The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on December 27, 1849 · 2
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 2

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1849
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ft; ! BALTIMOKE, THURSDAY, DEC. ill). iisofias !!'Pi3ris.-u publis,, , ab.-utewtr-Ti of U.e .ei-vf's 'f t!"- -c-- to-dsy of tiia f'on.u L't, pared expressly for the mat. on thev eor-.-a.n is s l i V. .1, , ('! t,. The ihfor- 1- u.eaee ot" the j-eiienil reader. ad !r-oassible, as it v. ere. a: K.auv.s 1 hibit itreil care tr; ihe ge-.e,-: review coi-i'tiltied To the. .-'Hige 1 v:-J.l-intimate a::u tlivrouiiii i-.o , ' : h..e- a:-"s made originals ex-' tite s.i1-. cot s .d lndlrj .ii , '.. the ib-: 5 ofdu.y. Tai Ea.vCK or tm: M !.- a;e We reei or. Tge-sdav, the Washi'iti'Toa .era e-.uiiiii'i'u President's message, in which the singular error - t.ced la l tie Sun. of Tuesday moraing. line! been corrected. Tne passage as if appea.-td in -hff copies cf the message e received, and " was published in this, and ia all the cities no of us, reads as :t d.d in the Sun. "V are as BPftce rirU ad the wm id. and east unu tees to 'V with the maintain, mr clier: rest ot mankind." In the revisud copies .t leads as f Wcs: t. a iro -it reics w.t.l f ;:f ft- too' ' f ' "' and es to -'is-untaia our cl-ien -he-i relati---!-. -i-ii 21 rui." The error rsi iiuicUeatly ati oversight, but, uccur-rrajj in a Stale paper, it oi;itiiar;dJ more import. -ucc than would otherwise at'r.ea to it. i JtricKST Tiv.5 on IIhcobp. The expro? with the fVes.dent's ines-".- on .Mor.usy, cut tt:rtu?:? front -New Y.V, a-c-ontjw.tM by Mr. Ma, com "A. iesr 3. special a.:et.t of rrte. lst-,nf.e e. iu tue -.Uortes ttme on record ::i "ess f haa six b urs and thirty -mustes rat'titri ttme & un-tance f two huu ired aud t..'ty sisd-. "ii:e ' s iejt Wash-ti::i at t v o'cl'-'Ca. i. M . s' J ifLtor'td New orU e:ty at twei.iy hours and twery all stops. Heiwes: twenty-seven nnni per prep..; atiom Tito e.vpresa lor -.iies Ht.i- tut.e o o.-.'es seven .i.U'es c::y ' ;::', i; ; i'...l'..iil. snd Nrw .a s cry 'es vere les: lor t::e want of pro . the trcu"i. Dos'oa s-arted ne.tia'e y, over :!?.: before tf.e IN a tlavlknt ' Haven ro; a:: .1 1HE rNSVi.v.N:. ivA'I.KOA: reso.ved to d..vr.t::.a.: Sat-iUy t: Coy.r.vsv. have ti e. it; aad a.:cr ; s;ock'i':...l.jrs on motion of Ho;. i::der evr.'iac' t!.t the 31st .n:. A: :t i::ci..:. M.oaday, ,t was s.-j reo Geo. Dirs.e, of A'.leiay. wester;, tlsv'.s.oa ! the "; barg. and pregrelr.g e.i?: 1 ' 1 1 tc- '11.1 eti-tug ai 1 t't s- .1 y to Alleg.ieux tcticab.e peraxi. A !i ;o .loc aCi"t tit'crd- liioui.'air.s.'i a: the subset. ption fi si.C eary by za& C:t:rets tee of one hi;i:Jred second Mou-.iay tn T .est : I1 iuelpif.a. ar.d ewi mit-is to be ti&med. by f ;:e r its coiis imti'jS" ;;:. . fro The Boston Tr.s3S-t. Tae lo.u that Dr. T"e'-'S'?'s c -asc!. Messrs. Dex.e hier. d:J n-?; desire f..e etam-itation be:"r? ner private. Tae course; have nc-r seen -.'e lftrtey caauor :er"v'se 'a a c;-py t wi.l in due tii? in;ve ft ta;i;:aa:ru due proper o::u--r :. ;rot"oe ite tes'i'nony. FKr??S'cs C:tt i.: -kt. The 15. an dtrnte.rt f.Lo C.t;;;::.o;.u..! :.?.ve dr -rr:;! for ti.9 f reer.: a; leaf, to u,".i present experes to th c;ty for ':.:'::: nelKtib-.-rbood . f German ilMSttraisB. 0;r 'Daily Ger;i:.Ha Ccrrptmd :t! i.e-x'.:ors at: t:e eorreot bermait ttar.s.a sage shortly after rs arriva! ! y eiptesa, on Monday. Mi"5 KlJiasaLt" Sr.skspwjre reft Ur.g at Charleston. S. C. ;s poieu of t'y rite Cou'li-r ss ti.r-oiig::-out most ad;::i3v.:e.' Sue was received sit.i ti.e. highest matiifebtaucgs of ectausiasin. THS MSSAS TiLiSAPHSB. Ti:e t s raessage was published entire in the I'ltrs' ii: s- Cincinnati, Louisville biii St. Louts paper on Ttt?"s-ey morciLg. havirtg beer, received by teleaTarh. Ohio Sssats. Up t- last Sstarfiay, mere been 2-"6 t2su?es:ul i allots for Speaker of the Onio Senata, carties b-o st ei;i; divided A m- ! ;on to ajiourri sirs du, was i.e.. etitsrtaiced fy the C; air. BV MAGNET 1 i Kobb-rv i a.-d - the i PHtLArSLrHT.t Cn'ir-rl t 7 ; . ,rr; li:i"lrs C:tv ai.o tast a-rived i rived he'e las nig-'- at.d put up a Cc--tgres iia !. corner of Th'ru .-i.'J Cest-jat btreers S."-meti ;;e durn grne nigii t,:s 'rurrt . 35 'rv'ien o;-;n ;! ;-rei of al o'l' .'' in :-;o d cm: a rui : . fit? tintbrt attire J'rar.g?" s- nn ios "v" t" Cad..-. O.'i.u. No clue it? 'ee;: hid ro tne rob-ess. There is S" sp-T.i; clg-tige to rot.e ta oor market. But tirtie bcsitie;s wa d -;,e to-uay, and pr.ces te-maln aboaf 1 he sa-'-t? as wn last n-A;a. "Cue Ciiris'.-ias a -..i-'ay pasied v ;;i. the i:;ta. tiei-ee cf err y::er.t. The weather is n--w verv co. J rapid. 7. i .e.Vfit-aci2 t r ta.t:i!i-;re ii; Sew Vols, Dee -- P. M. The rova. 'i.-hil S"ea' sa:;ed i t L:v.r r.a t.)-oa at t..e appo.utsd, taltin out o p .; ser.g?rs. 1 steamer Cherr.i-tee ar.vf 1 here i-;-c!ay, iro: Savannah, with a fa.i f-noli-r.eni of fre suit arid . seugers x us weir r.;r is very co.u. Yesterday hsj, i ,i-.-o.i'.y. vm-y'a ; ase.l o . p-.v Our ivas fall Evfi-y Ttie ;.!iv.-l- S CorJIOr rf. e h t -ia 1-' Tne Hour ; wards, wit;. ii is firmer, d e.v.irr. l 1.0 bb.s. at 4 I s!..v ; tr-r c : nJ Ge.. g new - 1 JUr.t to -saoa ra:e and . esteri: i.rantis. 'Ou - e- a see .eini.ii driii ts:. prei'ious ra'es. .No Cora or r,e n-.ur. Tne tin or is i.e: .1 hi Sales of 1, ba-i:eii re-! wit fit at ? !: Gerea..-c 1 II a 1 I? to st -ju. Tn ere is ;' in corn sa'es of 30. no'1 t-ashelj p. j7 f t m.;.ed and j-a 60 cents f .- yellow. and rye vi.ehar.ged. Provisions remain to'it. sa e of 1 .' : r.n.s. tiiei txrk a: 11 j" a t'.-i bin; f ?T a Sb. Ssl;; of 'a'd a" G V a t'..tS !,t s. a es r; cua ta t leans mo. asses 'cO a x c i'ha on; ton m;rLe' ti comrai ativei v awted. i 1; 1 nts per ga. . li'tri, yioi t i'; ,ces are New Or- .11 P t. . ck ft;, hand g llpWitdS. 1 1 cents i-t....g has "c s- e.i.iii The sa ss t '-dt7 ri in:;." cl" balrs a for fa;r Upland. The stcoe in bfen fully 'y. ee::r ; f-r . V titsky remsina unchan-re!. H r idsrs S.-ra a iBst quoted prLCe'. New" iLEAsT, Tldec 21 ? A. .M . VA- .VJLr.'S. On Thurtday, th-e v. as an active dent. n'i for Cotton, and iale were s. ai, wi. tiou: any mater i -ii chaise n prices tair tuioreil nr. 1 1 4 . Wrt'skey has onproVf .i, it ia now wd a" '- Ctn. Molasses 2: a -ii. k . Freights nave hd vi'if.-d, tne rates u-.w f-ett to Liverpito: y. cent. LOCAL ? I ATT Kit.S. Fires A lire broke out about haif-pasr 7 o'cioc'-r, on C'hr'.sr.ti(i u jht, .11 tii back t-i-i of a warr-fiouse on Bnltottoie stteet, west, of" Paca. wmch proved quire Jestruct ive -! property, before tne tire-men cmd arrest tue prog-es of the names. The liaokbtii.dii.g t- 1 coupled fcs a dwelling by Mr. Burcii. w.lose iurnitme was mitch iujui-ed. is 1 ..t insured. The warehouse was also occupied by Messrs. G Cassard .v Son, for the storage of bac.-n. io.. whose los in smoked beef and Sard is esfiina'ed Et l.')Ot). The iiut ding be-'ongs to Mr. John V. 1 KmicU. who has a policv of insuranca upo: it in the j Firemen's oriioe of ! .-'(.0. whicty, it is supposed. ! will eo'-er the loss. Ti.e l'b-ites ouiiiiim i rated to the artj-niii-ig Houses occup.ed by Messrs. J. M. Ki-t neiherger and John (.mlinan a livery s'aWe, by j Lewis ttr'sooe is a barber srnp. by .1 . as s. shoo j prore. and bv Tin mas farntture dealer. Messrs. E. i G. have sn tiered toe s ogti' y, a. si! the ! horses, and a. 1 the carr;a;.es, sinnre, w-ere snii-iy gotten out. Thev were namsu-ed. Afr.'s loss is not beyond Stto. Mr. eodid not est i-mate his loss; his too.s were mostly saved, but the stock destroyed. He is not insure i. Mr. Mcfil.iu-nan's loss is considerable, from the injury sustained in the removal of cost'y articles of furniture. He 13 insured in the Fireman's and ti e Assoc. ved Firemen's otlices. The .houses occupied by those, per- sons belong to Mr. Alexander Lorrran. This is be- lieved to have been the work of an incendiary, as no nnrion was at home when the fire broke out. Tiie t b. ,.ipr, amt Ihfl nrs t ex' t r eoipl V -!(! Ti! remeiv cud. i he fftUU W .0" '- " - wonder is the hremeu were ab.o to stop trie tire when thev did. Shortly after three o'e'oe yesterday morning names were observed proceeding from the furniture establishment of Mr. Austin Clitiord.on the r.orrh- at corner of Light ar.d Lombard s'reets. Th alarm was scon given, but owi:.g to the extreme cold. the condition of the streets, ard tne fatigue of the hremeti cor.seuuettt upon their . u-e lire c-a w est Di timore s.reet. out live co.npa.iitta er on the ground. I he tig is a large two story oriclt, 1 . . . : .1 the ro"! ol which and the upper stor.e; r.rc nucr, burned. It belongs to the estate of rhe ia-e Benjamin Tav Ior, and is fu.iy insured ii the Asooiated Fire men 'a oraoe. in.Mc', -or -aaord is inuci in- jureu. wuw iki.iu.os ... iu i u.. ui c i omii otoKen m t i.e lr removal, and many destroyed by the fire. He ia luilv insured m the Protection ar.d Ae' oa Con,) anies. of Hartford. Conn Sl.'b iu each oll'ce. 1 he whole building js thickly o-a't-d witn ice. The fireoen i d grei di-T.culty in getting their hose re-housed, as the water inside froze them so much that they would not ter reeling- The alarm of fir which occurred yes'erday nwn. ins about 11 o'clock was caured by rhe roof raking fire of a house on Harrison srrcer. ownea ny .Mr. G Appold. and occupied as a genera" dry goods store by Mr. Elliott. It was specdi'y extinguished by a few hii'!t-.s of wa'er The alarm ea'erdiv afternoon rhot four o'clock u"d from the bitrr.tiig of a chiinnev cf a house on I I t . S Wt 1 aye te street. re troni tne a'arr.i ot hre yesterday aiternoon. As watchman Kerwin, of the southern d strict, j a lady, accompanied by a little girl, we're knocked was going h. s rounds, on Tuesday nighr, he diseov- ! down by those having hold of the ropes. The rna-'ed tho tinner shop of Mr. Frederick Myers on fire, j chine was descending the hill of Fnvette street, near H succeeded in extinguishing it without creating an ' Futaw, arid could not be stopped. The members are a arm. ami without much damage to the premises. not at all blameabie for the ooourreaoe. , The W'ltrh ;.'.';:; '. The reoords of the Watch ! Houses 'for ALoi.da y ami Tuesday night furnish large iyover the iisinii quanttim of disorderlies. There J v. Hs a niiiount of notiiii iu ditiereut parts of the i etfy, by mtniiv and drunken parties, who took the ".-;tt.i:o?i -jive loose to ths;r dispositions. : in the Es'e.o District, on nitrht. Charles : Wiiev. was l.".'.-- -; t .n ior fi.-n.aH ptst.d in the street 1 :U- fiued o.:t. dollar and costs by Justice Crain-i mer. Co-nad Lear, lor the name ofl'ence, was lined in the same an: .unt. James liarrinBtoti for riotimt i h d create" a li -l.t, w;n coiiimi! "'' to jail m defauli ! of bail to M-w the peace, 'ieorfee Whitetieid for i :trf am : r-eai-e huid to b:tn. I Ou Sr. u.iv ui.;;.t. Coira! tiraudn wjs brought in ae ' f.-.r a-a"!ti:.'i; aed b'ttiir-tt the :v,o Hons ol Mr. Su-3 i Oers. j iViil'i' ira-::n:er held htm to bail to appear M I Court. Henry Kosectip for fliilirinif in the street 1 l.fid to Uiil to keep the peaoe. Michael Collin lc: e-i, i ar-Miui':iiar a:d beattn Ann Maria White held to the ! naO to keep Hie peace Elizabeth Williams, Sarah ili;a ar.d Jeimy t.:ai'ei!der. lor assaulting niary .Miles were severaUy he d for tl-.eir appeaianoe a' Court to answer. John Steiner for firing a jus! nl in the street, fined one doiiar and costs. Michael Collies for threatening Jane Collins hold to bad to keep the peace. That wd! do lor Mike held to bail twice in one night 1 Willia-n Germau for nssanUing Mrs Drown, vas releav.t ou security for his appearance at Court to answer jn tiie Middle Dis'riet. on Monday night. Leon ItenicK was brought in for firing a pistol in the street lined .jie dollar and costs by Justine liordley David ib.e for assaulting and beating George Ad ier, was eomittitreil to jail lor his aopearanee at Court. George McDonald for assaulting Thomas Kmgiit, held t bail to kepp ! he peace. Five ho f e:e bnuiislit up tor bring ciacliers in the etreet, and e"?i fined dollar and costs In the Western District. John White and Henry flnghes er breught ii; for fighting, and held to ball : kre; tie reaoe by.lusiice Hoot. Thomas j:r--vi tor risrowjng a bnok during the fire out Ijalti-i; ne stffi, was titied ! and cos's. the Soiithem I)istro.i' n Monday night, the wa' . h lit ::jn.!i al-mr a dozen negroes, male ud fe-ii.h'.o. wir' wore behaving in a tbs:n!c:"lv nmnncr ill oo;nnv;ltctl ro jail by Justice H..ot. , deculedly a iriisnoiju-r, lor assaull iiis; his wile, was held to bail to keen thr J 1 s 1:0 at;d betr.ii peace. On Tues .ay nisht. I'd ward Hr'ceand Geo Deems w ere btoug'i in tor d'sorderiy conduct m thes'ree! a id lircsg p ols. line was ttned SI and costs, and Deems hr: . to bid t- keep the peace. A number of ot'ier d.sorderhcs were arrested m this dis ! net, but ti.ey wer discharged by the magistrate lor want ot suincient evdence. Fro-tn iu 'r-j'i About twelve o'clock on Monday i. iiiit, .Mr. Jose:-. 1 W. Yeav ni:d .Mr .N . (mr-re'son, both re-iden's of 1-last Halltmore. started in an en to to down the river to Curtis' creek, lor tne purpose of gunning during Christmas day I'iie wind was high and the weather extremely cold. T .icy g"? as tar as t;;nt portion of the riv er knoivn as tne Middle Grout.d. wlieu the boat capsized. The t .vo men i:ti:ig ;o 1: and eal-ed ior r.eip. I .hh was answered bv a part v n shore, who pi.t out 111 na soow, which swamped with them and t:.e had some ili.!-et;.y iu escaping. In the meantime, Hie drift-.! the boat to ., :a shoal waier near the Cardie it..':, ry ar Ca:;ro;. and the two men were rescued a.ive, but trozeii altt.ost stitf. They were taken to ': e iv.'u-e oi Mr. Sm-.tii. tir Can'oa. and all done for tMetii w tacit c.. uld le .true. All edoris, however. c oi.u not save eti v, ana lie uie.l in about hh:i an hour ".iter being in 'he house Garretsun had re covere.i ;vi u w;is ihi:;g verv wed when last heard front. Justice Warritigron held an inquest on the !.. .1 .". trot a verooe- was rendered in accordance virn ne t.i'.-s. The deceased left a wife and three child ren to !si;i;;i n.s i !.ss it provea anvnung nut a rapj-y Chr: --n.?.s to them. T'tr Fran iship Fire Company This company have coti;,ve ed their pre; aratious for a visit 10 .New or !; At 3 n-ee'it'g held on Sat urda v evening. sixt r-.-.o members e.iitip.peJ, and witn tne i?: ties' Band, vi . ro:o:i'cr ii.eti. 1'hey will leave here on M-in-iay next, s Eine ."cioek. ior Phiiadeipma. and pass tiiroUsfM that city i.y fbe evening train, 111 order or .New York In n.ght. therebv speuil nt .ex ear s oay witn the Gotnamites. It is eontetn- o.atedro stay three days m tuat city, and 011 their .-?! it'::. o;e r.y m l';lna. At the former fece. 't amntativ Hali v.-;l; tie the headquarters; and r." me la'tet . the M.ansion House. The equipments a. k new r.a o. t-eutilui st le. I ne lollowmg gen t enien have been selected to act as oihoers during tie excursion : Mr. Sair.uei S. Mills. Chief Marsha ; Messrs. Wihiam H. Jenkins, Vi:iiain G.Gorsuch. Henry E. fcar'on. and Jesse S Hant, Assistant Marsha's : Daniel Super. President; Patrick Rieiiy, .r.. Vice i'res.tteut ; Dr. Mo-tis, A yrvriatr. Cards of Thanks. We were vester- 'a , s' 10 or beautitu! cards of thanks, handsome- y;, and !' appropriate device, about tweu-t . i"iisr, a. id foa:-feen in width, neariv framed. .in trie V asnmgt...- Cotnpaay of Phi lade ,.!'.... as an auRtio .viecement lor the hospitality suown "he; on t'-ie.r recent visit to ialrimore. The lirst is to H.e ti-.nva'd Kire Coninanv. whose g;icsts th '"e'e: ti:e srcud is to 'he Friendship Kite Comn&cv -r col la mn iarnisned thetr.; the third to Francis . .-ii. er. .:.sq., Pre.s:lent o tne Howard, er.d the fo. ;r:: to Capt. John Mars.ia.i. j '.-.n Car or. On Christ tnas morning, a !-v :i?.:nc-.i Citaries A .exau-ier. ab-ut twelve .j ears of age, v ..i t.-us' in a in.'.-1 ositiite corf'!;ri''i- in the of t:.e .Vhrsn Market. He fad strayed ir-Mii iiis ; areata' restoeuce o.a rne previous (lav. t-na spent ;oc !) -!:e e? Si ice. j.;.:cl ,;o ice exce. e O.liili" 1- v.--i e mc-it 1:: the botar ecrd fie was taken intc iblisiio.-es- of Mr. Nea.'i Walker. Ma ke; f io treated him to a waole suit .o' eluthes le rnue.-t necoed. He was taen sen to the i.t.ce. -riter tne iTieers provided him --l unt.i . esreri:" wr.ea l e was taker, it vho succeeded iti dis- 1 :l:S lloiue ! aixmt to te; t wi.i ne n : news to our readers 1 ere Cto'o tnem taa tiio weather is cold . w in a, nor' n euter, keea ennui-h '::.:!S m w: e i.e whiskers 1 s latitude, nave ;i a man's lace, and we rare,;.'. 00 der mgtits Christmas ..s. 1 ne o. , 1 ,. ia some piaei:;; wsre froze.i i. 55. : tite i-o-.d-Vest roa in- t ci bain rrefy ueany closed, and a; d up, ti.-t withstanding the high wir.d b-iand u.i it was ci th the .t . d tiie sir y rtoiti. ifiougti it niodoriten d iroin tne si.utnward. Ctouds and it looks a gord deal -like Sho rt ti.iUa'J Ilii U W lii IIS . hrst i ale u-mati '- -.I from D- ".,. Mr. Ilarman, keeper of the ,g isl&ud Br:ug3 over thr. Spring Gardens. br..u2ht ;ie soti'neru district watch house, at half past 11 .-c;i vesreroav niornuig. a cotore i man named rre ! us. tt.s s ave 01 Mr. Jonn Hern, whom he -it .1. ha Sp:-.iii Garae:ti. tie'trly drowned and 1 1. ,;e::. Sie ace. der.'., iy ihilen from the bridge 'ne nouse ae was pro; eriy attended to, a id teiday ne " wj'n h i r..r-c--. .'as oiuca uetter t;fi r.-.o ft :w s nie. On Tuesdav morning, a man who was 1 . ! -e: naps a ,irt,e trie worse ior egg-rc gir, fell mto tbe I I kicij D'-ck, nut was ooeerved by Cant. Jameu Jits i ;noi e and Jac .0 iMji'tioiti,, wr.v cuicklv recued him i ,rom i;;s unc imt'oi tabic position. As soon as ha got ! or; the wnail'. ha stat ted ml tiie aquarter liorae, ieav I it a ins can behind him His name was not known jut he can ae IS Cl; bv i ng to tiie gent.emen . i; rt--? ;om. i rig.w.-.g iit lit'J'il A Madi son Johnson, A! ' fred K; chard son. and leujaiain Brown, three speci-i men of uentie.iten from A'nca. were arrested on j CamHiias day, hy oihoers Fleishell and Brashears upon tne charge of fighting in B.ddleaPey, and ex-c.t rig th begg-uly elements of society in tiint oorn-oiotiv-fH.rii, j usnce I.-t, c-.:isiderii.g tiie aasvtt. o-jtisideied it best to send tr...m up to Fort Soilerij where they j asst-d a qioet Cnrist. uas. Uii5 t'ubipQHvi. i'pe case o.' Yv'iiham Burkhend and wa"( du an Dowun, csine up lor investiga'ion esterday fettemoon, before Justice Root, when it appeared ti.a. ti urkhe'-.d was at the fire o a Ba.timore 1 s:rt:-rt. wonting very hard in remuving furniture ; ."n iti one of the houses, when Dovras assau'ed In n j severely. It is alleged that Downs was in'osica-ed, i and a s ti'ia: he as first assaulted. Tiie Justice j i.e d it under ad vieemer.t until to-day. j Hn: rt IVnshiatituH fiiil. Sometime on Mon-i cay night, wo understand that quite a riot and fight I t ok piare iu the ce! ar a Yaihingtou Hall, during i wr;ich inticti of the bar fixtures was broken to pieces, I and many bloody heads was the consequence. One j ol the party, bleeding profusply from lour or five cuts j m tue head and face, as if inflicted with a knife, called j 1 11 Dr. Lio.que and had his wounds dressed. He gave no name, nor have we hettrd that auy arrests j were made. j Jss-iK.t'.isr a Family, frc. Montgomery Briscoe and Win. Speck, were arrested on Christmas day hy j . dicers Miles and Mtiiiin. upon the charge of assault-I ir.g iviwani IP.-Ku and family, ai.d breaking up se-I vera: articles of furniture by wa of commemorating ( the day. Justice Warrington released them upon j giving security for tneir appearance before court. ! M-f-'K LH wit r. The brig William, Capt.Cook, froia Ne- York, (or Baltimore, in coming out of the iower Lay on Saturday, got m contact with the brig Adeline, Captain -Norton, and had bar side stove in. windlass capsized, and received such other damage as to oblige lier to return. Exchange Jieadimi H 00 ms. A Xattoh- Es.ap. On Christmas morning, as a ; hack, containing some passengers, was passing down ! Pratt srreet, on the way to tiie steamer Cambridge, is. v. as nreu at oy one 01 three negroes, wno were on j the pavement, and a bail from a pistol passed through both windows. We are sorry to Bay that the villain was not arrested. ; An Ou-ret-f. Karly on Tuesday evening a party j of rowdies attacked a public house in Thames street, kept i.y .ur. jrou, aim uemoHSi.eo tne Windows breasdig in the doors, io io. Bricks and other missiles were thrown with a right good wiil. Some ! of the party were arrested and others who are known j will be. It is to be hoped the court wili do justice to j kot.-Ohtvins, on Tuesday, a large quantity of ho, oa th8 ,iSvement &t the cfrnef P7aU ? .., :, ,wh, ... ..1-... .i . -- - - " ' , ..muo ov.l.C ...U .... . Bl U learned mat mere bad been, a row at a house in the ; alley, a few doors south of Piatt s reet, during which j a man named L'wing was shot J'-.iefher badly hurt i or where iakeii we could not lea.n. He lost oonsid- rabita blood Charge of Burglary. Alexander Grafton, YVm. Brks, at;d Lewis Brown, cnlored, were arrested on Monday by officer Collins, upon the oharge of breaking open the house of Win. Willey, and robbing hiiii of Slo! worth of boots. Justice Morrison committed them in default of security to appear for a further investigation. Vitdaiins n City Ordinance. Joseph Perrigo was arrested on Onristmas eve, bv ofheer liny, upon the ! c-ame of vio'ating a city ordinance bv throwing I romis ad conducting himself in a riotous manner. i Justice Bonfey fined him 81, with costs, for throw- 1 ii g s', and re!eased him upon giving security to i keep the rcace. hHo--k d Doirn. As the Xew Market suction was Oh a Sprr. Michael Farrel, on Christmas eve, was hauled up by officer Gorton, upon the charge of exeroising his pugilistic propensities upon the person of a certain Henry Brenan. He was permitted to travel upon giving security to answer the charge before court, by Justice Warrington. Brenkins; Window. Officer Gorton, on Christmas day, arrested Robert Smith, upon the charge of breaking windows in the house of Mr. T. C. Bush, in President street. J ustice Burdley fined him ten dol lars with costs, which, considering the oircumstan- j ces, is a most righteous decision. Ar.uther. John Middleton, upon the charge of breaking windows in the house of Jutin I). Bersher- daug, was arrested on Chris'rnns day by cihoer Stock- on . justice Bouncy lined him live dollars wim sis, and in de-anlt of payment sent him to Fort Soliers, where he spent his Christmas. Chartre cf Assault. Officers Miles and Mull ill, on Christmas day, arrested Michael Collins upon the charge ol' assaulting and beating Wm Wadlo. J113- tioe arrmgton reiessed him upon giving security for his appearand) before court. Runnins; Hydrants. Wo hope the ordinance will be striotly enforced against ail persnns who allow heir hydrants to run during this weather. Hooding the gutters Mnd pavements, ami covering (he streets wit h ice. We should think it an easy task to lind out those who violate its provisions. Broke Out. Some of the beauties who wore arrested on Christmas day for their disorderly conduct, and deposited in the eastern district watch house, succeeded in effecting their escapeby forcing oil' Hie rool of the privy. They are, however, well known, and will doubtless be ro-arresfed. Case, for Court. Officers Stookett. and White yesterday arrested Rose Darry, upon the charge of stealing a quantity of clothing belonging to Susan liaughcrty. Justice G rammer committed her to jail for her appearance before court to answer. An Armory. The Mayor's ollice yesterday had almost the appearance of a small armory, on aooount of the display of pistols which had been taken from parties who were arrested lor linr-- 111 the streets .luring the holidays. yirim; 1: Pistol lolm Harris, upon the charKO of sliooHiijj with a pistol, on Ctiristmna eve, I homus tiraves, was vesteidny arrested by officer Hand Jutuice Grammar released him upon giving security ior his appearance before Court. I.kcttkk r.v J)it. Rai'Hali.. This distinguished scholar has arrived in the city and taken lodgpngsat the Kxch inge Hotel: bo will deliver the lecture, as announced, t his e venms, in the Lloyd street Synagogue, upon the poetry of the Hebrews. The high esteem and universal commendation winch Dr. ka piiall has commanded, are such as to assure the Hal timore public that a treat of tho hiiftiest literary cha racter awaits them. Front Srit..Kr Tiieatke. The combination o theairicnl and cquestnan talent at this establishment is unpieoidented. The Bride of Abydos is produced splendid dresses, new sceutr j , ic, and the per f irmsnoe in the riii; is varied ar.d attractive. N os, Ifi il .M, a prize of ,l quenanna I'anti! Lottery, o.a ! eorge C.tx, .mi. 2 Harrison iitlwo.'.l dru-lin; of toofav. 2oh. in vesteritav's Sus s So. -t. was sidd hy street. Sec Managers' iraws 10 day, at. Vi o'clock. Small I'ry, Capital pr:?.c .tsi-Oif. 1 ickets si, snares 2a ceuts. At six o'clock this evening, the Consolidated Ixt-terv will be drawn. 71! numbers and 1-1 drawn balfjls Capital prize .tjiihuoo. Tickets shares SI 25. For prizes be sure and call at .-.. Harrison street Weight's Inihan Vhsetabi.i! Fills, Sugar r Rn..n;:i: rhe proprietor of this popular Famiiy .Medicine, tii.-uiKlul lor the extensive and increasm lvor wnii which it is reeeircd. ana iceiinir desiro-us of niakiiig every improvement in his power, oegs ie.ive to lii.tioanee, tnat. he. lias idueu ax outsidk frostino to the Pills, of pure White Sugar, whereby every tnirig disagreeable to the taste or smell is entirely ro mowd, without in the smallest degree ati'ecting, in other respects, the excellent qualities of the medicine, The want of an innocent and convenient medium ol disguisn g the Pills, so generally lei, is thus sup piled, and it is confidently anticipated that the frost in ? -ill orove hiehiv accerstao.e to tne duo to. 1 he ocea sionai use of medicine is a matter of necessity with the great majority of mankind. Whatever, therefore, tsdoiie to simpidy its composition, or to remove j disagreeable association, is a public bene tit. The value of i riit iL s I-i iiin V.sttabii Phsis well nndeistood. Innocent and efficacious, free from minerals of every destrmtion, and adapted to ail the circumstances aud londitions of 1 lie, they are esteemed beyond all other remedies, as the greatest family medicine of the day. The frost covern gisan addition intended merely to conoeai the taste and smeii. Tue Pills will continue to lie prepared icithout thr; frosiine, as heretofore, so that all who prefer them m tneir oritmrn state may still be aecommooateo . For sa.o'by Isaac P. Cook, 76 Baltimore street; ri. f ariiham, Washington Ciry; A. H. Hunt, r rede rick; T. Boue, Georgetown: (.took & Feel, Alexan lna. and by Dr-iggists and dealers generally. Whole s-jii r.rr.T isa Hrn sfTr. IJh i idei r.hia . MARRIED. On t'nea--h instant, by Rev. Sam'l. Bnson, GRAFTON BO WEN to MARY KLHLY. both of Baltimore County. Md. nn 1 uetday evening, the 2oth instant, by Rev. Dr. Atkinson. .INO. . Sr'KiCK At.L.ol Cai vert. Aid. to Miss Lt CY A. GAK.NKR. of Tulcyries. Va. " On thai-1 th instant bv Re,-. Mr. Ma-artnev, Jt )HN GROSCL'P to Miss ANN K. OA VIS. a 1 of this ci'y. xViimi-.etoa (Dei.) ar.d Philadelphia paper ra.-a.-e copy 1 On the j' til instsnt. by Rev. Joseph Young, JOHN !l. :-OL!,ANl to SVRaH irl. VATKLNS, third daughter of Rev. T. Watkins. x -u the iatn instant, t.y Rev. A. A. Reese, TH OS i to J Or-L f til IN r. 1. 1. IS. A tih. 1 H , daughter of I h"S. Davis. Fsq., all ot tins city. t Washington, on tue ltii instant, by Rev. Jas. B Donelan, JoitN P. USHKR, of Baltimore, to -Mis MAR V L. SORRF.LL.of Fredericksburg, Va. DIED. On the 2.5th instant, JOSEPH Yv VEASEY.aged J4 years. 't he friends and relatives of the family are resncct fully requested to attend his funeral, on this (Thurs day ) mori.iiist. at. ten o ciock, from ms late (m the -ijtii iiistant. Mrs. MARTHA -MARY H A R f'OK D. in t tie .rud venr of her use. The deceased was a -nernbT o! the M'tnofist 1 Piscopal Church, at.d liter having endured arcst affliction was enabled bv faith in the atonement of her blessed Saviour to bid vlieu to a world of se-rrow in full prospect of a blissiu. immortality. ' J was Jesus, the first and the, AVtiose spirit d-d guide her safe home; She praised him for ail was past. And trusted for all 'hat was to come. Her friends are invited to attend her funeral, on this (Thursday ) afternoon, at three o'clock, from ,ier late resilience, in Pratt street, taird door west of Broad wv, without further notice. fi'ii worn instant, MARTHA ANN, eldest daughte of Geo, W. ar.d the late Sarah Trice. 111 tiie lit.-, yea of her age, dearly brtloved by all who knew 1. or tier end wa peace. IC.nnbridge and Somerset papers please copy. in the "iota if-stant, of a lingering illness, WASH IN ( . TON. aged i years 11 rid Z days, youngest, child of John and .Mary 1 est. I Lancaster par-ers P ease bonr On 2Hd instant, after a lingering illness. HitWASi). in the sftM year of his ,-ige. sccor.d son of Philip and Alary McKntricK. May lie rest in peace. Amen. on tne itth msb-mc, , agei o months, onjy child of Philip T. and Mary Dawson. "Thev shall be mine, saith the Lord ot ht sts, in that day when 1 make up my jewels, and I will -spare them as a man spareth hisoiuy son taut serveth him. r ;5fcA CARD. The undersigned takes this me-Jj thodot returning his thai.ks to the Firemer. generally, and especially to the vy ashinglon Hose and Liberty ire Companies, for their exertions in prt rcting his property at the hre on the morning of the rtn mat. juh.v ai. riltitjr.. ."rSA CARD The HOWARD FIREMEN beg leave to return their war thinks to .Mr. Godard, Win. tiotiman, Mr. r-rnith and family, for the very liberal supply of refreshments furnished at tue hre on iussday night, 011 Baltimore street. It TT--A CARD THE NEW MARKET FIKF. J- COMPANY reinrn thiir thanks to .Mr. Horl man for his supply of Hot Coifee; also to Mr. Charles Goihiard tor his sumptuous entertainment at the fire in hnitimore street on 'he 2.-th inst. it iV'r'FH K UiNDEUSiG.N Ft) bees leave through Sg this medium, to return his sincere thanks to Capt, Fakkb.vnss, of the stetimer Maryland, and . apt. Sa nnek, of the Reiief, lor the prompt marinnr in wiiicn Dotn inose gentiemen rendered mm assist ance whilst his boat was disabled in the sronn on Sun-da y last. J AM ES Tl LG U MAN , It' Steamer Ostns. "ftr MAR V PKABODY TENT, No. 23 L N1TKJ) .vi IJAliiHTfcltS! Ul' nbUHAB i he mem h8rs of the Tent are earnestly reouested to be nunc tutil in their attendance on TO MORROW (Friday ) Ai: i J.L, n - tj-j m, at o'clock, to take into consider aricn the propriety of "removing tiie Tent. TheS.s ters will piesss be punctual. By order, d27 Zi SARAH HODGSON, S. M. Ti'SDriR SONS OF Li BERT-GRAND liof CAMP SPECIAL MEETING. The members of the Grand Camp are hereby notified to attend a special meeting, on FRIDA EVENING, 2(Jth instant, at their Hall. Every member will please be present, as business of the utmost importance will be submitted lor consideration. By order. iU7- 21 VV .t. HO F FAI A A , G. Scribe. ff" J-'E A GLE a IIT i TXER Y C O M P A N V. The .kj members of tho Emit Artillery Company are requested to attend a special meetinzof the Company, on PtllS ( Thursday) EVENING, Hie 27th instant, at 7 o'clock. Business of importance will be submitted, and it is hoped that every member will be present. H By order, ROB'T S. BKETLEY, Sec. lYTfS TEA M E R OSIRIS. The passengers 011 1 board this boat, feel compelled, in simple jus tice to her officers and crew, to testify their high appreciation of the excellency of their conduct in the storm of Saturday evening, when she unfortunately broke her starboard shall. The fracture occurred at the most unfortunate peiint, and by jamming the connecting rods, broke the beam and bent those rods so as to disable her. Tho captain, engineer and mate, with a promptness characteristic of their known and acknowledged coolness, each attended without the least confusion to his appropriate duties, and in 5 minutes alter tho occurrence of the accident, she was riding saie at anchor in the harde-t. storm this writer ever witnesseu, in the middle of the Chesapeake. Our craft, was crossing t he Bay most gallantly when tiie accident occurred, and had proved most satisfactorily to all on board, that she was most worthy of her hign credit and character as a sea-be. at. The good old Maryland, Capt. ) airbanks, came to our assistance on yesterday (Sunday) morning, with her kind officers, among whom was the veteran. Captain L. G. Taylor, ever ready to lend the hand of assistance to a brother in distress, and towod us actoss the Bay, within the Bodkin tar, where we were safely moored until relieved by the noble and kind-hearted Capta'n Sanner, of the Rehe1, and arrived safely in port this morning To Capt. J. 1'ilghman we beg leave to testify our high sense of his officer-like conduct, and his patient calmness in the moment of danger, likewise his kind and gentlemanly deportment throughout. Dr. JAMES BoRDLEY, In behalf of the passengers. Monday, Pec 4th, 1849 It" 7"-f--SEC()N D P. CHURCH THAIfKSGIVTifti IkJs S K R MOiY. At the earnest request of many friends, the REV. MR. SMITH, has kindly consented to REPEAT the Thanksgiving Sormon. preached by him on the 2!ith ultimo, oh SUNDAY EVENING next, the 30fii inst., at 7 o'clock, on which occasion a COLLECTION will be taken 11 p, by order of the Session, in behalf of the brave but unfortunate and persecuted H L'NGARIANS, now seeking an asyiurs on our shores. Tho fnends of liberty are respect fully invded to attend. Seats free. APCR-4tl d2j-2l: I. O. O. F. COURSE OF LECTURES. The Library Committee have made arrange ments for a Course of Lectures, at the EGYPTIAN SALOON, Odd Fellows' Ball, Gay street. The first Lecture of the course will be delivered by Hon. Horace Mann, M. C. of Massachusetts, on TUES DAY, Jan. 1st, at7i o'clock, P. M. Season Tickets, admitting a gentlemen and lady, gl single Tickets 2o oents. acrp d25-6tt (Tf-A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE ASO- 1L3 CIATION OF TEACHERS in the Pubhc Schools of Baltimore, will be held on THIS DAv , 27th inst., at 3 o'clock, P. M., in the Central High School Buildings, for the purpose of appointing delegates to attend the State Convention of the friends ol Public Schools, to be held in this city on the 23d January, 1850. Punctual attendance is requested. d25 Sfc JAS. JOHNSTON, Pres't. fT'-N-ElClirBTTiON of New and Beautim! LL3 Ui:owT PHICAL. NATIONAL) AND SCRIrTl K L VIEWS win ue given at tne niuu ST. BAPTIST CHURCH on THIS (Thursday; EVENING, 27th instant, at 7 o'clock. These Views rn h:i.idKoinn nn.i instructive, and well worthy the at- tendanceol all botholdand young. 1 iskcis 15 ers.; children half pnoe. oio-'TTD-it -r-3- EKO TURF'. MADISON ST. I'Alb i ii TFRI AN CHURCH A highly instruct and entertaining COURSE OF LEG I LR Es wi: UaDISON ST. PRtoBV- tructive 1 be delivered in the church by tiie Kev. Drs. Morris and The FlJUT LECTURE will bedeliveredon I' RI-IMY EVENING, 2::th inst , by Dr. Morris, on "lhe Microseopo." at 71 o'clock. Tickets for the Course, 25 cents; single Lecture, l2j cent.B. d22 27-2-dt -T2TH E J UVKN 1 LE FAIR FOR TH E BF.N-'1 5 K.I- IT OK ST. VINCENT'S MALE OR PHAN AS I.I'M, will bo opened in the t-asement Story'of the Church, on TH IS ( Monday) MORNING and continue open during the week. It is hoped that amid the festivities of the season, tho "Orphan iioy- will not lie torgot.ton. . Fancy and I setut Articles of an Kiima. neiiesn incuts, 1 co Cream, Coffee, Ac, provided. i24 3t vt---iilfPli:i-.i(S AND M KM HERS OF JEKU i t? si a 1 .-. r 1: 1? it v P.. Nn 2 II. A. O. D.. nlease take notice, that the place of meeting is CH AN GED from tho corner id nonu and rrsxi Birecis, miu i-i. F. comer ol EAST UK! A v r.. l; f. ana ijivoai-WA Y , and the F I R ST M RET IN G will take place on THIS (Thursday) EVENING, 27th in3t., at 7o'cl'k. By order ot Hie Urove, ,,,.,,. o , d24-3t 11. EAR LOU G H ER. Pec'y -w i.t" II I Hl'rl" IN . A verv nmnstmr and inrer- $ estins EXH i RITION will be given on TH IS (Thursday) 1-1 V J. A I IN . HBO. viva, in niium- t i tvi . ri. 1:111 tl . CO; ner 01 umiw ir.uu .......... . .- ... 1 1 1 i;, trenf. bv the. SABBATH SCHOLARS, consisting of Recitations, Dialogues, Speeches, & c., interspersed with singing. J he enmr nave ifinuiy idfered their services for the occiimon, andwi.lper i.'l II. OWIIIV l-l .IK I. ..v.: .v , .t'...!..). ..r niimttiRinii. i'Jic oentu to be bad of any ...... a,. I if. or l.ioul T-l.-r,M. of the Teachers, or at the door on the mgiitol fc.xln IMIIGII. r -"POEJRY OF THE HEBREWS. The 1 k3 Kev. Dr. RAPHAEL will deliver a Lecture Lithe LLOYD STREET SYN AGO(j UE.on THIS pi ir. i k lit 1 t-i r. n '.riiri c. ( ihursday ) EVEN ING, Dec. 27th, ll!49. 1 ...t 11 r in e.nrrimepre nr T reciocK. Single tickets .fl. to be obtained at the book stores of Gere 1 Joseph Robinson, F. Lucas, Jr., Frederick Rameand KevI. P. Cook, and at the door. 4t tTS-FAlR. The colored ladies ol St. James' I'.pis-. norm I C.ont relation, noliteiv aciiuaint their friends and the pubic generally, that, they will hold a FA IR, commencing on Christmas trie Sunday School rooms of St.. Paul's Church, Charles sireet. rtimr nnllncf ion embraces a varied assortment of use ful and fancy articles, oonfjrtionrey. &o. Together with a number of beautiful CAiNAIRV BIKDS. in full Hone-. The obiect of the Fair is to build a base menf roem to their Church, at the corner of North and Saratoga streets, lor the purpose 01 accommoua ting therein a Day School, ior the thorough educa t.ioti nf colored children. With this praiseworthy ob ject they hope to receive during the holiday? a liberal patronage irom me lauies anu geniieaienoi raiiimore U2i Fr,.Mon&.wedat-: T"cf""HERiFFALTY. Announcements having jjA been made of gentlemen whose names will be presented to the .Democratic convention Ior nomma tion as a candidate for the next SHERIFFALTY of Baltimore city, though deeming too early a period for the asritation of the matter, we respectfully an nounce Col. WM. H. COl.fl, Jr.. as a candidate for the nomination. NUMEROUS K1KDS, d.-eolw !HujvaHEaawBMBR3aHaBEaBaBaaBiwaMfia . CARD. We would call the attention of Connoi - i seurs and Lovers of the Fine Arts, to the very va uabie coi ection ot OIL PAIN 1 LNGS. bv old mas ters and living Artists, to be sold at our Store, No 7, North Charles street, on FRIDAY MORNING 2sd 1 inst.. at 1 1 ociocfc. Thev are now arranged for examination. The Cata ioeue will he found to embracean uncommonly choice and b autifu! collection of Richly Framed Cabinet PICTURES. DiBSO.N & CO., d27 Auctioneers. -ORN .MEAL AND HOMINY Manufactured at the Shortest Notice and at the I owest Market Rates, at the Corn Meal and Hominy Mill, corner of President and Fawn streets, by d27-3t WILSON & CO. PURE COUNTRY MILK. Those 111 want of pure MILK at a low rate will please leave their address at the Saratoga Dairy, in Saratoga street, near the City Spring. Those who buy to soil will find it to their advai-tago to call. de7:3r S A HA TOG A ST. , near the City Sprint;. ROLL BUTTER .-8 Barrels ROLL BUTTER, For Sale by J. & H. WARDEN, de2?-"f 2c) Commerce Street. BACON, BI TTER, LARD, Ac St hhds Shoulders; li O kegs Glades Butter 2ti' kees No. 1 Lard; 50 kegs Western do IS tales Hemp: 100 bbls. bamily FLOUR rt boxes Adamantine CANDLES, asserted sizes do boxes hard-pressed Mouid Candies 35 bags Feathers; 450 boxes English Dairy Cheese 34 bbls. C'overseed: 70 bols. Lor.f SLGaR. For sale by ELDER. GELSi ON 4. CO., d27-tl Corner Pratt and Commerce stg. it)' nfVi BACON, HULK MEAT, I-wO,ULrvJ BEEF AND LARD. 4Ub-0 lbs. Hats, superior quality and smail s.zed 40,itco " Sn 'Uiders and Sides 40,011 " liulk Shoulders, Sides and Jolea n " Smoked Beef J Ki kegs LARD, part in 25 pound kegs 25 bb.s. and qua. ters do., aiso in pails cans and bladders 25 kegs Sausage CASINGS For saie by F. ROLOSON, o27-'3tJ 23 N. Paca ttreet. fiJADES BUTTER. CT m krs3 latles BUTTER For Ease by J. c H. WARDEN, .127-f? ?3 Commerce street. ATHS 350.00(1 li-inch LATHS, cargo brig Mo- -i-i rooco, lor sale oy 1-. H. jfe,iKS, (L7 tN ir No. 8 Bowiy's wharf. BUTTER AND CHESTNUTS. 435 kegs Dairy packed Butter the greater part of which is srrict-ly piiine, and 111 large and unbroken dairies; 25 kegs store packen do., cheap; 2 barrels prime Roll Butter: hiishel3 U1C3 soft Chestnuts, all for stile at reduced prices, by J. MEINSaL it SON, d7-tf ; 3f5 Baltimore st., opposite Eutaw Houfb. P LADES-bL TTEiiPiTme Glades BUTTER, v J fresft churned, for family use, the best lot of the season, just received: 375 kcg3 large and celebrated Dairies, very cheap, to close, m lots to suit; 150 kegs select vuh iitii xi tit v, cneap tor retailing ano cooking purposes, ftiie ciieap by d27-tJ 7r Purfl Hulled in CKWH EAT. for JAMES J. LAWN &, BRO., 13d and 141 North Howard st. fM.AGHT P &. CO'S V PORTER, ALE AND BEER BREWERY, East Lombard street, Baltimore, Keep constantly on hand PORTER, ALE, BEER and MALT ot the finest quality. Orders arc resnent-fuily solicited, and promptly attended to. tJa4r VJ " F U RS ! F U R S 1 ! FURS! 11 Notwithstanding the unexampled run, the subscriber is still able to lurnish the Ladies with most beautiful MUFFS, BOAS, V 1 C T O R I N E S , CUFFS, &c, at his usual low prices. R. P. DAVIS, Baltimore street, It. Nine doors east of the Bridge. T crSMITH, P55J BALTIMORE STREET,"op posite the is now opening some fine 'Imported Havana CIGARS,"' to which he invites the attention of those who want really a fine article. Also choice Che-ring Tobacco, Turkey Smoking To-bicoo. with a variety in his line, wholesale and retail. de27-3t . ORDED SILKS, RIBBONS AND VELVETS. Just 147 BALTIMORE STREET, 2 doora he ow Calvert. 4,000 pieces Winter RIBBONS, 6t 12 to 25c. 2,oofi embroidered Collars, Capes and "lutls 2,000 yards Swiss Edge and INSERTINGS 2.CH0 pieces 'hread and Valencia LACES. Ostrich and Mirahena Plu nfs, Bonnet Silks an-1 Velvets, Tarletans, Illusions, Infants' Robes, from S2 to lo; Boltings, Sash Ribbons. Cravats, Veils, best qua ity ladies' Kid Gloves, The last lot this season, at SO per cent, below market price. di6 2t WILLIAM BROADBENT. Us The undersigned respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have commenced business at No. 135 N. CHARLES STREET, near Centre, Whore they intend keeping a general assortment of GROCERIES, which iiave been selected with great care, and having been bought for cash, will be so.d on the most favorable terms. CHAS. F. HiTSELBERGER & CO., Tea Dealers and Grocers. Our stock of TEAS has been selected bv a competent judge, in Philadelphia and New York", and wiil consist of some of the finest brands imported. d27-3t ROCKING HORSES AND VELOCIPEDES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. The cheapest and best way to buy horses is go to the only Rocking Horse Manufactory in the State of Maryland, at No. 6 ENSOR STREET, near Gay, where the proprietor will sell Cheap for Cash, Rocking Horses, Velocipedes and Fancy Articles, all of Jus own manufacture. DAVID O. HLNK. d27-4t Formerly of New York. BEDS ! BEDS ! ! "nEUS .' .' ! MA I TRESSEr ! MATTRESSES!! BLANKETS ! BLA jV S E TS! ! BLANKETS!:! BED COMFORTS! BED COMFORTS.'! All who wish to sleep comfortably these frosty nishts wiil please call on the undersigned and procure some of his prime Feather BEDS, warm BLANK-KETS, and yet warmer COMFORTS. In Store, a good assortment of CABINET FUR-SI PURE; Cane and Windsor CHAIRS. FEATH-E KS can be procured in s-.cks of from 5 lbs, to 50 lbs. There is only one price asked. Call and you will buy cneap. WM. P. SPEpuCER, di7-tFl 35 South Calvert street. TTHK GLASS: OR, THE TRIALS OF HELEN x AIORE-i Temperance Tale, by Maria Lamas. Miss L. is now in our city for the purpose ol aiding the cause of Temperance by the circulation of the above-named thrilling Tale. The "Glass" is written in a vigorous and original style, and forcibly teaches the truth and beauty of the Temperance cause. Miss L. will call upon our citizens with the work. Price 12 oonts. d27-3t COMMERCIAL PRINTING. The undersigned v desire to inform the Mercantile Community and the public that they are prepared to execute every description of PLAIN and FANC JOB PRINTING, with a d.spatch neatness and elegance not to be excelled in the 1 nited States. Having constantly on hand large qttantitiks of PAPERS, of all classes, and CARD BOARDS of every description, which can be cut to any size, together with the most api-roved machinery acd MATERIALS, in every departmeKt,.cnabU s them to afford advantages to their customers, both as regards price and iUALuy, not attainable under other circumstances. JOHN MURPHY & CO., Printers and Stationers, d27- eotJIO 173 Baltimore street. ri REWARD. Was stolen on Saturday night, ilpTv the 14th inst., from the schooner Aurora, a YAWL BOAT, 13 feet SI incnes in leng-h, 4 feet l) inches in breadth, 2 feet deep, outside painted black, the inside lead color. The above reward w ill be paid for its delivery on board the schooner, lying at Fen-by's wharf. d27-St i i REWARD. The residence of the subscriber 7j -l- '' was entered between the hours of 7 o'clock on Monday Eigiit and 12 o'clock oa Christmas day, and two large I turn iy BIBLES taken fram the parlor. One was a new Bible, just deli vered, red figured binding, gilt back.and bust of Christ on one eide; the other was an old one, which is a family relic, and may bo detected by its bearing the record of the family of j'no. Anderson. 1 will give $'3 lor the book!, or $10 for the books and the conviction of the thief. JOHN DA VIS, Cambnga st., Canton. d27-2t" I lAGUERREOTYPF.S FOR A DOLLAR. Cor 'reet. Likenesses and btautifully colored, at MUL-ifiN :S G ALLERY, corner of Baltimore and South -eets.over Boston &. Price's hat store. Extiemt LEN ci 1 wi-? vr ji ivuntu , j beauty, fine finish, extraordinary correctness, a-iiu L.'.yv PK1CJT.& nistinsuis" x"""". -rarr va h m na . vme 11 not rrgrei 11. Uii-wiw 1VEEDLFS' RENO WIN ED C U'C-U ttfairt-1 LOCK PLASTERS. A rehaida remedy fir Pains in the Breast, Back and Side. 1 ne nest i.neu insticand Strengthening Plaster ever offered. Sain, are for by B. R. ROBERTS, krugist. roie jnKviii. mi j."'-""--' d 27-5tr corner Hanover and Bait 'moresta rlTHO lltl I T . T-TT- IT-1 T? Worroriffll UOIU I fl- W cil Cases, only SI 25; Boys' Sleighs, bee.utifulb ornirienleil: Jrlon nv Morses, ereac vanoij, ryj" Games; Papier Mache Desks and Card cases, -num Ink Stands; elegant renumery, vc.,wiui uicgira.i variety of Fancy Goods, suitable for presents, &c. ' MORTIMER ft, MOWBRAY, d27 tfr 240 Bait. st..5 doors above Cliariessc. TNDIA RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, by th -1- box, dozen, or Binsrle pair, lower than ever beiort offered to the public, of all sizes and styles, and respectfully invites the public before purchasing elsewhere. A full assortment cf Ruboer Goods: Silk. Alpaca, Ginghams, and Cotton UMBRELLAS; aisc repairing tho above; Gutta percha Soles put on boott and Shoes, India Rubber Ccmeat put on Leather Boots rnaices mem perfectly water- prooi. ISAAC CORttil 1 CE. c-"JM il27 -tfr 183 and 53 Baltimore street. i"rJTeFtfiT f.l fT IF THOSE I .ON G SHAWLS i'V AT 32; the real Bay State do., $4 25, worth .7s magnificent Tekari Shawls. H 50, worth 1 ,p: Jlrusseis rrnt Una-a. .1 7.5. worth 3; large MuUs. b I worth $5; 17u pair Blankets, just in from auction,, at half price; fiinghams, a cents, worm ia.., i-...r o u..nrt)i 191- a nlv Cnxrtfitinet. it I. wortii -..r.-. 1 t!.r,t rn ..,11, atl.onH a! iji ij; liupernuo t piy no., 00, n 01 u u"-"" Aii 1" other Bargains, at . THE PROPLE'S S I ORE, a 27 -trr 1 4iljexin gton st.., nn twi"""" ( "'OSTUME HALL. Just made up, a new and su- Vf periorarticleof OVER-COATS,LOVv -PRICED ciTiT.uT.w .nn afnwtviv wKiTHuR. Aiito. & ia"ge as sortment of the KOSSUTH SACKS, which have been so much armored; together witna general ment of BOY'S CLOTHlSSis, and -jeniismeiifc Wear. Rememher the name a jot place. CnBsna Centre Market 6-ax and Pratt st., ibi7 tfjr (vrcaI H. If. COLE. DHIbADEbfH IA PALE ALK. . 1 (irny's Philadelphia PALE ALE, and Smith & Seckci'3 celebrated A. ALE, in barrels and halt bar rein, for sa le as cheap as can be bought at the Brewe ries in Philadelphia, and delivered in any part of tii8 city lree ol charge, oy yyiu. uiuutiLAn, corner o f Exeter street and Eastern avenue. Sole Agent in Baltimore for Gray's Palo Ale and Smith A Seckels XX Ale. Newark CIDER, of a superior quality, for sale at moderate prices, in nogsneaon, oarreis or smaiie; .1 nn ntlf.ies. Orders dropped in the post-office will be promptly attended to. WM. CO UGH LAN . d7 6tr corner F.xotor st. and Kn stern ave.nire, DAb'fiiUOKE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY fi A'n. 24 SO UTH STRE FT. This Company INSURES AGAINST LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE, in the city or country, on the various descriptions ol property. Board of Directors: J. I. COHEN, Jr., President. Win. Frick, F. VV. Airinks. iWin. Glimc-r. R A. Taylor, W. G. Harrison, S. T. Thompson, Geo. R. Vickers, d27-Ths2tr S. O. Hoffman, J. Pennington, David S. Wilson. W.F. Worthing- JaB. A. Sangstond J. King. jr. ton. FRED'K WOODVVORTH, rSecreiary. TI TRS. PHARNUM'S COUGH CANDY , itl WONDER AND BLESSING of THE AGE Gives Immediate Relief. READ THE PKOOF! WM. MERCER of Baltimore, cured of a p.evere cough and cold, by three 25 cent packages. Mr. JOHN V. HOLDEN. 114 Pine street. Bnlti more. Secretary State Council of United American Mechanics, cured of a most distressing cough and fOailHROAI. Baltimore, Deo. lo, 1849. I have used Mrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy ii m family, and I am pleased to say that it has far exceed el rnv expectations; and I would recommend it to al for coughs and colds. It is without excepiicn, the nest medicine 1 nave ever ineo. J. F. R. WHEELER. SO Barre street Mr. THOMAS FROST, North Eutaw street.states that his wile nas been cured by Mrs. l'HAKN UM S COUGH CAND i , after trying other medicines for t wo ears, crice 12, 2-5, 50 cts., and gl per package. For saie by J. W . Bond St Co., Bookseller, No. 44 naltimore street, and by uruggists,ger.eraliy,tnrougli out the City. Slate, and District of Columbia. di7-t.M20r: "DEAD ! i-V JUST RECEIVED A LETTER FROM PRESIDENT TAYLOR, IN favor of MRS. JERVIS1 COLD CANDY. Washington, Dec. 2nth, lt'49. Mrs. W. Jervis Dear Madam: You will please accept my best thanks for the box of your f old Candy which you so kind y sent me. I shall resort to itsuse viih great confidence in its efficacv, for tho a'levif-tion of coughs and colds 1 remain, very respectfully, your friend and servant, Z Taylor. Manufactured and soid by Mrs. W. JERVIS, the Proprietress. 379 BROADWAY, New York. Soid Wholesale and Retail at WM. TAYLOR'S. Nos. 4 and 5 NORTH ST.. JAR VI- BUILDINGS Baltimore- Z. D. &. W. H. GILMAN, PE -N'A. AVENUE, Washington city, aud soid by druggists generally, 12$, 25, 50 cents and SI per package. CEsch package is invariably signed MRS. W. JERVIS. d27 4fr. CEVEN THOUSAND FIV O LARS. E HUNDRED DOL- N-s. S3 S3 r6: ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, Nos. 24 33 71: TWO CAPITAL PRIZES IN THE GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY, Class 4. DRAWN LAST SATURDAY, December 22, sold by "the world renowned prize selling house" of COLVLN &- CO. "The managers' official drawing of this day will announce the sale of the above two splendid prizes, in the lottery of Saturday." $7,500 SOLD IN THIS CITY. 1,500SOLD to a CORRESPONDENT IN PENNSYLVANIA. UNRIVALED IN TUE DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES! Orders for tickets in the Consolidated Lotteries of Maryland, from all parts of the country, answered promptly. Official drawings, sent to all who order tickets. Please address COLVIN 4- CO., Office N . W. cor. Balt-m ire and Calvert sts. , d27-lflir Museum Building. Baltimore. Md. T7LEeAN'T TOILET ARTICLES! t-i BOGLE'S HYPERION FLUID, FOR BEAUTIFY" IN G AND EMBELLISHING THE KAIR. It JiiTersal!7 acknowledged the 'very best article yeT known, for beautifying and promoting thegrowth of the Hair preventing its tpbkins grey, and dispolling Scurf, Dandruff and other Affections of the kin. Ladies value it highly, bcthtrn account of itg delightful fragrance ( free from essential oils) and its keepir;' the skin or parting clean, and the hair in place and curl. Oa children's heads,, it lays the foundation of a good head of hairtand the tree use of it will keep the skin and hair in a healthy sn-i i-u-uriaat ttaia until the latest period of lii. BOGLE'S HEBEAI0 NA , FOR PRESERVTN G AND BEAUTIF YiNG THE COMPLEXION, 54tH0jint Frecilss, Tans, Pimples and Eruptions 0 the Skin, And FlsHder-ir.g ii suir. Soft CKd Transprirtnt. This truly delightful Arc-mat-io Cosmetic Prepaia- ins tjfectx upon the fare after Skaiirg, BOGLEfS AM9LE. A COMPOUND FOR SHAVINS, Wiifi or niikcut Brush and Wattr, The bass of this incomparable Preparation for Shs-yirig. is derived from the AvioU cr'lSoap Plant" of CciiJforiia, Its vegelabis ar.d detergent properties have the purest ar.d most nourishing egects on toe sain, socthir.g and allaying irritation, combined with a thick creamy lather, which does not dry, bat make it now a luxury to be shaved. The Amole is put up in a new and portable style, perfectly air-tight, cannot be hurt, nor can ithurt any thing it can be carried in the vest pocket, or amonsal tiie cleanest linen, and be ready ior use st any time. The above articles have all been tried, andjsro-Eounced superior to any thing else, by some 01 om mont erniiierit citizens, and as a further guarantee, the money will be returned in ail cases if tiiey are not found as specified. .Manufactured by the inventor and proprietor, WM. BOGLE, 27? Vasniugton street, Boston. Soid by bj Aeents: lr. SETII S. HANCE, Druiijisrt, Baltimore. W. II. A. MY'ERS, HairDressor, do. W. F. BAILEV , Bookseller, Washington, D. C 4ri d Assrits toroueho-at the Si State s.rsd Oanadi 127 -tjfcrl.i' QUESTIONS FOR THE MILLION with an appropriate and universal answer. WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do yon want to keep well? Use Mrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy! Do you want a clear voice? Use Mrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy! Do you want to cure a cold? Use Mrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy! Do you want to be rid of Hoarseness? Use Mrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy! Do you want to cure your cough? Use Mrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy! Do you want to know where you cangetMrs. Pharnum's Cough Candy? At J. W. BOND'S, 44 Baltimore st.; S. S. Hance's, 108 Baltimore St., and cor. of Charles and Pratt sts.: J. W. Barry's, cor. of Baltimore and Pearl; E. H. Perkins', cor. Baltimore and Green; Perkins & Bro., cor. of Green and Franklin; J. F. Perkins, No. 114 North Howard St.; B. Rush Roberts, cor. of Hanover and Baltimore sts.: J. Shane & Son. cor. of Eutaw and Lexington sts.; J. M. Laroque, corner of Baltimore and Harrison streets; Thos. J. Pitt. cor. of High and Pratt sts.; J W. Reid, 112 Broadway, F. P.; T. Hopkins, cor. of Broadway and Canton avenue, and by Druggists throughout the city, State, and District of Columbia generally. tM20 1 r 1 HQ 1K- TO WJNfSEND'S - jlQ WO SARSAPARILLA. iUQ ORIGINAL DEPOT ESTABLISHED AT NO. 108 BALTIMORE STREET, SIGN OF THE LARGE RED BOTTLE. THE VERY BEST FALL. AND WINTER MEDICINE rsr known; it not only purifies the whole system and strengthens the person, but it creates new, pure and rich blood a power poE3esstxi by no other medicine. And in this lies the grand secret of its wonderful success. It lias performed within the last two years more than 100,000 cures of severe cases of diseases at least 15,000 were considered incurable, lt has saved the Ufss of more than 5,000 children the past two se&soas, eases of Chronic Rheuriia.tu5ra, f ,000 esses of Dyspepsia, 1,400 cases of General Debility and want of energy. T.009 cases of the difier6rit Female Complaint, ?,ono cases cf Scrofula, i.SOO cases of Livor Complaint, S.&00 casee of diseases of the Kidney End Dropsy, S.000 oases of the Gravel, cases of Sick Hcp.d Ache, 1,500 cases c? Drops?, cases 01 consumption, Side and Chest. Spine arTecnoris. &o. nATTTTf Ka-arara r:f f ', i I T M I1 P V P.I T Si T CAUTION! SArAltlLLA., EA.SS IXITATIONS AES ABROAD IK SE? LAND lo? SA KSAPAJttlJ rt tu O Ji 1 V J FRESH FROM. THE FACTORY EVERY VKEK, AT THE DEPOT, 108 BALTIMORE STREET. .3 SSSin of tub Large Red Bottle. I For sale also on the eornerof CHARLES and PRATT STS. tJ6r m. FOR RENT, the SCHOOL ROOM known as 5;:h Newington Institute, on Pennsylvania avenue, Enorth of Whatcoat Chapel. This School commands extensive patronage. Possession given immediately. Several houses adjoining the school for rent Apply at the premises to N. D. BAN HARD. d27-ltPltW CIDER. 2,000 bbls. prime New Jersey CIDER, in store and lor sale by JOHN BOYD & SON, dS- tf Sou til Gay aireet. D And thousands of cases of diseases cf the bload, vit: HlocrB, Erynipei&s, Salt Rheum, Pimples on tne Faea, Scald Head, Tetter, Neuralgia, &c, together frith n-imeroBs cases of Sick Hoad-aohe. Pain m ths NEW YEAR'S EVE GREAT COMBINATION OF MUSICAL TALENT! Grand Instrumental and Vocal Conoei t to be given INDEPENDENT GREY'S BAND, under fho direction of Prof. GEORGE L1NHARD, on MONDAY EVEN IN G, December SI. 1849, in tha Saloon of the Temperance Hall, N. Gay-St., on which occasion the following coio reniinniT ui tiinr. Viesers. F. YOCNGKK, O. JL1 MAKU, lioniz,-VI ANN. GOSH EN, JOHN L1NHARD, and Mrs. MULLER. Also, a number of the best AMAlbllc t-ERFORMERH in this city. - - . Mr. JOHN LINHARD will preside at tne piano Force, which is from the celebrated manufactory ot Messrs. Kimbe & Gtehlfl. , '1 ickets 50 cents, children half price ; two Tickets admitting a gentleman and two ladies. Doors opened at 6i o'clock, and concert to commence at7',. d27 THSM0N3t EXHIBITION ! JCj THIS (Thursday) EVENING. Dec. Tl. For the BENEFIT of tha SUNDAY SCHOOL attached to the SEAMEN'S BETHEL CHURCH, Aliceanna street, Peirs Point. Several gentlemen have volunteered their services to produce a sight worthy of public patronage, and it is expected that the following Progtamme will draw a full house. Part 1. SCENE IN SCRIPTURE HISTORY will beexhi bited, with the Phantasmagoria Lantern, accompanied with explanatory remaiks by a distin- showing the motion of the Pianet3, changes of the .Moon, appearances 01 tne liaueta wnou ..c through the Telescope, Ac doting with Chromo Tropes or Artificial Fire Works. Part 3. DISSOLVING VIEWS. ... Part 4. The Oxy Hydrogen MICROSCOPE will beexhibited by a distinguished Physician of this city, and the beauties of nature, as illustrated thereby, will ue minutely explained by him. ..... The Exhibition will close with the DRUMMOND LIGHT. IS' Admission 12i cents Children half price. Doors open at 6, and the Exhibition will commence at 7 o'clock. lt T? GRAND CONCERT. -T OR THE BENEFIT OF THE HUNGARIAN EXILES, to be given by the citizens oy baltimore os the 1st of January, 1850, A T C AR HOL I, HA L L . It is expee'ed that LADISLAUS UJHAZI, late Governor of Comorn, and his associates, tc gether with M'lle YAGELLO. wiil be present. Grand Overture the Huguenots, bv Meyerbeer bv the Germania Musical Society. Martial Song, '"Trump of Fame" Rosssini with orchestral accompaniments, by tne Germania Mr. Bee, Grand Fant".sie. on the piano, composed by Thilberg. performed by E. Szemelenyi, Song, by - . . .Mrs. Muller. Aria fro'm Soinnambula, by ?r. Bee, Piano Accompaniment, by Mr. Muller. Mazurka, by Chopin, by E. Szemelenyi. Czardas, the Hungarian's Lament... E. Szemelenyi. Cavatina Casta Diva from Norma, Beliina, by -.Mrs. Muller. INTERMISSION. Overture Midsummer Night's Dream, by Mendehtsohn by the Germania Musical Society. Hurganan Exile, written for tine oc-c9sion,by the Hon. M rs. Phelps, composed by E. Szemelenyi, Sung by Mr. Bee, accompanied by the Composer. Cavatina f-ounds so Joyful from Somnambula, Beliina. by Mrs. Muller. Impromptu on an air from Soinnambula, by E. Szemelenyi. Czardas, "Tout est perdu l'hormis i'honneur," by...- E. Szemelenyi. rfong, by Mrs. .Muller. Buetto. from Jessonda - Spohr. Finale Andante Spianato, by Ch. de Beriot.arid Carnival de Venice, by Paganini, arranged for the piano and perform-d by E. Szemelenyi. Final le Panoramaof New Y'ork, Potpourri, by - . Lenschon. .O " . . ' 7 . . . V . Elijah Stansbury, .Mayor eaac Munroe. 01 tne city, J. C. Legrand, J. P. Kennedy, R. A. Taylor, John Ne son, Samuel Hoffman, J. Pennington, . J. I. Cohen, Jr., B. C. Ward, H. Birckhead, Edward Gray, Samuel Riggs, Fielding Lucae, Jr., W. E. Mavhew, W. F. Murdoch, I. W. Barrel!. B. C. Presstrnan, Jas II. MoHenry, B. 11. Richardson, Dr. T. Edmondson, Dr. Chas. Wiseman, Dr. I). F. Hoffman, J. Aherns, F. Graff, S. W. smith, J. R. Ricards. ''has. Howard. J. S. Gitings, A lex. Gordon, Edw'd D. Kemp. W m. Alexander, F. D. Benteen, Geo. R. Dodge, Dr. Geo. S Gibson, Thos. wann, B. G. Etting. C. A. Schaefera Frank Cook-. Z. C. f ee, W. Bose, Henry Tiffany. John Gushing, Wrn. Stevenson, J. J. Speed, lmbert Gittmas, Edw'd Patterson, F. W. Brune. J. H. Htivali. J.N. Bonaparte, i-"i. rt. ri R. Johnson. Jr., Israel Griffith, J. Meredith, VVm. F. Frick, N. ilbams, Wm. H. Young, Martin Lewis, John B. Morns, (ieo. Tiffany, Chas. F. Mayer, J. F. Petri. J. Vansant, Chas. A. Williamson. Carroll Spence, R. Mick'e, John C. Brune, Louis F Smith, W. F. Giles, W. H. Marriott, D. L Bartlett, Josiah Lee, J. Oiiver O'Donnell, vl. L Cohen, E. II. Greenway, -li.a. -a.iijii, Geo. Holiins, Wm. P. Preston, Dr. Spence, H. Faster, Wm. Gilmor, Dr. J. H. Thomas, E. G. Oelrichs. C. J. M. Elton, Solomon Hilien, H. McKim, Joseph Patterson, John J. Li'iyd, Chas. F. Pitts, J G. Davies, T. H. Belt. Joseph White, S. Owings Hoffman, T. Parkin Scott, Wm. G. Harrison, Geo. Mi. GUI, J. V. L. McMahon, 1'avid S. Wilson, G. L. Duiany, A. S. Abel!. ;A. AlOfiose, Jr., iWm Tavior, IT. P. Alncks, Chas. T. Maddox, J.H. B. Latrobe. Tickets c l each; to l e had at the Book Stores of Messrs Ficiding Lucas, Jr., Jos. Robinson, N. Hickman, dishing ; Bros., and at the Music Stores of Messrs. Geo. Wiiiig, Jr., F.D. Benteen and C. Peters. d27-tc PT. BARNUM. ES.., IN FAVOR OF MRS"T JERVIS' COLD CANDY. Iranistan, (near Bridgeport, Ct. ) leo. 1st, 1849. Mrs, Jervis: A speedy recovery from a severe cold acd hoarseness has, through the "benign influenoeof your excellent Cold Candy, enabled ine to lift up my voice m its favor. It certainly is as sure and effective in removing colds and hoarseness as it is pleasant to the taste. 1 recommend it with confidence to all croakers who wish to be reformed. Respectfully yours, P. T. Barnum. To Mrs. W. Jervis, 3(16 Broadway, New York. tsThe above gentleman. Proprietor of the New York and Philadelphia Museums, and possessed, in a very eminent degree, with a genius peculiar to our institutions and climate, has sent th above certificate voluntarily to Mrs. W. Jervis. on a sheet of fine American post paper, with a beautiful view engraved thereon of his country residence, "Iranistan, ' which can be seen framed st. Mrs Jervis' store. MRS. JERVIS' COLD CANDY. tee great QUESTIONS OF THE DAY". What causes ailments manifold? A COLD. What gives the sweetest voioe a coarseness? HOARSENESS. What spoils Borghese s best cadenza? INFLUENZA. What carries tens of thousands off? A COUGH. What ill of Death nfiorus presumption? CONSUMPTION. What hides the victims, fair or bravei1 THE GRAVE. What should the sufferer then secure? A CURE. By whom is rendered this great service - BY MRS. JERVIS. Where is her Candy vended, say? NUMBER 386 BROADVVAY. Manufactured and sold bv Mrs. W. JERVIS, the Proprietress, 379 BROADWAY', New York. Sold wholesale and retail at WM. TAYLOR'S, Nos. 4 and 5 North street, JarvisBuildings, Baltimore; T. D. & W. H. GILMAN. Pennsylvania avenue, Washington oity, s.nd sold by Druggists generally. Price 12A, 25, 50 cents and 1 per package. 127-4tr Be sure to ask for Mrs. JERVIS' Cold Candy. is.. FOR SAN FRAN CISCO, CALFfTTiTnTaT C A I Baltimore built BRIG, cf 3J0 tons, will EIa" sail as above within 15 days. For f-eight orpasage, apply immediately at No. 2 SPEAR'S WHARF. (127-St PASSAGE FROM GREaT BRITAIN t"-r AND IRELAND. The new first class ship FLORA MAC-DONALD, Capt. Benson, having commenced loading for Livorpool, she will leave that port for Baltimore early in the Spring, i or passage iu the Cabin, second Cabin, or Steerage, out or home, having first rate accommodations, apply to ROBERT LESLIE & SON, d27-2m 61 South Gay st. TURKEY SMOKING TOBACCO. jf-JL Just received, some genuine TUR.KEY jfjt? SMOKING TOBACCO. Also, on hand, i5gjfme IMPORTED CIGARS; CHEWING -.safOBAi CO; SNUFFS; CIGAR CASES; CIGAR LIGHTS; PIPES; with other articles for gentlemen. BRAWNER. Opposite Barnum's, d27-TUThs3tr. Sign of "Turk." SUPERIOR READY" MADE CLOTHING. GREAT INDUCEMENTS. The subscriber will close out the ba'ance of his WINTER STOCK OF CLOTHING at LESS THAN COST Bis:.. FOR CASH. Every article Is manufactured by himself. They are new Goods, well made, and cut by as experienced Cutters as there are in Baltimore. On hand, CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, and VEST-INGS of every description, which he will make up to order in as neat a style and finish as can be had any where. Boy's CLOTHING always on hand. Give me a call and get GREAT BARGAINS AT VERY LOW PRICES, AND WELL MADE WORK. L. JA&RETT, 126 Baltimore St., d27 tJlr above North. OFFICE OF THR A N N A - t-rv. POLIS AND EliKRIDUR -iKAll.KOAU COMPA N Y. Dkc. 25,1!49. For ihe, atcoinmrdation of members of the Legislature and others. AN EXTRA TRAIN OF CARS, wi.l he run at the usual hour, on SUNDAY MORNING, the 30th inst., to connect with thetrains which leaves Baltimore and Washington at 6 o'clock, and arrive in Annapolis by 8 o'clek, A.M. By order, N. H. GREEN, Sco'y. d?7 St ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD". Ran awav from the subscriber, nn th ovoid no- rjioi ine lem instant., negro woman 1. V C y ?isrfiff I-' 1-' V t !!.,... I l.iC rt 1 . v. 1. 1.' Wi.,t I i ...--. ..i..u v.. . 1 1 J 1 uciO.ll .-1..II ... . about 24 vears of a ire. about. fe.t si- or krvioi inches high; a bright yellow; has a rather delicate appearance; very pleasant when spoken to; no marks recollected. I woi give fifty dollars for her apprehension, if taken within the State of Maryland, or the above one hundred if taken without the limits of said State. In either case she must be brought home, or secured in Baltimore county jail so that I get her again. JOS. NONGUES, (127-2t 307 W. Lombard st. oSOTICE. FREDERICK COOK, Butcher, who applied for the Benefit ol the Insolvent l aw, is not Frederick Cook, Butcher, No, 96 Montgomery s'rect, Federal Hill. It N OTICE. 1 hereby forewarn all persons irom har-foring or trusting my wife Margaret, as she has left the bed and Doard that I provided for her, and seeked out others for herself without my knowledge and consent. Any person so harboring or trusting her will do it at their own peril, as I am bound in future not to pay any debts of her contracting. d273C JAMES BOUCH. rjiO THE PUBLIC I, JOHN JORDAN, was 1 lawfully divorced from my wife, Elizabeth Jane Jordan, on the 15th day of December, 1849, by Baltimore County Court. lt

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