Thu) Comedy Showc*** (Fri) 8 (2:06) N*wlyw*d G*m* Movl* (Mon) * * * The Mllagro Beanfield War" (2:00) 1154058 (Wed) • * * The Laughing Policeman" (2:00) 1018202 (2:15) (:15) (Thu) ***"Han. , na K." (2:00) 49887968 • (2:20) Mini DlMiter Area (Thu) Leav* It to B*av*r (Fri) • (2:10) Movl* (Fri) * v, "Without Mercy" (1:28)6548833 IB Movl* (Mon) +**x"ARoomWlth a View" (2:15)84469226 • (2:15) Movl* (Mon) ** "Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back" (1:30)8853690 I Overnight Movl* (Mon) +*** The Black Swan" (1:30) 414752 (2:15) (:15) (Tue) *** "Destry Rides Again" (1:45) 46245153 • Movl* (Fri) ** The Substitute" (2:00) 261098 • I Lov* Lucy • Mu*lc Vld*o* (Fri) B Paula Pound*ton*: Live From Harvard Yard (Tue) • Christopher ClOMup (Mon) Faith ft Raaaon (Tue) Haahlng It Outl (Wed) Scripture* Allv*l (Thu) Our Family (Fri) • Up Clo** (Mon-Tue, Thu) Rac*- horaa Dlg**t (Wed) ln*ld* th* PGA Tour (Fri) • Mother'* Car Show* (Mon) NBA 2Nlght (Tue-Fri) • Kung Fu (Wed) • Bori* Karloff Preeente Thriller (Thu-Fri) • Amarlca'a Wild Turkey (Mon) Ara, bla: Sand, Saa and Sky (Tue) Beauty >' and tha Baaate (Wed) Beyond In* An- daa (Thu) Emperor of th* Ea*t*rn Woodland* (Fri) • Thl* W**k In NASCAR (Mon) Equaatrian (Thu) • LawftOrdar • JanF**t • Crtatina 336348 • (2:20) Movl* (Fri) * * The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure" (1:14)53153291 f§ (2:15) Movl* (Wed) "Legend of the Lost Tomb" (1:30)19529318 OS Crate* th* Lord (S) (2:07) CBS Up to th* Minute (Tue- Thu) (2:07) Bounty Hunter* (Fri) (10) America'* Store (27) (2:05) News TCM Movl* (Thu) * * * "Abu Lincoln In Illinois" (2:00)5601516 TMC Movl* (Tue) * X "Sexual Malice" (1:35) 1356172 (2:10) (:10) (Thu) ** "Hardbodies" (1:30) 7255326 (2:15) (:15) (Fri) **"1969" (1:40)18920104 WGN Movie (Mon) * "Frankenstein Conquers toe Workf (2:00) 691304 (Wad) *"'*** "Back to School" (2:00) «08GZ« Movie ratings **** Outstanding ***» Excellent ** Not bad *** Very good *x Fair **xGood * Poor (Thu) *** "F/X" (2:00) 144245 (Fri) • * "Light of Day" (2:00) 671123 2:15 B World Report 2:30 B (2:35) NBC N*w* Nlghteld* (Fri) 8 (2:36) Daytime to Remember Movie (Tue) *is "Oliver's Story" (1:30) 4018240 B (2:35) Leave It to Beaver (Thu-Fri) O Hollywood On* on One (Frl) 8543920 • (2:40) Reverb (Wed) (2:40) Violence: An American Tradition (Thu) (2:55) Movie (Fri) +'A "Jade" (1:35) 82409659 8 CNN/Sports Illustrated Movie (Wed) **** "All About Eve" (2:30)345689 8 Newhart Today'* Health Stanley Cup Playoff* (Mon-Tue, Thu) Auto Racing (Wed) Up Clo** (Fri) BD To Be Announced (Mon) Stanley Cup Playoff* (Tue-Thu) Rev It Up (Frl) B Movie (Tue) **x The Spy With My Face" (1:45) 2040153 (Fri) *X "Beauty and the Beast" (1:35)7094253 (2:35) Kung Fu (Thu) • (2:42) Movie (Mon) **K "Love Hate Love" (1:18) 16437771 (2:42) (:42) (Thu) ** "Death Race" (1:18) 16448887 • (2:45) Movie (Mon) ** K "Curse of the Starving Class" (1:42) 43583752(2:35) (Tue) "Hurricane Rosy" (1:48) 86873627(2:45) (Thu) * The Pamela Principle 2" (1:37)55012448 03 (2:38) In Concert (Fri) TCM (2:45) Movie (Frl) *** The Great Lie" (2:15)10363562 TMC Movie (Mon) *X "Elke's Erotic Nights" (1:35) 3922868 (2:50) (:50) (Wed) ** "Slamdance" (1:40) 65329554 3:00 • It'* Showtime at the Apollo (Fri) • (3:06) ABC World N*w* Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) 1 (3:05) Lavwn* ft Shirley (3:10) Movie (Mon) "Dark Breed" (1:44) 11512868(3:15) (Tue) "Love Me Twice" (1:12)23980646 • (3:15) Movie (Tue) *** "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" (1:45) 61584849 (3:15) (:15) (Wed) * + x "Courage of Lassie" (1:45) 61544221 (Thu) *** "Junior" (2:00) 8837993 (3:15) (:15) (Fri) • * * "Harry and the Hendersons" (2:00) 31026271 • (3:20) Movie (Tue) **K "Eraser" S iS) 13651627 CroMflr* 832868 (3:15) Movie (Thu) * * * "Body and Soul" (1:45) 63874697 (Frl) * * * The Wrong Man" (2:00)531494 ~ Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) Tax) Top 20 Video Countdown (Fri) Di*cov*r America Collage Gymnaetlca (Fri) Motorcycle Racing (Frl) Kunfl Fu (Mon, Wed) Tal** of Tomorrow (Fri) Caribou — The End)*** Journey (Mon) Snow WhH* Killer* of the Arctic (Tue) In WUdMM (Wed) Language of Anttar* (Thu) Ruah: The Fallow Daar S EIamantary School (Mon) Cycle World (Mon) Hockey Waak (Tue-Wed) Equaatrtan (Thu) Trarwwortd toort(Frl) • Movl* (Mon) **K "Alamo Bay" (2:00) 217400 (Tue) ** K "Abraham Lincoln" (2:00) 706917 (Wed) *** The Last Detail" (2:00) 288134 (Thu) *** "FourFriends* (2:00)760351 (Fri) *** "Fail-Safe" (2:00) 146340 I Ta Stao Amando 771042 (3:25) Movl* (Mon) * * 14 "Young Again" (1:40) 88408435(3:05) (Tue) ***:•; "James and the Giant Peach" (1:20)73743337(3:15) (Wed) **X, "Hocus Pocus" (1:35)69218863(3:20) (Thu) • * X "Little House on the Prairie" (1:37) 88320603 OS (3:06) Movie (Fri) ** d The $5.20 an Hour Dream" (1:54)68370061 ft) (3:07) Baach Patrol (Fri) TCM Movto (Mon) * * >t "Song of Leva" (2:00) *7427t7 (»V*d) * * w The Story of Adele H" (2:00) 8606931 WON Xana: Warrior Princaaa (Tue) 3:30 • Real TV (Mon-Wed) Nawa(Thu) • Movl* (Fri) * * * "House of Usher" (1:30) 1348681 • (3:35) Qomar Pyto, USMC (Mon- Thu) Lavama A Shirley (Fri) • Movl* (Wed) "Deadlock: A Passion for Murder (1:28) 730573 (Thu) *** The Gambler (1:49)728535(3:40) (Frl) • "Beyond the Law" (1:49) 90034730 • (3:45) Movl* (Mon) ** "Condition Red" (1:25)9071597(3:40) (Wed) **» "Outbreak" (2:07)51565047(3:40) (Thu) "Asylum" (1:26)65349784 • N*w*room (Mon-Thu) Future Watch • Movla(Mon) *** "Stormy Weather* (1:30)871023 S Facto of Lit* (Thu) Mary Tytor Moor* Muelc Vktoo* (Mon-Thu) Highway (3:35) Kung Fu (Thu) On* Stop Beyond (Frl) R*b*l(Wed) _ FutbolMundl*! (Tue) Champion* of Sp**d(Wed) • (3:45) Movl* (Fri) **14 The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving" (1:01)20942253 • Movl* (Fri) *** Tommy" (1:51) 414388 TCM Movl* (Tue) ** The Tartars" (1:30)6015511 TMC (3:35) Movl* (Tue) ***» The Guns of Navarone" (2:40) 67230882 (3:40) (:40) (Thu) * "Bikini Bistro" (1:20) 21087719 (3:55) (:55) (Fri) **S4 "A Great Wall" (1:45)58023659 4:00 O J«nny Jon** (Mon-Thu) 698690 Star Trek (Fri) • Headline N*w* (Mon-Thu) Movl* (Fri) it The Boys From Brooklyn" (2:00) 814982 B Movl* (Mon) *** "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" (1:30) 6864990 (Tue) • * * * "Death of a Salesman" (2:30) 8756694 (Wed) ** x "I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name" (1:45) 2008931 (4:15) (:15) (Thu) * * * * "A Man for All Seasons" (2:00) 1969581 • (4:05) Qllllgan'a laland (Mon-Thu) Who'* the Bo**? (Frl) B Hollywood On* on On* (Mon) 90654961 S CNN/Sport* Illustrated Movl* Clue) * * * The Phantom of the Opera" (2:00)393627 • Bloomberg Information Television S m-Thu) Facto of Life (Fri) Dick Van Dyke Gllllgan'a Mand (Mon, Wed) (4:15) Our Gang Short* (Tue) (4:05) Ultra 7 8 ) On* Stop Beyond (Fri) Wild GUM* Aala Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) Movl* (Mon) *** "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" (1:30) 691329 (Wed) *** "Bat 21" (1:48) 1707931 (Thu) **>4 "Shadow of the Thin Man" (1:41)1771516 (Fri) * * * * The Best Years of Our Lives" (2:52)50914938 • Boxing (Mon) Cycl* World (Wed) ~ Mh«l|(Fri) Tune Coil*g*l • Dlvln* Plan (Wed) • Primar Impactp Extra Movl* (Wed) *K The New Adventures of Plppl Longstocklng" (1:40) 5026370(4:25) (Thu) * * K "A Month In the Country* (1:36)61861351 (5) (4:07) Haadllna New* (Fri) TCM Fwtlval of Short* (Thu) TMC (4:05) Movl* (Mon) ** The Spanish Sword" (1:05)30323787 4:30 • Flrat Bualn*aa (Mon-Thu) • (4:35) H*adlln* N*w* (Mon-Thu) Who'* th* BOM? (Fri) ~~ Raal Sport* (Fri) Daybreak (Mon-Thu) Earth Matter* (Fri) I Bloombarg Information Tatovlalon _ Taachar to Taachar WHh Mr. Wizard (Mon) KM* and Gun* (Tue) Nick Naw* (Wed) Launch Box (Thu) Bob Nawhart (Fri) ~ Up Cloaa (Wed) 8ne*dw**k (Fri) NHL 2Mght (Mon-Thu) Bug* Bunny (Mon, Wed-Fri) InvWMa Man (Frl) Profllae of Nature Bafora th* B*H (Mon-Thu) _ (4:47) Movl* (Tue) * "Colorado Serenade" (1:13)68541240 • Craflo A. Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) H.C. Biafca*, Sr. (Fri) • NoUckwo Unlvlakm Edtelon Noc- tuma DucktakM (Tue) Movl* (Mon) * * Teenage Mutant linja Turtles III" (1:35) 1986348 (Tue) • * * The Big Picture" (1:39) 1873820 (6) AgDay (Mon-Thu) HaadUna Naw* (Fri) TMC Movl* (Wed) * * * "W.W. and the Dixie Danceklngs" (1:36)7403028 WON La* In »* Wart (Mon-Thu) 4:4B|iTa*jliir to Taachar Wife Mr. Wb- umv Ntnli Soap opera summaries for May 5-9 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate SOAP SCENE • Call COMMUNITY lln* Category 7627 • ALL MY CHILDREN: Hayley totd Mateo that she was leaving town to get some R&R after he warned her that Tanner is dangerous. Skye admitted to Mateo that Tanner has been blackmail- Ing her. Mateo realized Tanner drugged and raped Hayley and suspects that Tanner murdered Earl. Hayley panicked to find herself trapped In the cave again by Tanner. At the lake, Maria saw Sonya and Esther just as psychic Fred said Maria's baby was nearby. Erica later sent Esther and Sonya back to Pine Valley. Tad was upset to see Gloria and Dlmitri hugging. Gloria agreed to go to New York City with Dlmitri, who Is determined to prove Erica did not adopt Sonya in Russia. Pierce wondered if Diana might have information about his daughter Amelia. Brooke forced Diana to admit that she Is really Plerce's former lover, Christina, but Brooke kept Pierce in the dark about Christina. • ANOTHER WORLD: John told Rachel and Carl that Rachel has a tumor In her uterus that could be cancerous but she will have to have an abortion before he can surgically remove it. Amanda was angry that Rachel is risking her own life when Rachel decided to forgo surgery and have her baby. Bobby told Vicky it was dangerous for her to be at St. Claire's Clinic (where the mystery woman is). Bobby confessed to Vicky that he Is Dr. Shane Roberts, that he is married, and that he was convicted of murdering a patient. Bobby escaped execution by going on the run after a police van crash. Vicky fumed when Jake admitted telling Del. Morris about Bobby. Felicia was surprised to see Alexander Nikos, who asked her to marry him. Felicia showed Alexander a photo of his tookalike, Lucas. Cass is suspicious of Alexander. Grant's hearing got underway. Grant and Cind were married in a quickie ceremony so she can not testify against him. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Samantha had dinner with James. Hokten helped Lily move Into her new home, and to get ready for Molly. Molly Is staying with Lily, who put up the money for her ball. Unaware of Molly and HoWen's shared past, Uly said she wants Hokten to meet Molly. Jack recognized MoHy from his days in Chicago. David said he wants no part of James, who wants to be his friend, and said he can arrange with the governor for David to take over as temporary district attorney. James expects David to help him set up businesses In Oakdale. James insisted to Ludnda that David is their son. From the doctor's wife, Lu- clnda learned her baby was alive but the woman said she had no more information. Tom brought Adam to Spring Lake Sanitarium to see Margo.Emma wondered about Jack's return. Bob asked Mark to design a new wing for Memorial Hospital. James Is out to get Barbara. Nikki found Ryder with another woman. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Lauren covered her hurt while congratulating Eric on his engagement to Stephanie. Rick Insisted it would never happen when h heard Grant talking about adopting him and Bridget. At Ridge's trial, Michael was forced to admit that when she gave Stephanie's gun to Ridge, he pointed it at Grant's office and said he was tempted to kill Grant. Grant fumed when his lawyer, Connor, asked if Hunter's theory that he shot himself was true. Michael and Felicia were curious when Enrique attended Ridge's trial. Thome bought Taylor an engagement ring, then was upset to see her and Ridge In a passionate kiss. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Mariena gave Susan a "magic* stone to protect her from the vampires (Ivan and Vivian) who are after her. Kristen realized Susan Is Marietta's patient because of the stone, which Mariena found in the DiMera Mansion after Susan lost it. Mariena confronted Kristen about her suspicions regarding Susan, and about John Jr.'s parentage. Abe insisted Bile spend a night In jail after her drug arrest or it would blow Bo's undercover work. In (he jail, three women prisoners were put in with Bile, who was unaware thai they had orders to give Bile a violent "message' from King. Abe urged Bo not to M Hope that he Is working undercover even though Bo Is worried Hope will be harmed trying to get the goods on the Salem drug dealers (King). Austin and Saml seem to be getting dose. John fought a prison guard Travis paid to terrorize Jennifer into breaking things oft with Jack. The guard escaped. • GENERAL HOSMTAL: Luke saw Stefan exiting his home after he broke In to search (or the Faberge Egg. Luke phoned Laura and told her Stefan had taken their bait. Stefan made plans to go to Switzerland. Luke told Sonny and Lucky that using a medallion Lesley had found, he was able to open a drawer under the Faberge Egg, where he found the computer chip Stefan had hidden. Miranda told Jax that Branda slept wkh Sowy •Me they were trapped in the -afrmmhi Jax Wd Miranda that there ie noMng ram* frrroiir them, and she later left town. Jax, who had sus- pectediBrenda slept with Sonny, nixed letting her confess to him. When Miranda saw Pierce with Katherine, she realized she had once seen him at the airport. Carty decided to end her romance with Tony after she saw him giving Bobble advice about her problems. Lucy and Felicia decided to keep tabs on Kevin's every move. Lucy learned Scott plans to bring Senna for a visit. • GUIDING LIGHT: To allow Buzz to escape from the hospital morgue without Jeffrey seeing him, Jenna admitted to Jeffrey that she tried flirting with the judge who nixed letting her leave the country. Reva told Josh that Annie framed her by making it look like Reva shoved her down the stairs. Reva also told Josh that the baby may not have been his. Just as Josh believed Reva's story, Frank arrived to arrest her. Annie threatened to ruin Blake's progress with Ross if she blabs that Annie was artificially inseminated. Annie got rid of the baby's remains so no one could prove Josh was not the father. Rick told Josh and Annie that the baby's remains disappeared. Vanessa's therapist, Michael, encouraged her to talk* on the computer with Robert (Matt). Vanessa wants to find out Robert's (Matt) location. Michael avoided Vanessa's questions about his life. Michelle Is try- Ing to find the recipient of Maureen's heart. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Cassle walked out after Andrew stated their marriage was over. Kelly and Drew were stunned to realize Cassle spent the night with Kevin. Kevin told Vlkl about his affair with Cassle. Cassie told River that she and Andrew have spilt up. Drew convinced Kelly not to tell anyone else after she confessed she was the driver who caused Patrick to crash his car, Killing Blair's baby. Mel dug up information for a story on the car crash. Todd gave Alex money for her story after she donated the bone marrow that can save Starr's life. Blair agreed to necessary surgery despite her concern about Starr's upcoming bone marrow transplant. Drew bet that he can get Dorian to sell waterfront property to Asa. Antonio learned Asa had the bank foreclose on the home and business of Linda's uncle Ernesto. Ernesto took Cariotta hostage while confronting the bank manager with a gun. • SUNSET BEACH: Olivia thanked Gregory, who as Elaine's attorney, got the murder charge against her reduced to manslaughter. Olivia panicked when Gregory said he wants to put Elaine's son (Cole) on the stand. A delirious Cole confessed his affair with Olivia, then realized he had been talking to Olivia, not CaWln. After recovering from his wounds, Cole, who did not get away with the Deschanel jewels, was nearly caught by Gregory after breaking into the police evidence room to look for the jewels. Cole was shocked to learn from Bette that Elaine Is his mother. Later, Elaine told Cole that she Is his mother, that he was stolen from her, and that she killed Del because he said he had killed Cole when he was an Infant. CaitUn asked Olivia to give Cole the Jewels, which she will inherit from Del's estate. Tim and Annie teamed up to break up Meg and Ben. Gregory offered Vanessa a Hong Kong job assignment. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Cassle Introduced herself to Sharon, who went to find out what is bothering Grace. Grace dodged Sharon's questions about Cassie, who later told Grace that she thinks Sharon Is nice. After receiving a letter from Michael Baldwin, Chris (old Paul that she plans to attend Michael's parole hearing to speak against his being released from prison. Sasha gave Phyllis a couple more days to raise the rest of the blackmail money. Phyllis told Chris that she and Danny plan to have another baby. Victor named Vicki head of "Brash & Sassy* again. Vicki learned that she got her job back because Ryan was promoted to vice president of Ihe men's line. Nina's attempt to help Ryan celebrate hte promotion was a dud. Olivia fumed when Dm accused her of being ready to step ink) Dru's shoe* K her marriage to Nell goes beHy-up. Ashley Is upset that Kurt likes Hope. We can provide Information about qualifying for DISCOUNTS ON YOUR INSURANCE rUMIUMS Ask about Shelter's LIVE. CAB. HOME. FABJM AND M > too Jean Curry 2737B*lmonl •S341M We'H always be there for you. mJSSSSSSSSS&XSSSSl''

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