The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE Hungerford to open up the bull for it is I appreciation of the efforts'to Inspire us tats**' DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SENTINEL IB the only newspaper in Carroll county tlmt IB printed all at home and It con•Ine more local and county news tban any otber two papers In this count;. POWRBS * COLOLO, Propi. FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1894. Visit Moore's shoe store. Mrs. W. A. McLagan returned yesterday. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Call at Martin & Clovis' for Glidden barbed wire. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. Mrs. H. E. Beach and baby are at Lake View visiting relatives. Squire Durlan, of Richland township, was a city visitor Tuesday. Mrs. J. B. Hungerford left yesterday for Atlantic to visit her parents. Diseases ot the eye, ear, throat and none. Dr. 0. L, Wright, Carroll. Mrs. H. Parker left yesterday for Lake City to visit her relatives in that locality, Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR.B.C. KELLEY,Carroll,la. "Maud" (sends us another very interesting letter this week from the Black Hills. T. B. Kail and wife, of Norfolk, Neb., are in the city visiting their mother and ly. He left Monday for Arcadia where he resided for several years previous to moving to Minnesota. He is looking hale and strong for one of bis years. The tennis players feel quite elated over their success in the match Tuesday. They did well considering that the club was just organized this summer, and all of them are new players. Prof. Ament has been on the sick list for a few day*, but ho thinks he will soon be himself again, read? for school work a week from next Monday at the opening of the city schools. Farmers oome OD, now is the time and McLagan's ia the plaue to get some goods cheap to carry yon over this hard season. Lay in a stock for the year; yon can eave money by doing so. Dr. A. L. Wright performed the delicate operation known as appendicitis Monday upon the eight-year old son of John Mohler. The operation was highly satisfactory and the child is resting easy. Jim Scott, of Glidden, is just as enthusiastic a ball player as ever, that is on the bench, and Saturday when things would quiet down for a few momenta Jim would usually .set the ball roiling. The teachers have left us and we will miss their smiling faces tromour streets. We trust they have all enjoyed their visit in our city and will return again again next year to gladden us by their presence. The Acme Knitting works are now fairly started an1 during the past week the number of employes has been doubl- relatives. Floor is 90 cento per sack at Mo- Lagan's. Why ia it BO cheap? Because be ia Belling out. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sharf, Sunday evening, a bright young son. Weight Hi pounds. C. C. Patty and wife, of Fonda.arrived in the city Monday evening for a visit with Mr. Fatty's relatives. Miss Lulu Long left Saturday for her home at Woodbine to remain until school begins two weeks from Monday. MoLagan baa got some awful good groceries and will sell much below any one in Carroll. Be ia selling out. Miss Grace Kail entertained the class of youngstersSaturday afternoon who so kindly assisted her during the normal. Oar prices on flour are right, suite everybody, give it t trial and yon will oome back to the Yellow front for more. All book accounts must be settled at pppe either by cash on note. KBUTKBR & COLIDQE. Mils Pearl Wilson; left for her borne in Des Moines after spending three weeks rery pleasantly visiting her friends in this city. Have you beard tbe newsf MoL&got) is wiling out. Goods must be nil sold daring tbe month of August and don't you forget it. Ten dollars to all part of t England. Great reduction in steamship tickets to all part in the *world. Call at once. Moseg Bimon. Giidden wfafc Well repiesented at tbe ball game between Carroll and Denisnn, , They were well pleased at seeing Carroll lose tbe game. W. H. Smith, one of tbe Letts, Fletch er conpany's travelingjmen, has moved Into tbe bouse formerly occupied by Wm. Schumacher. John Fiscus has been the recipient of a very severe sore throat the past few days. Thursday evening be had it lanced an d it somewhat improved. "In tbe interest of harmony" all tbe professors of the Agricultural college, in tbe agricultural department and the dairy department, were fired. It is t)uite generally conceded since our base ball and tennii players have faired BO poorly that Carroll, at best, is not mucb of an athletic center. Obw« ii Sanborn teas and ooffeea were wed exclusively on tbe World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Bold 00)7 by Merchant. Frank Hinder joined tbe picnic ex- curslon Tuesday to Coon river and undoubtedly had a good printers usually do when some one else furnishes tbe provisions, Tbe game of ball which was billed for Ida Grove and Oarroll yesterday, failed to materialize, Ids drove uid their battery bad loft them and for that reason the date was cancelled, Juo. Nockelsbas returned from the Black Hills and csa uow five Lie owu experience in the far west. Wo understand be won quite well pleased with his visit to Hot Springs. Merchant wouts you to call at bis stars and uee bow few goods 700 oau buy (or flvs dollars. Leuw your sacks sod baskets «| home, but put a double box on year »)e4 or vigou. Ferdloaud Berorou, ot Lakefield, Mian., I* in tbe city vUltict; bis grand Mrs, Vd. lUchomnn and fowl- ed. Tbe new tariff bill cuts no figure with them. Business is gaining right along. Rev.'Father Schulte of Arcadia, was m the city Monday and we had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time. Father Scbulte is a new man in the county and is said to be very popular with his congregation. The Union Cornet band will give a free concert on the streets this evening. This new band is proving to possess some fine musicians and will in a sbort|time rank among tbe leading bands in this part of the state. The Carroll Boot and Shoe factory sent a dray load of goods to the freight house Wednesday for shipment which billed out|$983. Tbia was rather an expensive load of goods and it was all manufactured here in our city. Hon. W. O. Smith, of Davenport, iain the citv on business. Mr. Smith is quite well pleased with the looks of Carroll county, and says it came through the drouth in good shape compared with many other counties of the state. Wm. Stokes cot into a little altercation Friday with a stranger and in order to defend his self respect and bis honor be felt called upon to put his antagonist "to sleep.*' The mayor charged them f 5 apiece. The fines were paid. The tennis players won what little bon or our city achieved Tuesday on the diamond or the court, and that was of rather a questionable honor, too, for tbe game broke about even, but they at least acquitted themselves creditably. Schumacher & Mitts are going to open a flour, feed and produce store by tbe first of September and have secured the building southeast of tbe court house square, known as tbe Adams building. They are well known to our readers and will make a strong and reliable firm, Chas. Wieland and Jno. Minchen ro turned Friday from Hot Springs, S. D., where they have been for the past two weeks enjoying themselves. They left the remaining members of the Carroll excursion well and doing nicely. The boys were highly pleased with tbe trip. , Word comes to us from Coon Rapids announcing the dualh of JAB, Mowdor, a prominent G. A. R. man and a son of Mutson Mowder of Union township. The deceased died Saturday evening at 6 o'clock in a room over the postofflce from a stroke of apoplexy received while walking iu the street. The water tank if fnll of water and the wull at the school house still furnishes a good supply. The engine and pump at the river will be repaired in a few days and the now pump will be here this week. It is thought by the close of tbe present wook (ho city will be In slinpo to again fully supply the city with water. Uou. 11, B, llusultou wus iu attendance at thu meeting of the stockholders of tbe fuir association Monday. Ue «ay» the luto rums have «ruully Improved the courso food aud ho now bolievos there will bu enough iu tun county to last through the com!UK winter. Ho says tbe funuurs urc fouling much better tuuu they were two wcuks ugu. Thin wook ull tlio nowspupurs of the citv wuro practically fruo from roasts or abUHu on uouiu uufortuuate unmpeditor who httppouod to huvo trod on his neighbor's loos. Wo woudor how long this truce will last aud wbo will throw the first briclt. We always look for Jiro. nn awful bai-d thing for him to behave himself and act descent. Our stock ie complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill cuts no figure with as. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on the street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. Wedo, 'tint think yon nre wise enough to chotse the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MEBOHAKI Since the recect rains grass has grown so rapidly that it isbe^innlgto look now as if the owners of lawns will have to fish their old rusty lawu mowers out of tbe rubbish pile-and get them in shape for work. During the past year we have notjheardii lawn mower ormisquito, but it looks now as if they would be with us again, even if it is late in the season. Sam Todd returned from Hot Springs, South Dakota, Tuesday evening, and is feeling much better for the trip. He left Russell and Miller there, both of whom are being benefited by the water. Russell was quite poorly for a while, but is beginning to improve. Miller is slowly recovering from the rheumatism and now has pretty good use of his hands and arms. The president of the school board informs us that a protest has been filed against the board using tbe northwest corner ot the basement as a room to lie used as one of the primary rooms. The room is Said not to be properly ventilated and is damp and unfit for such use. This notice has been served on the board and in the event that it does not abandon the idea of using the room, an injunction will ask for restraining them. Aug. Mengelkamp, of Breda, has gotten out a guide book for the study of stenography. The book contains complete instructions for the study of short hand and embraces a system of his own which is quite original and appears to be very simple. Mr. Megelkamp undoubtedly has a fine system and when once introduced, which we understand he is going to do, will become popular. E. G. Taylor, of Council Bluffs, came to the city Tuesday eveningand remained over night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Niswonger. ills little son, Lynn, had been staying with his grand-parents for the past three weeks, but returned with his father. Mr. Taylor says his wife is much improved in health and he thinks will recover from the rheumatism with which she has been afflicted. Carroll and Glidden have played four games of ball this season and not a single fight has been recorded. Surely the world does move and these two cities are becoming more civilized. But on sever, al occasions the danger line has been reached. and had it not been for the cooler judgment of the masses tbe series of games, which with these few exceptions have been very pleasant, would have been disgraced by a brawl. The railroad company has had a crew ot men putting down a well, just west of the city. Tbe crew has worked night and day for tbe past two weeks and are now down one hundred and fifty feet, and have struck sand rock which they have been drilling away at for a couple of days. The company evidently intends to go until water in abundance has been secured, for it now has the material on the ground and will erect "a large tank near tbe well. with the principles of the true teacher and we hope that our work will reflect the Ideas which they Have sought to fix so carefully upon us, That we extend our heartiest thanks to the board of education for the use of this beautiful building for the memory of it will help us to Inspire others with a love for the true and the beautiful, to the board of supervisors for tbe use of tbe court house for entertainments and to the people of Carroll for the hospitality shown the bod} during Its sojourn among them, Miss OARRIU NANCE ") Miss SARA UAKT (Committee on MISB.JKSSIE OHLINGEU f Resolutions. W. A. DEMING J list ot The following is a oomplete those enrolled daring'the normal CARROLL. AnnitYegge Mar; Kelly Christine Welderhold Oarrle Nance Laura Bchollenbern Lulu Long THE COUNTY NORMAL. A REVIEW OF THE WOBK AMD THE RESOLD. TIONS WHICH WERE ADOPTED BT TUB TEACHBBB—A SUCCESSFUL SESSION. Oarroll county normal institute closed its twenty-first annual session last Thursday. Tbe enrollment was 233, a number unprecedented in tbe history of tbe county. Tbe teachers were an intelligent, enthusiastic body of workers sod tbe institute will be long remembered M one in which labor was held snored. Tbe institute instructors gave universal satisfaction. Due attention was given ID each lesson to methods which included instruction in tbe various branches taught in our country schools. Tbs selecting of special instructors for special work sided much in making Uw work successful. Wbile Profs. Ess- toy, Amsnt, Atkinson, Oarrett, Bmitb, Lenooker and Stone deserve commendation for tbe able manner in which they presented and taught subject matter, to Mr. Lisk (or experimental science, to Mabel Stack (or grammar grade recitations, and to Misses Long and Kail (or primary work.muob of the actual success of tbe institute is due. We trust tbe county superintendent will tdvanos along tbe lines laid down (or actual recitation. Tbe principles of tb« Herbartiao system should be taken into •very school room in the oonutr «nd tbs problem of methods would, be solved. Progress iu our need, scholarship const first, methods btsed upon philosophy next, tbe anal of activity aud tbe virtu* ot patience allies to both. At tbe close of the session the follow ing resolutions were presented and unanimously adopted: Bluco this bus been the {argent and we uellovu the most successful Institute *ver bold Iu C'ttrroll county, cliaracturUwl by a laudable spirit of earuestueuu on thu part of students and praiseworthy fitltlifuluew ou tlio part of instructors; be it Hosofvud, That we, tbe teachers, extend to our couuty superintendent, 1'rof. j. J, MoMabou, our s|ueere»t thanks for tbe able aud masterly wanner In which he bis managed tbe Institute aud tot the untiring clTorU lie has put forth for their beuetft and comfort, , . That we express to tbe luutruotors our Bertha Bangs Josephine Patty Emma Stevens Ada Thompson Nettle Fox Ora Quint Anna Kelley Mnry Bowen Mnry 0'IIerron Mono Bowler Ellen Goates Adalade Graham Mary Barrow Cunle Walz Maggie Wolfe Belle Supplee Rachel Muriel W. A. Colllson F. J. RettenmMei Mary Graham Marina Tetger Frances Cloney Emma Young Elizabeth Martel Lillian Mloka Florence Folken Rosa Floyd Alice Cavanangh LorH Camp D. G. Murdoch Lydla Moon May Galantine OtlllleZerwM Viol* Oooke Gertrude Smith H. B. Walling Jno. B. Cooke Florence Bailey Emma Arnell Grace Kail Mae Wolfe Martha Bntzow Gertrude Heltner Elizabeth Maclean Kulle Murray Fannie Wlederhold Addle Supplee Oatbarlne Zerwas Maggie Theln « Lizzie Pape Belle Chase J. M. Ralph Olive Hlckman Ella Morgan P. V. Lenz Frances Lncey E. B. Oopp Catherine Hunter Katie Burrow Annie Floyd Emma Martlng Etta Bohan Frank Duryee Katie Hatton Maggie Hatton Vlda Price Bobt. Coburn O. M. Llsk W. A. Demlng Hattie Lovejoy Mamie Button Nellie Atkinson Ella Grlffln Anna Bohnenksmp Mabel Bailey Jacob Best Zetta House Minnie Horton Mary Clifton Alice Sherer Jon. Wohlenberg Barley Porter C. A. Noble Maude Andrews Will Boroherdlng Cora Horton. Hannah Dllllnger Belle Orris Steve Crlttenden Nellie Cook Jennie Ferguson D. Sylvester Grace Hunter Lillian Paul Blanche Yon Stein Jessie Graham Samuel Hoselton MANHINO. Clara Blakeslee Minnie Parker Belle Young Mary Shea Maude Johnston Olara Emmons Battle Leonard Mary Gardner Elsie Studeman 0. G. Olson Dora Atherton Aima Franke Jo*. Loch John Jenson GUDOKN. W. Meyers Florence Oadwell Mae Waldron Luella Sherer Nellie Flgert Nellie Hummel Fred Kllngei Grace Crlttenden IdaDlllavou Jennie Buntei D. W. Dobion GerrltJanseen Irene Mavlty Lizzie Bell Edith Lefflngwell Edith Greene Flo Haselton Lou McCollough Emily Wllley Jennie Walters Dora Elliot EiwlnFunk Clara Parker Albert Halley Alta Shepherd Mae Lee Effle Woolman Llla Blair Alma Studeman Jessie Obllnger Arub»b Ball Battle Hall James Signal Ida Plckett IvaPlckett Lillian Aarons Battle Johnson Hodda tlorton Emma Boderlok Bertha Frlsbee May Mlnolok BENAH, Lora Duckett DKOIUH. Maude Mlnnlon Mary Hortoa B. G. Hesi Jay Toung Elsie Young Kettle Byan MAFIA Bivnn Mabel Getty Minnie Byau BBBUA. Stephen Beta Mary Jackson Lizzie Knobbe . Anna Potter 8. V. Joekson Bow Bundt TBMPLBTON. Bdna MlBklmlns Frank Meyer* D. J. Sumervllle Minnie Hnggcrtf BAL8TON. Lizzie Sands . Killo Howard Virgil Young KBNTNBH. O. D. Jacobs COOM BAl'IOS. Lola Wter Ellen Parker Myrtle Sboener Stella Wl*r Walter Buthraoff Luella Banter Uertle Anderson A, O. Hulterd Louro Wilson D. N. Nedrow Anno Hotkey Moggie B. Doron Sara L. llart Mary Carroll Allot) Bteole Myrtle Steels 0. V. Mull«r Kris Indloytl UtllltVlLLK. Katie Huinllton I.AKB OITV, Oeo. Hemiburg Myru Kurie E. J. netted Mktlle Kreemuu tionlotvioooni Lulu liobertson irinlvy Boberlson OAUUOLI/rON. Dower Bosom Jane Bebrelber ' VIOI.A OKNTKU. Anna Tetor ABCADIA. M«r| Stolert Pauline Uohr Wlllway Bolllus Alwlne Mour OhrUitena Lahann Kettltt Mahur Sue Kdouburn BOUAWTOW W, L. Zlinu»erma«. Lizzie Katie Lauiumann G«o. Auon Joule Uottlei Katie Klousen Linda Wenterman ftttto Kllleon Anna Jackson Gisra Bruoh Lizzie M. Barr wist sit>8. s. c. Blackmail WALL LAKE. MT. OARMRt. Lizzie Borger Frank Wolfe HALBDIt. Tan GLIDDEN GAME. We feel we have duty to perform in recording this game or we would have but little to sny regarding it, Saturday WHB an ideal one for ball playing, and when tbe Onrroll contingency arrived at Olid- den we found the whole town ont • to see the Glidden oumbitmtion, olnd iu their brilliant new suits, punish tbo Oarroll representatives. Both clubs played imported players,to about an equal number, and BO far as that was concerned there waa no grounds for complaint. Shortly after 4 o'clock the game started with Glidden at bat. Tbe first inning stood one for Oarroll with a goose egg for Glidden. Iu tbe eeooud Waldron made a grandstand kick Against Meyers' delivery, and es their umpire' was calling; balls, Baer waa given a base on a balk. Meyers declared' that this was cold robbery, and it looked that way to us, too. Meyers refused to pitch unless tbe decision of the umpire ;wae changed, but SB Waldron said it must stand, Foster, the Glidden umpire, hardened bis heart against all appeals to reason and remained obdurate. Tbe result was, Meyers took third base and Plum went in the box. Wbile be was not exactly a "pndden" (or the Glidden batsmen he was a very luscious plum. Tbe visitors who had paid to see a good game which they would have seen had Waldron and the Glidden umpire refrained from this one decision, (or with this ex- IVORY OOAP If FLOATS BEST TOR SHIRTS.. THE PROCTER * GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. oeption, tbe game was umpired very (air- ly indeed, but instead of aeeing a good game chock (nil of interest we were compelled to sit there three hours and ten minutes waiting to see a lifeless and one aided hippodrome played out. At tbe end of tbe sixth inning Meyers went back in tbe box but tbe game was lost (of tbe Oarroll players and the Gliddeu's knew, it and Wa'dron never aven asked Foster to call balks on Mey- an* delivery, as he did when tbe Oarrolls were in tbe lead. There was no cause (or any (ear on tbe part of ths Glidden team for it would have defeated tbe visitors without any assistance of tbe umpire, (or tbe Glidden boys were tbe best players. They can well afford to risk any game on tbe merits of their ply without resorting to technicalities. Waldron was in excellent sbape and pitched tbe best game we ever saw him, and bis catcher was, with tbe exception of a costly wild throw, simply perfect. Had Meyers received the treatment hs deserved, the'gfcme would have been one that would have been a credit to tbe Glidden players and tbe spectators, especially those (rom Oarroll, would have (sit much better satisfied with tbe result. Meyers hsa been pitching with the league team, all summer but it took the Glidden umpire to detect that bis delivery, was illegal. Tbe following is the result: Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at tbe postofflce, Aug. 20, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. 0.: Jennie Wwtgarth Clog Wonk O. M. Waldron / Chas. E. Thompson Jos. Graller Ohns. Fulton Henry B. Turnum Philip Chadwlok The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of advertisement. JNO. Li. POWERS, P. M. Piles I Piles I Itching Plies. Symptoms moisture; Intense Itching and sting . .» u j Ing, most at night; worse by scratching. lowed to continue tumors turn, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming- very sore. Sway- ne't ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulceratlon and In most cases removes the tumors. At druggists, or by mall, for BO cents ..... "" ilp Dr. Swayne A Son, Philadelphia, B-l-95 Glidden. Keller Crtll.. Pogel AB B BH SO B Campbell. . Hagamon,. Orris ...... Hudson... Waldron. . . Tottl. 27 Carroll H BB SO B PO 111....... Hcliermer .... Hobornweber. . Hart..... ..... stultz Plum Nlswongei.. Total 128460789 Glidden OBOU6018 0-18 Carroll 100020010-4 Tims-Three hours and ten minutes. BBLIOIOOS Mutmas, Tbs series of meetings which ^wsfc to succeed ths dedication of tbe Oburob ot God bethel was closed Monday night, Elder I. E. Bnysr of Ida Grove preached an interesting sermon from tbs text found in John's gospsl,18lbjjobnpter,lfitb verse: "For I have given you an exain pis Ibat ye should do as I have dona to you." Elder Nelson then buried (our believers in Christian baptism, after which took place tbs washing ol tbs saints' (sat and tbs administration of tbe Lord's supper. This makes nineteen baptisms aud three conversions siuue our dedication. Truly con we say "prais* Clod (rom whom all blessings How." J. K. NHLBON, Pastor. Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S owder only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Aituaoula; No Alum ia Million* of Howe*—40 Years tbe Standard THIS SHOULD INTKBBST You. It is just as necessary for a man to get good reading matter as it is to gel good food. We have just made arrangements* which may oe ot interest to yon, dear sir, wbo are glancing down this column of type. The arrangement is this: We wilJ give yon tbe greatest of all Democratic papers, the New York Weekly World, and this paper.botb for one year, for $2, or we will send you this paper for one year and Tbe Weakly Worlk for six months for 81.75. The campaign now begun is going to be a very important one. Here is the opportunity to get your |own local paper and th* leading metropolitan journal ot the country at extraordinarily low rates. Does this interest yon? If it does, and yon think it worth while to take advantage of this great special offer while it laste, send 81.75 and gst the Weekly , World for six months and THE WEBKMT SBNTINBL (or one year. Address THB SKNTINBIJ, Oar- roll, Iowa. OLOSINQ ODT. Commencing August 1 ws will sell our stock of groceries, glass and queens- ware at cost (or strictly cash. We have decided to quit tbe grocery trade. MoLlAOAN & Go. 8HBNANDOAH VALLEY LANDS If hy go west when such grand opportunities exist in West Virginia, Maryland' aud the famous Shenaudoab Valley of Vir Kinia, a Section possessing all the requls ties for health, comfort and prosperity ? No region In the United States is attracting greater attention; people from the north and west are looking that way with the view of locating. Improved farm lands arc to be obtained at from 08 per acre and upwards, unimproved timber lands at from |2 to W per acre. Hlch mineral lands are cheap, excellent water powers, manufacturing sites, bust- 'ness location*, etc , are numerous. Tbe Mohooh and churches are excellent; the people are hospitable and extend a warm- welcome to new comers. The climate Is unequalled, no severe storms or cyclones, no contagious diseases. Half rote excursions from Chicago and aim. &O. towns In Indiana and Ohio, will be run to the Slienaiidosh Valley on August 7th and Uth, September 4th ond s IHth, October 2nd, November Otb ana December itli. Further Information given tree. Ad- dross M. V. Richards, Land and Immigration Agent, U. &. O. H. K., RalUmore, Md. W«ow-4t Reduced Rates to Washington, D.O. GlIAMD KNOAMFMBNT OK TIIS KNIGHTS or 1'YTHIA* OF Tils WOULD. The bleuiilal enoaiupinuiit of the Supreme lodge and grand encampment of tlie Knights of Pythias of the world will lie held at the national capital Aug. 27 to Sept. 5. i is for this occstlou the Baltimore & Ohio railroad company will soli round trIP tick- i*U from all points on Its Hues, Aug. 83 to- 24 Inclusive, valid for retain trip until Sept. 8; a further extension of time to Sept. U can be secured, provided the ticket U deposited with tbo joint agent at Washington, P> 0., on or before tfeur, 0. ' Tbe round trlji rate from Chicago will ui)8l7,BO, imu umrwHjinmllugly low rates from other points. Tickets will also be sold stall prlnolpul points throughout tli* went and nortuwost. No matter where you t>t»rt from, ask for tickets via 11. &O. For Information In clotull, address I*. H, ^llmi.Asw'tGon'! I'nsn. AKi'.ut, I), & O. It. It., Urand Central Taweuger Depot, Chicago, Ills. Notice-Proof of Will. uouuly, d»:-DliUlot UUte ot Iowa." Carroll uoart luvsuatkm. To oil wb'iiu it uiuy couwro : Notlo* ID ht>r«Uy Kiven, tu«t an lunlrumant Iu writing imuortlutf to be tun last will aud Uwla- , produced, u«a«utud, upuimU uml rtud u/ ik uud tuat I lin»» llxed 'i'l 1W4 ot August. 18S4, o» rftlttloii tuvroto. ~ ' ' with the «eal of . .- m a wot July, W. KBM^IIUI'OK, oiwrkautdat court. Wltuewiuir"offl»Taf sfgiiatura, yjid oti«rtU«r«tua(ttx«a, .i.Uh.

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