Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1928
Page 4
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TAGETFOtm lOUMILY CpAS. F. .SCOTT Entered at-' the Inia Secbhd Class "Matter. Telephone (Private Braneh Exclianke Conrtecting AIJ Departments). SUBSPRIPTION RATES -By Carrier lola. Gas City, LaHarpc •and Bassett. One Week 15 Cents one itonth 7U Cents One Year ..; J7.SC BY MAIL '' Outside Allen County One Year .»5.00 Six MontlLs %Z.-i Three Month;) ..J1.5C In Allen County j MH. A>THOXY UETIUEK; ; C'ongrcasiiian U. II. Anthony has announced that ho will not be a Postoffice &f , candidate for rcqomination but will retire iroin Congress at the cnil of hl .-j |>res3nt term an<l devote hiinHel? 10 the recovery of his health. The annoiinceinent will be; read 18 with deep regret by the friends of Mr.'Anthony, ontside of his Di .strict as well as within it. partly be<jause"il means the loss to the $1:^10 and :iation of an experienced anil U -vel-Jieadcd legislator, but THE lOLA DAILY ItEGISTEIl, WEDNEgD^Y EV^ING. JANUARY 25, 1928 THE -nvO -GU^ MAN. six* Momiis • • •. •".'. v. '.'.'.'.; "'.2.^ <-hicfly for the more personal rea- Three Montlis Jl-25 One Month ;. 5uc Member of—. National Editorial Association. Kansas Press Association. The Kansas Daily League. Audit Bureflu of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. Officiai Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper Allen County. MEIVIBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lJ<rsist<:r carrii's thi- AsfiK-iated Tress report.; I>y SIH-C ., li-a.-iftl wire The Associate."] ITi-ss Is .Xfliislv.-ly entitled to tlK- U.S.' for ri'nuhlic-.ition of all news disi>al<*lies rri-ditt'cl to it or not: otht-rwisi; orediliMl in thl.s luiper, and also tlie lotal newa t>ulilishe<l lu'ni- In. All richt.s, or r<-puliIii:ition of special di.spatolu's hinin are also rc- pervod. ' son of anxiety for his health.. .Mr. Anthony was" first CoilRress'in mOT, succeeding Chas. Curtis who had resigned upon his election to the Senate. Ho has been steadily rc-*Iected since that time so that when be retires next year he will have served something more than twenty years. From the beginning of his service Air. Anthony devoted himself seriously to Ihc work that falls upon a Congressman and be grew isteadily in his grasp of public questions and in the esteem of those With whom lie served. Several years ago he HOC'H'S (lUOO SENSE. ibecam.' chairman of*lic Comnut- One day It was reported ' from! °" •'^'"""^ Affan-.s. one of the AVashington !that the Kansas'dele- ,'groat committees of the House., gatiun in the House of Ueprese,,-- "'<• ,7«f °^ committee was si)eclally heavy and the assiduity with, which .Mr. An- ttitives was '-. considering abandoning the new; .Mc.Nary-Haiigen farm relief bill on the^.«core that .since it contained" the" equalization fee i • provision t»: which be objected inl'^reak .« his health which occurred the old bill it would bi; again ve- hony. applied hlin.self ^to it doubtless had much to do with M>e toed by the ^I'l-e.sideiil. The delegation look the very sensible view that it woulA bi-'a mere gosluro to j )asis a bill knowing in advance it could not bccoiiic a law, and that fb«' wiser lliing to do would be to Work for .some relief nieasiiro which llie President, could wign. When news of ibis altitude reached Kansas the r.-irni organization leaders at once got busy sending letters and loiegrams of iirotest to the delegation, tolling tlie menibeis of it that the equalization fee wa.^ the one im]ioriani thing in ~any farm relief'measure and thin if they couldnt get it they didn't wiant! "anything. To this Congressman Homer Hocli made what \vould seem to bo a very sensible ireply. lie said: I i I am so .siiicerely concerned in getting .some form of relief legislation that 1 am not ready to <leteat some sort of a program by insistence on' this featijre. If. as they jsoon afterwards. After resting for a year in Ari«ona .Mi\ Anthony thought he could again take up his Cougresiiional work and returned last fall to Washington. But he soon found that he could not carry the load and so has again returned to Arizona. I .Mr. Anthony is stil.l a young mail, born in l.STn. and liis Kansas fri(>nds will Iwpe that with complete rest he may soon recover Ills Iicalth and resume the active management and editorial control of his. newspaper, tbe Leaveniworlh Times, which for so many decades has been a power In the public life of Kansas. The Times has been well nianaged and well edited during Mr. Anthony's absence; butj" there is always room on such a paper for the impress of the owner's mind and will. • ^are ropresonted. he farm organr izations tbemselvej? take the view that ir is equalization fee orl nothing, there is really'no leason why IIKRE'S THE (UlLTY WRETCH! The Ottawa Herald says that fundamentalists in. Ottawa dont' be- lifve in a literal brimstone hell. Well then they ain't fundamentalists, notes tiip lola Register. Oh, agricultural comn.ittee will not re-!, • V"" have Kot fh^ ,on a bill that has in it Hiat fea-i^^-^hrO|hor^^^ Th'„„ SgioS"^ U [never says "ain't."—lola Register. l.V TlIK U.VA'S NEWS. Col. Hlanton Winsbi|). who has been directed to accomiiany Ciov- crnor-Ceneral Stjmson to .Manila \ in the capacity of legal adviser, is i known~as one of the Army's best diplomats. . Colonel Wlnshij). who wears several war decorations, did much to help Cuba frame her laws. His liome is in Macon, da., his lin- cestors being among the first set- lleis of that city. He was with Gen. Funston at Vera Cruz as officer in charge of citil affairs and THE during the World War he was in France with the famous Forty- second division. He saw active service at the front I and also trained many of the combat troops that went over the top in the memorable war days. Colonel Winshiii already has served in the Phillip- pines. He has been awarded the Distingnishied Service Medal the French Legion of Honoi'. and ture. My jicr.sonal attitude Is (bat if We <aii not gfi adininistralion .-ip- !iro\-al for this on. fealuro. we ought to accept and suiipoit (lie 01 ber feature's of the bill whi(;b wc,; can. Willi reasonable (crlainlv. get. And that is the altitude which If'indsimentalisl a hell of any; Kepre.sentativc. moie an.xious . f'i"e and brimstone. Has to or he Peace, bretbr-n: Peace! The Times admits that it is the guilty l)arly. W'n are prepared to defend the dogmatic .statement that the lo acconiiilish sometbing than to gee a political Issue, ought to tak... Any farm reiiff bill that may be lia.ssed will be an e.\peiiment. Sn- Itody can tell in advance whether it will be effiiaceous or not. Kvery- liody who has studied ihe .Mc.N'ary- Hatigen bill niust adniit at once thai the nxist doubtful fcatun: of it. certainly the most difficult to adniinisler, is lb'- equali/.alion fee. AVhy should not tbc bill bf tried without Ibis feattin:'.' If it works. Well and good. cvcryl)ody is sulis- fleii. .If i( dm'sn'l work then its jiresei'it advocates wiil have :i new argument for it. .\iiy\VHy, when a lobby lies down <ni a legislator-and tells liini It is the lobby's bill or nothing, il is lime for the. !<elf-resi)ecting legislator to Ijegin io shy away. There is .something 'tlie matter eillier with the lobby or Mith its Idll. M0NTEVAL? (pCorma Isaac.) Jail.' 24.-p\'r.s. John Koger.s left Saturday for Junction City to visit relatives. Frank Isaac look supper at C. L. Isaiic 'K Friday evening. - There was no SC I KMI I at .Monte- valo Monday as the .stove needed repairing, . John Ilogers anil family ris-ited Charley Hills Wednesday afternoon. - Mr. Charley Isaai- and .Norma to have these things tied onto | were in Moran on business Friday is not a fundamentalist. As : for thi| "ain't" we adniit we were in erior. Should have said, "hain't." We are tickled to death, however. Charley Times. Scott. — , Leavenworth Senator Horab has broadened bis a<-llvi(i<'.s'and taken on .new responsibilities. Heretofore, according to Will Rogers, he has confined himself to telling President Coolidge what to «lo. Now" he has taken it u[>on himself to put presidential candidates on record on the booze Munslion. As fast as a candidate l»obs n|i Horab Jiats him between the eyes with a letter asking him wirellier he is wet or dry. whether be will detnand a wet or dry plank in his party platforhj, •whether he favors letting each: State define for itself what is intoxicating liqtior, •• and a few more questions of the! same general, tenor. Nobody can accuse the Senator from Idaho of not taking himself seriously enough'. However, it; is all right. The Country i.«i a llftle curious along the same line Borah is. So morning. Mr. Baker and Earnest tbreshi'd their kafir cohi, Saturday. They also threshed for Mr. Brown. .Mr. I.saac: and Mr. Itoger.s .Monday. .Mr. Clarence Isaac visiteil .Mrs. Charley Isaac and Norma Wednesday aiternooii. .Mr. Wilson, .Mr. Hill and .Mr. Clarence haac helped ("harley Isaac butcher a be<'f Wednesday. -.Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Isaac ami I Norrna called on .Mrs. Dennis Is-^iai; ' and .Meh-in Friday afternoon. A salt-spoonful of soil, according lo .scientists, contains more living organisms* than tlii-re are m-^n. w-omrn and diildreu in llie whole of North America. ' Editor The lola Dally UegistV. I would like to express ray appreciation of the .recent poultry and corn ahow and to give crettit \o responsible for its success. Each year, while exhibiting my live stock,. I see many- corn and poultry displays but I have yet to see the superior of the southeast Kansas iioullry show; it was uniformly gooil. The Allen County Farm Bureau, through the efforts of Couiitv Agent Roy Owin, probably deserves the initial fcredit, yet without the cooperation ot: the lola Chamber of Commerce, the business men that so generously donated the money for expenses, the publicity given by the ipress, and the priies offered by City, the creditable showing could not have been Such a great success. Allen county is fortunate in having a poultry a.ssoclation that includes in its membership such a superintendent as Sylvian Miller. Few. •Jndeeil. are found that' both have such ability and will doiiatc their time and efforts to such a cause. .Most ot us accept our county agent. Roy Owin. as a matter of coiirsi.—few realize the long hoiirs htt put in on the corn show and this is just one of hi.s- varied dutie."!. Mr. lies, too, gave his vocational stuilents more practical work anil should be a factor in the coming year's corn yield. His germination tests proved that all corn must be tested before planting. The practical results of these shows are of immense value. Farmers and business men aire brouglit in closer contact and the fact that lb" success of one insures the success of the. other becomes firmly established. The corn yield of Allen <-f^iiniv should increase due to the fact that what has l)een done can be (lone- again by similar met hods.' • STAR DISTRICT (.Mrs.r.S. .M. Dcker.san.» Jan. 2.'!.—•The i-oudltion of Harold Boone ,'is-sligl tly improved, following the third )pcration. (ilen Dick^rsoir-w IS taken to St. John's hosi^ital Siii day afternoon where he 'kill undergo a tonsillectomy operation e: riy Monday. S. '.M. Dickerson hi s been very ill for several'days bu is much bol­ ter at this lime. C. C. Bear:«> was a pleasant caller at Steve^.Dickeri; )n's Thursday evening audi W. M. Varner called Friday. •Mrs, S. I^I. Dickerson went to Chanute Friday with Mr. and Mrs." S. B. Booneand Dr. Ralph Boone to see Harottl Boone and -wife. Miss Louise Dickerson, nurs« from St. John's hospital, is -with her sister, Mrs. Haifold Boone in Chanute. •Miss Lola/ Lockar Mrs. Prestoii Boweh work. '.Mrs. Anna Simpsonj evening iii <f6lony w Chcsebro. fihtiing h^r much im- irroved. in health. iMrs. W. .^r^ .Varner from a trip to Topelta where she took her mother for ijaedical treatment. • ? .Miss fJrace ;S<ia|)el had the ligaments in her. thunil torn when caught between the handle and pail while miljiing a ' touchy" cow. '.Mr. and .MrS..O. V. Beach and children of tSarnett. \-isited at S. .M. Dickerson's Sunda r afternoon. irr. ami Jlrs. R. 0 children and iieplie.w. spent Sunday with J in Neosl:o Falls?. ,Mjrs. J. C. ;McKinn.}y visited a wccfc" dgo Si^nday with C. L.. Beard's. Mrs. Aiin;i iSinivsonl day qtfttting bee la Mrs. Florence Cillctt a guesti ; of millions Wood is comiKi -sfd of tinyicells. isoni© fille<l with water, .soiiie witJiiair; aijd some with oil. When wpod is ^ heat niakes Jba (on>i The success of the past show 1 cells eipand Jintil lh«' NORTH OF ELSMORE ' (Anna Price.* Jan. 20.—The debate at Old Elsmore Grange literary last week was quite interesting. The question: "Resolved, that the farmers should not patronize the mail order houses." The decision was won by the negative. "Fhe literary will be held on Friday hights hereafter instead of Thursday night. WcWelcome Mr. and Mrs. Glen i Bradford to our Ineighborhood. They | moved onto thejC. N. Wilson place i the first of, the week. Wood cutting ;seems to be the or- j der of the day among the men of \ this locality."' Fred Muntzert is carrying a black eye. caused by a stick of stove wood. No, the ".Missus" fs not guilty.^ The wood he was chopping flew up and struck him in thp face, causing a painful bruise on his cheek. Mr. and Mrs. Web Price drove j to Bronson Friday afternoon, to at-! tend, the fimeral of an old friend and neighbor, .Mrs. William Mc-1 Kean. I • • J. H. Wood and Elmer butcher- : ed hogs Wednesday. ' ' ' j Ernest Larson moved bis: family: to Elsmore last week. He had been at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Larson, since his home was burned during holiday, week. Jan. 22.—Most of the men in this community turned out Saturday for i the wolf drive. The. roundup was' in Ebbie Bacon's pasture. One wolf i escaped and one was killed. C. W. Price acted i as auctioneer and the wolf was sold to the highest bidder as was arranged before the hunt. It brought iS~r, and the money was given to the .M. E. church in P^lsniqre. There will be another wolf drive next Saturday. The south line will be on^ inile north of Elsmore: the north {line the section line passing I Captain Joseph, F: Donnellan. former aimiaU pilot, plans an 18,000- mlle flight In -wbicb he •will touch most of the capitals ot South Aimerkan countries.' He will attempt to show the practicability oC » mall .rofite. across.tiiese.lands.^ Ponnellan.Is.pictured. above.. , washed ilowi! to llie roots of the Beii Bacon's place jusi sonth of the JuiLDINtJ IP^rilK bridge; on the Moran road: the ' ' (JAItDKN SOU,, i grass by tlie spi in'.; t.iaw.s. ll may Marmaton river on the east and Big : Ruilding up. tJie .>..>il and k.eping I.e used" niiuli i -.• adanta^eoiisiy creek ithe west. The hunt begin.'i jt |„viit up )i the first i;isK i.f a than sial),e manure r..s U I at lOi,*!!) a. ni. and every man in sut-cessful gardntr. It is .t task iiaraiiv.-U- tree ol" we'.it-se this territory is urged to come out ' that can hi- startell' right now whik , The pulverized sheej, inaiknre is lo thij line nearest biro and help: U),. .soil is frozen', (ianieiiers areitli.- sirotit; fertilizer of th|e two. destroy this nuisance. I now jdi-pendeii! in a greai ' • The| Old Elsmore Gianfte will | ,•„,. ...jtalile iiiSuun.-. itpoii tin have 4 day n^ght their i per is Old Elsmore Gianfte will | ,•„,. .Jtalde iiiSuun.-. itpoii tire pre- n oyster supper next Satur-' p;,,eii maieiiu'l fliv stoek- ght for all the memliers and | vard .4 and great parking plains of rom- d.s. iuit a.-, it has le.<s sub.s.taiic^ it is inmediate families. This .<:tip|a treat from the Wilson mills tile ijiiiinliy wliicli .stiirply pulverized sheep manure aiul shredded at Newton. Kans.. where the Grange ^jow niaiiiire wliich are reiaiied l)y has be'^n buying flour and feed foii I .seed hon.-es. i a number of years. j They have Jbe advaniane of be- There was a nice allendance at Sunday school at Old Elsmore Sunday. We earnestly wish that everyone in the district, especially the children, would come out p.very Sunday. Everybody 15 cordially invited. better to Siiv.- i; • until the iiav.- .-taned into growth.- izeii poultrv manure is now MANUR.E + DECAYED L FOB. 501L OF CLAY AND.SAND. plants fulver- avail- iiig dry am', m.ore y^reealiie to l;an-I (ilo than til'-" \vel: strawy manured Iiauleil diii'i :ly n>.ni liie stable I and are iiMir>' fa-;!y .li-iriliuied j over till- ;;ar(S^ii. in li.iiig aliiiosi i fre.' of .-^n-inyy •:!iari'iial tii'-rt- is: more lertili/.'iijr " vaiiie :uni lessi. SCOTLAND (.Mrs. Joe Gibson) Jan. S.—There was no school tit! .-talrte product! \ waste than in tli anii als»> a t.'iii nf ib' dry jirepared ^ al>!i manure ^ GR.OUND V'/llfl'u\LlMESTONE MANUR-E FOR. CLAY 50»U. r tinit s. :oes null 1; • fai't-it-r tiiaii a j erfii! f. rtiUir It is tiiei nios of all an^l ni \on of tiie '.vet material as it is i.s helping with her spent Pridav th Mrs. D. i. has returned Scotland Thur-sday and Frid.iv on j """i,^">; j"'" account of the teacher and pan of Shredded e'.w ' spread .over l^ie «• IKIW- ist. be, tire in Nichols and Norman Dix, C. Wilson's and son had an all- t Thurwlay. of lola, was [burning, the . enttj of the cellfi burst. the pupils not being well. AValter Roberts cblled at John Gibson's Friday morning. There was a wolf drive in the Fairview vicinity Saturday, "rhry got one wolf and let two get away. Liane. Wispboif; was out of school Wednesday and Thursday on account of illness. •Misses Lulu and HIaiich Ciippet called at~John Gibson's Sunday afternoon. -Misses iBl^iii-Ii Cuppel. and Ruth' Butts attended the teachers' meeting at lola Saturda.v. Mrs. Lydia Sniff received the sad news! Sunday of'death of her Kon-in-law. Cliarle« Wile.v. .Mrs. David Cation sjient Wednesday afternoou with .Mrs. John Gib.son. Wanda Winters spent Sunday night witli Arlein and fc:isie Lihb.v. IMrs. W. I.. Wenimer visited Thursday afternoon at John Gibson's. Mr: and Mrs. J. J. Craft are moving toCHanute. We are sorry lo have them leave the neighborhood but wish them well in their new bnni". Charles Ba<-on will move on the place vacated by .Mr. Craft. Mr. and Mrs. Fratik G.bsoii spent Sunday evening at John Gibson's. liialiiiri- may !>.• ,ivi *>-u now lu !»• spaded in wlien tb<» croiind is workable in (lie spjiiis; it is an excellent idea to sjive ilie lianly • i -.'i .•mi.als ai]iJ s!ii uljo.r.v a roat- ti.-eil .^p.iriiigly when plaiii.s snuvil) ii may Imrij thein. It may i). sprliiklt-.! oil the gardeuv now to <j;i>()il advantage so that its sfrengtli wil! hn diluted and .dis- triliuted. If the soil is iilcliued to be acid or is of lieavy (-|.(y te.xtiire.. it may . le : ::;p jt Ibis lirlie and It is particu-,, :)^ iiin.'; ..: .my iriiiie uowj larlv valiial)Ig' a-^ a I're.-sing lor'' i- ii-' i"! in li .-!li :ir-' (o break lij) the lawn ili.-:t<-ibiiied liglillv to be !i'aw il .xMirtv of cia.v .soils..- sboiild insure aiiotlrrr the coming j causing minatur<< explo.sion.s, fa- year and. in the words of the Allen county fair, let it be bigger and better. Yours Truly. S. M. KNOX, miliar to us as 'crackles." Friends are'those iv'ho' continue • '• love us in sipHo of our success- Harry K.- Hellmanii, Delroit outfielder, has won the American League batting lionors every other season since 1921. SXENDEII TWO POINTS OK VIEW. - From a liistavit county con»e,s tlie following lettei: to an lola man: "1 see you have bin apoimed One of tile si.'c for ipiproving. the public highway. I am-writing you in Par-.| „j,^ volunteered to ask the ticnlar to see if infl.rt'uco will ; ^„j.,,io„,, ,pt, go lahead. get m.' On from the West end. 1 | ' ' have bin all .over the Roads and 1 sure um in-for gooti Roads, we are all sanded Ibrrw. Our County. I am with Governor Pauiin." The letter has been resi)ectruily referred to the Governor. Fi'om a member of the I.egisla- Wichita Price C"urr^nt: Advertising goes hand in hand with selling cost. It is often one of the first expenditures to feel the axe I of economy when th'** boss looks over the figures and decides he s])ent too much monev Jast year, tare, to .the .same lola mail, comes ,p,,,,„„y„ ^^^.^^ a retailer who spent too much for the following: "lla! Ha! Ha! Now some of tlio rest of us will have to throw Javelins stick pins, bust well laiihplans etc., etc. Really I am sorry for you." . , .And so! on ibrougb a coUpIe of pages more of similar gloating ribaldry. So there you are'. Two points of view. Till! • appointinent of Thomas I. Christy as coimty Jailor will meet with general • approval. "Tom" Christy is an experienced |)cacc officer. He is brave without bluster and firm, without bniJality. ll is. not likely any jiifil breaks will, be attempted' under bis administration. 11 is certain that no unarmed pris­ oned Will be killed wlUiin the jail while attcmpliug lo cscapu. advertising. We have knowh many who spent advertising money inefficiently and did not get ;the returns that would Jiistlfy thd Amount expended. 1 ,\nd now'it is unijounced that the Klan will abandon the gown along wiih the hood as part bf its regalia. Wlien they got to thinking abbut It thej probably concluded . that a sheet Would look kind of,.funny_ witliout a pillow case. Also the laundry.bill .wlll'not Ijc so big. ! The wor-st thing there would: be about the defeat of AI. Smith for Ihe Dcmocratio 'n6mination, if he should be defeated, would be . the sir'it of Tom Ileflin mi, 'he wont about over the country ; proclaiming that he did It: ftvoip aizzYSPftis Never well. Always tired and fagged out. .Beauty tossed away by nejpect To be beautiful and to keep yotrththe system must be free frem poisonous badncash of constipation wrnch often causes dizzy spdls. For 20 years. Dr.' F. M. Edwards gave his patients, in place of calomel, a compound of vegetable ingredients tmzed with olive oil, namiiK tfaeih Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, luiown by their dive a*»r. They free the system of-poisons that ravage bealth, eneiW. be^ty. You neetTiiever have sallow com- plesion, dull eyes, coated tongue, throb' faing beadadies^all si^ that your lii>»dsaredoeged.Uveris torpid. Take I>r. 'Edwards-Olive Tablets nightly. They act smoothly and without griping. .. Ifowmuch-betteryouTllfeeland look! Everywhere wise men and women Muknowthe valueof good health take Dr. Edwards' OUve Tablets. All druggists. ISc. 30c and 60c and Fasliloiiable Fat and fad are mortal lenemies. You caik't bt styEsh and fleshy. The two don't go togi th «E, But there is no need to be stout. You xaa hav« the slender figiure which fashion demands, and what's more you can have it WITHOirr:«HAN«E OF DIET OR UNNECESSARY EXEIIC SC I am a Ikeosed Nev York Physician. For years I have specialij ed Jb obesity and fa&ve treated tboosanda of ooen and woiaen overfajox kiwi witfa^zceashrederii. I ^escribe for my patients so that their genen 11 lealtii wiQ be improved as w«U as their weight tedoced. W91 joa take ad ra xtan oJE great offer? mCE TICUL tItCATMENT iWD VALUABLE BOOKU T Xnow from actual experience that my tzeatment will hdp yoa af i|t bdped tboosands of others. Bead what a few patients sajr: M K . K. B «Trmsr terUes: '^W yoai tteatmrat £iul it is woodcifat, pom, U RdaCM. It. doM ju.<it ai you ayJ ndnced a pouod a day aad M. fipel lbs. A .>iNA ScHicDT arita: "J 178 poandt brloze I started yoat' ud I sow wtigh 1J8 pouodj. Yoa this if TOO l&c" Mas O. WHtm)#Wee Ime M76 ponndi as nsqk of yon tiatiaeat and have •ever Utm> idi aqr ifo as I da at*." Mc S. SAtrax mUy. "i Tut' 70 pooodi a a nsaK <^ takisg mr treaODent. t feel better ia e «cOr way. r caa now take bOK vato witboat ^ecoBBsg tired or short lonttb. I thank ^yoa my Boch for wiBt fOB JkOB done for B |e." Abvays remember that fat is dangerous. Yottr very life is tfazeauom^ excess BeA. Get tid of that fat now. YoaH feel better, look-bettSTxad five Icoger. Write isow, this nimtte, for.booklet and Free trialrtrvEbbeot. DR. R. N ewman hiemma Physician State of . a«6 FIftt Ave., N«w Yoilt'—P»«k D-2 When 23^SBP is guaranteed to relieve yo^ Every Woman Needs Good Heahfa! Lincoih. Ncbr.—"lam jtlad torecom- mcnd Dr. Picrcc 'r f luldcn Mcilical DL>- covrri- unci the 'I'av- ontc Prescription.' I ha\Te rcKaiucd. my hbilth anil strength sevcraltlirferenttim'-'i by taking out- or both of these rcroe- di» When ! feel the neecloragencnil tonic J take ithc 'Golden -Mctlical Discoveo'; if i ne«l aifcmininc n'icdJcinc 1 take the Tavoritc Prescription ' 1 huvc taken bothal thcsanietinic, too, alt«matoly." — Mrg. Martha tjtwycr. Il»19 "M" ^i. ^Uldealets.Tcbleti>orliguul. .Write Dr. PiM«% il'tiMklcntlnvalki'*' Ilotelin Hiiffalu, N Y , for free mclicat advice, no matter whitt your ailineut may be. 2IN3EP Com^onnd is isold-ander •aA^iroh-^ad.guarantee lhatitwiU Tdieveyod of iit6m«ch<.troable or ^jrqggist will lefund your money, t Sbfloaands of jteople inho have Wffeced £rom ^wcers, indigestion, ibhwtinfir, bad breath, sick bead-. •che, dazfaiess£ luuuea, vomiting, heartburn, JBOuih stomach and gas rb Btomsch add intestfaias. have been coro^tely restored to health by ZIMSEP CompouEd, ;after .try.. ng^naarly evetyuung doe with- •otecsolts. 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