The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 26, 1933 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 13
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t r THE BAKE&SFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1933 13 SPORTS Furht RENEGADES TO MEET PORTERVILLE SQUAD HERE FRIDAY NIGHT C OACH BASIL PETERSON will give his junior college reserves a ,, "break" tomorrow night, when the Renegades are to meet Porterville J. C. here In a junior college conterence game. The Bakorsfleld J. C. mentor indicated this morning that he would start the second string and let them play as long as they can keep the visitors within bounds. The jaysee tilt, coming as a preliminary to the battle between the high school Drillers and U. C. L. A. freshmen, will be started at 7:15 o'clock. Since the Renegades are to meet the Bruin frosh in an exhibition game Saturday night, Coach Peterson will not use hid varsity against Portervlllo Friday evening< unless necessary. * Porterville was defeated last week by Visalia, and as Bakersfield already holds a decision over Visalia, the Renegades are favorites CAGE SCORES to win from the orange belt boys. • A probable starting comblnution against Porterville will be Rhodes and Bain, guards; Stemen, center, and Barrett and Harrell, forwards. The "Heavy Date" Of greater concern Is the prospective clash between the Renegades and Brulh cubs Saturday. Tho Bakersfield joysees would give several right. arms and a leg or so to avenge thoir defeat by U. C. freshmen by ending the winning streak of the undefeated U. C. L. A. frosh. That their chance* of doing so are relatively slight rrr.ikes no difference. The Renegades have one advantage In thSt they tangle with the cubs at the end of a three-day stretch in which the freshmen play three games on successive nights. The U. C. L. A. outfit is scheduled to meet' the Taft J. C. Cougars at Taft tonight and the Drillers tomorrow, and there's a possibility that they may be worn down somewhat by Saturday. Or they may Just be getting warmed up by then. Haworth Reports Haworth, the part-time member of the Renegade squad, reported for practice again Wednesday evening and will probably be of service to the Jaysees Saturday. r In fact, though Coach Peterson shaved his squad down to 16 players shortly after the Christmas holidays. It has shown a te»dency to gather moss as the season rolls along. There were four full teams available again the first of this week. Among the recruits are Bill van Osdel, who has the prerequisites of a good basketball player, and Jim Camp, who is still a good football player. Reserve Strength Reserve strength of the junior college squad will be further strengthened next week with the beginning of the new semester. Fisher and Lewis, (Associated Press Leased Wire) Johns Hopkins, 14; Mount St. Mary's, 36. West Virginia Wesleyan, 39; Wast Virginia U., 38. Fenn, 23; Kent State, 31. Cedarville. 21; Buffton, 69. Manchester, (Ind.), 24; Ball State Teachers. 26. Louisiana State, 26; Auburn, 25. Moorhead Teachers, 28; Concordla, <Mlnn.), 27. Southern III. Normal, 31; Southeast, (M.), Teachers, 26. Rolla Miners, (M.), 15; West m In ster, 44. Billings Poly, 26; Inteermountaln Union, 28. Oregon, 31; Idaho, 40. TAFT MAT CARD IS pair of Wlsham, ' a excellent guards, and good forward prospect, who have been Ineligible for conference play this semester, will become eligible next Monday. Beardsley Cagers Engage Standards ' BEARDSLEY, Jan. 26.—While the Beardsley Grammar School lightweight basketball team was winning from the Standard lightweights, B to 3, the Beardsley unlimited team lost on the local court. 14 to 7. These were the first games of the season for the local teams. The lineups were: Beardsley, unlimited: Robert Zuercher, Ted Lee, Ivan Klarich, Bud Benson, Raymond Proycr and Eugene Fleenor. Standard: Marvin Barton, James McCoy.. George Dean, Cletic Norman, Kenneth Weaver, Paul BIrchfleld and TAFT, Jan. 26.—Adding more class to the wrestling card planned for tonight In Taft, Buck Buchanan today announced that the winner of the Don Hill-Jack Toone seml-windup on the local card will be matched with Yaqul Joe in the semi-windup at Bakersfield next week. The wrestling night in Bakersfield has been changed to Wednesday, beginning next week Yaqul Joe Is the junior middle weight champion of the world. He is a genuine Yaqul Indian from So nora, Mexico, and is reported ti have plenty of class. The opening match on the card here will be between Carl Cook, of Taf and Rod Fcnton of Canada. Cook for merly resided in Taft and has Just returned from a tour of the east and Canada. He is a light heavyweight and during his tour learned quite a number of new tricks. He has wrestled some of the best boys in the east and now feels that none of them In tho west at his weight is too good for him. The main event Is between Wayne Stumbaugh of Taft and Jesse McCann. the Portland rubber ball. It Is billed for the best two-out-of-three falls with a two-hour time limit and will be on a wlnner-tako-all basis. Tho seml-wlndup between Hill and Toone will be a one-hour limit match, also winner-take-all. RULE COMMITTEE HAS SEVERAL IDEAS Forward Passing Now Up for Proposed Change in Its Uses (Associated Pret» Leased Wire) IYTEW YORK, Jan. 26.—Whether •*•* or not the football rules committee decides to make any changes this year, the coaches nave a few very definite ideas what ought to be done and are pre. paring to sift the suggestions at a neotlng of their "committee of twenty" early in February and to present them • to the rules body when It gathers. The- two principal ideas, as Bothered by Lou Little, chairman of tho committee the coaches formed at their i December meetings, are that something ought to be done about the forward pass and that tho ball ought to bo brought in from the edge of the field wlthlut the loss of a down, before It Is carried over the sideline. Fear that fhe forward pass was getting out of hand and too many passes were being tossed Indiscriminately was reflected In tho report of tho 1932 rules committee. The coaches offer three possible changes to discourage too much passing. They are: Pass Changes? 1. That the penalty for two successive Incomplete passes be Increased from 5 to ID yards, offered by Little. 2. That forward passes be permitted from any point behind the scrimmage line, replacing the present restriction that the hall must be thrown from a point at least 5 yards behind the line, made by Dick Hanley of Northwestern. 3. That a forward pass cauRht by the defense after It has touched nn Ineligible receiver be ruled an Intercepted pass, Instead of an Incomplete pass, as Is the case today. Little'a Idea "Personally," Little added, "I be- Hevo that aside from simplifying the rules, taking away the amblpulty that exists in some places, the rules should Bruin Frosh Tangle With Taft's Cougars Tonight T APT, Jan. 26. — Boasting tho strongest array . of former prep- sters In years, the undefeated U. C. L. A. frosh team is a heavy favorlto to wallop Los Ktenholc' Toft J. C. Cougar clan here tonight. The Westwood yearlings arc either looking for some easy pickings or they like tho weather up here, because Friday night they tangle with the Bakersfield Drillers- and then the following evening they mix It up with Basil Peterson's Bakorsfleld Jaysee Renegades. The starting time has been set up, which means that both quintets will take the floor at 7:30. Compton Junior College made quite tin Impression In trouncing the locals here early In tho season, but the Bruin Babes knocked over this highly touted team, 18-16. Klcnholz Isn't even looking for one of those surprise victories, but Is hoping that his boys will come out of their recent slump and give tho southern team a busy evening. To date the Cougars have looked pretty fair at times and then something worse than leiTlble. Against "Whlttler Stnto and Ventura Jaysco they looked like a rather promising outfit, but against Cal Poly and Santa Barbara frosh something entirely different. Tho absence of Head, first-string center, and Endlcott, regular guard, against Reedley Saturday night seemed to hurt both the offensive team play as well as defense. Both are expected to return for this game, so Klenholz will be able to start his strongest outfit Stone replaced Head In tho Reedley game and Lyle was forced to drop back to guard, but they are both expected to return to their forward posts for this game. The high school. middleweight and heavyweight squads arc scheduled to meet Ventura High there 1'Ylday night. So far no game has been found for Johnston's C aggregation. be let alone. Last year's changes worked out very well. A little attention /to the forward pass Is about all I can see that In necessary." SHAFTER, M'FARLAND CAGE TEAMS BATTLE McPARLAND, Jan. 26.—One of the est games of the Sierra League for he season was played whon the Shafer C team won with a score of 14 to from the McFarland C team Cou- ars, when they met at tho indoor ourt at Delano. The B and A teams of the Shafter agers trimmed the B and A teams of le McFarland Cougars with high cores. The B score wits 11 to S9 and he A score 16 to 34. The games were layed at tho Delano court because of le ruiny weather. C Team Lineup McFarland Pos. Shafter 'nnaka F Bartel IcQueen, F Schulz arnes C Voth Veddle G Coop Virt G Martin ones G Martin Veaver G Schultz B Team Players McFarland POM. Shnfter 3aker F Alverato .,ay F Anners erry , F Mettler 'hllllps C Morrison C AnnouH IcCauley G Unrue liobre G Johnson J. L. Watson. Beardsley lightweights: Frank Abbott, E. H. Montgomery, Martin An- solabehere, LeRoy Mooney, Wllllnm Henry, Karl Tyner, Herbert Shively, Donald Vineyard, Elmer Prince and Robert Harding. Referees were, Odls Freeman and Lecll Fisher. Chicago Fair Will Have Boat Races (United Press Leased Wire) YORK, Jan. 26.— The 1933 National Outboard Motorboat chnmplon- nhtps have been awarded to the Chicago World's Fair by the National Outboard Racing Commission. JDuring its meeting' at the annual show, the commission set the national championship Chicago dates for September 23-26. Chicago was awarded the meet after Philadelphia and Mlddletown, Conn., withdrew. Officers of the National Outboard .Association will be elected today. Can- 'dldates for commodore are reported to be the Incumbent, Judge Rupert B. Turjibull of Monrovia, Calif.; the vice- commodore, William M. Eldrldge of •New York, and Phelps Ineeraoll of Mlddletown, Conn. Delano Basketeers Will Play Tulare DELANO, Jan. 26.—Basketball teams of Delano Joint Union High School will go to Tulare on Friday night where they will compete with the teams of the Tulare High School. The local teams defeated two strong squads from the Dinuba High School last Friday night. The games were played here in the gymnasium of the local school. The score of the B or lightweight team was 18 to 9 in favor of Delano. The score of the A team wad 16 to 12 in favor of the home team. The Delano A team is one of six teams having a standing of .067 per cent In the Tulare County League. Other teams having this rating are Dinuba, Exeter, Corcoran, OrosI and Lindsay. The HanforU team loads. Tho Delano B team Is one of throe teams leading In tho league. The other two teams are Hanford and Exeter. Lindstrom Prefers Outfield Position (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 26. — It's all right with Freddie Lindstrom If they keer. him chasing baseballs In the outfield from now on. During a fanning bee in a loop gymnasium where Lindstrom Is get- Ing ready for 1933 and Plttsburg, he ivas asked If he'd rather play third base as he once did for the Giants or mtrol the outfield. 'Give me the outfield every time," •'rftddle replied with a wide grin. "It's jetter and cleaner work. You don't run down so BOOH. When you see a 'ellow walking along with stooped shoulders and a worried look, you can pick him out. He's an ex-thin: baseman who spent his basball career chasing after bunts that weren't Give me the GRID FATHER NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 20. (U. V.) — Albo/t J. "Alble" Booth, famous quarterback of Yale's 1931 varsity football team, today was an expectant father. His wife, the former Miss Marlon Noble of New Haven, was at St. Raphael's Hospital as a maternity patient. Last year Alble was an assistant coach at Yale. He was not reappolntcd. INDOOR TENNIS MONTREAL, Jan. 36. (U. P,)~ A court duel between J. Gilbert Hall of ' South Orange, N. J., defending champion, and Francis, X, Shields of New YoRk, Davis Cup star, seemed destined for Saturday's finals as play opened today In the quarter finals of the • Canadian Indoor tennis championships. Cripples Return to Play Soccer Game (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26.—Three cripples will return to the Los Angeles lineup Saturday when the Angels meet Pasadena In a Rugby match at U. C. L. A. field. Captain Fred James, Harry Campbell and Hoy Tlsdall, who have been out with Injuries, will be back at their old positions. Pasadena's squad has been newly built, pivoting around Ian Hobertson and Don Davis who quit the Angels to play with their home town. "Nope, not for me. outfield every time." [ngram None Too Enthusiastic Now (United Press Leased Wire) SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Jan. 20 W. A. "Navy Bill" Ingrain, Unlver slty of ' Southern California footbal couch, is not sanguine over his pros pects for a great season next fall. "Look," he said, "at our schedule On consecutive Saturdays we meo Santa Clara, Nevada, St. Mary's Washington State, U. C. L. A.. Wash InRton, Idaho and Stanford. Jus eight successive games, that's all." Ingram, who paused In Salt Lake t spend an afternoon with Ike Arm strong, University of Utah coach, pre dieted that University of Souther California would win another coas conferonce title next year. "But It won't be a walkaway," h ; said. "The competition will b "keener." WYKOFF LEAVES LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20. (U. P.)— Frank Wykoff, world sprint champion left last night for New York wher ho will appear in thn National A. A. U Indoor championships, February 21 The University of Southern Callfornl star also expects to enter several othe meets while In the east. Ho will con for with Daniel J. Ferris* of the A. A U. when he arrives In Manhattan. Swan ;vert a Scott G Hlte A Team Lin.up McFarland Pos. Shafter Regan F Annls Roberts F Mettler luddleston C Schmltr iigglnbotham ....G Neufelc' Newby G Janzen (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 20. — If Jay Boze- ian, the rapld-firo billiard artist from allejo, Calif., doesn't lose another match soon, he's likely to wako up ome morning with hla prize mustache tolen. When Bozeman arrived In Chicago or tho start of the world's three- ushlon billiard championship drive 10 nys ago, his rivals noticed a mus- ache of tho midget, shoo string va-' ety adorning his upper Up. "As long as I have this mustache, m going to be in tlie running for hat title nnd tho douKh that ROCS 'ith it," Bozeman replied to their ulp.y. "This mustache Is guliix tu rlnK me luck." The mustache was still there today nd so was Bozeman. He led the ield in the race for the title with a mark of .four victories against one etbnck. He was certain to have ut east .'i share in the lead after today, oo, as he was Idle while his closest Iviil. Welker Coelirnn of Hollywood, need the dangerous Clarence Jackson if Detroit In the big match tonight, tachrnn'u record was three victories ind one defeat, Bozeman soared into tho undisputed ead yesterday as ho defeated Tiff Jenton, Kansas .City veteran, 50 to 29, in 37 innings, and Cochrnn was turned back, BO to SB. In 48 Innings by Frank Scovllle of Buffalo. It was Tehran's first flefoat of tho tournament. Reed .G. Peters The next Sierra League game will ie played at tho local court against he Wasco cagers Saturday afternoon it 2 o'clock. * • » English Net Stars Willjnvade U. S. (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK. Jan. 26.—Despite the blows Old Man Depression has landed on international sports, a brief, informal tennis invasion of the United States is planned by a team of four English players early In March. The English team, composed of E R. Avory, seventh ranking player, F Gundur-Dower, R. K. Tinkler and H. G. N.,Cooper, will clash with four representatives of tho Internationa Club of New York, first in Bermuda n connection with the annual tennli championships there, then In New York, probably on March 7 and 8 Clifford Cutter, Gregory Mangln George M. Lott and Sydney Wood are expectod to make up tho American team in Bermuda. Sylvester Johnson Sold by Cardinals (United Press Leased Wire) COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jim. 26.—Syl veKter Johnson, one of baseball's mos effective relief pitchers In 1932, toda Vias purchased from tho St. Louis Can Inals by the Columbus Red Birds o the American Association. The amount paid for Johnson wa not revealed. He Is a right hande Johnson IB 32 years old, nnd live in Portland, Ore. Pitching for th Cardinals last year, he was credlte with five victories and 14 defeats. H has had no errors charged against hln since the 1931 season. •-*-* CUT RACE PURSE BALTIMORE, Jan. 26. (U. P.)—Th purse of tho Preakness, second only t the Kentucky Derby among America thoroughbred races, hns boon cut froi 150,000 to 125,000, it was announced b Matt L. Dalger, secretary and man ager of tho Maryland Jockey Club. LA BARBA GETS HEAVY ODDS TO PAOATSON Seaman Given but Slight Change in Bout With Competent Yank By HENRY McLEMORE Unite! PreiiSUtf Cwremndenl N EW YORK, Jan. 26.—To come right out and say so, Fldol La Barba should stow away this Seaman Watson person in 10 rounds or less when they meet in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. La Barba, like that gal Badle, has class with a capital K. He cuu box and ho can hit, and his many years of campaigning from bore to Mukden hut) taught him all of tho answers. Watson, to judge from his gymnasium workouts, has little with u capital L. His Sunduy-go-to-ineullng punch wouldn't knock a settln' hen off the nest and his boxing Is of tho Joe Beckett school. This means that he bloelts beautifully with his chin and leads with his Jaw. Of 'course, tho British featherweight champion and pride of tho king's navy may have buen kidding us In hlu laboratory work and will come out tomorrow night as a flrst-clasa fighting man FIERY LIGHTWEIGHTS FEATURE CARD THIS EVENING AT GRANADA T WO fiery lightweights who have proved their mettle under firo here in fierce fights of the past clash tonight in the main event at the Granada theater. The principals are Johnny Simpson of Oakland, whose test of local merit was to defeat Justin Pascua, and the other Battling Slkl, who fought a great battle here with Georgle Akes, the fighting Greek. The main event is slated for eight rounds. The increasing crowd of fans who are finding more comfort in watching matches in a steam- heated theater than a drafty arena expect a good fight tonight when those two boys from the metropolitan areas of the state clash. The semi-wlndup event la .expected to be a slam-bang affair between Sailor ^Waller and Jack Campbell. This is ON THE MAT | i, <» (Associated Fret* Leaned Wire) BOSTON — Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Los Angeles, defeated Charlie Strack, Boston, two out of three falls (Lewis 19:30, Strack 3:43, Lewis 15:00). I NEW YORK (St. Nicholas)— Jim Londos, 200, Greece, threw Frank Judson, 208, Detroit, 25:14. NEW YORK (Rldgewood)—Jot Malcewlci, 202, Utloa, N. Y., and Pat McGIII, 227, Ireland, drew, 52:00 (bout stopped by 11 o'clock curfew). But we doubt. The Seaman strikes us as Just another plugger who Is go- Ing to get' plugged. Before you work up a sympathy for tho fellow let us tell you that Seaman doesn't care much whether ho wins or loses. This doesn't mean ho won't try, for he will. But tho Seaman Is homesick—homesick for his cozy llttlo pub nt Newcastlo-on-Tyno, a bit of stout and a glimpse nt his "puppies," as he calls his children. And the Scaman Is not unaware that his stay In this country depends largely upon what he does against La Barba. If he whips the Cnllfornlan or makes a close fight of It, his handlers, Squire John Mortimer and Undo Charley Hurvpy, will keep him here. If ho gets knocked kicking tho sriulro nnd Uncle Charley are liable to send him home on the first freighter for Liverpool. Heavy Favorite La Barba, at the present writing, Is a 4-to-l favorlto. When these odds were first announced thoso boys arid Blrls along tho Ruo do Cauliflower who love to take u flyer, placed a few bob (or is It V>obs?)»on tho Seaman. As Sol Gold explained "Camera wouldn't be 4-to-l against MMiey Mouse. Michael might flop Him with HEMPSTEAD, N. Y.—Abe Coleman, 202, Los Angeles, threw Norton B. Jackson, 202, New York, 24:02. Racquetteers From March Field Land (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 26.—The flying squash racquetteorg from March Field, Riverside, Calif., today were slated to tackle the New York Athletic Club's team. Fresh from a "happy landing" at Mltchel Field last night where they overwhelmed ti combination post and civilian team, seven matches to one, the California aviators expected to repeat thoir triumph against N. Y. A. Cs. These seven March Field blrdmen traveled 3000 miles in two army trans- port'planes for the double purpose of picking up a few points on flying and demonstrating their prowess to eastern squatihrncn. a tire tool." Well, this tako-u -flyer-business Ferrell Refuses His Salary Slash (United Press Leased Wire) CLEVELAND, Jan. 26.—The name of Wesley Ferroll, ace hurler, was added to the growing list of Cleveland baseball players' who have returned their preferred contracts for the 1938 baseball season unsigned, it was learned hero today. Although both Forrell. and Manager Billy Evans declined to make public tho terms of the contract It Is generally believed that the big mound star wa$ asked to take an approximate slash of J6000. ceased abruptly when someone with a deal of patience dug Into the files and found that In England It Is not an uncommon occurrence for a fighter to "retire" during a fight. "Retiring" Is simply this. When a fighter finds himself losing he has the privilege "f stepping up to tho referee and saying something liko this: "I say, old, chap, I find I'm not myself tonight. So I think I'll retire. Somo other night, when I'm feeling top-hole, I'll comeback and knock this blooming blighter blotto. Cheerio!" Quits the Ring Whereupon tho fighter, If ho can bo called that, quits th«> ring for the comparative safety of tho showers. Seaman Watson, when asked If ho hail ever "retired," said, "Certainly, old fellow. I think It was in the Don Volente fight that I felt myself not so chipper, and wont back to my pub." This admission ended all wagering on Seaman. For over hero tho boys don't call it "retiring." They have another word — one that, starts with a q. ROOT GETS YALE TEAM STARTED (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 26.—Inaugurating a new procedure In Yale football, Reggie Root, the Ells' practical new coach, hits started to mold a Blue Klevin which must have the winning power In autumn to keep Yule's athletic ledgers out of the red. One hundred nnd three varsity an- plrnnts were scheduled to begin dally drills today in Payne Whitney gymnasium at New Haven to fit them for a rigorous campaign. This campaign must bo more suc- censful than tho 1932 season which resulted In two victories, three ties und two defeats—a campaign which saw Yale's football attendance suffer one of tho season's worst slumps, about 35 per cent, and saw football revenue drop off probubly more than 40 per cent. If young Root doesn't boot the Yale varsity out of Its 1932 doldrums, he probably will be back couching the freshmen again in 1934. a six-rounder. Waller is recovered from an injury which prevented him from appearing on tho last card. Joe Fernandez, the verteran boxer of this city, whq dances about on his toes and spears his opponents through superior co-ordination and speed, Is on the same card, mooting Eddlo Nolden of Delano In a special six-round event. "Smoked Irishman" Ned Herman, Ventura featherweight, is meeting Stafford McCoy, called the "smoked Irishman," from Los Angeles, in a four-round preliminary ovont. In the opener Wild Mike Ortega of thlH city is meeting Gene Barcellona of Los Angeles. They are featherweights though they will enter the rhiK at around 128 pounds, according to tho card. Low Prices General admission to the theater, which is on Kentucky street near Baker, is 55 cents. Crowds have been Increasing though at first It was thought It might bo some time before the fans accommodated themselves to tho new scene of fighting and wrestling hero. Tho first match is scheduled for 8:30 p. m. Skating Stars Are in Title Practice (Associated Press Leased Wire) OCONOMOWOC, WIs., Jan. 28.—An imposing array of contenders for tho senior moil's and women's national skating championships started Intensive workouts today for the classes at Fowler Lake near here Saturday and Sunday. Among the group was Kit Klein, Buffalo, N. Y., Olympic star, a fa- vorlto to win the title she lost to Helen Blna, Chicago, last year. The defending champion in tho men's class, Jimmy Webster, St. Paul, has notified officials he will arrive, not Inter than tomorrow night. Steele Gets Rough to Win Mat Tilt (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26.— Ray Steele, California heavyweight, used a few rough tactics of his own last Van Wie, Cheney to Head Women's Golf (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGKLES, Jan. 20.— Virginia Van Wle of Chicago, national women's golf champion, and Mrs. Leona Cheney, California women's champion, will headline tho list of entrants In the annual women's midwinter tournament which starts over tho Los Angeles Country Club course February li. Mrs. Cheney announced her entry today. She was runner-up In lust year's tourney which Miss Van Wle won. Tournament officials expected Miss Luc-illfl fie Long of San Diego to file an entry blank shortly. Thu tournament IK open to all amateurs. BY crrrcsTEn HOUTON -S OHKATEST TEACHER (Copyright John F. Dille Co.) About the only attention required as to the hlpH in the back swing Is that you withdraw tho right hip directly back. That one action makes coordination with the swinging action n« a whole virtually automatic, as you'll quickly discover. In tho forward swing the hips call for additional attention, for here, I think, a little more detail. Is Involved, and detail which may require some practice in order that something Ilka smoothness and perfection may be obtained. The to defeat "Gentleman" George ZH- hurlas, Colorado cowboy, in the main event at the Olympic. After dropping the first fall and rallying to capture the second, Sleelo brought tho match to an abrupt close with a series of body slams, Zuharlas weighed 230, Stoelo 21f,. KEARNS IN BUSINESS LOS ANGELKS. Jan. 20. (U. P.)— A half million dollar InveHtment in the Benjamin Franklin Bond & Indemnity Corporation represents Jack Kuarns' first step toward "breaking" with tho fight ImlUBtry, tho loquacious manngor of .Inckle Fields-', welterweight rluim- KNEE DROPS INWARD withdrawal of tho right hip pulls the loft knee Inward, toward tho right knee immediately, and there It stays until, at the top of the back swing, you find your right log rather rigid and the left toe holding firmly to tho ground. Now right here, with the launching of tho forward swing, good • hip action is paramount. The first movement here IH not a forward action of the hips Into tho direction line, tlon. That would bo lateral hip mo- Tho first movement of the hips Is diagonally, toward the ball, nftor which all motion In them Is momentarily arrested. This .slight "step forward" U toward the hull; vastly different. Practice It. Note Nothing perfects like practice, feet Practice your putting and per It with Mr. Morton's special pion, and Sllfkr-y weight, Bald tocliiy. AVulker, heavy- putting Instruction, obtainable, free, by writing to him for It cars National Newspaper Service, 326 West Madison street, Chicago. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and one extra 3-cent stamp. GRID LEADER LOS ANGELES, Jan. 36. (U. P.)— The University of Southern California football squad will elect a leader for the 1983 campaign at the 'annual gridiron dinner dance tonight. Tay Brown lu the retiring captain, BUCK ROGERS, 2433 A. D. Bulkheads Closed Ry PH1I. NOWLAN and L1KUTKNANT DICK CALKIN'S MOORE'S CONTRACT YORK, Jan. 26. (U. P.)— The Now York Giants have received the signed contract of Joe Moore, outfielder, who is wintering in his native Texas. A.BCVE us VJAS TME REWICES^EETOF ENLAND ,TWO MILES THICW OPENING THE TRAP DOOR.WEHEU-EO THE ICE WITH OUR HEAT RX'fc'S • AS WANE'S MEN RUSWEO U1 3 TO ATTACK US THEY WERE MET AWD SWEPT BACK BY THE FLOOD" I"ANIC STRICKEN, THEY FJEARED WE MUM4T P10ODTHE ENTIRE RADIUM COPYRIGHT JOHN f, DIUUE CO R*O. u. ».F OUR 6E1.TS AT ZERO WEIGHT, WE HOVERED ABOVE THE CUT YOUR HEAT RKf, BUCK « THE WATER IS RISING FAST NOW THE ICE IS STARTING TO PUSH DOWN THROUGH ON US I OH BUCK-WHAT ARE GOVNGTO DO? I OONT HEAR THEM SHOOTING MORE SWEPT THEM THEY'VE: CLOSED SOMEWHERE BACKING UP WE'LL DROWN 1132. CONTINUED FINAL DAYS Harrison's January Clearance ENDS SATURDAY NIGHT Men — you still have two more days In which to take advantage of this big annual sale. Replenish your wardrobe NOW, when you can, buy quality apparel at big savings. Kirschbaum Suits, Overcoats January Clearance Prices $14.85 to $23.85 No Charge for Alterations. 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