Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1928
Page 6
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- 1 I. w • • f r THE IOT.A DAn,Y REGISTER. WEDNESPAY E^NJNG, JAKITARY 25.1928. r PUNSINU.S. Geiman Runner May Act As Stimulant To Olympics MAN H0 L 1 D S~REC0RDS Should Be Urged To Do His Best, Gould Declares _ Featlieripeight Eliinhiation Is To Be Started MANY FORMER BIG LEAGUE STARS IN DIXIE BASEBALL Chicago, Jan. 2.".. (AP)— In tUc Hci-ond of a serK-s of elJininatInn bouis to deterinine the logical w^Ht- ern contendtr for the uow vdeant fcatherwerfshi IJOXIIIR title Pioiiio!- er Jim Mullen haU mutcheU Uney Sanfcor of >niwauke« ijiurt i Butl Taylor of Ttire Haute. Intl., holder of the hautaniwelghi oro'wii. The bout han ibecn schedule*! as the windup on Mullen'.s February 9 show at the Collsciini. The match wa« asHured when the StatQ Athletic «'omnil .''sion lifted the ban on Sangor. who was Fuspeuded for failure to go through . *1th a match for Promoter Mullen nv AiAV I ru^nn - ''""'^ Det-ember. In ri 'inHtatinj,' Hi AU.'U-v J. u«bL.u iSangor the commission said Joi-y ..New York. Jan. 25. (AP)—In- must make his first fiRbt in llll- steaiX of doing the Olympic pro- nois under the direction of Miillin. f.Tiim any harm. as.athle(lc author!-1 , lies fear, the competition of Dr.; Otio Peltzer ;on American indoor trjicka is more likely to stimnlafe Jnterset in the forthcomlnp Intei-- rutionat sports carnival at Amster- 'Pie faet- that the famous Ger- niaa runni r not' only has 1>eaten, th-? world's best but broken Ted , Meredith 's old: half-mile record, a 4ong-cherl8hed .tVmerlcan posses- sioft. llfts'hlra out of the ranks of ordinary athletic visitors. As a world's champion in his particHi^ lar sjfecialty, he not only is en- ititled to display his prowess, but should t«e urged to do so, obs^v- era feel. If for no other reison than to help arouse .Xmericau talent, ( 1 Much has been written about PARSONS WILL SEIfDTEAMTO lOLA THURSDAY Junior Colleges To Meetj I 0?i Local Court in ! Cage Fray | According to Coaih Ira SKKUC -J brand the Junior iollepe baske'thall | men aro in the best shape of the ei|tiro year for their game lomor-1 •Germany's return tojthe Obmpfcs 1 rtiw night aRainst the poweifuli un-' ^tiiis year and her threat to Ameri- J ,jefeaied' Parsons junior colleKe i can :uhleti<;„ supremacy. PelUer tjT>ifies the new tlerman athletic era so that "ny running in thi.i AKMIR e.x-stars of big time baseball have a way ol dinting lutli wlieii il -.ey^."Start to lioseftheir Ihis spring M Charlotte, .N. C. w liiKhest-prlciMl innuager in the Siuiuh AtUmlic I'MKHV . Uave Daulonli (right.) and " I ^Heihie Groh. (left) and Jiis famous "bollie It.if will l.e found I said tu IK - tin' li-y" Jim Scott (right inset) ari> with New t<! li'iiiis set) guide.'; the desliiiie!}. of the Allaiit;i clulf. cililii- Snitiurii \s.soL-iatiori while lieri N'lehoff (left in- country under official auspices there la an oppoitunlty to bring I quintet. , Thel game • will be playi-d on the'high sdiool court and start a'bout S o'clock. :The Parsons game will in all biggest HUMBOlDT WINS DOUBLE HEADER FROMERIEFIVE Bud Taylor in Win By Flukey K. O: ofZwick TRIS SPEAKER IS GIVEN H)S RELEASE NOW Unconditional Release. Is Given by Clarke Griffith Walker Ready ToFfght,But • Wants Heavies NEBRASKA IS AFTERGAME WITH CADETS IS EFFECTIVE FEB. 1 Announcement Follows Failure To Ciit His Salary ' Philadelphia, .Ian. 2.=!. (AP)-; Connie Mack, manager of the Athletics, wlicn he learned of the release of Tris Speaker by the Washington club, said he could find use for him In the ' Philadelphia outfield provideil Speaker and he could reach an agreement on salary. , Chicago, Jan. 25. (AP)—Mickey Walker, world's middlewel.i;ht boxing champion;, is ready lo defend his title as ordered hy the Nation-j .al Boxing ashodation but ' nnvPMimpnf la prefer stepping out of his division to swap blows with a few of the! (vieading light heavyweights. j Walker dt^sircs to liiect Tominy,| L'j.ighran, ho)der of the light' heavyweight tiUe. but is willlag lo LIINLULIN lb fight lAfo Lomski, the boy who I gave lioughraii u battlu. or,anyone ' else his manager selects. " The middleweight champion expressed hims(?lf vi -sterday while in| Chicago en rmite to California tp join his manager. .lack Kearn.<. , . „, ,,„, "I'm going to^ prepare myfclf for ^.^l}"- -^n"- .(AP)-Emis- a busy vear," he <ai.l. "l am ready i'!'^''''-,^ d. N'-'^'^iska university, here to fight anyotje that K-irns i.icks, nit.rcsts ol signing the. :.nd if the proper offer co>.ios along •-^'•"'>; "'••.t">nbuskers football : for a champion-ship ihal'.s !-''V'''"''^ .'•'.•^^ ^^t.'tf.tbe .game Said To Favor Grid Battle Next Season ' f^' SCENE? Efforts. Made To Bring Game West-pMay Be InE^st right, too." olil speed, liere he is beath Vul- Two Games at tnere w "I''^' '"7'^*^. probability be one of the biggest: home the strength of his Teuton this season which will be' "menace. • ... : ....... played on the local court and may 'prove to lie one of the niost im Countv Seat Last Night .Milwaulu-i- Jiiii. 2.".. I AIM- liud ' Taylor, li.-iiituiuweicht <hi'nu)ion. V n.c-U ' :<'l'l>''l !i flukey knockout victory to .rveOSnO ^t,.i„^ i;,,.t nlghi when HORNSBVTRiU)E REASON$ GWEN BY STONEHAM Zwiik. of Cli 'Vcland. took a count without intemli:. , to. A Taylor left s;illl< •! Zwick hi I long in SSr.Sfof'^SrT^n P° n-st I nuniiioldt high ^baskc.tball s.„ia,l Hahn. Jimmy Connolly and other-, "^'''^ -^"^ 'l^'*"' |by a .<cor. „: 1". to J4. Ilalbcrt. turned in the faEte .st races Ilie secoiui round 'of a scheduled le round fi.ght. Zwick seemed unhurt and kiicli in readiness to sj;ring back to ilie ailark at the count (if "nine." While the icrcrec was counting. ZwIck glanced to- re.-^erves won a , ^^..„.,, corner lor advice; and in reserves so iloiiig ajiiiarently lost .track of tlu> count. \Vlion "fen" was pronounced he was s'.ill on his khi President Of Gian Statement, Tells Of: Big Deal Tampa, Fla., Jan. Zu. (API—j Clark Griffith.; president of the Washington ' Americana, today announced the unconditional release of Trfa Speaker, center fielder, effective February 1. The announcc- tment was made after Speaker had i failed to comply with Griffith's j demand to voluntarily reduce his own salary. Griffith refused to comment on ' the release other than to say that I he was endcivoring to. build up :i ! ball' club witli young materiul. i VALLEY SQUADS INWARMFUGHT TO CLIMB SOON is favnri'd l)y government authori- it'.i'S at Wasliiiigtoii. 1 Il ^Tbert n. GiHh. graduate mana- Igpi- of .-ithleiics at -.N'ebraska. de- I. lai c<l Vii.c-Prcsi(!ent Charles O. I>;iu-is- ami C .cnerai John J, Pershing, iiotii .\el ,iii,.skans. ;were favor- a!.!.- to a .Vebraska-Army game, i Willi are X.. K. Gunderson,. fi- Inaucial .secretary of the board, of i re .i-'ents ;it .Neli -a .ska. and George i Hol .aies; s, In a Why Wash- ! Iin-s.ident. of the First . • Trust coiupanv of Lincoln, Neb. i Washington and^ Kansas; ;„;i;!><-^-;^;^ ^jl^'grplo In Feature rray iplay al Lincoln bm in the event Thic VVPPI.- »that was iuipossibl.', an arViioge- AHis tycciv Ijjjgjj^ ^.^j. x ^.jjraska to play: the — ^ „ cadets here would be sought. It Kansas Citj^j Jan. (Al)—TUo ^.^^ understood a special offlcw: lor leaifership in the lower race ........1- .. ic'sVptlnll r-r.]. ^^""^ West Poiiit is now in Wash- ywr, but in: L'^' u ^d^^^^^ i^Siou sounding out sentiment In: .N'ew York, Jani: ' Kveuing World ,; today (.'hades A. .Stontrhjiui. prekidcnt the New York Giants, a."! isisum—„ full resjionsibility foV trading Kog-ljajit »AP )—The (litotes of itiisuming ers llornsby to Boston and explaining that it was ueoessary "to [centralize McCraw as the pe sonality titat directed the Giunts." .statement M the Evening Mr. Stoneiiam made it; clear personal t'ontrovirsy be- Speaker had been with th ingion club: for one , organized baseball for • Griffith had told him ho mnsi V;r'-':;^,'^'V^^ voluntarily reduce hi.s. pre.sent sal- i"'"''^ '^'f 'o^^'-^- | Army has novor journeye<l past arv if he expected to receive a con-: jl^fake raised its percentage last; the Mississipiii.' Us longest biko tract for this season jnight'iby irinyning lowa Plate 2.'. «-as to <'!ii(-ipn. The seating ca- Griffith refused to reveal Speak-at Ames.; Tliis seijl the Ames pacfty at Lincoln would be 30,000 ! er's present salary, saying that ji': i -'iuad Into a lie witli Grinnell for; jjut with temporinry aJlerations, ;it were known '-.soW people might lla-'t rlace with one victory in seven 10yOO more people could be th;nk it was excessive" It is un-i " ''•'a'^i- meet.s the Kansas ^ j „„,m,^(jat,Ml. It was said. i dcrstood -however, to be between j-•^K--""-^ Manhattan Saturdi.y. i ir the date of .Vovember 2-t on 140.000 and SGO.OOU. 1 In the remaining games ihisrArmys schedule, vacated as "Walter Johnson'.s decision to re-1 week. Kansas ;play.s Wa?hinglon aiisult of ilic l>re:u ii with the tire from major league baseball i St. Loiiis Friilay and lowii Stat,' ac- peason led the Washington goes to Linctdii 3;ilur,lay io.ciiga club officials to decide upon the ."olicy of a vounger ball, dub." Griffith added. "1 he baseball public of Washington demands a .Nebraska. Vii tory for Wa.-hington Igivc tlie five wins in eight i^raiiK.-i. elevating tlicni to a tie l'<;v rally believed. only time I <>ver t during thp:] Stoneham. "wti«" when ••.nd flnorwoitk will probably jbc ii The main game of the evening was an-alinosi even struggle. Potti limit. his batting slumpijind wds being • lazzed from ihe'ntaJuN. 1 ihim and told him ii^ j alt< ntiou tr. that . Jle tol ; <Iid not bother him. That i 1 said to him till iteasoi^ j story of his having fnsulte I'ittsbuigh is jtbsolute^y ui m .Tchine lor tomorrow night's vlj-itors to hda. Besides the main iiaitle which Persevorant by nature, the rug-jr'" fio'nR,"" ,»«'t««';" '«'> I reams, two Individuals. Hurger and Vohs, win have an individual contest. Lasttyear Vohs leu<t the i oii- ference irr^ .scoring while Hurger. a team ending far down rather'than his opponents. flRuring,conl'.->:ence li.dd the second •out what sort of a performance ''^'/''•'"Rf'"""""- ri.e two men are • vas necessary to win a race o'r aet!'»,'^"« ^^'^ • a record and c ^'rrylnR along .aiP'">' . Ftop-watch to giilde-him. P'^'*'-/ •"'•7".;"»>;.»''"•.'• '«'| . Si ! men in all probability. Vohs is saii! nn^i.i^A r~'„„„ m^^^ rr„ i"> be n high jumper and one that Wichita Cage Team To Ihard to Take the tip irom. Ilow• . Make Trip in Planes ' ^"^f- Burger, who is piaying his I first year at center, may gi,ve Vohs taking a leaf or two from Nuritir)i book of Hiicce-' ijed Nebraskan adopted the Finn's method of year-around training as : well as I'aavos racing tactics.! Nurmi set his own pa>.c. for th'-i ,'hI .oir «h on moDt part, running against t'.'"'^' j,, °hc coiii til. t!ie t. score wa-: Kric. '!; The tliird <iuarler e IimiIiol<!i;. 'dec! aftet- with the s<<iu- lied (l'.y the Associatiil Press.) .Milwaukee—Hud Taylor, Terre Haute, knockei! out Phil ZwIck. Cleveland (21. Joe Chaneybn Hallimore. defeated Harry K.ilin.- .Mil- Wiiukee. I 'D. Tx-irhita Kas Ian oB (Apwin "o™*^^**"^ =^"^p«•'«e•:-" ?i';5i*l^^,!!::;:„.L. w ' Coach Stofkebrand ha.s been place xjf a tiresome two-day trip? by rail, the rnlveralty of Wichita bas­ ing ' various comUinations in us- pre- ketUall squad will take to the air !P?""°"„^"r; game tomorrow .for Ita game with Hays State T.! C. | P'^ht. He has been using Fronk, •at Hays Saturday, it was learned '''''^''^"'• K :'^'"'' «• f^^ards Bur* here today. 1 ; ger, at Center, and Cloplne, Iba and A leaving noon a hot battl 10 to 10. Thii fourth (|uart4 'r was i ter Willi both li 'anis siriiggling in "-p 'T- ;ifely'.for the vii lory but the period ende.l 11 to II. Ill the three- minute extra period that followed Krie niaile a cljaritv loss broke Die tie. TIsen Fr Humboldt, maile a long slio the center of the court that pmpl"*- lluniiioldt in tlielraij. Tie also made-j ^o 't ^k- i^;^r«r-'Mum- i Retired Railroad Man boidt 17: Krie, i .x I Is Injured In Crash The box score of the main game ' of the ov.^ning follows: _1 salina.-Kan.. .Ian. •' i H. l?rown. retired vounger club and we. are going to;iliird with the Oklahoma Aggies provide that." j iJlefeat would finii tlie Bears ei- Last season Spe.iker stood high ' changing plaies with Kr.nsa.s'.-now himself and tlte seco id base-! in the American leagiip batting, list ranking fifth wiili rliiee win-i and ias Involved, as h^ been I v. ith an average of .:!27 and a field-' tliree losses. ' '. ing average of .OriT. ' The three " lead-^rs. Oklahoma, lilk«dto' - -- : - ; Mis ?o!:!-i and the ("k .bfioina '!Xggics said ' ^e^a^-gl^a Buildings i bine -no conferen.o "'jT .iini .s ."his he had T-V . -x. _ . -rT a re- Navy IS not .'uitalile. Nebraska ivould try lor :inother dale. Gish Lsdid. I Iii -vloi'iiK Ills at We.-t Point are woiilil i pending in the a'lsence of Major Philip Klemiug. uiaduate manager of iithlelics. Destroyed By Fire: • to practice. (•.'.riiia^ll a!"^" ^'•I's limited ent for Jiay any Atchison. Kas.. .Ian. 25. (..\P)_ i Aircraft E;ngines To I me It. Fire of undetermined origin today. r» TOT -li. o w • u* was all dej-troyed five business buildings | 156 OUllt tJy >> ngnt That: at Nctawaka. 00 miles west of her-.: ••-——- tl I with-a estimated al .^].-..oOi'.; Wa.shington.'' Jan. 2.">: (.\i'i-A true." [The Woodman halK tiie, postoffice. i rontrailt'for niiie-cyiijulir. air- HARDWARES. IMPIEMENlS.tX The Giants' exei-jitive. ajssertlng i I wo stores and a proiliice station, i coided airirrafi engines^ wiilt spar< he expected to mcet'v"vi<\le it criticism" for hi|! actionV'explai led that he ilecided to iradc^ Horn .9 ly after- noting hoW he managed t in .McGraw's absence. "I had noticed that; with he dub Des .Moin. s - Ko-roe Hal! iv-s ^ •iway the club had adopte< Molars. oiiii,o ;ii ^.-,l I(ii-tv Joiu-s. St. i'"' methods, that the hou |..,„l ,j„| " . jdiff'-rent and that the "lni'!i,in:.p..!is • IM'k... Toledo. ! n^'thod of procedure jW .xs'd ,=s that 'Hitpoiiited lle.l l-hbu:. Los An-,'e-'Thvchange may hai-f. been onk ofi'is (101. .lack Peuncy. Toledo, tl'e better but I felt?it wa.s l.o^-fromi " from Jack Utfhriey. Cincinnati r.pirit of McGraw. Jt daw "' mc that to remedy this and lininboldl Williams, t Sinclair, f Fronk. c Higgins. g Martin, g lHaskins, g iC) KG FT I 1 '! 1 :•. 1 0 0 0 II 0 fi 0 0 preliminary • ; -KrIe strong, junior high school team will'; Mea^s. play the Pre.tbyterian church team, '•'he Presbyterians have had little Local airplane men declar«/»I to-v'l'ance to see what jthey could do day this vlll be the time air-1'''Is seasrn afier winning the tilanes have ever been used in •'"hurch league championship- lasi 'fransportlng an athletic team • ^•'ason, but may he aVc to put a across the country. 'airly Btrong team on the floor. members of the squad. Coach L. J. 1 , , . „, - „-,.i,„ i. ,i, Umnua and Forrest Kimball, man- >l"^' ''''""• ' ^ger and trainer, the distance of approximately 200 miles in two b^urs of flying. f IJic'u.rdsfdi. f Hush, c (Ci . Neely. g . _•_. Cibson. g -Fi; FT ' . 2 I - -t • P •I 1 :! -) 1 0 0 11 p 1 0 .1 seriously injured in 0 0 0 fi 17 T!' Still unconscious lod jany possible conflieC,in aiithorlt.vj 't would be best -to send 1 !elso.w-here." all frame iMiildings. were biirned.; parts, to cost yl.l41.!(12 was ;,wr.rd- Other striictures were saved .with ed tiiday by ili'e navy (lep .iiiiiieii; to the aid of the llorion and Wetniore ' t!>e V.righi .\ironaiitical Cor|)ora- fire departments. t!on of ["atteivSon. .\'. .L _ lOlA'KAHSAS Once McGraw differ•s were jpeneral fiferent. all for \ not the ' nc d on i [irevenf I . lornsby , liashetlMiH Scores. At Wichita-Wichita ir. -^2. Col- 2n. (AP) -W jipge of Emporia 21..; ifailroad man i .\t Hays—Emporia Teacljers 38, motor car I Hays Teachers. 23. »j 1 1 accident here last "thursday. \va- ; At McPherson — .\tcPher|!on 40. ly. 'Ottawa,21. - i To'als •One (erhnical. « 0 1,-. Prisoner Scalded To Death At Leavenworth; Junior High Squad j Is Flaying Humboldt McDermott Will Take Judge's Oath Today Leavenworth, Kas:, Jan. 2.'i. (.VP) This: afternoon ;the junior high i. ..Kaiis:is City. Kans.. Jan. 25. - nn'^'ni-Trnn^r wnrj -aWert to d^atli s*-'^^^^ Plny*"'' ^^vnviA . home ! (,\IM--floorg." T ^rcDcrmoU, To- Jrironers ant^^ ^'h^'" " ""'l ""^ Humboldt I prha. recently «p,minted an addl- prl. oners and a guard jj^^^ ,^^,^1 j^^^j^^ high ' ti/mai federal district judge in .court at four o'clock. The fir.-^is ^ Kansas, will take the oath of of- and- two mere dangerou.sly burned by live Ktcam when a .steani pipe broke an . . . the federal penltentiarv here short-!-'""' seL-onds of both schools saw j fic Lite today. Iv before noon. " ,action. | The oath will be j i The injured guard was Thomas ''"^es lola firsts have met one dc: Mlnton, 56, Leavenworth, Warden scored cue win so far in • 'White said the dead prisoner was Jnter.scholasiic games, while little Clifford rmhrecht. Chicago, lie l^nown of llie Humlioldt teani. , I he local seconds have won lioth of their battles jvnd should chalk would not tell the names of the in tiire.l nrisoners. however. i , •Five prisoners under :k,ih,on i ^""V'*'''"'T^'^"''""L were repftlring a pipe in a tunnel \" ^'"""''^ jinder the new hospital annt>x. The • I ^ 'pirc fell, lirfaking another carry- /TX A xi-i A* Ing the live steam from the con-1 KaUSaS City AtnletlC iral heating plant. Club PlayS WichitattS administered by his Colleague. Judge Joiin C. Pollock, in the latisr's office l-.ere al I -p. m. \ few' niemb'is of the K.iiisas har will allciul the cere- mniiy. i Railway and Steamship Clerks Back in Union Miami. Fla.. Jan. 2.''i. (API—Ue- admission of tho railway and stt>amshrp clerks union ' to tlie Apierican Federation of Labor, bringing back into the organization" nearly 100.000 men who have been out for two and a half years, "was granted by the executive council of the federatloji In its closing session here today. Mis^uri River Bridge Bill Passes Senators Washington. Jan. 25. (API—The senate today passed a liill author­ ising the city of St. Joseph. •Jfo.. to bridge the Missouri river between^'. Buchanan county. Mo., and Doniphan county. Kansas. The Ibeasure now goes to the president . Wichita. Kans.. Jan. 2.-.. (API— ' The Kansas City .Alhlejie club,! leaders in the .Missouri Valle.v A. A. r. ba'^keiball circuit, will be seen in action al the Cathedral high, symiiaslum here tonight when they, men the Wichita KIks team. The ' Elks will have tiieir best lineup'of the Sea.son on the flo<jr i tonight. Coach Cummings announc- j ed toilay. "Red" Slidger.. all-State i forward at flttawa rnlvorsiiy two .vears ago will he on the local team probably at center. •>ew Locntlon. Kts' E., ,.Madl >ion. Flrsfi Door Fii«f 01 Bntwns Drug Store. Phone i;c 1-1, ESTAHLISnCO is . Meet j:he Emergency Before it Meets You— .\Iwiivs keep an extia suit if • I'mlerwear SweaH'r Coat Hain Coat Overcoat Sheep Line.! Coat Hi-To|i Shoes IJiiliber Bool.s, ICtc. -buyis true -1 —and you have your chpice of three popular models at this ti^od- erate price—a roomy Sedan, trim Coupe or smart Sport Roadster. Only Buick offers so many fine car features at such moderate prices. Only Buick enjoys the*tremendous volume production to achieve such value. See and drive Buick. We will be glad to demonstrate at any time.' SEDANS $1195 to 11995 ' COUPES $1195 to'flSS* SPORTMODELS $1195 to $1525' ' XU trUtt f. h: Flint, MM.. G^mmtml Ux H it tMtd, Tht G.M.A.CfimMmtmttUw,tb*m*ndtur»U*,am9siUhU, SCHNELLMOTORCOMPANT 111 E. Madison ' Plione 252 ^nUMS •BTTEIl AUTOMOBILES AKk KUILT. BUipC :VIU VWUt nOM knowlhe Tlii IS IS an N ewspapier ffmeansTruth told interestingly

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