The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1894 · Page 11
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1894
Page 11
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r how you speak, Teule," answered the pitlhce haughtily. "Your words way be true, and yet, did I hot love you, yott should rue- them even though you hold the spirit of Tnzcnt, Alas," he added, stamp- Ing on tho ground, "alas, that my uncle's madness should make it possible that such 'Words can bo spoken I Oh, were I the emperor of Anahuno, in a single week the head of every Teule in Cholula should • deck * pinnacle of yonder temple!" "Beware how you speak, prince," t tm- ewerod. mocking him, "for there are those who, did they hear, might cause you to rue yom words. Still one clay you may be emperor, find then we shall see how you will deal with tho Teules—at least others Will sec, though I shall not, But what is It now? Docs Montozuma choose now Wives?" "Ho chooses wives; but not for himself. Yon know, Teule, that your time grows short. Montczumn nnd the priests name those who must be given to you to wife." "Given mo to wifel" I said, starting to •rnyfeet. "To mo whoso bride is death I 'What have I to do with love or marriage— I who in some fow short weeks must grace • an altar? Ah, Gruntomoo, you Bay you love mo, and onco I saved you. Did you love mo, surely you would save mo now as you Bworotodo." "I swore tliat I would give my lifo for yours, Toulo, if it lay in my power, and • that oath I would keep, for all do not sot, • so high a storo on lifo as you, my friend. But I cannot help you. You aro dedicated "to the gods, and did I dlo a hundred times it would not snvo you from your futo. Nothing con save you except tho band of heaven if it wills. Therefore, Toule, make ••merry while you may and die bravely when you must. Your CUBO is no worse than iiilno and that of many others, for death awaits us all. Fawswell." When ho had gone, I roso, and leaving the gardens I passed into tho chamber where it was my custom to give audience to those who wished to look upon tho god Tezcat, as they called me. Hero I sat upon my golden couch, inhaling tho fumes of tobacco, and as it chanced I was alone, for none dared to enter that room unless I .gave thorn leave. Presently tho chief of my pages announced that ono would speak with mo, and I bent my head, signifying that tho person should enter, for I was weary of my thoughts. Tho pngowith- .•drew, and presently a veiled woman stood before me. I looked at her wondering •and hado'her draw her veil and spook. She obeyed, and I saw that my visitor was tho Princess Otomle. Now I roso amazed, for it as not usual that sho should visit mo thus alone. I guessed, therefore, that sho had tidings or WHS following some custom of which I WHS ignorant. "I pray you bo seated," she said confusedly. ''It is not fitting that you should stand before mo." "Why not, princess?" I answered. " If I had no respoefc for rank, • surely beauty must claim it." "A truco to words," Bho replied, with a wove of her Blim hand. "I como here, O Tozcat, ao. carding to the ancient custom, because I uru charged with a message to you. Those whom you shall wed are ohoson. I am the bearer of their names." "Speak on, princess of tho Otomle." "They are"— • and she named three ladles whom I knew to bo among the loveliest iu tho land. "I thought that there wore four," I said, with a bitter laugh. "Am I to bo do- frauflcd of tho fourth?" "There is a fourth," sho answered and was silent. "Give mo her name," I cried. ''One hns been found, O Tezcat, who hns borno oth- • er titles than this you give hur." Now I looked at her questioniugly, and sho ,epoko again in a low voice. "I, OtomJo, • princess of the Otomlo, Montozumo's • daughter, am the fourth and tho first." "You!" I enld, sinking buck upon my cushions. ."You!" "Yes, I. Listen. I was chosen by tho priests as tho most love ly in tho land, however unworthily. M t father, tho emperor, was angry nnd sul . that whatever befell I should never bo tli wife of a captive who must die upon tli altar of sacrifice. 13ut tho priests answer ed tlinf this was no time for him to claim exception for his blood, now whon tho god wore wroth. Was tho first lady in th land to bo withheld from the god? they asked. Then my father sighed aud nul that it should ho ns I willed. And I sal with tho priests that now, in our sore dls tress, tho proud must humble themselrc to tho dust, ovon to tho marrying of a cap tivo slave who is named a god and doomct to Baorlilqp. "So I, princess of tho,Otomle, have con •entod to become your wife. O Tozoat though perchanoo had I known all that ! rend lit your eyes this hour I should uo have consented. It may happen that ii this shame I hoped to find love if only for ono short hour, and tlmt I purposed to vary tho custom of our people and to com plctomy miirrliigo by thonlda of thovlethi on tho nltur, as, if I will, I have tho right to do. But I see well that I am not welcome, and though it is too late to go buck upon my word Imvo no four, Them aro otheHt itnd I ehal) not trouble you. I have given my incstiago. IH It your picas uro tlmt I should gof Tho solemn ceremony of wedlock will bo on tho twelfth • day from now, O Tozcat." Now I rowi from 1117 neat and totk her baud, saying; "I thank you, Otomle for your noblo- DOM of mind. Hud It not boon for tho •comfort aud friond«h!p which you uiid Guatumoo, your cousin, have given mo I think that oru now I should bo dead. So you deelro to comfort mo (o tho liwt. It •M901U8 tlmt you oven purposed to die with me. How am I to Interpret thin, Otomlof In our land it woman would uood to loco a mail after uncommon fashion before she • oonionUxi to sharo such a bod as await* me ou ycador pyramid. Aud yot I may •namely think that you, whom king* have •tied for, ciui plow your heart to low. How MU I to road tho writing of your word*, |>rJnot!su o f tbo Otomiuf" "Rood it with your heart," nho whU- perod low, aud I fult lior hand tremblu in toy own. I looked at her beauty, It waa grout. I thought of hur devotion, « devotion that did not ihriuk from tho moot horrible •/ deaths, luid a wind of feullng which wiw ,«klu iu lovo'swept through my soul, liul even UH I lookixl and thought I remomhor- ad tho English garden and tho Knglluh inald from whom 1 hud ported beneath Uto booed M J>iUihl<i<fhttui HJH) tho word* .that we hud woken then. Doubtless the •till Hvod ttiid was true toiuo. WWIoI lived should I not koup truo at heart to hurf If I uumt wod thvwi Indian glrli, 1 must wed thoiu, but if onoo 1 told Otoiuio I loved hwr ttion I broke wy troth, and with nothing leiw would shu be n4U»flud. Aud yet, though \ was deeply moved Mid the Usuiutrttlou W(u) groat, I hud not owwe to this. "Uo fciaUxi, Ototnie," I said, "«ud llstou to wo. You BOO thU golden token?" Ami I drew Ally's nosy ring from wy hiwicL "And you HUD Uw writing wllhlu At," Bho bout her hutul, hut did nut Bpottk, mul I ««w that thuro won four lit hue t>yt». '•1 will null you tho wonta Otomlu/ 1 Aud I tvuubluiod into (be Atieo tho quulut eouplet: Then nt last sho spoke, "What docs the wrltlhg moan?" the said. "I can only read fh pictures, Teule." ' "It means, Otolnle, that in the fat laud whence 1 como there la a woman who love* me and who is my love." "Is she your wife then?" "She ii hot my wife, Otomle, but she Is vowed to me in marriage.'' ''She is vowed to you in marriage," she answered bitterly. "Why, then, wo ore equal, for BO am I, Teule. But there is this difference between us—you love her, and me you do not love. That Is what you would inako clear to mo. Spare me more words. I understand (t all. Still it seems to mo that if I have lost sho is also in the path of loss. Great seas roll between you and this love of yours, Teule— seas of water, and tho altar of sacrifice, and tho nothingness of death. Now let me go. four wife I must be, for there Is no escape, but I shall not trouble you over- \ "Is she your wife then?' much, and it will soon bo dono with. Then you mity seek your dosiro in the houses of tho stars whither you must wander, and it is my prayer that you shall win it. "All these months I have been planning to find hope for you, and I thought that I had found It. But It was built upon a false belief, and it is ended. Had you been able to say from your heart that you loved me it might have been well for both of us. Should you bo able to say it before tho end it may still bo well. But I do not ask you to say it, and beware how you tell mo a lie. I leave you, Teule, but before I go I will say that I honor you more in this hour than I have honored you before, because you have dared to speak tho truth to mo, Montozuma's daughter, when a lie had been so easy and so safe. That woman beyond tho seas should bo grateful to yon, but though I bear her no ill will between mo aud her there is a struggle to the death. Wo are strangers to each other, and strangers wo shall remain, but sho has touched your hand as I touch it now. You link us together aud are our bond of enmity. Farewell, my husband that is to be." Then, rising, Otomlo cast her veil about her face and passed slowly from the chamber, leaving mo much disturbed. It was a bold deed to Imvo rejected the proffered love of tills queen among Women, aud now that I had done so I was not altogether glad. Would Lily, I wondered, Imvo offered to descend from suoh state to cast off the purple of her royal rank that sho might lie at my side on tho rod stone of BoarUlcc? Perhaps not, for this flcroofhtel- ity is only to lx> found in women of another breed. These daughters of tho sun love wholly whon they lovo at all, aud as they iovo they huto. They ask no priest to consecrate their vows, nor if these become hateful will they bo bound by them for dutyis sako. Their own desire is their law, but while it rules them they follow it unflinchingly, and if need bo they seek its consummation in tho gates of death, or, failing that, furgotfulness. [CONTINUED.] nreoklnridge AppeiiU For Mercy. ' LEXINGTON, Ky., Aug. ai.—Colonol Breckiuridge spoke Monday afternoon at Georgetown, the county seat of Scotl county and the home of Hon. W. O. Owens, his moat powerful opponent foi the nomination. His address was on appeal for mercy, inusimieb as hp bad confessed his sins and laid himself at the feet of his people. His reception wfu rather cold. Rich Gold Strike «t Lewlrllle. LEADVILLE, Colo., Aug. 21.—An extremely rich strike has been made in the Nettie Morgan mine, on the Leadvilio gold belt. • The ore was found at a depth of 3?5 feet and assays 104.1/0 ounces of gold to the ton. Tho strike is an important one and it moans that a large territory in that section will bj thoroughly explored for gold, Ontared Into Quarantine. NEW OnLKANs, Aug. ai.—Tho steamship Nicaragua, which arrived at Port Morgan today, from Bluefleids, loaded with fruit, was ordered into qutirantiiie because she had on board John McCaf- forty, on American iiu\VKpu|>ur correspondent aud a refugee from Bluenelds, Viva Striken goiiteiiuml. Los ANGELES, Aug. 81.—Judge Ross iu the United States circuit court sentenced five men to the county jail foi violating the omnibus injunction during tho late strike. Four men got eight months each and tho other got 10 mouths. Cupl, Aiiiua Humuioueil to U»nh*Iltawo. NBW Yoiuc, Aug. 31.—Captain Anson left New York for Marshalltowu, la., whither he was summoned by • dispatch announcing tho dangerous llluau of his father, tho ox-mayor. of thai )laoe. * Freight Trwlu Wrecked. SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 81.—A freight oo the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern railroad was wrecked by running into • ONE THOUSAND SLAIN. Japs Whip the Chinese In a Bloody Engagement. PECULIAR METHODS OF WAEFABE, Chinese betertcd Tlielr Foreign Offloen, Precautionary Mnnsiire Taken bf Oer- nmny to Gunrcl Aenlnnt Cholera — Rebel* Defeated In Pern — President Hlppolytc Seriously 111 — New* From Abroad. SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 21. — The Examiner prints the following: SHICI-GEN, Corea, Aug. 21.— A bloody battle has just been fought at Soughwan. This place is the headquarters of the Japanese general, Oshiina, and is one of the most important villages of the kingdom. The Chinese have very strong fortifications at Songhwan and 15,000 troops are said to be stationed there. The Japanese determined to capture the arms and provisions and baited the army by n clever bit of intrigue. They gave out that they were going to march back to Ah-San and in fact they did parade for a considerable distance in that direction, but no sooner were they convinced of the success of their scheme in making the Chinese believe they had left the settlement than they marched with a rush straight up to the fortifications, attacking them in a body. They made a clean sweep of everything in the course of five hours' fighting. The Chinese were unprepared 'and foi the sake of the truth, be it known, they were "chin-chinning," the war joss— that is bowing, kowtowing and firing crackers off to a big wooden deity set up on a cannon ball. About 1,000 Chinese were killed in the engagement and 70 Japanese. The Chinese, with their usual cowardice, deserted many of. the fan kwai (foreign devil officers) and when given orders to resist the advance of the enemy turned and fell upon their swords, preferring to commit suicide rather than be murdered by the Japanese. The Japanese officers and men fought like tigers. Some of the methods of warfare used were ridiculously gruesome and barrow- ing. For instance, the Chinese, it is told, used old fashioned stinkpots, (bowls slung on poles and filled with sulphuric and other bad smelling, deadly acids, which kill perhaps more quickly than a rifle shot). One stinkpot cast in among a dozen soldiers kills every man inside of a few seconds. The Mongols also resorted to wooden axes ond to long bamboo poles. Many of them threw their guns away deliberately when they caught a glimpse of the enemy surrounding them like a demon cloud. It is impossible to accurately describe the barbarities which these people practice hi their methods of war, and also in their penal punishment in times of peace. THREATENS TO SUE UNCLE SAM. Annmlalv, an Englishman, Claim* Datango For Being Unlawfully Arreitod. QREBEC, Aug. 21. — Quito a sensational story has been told here in connection with the arrest made in February last of Hugh Auandale, under charge of embezzlement from the Bunk of Newcastle, England. It will be remembered that Aunudalo, whose extradition had been granted by the American authorities, was tried in England and acquitted, his innocence being clearly proven. The following is the summary of the story, told by the man himself: A man named Arnold ran away from the place with a large sum of money belonging to the bank and crossed over to America. He lauded at Now York, aud while being driven to Baltimore in a wagon was the victim of a serious accident and was taken to a hospital. He made the acquaintance of a patient suffering with a grave disease of the lungs. The patient's name was Mr. Auandale, Serious fears were entertained for Mr. Anandale, and thinking the latter would never leave the hospital, he disappeared and traveled under the name of Anandale and thus succeeded in foiling the police. One night he was killed in a railroad accident at Baltimore and the coroner, not knowing that the deceased was a criminal, informed the family in England and held the usual inquest. Later on, the police put on tin- false track, made the arrest of Mr. Anandale, who had recovered and loft the hospital, aud the latter was delivered to the British authorities and tried with the result here stated. Mr. Ammdalu will claim damages from the American I government aud will institute an action ties and liofiditary privileges of the house of Isenhu rg-Bierstein, According to the Australian law, the agnates of the house of Isenburg-fiierstein must, by formal document, recognize the equality of Mr. Pullman's grandchildren with their own descendants. If Miss Pull- tean could obtain the title of princess from some foreign Court this difficulty would bo overcome. Precautionary Mcmnren by Germany. BEBUN, Aug. 21.—The cholera commission of G-ermany has decided that it Is necessary to take additional precautionary measures along the Russian frontier to prevent the entry of persona from the Shotov districts of Russia. It is reported from Scutari, Turkey, that n number o£ persons are down with a disease which is suspected of being cholera Japanese Order American Arm*. NEW YORK, Aug. 21.—The Japanese government has ordered, it is said, 100 f 000 stands of guns and ammunition from a firm in this city. When questioned as to the report, the manager of the firm said: "I am not at liberty to talk concerning the matter as the two countries are at war and a statement may do considerable harm." Ship Ran Aground, Ecuador, Aug. 21.—Rebel advices say that the rebels have defeated the government force at Huanacu. It it reported that the ship Huasccat grounded while leaving Poita with Flores aboard. Saralva Committed Snloldo, Bio DE JANEIRO, Aug. 2a.—The remnants of Saraiva's band have surrendered at Vaccarins and Sangabriet. Saraiva committed suicide when he found he would fall into the enemy's hands. Rebel* Defeated In Pern. LIMA, Peru, Aug. 21.—Rebels have been defeated at Ruarres. Caceres has proclaimed amnesty for the rebels who surrender and is shooting prisoners who do not do so voluntarily. Hecelved Arms From New York. BOGOTA, Colombia, Aug. ssl.—A large quantity of arms have arrived at Curacoa from New York for Rojes Paul, who intends to start a revolution against Venezuela. President Illppolyto Serlotuly III, KINGSTON, Jamaica, Aug. 21.—Advices from Hayti to the )7th say that President Hippolyte is seriously ill and that there is anxiety in consequence. Cholera In Marseille*. WASHINGTON, Aug. 21.—A cablegram from Consul Thomas at Marseilles, dated Aug. 17, says there have been 21 deaths from cholera there since the 4th. Miraculous Escape From Death, ST. Louis, Aug. 21.—The New Yorfa fast express on the Vandalia road from New York to St. Louis was ditched two miles west of Pocahontas, Ills., and all on board had a miraculous escape from death. While running 45 miles an hour the engine, three mail and one baggage car left the track and turned over. Fireman Dickenson and four postal clerks were injured more or less seriously, but none of the other trainmen or passengers were hurt. Louis Henry In Trouble Again. CmoAOO, Aug. 21.—Louis Henry, said to be the son of a prominent business man in Dallas, Tex., was arrested here, charged with forging several checks for small amounts. He was in trouble at Beatrice, Neb., some time ago for the same offense. rMAUUS UNEARTHED IN MEMPHIS. Htate and Cntintr Defraaded flat of Nearly •2 t OOO,OOO In !te»enne> MEMPHIS, Aug. 21.—The grand jnv have unearthed frauds of gigantic proportions. Through the criminal cm- • lessness and neglect of the county ofii- cials the state and county have been dt- frauded out of nearly $3,000,0(10 in revenue during the past eight year?. The grand jury began an investigation n few days ngo and discovered that 60i» saloons and several firms, embracing alrnosl every branch of business, had not paid a cent in taxes, privileges, etc., in eight years. As a result 76 indictments were returned against the delinquents. This investigation will be continued, and it is said the jury will next turn its attention to the derelect officers. Many Entries For Ottnmwa Race*. OTTOMWA, Aug. 21.—The Wapello county fair has opened. The races promise to be the best in the history of the association, «00 entries having already been made, twice as many as in preceding years. MARTHA WASHINGTON COOK-BOOK FREE! 320 PACES. ILLUSTRATED. One of the best Cook- Books published. It contains recipes for all kinds of cooking. Also departments on Medicine, Etl- nui'Uo, and Toilet recipes. Indexed for handy refer"MAILED FREE, In Exchange for 20 LARGE LION HEADS cut from Liou Coffee wrappers and a 2-cent Stamp. Write for list of our other Kino Premiums. Wo have man; valuable I'lcturos, aim a Knife, Unme, etc., to give awity. A beautiful Picture Cord in In every package of LION COFFEE. WF rn OMUL UU i TOLEDO, oriio. H. C. STEVENS & SON. MA.PM3 GROVE « BREEDING FARM * Short horn icattleand Poland China hogi iHT* Young Stock for Sale. Carroll la Wm, LYNCH, JUSTICE OF THE PEAOB. ABSTRACT, LOAN AM, '•' '•' LAND OFFICE I haw a complete let of abstract* of dhtroll Count;. All bu»lnes» Ml] be attended to prompt- PtTBttSHKR 0V " Dailv Report of Transfers," Office, three doors south of post office, upaMIn WM. LYNCH. Carroll, Iowa. — AT — WHILK OUB STOCK LASTS — WK WILIi SBtil — 6 ft. Aah Extended Tablee $3.80 8ft " » « 5.09 Hard wood Chamber Sets 12.6P 4 Spiodle wood Ohaira, per aet.... 2.50 @F°We must reduce our stock sod these prices sorely ought to do it. KANNE & ZERWAS, MEAT MARKET Flab, Game, Poultry, etc. ALL ORDERS ARE PHOMPTL DELIFEBKB Corner 6tb and Adams streets, Carroll, la. I oow. Fireman Thomas UJaok aud Urakeujan Ptrrott wore killed. Vive Utu H»|>urt«d irtMt. TAOOMA, Wash., Aug. 81.— Piv« men •re supjKwed to have heeu luet while waking a lauding from the United Btatot wwt Hurvey steamship MoArthur, 16 wiles north of Gray's Harbor. Ucraourt Would Not Tell Them. LONDON,, Aug. ¥l.—In the house o commons a number of members, iuolud ing the Irish loaders, proposed various motions with a view to forcing Sir Will iam Hareourt, the government leader, into waking a further and definite an nounoomout of the policy the government would pursue with regard to the house of lords aud the veto. Sir William declined to make auy further explanation. Tim motions were all defeated in » house o! only 00 members by majorities ol about »0. Uurs* QOSIIKN, Mo,, Aug. HI. -The stallion •gtuuion, 9:07 >^, valued at, and ho twin brother to Online, died at the *»ah stock farm. Hit earnings w fw vwott were f8,6W. LONDON, Aug. ai,-A dUpntan from blwuglwiBayti that Admiral Ting, notint; under iutpwativu orders, hue 10 dUposeil thu MiiutUar vuttsula of the Oliinwe ftwt HK (o prevent the Jttjwnuflu from troop iu Chimwo territory, The wtvawuU ure openly orutalug in thu Gulf of *V-oh!-li, rawly to fight thu Jttiwueao, but up to IhU tiiuo (hoy huvo not had (he good fortune to meet them. OI4»s» l'|ill«4«l|ilita I'hjrslolMi. JUUADWJIU, Aug. ai. -Dr. Jaraec (itobeu, the oldest practicing jihyaloiup in this city, IB dead. He wua Uoru in ittutf. I«rg« SJur«> Uuruvd, , Colo., Aug. 81. -The Ban Luia Supply company'* large •tor« huruad. Low, *5«.«KW, HUt rmiiunu lu Mmrry • LONDON, Aug. 81.— The eugugwiwut U announced of Mian Florence Pullman, u daughter of George M. Pullman, to Prince of Jwupurtf'Ulorateiu, thuuldwit sou of the Priuoo Ohurloa of Jauubuix- Bloreteiu un-' tho Archduchum Muriu Louise of Austria atiJ u cousin of the emperor of Auntrlu. Alls* i'ullmun 1 * father only ooiuttnted U) his daughter's •ugagouu'Ut to the prince ou condition thut tue children shall poises the full right* of tmwoiwiQu to Hie title, Gone to Lincoln. LOUISVILLE, Neb., Aug. 21.—Rev. A. J. Fleming, editor of the Nebraska Baptist and for two years pastor of tho Baptist church hero, leaves here next week to make Lincoln his home. He will continue oa pastor of the church here aud at Manly. ^^ SMALL SPARKS FROM THE WIRES. The burning of the train of oil and other freight curs nt Olieektownga, N. Y., cost tho Now York Central Railroad company 1100,000. William lAtr.en, well known confidence operator, was arrested at Omaha. Ho is U»d»>' indictment for highway robbery iu I/tufa. William Bridges, nliaa "Hoosicr mil," was captured mul taken to Dayton, O., fur horse bleating. He has received sen- I -nee* aggregating 107 years. Under the I '.Mtuul criminal act ho will have no i i'>ro chances for pardon. The'({rand lodife of Indian Territory Masons elected ollioers mul adjourned to meet next yitar at Akotu. William Cox, aged T4, of Martimville, Jml.. com in it tod auiolile bt*eanw he had been twice stricken by paralysis. Native* in the Congo State, Incensed at being dragged Into military eervtce, attacked a post, killing two soldiers. SueoiiueuH of thu Huaalan thistle have been found iu the northern portion of Illinois. George a ndJamea Lloyd started from lied Oak, !»., in a skiff of their own making to visit a brother iu Florida. Professor Wiggins, the Canadian oracle, say* mmi originally came from the plauut Mars on the tail of a comet. Hather than be ceuuurud for rvcklesH driving John C, 1'eek, a member of the I'liiladelphla fire department, killed himself. Several children of ElUabeth, N. J., have been poisoned in a mysterious manner. It U feared many will die. lti>|m»onttitlve» of railway brotherhoods met Iu ChiiuiKo aud decided to try to He- cure the reinstatement of their members who had gone into the A. It. U. strike. It develops that the "putrllled gtaut," found on a farm near MUldlubury, lud., b a clever fake, It having been made to order and placed \\tiure it -wait HUUSU- (juuntly "found." The police of Chicago captured two t Minks tiontululng infernal machine* and anarchistic letters, which proved that a conspiracy for u revolution In America thin fall wiu completed. Kullglouu warfare at Ottawa, Ills,, hint boeu «uttU*d, permission having been Ml thu Hiilvutiuu Aniry to hold meetings. Coyotes wave iletfruyed the Clu<ymu<« «muty, Oklahoma, \vatermulun crop, the luscious fruit being pruyod upon to tiuonuii M* (hirst of the Buxiu-iiHib animals, ilc- lirlvud of other sources of water during th« rweut dry spell. ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, Boos & Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll. Iowa. They 1 have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In endless variety, and new goods coming in every day. In fact, they are prepared to furnish ^ a house in the best of style from cellar furnish a to garret -* BOOS & LAUGHLIN, FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House. Carroll, Iowa. Green Bay Lumber Company, Jiuuma Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. New yards north of Carroll mills, Carroll. Iowa. Page Woven Wire Fence Tho Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, read-' " ~ lly adapts itself to all changes of temperature and still retains its tension. It is a smooth fence that will turn all kinds of stock without injury. It is manufactured in styles adopted to all kinds ot fence for city and country. I also> handle the Lewis Combination Force Pump and Spraying outfit The best is al ways the cheapest. For further particulars, tail! on or address C. M. MOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. K. A, I'ortor, UlUlUou.U.; Offloo with Duncan fc Sprout, ArottdU, In.; W»llet»i'UulJ llrot,, Hulbur, |». ,4; t,}

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