Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 27, 1965 · Page 22
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 22

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, July 27, 1965
Page 22
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JULY 27, 1965. Stock Market Is Irregularly Higher Today Obituaries Mrs. Nante Niemi Resolution Endorsed by County Board Briefly Told The Colorama Harvest Festival Committee of the O m a - Soutli Carey Community Club will meet Thursday, July 29, at the Oma Town Hall at 7:30 p.m Riccelli, Reardon Win Election to School Board Alphonse Riccelli and Hospital Notes GRAND VIKW. Admitted Monrlnv Mrs. Mary Olach i n o Ramsay William A. Antlno j a, 318 S Lowell St., medical' Mrs William M. Lasanen, Brow n s- villc, Tex., Phillip J. Mosconi. RV niTRAt n iviii i PR i Montreal, surgery. By GERALD MILLER , D|scha ,. gcd MoI1 clay: Michael ATHENS (AP)-Greece's left-, p erkins Milwaukee; Wilber C. 1st General Confederation of La- Lampavt and baby. Ironwood. bor tried to take a hand in the ,.,„ ,„ ..... nation's political crisis with a »'VINI- INFANT, wakelicld. Strike Has Little Effect in Greece Hurley School District Meeting Set for Aug. 9 After a brief session Mondaj Joint Scho o i meeting was Mrs. Nante Niemi, D e t r o it.! died Monday, according to word BESSEMER — The Go gebic All committee members and received bv relatives County Board of Supervisors, at those members wishing to- par- Funeral services will be held its last meeting, endorsed a re- ticlpate in this event are asked Thursday at Memorial Chapel, solution proposed by the Allegan to be m attendance. NE\v YORK iAP>- Coppers. Hancock County board, requesting the 1 — ...,, „ _..„ uimucm crisis wun a -• rails nnd selected issues showed Mrs Niemi tne former Ellen legislature to enact an amend- riic Bcrgland Township Board ,j a ckl Reardon, both of Hurley, general strike todav The eov- Admitted Monday: Mrs. Lynne night, the Hurley strength in an irregularly high- Aho of C n asse ii. was married ment to the Michigan constitu- w li hold a meeting Wednesday were elected to three-year terms eminent cracked down and the GoeMm-i West Allls. Wis., Mrs District's annual er stocV market early this aft- to ll:e son of Andrew Niemi. (ion providing for election of Flld2 > Julv 30 - at 7 at the fire on tne Board of Education of strike was an almo^st total fail- Joseph DeRosia. Mundel e i n . adjourned until 7 p.m. on Aug ernoon Trading was moderate- Nor th ironwood. and had lived township officers in the spring, lia11 - ; the Hurley Joint School District ur e Hi . Ge.n-ge Dcllich. Anvil, Mrs 9, at which time the Board o: ly active a t Detroit all her married life. and providing terms of f o u r — -in the annual election held Mon- The greater Athens area Carl Hinsen, Kenton. Mrs Education hopes to be able tc Although nothing definite had surviving, besides her hus- years for township officers. Jhe Gogc ^ c «£"6* «/"" | day. ! showed almost no signs of slow-, Frank Amore, Ironwood. Mrs submit a proposed 1965-66 budget come out of Washington about band, are brothers and sisters. Further endorsed was a reso- wii ^_' n Ja meell j« ™!™mpo Readon will be starting his <. down. Soldiers and police werelJ°hn Miller ' Watersmeet. John for consideration of the electors revision of the U.S. policy re- lutlon by the Allegan County n>Kht at 7_ao at the st James : t th cutlve three -year term-on the alert throughout the! Malta, Ewen, medical: Mrs About 20 citizens of the dis gardmp Viet Nam. Wall Street . . . board opposing an increase i n "ote^ * good attendance 1S ; on the b oard and lias held the area ; Anna Pozega, Daniel Fis h c r . trtct were present for last night 1 ! HPdth LPflOS compensation for state legisla- asKeci ' -position of treasurer since he The only visible sign of the Besserr.ei Laurie Ann Smith, meeting in the J. E. Murphj I fCTULII I.CUUJ tors The originators of the re- hcBlue J~;:i, Drum and was first elected to sit on the strike was an occasional army Ironwood, surgery: Christine Gymnasium at Hurley and ft •»• I \/ J. solution noted "we feel there ll | c Blue JWlgms Urum and boa] . d in lg = 0 ' truok simnlpvnpnHno- hns «m-v Oinvannni Hnrlpv accident., vr-rv HtHp. BritlSh YOte are still dedicated men a n d Bu ^ Corps bugle lines will re-. ™*JJ ft w jf,% t kl his olace • taS UIILI3II F UlC Michigan who are hearse tonight at 7 at the Amer- j 0 J 1 ?^ U ^ Bl rd for thWrst tfmp n^ LONDON (AP) - Conserve-, canahie and willing to conscien- lca " Lp S lon clubrooms. °" ™ e tinairt Tm had already anticipated a stepped-up military program Recent strength in aerospace defense stocks encountered and th I . . juv-'j.' 1 ! UWIN ' r\i~ ' — IW'WHQCI vo.- a ragged price Pic-; tjve members of the House of Uously represent tne people for r Commons gave Edward Heath S12 500 per year plus expenses." As « group, coppers were j the lead today on a first ballot T!ie board concPurred with the about the best gainers as they i m voting for a new party lead- Iron countv Board of Suoervis- reflected strength in the copper j er but he failed to obtain the ors in a resolution relating to commodity futures market. | necessary margin. A second bal-, recordlng of property descrip- A parade of favorable second- lot was ordered Thursday tions and adopted a resolution quarter _ earnings reports and Heath, 49 the party s spokes-; requesting the legislature to en . some Boosted dividends gave the market a fundamentally attractive look but many groups did little or nothing. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks at noon was up .5 at 319 B with industrials up .6, rails up .5 and utilities unchanged The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was up 1.10 at 868.36. man on economic affairs, re- act legislation that will neces- 50 . ° f *? ™. vo ' e "£2!*: sUate fiance of corrected Reginald Maudling, 48, a former King Ends His Chicago Visit By FRANK S. JOSEPH board in 1950. 'truck supplementing bus serv-.Giovanom, Hurley, accident. very little business was trans- Dis 'J-tirged Monday: Miss acted. ion the board for the first time i Denouncing the '24-hour strike! Glenda Fail-field, Patrick Kehoe Adjournment of the meeting after showing a remarkable dis- in the Athens-Piraeus area as' Marenwo; Christine Giovanom. until Aug. 9 was suggested by j play of vote-getting power by i winning the election by nearly ! a 2 to 1 margin over his nearest , foe. A total of 671 votes was cast for Riccelli in the election, I workers in key utilities. It or-1 with Reardon gathering 345 votes' dered them to stay on the job or i to edge John Taylor, also of face legal charges. Hurley, received a total of 340 Electricity, gas, water and: votes. j telecommunication services con-| Riccelli retired from the Hur-: tinned without interruption aft- an illegal move that "indicates' Hurley, Mrs David Jasberg and Board Director John Taylor of a revolutionary action," the new so ». Mrs. Leslie Duorinen and Hurley who served as chairmen government of Premier George Athanasiadis Novas conscripted son, Wakefielcl. ginal descriptions of a property CHICAGO (API — The civil ley Sc h 00 i system onlv t h i s er the stai 't Qf the strike at mid- A n n v. t-i *-.•*, ** « ««.._«! _* Ll. ^ n ..t»i *»i rrVif e» n »^f lirvv^i *'\X7<r* Olirtll ^\tm*«_ . *^ " «: ~l. i Dems Press for Union Shop Vote of the meeting and told the citizens the board was unable to prepare a proposed budget for the 1965-66 fiscal year because of the delay in the district's revaluation due to the closing of the Cary Mine. According to Board Attorn e y Everis Reid, and as suggested by the State Department of Instruction, the meeting time a parcel of the origi- rights anthem we onau uver- spring after serving on the high former ministeTof health''" 31 P™Perty is sold by a pro- come" thundered from an esti- n j , lt for | he past 37 Private employers were au-l By NEIL G1LBK1DE BO' 15 rmmstei of neaitn, prietor mate d 10.000 persons Monday as years ic ^ ulLy 1UI uie VAta> thorized to fire anyone who did! WASHINGTON (AP) - House may be.adjourncd to a specific A candidate needed an over II is not ed that under the pre- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., cli- Taylor has served on t h e not report for work. The govern- Democratic leaders, confident future date, at which time it all maioritv olus 15 oer cent sent svstem . a recorded pro- maxed his three-day Chicago board since 1956 and was seek- ment said such workers could 1 'of victory, pressed for a final mav then reconvene to take ac- morp votes than his nearest riv-;P ert y description is not changed visit with a march to City Hall. inR Ws fourth term He has held be dismissed for breach of con-| vote today on a bill to end the t | 0r j on tne budget and tax levy, al to win On the second ballot even though a number of par- Whites and Negroes jammed th | position of director of fbe' tract without Payment of the | right of states to outlaw union Minutes of the last annual O.L \,\j win. un uni. BI.I.UIIU uaiivt , ~r,irt {,.«,-,-, if fv,a v.,,,. in T.Q Ral1o Street tn Vioav thp r . ___ *-~ v ~ "• '•"•- ii<-i,o| pnmnnncaHnn elinn nnnf rant c i,..^ .„.! v,.. tu« ov r-a 1 maJodty wll are sold from it. The bur- In La Salle Street to hear the i be sufficient AVCO, Monday's most-active! sir Alec Douglas-Home, the den of makin S true descriptions leader from Atlanta. since 1958. usual compensation. j shop contracts. sovernment also 1 offeredj Forcing the controversial la- mppfine WPI'P bV the n 01 inaKing true descriptions nutgiauuu icauci izuiu rtiicijua. A touch of ironv in the election euvcimiiciu aiou uneieuj ruiuiiiB mv; uunnuvcioiai in- citizens the original after several par- Ga. The big parade's rear guard turned , m wllpri Tavior lost tn armed Protection to any work- bor measure to the House floor Tlie lrm Exchange Bank of "-- ~ ' " P as ° — "—-'-ig the strike call. under a procedure used only H urley was designated by the and troops were or- once before, Democrats showed : c i ectors a s the official depository stock, continued in heavy de-; former prime minister who led; cels ai- e sold, rests with the lo- never got past State and Madi- Reardon b y a slim five-vo t e mand because of its production! the party to defeat last fall, re- cal assessor and many errors re- son streets, four blocks from margin, but looking back at the of helicopter engines and other' signed as party leader last week sult m the process of making ony Hail. time Taylor was elected to the defense-oriented products. It! after steadily increasing dissat- the necessary ^corrections in or- ^King^an-aiTged to fly to Cleve- 1956i ne defeated Paul Santini, rose about a point. Jisfaction with "" ' ' " "' " " " "" """ Steels and motors were unchanged to a little higher. Lead- Ing rails showed a string of fractional gains. Oils and most airlines were unchanged. Prices were generally higher an his leadership. der to place them on the t a x land, Ohio, today to start a two- present Hurl m wh ^ Pliaeus an aiea with , a com- rolls. ^^. r T nd .,. of ....^ pe ^: a _ nc ^ then serving as director to the ±^ nPOpUlatlon Ot about two Funerals That vote A resolution was • adopted au. ° thorizing the board to borrow on a temporary basis MRS. ALMA A. WICKLUND in quiet trading on the Ameri-j Funer al services for can Stock Exchange. Corporate bonds were mixed. U.S. government bonds were mostly unchanged. Stock Market NOUN QUOTATIONS NEW YORK (AP)—Following is a sectioned list of stock transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net change from previous close. Alma Wicklund, 74, M G Allied Ch Am Car. Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Chrysler Cities Service Consumer Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Motors Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Steel Inter Chem Interlak Ir Int BUF Mach Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kim Clk LOF Glass Ligg &, My Mack Trk Mont'Ward NY Central Penney, JC PARR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std. Oil Ind • Std Oil NJ Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un. Tel U—Up D—Down 46V!> 493/4 D liy/a D 66% U 35% D 34% U s Mrs. Michigan the 1956 election. ers and who died Sunday, will be Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the St. i recipe for chicken and rice may! 1V1UI Paul Lutheran Church. The! have paved the way to the title p rnn f p.,^ nn tv-p Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg will of- of Mrs. Michigan of 1965 for" [ " IimrU ficiate. Interment will be at Ri-IMrs. Helen Brokonecke. verside Cemetery. I Mrs. Brakonecke spent many The Ketola Funeral Home will l hours in Trenton's city hall try- be open for visitation beginning I ing to persuade the city council out|p" conf 5 p.m. Wednesday. The remains • to remove the ditch. The ditch i will be taken to the c h u r c h is still there but her crusade led' .— _ _ — „ political ma- majority. 320 votes and Fred Stella, of neuver and they would not go ! Republicans had wanted to ca ' veai ' on ^ u , lv l < Hurley, with 9? votes. along. i open the whole federal labor act trict had a balance of $44,361.99 Polls were open from 1 Mon- Confederation General Secre-i to amendments. T h e s e might and receipts during the year f 1 c ° day afternoon and remained open tary Nicholas Papageorgiou de-'have included proposals to pro- were $831,541 making a grand until 8 p.m. There were a total clared the strike was not called! hibit the use of union dues for total of $875,902.99. Disburse- of 12 polling places througho u t in support of ousted Premier I political purposes, outlaw racial ments during the year were the school district and a total of George Papandreou, but be-! discrimination by unions, forbid $832,533.27. Thursday at 10 a.m. to lie in state until the time of service. ALFRED B. BENSON Funeral services for Alfred B. . 9.- Wlllls : 2,101 ballots cast. post as schools super-, Fo iinwing are the unofficial re- w L U1 , lui „!«; v. 4 ,j v^ui.,.11-; „. . . T a " d . to fforce M^ 01 ': turns for the 12 polling places in first woman in the city'si R ^ hard J .; Dalev to ,,. s ^ p mt ° a ! yesterday's election: ^ry to do so. ; schools situation which march- ; H urley, first and second, I was practically living at ers claim is plagued by de facto, Honkanen 59, Riccelli 197, Sola! On the eve of the strike. cause "extreme right-wing ele- punishment of a union member ments have been mobilized by for opposing union policy and the government to attack us and (permit a person to refuse to join to take over the leadership of our confederation." City Hall so I decided to see j segregation f something could be done 1 The Purpose of the march - 43 ste . ]a 17 about the other little things that " Ben Willis must go!" as the Hurley, third and i Honkanen 59, Riccelli 197, Sola ; Athanasiadis Novas had said a union on religious grounds. workers would not be forced to V4 21V4 U 1/4 45y a U 79 U 56% D 54% 36 U % 35% 66V2U »/4 232 84V'8 U % 52% U Vs 951/2 U % 35V 2 D i/ 8 55% U % 481/4 D 43 D 42V'2 33>/s U % 34V8 D '/i 466'/2 U % 81'/4 50% U Vfe 52% 49V8 U 541/8 81 33% U 3/4 31V8 D Vs 47% U Vs 66% D i/s 38V2 U Vs 56V 2 U Vs 40 U 3 /« 661/s U 78'/8 47 U 75% 42% U 3/s 601/4 U 1/2 46% U V4 37% U i/s day at 9:30 a.m. at the Presque Isle School. Master Tho mas Lindville of the Minocqua Masonic Lodge will officiate. Following the services, the remains will be taken to Me- where grav e - seem to said. the counci1 '" she i it — was the wards—Taylor 69, Reardon 77, same. But there were many i Honkanen 65, Riccelli 148, Sola . Her civic interest seemed to i m °re than the usual 100-odd dai- , 44, 3t e n a 10. impress the contest judges , . marchers. King, 36, esttrr/at- i Hurley, fifth and sixth fourth! stay on the job. He said soldiers i charged Republican Leader and police would take over to! Gerald R. Ford of Michigan, keep vital services going. As the strike deadline neared, was Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, for opposing union policy andj Ironwood Drivers Involved in Mishap Democrats argued these mat- 1 WAKEFIELD — Cars driven ters were already covered by ib y Vivian Ketola. 46, Ironwood. federal law. anct oennie Sevegny, 73, Route "This is a one-man gag rule," 2 , Ironwood, were involved in an at95o p m ni'te SSt on The one man he referred to isco sald Micnigan state police. much as her chicken and riceied the marchers at double to ; wards-Taylor 50, Reardon 15, not go unchallenged by his gov- Committee. Powell used a rule .. maeen e ar n p entry in the homemaking part! triple the 10,000 in a police esti- , Honkanen 30, Riccelli 46, sola i ernment. which has been the: revived this year to take the bill c P v P L v rar Nn onp wn^ inh ,-Prt nf tho frmtoct !matP. i 1 n <3*,,M,, no tojrrot r>f rtamrvnof 1-af irvne on^I i (,-nrr, Hin ),ivl cHi/^H^r, nf tVin Ot VCgHy trtl . i>U UUC Wd& II1JUICU. t he hark nf of the contest. Tlle 34 -y gar -° ld Mrs - Brako-' '• 12, Stella 23. ; target of demonstrations and j from the jurisdiction of the U-ako- The police estimate did not Montreal—Taylor 43 Reardon riots since King Constantine, Rules Committee and then mar- hpino-iinahip tn necke and her husband, Ed-.include the four- and five-deep 33, Honkanen 49, Riccelli 87, i fire d Papandreou July 15. shalled it through the vital pre- sured distance , officiate % s Vs verside Cemetery. The Rev • , wardi an assistant foreman at 'throngs that lined either side of sola 12 Stella 23' Ranch > Menommee, will vvyandotte Chemical Co., will go i the broad Loop streets as para-! Town of Anderson— Tay 1 o r to San Diego, Cal., where shejders filed past 25 abreast. 3, Reardon 5, Honkanen 0 Ric- will compete next month for thc ', Police said the line stretched celli 12 Sola 9 Stella 1 .,... _,.,... . . eight Dlocks along the 14 .bi ock Town of Carey— Taylor 13, parade route. , Reardon 14, Honkanen 25, Riccel- Daley was in Detroit at the u 15, Sola 18, Stella 10. MRS. EMIL KANGAS Funeral services for Mrs.; Emil Kangas, 65, McKinley Rd..j who died Friday, were held Monday^ afternoon at the St. Paul Lutheran Church. Rev. Oli v e r A. Hallberg officiated. In t e r - ment was at Riverside Cemetery. Pallbearers were John Suokko, | Arvo Dahl, William 'Buzza, Ber- < | title of Mrs. America. Publisher's Aide Named MENOMINEE (AP) — The, Menominee Herald- Leader. 1 National League of Cities con' ference. ^wso^from out of t o w n: ^her Roger Williams, attending the funeral were Mr. State Beauty Opens DonaldG MUSKEGON (AP)—A prelim- native of Menominee, Shar- ina ry step toward Atlantic City, ""J kus received a degree in indus-i N - J - began here today for one p^Aj trial technology from Stout i of 49 Michigan girls entered in f! " , State University in Menomonie,! the 1965 Miss Michigan Pageant. Town of Gurney—Taylor 7, Reardon 11, Honkanen 2, Riccelli 10, Sola 8, Stella 0. Town of Kimball— Taylor 18, Reardon 6, Honkanen 20, Riccelli 34. Sola 78, Stella 3. Town of Knight — Taylor 14, Reardon 28, Honkanen 21, Riccelli 21. Sola 24, Stella 7. Town of Oma—Taylor 8, Reardon 4, Honkanen 27, Ricce 11 i 17, Sola 21, Stella 7. Town of ana umay, Menominee ^ a i is • ™- Vnd joined the HeTaidl' Beauty queens from through- Reardon 7, Honkanen 16, Riccel- Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. John Leppi- • "_">•• <"'" £"";" foreman last out Michiean hfiQ'nn rphpnr.wis Hi 36. Sola 10. Stella 3. nen and Mrs. Hilda Wanska, Deader as press foreman last, talked Chatham, Mich.; and Mr. and, JaT "" ar J; Mrs. William Buzza and daugh-! ter Carol, Kenosha. MRS. HENRY MOILANEN Funeral services for Mrs. Henry Moilanen, 80, Bruce Crosing, who died Sunday, will be "(!"" VA^o held Wednesday at 1:30 at Our: a30 ' Michigan ;d with judges and entered previously' the first round of the competi- of Brown '' tion ' s t ? ree divi sions — Talent, & Bigelow in St. Paul, Minn. ! swimsuit and evening gown. Gerald Leeson formerly as The reigning Miss America, sistanf to Iha 0 rkus,°w Se nanfed gS 8 ^?™ VondAa Ka , y Va " 9harkn«! Tppsnn ha« Dvke . and MlSS America Of Shaikus. Leeson ^has 1962i Nftncy Ann Fleming 0{ Montague, will appear at this I week's pageant. ' li 36, Sola 10, Stella 3. Town of Saxon — Taylor 26, Reardon 15, Honkanen 19, Riccelli 47, Sola 16, Stella 2. Johnson Signs with -e^Heram-Leader ^^L^.™^^ Cigarette BUI Personalities In the News Mrs. Ketola was charged with an as- liminary test vote. Sr^nrpS.^?.'^^^^ 1 While Democratic leaders ^ erarorbe jK ree ffi e ?onc? said .conceded their 67-vote margin ^ ID 9 r ot Maie msco. ppnce said on the test vote would dwindle bothTTCcars were traveling West 'considerably in final action, °" u . s - 2 - with the Sevegny car they predicted victory by about aneaa 40 votes. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS j GILFORD, N.H. (AP) — Actress Joan Bennett opened Monday night in a straw hat production despite the death Saturday of her sister, Constance. aiSW ° d Quints Born At Auckland AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP)—Quintuplets, one boy and 1 a THE WEATHER performance ; of "Never Too Late," in which' she costars with Tom Ewell. "When you are a show busi- TEMPIiltATUHES IN IRONWOOD Tursdny, July '47, IIM1.V For 24 hr. period ending at 12 noon. 2 p.m. 75 10 p.m. 82' 6 a.m. SS 4 p.m. 75 Midnight 59 8 a.m. 63 B p.m. 72, 2 a.m. B0;10 a.m. 65 70. 4 a.m. .59 Noon 68 ictcr: U a.m. 29.99; Noon 30.01. in! tonight to Mrs. Shirley Ann Lawson, 26. The babies were in incubators THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Prec. ness family for 100 years as we an dV PO red doing well Albany, cloudy 82 54 " " medi cal I unrintendPnt Albuquerque, cloudy 87 68 meuicdi suplinienaem, , .,,„.?, „,'„ „„ * n are," Miss Bennett said, "the cliche about show must go on' is not really a cliche but a fact of life." PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)—Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican! "™ / i iahidc presidential candidate is under- 1 Dr. R.A. Warren, said the delivery was without complications. The father, D.W. Lawson, Nasser Places Blame WASHINGTON (AP) —Presi-! going tests at St. Joseph's Hospital for possible neck surgery. A spokesman said surgery, de- on results of the tests, CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mercantile Exchange — Butter steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 59; 92 A 59; 90 B 58 V*', 8 C 57; cars 0 B 59; 89 C 58. Eggs steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 70 per cent or better Grade A Whites 30; mixed 30; mediums 25 Vz; standards 26; dirties unquoted; checks 21, CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)— Hogs-?,500; butchers weak to mostly 25 lower; 1-2 200-220 Ib 24.75-25 00; mixed 1-3 190-250 Ibs 24.25-24.75; 2-3 250-280 Ibs 24.0024.50; mixed 1-3 300-350 Ib sows 22.25-2325; 350-400 Ibs 21.5022.25; boars 15.00-16.00. CatUe 2,000; a calves 10; slaughter-steers steady to 25 higher; several loads high choice and prime 1,200-1,375 Ib 27.75-28.25; choice 1,100-1,350 Ibs • 26.00-27.50; mixed good and Choice 950-1,300 Ibs 24.75-26.00; package prime 950 Ib slaughter heifers 2625; choice 800-1,050 Ibs 23.75-25.50; mixed good and Choice 750-1,000 Ibs 22.75-23.50. Although others had worked on the idea, Thomas Edison produced the first successful incan- • descent lamp in 1879. Kemppainen, W a k e field, of- p or R eDOr t- on Bomber ficiating. Burial will be at the rur ^P"' 1 tm oomoer Agate Cemetery. The Brown Funeral Home, Bruce Crossing, will open for visitation from 6 p.m. today until noon Wednesday. Talks Continued from Page One the State Department and the President." —Republican Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York said it Is up to the President to decide how much can be said. —Another Republican, Gov. George Romney of Michigan, said, "I think we have made some bad mistakes in the last few years in Viet Nam. I'm not saying we're not doing what we should be doing. I'm reserving judgment. I just don't know." Says Situation Getting Worse Daily in Laos NEW DELHI (AP)—Premier Souvanna Phouma of Laos says the situation in his Southeast Asia nation is getting worse daily. He says peace depends on strengthening of the International Control Commission being stationed there. The commission, established by the, 1954 Geneva Conference on Indochina, was> condemned Monday by Communist China and the Communist Pathet Lao as a tool of "U.S. aggression." CAIRO (AP) — President Ga- The iiic ' receive a icceive a 000 scholarship, a $2,000 ward- mal Abdel Nasser blamed "im-lrobe, a $500 fashion award, a e " eU; J ve ne ' oerialism. Zionism and rear-.- S5nn IPWPI r'hpst onri nt HOV ! conspicuous perialism, Zionism and reac tion" for a report that an Egyptian bomber was shot clown 10 days ago trying to attack his villa in Alexandria. Nasser told 50,000 cheering Egyptians at a rally in Alexandria Monday that the reports in Beirut newspapers of a plot to assassinate him were "nothing but lies." Rep. Harris Nominated For Federal Judgeship $500 jewel chest and other j prizes donated by state requiring a health hazard ! warning on cigarette packages. The new law, which becomes effective next Jan. 1, requires a warning on each -« chants. She will compete in the j *«Ite House press secretary VENICE, Italy (AP) — Marianne Terplan, 28, prima ballerina of the Romanian State era, has ties for political asylum. have one other child, a daughter, 5. Within two hours of the birth of the quintuplets, Mrs. Dawson was sitting up and drinking tea. Looking radiant in a pink nightgown, she laughed and said: "I expected four, but not five." Her mother, Mrs. Hilda Menzies 1 , said the quintuplets are l &°i«tto£i»^ Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City in September. Astronaut Will Have Gall Bladder Removed SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) — Surgeons prepared today to remove the gall bladder of astronaut Alan L. ^Bean. The 33-year-old Navy lieutenant commander from Fort WASHINGTON (AP) — Presi-; Worth, Tex., entered the Air dent Johnson has nominated j Force's wilford Hall Hospital! Bill D. Moyers announced the ! She left other members of the signing of the bill which took com P an y af ter faking illness during a sightseeing visit Sunday night. She presented herself at police headquarters and Fletcher husband. v.ov hei Rep. Oren Harris to be a federal judge for the Eastern and Western District of Arkansas. The Arkansas Democrat, 61, has been a member of the House since 1941. He is chairman of the House Commerce Committee. Major League Stars Sunday after a month of medical treatment. Prohibition Party Slates Conference KALAMAZOO (AP) — The annual Conference and Work- place without fanfare. The law bars state and local governments from requiring other health warnings. It also bars, at least until July 1, 1969, plans of the Federal Trade Commission to require health warnings in cigarette advertising. When the law becomes effective, each package of cigarettes must carry this-label: "CAUTION. Cigarette Smok- May Be Hazardous To Youc Health." Neither Junta Nor Rebels Are Blamed UNITED NATIONS, N Y. (AP)—The U.N. Security Council has condemned violations of ers' Training Program of the | human rights in the Dominican Prohibition Party will be held! Republic but blamed neither tMe By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS! fl ere August 3 - 5. Scheduled! junta, nor the rebels. BATTING — Joe Torre, Mil-(speakers included E. Harold waukee, slugged his 19th homer[Munn of Hillsdale, the party's and two other hits, driving in) !964 presidential candidate. Apparently Won't Take Government Job .0? .01 T .03 Atlantct, clear ..... 87 70 Bismarck, cloudy . . 81 55 Boise clear ........ 92 60 Boston, cloudy ..... 86 65 Buffalo, cloudy ..... 79 61 Chicago, cloudy ... 78 '73 Cincinnati, cloudy . 86 64 Cleveland, rain . 81 66 Denver, cloudy 84 64 Des Moines, cloudy 83 69 Detroit, clear ..... 81 68 Fairbanks, clear . . . 68 52 Fort Worth, clear 96 77 Helen? clear ...... 90 55 Honolulu, cloudy . 87 75 Indianapolis, cloudy 89 69 Jacksonville, clear 90 74 Juneau clear . 57 42 Kansas City, cloudy 87 ; .72 1.41 Los Angeles, clear 78 59 Louisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy Miami clear .06 89 66 91 74 .01 85 79 80 64 .. 80 62 said she did not want to return i WASHINGTON (AP) - wash-1 Milwaukee, cloudy to Bucharest jington attorney Abe Fortas, a j Mpls.-St.P., clear Authorities have sent her to close frlend of President John-j New Orleans, cloudy 92 M M a refugee center near- Romr. ls ° n , apparently isn't going to M °"' v "" 1 ' "'""- 1 " °" "" while the Interior Ministry con-1 take any government job. siders her request. Fortas had been mentioned New York, cloudy 89 69 Okla. City, cloudy .94 75 Omaha, cloudy 74 65 NEW YORK (AP) — ! as a possible Supreme Court ' Philadelphia, cloudy 87 67 Actor 'successor to United Nations Phoenix, cloudy .91 80 Claude Rains, 75, is returning to Ambassador Arthur J, Gold- Pittsburgh, 'cloudy 84 65 Broadway after an absence of berg, but White House press sec- Ptlnd. Ore., cloudy 82 61 Much of Earth. He will play trie role of an exiled 'dictator who is asked by his colleagues to power. return to that Monday. nearly 10 years to, play in "Sojretary Bill D. Moyers scotched Rapid rity, clear 83 59 ««••-<- -« *----!•- .. *u_* ,»—1_.. Richmond, cloudy . 84 71 St. Luuis. cloudy . 89 72 Salt Lk. City, cloudy 90 62 San Diego, clear .. 73 62 County Names She/iff BATTLE CREEK (AP)—State! of a car> Police Lt. Joseph Liebherr Mon-' ; day was named Calhoun County Motorcyclist Dies GARDEN CITY ( AP) — Kenneth Carnes, '19, of Garden City, was killed here today when his motorcycle struck the rear San Fran., clear Seattle: cloudy Tampa, clear 69 57 83 55 .01 .01 .01 90 76 .26 . floes make an eerie four runs as the Braves blanked Houston 6-0. PITCHING Wade Blasingame, Milwaukee, allowed just five singles posting his 12th victory of the season, 6-0 over Houston. US£ DAILY. GLOBK WAN'l-ADS Tempura, best-loved of all traditional Japanese dishes, originated in Europe. Trading vessels introduced the shrimp dell- The council action Monday' sheriff effective Sept 1 Lieb ei 'acking sound. .As they grind- followed.a report from the: Or- nerr succeeds Richard F. zinn, together in the grip of wind and _,„. m _ gamzation of American States |Wno res igned the post due to c " rr ent, the ice ; builds into a; morrow 5:36. The Mo'oh rises thnf:>17 nuranna fniinH shrtf tn ... '. «»6"V« ""> */voi/ vine iw _„„__,,„„ -,t,i_,, TTun-'a Mn n-Ir a • e-ao .*.«•. 4. . . ° . Washingtpn, cloudy 92 73 Winnipeg, clear - 76 49 (M-Missing) (T-Tra*ce) - RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:38. Sunrise to- that'17 persons found shot to death in junta territory probably had been executed with the knowledge of the authorities. ill health. Motorist Is Killed BIRMINGHAM (AP) — Don- cacy to the Far East centuries World's oldest hospital stijl aid Gollw'itzer, 37, of Southfield, ago. The dish has been changed, extant In Hotel Dleu, Paris,! was killed here 'Monday night refined and ritualized by Jap- ( France, which was founded in! when his auto and another col- anese skill and taste. the 600s. lided. pressure ridge. Huge, bio ck s 5:22 a. m. tomorrow and is at rear 40 to,5C feet into the air. j Perigee/ "New Moon tomorrow Minutes later, this struct u re -,-] 6:45... a. rhv', Prominent star — seemingly-tough as; m;.a y pFomalhaut;-"'' rises 12:38 ' a m snap' arid crtimble onto 'the ice'™-' 1 - 1 - —-• • •-below with devastating force^ -.-, _ - *«, WM .. Mk,*44, Plahets-Venus/'low in west 9:25 .rj.m. Mars,-low in west, 10:42 p.m Saturn, in south- One-fourth of the U. S. apple east* 1:12, a,m. Jupiter in th« crop is grown in Washington, j east at sunrise, ' '

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