The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 18, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1933
Page 7
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HASTINGS 1 lirnisaSJjIISllJSMaSMSMaaMBaMr^ .--.. ""^ New* df Hftttlftp Public School* StindaJ' , Baccatanteat* iefHce* were netd In the M. ft. ehnten Sunday evening wftfi tfce following pro- I grata: Processional. invocation; RespoDstD-e Scriptnre lesson. Vocal solo, Mrs. Henry Wash- I burn. Scriptnre reading. , Son*, "Satlof, Breathe An Ete- I fling Blessing," girls* Sextet. Baccalaureate sermon, Rev. L. B. Rlpiey. Songs, congregation, Benediction. Commencement exercises I be held this (Thnrsday) erenlng, I May 18. Her. Heard of Council I Bluff s will Kite the address. The Seniors had senior day I Tuesday, May 16. The play east |accompanfed them. The senior Class play, "Where's IMy Money," was given last IThursday and Friday evening. A •good crowd attended both nights. Kenneth Nebbltt is a new sta •dent In the sophomore class. Chttfcn - Satnrdty eveirfng fn *** «»«*hter. Edith, to fcirth- of piano music, singing and playing tarfon* game*. **"» Christie, Thelma and Ned*a Crawford. Frieda Fellows. e8h> lrefte Eterhart. Win Again in KJttenball Last Wednesday the boys' kit Jtenball team went to Pacific Junc- Ition to win the game by a score 10 to 6. We play Silver City here May |1S and Emerson here May 19. Boys' Basket Ball Party The boys' basket ball team and •their guests were entertained at It party last Tuesday night. The •erenlng was spent playing games. •Letters were awarded to Bud •Mitchell, Ralph Kites, Elmer •Parker, Jack Mitchell, Wendell •Ord, Edgar LookablU, and La•Tern Potter. Other guests were •Kathryn Anderson, Ruth Pierce, •Irene Everhart, Mildred Darland, •Thelma Scott, Ruth Dalzell, Tom IChrUty. Miss Varley and Coach •Wllmelh. Eighth Grade Graduation [. The eighth grade student* will fepld their graduation exercises the to Mrs. Clarence Smith was called •to Council Bluffs Monday by the Illlness of her sister who is suffering with a cancer. Mrs. A. L. Qnstafson ot Red I Oak visited Friday in the home lot her sister, Mrs. Herman ISchurr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hanscom land son, Robert, risked Monday [evening in the Lawrence Reed [home at Glenwood. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Cromwell au[toed to Council Bluffs Monday. I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adams of IMalrern were Hastings visitors j Monday, Mr. and Mm, Pale Fellows and ion of Tabor risited Monday in the M, B, Fellows home. I Mrs. M. B. Cupp s,nd daughter, [Marilyn Jane, of Emerson were over-night guests in, the Hayden Clark home Thursday after attending the senior Class play. Born — Saturday, May 13, to i Mr. and Mrs, John Hudson, a flne , baby boy. We extend congratu* i lattons. Mrs. Jake Hayes who has been j staying with retotlTe* near Em•won Is Tilting in the home of [ Mrg. w. P, Hayaa. HOW SHE LOST 29 POBNDS IN SMOOTHS Delicious refreshments consisting of trait salad and two kinds of cake were served. All departed reporting an enjoyable evening and wishing Edith many more happy birthdays. Miss Ethelyn Crawford was a Malvern visitor Saturday. Mrs. Velma Daliell and daughter, Beveriey, visited In the A. V. ClHes hotne Saturday. D. H. kldwell and family au* toed to Malvern Saturday, Harold Mitchell of Omaha ipent a few days last week with Us parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell. Mr, and Mrs. A. H. Crawford and daughter, Harriett, visited In the Howard Rea hotne at £*• sex Sunday. Franklin Klday of Glen wood tislted In the A. V. elites home Sunday, Miss Lorraine Clark was a Red Oak visitor Thursday. Mrs. R. F. Crawford, Thelma and Waldo, and Mrs. Llllle Dixon autoed to Malvern Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vlner of Randolph visited relatives here over the week end. Miss Maxine Dawson of Riverton visited Thursday with her grandmother, Mrs. W. D. Llnthl- cnm. Miss Amy Culley spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Culley, near Glenwood. Miss Gretchen Sewing of Mlne- ola was a Hastings visitor Sunday. Paul Patterson of Shenandoah visited his brother, Harry Patterson, Wednesday. Miss Reglna Lookabill of Omaha came Thursday and visited until Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lookabill. Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Reed and daughter, Dolores, moved to Olenwood this week. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reed will move into the home that his brother vacated. ' ' -.,»,•.-•,— Mrs. Fosa Hanscom and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Howrey of Shenandoah visited Sunday in the Ralph Hanscom home. Mrs. Herman Schurr was an Emerson visitor Monday. Ptea*e reard the second BOO* o* Cortntntans until stay 44, f t ft helpful beo*. The tprtnf ft a wondertnl time of the year. Let tw appreciate to the foil (Jod's beanttftrl world. Let ns Ironot fttta by doing Hte wm. Mother's Day is a fin* instftn- tttm but let ns honor Mother afrd Mother's God all through the Cotte to chnrch i»e4t Sunday *k 10 ' T5* ^* tof * tn pre « en °* "The Sharing Life." church school at 11 with a lesson on the subject, -How to beat with Objectors." This Is a community church and everyone In the community is welcome. Miss Hatel Owens and Mr. Mrs. A. C. Frir.k were visitors In Shenandoah and Clarlnda satuN day. Miss Nellie Clay went to Omaha with her brother, Clifford, Sunday to spend a few days in that city. Mrs. Frank Hatnes attended services Sunday inorning and returned to her home not In the least suspecting the pleasant sur- pHse that was In store for her. When she entered the house all was quiet, no one In sight, but when she saw the dining room table laden with a bountiful supply of good things to eat, Including two large angel food cakes, she knew there were at least some cooks In hiding somewhere. Yes, her children and grandchildren had come to eat dinner and spend the afternoon with her and Mr. Hatnes. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mc- Colllster and three children from near Strahan and Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Haines and little son were the ones In hiding but soon made their appearance. It was an enjoyable day for all concerned. PAGE StVferl EGG LAYERS IN CONTEST tritettiitiofial Coffipetitidii it A &tttttfy o! Progress gtlon. All organizations are urged to join In the observance of this day. Program, finance, decoration, and other committees are planning an Interesting and appropriate observance. The committees on poppy sales Were named as follows: Mr*. Irene Blakely and Mrs. Mabel Gee, Imogens; Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Ne«' rg - Mary L. JobP^ton, north Randolph. Report* on finance and on the seventh rtintrtct convention were gffen by Mary L. Johnston, secretary and treasurer and county chairman. Popples to be told this year ty the Randolph nnft were made by- disabled veterans near Blancharrf who received onp cent for each poppy made. Material* were furnished. CHAMPION HILL EAST LIBERTY «* 9«mto to 3 . Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson and daughter, Ethel, were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hurst near Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks and children were dinner and afternoon guests Sunday In the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maddocka, in Silver City. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Du Val and son, Alan, drove to Council Bluffs for a short visit Sunday I afternoon. Mrs. Vivian West has returned to her home in Kansas City after a month's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R, Bird. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Davis qf Sioux City recently spent a couple of days in the home of her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Bird, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Lookabill and daughter, Ruth, were dinner and afternoon guests in Hastings Sunday at the home of his par" enU, Mr. and Mrs. J, F, Lookabill. «Dpn Clay and family and Clifford Clay and family of Omaha were Sunday visitors in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Clay. Mrs, p. s, Anderson end daugb* ter, Katbryn, weat to Couactl Bluffs Monday afternoon to attend tbe funeral services of Mr. Woo4f who was killed la an auto accldeet there a few 4»ys prevl- QUB. Jerry, tbe Utll« three year old son of Mr. and Mre. Plummer, took seriously s(ek last Thursday. JJe was rujfeed, to a hospital lu Couw41 Blu«» %&4 operated on tot bwflja. At latest report* he WM settles along aa well W 00104 fee expected. Mr- *Wl MM. ftttwel Bird, an.d tw» obiWrftfl |nj Mr. a&d «r». BJrt Iftd. five cMWiw of d MF, tttdMrt- R«a, wtr* ftiftAur ytiitan *t tfe» ROBJ of Mr P»mu M* , Mr, Md Mrs, A, R. Biid Mr. and Mrs. Ray Berry and son, Donald, spent Mother's Day with her aunt, Mrs. Joe McLaln. Miss Pearl McLaln attended a group meeting of the O. E. S. at Clarlnda Friday. Mrs. Nels Larson entertained Sunday in honor of her mother who is staying with her. Her three brothers and their families of Omaha came to spend the day. Will Morris, uncle of Mrs. Jessie Cardiff, was burled the last of the week in Kansas where he made his home. Many here will remember Mr. Morris and sympa- thlie with Mrs. Cardiff and her mbtlier*r.r KJiier McWnTtt their loss of an uncle and a brother. Letba Haldeman spent Saturday nlgbt and Sunday with her cousins, Marjorle, Helen, and Arlene Haldeman, and was a welcome visitor at our services Sunday. Joe McLaln and Frederick Larson assisted with the music in Emerson Sunday morning and at Climax in the afternoon. Others from our number attended the service at Climax and enjoyed the talk made by Ex-Gov. Dan Turner. We were glad to have Francis Ungry back in Sunday school this week after an enforced absence on account of measles. Mrs. Roy Haldeman and daughters, Marjorie, Helen, and Arlene, were visitors In VllUsca Saturday. Golden Noel is the latest victim we have heard of as having the measles. Red Oak visitors Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Francis Parker, Pearl McLain, Mr, and Mrs. Merrill Briggs and son, Marion, Bertha Kellenbarger, and Louie Bullingtons, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nlms and daughter, Julia Dean, spent Mothers' Day with Mrs. Emma Listen in Emerson. On account of so much sickness our Mother's Day program was cut rather short but we enjoyed the recitations given by those who were able to attend. The following children helped out with the service; Luclle Smith an4 Julia Dean Nims, Max Bullington, and Marjorle Haldeman read a very appropriate aefcctjon. W» mlsse4 J«ne and J|ary Mae Parker and their mother from our service Sunday as they are usually la their places, Wand* and Jean KacBeraperger entertained Sunday la honor of tbeir wo.thw'f Mrtbda,y the IP* lowing: Mrs, p. N, Uddell and Eloiee, Mr. and Mrs- Sternum Ah lea a«4 joe, ana Mr. «a4 Mrs. Stanley Re«4 of Council Bluffs. lira, Ruby Straiiat *ftd daughter, fitrtena, anenj Sunday Ifea former 1 * ^ujl Cwjwyr. Marlorli tad HelM tllMdtd &§ iu»lor-* •mat In Rid o*k lut WM*. In Millions of city folks along with millions of their country couslni will have the opportunity to see a Brst hand tbe operation of modern poultry plants at tbe Century o Progress Exposition at Chicago. May 28th to October 29th. More than S,OUO of the best pro- duclng hens in the country will be entered In an International Egg laying (iontest under tbe auspices ot the National Poultry Council The American public Is not con- •iimlng the uuraber of eggs annually that our Canadian belghbors are, according to the poultry officials. Harrey U \ViMtrt. MHtmger of the Interns- tli'iinl Kgg U>-in« contest at the <Vntury of I'rogress. states that • 'iihmltims eflt 80 mure eggi per cap- Itn than do U. 8. Citizens. "One of the purposes in conduct- UIK this" says Mr. Wood, "Is rn niiike millions of new friends fur tht» |»uiltry Industry. Also we wnnt to (liTiintiRtnite In n prnrtlitil wny wliMt gimil qnnllty in eses really ClM'tlflR." lii this effort to |iroye the producing iiblllty of hens kept im.lcr pn>|ier ciiMilltltms and feil nccimllnx ti> IIMIKT fecdttiu mctliorts tin. urn- clal Knles Commute* of the Content IlMH lltM'lllllI U|lll|| mi OlUl'lHl IC«K I<«,vln»! Mimli mid Si-nitrh (irtilri which mum he red tn nil hlrdu «-n- terert. After «tn «X|IHIIKI|V« m-urch fur a fewl that wniil.) tm-ft Hll re- j Thwa th* of the ionnl luil will be one of the most valuable of exhibitions at the Kale. One of the best spaces on the ground has been reserved for the exclnatte use of the poultry men. Over 100 modem poultry houses each divided Into two pens, housing a total of 28 females nnd 2 male* each will form the Poultry Exhibit At the tety entrance to the Po«|. try Colony will be exhibition pen* In which will be boused unusual breeds of chickens so that every visitor can become acquainted with the many varieties and breeds of barnyard biddies. Every week a model hatchery will produce more than 5,000 baby chicks on regular schedule. These will be packed and shipped to »ny [xilnt in the United states via Uncle Sara's Parcel Post Service. Tbe wisdom of getting offspring from known producers at the Contest will Iw aptmretit. A Brnller Plant where rhtekens are fflttnned for market will produce liwiiii fr|p§ to be wild to visitors. It Is more limn a I'.niltry Show Im! Is felt inn tmtl«r way now at »|i miewl for the Century of Prog. niw. It In a cIpnmnHfrntlon of the of Hiviimnlnted nwnrch head- l'.v our Aj:rlrciltiiriil Schools and iHil into pnictli-nl commercial vl.'B iimlcr thf untiring direction if the resellrrh iHvUliui of commer- •Inl feed mills. ( Thf winie rwrti that will he avail- n file to tlic ciuiiit ry's best hens at tlie Century of Pr«»ress Intprna- '""tin! Ken l^ylnj- Conti>*t are nvHll- In fxiinly tlie name form to New Fishing Law* Announced by State Fish and Came Department New regulations governing the I long, any perch less than T Inches taking of fish and the open sea' long, any Runfinh less than 4 sons have been announced by the i Inches long, except as provided towa Fish and Game Commis- j under the use of licensed nets or ison. The new laws become effective May 16. 1933. Perhaps the most Important change Is that of seines. It is lawful to fish with not more than two lines with one uii/Bi iuj|/uiiniu cunnge IB mai ui uiuie timu iwu mien wim une the abolition of the division of j hook on each line, but no perron 4K0 Btnta tntn tw<% «nnan nn«f ttav_ ftKftll ta*vet ttttfiK ltna« *n* Kit* K«i RANDOLPH Young People in Auto Accident Near Randolph What might have been a very serious accident occurrred Saturday night when a car belonging to Frank Snyder, driven by Buford GOdman, skidded off the high grade just west of town. The car turned over once and righted itself on the sloping side of the grade, Tbe occupants were fortunate in escaping without serious injuries. The driver of the car, Bu» ford Godmau .had his hand crushed and a gash and bruise on bis head, J, C. Silts, a bump and slight abrasion on bis fore- bead. Tbe two girls, Maxine Travelute and Betty GUmore, escaped with only a nervous shock. A car driven by Edgar Davis was closely following tbe Snyder car and he says there was no speeding; that if the car bad, been going at even an ordinary rate of speed tbe accident would have been most serious, it Is supposed tbe recent heavy rains bad caused tbe embankment to become soft. Randolph Couple. Married 1 iMkJUMMMW 10 ,.— r, Dodd and Dorothy Travelute surprised their friends Wednesday by slipping away to Nebraska, City where tbf»y were married Jn, tbe Presbyterian manae. Tbe bride is tbe daughter of Mr- And Mrs, Fred Travelute and b»a Hye4 Ju Randolph, ail ber life. Sbe is popular in tbe social circles of Randolph and ft graduate of tbe local schools. Tbe groom W »J«o » native of Randolph and ft bj«b ssbftDj graduate. Travelute family gave *n ' reception in tbelr honor nlgbt and Friday night » ~.r- W-T'* *** eftt «« Mr. »n4 Mrs, H. R. Jto44, entertained, tbe JJodd at their boms i» east tbj yoyus 'Legion Auxiliary Makes Plans for Memonai Pay The Auxiliary to the American Legion held the regular meeting Thursday afternoon, May 11, at the home of Mrs. Luetta Williamson. Plans were made to observe the State into two cones and having different opening dates for each tone. The new regulations provide for a uniform date tor opening ot seasons for the entire state. Bullheads may be taken at any time of the year, however there Is a dally bag limit of twenty-five. All fish other than carp, buffalo, quillback, gar or dogfish ate designated as game fish. The open seasotu shall be UK follows: It shall be lawful to take, catch and have In possession the legal limit of any game fish other than black bass and trout, from any ot the waters of the state except Spirit Lake, Clear Lake, East and West Oko- bojl Lakes, between 6 a. tn., May 16, and midnight Nov. 30. It shall be lawful to take, catch and have In possession the legal limit of any game fish other than black and silver bass, crap- ple, blue gill and sunfish from the waters of Clear Lake, Spirit Lake, and East and West Oklbojl lakes between 6 a. m., May 15, and midnight, Nov. 30. I shall be lawful to take, catch and have In possession the legal limit of any game fish except trout, between 6 a. m., June 15 and midnight, Nov. 30. The trout season, which is now open, will close at midnight, Sept. 1 of this year and will open April 1, 1934. The new bag IlinlU are aa follows it is lawful to catch during the open season not more than eight black bass, trout or pike, salmon, crapple, pickerel, catfish, perch, sunfish, bluegllls, and silver bass, and not more than a total ot twenty-five fish including bullheads. The possession limit shall leave such lines net bu*. shall be In constant attendance at all times. WESLEY CHAPEL Joyce Plerson and I'earl Norton favored Wesley Chapel Mother's Day with a viola and violin duet. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fickel and sons of Lincoln, Nebr. came Sunday to spend Mother's Day with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fickel, Mrs. Fickel and boys remained over to spend a few days visiting friends and relatives. Pauline Bowers and Edna Clark, students In Simpson college, Indlanola, were home over the week end and attended the alumni banquet In Henderson Friday nlgbt. Mrs. Lawrence Salyers and sons of Malvern visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fickel, Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Clay and son and Mrs. Wilbur Faust, all of Council Bluffs, spent Mother's Day with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parker. Wesley Chapel was represented by three of our young people in the graduating class at Henderson this year. They were Maxino Leu, Jeannette Luther, and Herbert Jones. Joe Robblns graduates from Malvern and Marlon Plumb from Macedonia high school this year. Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Parker and Mrs. Rose Plumb visited Sunday In the Floyd Parker home near Malvern. catch for two days for any one person at any one time. Bite UmlU: No person shall possess, control, kill, take, or destroy or allow to die any pike or pickerel less than 13 inches long, any catfish less than 12 Inches long, any black bass less than 10 Inches long, any rock or silver Memorial Day with the aid of the bass less than 7 inches long, any community and the American Le-' trout or crapple less than 7 inches If you have a frtend Interested in Mills county tell him about The Leader QUICK RELIEF FROM SOUR' STOMACH, HEARTBURN Stomach pains after eating and gas disturbances can be stopped quickly with Dr. Emll's Adla Tablets. Banish heartburn, sour stomach. Give quick relief. Collins Drug Co. adv. 8«turd»y of mt Ads DO Get Results Each week more Mills Countians are learning that Leader Want Ads pay, And they cost just a few cents a week.

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