Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1928
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY RgGISTER. WEDNESDAY gVENiyG, JANUARY 25, 1928. .PAGE FIVE I IBfi Tilt Aaioeiatcd Pre—i Programs In Central BMPdard Itlma. Alt time Is P. M. unlee* ottaerwiM In- dlcatadi Wave lengtba on leJt of call ktt«i^ kllocyclea on risht. !-«fr 272.6— WPO Atlantio'CIty-rllOO r 7:S0—Playeround Revollcra 8:001—Concert Orchestra !>:(10—-Movie Broadcast 3:20p-L>anc« Muilc 285.5—WBAL Baltimor*— 1050 ' Orimn Hecllai 11:00—Maiwell Hour S:00—llaikUo HoBr .608.2— WEEI Boston— 590 •7:00—Dwlue Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels '8:00—Clicquot Eskimos 9:tC—Dance Uusic ; 461.3— WN AC Boston— «50 C:30—Hunters Orchestra 0:00—Fool Peppers 7:00—Dudley CaroUers 7:30—MctropollUn Theater Program 302.S— WQR Buffalo— 990 6:3<>—Stailcr Orchestra. 7:00—DodRe Presentation - 8^0—Clicquot Eskimos 9.W—Smith Brothers i B4S.1— WMAK Buffalo— 550 7:00—Concert Ensemblo 9:00—Carborundum Band 10:05—Dance Music : S35.4— WTIC Hartford—560 6:30—Coward Comfort Hour 7:00—Dodge Fres«ntatioh 7:30—Cartol Theater Presentation 9:40—Statler's Pennsylvanlatis ; 422.3— WOR Newark— 710 6:lIS-7-Plano Pals r.:Ol'-:-SlieItnn Ensemblo i 6-JtO—Byer's Orchestra 9:30—Organ Noctnrns I 1C:D5—Daflc« l^UsiC. 4»1.5— WEAF New York—«10 S:Obf-Waidorf Astoria Orchestra 6:00l-Mldweek Hymn Sine G:30r-Coward Comfort Hour 7:00;— D0ds4 Presentation . ' 7:30—Hoover Sentinels S:00p-Cllcquot Eskimos i f>:On—Smith Brothers 9.:3U—StatlA-'s PennsylN-anlans 10:30r-Cas« Hasan's Orchestra 454.3— WJZ New York— 660 ' C:QO—Al Pricdraan 's Orchestra 6:00—U. S, Marine Band C: 30—Lombardy Orchestra , 7:00—Keloid Tnles 7:30—Ampica" Hour t.:0t*—Maxwell Hour 3:0(t-Balklte Hour. 10:00—Slumber Music 405JJ—WFl-WLIT Philadelphia—740 7:00—Dodse Presentation 7^30-Hoover Sentinels . i>:0()—Clicquot Es|timos «4a.6— WOO Philadelphia— «60 C:3D—Dinner Music , , SI5 .6— KDKA PitUburgh—950 r :in— uttle Symphony Orcbcaira 7:00—Concert from WJZ • S:00—Maxwell Hour •j :00—Ualkitp Hour 4«3.6— vyJAR ProVldtnc»— 620 7:00-.-Dodee PresentnUon 7:30—The Hoy I-'riends 8:00—Clicquoi Eskimos 277^6^WHAM Rochestsr—1080 • 7:00—Torrid Tots 7:30—Ampico Concert. S:00—Maxwell Hour 9:00—Balklte Hour 379.5—WGY Schenectady—790 ri:30—Dinner Music 7:00—DotlRO Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels S.:UO—Clicquot Eskimos 333.1—WBZ Sprinafield—900^ C;00—Irish Minstrels 7t0iT—Musical ProRram i:'.iO—Maxwell Hour 'j:00—Balkite Hour •Jf 468.5— WRC Washlnoton.^40 6:00—0. S. Marine Band 7:00—Dodge Presentation 7:30—Hoover Sentinels &:00—Clicquot Eskimos 516.9—WTAG Worcester-580 r.:30—Dinner Music 7:00—r>odKe Prcsentailon 1>;00—Clicquot Eskimoo SOUTHERN 296.9— WWNC Ashevillc—10;0 7:0(>—Studio Procrani >.:15—Quartet- i:15—Orclicstra ! 475.9—WSB Atlanta—630 • 7:00—DodEe Prc '^iiiiiniun 7:30-TH'eovt-r Siiitiiicls li:0O—Maxwell Hour M4.4—KTilS Hot Springt—780 ?:00—Itnlian Pn.Kr.ijn " •j:00—Heart SoiiKs 9:10—Danco Prolic J40.7—WJAX Jacksonville—880 7:00—nrclmt l^rosratn 7:J0r—Studio. I 'roRriim li :00—Maxwell lluur ,322.4—WHA8 Uouiiviile—930 7:00—Podcc I'rrscntntlon . 7:S0—Hoover Suntincls 9;«0—Band Hour 516.9—WMC Memphis—580 7:00—Dodge PrrboiitiiUon 1>:U0—Maxwell Hour ^ 336.9—WSM Nasliville—860 7:00—DodKc I'rcsciit:iiinn 7:30—Hoovrr- SrniincJa ' 8:00—Maxwi'M Hour 9:00:-Jack Kcclc 'aw .9— WSMB Mawi Orlsans— 1010 t :30 —Slusical Ph>Kram: Dane* Musio (2 hrs:) > , 254.1—WRVA Richmond— 1180 6:00- Vlrcinians Orchestra 7 :00—Fiddlers 8:00- Maxwell Hour CENTRAL 516— KYW Chicago— 570 7 :30—Ampico Hour 8 :00-:Maxw«ll Hour _ 9 :00—Chicago Opcr»' 10 :05— Art Unlck. 365.»—WEBH .WJJD Chicago- 820 7:00— Dodpe Presentation 8 :00—Moo-^eheart Hour 9 :80—eiilcairo • Opera 11 :00— Palmer House Studio 344 ,6r -WL8 Chicago— 870 6:00— Suppcrbcll Program 6:30— Short Features 7 :30— Supcrtonc Hour 447.5—WMAQ.w4J Chicago— 670 8:00—Contralto'an|] Whitney Trio 9:00—Chicago Opera 10:00—Hamlltonians _ ! ll:0O^Bi8marck Serenaders'fl hrs.) 428.3— WLW Cincinnati— 700 6 :80—French-Bauer Orcii«'.''tra 7 :00—In a Garden cf Music 8:00—Maxwell Hour 9:00—Chicago Opera 361.2— WSAI Cincinnati— 830 7 :00—bodRe Presentation , 7 :30—Hoover SenUncls -~9:00—Smith Brothers 10:30—Studio Program 399.8— WTAM| Cleveland— 750 C:30—Orchestra ' 7 :00—DodSre Presentation •;:.t0—Hoover Sentinels '• 8:00—Studio Prpi^ram '• 545.1—WFAA- Dallas— 550 7:00 —Dodge Presentation 7:39 —Hoover ScAtlnels 374.8— woe Davenport- 800 7 :00—Dodge Presentaiion 7 :30—Hoover S<>ntlnels- 8 :00—Maxwell Hour 535.4— WHO Des Moines— 56C 7 :00—Dodge Pi e.'ontation 7 :30—Houver 'iiiilinels S:00—Maxwell flour 9 :30— Dance Music 440.9— WCX-WJR Detroit— 680 6 :00—At Eventide 8:00—Maxwell Hour ' 9:00—B.t1kite Hour 352.7— WWJ Detroit— 850 6 :30—Dinner Music 7 :00—DodRe Preyint .Ttlon 7 :30—Hoover Sentinels 8 :0U—Clicquot Eskimos 499.7— WBAP Fort Worth—600 8:00— Concert Orohestra 8:00— Musical Hoitr 11 :00— Organ 422.3— WOS Jefferson ^City— 710 7:00— Studio . Program 7 :30—AJilrexs 8:15— Department of Education Hour 370 .2— WDAF Kansas City— 810 6 :00—.School of the Air 7 :00—Dodge IVc-ientatlon 7:30— Hoover Sentinels 8:00— Maxwell Hour 293.9— WTM J Milwaukee— 1020 7:00— Dodge Presentation 8 :00—Maxwell Hour 1 .0:00-rDance Music 405.2—weed Minneapoiis-St. Paul .740 7 :30—Hoover Sentinels 8 :00—Hamllne Unlverslty- 9 :30—Chlcapo Opera" i', 499.7— WOAI San Antonio— 600 9:00«-Kelvinator Hour 545.1— KSD St. Louis— 550 7 :00—DodRe Presentaiion 7 :30—Hoover Sentinels 8:00—Maxwell Hour 348.6 ^KVOO Tulsa— 860 7 :00—DodKe Presentation 7 :.';o—Hoover Sentinels 8:00—M-ixwell Hdur 344.8—WCBD 2ion— 870 8:00—Double Trio. Celestial Bella. WIedman Sisters. Hire String Quartet WESTERN 468.5— KFI Los Angeles— 640 10:00—California Petroleum Program ! 1:00—Dodge Presentation 416.4 —KHJ Los Angeles— 720 lfl:ftO—Concert Orchestra ia:00—Concert. Orchestra 336.9— KNX Los Angeles— 890 9:00—OrRiin Uecltal _ 11:1111-Conrlosy Program i;;:«U—l>ance Orchestras , 384.4— KGO Oakland— 780 j 11:00—Iindge Presentation 11:30—Moon Magic 13:00—Diinco Mtisic 508.2— KLX Oakland- 590 R:30—Dodsc Trio lu;00—Daiico Music (2 hrs.) 491.5— KGW Portland— 610 R:30—Oolden West Girl ll;uu—Dodge Presentation 454.3— KFRC San Francisco—600 -11:00—Movie Club 12:90—Dance Music .(2 hrs.) . 422.3— KPO S«n Francisco— 710 10:00—California Program 11 :00— NUC Program 12:00—Danco Music iSj hrs.) 348 .6—KJR Seattle— 860 10:30—AHC Musiqal Program i:::Ou—Danco Music (2 lirs.) . 370.2— K HQ Spokane— 810 11:00—Dodge Presentation 12:00—Danco Music « brsO OOMPEO Ihtro THAT TA^J LOOXS E)<ACTLV UKE TrtE V^KOS i BEEM IMPERSOMftTlNfe WjE -LOCVCS' X HEftRD HIM TELL THE DRIVER TOT/NKE TOTKE FlfflWQ T-i • Field Cl^TTTV/; TWT ^s STRAIGHT. SAV-ER-HAWfeMJTX ^ SEEM VOO SOMEWl'""" BEFORE-AIN'T BY TAVT OR 60Y THeY Dseo •THE FLftSH* BAC| MICK'S QAM31 JOIMT? NEVER MIMD TVAE POST MORfTEM <STOeF AM' W FAMILV REONlOMS -'ViEEB GOIM'.BUT JDSrr Tb SETTLE TWiS OLD HERE AM' SEE JF YOliREAUY VlOONW WHO X AM C, W. Nash Distributes Three-Quarters of a Millidn Dqllars , Among Employes for Christmas • O. Iv rSED t'ARvS-^in25 Cliovrolet lourins:: 1»2» C'iievrolfit tburing; 1!I27 I'hevrolct truck, with cab: 1924 Chevrolet 1 ruck with cab and grain bmly; 1924, Ford touring. Many other barKains in cheaper cars. Shells Motor Co., IIS West .lackson. Phone 60. CHICKS—Pure Wed electric hatched, off each week. With each order of 2.=iO chicks \fc Rive ,a gallon drinking fountain. Custom hatching per egg.' Quality Electric Hatchery. Gas. Kans. ' 192C CHISVROLBT COUPE—Chtiys- ii-r ••61)" coach: Chevrolet sedan; CUrvsIer "5S" coupe: Podge touring: Ford sedans, roadsters and j PALLETS FOR SAI.E—WhiteWy- COCKEREfeS—Thoroughbred English White Leghorns; 2B0-293 egg strain. Direct'from the famous Ferris Wliite Leghortf farm. $3.00 per bird. Phone 9G4F11. A. G. Speegle. mile So. Kentucky. coupes: 1927 Ford touring, good as new. All .are-Jii-goo^ shape. andottes and Rhode Inland Reds. E. R. Van Rureii. Phone 994-12. Woi trade. Ross Arbuckle's Gar-! j^g^gj^j, _ ifojje Comb White age. Chrysler <lealPr3^J!J>iffie_oi).. | ^vyahdottes. Plione 952-11. Lewis Auto AccessorleVTire^ PartsMlP?^: ^. ^. \ UvE PAY TO ^AY—Cream. 43c. nOOU A.N'D WINDOW—Glasses fori eggs. 2Sc: hen?. 14c. and 18c: 1921. or earlier. Ford sedan or coupe. We worti on any make of car. .Smith 's Garage. 124 North street. Phone .'.76. • springs, 14c antl ISc: cow hides, 12c: horse hides up to $6.—Allen County Cream Co. ?T.;i 000 in r.ish was distributed bv C. W., President of the \a.-h Motors Company, anirtpRcmploics Christ- ir...i Kvr. This was the larijcst C' distribution ever made by N:!sh Molorr. .\o cmiiloyc was fjvcrlookpu. STOCK MARKET HAS REACTION Long Sought 1. 1 • LA.S.SIFIKD RA;rES Heavy -Liquidation Is the J Cause of Trend Downward N.w V.irl:, .l:in. 2:',. (APi - The stfKn" iiiai kc; i'Xptrifm <.•(!• u -vliarii reaction today us a ii.!wiill of the-: 1 Jic^fvy liijitiiiMt: .!! iiispirod liy Ww, iiiic.\pi(i.M! ii: r.n- <-iiii-aj;'..' fpd'.'iiil • r ('5 'j :-Vf i -iMijaiouiit rate. I'ritcs !>n:i:(: 2 \i> 7 point.; at Ihv oi;c!!i::t;. rjllit i hio'l'Tutely. sagi;eil .-.salii b.-l'-T'' iiiiti cay antl turncil ii;i\v;irii in ll;.' siily att'-i- iiiioii uli'.-i: lif::v:. -l-'VcIop' in tin; jiihlif uti.ilii m.'V.'I al ol' wliicli .iiivancc'l' l<i 111 w rci- iu(is.; ri;.iliii?; sttarl'.I -ifl al ii terrific pai.o. Ij;:: .'•ioAfij i n tlu^ rallies. J.rain J'rico Drop. Cliicaud. Jan. 2ri. (.M'l.- Synipa- lliiziiiK with weakness of tli.- New Vein .~tcick iiiarkfi and with nncx- pi-i-tiMl wlii'al pri<M> d'-cljiiis at Liv- criiool. Kialiv values hen- under W.iit a general setback today. Niini< r<ius .HianiUnK onlvrs lo sell out .•.•».l stop losses in wlif-al were ciiiighl on tin: hriak. _ On the down • 'Iv r:il.- |i- r- fit.!' .••iv il:ivw > .. . T!it'C .lavs ....... <>;,.. .Imv ,. . .. .: .'.iiiipTiiirii '•;<«)!. r..'U:t flv Ucrtk.; I. Si .-.-i ::l :::n-s f..V :•. i: A-1 f..r i:.s roiiHiH.Mitive CliafBa C.nali ti: fic -n , ..IJ" UK: ink nny ail. T 1 ANNqi,!r§CE51ENTS; Stmycd, Lost, Foitnd CKIJK.V [••(Jl.'.VTAlN PKX ^Without I III:. lO:-;. K .'Risi -r. Kill 'I'!- p'<-;rs I.ibci-al iev.;il On iola-ColonV LO.ST iiiin's ci'iv's. vc;- ••(jnip;!! t. Kiiiiicr k] li'luni ri'sl lo Rcuiste If.. a'lvf.rtisin^. rf turn rd. road, pair niall iKijndbag. sil- •ep money. I- office. AUCTIONS Auctions ! COM.MIMTV .^AI.i:—At LaHarpe, Haiunlay. .laiiii.'--: y 2S: good'uscil aiiij riow fiu|i:itiire: oii< .\tra j;oo<! (ool; s»ovt; in:^ ovi'ii: o'.lK.r urti( ''ii.i and one jioiid brcn rii:is. liraj;oo. Autlioml Jn "t). n. Gates." "74. Los Ahgelc? PUHLIC AUCTKt."*-Public auction every Sainnlay l:Oi) o'cloc'i at Ili.'.iiop's Sales 1'avillpii, STONY POINT (Ulla .McFarlaud.) Mr. and Mrs. Sam Helms and Mrs. Lotie Ilclmns and two children! vi.sited Sunday at George liroui^hion'.--: Ml', and Mr.'--. Park Caldwell were Fort .Si -oit. visitors Saturday. I.,ue Fusion and Pa.schel Brough- t'lji of Cross Plains, Texas, visited several days the lasty week at (ieorge Broughlon"s. A j)liysician was called to see KuRcno Love :\Ionday mbrnlng and t 'unil him quite sick With appendicitis. He was taken to the Fort Scott hosl)ital and operated on. At last report he w^as resting as well as c< uld be expected. : _ , ^ Mr. and Mrs. Ben/Alarrs si«eni, Sunday evening at Mr, G«qi-gb liroughtort's. Mr. and Mrs. •. Dunca:: ' visited Sumiay iu Brons<iu at K. B. Anderst?n's. • Airs. Au.<?tin McFarland : -d little .'•op and .Mrs. Gr4c6 Stew; rd and (laughter. Jfadine. were -Ioi_ visit- bra .Monday. _ Mr. and ^Ir.-;. Fred Bro ihton visited Mrs. Broughton's fathi •. .Mr. Livestock: ivith wai Hies; chick- iidiT house, or. Spaffprd, in i ^Ioran Sunday evening. :Mr. and .Mrs Tom Ireland visited Sunday at Edtj Wilson's. Sadie and Jimmie Lowary were j lola visitors Saturday. | •Mr. and Mrs.' J. W. McFarlaud : an6 daughter, Leliat were Fort |>Scott visitors Saturday morning. Mn and Mrs. Will Broughton visited Sunday wiih their sou. Dean, And family. Gladys Rogers vlsiteJ several days the lak. week at Mr. McFarland's. . Mrs. Lola. Amey of Gariiett, Kansas, visited several days the last week at her fs^xlier's, Mr. j3eorge Broughton. .Mr. and -Mrs. .f. W. .McFarland and daughter, ^elia and Mrs. Grace Steward and daughter, Nadinc. were lola visitors Saturday afternoon. hunsii* I'iJj F'riHlucp. I Kansas City. Mo.. .Jan. LT.. .(Al'i. K;;!;:;; Firsts :\T,v. seconds no"c. Il'-avy Ik lis 22c; ducks •I'l';/IWc. Ollnr produce umliaiiged. kiniMis (It}' liiiv. , City. Mo. ;la.n. 2.'".. (APj: jHay ujitliaiiKod: r"ieipt.s 71 car.s. Dorsett Produce Co. ]20S;£a!>t Street, lola. Fhonc 703 Cash for Poultry and Eggs Gall U }i Any Time. We will come after poultry. WAVERLY (Mrs. Anna Simpson.>' . Jan. 23.—.Mrs. Eva Herbert of h.i!i«a» rily (•rain. Kailsas Ciiy. ."Mo.. .l:in. :;."). Wheat; Ileccipis :»:: cais.- Marki.l •ic to 1<- lower: .\o. 2 dark hard $l .::o;'}i ; No. :i .$1.5«Tn..Tl ; .\"o. :^.lianl .n .2 .-.'fj l .;i.-.; .No. :: S1.4i;; .Vo. L'nd noi'iinallv .$1.4 :^11 .47; .Vo. ;.: ?1.42fil.4:{i4. close: Mav 51.24':..; .Inly .«1. JII-n. Corn: Kt-ecipit;. 21- e;irs. .Market iinchaiiurtil to Ic low, r. .\o. 2 while SK(Sl'-e; -Vo. T.'^'-'ir .iK ; .No. 2 yellow S„";» S2I ...C; .\o. :! ."iiKkS^;:: .\o. 2 mixed Si |i< « S(|i;.e : No. :'. at 77'j^<S "'ie. Close. May Jili'^c and .July ,s.-,-'rc. Oats: Rfceipis cars. Ic lnw"r. No. 2 Wljite nominally .'.")•/( 57c; No. :! iiomiualiy ri4&.5 <;e. .Milo maize J1.4.;fitl.4r.. JEDDO Ix'il loom siiiii'.. ItoiiiiU (lak din- kiinsiio Cil.v I .iveNltick. Cil.v. Jan. 2.".. lAPi-C. -S M.-paniiiiiii of .Agriculture.—Hogs It.ono; tfaiiVy adive. steady to I 'le higlicr ifKi:i Tuesilay"s close; slock for a tliree weeks visit ^>ith rela- ti^'es ^^ndfriendf. !Alr. and Mrs. Sam Gerdseu are tho proud parenta of a four-i>ound baby daughter born Sunday evening,. Jan. 22. Ail concerned are doing as wjull as <aH be oxpecte-v Mr. and ^Mrs'. James Milluugliii _i . «_ . n.,^—I Sunday cullers at the floberi GRElVNAN'S MARKET' Strwart homo south otlAHarpe. Corned Kast Monroe an* Kim Sis ' many; friend,, of New Mexico, came last week to be j P'Rs -teady: packer and shippji ^ith her father who is critically top $.S,10 onnso to ';f^: I'"'': ill at St. John-s .hos.piial at lolai i desirat.i- 170 lbs., up ?S.(.ora .'t.S.lO, Conrad <ierdsen| is in Illinois lOLA, KANS.!, W* Want Your Poultry, .Eggs and Hides A\I>iOrir PHOJfE NUVBER IS .^76 ' iola?-;; Produce House Slnre 1911 |q 0. COGHILL, Haugeri the family will be grieved .to Irani of -Mr. Uarr'ti death Tucs<lay morning al 3-o'clo(ik at St, John's hospital at lola." The en'tlrp community extends jrympathy to the' bereaved on«!. 1 —Extra large bundles of clean newspapers, 10c, at Register office. 140 to !»;» lbs.. J7.7.'.'?; J.S.iHl; jiack- ing sow..; .^e.Gii'T; $7.2.'); stock pigt. $7.00f( S7.7.">. Cattlo COOit," <alvc,s ,S0»>: few good ^weighty steis on shipping or- ilel". slightly higher; inedium to good sliort fed steers of light and :m!cliuin, weight, slow, sieaily; fed 'leifers steady to strong: slaughter barelj' steady; vealers fully .laa. (Jiii'r !i ?:inn !i 'r t'.:i -i| v!i ii !i:y .I 'H ud-d '.he llii.-s salej .-ilay. .Mr aiiil .Mrs. Henry il- .-.-t spent ; Tu(.-=.iay ir. lola. " i -Mrs. Lyl.> Wing idib '-r'; •lent >Io !ifi:iy witii Mrs. G'-orgo K!o;z!j:i( 11. Wa .viie ,i:iiL .\i'.uy .I.)ai:;i. ;.Mrs. Henry Hess Mi'n! T:.i:rs;lay . ;:!t>rii'joii with .\Iis. Aivinii Stub-; liar:'. Mr. am: .\!r.- ' To:ii liyniiii spei.' "riiiay a! I:!' l.or;-!! Itcgcr.s hoiii'' luar KI.-:i'.oi'-. tieorge KIotzbiH 1; tiutsii'ju tor H.tivy He.-s S:ilu:''....v. Mrs. .\iv;nii S;:-ul)iiart sjiiii' l"ri-• (ia\ ai;eraijuii with .Mrs. H. II.'; Ckllli'!!^. ; am; '.Mis. \'i riui H,- sp<r;; Kr :<!:iy a:!eino(iii at the parental • CI" men-; horiie. .Ice C-rvais. and .loe Gervais, jr.. ;-;v.-;it .Sutiiiay with .Mr. aiid, .Mrs. T -m'.in. .Mr. ai;;l .Mrs. Hii«i) Striiliiiart sjiifni Sur.ila.v ai the Slnibhart llon.e ' Kvereir i4~ss came. Imr.i • lio:i! lii'-iiiiiond. Kan.--., the last of tl:f- \ve(k u.r-.iH iiideliiuie stay. . , .Mr. ' I'tail and Clareni 'e called' at the H. H. Clemens homo .Monday. .Mi.--!? .lo K!o;zlia<ii wns ^^iioppiu'.: Cliiiii'.i^y one day last weik. Heavy Selling Rules . i Stock Market Today | iiif t:ili |i-. t; elHtirs. heater.' jzay n ziior. Ki r:inKc. while porcelain Honzier kltclien cabliK leuin ni.t;s. !!xl2, and arlides. This furnituri toiind Oak onomy gas cook table. It, 2 Congo- hiSny other p is all just UUCKSTKLL AXLE—For Ford ton truck: also tires, used parts. lola jUilgJVreckjng^Ca._Phoi^^ . iNcUB ..\TORa ^lu goo.l condi- TClil\KY T0.M3-—2 Bouibon ro'U-, white winged;, one large white Pekin duck hou. Ed-Bnienger, Humboldt. R. 4:- BUSINEvSS SERVICE Laundering 24 tion. I BuckeCe. 175-egg size: 1 Fairfield, 200-egK: TQueen HOO- egg. Also a few choice White r , Rock cockc'i-els-from select stock. LACNDRV WOr {K-0f all kinds, ,* Mrs. K. S. l>ar8on. Chiinute^ work guaranteeil. XVill call for •Ti'.d deliver. Phone 141S\V. Wnnteil—live Stnrli REAL ESTATE FOR ..| 81 Houses For Sale 7 ROOM HOUSK—Thoroughly; modern.'with 4 acres ground, at CJar- nett. Kans. For sale ov trade for lola property, lola, Kans J. F. Swonger. Jr:: To Exchange—Real Estate 88 IMPROVED SIBCRBAN TRACT— Would consider livestock or, farm, implements.—Jackson Realty Co., over Brown'a Prtig Store^ Wanted—Real Estate W.\NT TO HEAR from owner hav-. ing farm for sale in Kansas suitable for general farming and stock raising. Send description! and. lowest cash price. John C. Baker, DeQueen, Ark. LEGALS Legal Notices 89 • WA.NTEO — Washings and plain sewin ^in Si)iUli^KeiiUick^^^^ Motrlng, Trncklnff. Storage 25 PALL DEAN TRANSFER — Phone SS5. willrmovc you by hour or contract, with experienced meni. WANTED TO BUY-All kinds of c:at:e anO B"tt'ier. SiERCHANDISE Artleleo For Sale .11 (•."001) OAK WO (5n— For sale. $3.i»l rank delivcrc-d., A. O. Hillbrant. Phone S7.'?. ' WHEN YOU MOVE—Or xt^re^yoar | goods call Corr'p 140. residence 140. EMPLOYMENT a short tinie only. Allen County Implement Co.,, S. Jefferson. Help Wanted—Female Cp.MPA.NION—Wanted for elderly iadv. light housework, must stay nights. Address "X. Y. Z." care Register. ' ______ 82 i N.\TIVE I UMBER—Mostly oak, ' anv dimensions; See Paul Atkins at Owl Cre^k Stock Farm, 5 miles west Humboldt, or call Bud ^^^lite :Motor Co.. I phone ISO. lola. Heli»—-Male and Female 31 MAN AND WIFE-To work on dairy farm. Everything furnished. See William Stafford. Phone n46P'21. _ _ Situations Wantetl—Female 36 WOOD—$2.:";o r:mk at farm: $3-"0 rank deliviirbd.,' Clyde Thompson. Office Phojie 4^7. _ Business and Ofice Eantoment 54 I'lierali II" 1 . TYPEWRITERS—For sale, rent or trade. AVillianis Typewriter Co, 113 West MndiPon. Farm E«inlpment YOU.NG LADY - Wants SrSh':^ilSi ;.n'"'^onn4:- .TKAt-T..U .Vnd'plo^ r.r sale, in Colony. Kans^ • . ' >()TUK OF APPOIXT.MENT Adminliitrutor. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate ot. Samuel Bu.sley. late of Allen •county. i ' Notice of Appointment. .Notice is hereby given, that |on; the 17th day ot January, A. "|D., 192.S. the undersigned was by the Probate Court ot Allen CbuiJty, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrators of ther estate of Samuel- Busley. late of Allien County, deceased. .Ml parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly, r F. K. danieh:^, • J. W. BL'SLEY, Administrators. 1 (i)-is-2:; f2)-i. ; i (Pir.^l published in the [lola Daily Itegister. Jaiiuiiry IS, 1928.) SHERIFF'S SALK (IF COXf-fS- CATKI) AITO.UOBILE. State of Kansas. County of A ^^eirs •>(», ISW. State of Kansas. Plaintiif, vs.' • Narbert Wintener. .lohn Br^n. Albert Alexander. .Lawreiice Gij :en, Charles Hooper, and l->veJl Olik;er. 'By virtue of an order.. in | the above entitled case, to nie dire ;te(t and 'delivered, issued out of the Ju.stiec Court of .1. .M. I>amei, a Justice of the Peace in and for the city of loia, Allen County, Statp of FINANCIAL Business Opportunities 88 j gi.ivl i-ondition. Terms, or will iiMc- t-'r i'.orse.^-. mule.s or cattle, l^iioue j)r^24. ^ _ . '. 59 Household Goods DVIHY om 'IT-IiuIuding GAS RA.NGES-.New and tiaed. We cows, milk route. Sale for about ex. hange. .I'">'P^"'t„„^^: 100 gal. milk p.r dt.y. See Wil- Hvory service, (urtis Furniture liam Stafford, pliono n4i;K2I. Co.. LaHarpe, Kans. Money to tonn—Morlpapes 40'new GAS IIA.NgeS - Will take in -— ; f- ! your old or. •. H'nninger!s Furni- FARM LOA.NS—Quick service jAjd ; j„pp si,,re. llX-West Madison, reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne, .West Madi.son. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Tlifi Allen County Investment Co.. TeizU ley Hotel Bldg., lola, Kans. like new. C. S. Bishop, Auct. ITHr.IC .\i:cTiaN-I Wm .sell at ;iiil)!;e anition ftt Bishop's Sales I'aiiUoji, Saturday. Jaiiisary 2S. al 1 o'l-ioek, W iieadof horses: 7 milk cvs-'T- s bead oi comipig yearling beifet-: .vearliiic; stetjrs; calves: 2"> !-ea I hofv; 13 heaij ewes, will laitrb soon: eliiikensi: 3 autoittoiiiles: i> toj) lintT;;i,-; ; farm nia- (liinrry. incliiding mowing ma< bine, sulky pliiw. ci^ni planter, illse. walking plow. li;aTov,-. cultivator: 2 sets h"»inii--4: 1 wagon: Kurd iraUe;; lot ni'j dimension lunrbr-r; aid a. world of good hoitseliold |!ii;-nitlire'. ('. S. Bishop. -Xttctiolieer. AITTOIttOTiyE Antomobllc' Ageiicles FAR.M AND CITY LOA.NS—Base fate on farms, .^T-'. city 67r. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. MONEY TO LOAN-On farms or city property. Lowest rate. Stewtart & Funk. SECOND HAN<) , FrR.NITl'RE— Stoves, drcsserjf. chairs. Scissors and knives shirrpcncd. 210 South sirent. ROOMS AND BOARD_ Booms Wlfchouit Board ' 68 CO.MFO R T A n L E SLEEI'ING ROO.MS—In moiiern home, for rent. Inquire 216 _North Cottonwood. • SLEEPI.NG RtiOMS — Comfortalile winter and. summer, hoard optional. Mrs. Tje'e, 312 North Jefferson. MONEY- TO LOAN— On real esteie, repayable in small monthly payments. These loans rieveir" come due ;onven"e5r^V.fruTBu^'^^^^ ! REAL ESTATE FOR RENT U>an As .sn.. ist Natl. Bank Bldg.; Apartments and Flats 74 LIVE STOCK Horses, CatUc. Vehicles 48 GREY MARE—4-yr.-old, weight 1300 lbs.. Sound, well hroke. Up- sliaw, G miles north on State. AP.AKT.MENT—4 room, downstairs, with garage. Inquire 504 North Jefferson.. ' Business Places For Rent 75 SIX Y'Ol'NG GOATS—Will freshen in February an<l March. $10.00 head if taken at once. Chimney Sweep, store phone 903: residence :59.".. TEAM OF HORSES—Also Short—— . liorn bull. L; N. Tive. half mile .V USED CAU—is as defpendable as! south. 2 east LaHarpeJ the dealer who; sell? Sales and Scrvid'. The best place' to buy good, deporulabli^ used cars. .At itresent we iiiye a complete line of bo»h open anil ciMJed models, prlcej to sell. Ellis ' 214 .North Wash iijgton BUSINESS BUJLDING—For rent. Phone 146 or 441. " £flrms and Land For Bent 76 Kansas. I will, m the !tth da:| February. 1»2S, at the hour of p. m. of said day, at .the Nirth door of the Court House at [ola in the Count.v and State afoies aid, ;p the h tntl, 06: of Nar- Vlber^ Jrfeen, offer al puTjlic sale'and BCll highest bidder, for cash in all the right, title' ami inter tlio above named defendants iiert Wiitener, .lohn Brown, .Mcxaiiden* L a w r e n c e Charles i^ooper. and Kwell Oliver, and any and all persons chiming any iiitere;st iii and to the"f)llow- ing de.'<rihed property, to-v it: A IJuiek Touring Car H-4"», .No. r.r.:;s?iii, Kansas 1927 licenj&e No. :i6 -.")I3. Said proirerty to bjsold on order of Court. HI). SMOCK. Slieri Hlierlffs Office. loia. Kaui By Kd .1. Diinfee, Undersjheriff, January 16. Uii'S. ill-lS-2.".. of :30 laa". HUDSO.N-ESSBX—Sales and Service. Bud -VVhlte. Mot pr Co., 219 South Washingtt^. JhoneJRO^ Antonioblles For Sal« New York. Jan. 2.V (AIM—Heav.v OAKLAND - pejierv[-PO.\TI.\C •Uing was .re*iini"d hi the- last '27 I'ontiacde lit-xe lajndau sedan, hour of the stock mark.-t toi'.av,' like new "26 Hu'pmoljiile .straight ight fi tour- Nash atlshape: '2S eov?s. hurelj- steady; vealers fully i ;,,,„,. |,risk rally in public uiili-; S roadster; ••J.);Bplck jJOc higher: stockerS [and feeder.- U,..; ;,i.d a fi-u- spi i iaiiies bad sii-; in;;, fine shape?. '26 steady In weak: good; heavy steers I „,,rsr>!'.«l the. wrak opening. Foi- 1 van<ed roadster" Al i Tjimire, $ir..7.n: bulk fed steers. rJigible lo hiwi;ig tiie niising of the call mon-' Fori load.sleri '27 lord coupe: ey lat. t<> 4 p>;r rent siicii lead- ; '2."> Ford fudor..'.fine si'l! aroiip.fl $12.nO'>i|14.00; good to choice vealers, $12.50(3 $1.3.01). Sheep-."i.ROO; slicep and lambs generally 1.5c to 2$c higher; top'were in the" forefront "of" the'nVw j fed lambs $1,3.90: pthers $13.10(S: ' ' $l3<!tB; clipper*: «1.4<J«>H1.C;.; shobi yearling.s $10.00j odd lots tat ewes, up«*ard to $7,65. down 'H ^rd rtoVemJ»ut. —Clean white ra|*s wante^l at'tlie Register office; will pay 10c lb. door sedan: '25 Chevrdet touring; •-'4 Chevrolet coupe: "^24 Dodge louriii?. Spveri4l'other cheiiper used cars. Cash, tertps or trade, lloburt Motor Cd. it. Dodge i HORSES—20 head: 4 good j work mules: .3 sets harness: 2 wagons^^ 2 riding plows: 1 gang plow: '2 harrows. Will sell on time. J. C. Butcher. •Motor Co.. is SHOATS—1 mile north, mile cast LaHarpe. : 1. E. Spradlin. 11 ohape: •2 ing .Mocks as r. S. Steel, (ieneral j Chevrolet coach; lik^ now; '25 oMtors. and Montgomery Ward i Chevrolet coupe; •26-Ohevrolet 4- 12 SHOATS—Weigh 75 lbs. each. Kay Chambers. 1 mile east, 3'4 . north LaHarpe^___ Ponltry and Supplies 40 I. -N. ROE FAi[l.M—160 acres: 16 acres good alfalfa; good farm g.'onnd: .good improvements, diss McCoy. 1 milFi north, 2v. west Lone Elim. ' | -^J 35 ACRES — fi room house, city | water, just .south of Bassett on | Humlioldl roan. Dr. John Wll.son, Humboldt. Ph<tn'e Humboldt 199. Houses^ For Rent BL'.NGALOW -7- 5 room mo good garage. 'Phone 975-22. McClelland. 7T [lern: C. J. HOUSE—5 roohi modern, close in, for rent. Phone 1108. BABY CHICKS—Eleven leading hreeds. $11 and up per hundred: n'( discpunt on order^ placed 3M days Inadvancc. Sunflower Hatch- erv, Bronson, Kans, BABY CHICKS — SPEWIAL this week only. A liberal discount given on all orders -placed this week. Delivery any time desired. Oho gallon size .Mone fountain givti freo with an order of 500 chicls or more. Sturdy Chick Hatcheryj lola, Kai;.. 220 West St. .MODEil.\ HOUSP :—Six rooms, wilit garage, some; fruit, and garden ^P2* Phone &59W. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and TXand For Sale 83 THE BEST bArGAI.N in Allen County: nearly 100 acres highly improved, adijoining lola. 6reat sacrifice if sfild; before March 1. Otherwise off ^the market. Liberal li^rius. Call fit once. The All«ii County Investrhent Co., Kfelley Hole! Bldg., loli, Kans. SHERIFF'S SALE. (First I'liblished in: the Tola- Daily Register. December 28. 1927. The State of Kansas, Allen County. .FS. In tho District Court. Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, silting iu and for Allen County, State o! Kansas. | Metropolitan Bank of Kansas Cit.v. a corporation, plaintiff, vs. Alan ICdwiii I'ltz-Simmons, et al., defendants. By \irtuo of an Order of Sale issued by tiio clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County, State ot .Kanias. in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and de-' livered, I will on the .30th day of .lanuary, -A. ,D.. 1028. at io o'clock, a. m. of said day. at the south dopr of the court Iiou.s© in the City ot lola, Allen County. State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to tho highest bid<l«r. for cash' in., hand, the following described real estate, lo-wit: Beginning at the Northeast corner of Section • Twenty-five (25), Township . Twenty-three (23), Rahg,e Seventeen fl7). South Ninety (90) rods. West Eighty ;(80) rods. South to North line of Madison Avenue in the town of Geneva, \Sv&i to Jefferson Avenue injsald town. North to .Vorth line of A. T;& ,S: F. railroad right-of-way thencft Southwest "along North line orsaid right-of-way. to East line of Northwest quarter f.WV. ',i I Ot the .Northwest quarter l.\W. V4), of said Section Twenty-five (25), thence' North to Sectioni line: thence East to place of beginning, containing 120 acres more <jr less. Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraiismcnt to aatls-^ fy sal* Order of Sale. H. D. SMOCK, Sheriff ot Allerf County, Katsab' By Ed Dunfee, Undersheriffl • Sheriffs office, U.l.n, Kanja i; December 23, 1927. (12)-2S—(l)-4-U-lS-25 - „ , • .

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