The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on February 10, 1849 · 2
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 2

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1849
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THE SUN. BALTIMORE, SATIRUAV, FEBRY 1, 1848.! Prize Fihtis. disgraceful as the late outrage ;itfHHist the lavvsot our State and the peace of society i.H leen, there- is some relief to the darkest aspect of the affair in the very general denunciation the odious practice has encountered from our citizens. The contrast in this respect with the prevalent sentiment in England is truly gratifying, and is an evidence i hat every thing foreign cannot be foisted upon us by its friends and admirers. The praeticcof prize fighting originated in England and in the eemi-eivihza-tioti of a certain class of minds intermixed through a.i the grades of bociety, it was fostered under the specious pretext of encouraging the manliness of popular spirit and disseminating a taste for individual distinction. The '"science," as it waspompously fcrined, during the latter part of the last and early part of the present century, was bo extensively patro-'ii : by the nobility and gentry, that it attained an nii;Mrtauee and universality m the nation, that MiocWed and alarmed the moral religious classes f society, as it threatened to engross the popular mind with the lowest and vilsst propensities of im-hition. And tins alarm was well founded, not only 1.1 view of the aptitude of the people to regard the system as one of their national sports, bui in the obvious though insidious purpose of its distinguished "patrons'' to perpetuate it. A design was manifest on t ie part of the best aristocracy of England to connive at the practice, as it seemed to confine within ita de-Graded limits the Bpirit of popular ambition and the liurst for popular distinction. While amongst the immediate "patrons" and admirers of the "sport," there was an open and undisguised purpose to attach peculiar distinction to the "science" by reducing it to arbitrary rules and setting up a system of rank, up"on the threefold basis of skill, capacity, and personal weight. There were the scientific and natural fighters "I the first; tiic men of udurancc of the second; ;t.,d "the heavy'' and "the light" of the last. As a peculiar and attractive object of contention, "championship" was established, and this was bestowed upon ihe beet tighter in all England; the thing was done with great publicity at some notorious house frequented by "the fancy," as they were technically termed, and the "champion" was arrayed in "the belt," the badge of his "bad eminence." Thus, "the belt.1 or "the championship of England," as it is indifferently termed, was the grand aim of the prize-lighter. As tiiis, "however," could only be opsn to 'the heavy weight," a similar distinction was provided for "'the light weights," and the possessor of 'the httle belt" was styled "the pet of the fancy." This system, established, encouraged and enriched bv ihe personal participation of the nobility, was thus complete and effective, and it was, moreover, alarmingly popularised by the immense circulation v inch a paper known as "Bell's Life in Iiondon" acquired under its operation. All the other sports tf England combined could never have given to this low? demoralizing sheet a tithe of the circulation it attained by its elaborate, meretricious, but graphic, details of the priie ting- An initiatory practice, known as "sparring," was a common nightly exhibition in many houses in London, and is, though less popular and attractive, to I ins day. And tins became so prevalent, that accord-Kit; to representations upon the subject, "the whole peasantry were inflamed with a passion to excel in tiie art of self-defence." Such is an outline of the prize ring, and its adjunct, the sparring room, in England, where the brutal system was originated and matured; but is now, with all other relics of burl ar-isni, in its declining stage. There is not any ground to apprehend that at the present day such a system could attain the same extent of popularity and distinction in a really civilized and enlightened country. Hut it is not the less essential that every demonstration of a purpose to continue the practice, should be promptly met and resisted, and if persevered in to fulfillment, the actors should, when apprehended, le signally punished. We find that the press witk which we are in exchange, without a single exception, uses the severest terms of reprehension with regard to the late ;u-ftir bv which the laws of our P'ate have been insulted, and all denounce the system as brutal and degra-dnn;. A remark, however, in the Washington Globe of yesterday morning, has, in view of some facts within our knowledge, suggested a few thoughts. T.i:it paper speaking of the fight as "a brutal and revolting affair, disgraceful to the community, to the country, and to humanity," adds: -Certainly all men of all parties, all religions, all -pinions, and all pursuits, will be willing to unite for trie purpose of discouraging and preventing such brutalizing scenes." We wih that it were so, but Baltimore is not al-'aether clear on this point. The "sparring exhibitions" given in tins city by the principals and their t rieuds, prior t the fight, were, we understand, fully attended; and included amongst their numlier, many of out citizens oecupyuig a position is this community, whose example was in consequence calculated to be most pernicious. We have before us, and on perfectly reliable authority, the names of several persons whose presence at Washington Hall on the , c isioiis referred to. was observed and commented upon by the lowest blackguards in the room, with ! profound astonishment but with infinite relish. It may well be asked for what purpose tiiey were there. If t foster a systematic degradation of the popular taste and pursuits, with the same ulterior purpose as f.iat of the English nobility, it must be ineffective, f r the common republicanism asserts its influence with redeeming effect in this case. In this country, iniier our institution, every man becomes literally rhe equal of his associates. There is no rank with us, by winch to delude the popular mind, and redeem the individual depravity of taste. A man cannot be a "patron" of the science, without becoming a participator in its degradation. His wealth may fortify him against the consequences of his personal debasement, but his taste will be popularly recognized as an element oi bis character, and he will take rank as he ought. Tiie familiar adage, "simiiis simili gaudet," applies to the letter, in a republic. If, however, thj inducement to become a spectator of such a scene is in a morbid appetite for that kind of "sport," the obligation upon the community at large to discountenance sib'h exhibitions, and nil who participate therein, is not the less imperative. A Healthful a.nd Moral Example from Prize-I-'igu ier. We were impressed with one fact, from reading, in connection with the late prize-fight, the accounts of the regimen and training which the parties undergo : men can be induced, it would seem, from motives of ambition, avarice, and revenge, to observe the laws of health, to be strictly temperate in all things, t avoid all debilitating stimulants, such as Alcoholic drinks, tea and colTee,tobacco,&e. to rise earl v, to take abundance of exercise ill the open air, to l.-Uh often, and observe the most rigid system of cleanliness to observe the law of ehastity.and rigidly at. stain from all licentious practices. All this is done tor the purpose of bringing their systems to the greatest strength and power of endurance that their constitutions are susceptible of. With some modifications in the diet, and with different motives of action, we would recommend the habits and rtgimeu of these pugilists for the adoption an4 practice of every man in America, modified, of course, according to the age, strength, and constitution of the individuals. Military at tub Inauguration. The Boston Tost states, that it is probable that the Boston City Guards, well known as one of the most efficient military organizations in New England, will visit the city of Washington, at the inauguration of Old Zack. While the military of Baltimore, Philadelphia and other places, are arranging a most interesting feature of the celebration, the old Bay State should not fail to be represented. Kesumttioji of Railroad Travel. The mail for the North yesterday morning was carried over the railroad, a connection having been formed by sleighs .,u the ice across the Susquehanna at Havre de Grace, it being of sufficient thickness to sustain a wagon. The mail from the N'oith also reached us at half-past four o'clock, havi.ig also come across the road. The Latk Mcrder at Ccmubrlaxd. There is considerable discussion at Cumberland, Md., in re-card to the failure of the State authorities to offer a reward for the apprehension of W. G. Mitchell, the young man who lately killed Miles Alwine, stage driver. It is said tiiat he has been seen and reeog-. mzed in North Western Virginia. Mortality in Wasuisston'. Tue deaths in Washington city during January last, were SI in all, of which S3 were males, 2ti white females, 8 colored males, 11 colored females, and 1 sex unknown. Of ad under 5 years old, 31; by consumption 13, stillborn 1. . . New York and Baltimore Steamer. The stealer Gull has been bought by some merchants of New" York says the Bath Tribune, for about $25,000. it understands that she is to l run between N. York eity and Baltimore. SeiclDH. The Cumberland Mountaineer states that , ir.-.k-e on i, .1 ami rcBpei-icu i-jiucii oi Mr. Minuet nugu - .... 1 siiiritle oil Tuesday last, by -t ... fiMIlIlllfab" " himself m his stable, whilst laboring under 1 caused by an attack of sicknesu. BY MAGNETIC TELEGRAM. Telegraphed for the Baltimore San. Philadelphia, Feb. 9, 1819. Arrest of Hyer. Hyer, the pugilist, who fought Sullivan in your State, has leen arrested here, on a bench warrant, issued by Judges Kin? and Parsons, on a requisition trom tiie Governor of Md. He will therefore be sent back, to try his powers m a contest with the violated laws ot .Maryland. ITeIegraphed for the Baltimore Sun.l Philadelphia, Feb. 9. Yankee Sulliran, the Pugilist. Yankee Sullivan, the pugilist, left here this morning, in charge of his friends, for New York. Telegraphed for the Baltimore Sun. Cincinnati, Feb. 9, 1S49. The President Elect. Gen. Taybr left Nashville on Thursday last. He is expected to arrive at Louisville on Sunday next He enjoys his usual good health and spirits. Telegraphed for the Baltimore Sun. level with the banks in some places, and in others overflowing them. The oldest inhabitants say tney have never known the water to be sohifrh. We are momemtariiy expteting aa overflow, which must prove most disastrous in its consequence. 1 recau-tionary measures are being taken by all. Our citv continues very healthy, and tiie weather cool and pleasant. No cholera except some linger- in? cases. Business is active and prosperous, only retarded by the apprehensions ot a trestiet and overflowing ot the wharves and lower parts oi tne city. The news of the steamer Canada has been receiv ed and pretty well digested; since which there have been sales ot 5,000 baieB Cotton, at one quarter of a cent per lb. decline, and the market closing heavy. Telegraphed for the Baltimore Snn. Philadelphia, Feb. 9 6 P. M. Hyer in Priam Sullivan gone to Nettr York The Mar- lifts Ice in the Susvuehanna. Hyer, the pugilist, after his arrest here to-day, was commuted to jail until .Monday next, to await a re quisition trom the Governor of Maryland. Sullivan was here '.his morning, but escaped ar rest. He has gone to New York in charge of his menus. The stock market remains quiet. Treasury Note t s 1U7 a lUTj. Flour is very quiet sales of 300 bbls. to-day. common brands, at So; more than which purchasers will not give. Sales of corn meal at $2 and 200 bbls. rve Hour at S3 m The supply of wheat is very small. A sale of southern red at SI bg. Corn is quiet sales of 4.00(1 bushels yellow at 55 a 5t5 cents. Oats 30 cts. Rye 6t cents. Provisions arc steady. A sale of 30(1 bbls. mess beef at ?13 50; and sales of mess pork at 13 50 a $11, Sales ot lard at 7 a 7 cents, and in kegs, city ren dered, at cents. There is no change to notice in cotton. The mar ket is very quiet, and small sales. Sales of whisky at 24 cents per gallon hi barrels. Freights are steady, and there is a good demand for farst class vessels. W e learn from Havre de Grace that ice is still ac cumulating in the Susquehanna river. Telegraphed for the Baltimore Sun. New Vokk, February 9 6 P. M. The sttvk market is quiet. Sales of Treasury note 6"s at 107A, and new loan 109 a 109. Exchange on London 9 per cent premium. The flour market is very quiet sales of 4,500 bbls at 5 IS J a .5 56 for western, and 5 62 a 5 75 for common Genesee; small sales of southern brands at o 3. a so 44 some ask o 50. Lorn meal .$2 94. Rve flour S2 25 per bbl. Wheat is quiet sa cs of 3.000 bushels red, at 1 05 a SI 09; Genesee, ?l 23. There is a fair demand for Corn, with sales of 20,000 bushels mixed at 50 a 51 cents, and yellow at ob a as cents. Oats, 35 a 42 cts. tor southern ana Northern; Rye, bo cts. The Provision market remains steady. Sales of 500 bbls. Pork at 12 50 a S12 75 for country mess: Beef and Bacon unchanged. Sales of 400 bbls. Lard at 6 a 7 cts. Trie grocery market is rather quiet. Small sales of New Orleans sugar at 4 J a 5? cents per lb. Mo lasses 20 a 28 cts. Sales of 150 tierces rice at 31 a 3J cents per lb. The cotton market is without any special change trom vesterday. It is it anything rather duller. sales ot bales, and rather in tavor of sellers. W hisky is selling at 23 a 24 cents per gallon. I p to the writing ot tins dispatch, we have no tidings of either the Sarah Sands or the Cunard stea mer due at Boston. The Baltimore Weekly Sun. The Weekly Sun for to day contains a capital story, entitled "The Jury Man," with much interesting miscellaneous matter. I here is also a full and interesting narrative of the incidents connected with the great Prize Fight, and other matters pertaining thereto, besides the most extended compendium of the news of the country to he found in any other paper. There will also be found Congressional proceedings; interesting letters from Waslunt ii correspondents; with a general compi lation of news of the week fiom all sections of the country. It also contains political matters, editorial essays, local reports, markets, marriatres, deaths, &c, ami every thing that can interest and instruct the rea der. 1 rice I per annum; three cents per copy; packed for mailing, at the counter of the Sun office. Mts Adelk and Mr. Chari.ks Hohnstoc k, solo virtuosos to the DI KE of iiRCXswicic. A pecu liar epoch ill the ase of music in Europe, is marked by the musical prodigecs. ( Wuuder-Kinder.) the brother and sister N eruda, twelve and thirteen years old, (violin and violoncello,! from l.oheima; the sisters MillaXollo, fourteen and fifteen years old, t uotu vioiinj irom Italy; Charles and adele Hons- stock, seventeen years, (piano and violin) from Brunswicic. The last named artists are stars of the first magni tude in the musical firmament. Poverty ever the attendants upon the children of genius, would have consigned them to obscurity, but tor tne Kindly intervention of a few friends, through whose pecuniary assistance they made a journey to Paris. Here their reputation was established, and from thence it has extended far and wide. The highest encimiiuins and warmest praises were lavished upon tsem by numerous critics, who pronounced Charles an artist of t he highest order of talent, uniting in him self the various characteristics which have distin enished the most celebrated violinists. He not only conquers the most incredible diihculties, but he also draws trom his violin melodies oi bewitching sweet ness. As a composer, he ranks with Vieutemps. Even at the early age of six years, he composed concerts and symphonies, which were declared by the grand Maestro Spohr, to whose criticism they were sub mitted Productions worthy ot mature age. Charles' rapid progress in music was only equalled uy ma oosiiHuej ana caprice; ior wnen out eleven years ot age, at er a carelul examination of his numerous musical compositions, he was so much dissa tisfied that he determined to burn the trash i as he styled them) truly a heroic resolution! No s'wmer said than done one heap ot manuscripts alter anoth er was thrown into uie lire the little fellow watch ins tne while with evident dclieht, the devouring names in tneir worK ot extermination; and when all were consumed, he ran to his mother, joyfully exclaiming, "Ma." I am happy I have destroyed all my old works. I shall begin again to compose with new rleasure, and I promise you, mv dear mother, to be very industrious." The works he has since produced. are are compositions of the g-eatest merit a part of wnicn are now being prepared Ior publication. .Miss Adele Hohnstock, the sister of Charles, a charming, lo'ely girl, scareelv seventeen years of age, has successfully competed at Pariswith thegreat masters. Thalberg and Wili.mers. winrina victo- nesof which no other pianist can'lMnst. Recently at one ot Erard s soirees, she was urged to enter into competition with the famous Thai.bkrg, and after much solicitation, sheat last succeeded insvercoming ner natural iiiniiiiiy, ami uiaue uie etiort. On tins occasion she performed one of Thalberh's cnnmnsi- tions, the h'antasie on themes from Lucrezia Borgia, aim came tioniiraoiy aun triumpnauiiy out oi tiie con test, liicreaniie as mis may appear, it is not less true, and the great Littolf has pronounced her ''the i.ueeu ot an living lemaie pianists." The fame of these artists having crossed the channel, they were invited to perform before the Queen of England in conjunction with Jenny Lind. They have arrived lit this country and more able ami mreresung artistsnave never yet presented them selves before the American public. The first concert taises piace on tne I4in. Great Porker. There can be seen at stall No. .u Centre Market, this (SaturdayJ morning, one of the plumpest and finest porkers ever killed or laid eves I upon. It was raised and fattened by Mr. Jas. La'w- son, ot this city, weighing about 4K lbs. We have never seen a hog so fat, and it is really worth going to see, irrespective oi getting a cut. Clf any of our readers wish to see something handsome in the way of a hat, we would invite them to call on lleaton. at No. 1 North Charles street, and take a look at his Extra Moleskin Hats, which he is Bern ng ior iour miliars. 1 hrek rnousANP Dollar Prize Sold. The Eg-ertons again m Luck. Comb. 75 7rt 77. the fin. nri of S3,MW; was sold in class 30, drawn yesterday, by Egerton tc 8ro. Drawn Nos. are: 43 2.5 76 75 77 59 i M m n ra oi o:-. jii me smaii one we had two capitals, 9 52 60, S190, and 36 49 HI!. S2V1. The letter in a package. The drawn numbers are: 9 67 60 52 4j 36 6H 32 33 71 62 3i. We say again, if you want a B'HKi prize, orner oi or call on f.gcrton & Uro., cor. ol Exchange Place and South St. Ihe Same Oi.n iLORtors LrcK Yesterday. Feb. 9th, in the morning s Small Kry, .oo m a package, 2 co" prizes in pacnaKes, ana sum in a whole ticket, last evening, Nos. 25 43 74, SJOO: 1 43 69. whole tii-lc- et, I 39 63, share, both 100, sold yesterday, by the nuij iv'i tttu.tti; ..lint. i . ii .ins glorious way we sell the prizes in clusters, daily. To-Day, Feb. 10th, splendid Consolidated, 16 pri- ra li I" Itllino, lai'tldi To-Da v. handsome Small Fry, capital S4.000. Packages ,3 90, and mav draw f?6.000. To-day, for a handsome prize, purchase ot the truly lortunate Miller & Co., corner of Baltimore and St. Paul streets. Asthma, or difficulty of breathing, is caused bv a collection of morbid humors in the air-cells of the lungs, which prevent them from being duly expanded; hence difficult and laborious breathing, cough, great oppression of the breast, pain in the head, palpitation of the heart, and many other distressing complaints. Wrinhs Indian Vegetable Pills are always certain to give relief in Asthma, because thev purge from the body those humors which are the cause of every malady incident to man. From four to six of said Vegetable Pills, taken every night on going to bed. will in a short time carry otT the most violent fit of Asthma, and, if used occasionally afterwards, will keep the system in sound health. Beware of Counterfeits. The safest course is to purchase from the regular agents only, who are, in part as follows: 1aac P. Cook, No. 76 Baltimore street, Baltimore; A. H. Hunt, Frederick, Md.; R. Faknham, Washington, D. C; Tiios. Bosue, Georgetown, D. C: and Cook i Peel, Alexandria, D. C, Principal Orfiee, Race Bt-W. hi'ndelnoJ nr-rr UN I VERSA LIST CHURCH. Rev. AV. G. SJi ANDERSON will preach in the Universalis! Church, on TO-MORROW, (SUNDAY.) at eleven o'clock, A.M.; and at seven o'clock, P. M., he will deliver a Lecture on "Blasphemy against the Hob-Ghost." ltt NEW ORLEANS, Feb 7 i M. I v y-MON U MENTAL ThiVl, INO. VJ4, 1. U ot K. blood in the Mississippi T7i Weather litnllh ot th Ji A Special Meeting oi MU. UMt.iN 1 At, City-Decline Cotto Business, $i TKNT I. O. of RECHABITEs will be held at the Within the mst few dv there has been a Wat rise Temple THIS (Saturday) EVENING. A full atteii- it run the past lew da s mere has oeen a great nse requested, as the By-Laws will be taken up in the waters oi the Mississippi river. It is now nearly V. J ..... i ,,ir Y-BY REQUEST of the Medical Class of Ik3 Washington University of Baltimore, the Rev. Dr. GEO. CM. ROBERTS will preach a in scourse to the Medical Students of this city, TOMORROW (Sunday j AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clocK, in tne SALOON of the New College Building, on Lombard Btreet, near Hanover. The students of the Univer sity ot Maryland, the students ot the college ot cental Surgery, and ladies and gentlemen of Baltimore, are cordially invited to attend. yer, , It- v . i. an) snoi1.. ivt. r ar-KELlGIOL'S NOTICE. t. j. adams win LkJ? T,r:,rh thro 'times TO-MORROW. (Sunday) in Union Hall., Baltimore street, near Gay. At 11, A.M., on "The Cleansing of the hauctuary;" at 3, 1 . M., on "The Son-Mill' oi Vviinsi,--ai o ciocii, on ii, ';5th ..., r,tr ,.f i.tiiii;iIi. or 'The Sons of Ke- chab." The publicare respectlully invited to attend viiibpiv rsl'ITIITF..-Rpv. J. P. Ionk- L3 i,AN will deliver the FIFTH LECTURE of the Course, on WKUJhA tvLu, at 73 o'clock, m the Session Room of the UNIVERSAL IS! CHLKCH. sunject " causes ana consequen ces ot tne. union oeiivzt.n j;hi;i"iw hh jrt,Lnnu. r, ,.u.f i9i rHiia. to le had at John Murphy's Book store: at J. O. fc W. Holland's, 7 Baltimore street; and of W m. McBriety, comer of High and Baltimore streets. By order. GEO. b. ALLAN, fe10-4t Secretarv. it" IT. JAR VIS. R.S. ivdkPKDKT CIRCLE, NO. 1. SIS- Lk3 TERS OF BENEVOLENCE, have removed trom Second street to mechanic hall, t redericK Kirt- iloiir from Baltimore. It is honed every member will be present on MON DAY, 12th instant, as business of importance will be presented. fn-2t By order. m. l-., k. u. r ts-HIBEKMaN SOC1ETV. A Special Meet-L in of ihe Society, for the purpose of making I arrangements for the Anniversary Celebration, will t h (i in the tmver r ree cnotii mi it o yuai KVKMFXG. 12th inst.. at 7 o'clock. Punctual atten dance is requested, as business of importance will be submitted lor consideration. f ll-2t lACR Pi. J. UHAIM i , sec. Y HELAIR M ARKkj 1" Wise Legtslalwn at Lk3 the Present Accessary. I-ast year's, taxes one and a fourth per cent., upon assessed value, for Cut and State purposes, what do you think, astonished those that Heard it. iteau: since nrsi oi may coi- ected m the morning 8W. afternoon o. let an concerned know It. It. rr GRAND EXHIBITION AND CONCERT. IL MOUNT VERNON SECTION No. 23 C. )K i wi cive a (jKami f.AHlHl l li;. ai CARROLL HALL, on THURSDAY EVENING. lsth mst... commencing at hall-past 7 o'e ock. They will be assisted bythe EUTAW CHOIR, under the direction of Thomas Willis, Esq. Programme of the Exercises in a future advertisement. Tickets, ad- nuttine a Gentleman and two Ladies. 50 cents: single tickets 25 cents; Cadets and children, 12J cents to be had ot tne members, ana at tne poor. tein-.-'f ;ys GOLD REGION A OTICh OVERLAND Lk3 ROUTE! COL. S. WHITNEY leaves the citron Mnmiv. 12th inst.. for 1 lttsbure. Several persons who have applied ior aaimssien into tne Companr, but requires littieionger time, hasindiiced Col. W.'to appoint an Agent, as his positive engagement to reach Pittsburg on the lfith inst., will prevent him remaining any longer time in Baltimore. Mr. 11. K. MARKS, H7 uaitiuiore street, will be pleased to give any information required to persons desirous ot joining tins company, as to route, ex penses, outfit, &c stc. Maps, circulars, c, areien with Mr. M.. and those who may apply can get any information in regard to this expedition. It J TV! -!" r E" Tl.a 'TOOM KT.U fcfc"M that l. Jii Jk3 applied for the Benefit of the Insolvent I aws of Maryland, is hot 1 nomas ureen, Alice Anna bi., h ells' I'oint. It rr-r" A CONCERT OK SACKED MIjsIC will UoJ be ! eiven bv the CHOI R ( assisted by some kind fti.Mids in MONUMENT ST. CHURCH. nuMON- D AY EVENING, 12th inst., at 7j o'clock, in behalf ot that, d-scrvtdlo cstetmed man. off. IVilZ. lAi- LOH. late v appointed Missionary to California. It is to be hoped that Ins numerous friends will liberally patronise this humble testimonial of his worth. Tick ets 2.5 cents, to be had of F. Hindes, S. Maccubbm, F. Burke. T. K. Turner, E. J. Church, S. P. Thomas, or any member ot the Choir, and at the door. t 9-st .TsBALTl.MURE DEGREE LODGE, NO. , LL3 I. O. O. F., Baltimore, Feb. 2d, 1349. The olhcers, members and applicants tor degrees of Balti more Degree Lodge, ;no. 1, 1. O. O. t ., will take no tice that the regular meetings hereafter will beheld on SATURDAY N IGHTS, in the same room in the Hall, in Gay street. te'J-2t A. i. hosm t-.K. see'ry. ; frs-N Ol'iCE. A Quarterly Meeting of tne BAL- Ui T1MORE L.MlhlJ MtBKhW ASSIST ANCE SOCIETY, will be held on SUNDAY next, Feb. H, at 9 o'clocK, A. M., at union Hall. There will be an Election of Officers for the ensuing year. liy order oi tne rreauienr. te8-3t " SAM I IM. DM.I.KV I Hi, Sec. if'S-'WASHI.MJi'U.S UNIVERSITY Ot BAlr !Ji TI.MOKE. kprtng ar Eumtntr Course of turts. Examinations and Clinical Instruction. The Course will commence on the last MO.NDAt ot March, and continue four months. A Commence ment for Graduation will be held at the end of the Course. The Anatomical Rooms w;ill be opened on the 1st ot Marck. r or further particulars, apply to t 8-dlweoot 1 it I IS. V. tiO.Mi. Jr.. uean. rrfTKA PARTY AND SUPPER AT THE lk3 LYRE BUILDING, To assist in paying the balance ot a heavy dent, wnicn it was iounu absolute ly necessary to incur m order to establish in lialti-niore a house of the Religious Order of the "Broth ers of the Christian Schools an order having for its object the gratuitous instruction, of children and the performance oi tne most charitable and men torions works ot smritua and corporal inerev a num ber of zealous and benevolent Ladies, chiefly (though not exclusively) of the Cathedral Congregation, have generouslv resolved to provide a public 1 hA PAR 1 AND S UPPER, at Li RE GUlLDING.on MON DAY EVENING, the mn inst. Donations ot money or ot such things as may be useful in preparing the contemplated entertainment. wi 1 be CTateiullv received bv the toadies, managers. A II such Donations should be sent in at as early a date as possible. Persons disposed to maKe such Contri butions, or to co-operate in anv way in this enter prise of charity, are referred to the Rev. Mr. Coske- ry.of the Cathedral, or tothe "Brothers of the Chris tian scnoois," caivert nan, Saratoga si. iea-ti MARRIED. At Shrewsbury, York count v. Pa., on Thursdav evening, tun instant, by Key. Mr. j-,herhart. Simok Kleinfelter. to Miss Elizabeth B. Latimer, a 11 of tne above place, On Thursday evening, the 8th instant, by Rev. Dr. Plunier, Wilson N.' Nicholas to Jane, daughter of Robert S. Hollins. On tne loth ot iJecember, by Kev. Mr. Koszel. Ed ward KIGS to MIS. MARGARET ALL ACE, both ot this city, DIED. On Friday morning, the 9th instant, at h-ut-past o'clocK. Hannah 1'AiiERSON, ageu 1U3 years. Her friends and acquaintance are respectfully in vited to attend her funeral, on to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, Har ford avenue. On the 8t h instant, ot cronn. Sarah Jane, on v daughter of George and Barbara A. Sanders, aged 3 mounts ana zi nays. I Virginia papers piease copy. - On the 3"tti ultimo. John t ranklin, aged b weeks. 4th son of Champen and Ann E. Harrison. Washington papers please copy .1 in rnnaoeipiiia. on inetn instant, jos. uatchell, Sr., in the 71st year of his age. A SSOC1ATED FIR E M E N S INSURANCE . STOCK; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad DIVI- DKND BONDS for sale, and well secured GROUND RENTS wanted by J ESSE S. HUNT. Dio. 1 b ranKUn Hank Huildings, felH-2t North street. C1HEESE Prime mild Eastern, in casks and boxes, ' received and for sale by J. H. BERRY, Jr., fe10 cost 116 Light street wharf. BACON. 15.000 lbs. BACON SIDES S.iioo " " SHOULDERS 5,000 4 4 44 HAMS. For sale by ELDER, GELSTON & CO., felO-tf corner lr:itt mid CorronoreM ntreeta. K I BBLS. HERRINGS In store and for sale by 0J F. F. POPE, felO-tf 81 Howly's Wharf. pOGNAC, ROCHELLE, AND BORDEAUX V BRANDIES, in i, and 1 casks, embracing a part very old and high flavored, for sale on liberal terms, bv J. H. BERRY, Jr., teo-eo3t 1 tfi Light street wharf. LARD. 30 bbls. prime No. I LARD 20 " No. 2 do in store, and tor sale by ELDER, GELSTON & CO., "or. Pratt nnd Commerce sin. felO tf TACKEREL. J- Nos. 1. 2and 3 MACKEREL, of recent iinsnee- tiou, iu store and for sale by F. F. POPE. t 10 tt Rowly's wharf. GUANO. GUANO, GUANO. PERUVIAN. PATAGON'IAN, and AFRICAN. For sale in quantities to suit purchasers, by J. J. & T. TURNER, feln-Mtf No. Srt Pratt street. OIL 3 0 gallons Bleached Winter and Fall SPERM 200 do. Bleached Winter SOLAR 300 do. do. do. PATENT 600 do. Rectified handsome WHALE, in various packages, for sale by J. H. BERRY, Jr., fe10-eo3t 117 Light street wharf. TO 111 H E, a smart Negro BOY . n yearB old. ROLL BUTiK.;, FEATHERS, LaKD, TIMOTHY SEED AND PEA NUTS. 30 bbls. prime fresh Roll BUTTER 5,000 lbs. prime Live Geese FEATHERS HH) kegs and 10 bbls. No. 1 Leaf LARD 150 bushels TIMOTHY SEED 200 do fresh PEA NUTS, for sale by ADOLPHUS C. SCIEEFER, f (l-2t 70 Bowly's wharf. H IDES, RED SOLE LEATHER, SKINS, Ac li linn) wet salted slaughter HIDES 600 44 44 41 KIPSKTNS. 1100 heavy dry Spanish IIORSEIIIDES. 500 Laguyra HIDES. 700 dry salted Calcutta KIPSKINS. eooOTampico, Cape of Good Hope and Caunporc GOATSKIN'S. 600 Southern and AVestern DEERSKIN'S. 1200 sides New York, red sole LEATHER. French Calfskins, Book-binders Leather. Tanners Oil, Ac. For sale by W. CRANK SON, Il0-iaw4t corner Cheapside and Water street. GROCERIES SUN DRIES. BROWN SUGARS 20 hhds. and 30 bbls. com- mon to rnme LOAF SUGAR 5,000 lbs. of Ixivering's refined loaf, crushed and powdered, in boxes and bbls. 2o bbls. small loaves N. Orleans refined MOLASSES 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico 10 do Cuba, 20 bbls. Sugar House COFFEE 100 bags Rio,5do Laguayra, 25 old Java, For sale by WM. H. McLEAN, fio-tf 124 Lombard st. 'fiHE SUBSCRIBER has returned to his former 1- stand, and offers for stile a full and fresh supply of yof tnd the following articles, at manufacturers prices a terms: SOAP Colgate's and Solomon's CANDLES Baltimore and Eastern made SAL-EK ATUS Casks, bbls. and half do. STARCH Pearl and lump, in bbls. and boxes CHOCOLATE and Fresh Ground SPICES. Also Crude SPICES, all kinds Refined SALTPETRE, in kegs C gars. Indigo, vinegar in nnis., niacKing, so. 6 CHARLES F. PITT, f 10-tf o. 12 Oommeree st. I I I v l 1 'e; reived. 200 vards of SWAN TRIMMING. the most beautiful article of the kind ever ottered to the ladies. Befeig as easily washed as luce, it is par-ticularly ndaptetl for the purpose ior which it is intended. TAY LOR. f 10-ltr opposite Barnuin's, V M . ("Hl-TAK 1 IN F.tvorllP. KOttciftT A. haiju, J came a partner in the firm of W. H. & B. Harrison, on the 1st inst. The business will be conducted under the firm of W. II. .V B. Harrison, as formerly. W. H. & B. HARRISON, f 10-4t No. 201 Baltimore street. CO PARTNERSHIP. -TheuFsenbers having formed a Co-partnership under the name and style of SAMUEL J. SOPER & CO., for the purpose of transacting a general auction and uom-hission iu-sinkss, have taken the Warehouse N o. 3t SOUTH t HAKl.KS ST., recently occupied by the late firm of W. H. Soper & Co. SAMUEL J., SOPER, f 10-21 M)flBM r.irr.n. TVSSOLAITION Of COPARTNERSHIP. The I J Ooj: ,.iarin..rlmi heretofore existine between MA THEWS i HAVGHE, was dissolved by mutual ,..ii rn tiip first Ha v 4,t Janiiarv. 1849. The Shop. W. Baltimore, tormeriy oeeupieu ni iuc unn, is nun n, the occupancy of MR. vthkwS, If JOHiN li. H .V'Hr;. EM.UTiNG SCISSORS; y u l L. ii i or in-winn; J? Crumping Machines; Dish Covers; Chafing Dishes: Coffee and Tea Urns, with Spirit Lamps; Bronzed Umbrella stands; solar jjanips; and Britannia Ware; Shovels, Tongs and I-enders; 1'ocKet ana l en ivuivcb, jiv.o, : Tea Trays and Waiters, and a great variety of other goods, at the lowest prices. COR 1 LAN at ., f jo tfr 203 Baltimore srrcet. I i cnihv.rmu mm Ur. c.i i.r.l icil with an excellent article of American BROWN STOUT, PORTER, LE, and Champagne i llil-K, in pun auu uuan. bottles, put up in safe packages and at moderate prices. These malt liqu.irs were brewed by the best brewers in this country, without regard to cost, ex prcssly for shipping to w.irm climates, ana win oe urn trait ted not to get sour or spoil within one year after it is shipped, in any psirt of the world it may be takento. WM. COUGHLAN, corner of Exeter St. and Eastern avenue, . Sole Agent in Baltimore tor Lray s riiiiaaeipnia PA LE ALE and Smith o& SecKeis a a. J.iri. pi. U. iiy cellar opposite me ruai-nuii-c hcihk closed for the Winter, customers up town, who think it too far to go to mr establishment in Exeter street, can drop their order's in the Letter Box at the Post-iria 'itwl thr urill he nnnetuallT attended to. I also pay the highest price in cash for empty Porter and Champagne BOTTLES, smalland laffi. I ENGLISH TOILET SETS AND D1NNERSER Li VICES. BURGESS, DALE (c CO., 147 BAL- TTumnv ftTK v R"7 Imve iiiRt. opened a lot ot verv handsome CHAMBER SETS, and gilt and colored niWKK SERVICES, which thev will sell off cheav ,,. .vncoMiifiice of declining the retail business. if ii a- i .n. mtpmimfv- to e online r.neiiiseiveo 10 nu Importing and Package' Trade, will dispose of their Wholesale ana Ketan isumness on lavoruwe icnuo. jlQ 6t . l7KST'S ETHER AL OIL is allowed to be tne VV best known, as it gives a better light, and will burn longer than others known under the same name. Such is the estimation in which it is held, that 1 am ..i-oi.-irl tn nrowe that. I have nianiifaeiurea ana soiu. within the last. 12 months, more than all the other manufacturers in Baltimore combinea. it is now used almost universally in this and the Southern and Western cities; and last, though not least, l nave re-.it7pI nrrfera for the famed "zold regions of Califor nia," where it will soon enable tne araent auveniur-er to gather the precious metals by its silvery light. i would state, for the information of the public that Ac rnnnv have heen lmnoKpn nn nv n spurious a rueie. the words WEST s ETHERlAUOiu-areonmy S hTHf.KlALiUl 1j" are on my i it is served regularly at any part so for sale by W. H. SPILK-s;) HOPKINS, Broadway; RIN- wagons, from which of the city. It is also .O. eoriir Madison and Howard streets; J ACK- SON, cor. South Pacaand Green streets: and others. Rr'A liberal discount made to wholesale dealers; and all orders lett at my manufactory, io. ia stiAm STREET, will receive prompt attention. . i i i- r , M 1 1 ,J ....... :..!...., f . burning t-tneriai uu, wit, uahi i anereu. f in tttr c. v l-s I , la snarp street. BRISTOVV'S SUPERIOR AND ELEGANT SYSTEM OF WRITING. IS GUARANTEED, and continues to be taught by AfK. RR fST( iHr. to Indies and Gentlemen of ALL AGES, in a course of easy lessons, Day or Evening, at his . . AC A IKA7V. 374 HAH IMUliK AltiJiKl. By this system, LADIES are positively taught, a neat, and handsome, delicate and fashionable hand. fSKNTI.EM EN acuuirea beautifu . BOLD. FREE, MANLY. RAPID liusiness styie, no mailer now BAD or CRAMPED the writing is. rw o,vk eft ut JijiSY L.a,tbUiMn: riVISITERS in Baltimore can take a Course in a few rlavs. I m-irr I71NE COLORED ENGRAVINGS. SAMSON r CARISS, 138 and 140 BALTIMORE STKEh.T, hn inst nnened t he hnest lot of Engravings ever Oil er- ed to the citizensof Baltimore, embracing almost eve- rv subieet. some of whieh are irom daudseer llerrin nnd nrher celebrated Painters. He is a so Aeent for the i. if.tdN a iiu;ai,ak l U ION. and will receive the subscriptions of per sona wis one to become members. Also, tor sale, the beaut it ui engravings irom v. s. Mount's Celebrated Painting of THE POWER OK MUSIC; theseene is ina Country Barn, the hostler fiilHIinir. the stable bov. a neero wood cutter and one or two others are listening, and never was the power of music more, beautifully portrayed. fel0-4t. iJT. VALENTINE'S DAY. THE BEST VALENTINE OF THE DAY Is a Budget of Wit and Humor, or Morsels of Mirth tor the Melancholy a certain cure tor tne Blues, andall Serious Complaints. Comprising Comic Lectures on Heads, Faces, Noses. .Mouths. Animal Magjietism, ace, with Specimens ol Eloquence, Transactions of Learned Societies. Co mic Songs, Delineations of Eccentric Characters, &c. Bv DR VALENTINE. With 12 Portraits of Dr. Valentine, in his most Celc br.ited Characters. TRICE FIFTY CENTS. For sale at WM. TAYLOR'S, N'oe. 4 and 5 North street, felO-Str. Opposite the Post Ofhcr T A 1 .1 : N Tl N ES! V A LEN TIN EM ! v valentines::; Received this morning, bv Express, another supply of very beautiful VA LEN 1 IN t.S. exceeding innca ness and beauty anything ever betore produced, and at prices which enable me to oiler extraordinary dueements to all who wish to buy a very handsome Valentine at a verv cheap price. VALENTINE ENVELOPS of all sizes, and VA LENT E WRITERSo every sentiment. Laced and Embossed PAPER and ENVELOPS, of over one hundred different styles, very cheap. Motto. Friendship and Forget-Me Not CARDS. Transparent, Silver, Cameo and Motto WAFERS of evert varietv embracing in all a full assortment of everything suited to the present Valentine Season, all at my customary Cheap Prices Wholesale and Retail. A. P. BURT, No. 7 Baltimore sf., f IQ-6tr between the Bridge and Centre Market. RAFFLE OK MAGNIFICENT VALENTINES. TO BE RAFFLED on the 13th inst.. a number of SPLENDID VALENTINES, one valued at One Hundred Dollars, and contains a Diam tnd Ring. Necklace. Ear-Rings set with Dia monds and Pearls and to be ratlled in 50 chances. It will consist of seven prizes at 32 perchance. Call and examine for yourselves at VALENTINE HEAD' I U AR.Tr.KS. S. E. SMITH, 57 Baltimore St.. Sun Building. fel0-3t r corner of Gav. T A LEN TI N ES-V A LEN i l l NES-VALEN TIN ES. t Valentines are all the go. To STEEVER'S DEPOT we must go; He has them at prices so very low, Of all kinds he has he will show. Give him a call, and you'll be pleased, I know. He will try to please, all if he can; The Depot is on the Avenue, of the right hand. GEO. Si EE YE K, fel0-5t No. 23 Pennsylvania avenue. T,y L EG AN T V A LEN Tl N ES. C U OLE f BEK- GEl EH have received an invoice of BEAVTIEUL VALENTINES. on Satin and Embossed paper, excelling in richness and beauty those ot last year sold by them, winch they oiler for sale in quantities or at retail, at PRICES UNUSUALLY LOW. Call and examine before buying elsewhere, as there are none like them in the city cue G LE & BERGER. f in-.str 254 Baltimore street. fPHE OLD-TOWN BOOKSTORE, 1 No. 101 GAY STREET, war the. Bridge The subscriber has taken the above stand, recently occupied bv J. Shoemaker, where he intends to keen a general assortment ef Books, and ad articles in the BOOK AND STATIONERY LINE, particularly Klank Hooks and school rsooKs; Magazines; Newspapers, every week; Cheap Publications, Ac. Balti more Sun, every morning. V Aljp,N i i. i-,s. A large variety, to suit all tastes, and at all prices, from six cents up. N.B. Several Rronns in the upper part of this house to rent. S. M. CORB1N, lormerly J. Shoemaker, feint. 101 Gay street, r.ear the bridge. POOKS N E WSPA PE RS 1 VALENTINES At WILLIAM TAYLOR'S. Nos. 4 and 5 North street. ROLAND CASITEL, a new work, by Charles Lever, author of Charles O'Malley, Jack Hinton, Harry Lorequcr, &c, in two parts, each 25 cts. FRANKLIN, Illustrated, part 3rd, just received; on ly v? cents. NED BUNTLINE'S LIFE YARNS. 25 cents. LIFE IN A. COLONY, by Haliburtoii, author of sara suck, price 25 cents. ETIQUETTE AT WASHINGTON. 25centn. GOLD MINES OF CALIFORNIA, by G. G. Fos- THE CONDITIONS OF HEALTH AND LONG LIFE at California and elsewhere, by Robert ;uamner8, price ixf cents. BALTIMORE OMNIBUS, ( Old Line.) only 25 cts. THE G1PSEY BRIGAND, 25 cents. DR. FITCH'S LECTURES ON THE LUxNGS, on cents. IMEVV SPAPERS and VALENTIN ES, in every variety, for sale cheap at 4 and 5 North street, by l l-lt VVM. TA V COR. A VALENTINES AT ONE HUNDRED DOL- v LARS, AND AT 75, 50. 40. 25. 20. 10 AND t lVK JJULLARS. Also, from SIX CENTS to FOUR DOLLARS. CUPID'S GRAND EXHIBITION, At Nos. 226 and 57 BALTIMORE ST. Walk in! walk in! and see the show, On the Fourteenth with your permission, St. Valentine's the day you know, On which we close our exhibition. These sights I clearly shall explain Y'our show-man now my blissful trade is; All shapes 1 try your smiles to gain What won't I do to please you, Ladies? Ladies and Gents, now view again This Valentine that lovely lady, Who smiles on that dear youth, her swain, So sweet he thinks her his already But now behold that drooping tree, (I think the ladies call it willow,) And here that jilted lover see, Planting a sprig beneath his pillow. And now, behold this clergyman. Who on an ass his nock is teaching, He stutters so, good holy man, Y'ou'd think it was the ass a preaching; Here see the charmer he has wed. She of the stammers soon will cure him; She breaks the tea-pot 011 his head The drunken sot she can't endure him. Behold this Valentine see there 'TisS. E. Smith, so brisk and mellow; And that sweet, beauteous, smiling fair. His promised bride the happy fellow. His bright example seize, my friends, His Valentines at once be buying Marry before the winter ends. For cursed cold is lonely lying. S. E. SMITH, Governor General for Cupid of the Hieh Court of Love, original Valentine Headquarters, 57 Baltimore street. Sun Buildings. S. R. corner of Gay street. rAnaiMo. 22b .Baltimore street. 1 door below Charles. Prices unusually low. Call and examine before buyiiK elsewhere, as we have the only complete assortment in the city "( SENTIMENTAL AND COMIC VALENTINES, Plain and Fancy iMote Pa, Envelopes, A c. ic. Wholesale very low, retail very cheap. tl.-2tr j OHN H f 10 tfr , FALCON AH. ATTORNEY AT LAW, N.O, 46 LEXINGTON, ST, vXEORGE R. CINN AMOND has removed his of fice into his own dwelling, No. 41 FAYETTE SI., first house east of St. Paul street, and opposite to Bar- niim'l new ounuuig. He will prepare all Deeds for the Conveyance ot Real Estate, and will examine with care Titles to Property. To the membersof the bar he particularly tenders his services. Deeds will be engrossed for them in very superior style, and searches made that may be aonnnenuy reneu u. iai jm-gawaw NO TICE. All pers ms indebted to tne late linn of RAU & SADTLER are herewith respectfully requested to make payments to JOHN C. RAU, at the Old Stand, (corner of Howard and Franklin sts.,) on or before Thursday, Feb. 22(1, instant. All accounts t hereafter unpaid will be placed in other hands for settlement. Ji-HN Fiv.m' i." f ui-eofit VV M. J. SA D I LER. i'HlS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber -I- has obtained from tse Orphans' Court of Baltimore County, letters of administration on the estate of HEN RY GIHNER, late ol said county, aeeeaseu. All persons having claims against said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the. lllh day of August, 1849; they mav otherwise, by law, be excluded from all bene fit of said estate. , All persons iiuiebted to the said estate are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand, tins loih dav of February, 1849. fin-law4t CATHARINE GIHNER. Adm'x. 'inns IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscn A tier, residing in Westminster, Carroll county, Maryland, has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Baltimore County, in Maryland, lettersof administration on the personal estate, of DAVID R. GIST, late of Kentucky, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 15th day of August next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of . . . I ..- 1 I .1. : n.l .1 ..r 1 ..I. Said estate "jiveil unuui mv hhuu iiiiHrfooaj 01 i : blt- ruarv. 1849. wm. im. ha y jjiN, f!0-Iaw4t Administrator. SAVINGS' tSAlNK. Of HAHI.tlUttCi, FEBRUARY i isuh The followine gentlemen were yesterday elected Directors of this Bank for the ensuing year : Joseph Gushing. Chauncey Broooks. Samuel I. Donaldson, Deeter Bargar, Andrew Grecs, Wi ham lleald. Basil S. Elder, George Brown, Joseph W. Patterson, William H- Conkling, Ji hn Dushane, Edward Kuriz, Galloway Chestoii, William Melvim, Frederick Focke, William Kennedy, Alonzo Lilly, Geo. A. V. Spreckelsen, Hugh Jenkins, James I. Fisher. Frederick VV. Brnue, Matthew Smith, Albert Schumacher, Michael Warner, Jr., Rnhert. P. Brown. And at. iineetinirof the li"ard. hem this da y. Joseph Cushiug was re-elected President, and Archibald Stirling, Treasurer. fei"-eo4t-. :E1VKR'S SALE OK SUNIJHV LOTS IO-ACCO. CIGARS AND SMOKING TOBAC CO, BOXES, COUNTER SHOW CASE, CHAIRS, Ac. liy virtue of an order ot Baltimore County Court, as a Court of Equity, passed in the ease of Johnil. ing, permanent trustee ot J r.sSK BROWN, an Insolvent Debtor, against Jesse Brown and Robert Branan, the undersigned will expose to sale, at public auction, on 1U EsD AY, the 20th Feb., 1819, at 10 o'clocK, A. M , at the Auction Koomot H. W. BOOL, Baltimore street: Gl,325 Cigars, in boxes; 12,000 do., in paper; 7,000 do., loose; 5 bbls. do., com- ........ O ni... ' 1'. .K .- 1 H'W0 .1 . . 1 . . . . Smoking Tobacco; 10 lots Chewing Tobacco; Empty Boxes; Counter Show Case; Chairs, &c. The above will be arranged in lots to suit purcha sers, and may be examined on morning of sale. Terms-one-nan casn, naiance on creait oi iour months, with interest and go-'d security. fem-)0t L R .lOlifM li. Keeeiver. HO! FOR THE GOLD DIGGINGS ! 1 Persons who are about visiting California, either for the purposeof working in the gold mines or seekingtheir fortune in Borne other pursuits, would do well to sup ply themselves With I,. GOU LEV. S V EG ETA B LE BITTERS, as it is t lie very best medicine thev can take with them as a preventive of the diseases of the climate. Being a certain cure for Fevers, Agues, and all Bilious Complaints, it is just the. medicine for you, it you wish to preserve tieaith, which is better than I the gold m the mines. Call at 38 BALTIMORE STREET, where you can have it. put up in packages with the proper directions for its use- It I lK. S. S. f ITCH'S MEUICINES, tor the cure LJ of Consumption. Asthma, Dyspepsia, Chronic Diarrhea. Catarrh. Diseases of the Heart. Croup. Costiveness, Scroflula, Salt Rheum. Womb Diseases. and all Skin Diseases, &c, are now for the first time presented lor public sale. MRS. C. A. ATKINSON, Agent, 127 South High street, 3 squares below Pratt, 1 door from Trinity st. fel0-25fh UORSDELL S VEGETABLE RESTORATIVE PILLS are now fairly established as the Family Medicine. Disordered stomachs, with its usual attendants, diarrhea or costiveness, sick headache, dizziness, low spirits, &e., yields immediately to the great remedial powers of these Pills. They are war ranted tree from mercury the proprietors challenge any test. For sale by all Druggists and Agents throughout the city, county and State, and at the General Agency, Office No. 4 N. Charles st. f 10-3t HATS AND CAPS. HATS, a good assortment. ,my own muke. and warranted good, at the lowest prices. CAPS, almost every kind and nrice. from 25 cents to six dollars. R. P. DAVIS, Baltimure street, 9 doors east of the Bridge. COPP'S PAVILION. !"jTi LOCATED ON LOUISIANA AVENUE, fit-, JVJlAtt t Lti aj.IlJ1.lil, AU.Ut ll 1 Atr THK Akib'T' r 4PH nrrFrmr. anj nri,TTi v 7.V THE KE4R OF COLEMAN'S HOTEL. WASHINGTON CITY, D. C. This extensive establishment, unsurpassed in the Union, for cleanliner s, convenience, good order. &c., embraces all that is requisite for health, strength and amusement. In its various departments may be louno: A RESTAURANT. In this superior department. gentlemen can be served, at all reasonable hours, with meals, and all the delicacies of the season served up at the shortest notice. PARLORS AiND CHAMBERS. E eeant private parlors, for dinner or supper parlies, always in rea diness. Also, admirably furnished rooms for transient persons or permanent boarders. rA i us. I he bathing apartments are superior in every respect, and attended by obliging servants. Hot, cold, shower, vapor, salt, electro-magnetic, and sulphur baths, always ready. TPThe Magnetic and Sulphur Vapor Baths (so highly recommended by the Medical Faculty,) are upon the latest improved plans, and under the supervision of scientific gentlemen. HOWLING SALOON in t US Snac.lons apart ment, gentlemen can, at all times, enjoy healthful and innocent exercise ol muscle, mind and body, uninterrupted. I'JSTUL GALLERY . An elegant Pisto Gal erv aff ords ample means for gentlemen to amuse them selves, or practice in the art ot making - good shot. The proprietor of this establishment is determined to spare no trouble or expense in giving satisfaction to the public, and the testimonials of patrons afford the happiest and amplest encouragement for the future. N. B. Gentlemen, ca 1 if vou please, and nv this superb establishment one trial and judge for yourselves. 1 am confident that you will never retrrtt the visit. MOSES COPP. felO dfitfceo3wt Proprietor. gi TRUSTEES' SALE. The subscribers,as Trus-13 tees of George Folk, an insolvent debtor, will "sell at public auction on the premises, at 4 nVllr in the afternoon of SATURDAY, the third day of ,iircn, i4s. LO T No. 1. Situate on the east side of Ann street. near Baltimore street, fronting on Ann street 16 feet 8 inches, and running back, binding on the south side of a 10 feet alley, 75 feet to an a: ley 4 feet wide. This L.ot is improved witn a wen bunt three story lines DWELLING, with back buildni. smoke hniise.A-e.. and is subject to the rent of 3S 33. CO T rso. 2. situate on the rear ot Lot. No. 1, fronting on said 10 feet alley 69 feet 6 inches, and running back 50 fact. This lot has ucon it a CARPENTER'S SHOP of brick, two stories high, and is subject to the yearly rent ot $34 7a. LOT No. 3. Situate on the southwest, comer of East Baltimore and Ann streets, fronting 23 feet 4 inches on Baltimore street, and US ferton Ann street to Folk's alley. On the corner of Ann street and Folk's alley is erected an unfinished Brick BUILDING now ready for the third lloor of joists. This Lot is subject to a rent of S58. 1 he terms ot sale are, one-third cash and the balance in 6 and 12 months, bearins inferectnnfl spcuml by approved endorsements. G, M. GILL. t 10-2awtsfcds W. A. TALKOTT. FOR CALIFORNIA. The fine copper fas tened and coppered A 1 barque JOHN MAYO, capt. Turnngton, is now loading at Craic's wharf, and will have t'esn -tr.h. She can oninffrtnil accommodate a few cabin passengers, Mr. A. Buch- w alter goes out 111 tne vessel, and will take charge of any goods confided to him. For freight or passage, apply onboard, or to HENRY MANKIN. fin-fit m FOR CALIFORNIA. tX.'W The fine A 1 ship ANDALUSIA, Capt. F. PeS! W. Willson. built at Baltimore in liua. per fastened and coppered, burthen 771 tone a f i sailer, and in every respect a vessel of the first class. i iic uctwi-c 1 uctun di u vt-i y spaciousanu uioroiign-ly ventilated; they area feet high, about 33 wide, and 150 feet in length. Captain Willson is an experienced maslnr un.l fa miliar with the Pacifie trade. Passengers for California are invited to visit and examine the ship at Ramsay's wharf. r or 1 reigtit or passage apply to HENRYr MANKIN, f 10-fif 16 Bowlev's wharf. 1 - .ii f i-i , . 1 . . . ... . . . . ... ... Xt, r on. iJAin rnAitiisw, CAClJf ORiMlA. $g3j5f The superior A, I. fast, sailing copnered and 2copper fastened ship "PIONEER" will have immediate dispatch for the above port. The passengers' accommodations in this ship are light and airy, and in every way calculated to promote the health and comfort, of those who may be on board. An experienced Surgeon will go out in the shin, and everything required for the voyage will be liberally supplied. Mr. Charles Jug, a gentleman thoroughly acquainted with business, and well known in this community, who has been in the employ and enjoyed the confidence for twelve years of Messrs. Rnhorl (2iI.T A. Sons, goes out as supercargo, and will attend to all ouHiiiens entriiBieu 10 111m, ana refers to the subscri- ueis ior an uiiormar.ion relative to the voyage, &C. For freight or passage, apply to GUEST Ac GILMOR, TV w south liay st,, or to S. FEN BY &. BRO., f 10-tf corner Gay and Pratt, st. , M ETA LLI C R U BB ER TENTS . W e gggqrhave now such arrangements as will enable us "'"to supply the demand for this impular article and of various sizes, to suit individuals or parties also, Camp Blankets.; Clothes Bags; Coats; Pouches; Caps with Capes; Wading Boots: Gun Cases; Haversacks; Canteens; Air Beds and Pillows, with a ci eat r..j,.. "'i-mo, uirecr trom the manufacturers. H. B. FIELD & CO., , ., , 225 Baltimore street, ' "r Sd door below Charles st. WM&SKgJlgpg PH I A . TRANSPO RTATIO N Baltimore. Fenruarv 7. 1849. Comfortable passage to Philadelphia can be secured DAILY, by way of T " . -1 - jt . r, . 1 : 'T-: 1 . . 1 .7- . 1 una u.iiu vaucasier, .ra., leaving j. icivet wince. iomi street, at 9 o'clock, arriving in Phi adelphia about 7 O'clocx. r. M..; and at 4 o'ciock, p. M.,( lying over at Y'ork or Wrigntsville,) and reaching Philadelphia about 3 o'clock, P. M., next day. WM. S. BROWNING, f IQ-8t Superintendent. FOR SALE, at Havland. 44 miles on th lHarford road, three fine Carriaffe HORSES -one of which is verv strong and trots last One also is a thorough bred animal, and is well gait-ed; the other, remarkably gentle. Also, two strong draught Horses, 9 Sows and 20 Pigs, of the following improved breeds, viz: the white Chester enrmtr a nc a cross of the Irish Ulster, and black and white Berk shire. Also tor sale, a strong srone or wood Wagon. Apply to JAS. McDON A LI. Manager. f 10-3r S F1FT 4gV give the rSl "'id delivi F1FT DOLLARS REWARD. 1 will above reward for the an irehensii-m ery to me, of my Neero Man, JOHN Hi-.iM i.wno leit my house this morning. lie is black, or nearly so; from 5 feet f. to .', feet s inches high; quile likely, active and polite; he is a good carriage driver and osttei; about 25 years old-his clothing not known; it is probable he only had on nis wonting suit, 01 wnne domestic twilled hnsev. . . . .... H. C. SCOTT epperwanouro', t eo, 8, ihw, fel0-2t Will be held at the Hall of their Engine House. Light street, on MONDAY EVENING, February 26th, 1849. Tickets $1 each. Particulars in future advertisement. It FOURTEENTH ANNUAL BALL OF THE INDEPENDENT BLUES. FIRST COMPANY, FIFTH REG'T M. V. I. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE have the honor to announce to their friendsand the public that the FOURTEENTH ANNUAL BALL of the Corps will take place at rrr On THURSDA Y EVENING, 22d h ebruary, 1R49, being the Anmvv yjxA V During the evening the COMPANY'S BAND, un der the direction ot Professor A. HOLLAND, will perform some of the latest and most popular music ot theday. .T.,. , ...... VOLANDT'S COTlbLCM music nas oeen engaged for the occasion. .. ,. , TICKETS ONE DOLLAR EACH, which can be obtained of the Executive Committee, and of the following gentlemen, who have kindly consented to serve as Managers for the occasion: On the part of the Military of Baltimore: Maj. Gen. John S. Siuith,Maj. Gen. G. II. Steuai t, Col. Hickman, Col. Davics, " Maguire, 44 Bouldin, Licul. Col. Sanderson, " Betisingcr, Major Watkins, Gover, Copt. Elterinan, Krein, " Poor, " Ciiiflelle, " Wagner, Jtopes, V Pickell, Lieut. Col. Anderson, Kane, Major Griffith, " Kenley, Capt. Kalkman, " GUI, " Grundy, " McAllister, " Bouldin, " Lilly, ' Suter, ' Owens. Steiner, ' Swain, " Marshall, " Harris, " Emmarl, Lieut. C C. PhillipB, ' J. T. Farlow, " J. T. Laws, I ' (tittiiiBS. " W. H. Smith, Lieut. McDonald, " Hopkins, " D. Street, " Jacob Grosg, " John W. Durst, J URtllR Slltilwr Geo. Reppart, Caughey, Emory, J. V. Davis, I On part of the Military and Citizen of Washington: National Grev-3: Lieut. B. F. Mnrsell, Capt. P. F. Bacon, Lieut. J. A. Tait, " M. P. Mohuu, " S. M. Tucker. LtHT Infantry: Capt. J. B. Tate, Lieut. J. F. Tucker, " V. II. Clark, " J. Y. Davis. " M. Birckett. Citizens: Joshua Bradley, Esq. Charles I .rfvvvery, Patrick H. Brooks, " Richard Wallack, " Hin.II. Winter, " William Mocoe, " Walter lidinox, " William Birch, " Nathan Hammond, " Thomas Howard, " Walker Sharpshooters Capt. J. V . Bryant, Lieut. P. Chapin, On part, of Military and Citizens of Georgetown: Capt. Wright, Lieut. Upperman, " Waugh, Serg't Rodier, James H. Kidwell, Esq. Capt. Wilson, Lieut. Griffin, Knsign Sedgwick, Private A. Rodier, Edward Craig, Esq. Oh part of Mount Vernon Guard, Alexandria: Capt. Snyder. I Capt. Lammond. jjieut. Chas. Price, iLieut. C. C. Berry. " John Fisher, I On part of the Military ami Citizens of Philadelphia, Major Feter Fritz, I Lieut. W. A. Thorp, Major Alex. Duhaminel, Lieut. Win. Brvan, 44 John H.'Shutt George Lippard, Esq. Phillip W. Lowry, Esq. " Jacob Clause, I Or. Master A. F. Hopple, .lames W. Veazey, Esq. jonn snriey. wiiiiHin Armiiagc, On part of the. Military and Citizensof Frederick Vol. Edward Shriver, Capt. Edward Schley, Capt. It. J. t isher, J.J.Smith, Lieut. Denton .Hammond, Sergeant F. Kcefer, Calvin Page, Esq. Lieut. John McPherson, Hon. M. E. Bartgis, Peter Goodmanson. Esq. Samuel T. Houston, 44 On part of the Military of Lancaster. Col. Daniel Herr, Capt. John H. Duehman, Serg't Henry Gibbs, Major Hambrighf, Lieut. Hambnght, U. S.A. Private John McCauley. 1 On part of the Citizens of Baltimore. Hon. Solomon Hillen, Joshua Vaiisant. Esqr. Grafton D. Spurrier, " James Stansbury, 44 Chas. E. Gardner, 44 Thorndiek Chase, 44 James M. Boyd, 44 Geo. II. Williams, 44 Samuel E. Smith, 44 Thos. Foirest, 44 Win. Rutter, 44 Samuel Shorey, 44 Thos. W. Newman, 44 W.B Sherwood, George B. Burke, 44 Louis Sevarv, 44 Juo. TL Mcflhenny, 44 Joel B. Fairbanks, 44 James Adv. 44 John M. Mills, Phillip T. Dawson, 44 Daniel McCan, 44 Chas.Difreuderfler.Jr. 44 Thomas Donahue, 44 Robert J. Duttou, 44 John G. Wilinot, 44 Job n Slat tr, 44 Edward Hanzsche, 44 George A. Levering, 44 Hiram Fox, Esqr. Win. Shamburg, I'eter lievener, Gardner Boon, Henry P. Duhurst, Phineas Thurs'on, .lames Mitchell. John Kennedy, J. T. Hinton, Jr. I horoas Evans, wm. Holland, George Gibney, Robert. C. Barry, Jr. Thomas Humes, Jr. Thomas B. Scth, Eben D. Nutz, John Wonderly, S. M. Shoemaker, H. W. S. Evans, Thomas Humphreys, James Orem, Louis M. Cole, T. A. Hanzsche, John Temperly, John Healev, h reeman McCoIlum, J. C. Hankev. Robert Read. Samuel Steel, Ueorge Hush, A. G. Mathiott, Wm. Johnson, 44 A.J.McGreevy, Frederick Hook, James E. Collins, 44 Eben Perkins, 44 David Grieves, 44 Charles F. Cloud, Edward II. Smith, Robert Marshall, 44 Henrv E. Barton, 44 l-.. vv hitmore. Edmund Mitchell, L. Klockeether. James B. Goll, James lawsoii. Elias 1 . Grittiu, Owen O'Brien, J. A. Renley, W. G. H. N ewman, J. W. Cressinan, Louis Ouinliu, John Fahev. Jacob W. Howzer, John Deems, Executive Committee. Augustus P. Shutt, 1 David E. Woodburn, John C. Holland, Joseph W. Abey. Henry Spilman, I It EGERTON & BROTHER, Corner of Exchange Place and South Street, Baltimore, Md. This is the oldest established office in the United States, having been at their present location over twenty-three years-l The following SPLENDID LOTTERIES will be drawn during the month of February; persons at a distance have but to drop a line to us through the post office a few days in advance of the drawing, to secure a prompt answer and profitable result. No postage need be paid on leters addressed to us, and an conimunicaiionh stricriy conntientiai. All tickets and drawings will be so enclosed as to defy the strictest scrutiny of their contents. Address EGERTON & BROTHER, Baltimore, Md. LOTTERIES FOR FEBRUARY': Date. High Prizes. No. of Ballots. Priceoftkts. Feb. 9, 7,ooo scheme, 75 Nos. 12 ballots tickets $2 Feb. 9, 15 (ioo do 73 Nos. 14 do do 4 Feb. 10, 44,000 do 78 Nos. 16 do do 15 Feb. 12, 7,51m do 6 :nos. 12 do do 24 Feb. 12, 45.000 eo 75 Nos. 11 do do 8 Feb, IS, 22,500 do 78 ios. 14 do do 5 Feb. 14, 9.000 do 73 N os. 14 do do 2i Feb. 14, 30,000 do 66 Nos. 13 do do 10 Feb. 15, 20,000 do 75 Nos. 12 do do 5 Feb. 16. 24,ooo do th .mob. 13 do do 5 Feb. 17, so.nno do 75 Nos. 13 do do 10 Feb. 19, 8,000 do 75 Nos. 14 do do 2J Feb. 19, 5 of 12,000, 78 Nos. 13 do do H Feb. 20, 25.000 scheme, 75 Nos. 12 do do 5 Feb. 21, 9,000 do 78 Nos. 13 do do 24 Feb. 21, 3 of 25,000, 75 Nos. 12 do do 10 Fcb.3J2, S2.000 schemK, 78 Nos. 13 do do 5 Feb. 23, 15,000 do 75 Nos. 14 do lo 4 Feb. 24, 60,000 do 78 N'-s. 13 do do 20 Feb. 26, 9,000 do 73 Nos. 14 do do 21 Feb. 26, 25.000 do 75 Nos. 15 do do 8 Feb. 27, 20,noo do 78 Nos. 14 do do a Feb. 28, 30,000 do 75 Nos. 13 do do 10 ISfOrders for Tickets and Shares and Certificates of Packages in the above splendid Ixittery will receive the most prompt attention, and an official account of each drawing sent immediately after it is over to all who order from its. Address, I.' t - I - I 'T- X- I. L." I? I I i' I .11 JI , J . 1 V V ' . . Corner of Exchange Place and South st., Baltimore, Md. SPECIAL NOTICE. The "Small Fry" Schemes will hereafter be regularly drawn on every TUES- I DAY, THURSDAV and SATURDAY of each I week. Capitals S4.000, S3,000, 5 of $l,000,&c, &r Tickets S I, quarters 25 cents. A full package of 25 whole Tickets, containing cverv number in the scheme, cost in certificate but &15; halves $7 50; quarters $3 75. fel0-6li;r i IRS. JERV1S' COLD CANDY, OR HOW TO i?l CURE A COUGH. One Mary Steene, ! city dame, As 'tis bv many told, Went, to a Doctor what-his-nanie. For she had caught a cold.' And sad indeed was Mary's pain. The truth must be confest. Which she to ease found all iu vain, For it. was on her chest. The Doctor heard her case and then Resolved to be of service, Prescribed oh, the tenderest of men, The Cold Canov of Mrs. Jervis. PHYSICIANS ARE THE BEST CUSTOMERS FOR MRS. JERVIS' COLD CANDY. LOOK! READ! More spontaneous proof in favor of the great Throat and Lung Remedy, Mrs. Jervis' Cold Candy. New York, Nov. loth. 1848. Mrs. W. Jervis Dear Madam: I had the. pleasure a few days since of witnessing the wonderful effects of your Cold Candy in Influenza. My children were severely attacked with a hacking cough, which most children are subject to at, this season of the year, and knowing their horror of medicine and its nauseous taste, I was induced to procure a package of your Candy, though with little faith, but to my astonish ment tne cougn became tree and expectoration easy, and in a few days they were entirely relieved. Y'ours, C. D. Brown, Dentist, No. 4C9 Broadway, New York. To MrR. W. Jervis. Manufactured and sold by Mrs. YV. JERVIS, the Proprietress, S79 BROADWAY, New Yrtrk. Sold wholesale and retail at WM. TAYTI,0R'S, Nos. 4 and 5 NORTH ST., JAR VIS BUI I DINGS, Baltimore; T. D. GILMAN, PENN'A AVENUE, Washington city, and sold by druggists generally. 12, 25. 50 cents and 8 1 per package. tSEach package is invariably signed Mrs. W. JBesuIre'toask for Mrs. JERVIS' Cold Candy".4'' Put nn in packages of Is.. 2.. 4s.. and fll each. (Clf ll REWARD FOR A MORE EF WVAJUU FECTUAL REM ED Y THAN iJR. SWAY'NE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERR . i. u r ur Are you troubled with a cough.' Have you pains in the side and breast' Have you a tickling or rising in the throat? Hare you the Liver Complaint? Have you the Bronchitis, Nervous I ebilitv, or any Symptoms of Pulmonary Consumption? If you are troubled with anyot the above symptoms of widu CHERRV.n will effect a speedy and permanent cure, as. the evidence of thousands who have been cured by it will testify. uaus wtio t, - t. IMPORTANT CAUTION. 77i . 1' one Senulne Preparation of Wild Cherry, and that bears the signature of VJ1U DR. H. swvvu Ph.raTefe,ia3.fliCe,COr-EIGHTH Rnd RACE STS., For sale in Baltimore hi T T rrrn- - MORE STREET; s7 S Hance, "m TBaltiAV" and cor. Pratt fand Charles m. ; danbvl rrH" cor. Light and Lombard sts.; E. h.StaMeF r iS W. Pratt St.; Geo. F. Brown & L is ? Smith & Atkinson. 228 Baltimore sl 'J. Std? MEntSj sts., F . P., R. F arnham, Washincton" O. M Linthi cum, Georgetow-; Stabler & Bro., A lexandria anrt bv agents in till parts of the world. J iai,a?d tAp18r rjOLD, RAW, DAMP, CHILL4 WEATHER is v calculated to give every one a cold NANCE'S HOARHOUNJJ CANDY is certain to cure it. A single nacki ,,,v.;i. but twenty-five cents, wi 1 1 ,tr-,.Clia.fVwl,,ch cos.ts lpkusueet8b.TIll!'Kr' and eorner of cl'arld

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