Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1933
Page 5
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" IOIJA, KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER^ FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 3. 1933. ' PAGE FIVE ^ YOU \NEMT New Ivork, Mar. 3. (AP).—a sud- en b4lge appeared In financial markets today, and while it settled somewhJat during the later trading, priees Igenerially finished higher. Stocks j surged up 1 to nearly 5 points, then lost rouglily half their gaihs, bjut the final tone was firm. Transfers approximated 1,400,000 shares. ! The upward impetus was evidently gaineid chiefly from short covering, but; It spread, from speculative markets Into Inve.slnvenls ahdbonds scored sub.stanllal recovc-rles, The upswing: In stock.s came chiefly In the second hour, but wsus carried on later Inl commodltlt-K. it wa.v attributed chiefly to pxpcctnllons of;! constructive unnouncementa from;i the new federal government to beji Inaugurated tomorrow. ; •—— Ailed Chemical and Csusn shot U)) Elwyn Campbell. \* Attending Edu- about 4 points, tlien .settled back I cators' lyieeting In iMinneapolis approximately.a point. U. S. Steel j I This Week, pref/.'rred nearly 5. then lost aboVit half. American Telephone got THE NEWFANGLES (Moiw*n Pop) WH^WDN'T YOU COhAE HOME FOP' LUNCW'^ "OD YOU GET! •WAT JOB WELL, S \KteTlE - YES, AMD NO-1 SAVN THERE WAS m AUTO 5W0VN OM AND, A5 I >NA<=> ABOUT To GO UNTO TUE AVJTO GAME, 1 DECIDED I'D BETTER S^E HOW TWE NE\N UWE OF GAS GbBBLERS SELUM" VW*rr OH fAXTTH H^S -TUE NEV^ L\K£ OF CARS GOT T& DO WTW SEU.ING AOTO POUSH VNEUr.SlSTSl.rrS A KNOVMN FACT TUI^TiTliE OVMNEf? ' OP A KENN BOILER USES MOCE POLISH SmmMG'lT Up FIRST MOfATH^TUAM AT ANY pn»EB TIWE GLADYS SPEAKS UP! By Cowan HUMBOLDT NEWS up :more than 3'.;. then reacted HTJNTBOLDT, Kas.. Mar. 2.—The Saiita Fc bridge crew -is here this nearly a ix)int. A rLse ,of about 3 ; week, engaged in inspectins and in ."^teel common was cut in half.' making ail' necessary repans In this Issims clo.sing about 1' lo 2 higher section. nnl^n'^D " Can. Santa Fe. | ^r. and Mi-s. Raymond Jordan r^,,?oH^^'''H ''V "J^"''" Tobacco E-„ri family, were guests of Mi". Jor- cn^v^ w ^^'^-.Dupont. Mont- dan's parents, in Chanuie Sundav. gomtiy Ward, Drug. American Smelting and Stand.-'xd of N. J.. and ^^'^ ""^''^ ^"^""^ ^^'^ ^'"'^ qth(-rs. General Motors and Gen- old Kas mains that have be- Elcctric finished about un- 1°'"^ defective, and putting in new. NSWERS - changed. High - 1 • 17-, 101'57 Citi-:s Scrv SO of Ind . Amn Can . AT&T Amn Tob B Ana'conda 6' Atchison 39'. Auburn 38', Beth Steel 12^ Case J I 3"?'Chrysler 8'- Con Gas . • • 48':: Con Oil 5', Drug Inc 33'j DuPont 36 Gen Elec 12'-. Gen Motors 11 Int-^Harv 17'. Mont Ward .... U'- Packard 2 Periney J C Phillips Petr Radio Socfony Vac . Std Brands SO of NJ 24 Union Pac 71'.Texas Corp 11 • U S Steel ...... 28 Wtsstlneh E .... 22'> 22 5', 4 6\ 15 Low 2 • 17 51'. 95'^53 5'j 36's 33', ll'^ 32-', 7--'; 43-'. 5 31'1 33';: ll'i: 10's 14^", 8-, l"s 19 Is 5 3', 6K 14 22'. 66', 11 24', 20', Close 2", 17'1. 54-',. 99 -s 55'L- 5", 38'-. 35 'L- 12 36 'S . 8'H , Work also: is going ahead relative 1 ' to the new bridge approach, gas ' lines and sewers, • Miss Amia Hess gave a reading, Bobbie Geist a: solo, and several numbers by the high school male quartette [under direction of Mrs. Fred Hartwlg, music teacher, at tjie Rights of Columbus program and Banquet helfi in the Fussman hall I Sunday. ! The silver basketball trophy won by the high school junior Dasket- ;46-'i ball team at the tournament held . 5';jin Eureka Saturday, is on display 32 •-i I in C. B. Shepard's jewelry store 35':; 'window, and is attracting conslder- ll"i I able attention to passers-by. 10-4 I6-', IO N 20\ 5', 3\ 6'K 15 24 69', ll'-.. 26'i 22', ...9c Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Starkey attended the funeral services of Earl Birdsong in Chanute last Sunday. Mr. and Mi-s. Maltland G. Williams and infant son, Gamett Parker, arrived here from Chicago early Wednesday morning for a visit with Mrs. Williams's parents, Mr. and I Mrs. Carl A. Reynolds. I The new Humboldt bakery which I opened for business Monday morning, is meeting with apprieclable patronage:, and bids fair to become an established institution here. Mr. William Sinclair, civil war veteran, is, as far as we know, the only Humboldt citizen who can claim to: have seen Lincoln three times duiilng his life-time, i Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Amos of Central stredt, have returned from a few days'!visit to.Kansas City. Their daughter,| Miss Margaret Amos also accompanied them on the trip. •I. J. Squire, who has had a Un- gering illness extending over 3'- years, difed at his home, south of Humboldt Wednesdajr-<ilght. Funeral services will be\ he1<^..^at the Presbyterian church in Humboldt Friday afternoon, vith his pastor. Dr. G. W. Horn, officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Atkinson and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Kirby, were vis- itrirs Sunday evening at the Garrett. Tas^he home here. Leo ECkart is removing his .ix>o> hall from the Fussman building to tlic Seyriiour building on Bridge street. | Kansas City Produce. C. A. 'Reynolds, division freight Kansas City, Mo.. Mar. 3. (APi— and passenger agent for,the M-K-T LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts Eggs, seconds 7c F.«^% thirds 5c Eggs, ungraded 8c Tlehs, No. 1 6c ilL'ns, No. 2 ' 4c No! 1 Springs. I'i lbs. up 6c No; 2 Springs • 4c Capons, over 9 lbs lOC Capons, over 8 lbs 8c Capons, over 7 lbs 8c Capons, under 7 lbs 6c SUps -Ic BiiUerfat. lb 13c Cocks 3c Geese, lb • ^ - •. 3c Gu .lnea3. each : 10c White Ducks, lb 4c Colored Ducks, lb 3c Hides, per lb; Ic Mixed Corn, bu ..15c Yellow Corn, bu. •.. .15c Wheat, bu ; 28c Kafir corn 13c Produce unchanged. Kansas City Markets. Kansas City. Mo.. Mar. 3. lA^) — No-hay; -receipts too'light. •jVTAPOLEON died on the IS•"•^ LAND OF ST, HELENA. 95 per cent of the world's nickel is mined in ONTARIO. Vassar College is near POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Mo.. Mar. 3. (APIWheat: 142 cars. 'u-l'::c higher. No. 2 dark hard nom. 43';--53c: No. 3 | ijctt and Miss Florence Ladd, visit-i 48-48':c; No. 2 hard 43',-46 'i ;c: No.! ed with Mis. H. Welchel.and Doro- i 3 43^!i-45->,c: No. 2 red 48c: No. 3! thv Monday afternoon. railroad, i is here this week on important business for his company. Frank Pickaits and his daughter. Miss_ Ehzabcth, Humboldt'at­ tended the funeral of Mr. Penni- n\an of Fort Scott, the other day. | Mr. Penniman waS a cousin of the ! late wifC: of Mr. Pickarts. \ Mrs. Ennis Ladd, Mrs. E. E. Lig- i 4 D -47':; C . Close—May 42\c; July 42",c; Sept." 43 -.C. . Corn; 20 cars. '--Ic higher. No. 2 white 21'',c: No. 3 nom. 20';:-21c: No. 2 yellow 21' LC : No. 3 nom. 20'-21c: No. 2 mixed nom. 21-21'L ^C; NO. 3 nom. 20',:-20;,c. Close—21"\ and July 23'-c. Oats: 6 cars. Unchanged. No. 2 thy Monday afternoon. Prof. Elwyn Campbell, superintendent of the Humboldt schools, is attending a national superintendents meeting in Minneapolis. Minn., this week, and will be gone practically all iweek. ' • ! Paul McConnell of Parsons. Kas.. ' has leased the Fussman building ai ,„ „ ^, the corner of Eighth and Bridge white nom. 17-17',c: No. 3 nom. at ^ streets, wihich will be remodeled and I6'.j-17c. V. Jput in shape at an early date foi Milo maize nom. 49- D 3 C . Kafir at.,ho^,si„ ^f art up-to-date mov- 40 -43C. Rye 32 -3JC. Barley 21'.-24c. | j,,^, ^^g^ter. Mr, McCoimell Kansas City, Livestock. I is experienced in this field, and has I assured tjlie citizens of Humboldt he / Kansas City. Mo., Mar. 3. 'AP»— ,vill provide them the best enter- S. D. A.i-Hogs 2.000: 420 dl-; the screen can afford, rect. Fairly ^actfve, .uneven. Topi circle bne of the tadles' Aid so$3:45 on 170-220 lbs Good and ^^^^^ njethodEt church met choice 140-135 lbs. $3^00-?-3^45: pack- v /edne.sday aftemooh at the home ing sows, 275-550 lbs. $2.25';^ 2.'^5^ ^^^^ If ^ t^is or- St-ock Plg« good and choice 70-130 ganizatloh^ has bfeenichanged from lbs. $2.25(fr2.60. ^.^^os to circles, new officers were cattle 800: calves 300^ Generally ^^^^^^^ ^. j^j,^,^, ^ ^ gte^. steady. SteoTS eoo^ .^"^^^o'ce SnO- preMdent; Miss Helen Hamm. 1500 lbs. Ci ?5„Common and , secretaryttreasurer. Plans have beer, medium 5=0 lbs up 53X)0*H.75 Good l^ ^j^^ Thursday in ohntrn hpifcis .S.SO-PnO lbs. M-60 1 i . - and choice heifers 550-900 lbs. $3.60 '•'(5.25. Cows, good, S2.35'!?2.^ and vealers (milk fed) medium to choice S3.50@6.00. Stockers and feeders all weights $4.00'ff5.75. Sheep: 3.000. Killing classes are each mo^ith. Circle Two •will meet next weejk with Mrs. C. C. Strieby, chairmaq. Mrs. Sue Barfackman was hostess to Circle Thi^e Wednes^day afternoon. Mrs. Lloyd Johnson Steady .'TOP fed lam_bs $5.15. Lambs./^- elected president and, ^^^^ good and choice 90 lb. down $4 .75f? 5:25. Good and choice 90-88 lb. at .$^.50'fi5 .i5. Ewes $1 .50ft '2 .60. Quotations based on ewes and wethers. • Estimated livestock receibts for tomorrow: Cattle 300; hogs 1,000 and sheep 500. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything' TfRP the Cla -vsified <v >himn .<5' THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGHHX, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplies start Your Chicks Rieht USE PILLSBURY STARTING FOOD Old and Reliable—Established 19U Comer Monroe and Elm (rft«t "W*st -«r -Hhe Water Tower) H. Bowlby, secretary-treasurer. Their meeting day has been set for the first Wednesday in each month. Mrs. A. Shoemaker, chairman of Circle p|)ur is ! meeting at the church today. i Electric fights have been placed in the inlddle and at each end of the new! concrete bridge here, the wnole effect being. quite imposing and pleasing. The Willing "Workerstlass of the Christian Sunday school met recently atl the home of Mrs.. George CuHen. Mrs. A. O. McKeever openr ed the neeting with a scripture lesson, Mrl Fred Spencer offering prayer. A committee appointed-on program: Mrs.., A. Lassman. Mrs. Spencer land Mrs. L. Bogert. A sick committee: Mrs. Hattle Sparks and Mrs. Record. The hostess served refreshments to tile following members: Miis. Hattle SiMuta, Mis. Belle Adams. |tlrs. A. Lassman. Mrs. Fred Spencer, Mrs. A. O. McKeeyer,, Mrs. Lottie Bogert and Mrs. Vmy Peak, Mr.s .John Ooan, who Is unable to meet with the blass often, was also present. | Forty members of the Kum-Join- Us class of the Christian church enjoyed a grub in the church parlors Monday night. The men challenged the women in a contest for new members. The men won, so the ladies entertained with a grub. A similar party is to be held each month. A good prograin ana games furnished the entertair ment for this meeting. Mrs. H. H. Rhodes, teacher, Mr. J. A. Boggs, superintendent, and the members are putting forth every effort to make this new class a success. i A group of girls, all employees of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company of lola. held a party Monday evening, at which Mrs. R. M. Mc^nughlin of Humboldt was a guest. Scvcital friehds and neighbors of W. Wilson and Ben Wrestler of west of Humboldt, gathered for a pleasant surprise party, honoring the birthdays of both of these Sunday evening. Lunch was served cafeteria style at a late hour to the following persons: Wesley Jewell and family, Paul Deitrich, E. L. Baggett, Ray Collins, Robert Rollins, H. Snider, Tomllnson, Hurley Butts, Na- dlne Wrestler, George Gl'oson, besides the honor guests, Messrs. Wilson and Wrestler and tlielr wives. Mrs. George Moore was hostess to, the Sunshine Thimble club, the afternoon being spent informally. Members in attendance were: Mrs. A. C. Sterling, Mrs. Dan Sullivan and Jerry. Mrs. Alpha Shoemaker, Mrs. Clyde Carroll, Mrs. George Longbine. Mrs. Frank Rhodes, *irs. E. E. Starkey. and Arbutus, and a guest, Mrs. William Ronsick. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Shoemaker on March 10. Mr. and Mi-s. J. P. Willhite, north of Humboldt, entertained the Lucky Circle club at their home the other evening. Three tables of cards were formed^ the high scores of the evening being~made by Mrs. V. L. Palmer and J. W. Endicott. Refreshments were served to tl»e following: Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Swearingeri, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Endicott,' Mr. and Mrs. 'V. L. Palmer^ and Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Homer crook and Mr. and Mrs. Will Ronsickj Members of the Contract Bridge club and 'two giaests. Miss Margaret Amos and Mrs. R: B. Shook, wei-e entertained Wednesday evening at the home of Miss: Jeanette Webb, three tables of cards being formed. At a late hour refreshments were served to Misses Virginia Giles, Lenore Talley, Corinne Byeriey, Helen Hess, Mildred Bowman, Ethel Puckett. Mildred Harmon. Dorothy McCauley. Dorothy Reynolds, and the two guests, Miss Margaret Amos and her sister, Mrs. R. B. Shook. Mr. and MIrs. Cllne Ostrander, west of Humboldt, entertained the Past Time ^lub with a goose dinner Sunday. Guests present were: Mr. and Mrs. William Ronsick and: family, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Collisoh and family, and Arbutus Starlrey; Mr. and« Mrs. E. E. Starkey .bglng their guests of the afternoon. Relatives of B. F. Wrestler sur- pris(fd him Sunday, the occasion being his birthday, by bringing a covered dish dinner to his home, \y-hlch was enjoyed by the following: Mrs. Emma Dale and Clayton, the Everett Wrestler family, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil;•Wrestler, Mr. and Mrs, Nelson Amett. Bud Osbom, George Gibson and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wrestler, j Tuesday morning, the ladies', of the Jeddo farm bureau, north of Humboldt, motored to the hoine of Mrs. Wi H. Hansen, a former mein- ber of the club, and after partaking of a noon luncheon together, presented Mrs. Hansen witta a beautiful bedspread and many other very useful gifts. Mr. ami Mrs. Karl Nelson have returned to Humboldt, a^ter spending the past six monthb there, whew Mr. Kelson has been; engaged in the real estate business; ' MJss.Tern Cherryholmes, operator at thie telephone eschange of 'X'ates Center, spent the week-end here with her parents, Mr. and ISis. H. A. Cherryholmes and other relatives. • ; J. E. Wakefield, ooiitracting agent for the Stanolind OU: company, has just returned from a;successful trip to Stafford an(l other counties, where he closed a number of good contracts. ' NEOSHO VALLEY and vmos (C.L.Arnold) Mar. 2—United Brethren church, lola Circuit. L. A. Stone, pastor. Lilly—Sunday school at 10 a; ml and public worshlpll a. m. Liberty- Sunday school 10 a. m. Class meeting at 11 a. m. Salem — Sunday school 10 a. m. C. E. at 7:30 p. m. Evening preac^hing senfice 8:15 p. m. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: "Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."— Eccl. 12:13, 14. Miss Ann Patterson came up from Winfield Friday night last week and visited with Miss Leona Stone at the home of her parents. Rev. and Mrs. L.. A. Stone, returning ttf Winfield Sunday. The gravel that is being used on the detour road from the river bridge to the west edge of lola is being hauled froitt the Butler farm, and that that is being used on the streets and alleys of lola comes from the pit on the Henry Miller farm. Mrs. L. A. Stone spent Wednesday and Thursday with friehds at La- Harpe, where their daughter. Miss Leona teaches in high school. Neosho Valley Notes. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Teats and family spent the R. E. Butler home. Chester Taylor called at Glen Balcom's Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hicks and Gertrude and Mr.'^and Mrs. Earl Hicks and Kenneth were dinner guesU Sunday evening at the W. A. Hicks home in Carlyle. Marie Peck spent Friday evening and Saturday with her grandmother, Mrs. A. C, Hayes, Ida. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shultz called at Curtis Shock's Sunday afternoon. Hubert Cleaver called there also, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cramer, Mr. and Mrs; Herman Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. B. Lorrance and children, and Mrs. Earl Hicks and Kenneth, were visitors Thursday; evening at the Clayton Hicks home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoke and family visited at R. E. Butler's last Tueiiday. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Cadell returned Sunday from a few days visit in Arkansas. » Mi^ and Mrs. Bert Burton and family spent Monday evening at the Ray Peck home.—Elizabeth E. Johnson, teacher. It seems that economic conditions or some force of circumstances are driving some back to the crude ways of early days. This thought is forced upon Us by the fact that OUie Parks was listed in a group of a score of men who joined in helping a man near Neoslio Falls erect a. log cabin a few days ago. About all that this cabin lacked of being reproduction of the pioneers was a clapboard roof that in early days was worked out of white oak trees with a froe and mallet. Ollie's father, Frank Parks, who has taken a 3 years leave on a piece of stumpy ground, seven or eight miles northwest of lola, is also building a cabin where he and his wife will make their home. Howard, whose life was all but extinct at times a month or so ago. was able to drive ~ into town alone Monday for the first time since the critical stage of his illness, where he greeted a few of his friends whp had been much concerned about him during his en- forijed absence from his shoe shop. Oscar Myers, an old settler In lola who is >ell known among farmei-s on the West Side, and others In Allen county who have had sawing done at the old saw mill north of the ,«lty power house diirlng recent years, suffered a paralytk! stroke Appleton. Wis.—To keep his women customers frotn fidgeting while in his chair a local barber gives each of them a board and a, half- finished Jig-saw puzsde. He finds his system keeps them so busy they haven't time to wriggle around. Awaiting greater honors were Speaker and Mrs. John Garner when, as shown here, they posed at their Washington hotel suite shortly before he was to be inaugurated as Vice-President. eariy in the week,-^ after having omens of the oncoming trouble for some time past. Steve Bryant, a West Side pioneer who has been in other parts during the winter months, returned to his old home with his step-son Frank Hecox Sunday. The Upshaw-Peck wedding that was solemnized by Rev. A. W-. Howland at the U. B. parsonage in lola Sunday morning, was an affair that was of much interest here. The bride was born in Neosho Valley neighborhood and at the death of her mother. Mrs; Elmer Peck, she was taken into the home of her p ,iandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hicks and remained on the West Side for some time. The groom, Mr. Henry Upshaw. has won the friendship of those who have acquired his acquaintance by his visits, here and do not hesitate to offer him and his wife their very best wishes for a long and happy life. Rev. Stone took a hand in helping Clayton Hicks move Wednesday. A meeting showing respect and tinging ieferei.<i for those moving irom the neighborhood and a wel- ccme to .those moving in, was held at Salem church' on Tuesday evening. This was a fimely expression of cordiality. The weather being fine made Wednesday a stirring time with those making changes, whose names ha\'c previously • been mentioned in single order. J. M. Preston was out from town on the old parental Preston farm Monday helping his tenant, Mr. Shelton, -nestle into his new rented quarters. NEWS OF COIONY Dr. J. R. Crawford Under Care of /Physicians in Fort Scott Hospital COLONY, Mar. 3.—W. A. Argo and daughter. Miss Alta Argo, were lola visitors Tuesday evening. Mrs. Rosa Lewis spent Sunday in Garnett. Dr. J. R. Crawford is i.ll and under the care of doctors at the Fort Scott hospital. He made several trips to Fort Scott this week and at present is. at home. A small-sized group attended the play, "The Texas Ranger." which was presented by a traveling show trouiJe in the theatre Wednesday night. , Lawrence Nolan, of the Nolan Produce company, made a business trip to Greeley Wednesday. J. M. Nolan spent the first of the week in Gridley on, business. Work is progressing rapidly on the new Skelly filling station. Carl Prentice, Independence, visited friends in Colony Wednesday. Albuquerque, N. M.— Harold Lloyd screen comedian, caused the bow and arrow business to boom here— and were the kids happy! Stopping between trains, he spied an Indian loaded down with bows and arrows for sale. Lloyd gave a war whoop ind told every child in sight to help himself. Twenty-five did and the Indian carried away much w:ampum. OUT OUR WAY By Williams •TA'BTE. vr, MA - GO OKJ, X WAMT" WOU -ro HOW G-OOO IT lS> , FER J»S V<\0S COOViKj' »-r OM A BOMFIRE, \M\TH MO' COOV( 800V<, ER MOTKIM! J\S TRH- \-r- WAIT'L-L I 0\T "TTme PIECE, O' ericvV OOT - x -rou -rme-NA Kio^-ro QUVT--oTtRPiiM IT VJiTH ST\Cv<'=> , Bor-VMEV-V-, tPW A COOPUE ePCOWFOLS , MA, AM' T£\_\. ME. HOW GOOD vr' \<=, _ Go AHEAD.' / 1-uH-VSJEXX - X CAM ete ITS GOOD vX; uoovCs veRV Qoool X WMO"W VT I'S- iT UOOV^'=.-UH- OEUOOOS, BUT I'M MOT HOMCJPV P?\GHr MOW — X CA^4 TEUU rr4 GooorrVAo. March 2, 1933. Edgar B. Smith and Kate B. Smith, his wife to O. E. Smith, pari of the east « acres of the NE. '4 26-24-18, commencing at the South.<west corner of said 40 acre tract!, thence East 220 feet, thence North 396 feet, thence West 220 feci, thence South 396 feet to beginning, containing 2 acres, $1.00. : ; The Aetna Building and Lioan association, a corporation toi F. 4- Hugeno, lot 76, block 13, in Lanyon- ville, an addition to LaHarpe, Kas., $1.00. ' ' J*; SWAPPER'S COLUMN? Let Us Show You An Especial in DeLuxe Refrigeration ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CBBYSLEB-PLYMOUTB ; 8«Ia»-8«rvlc»—Farts LIVE STOCK 22 Poultry and Supplies CUSTOM HATCHINO—$3.50 _per case.:- Smith eleo, incubation. Sets Mon^ and Thurs. Started chicks, 6c up. Day old, 4K '0 up. Sunflower Hatchery, Gas City. \ FOR SALE—Stagle comb red baby chicks that IJve, from flock bred to lay. Order now. Mi-s. T. |P. ,McKean. Phone 767R. BUCKEYE INCUBATOR —200-egg, good, dirt cheap. Curtls's, 10 N; Washhigton. TRADE—stack of hay for post^. Charley Morrison, 4 miles north. 2'H east of LaHarpe. ANNQUNCEMENTS strayed. Lost, Found SPOTTED! MALE HOG—Strayed to my place. Robert Harris, Moran, Kansas. . . AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Salr THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1930 Chfe^let Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster i 1929 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan , 1929 Dodge Sedan 1928 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Counp. 1929 Ford Trucks (2j 1929 Ford Coach 1931 Ford Sport Coupe 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe, 5-pass. 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other BargaJUu BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. SALES SER^CE PlyinOUth Dependable Used Cars aiid Tru <*8 ELLIS MOTOR CO- Phone 301. Cash—Trade—Terms PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CQ. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts SPECIAL PRICE on all Batteries for two weeks only. General car repairing. George R. Hiser, .224 North Jefferson. CUSTOM HATCH—ic in Modern Buckeyes, set; ea. Mon. Have pure: bred blood tested checks. Leg. 4 %c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Bussell Hatchery. Gas. Pbong^^^. 2S Wanted—Live Stock SINGLE COMB R. I. Red pullets, j Clyde Thompson. Phone 467. WANTED—Flocks of foUowing breeds to furnish eggs for hatching: Buff Orpingtons, Buff Rocks,, White Rocks. Taylor's Hatchery ahd Ph)duce, 201 S. Jeff., lola, Kas. 50 VACCINATED PIG&T-Welgh 50 to 8^lbs., K. C. market price; also 3 doz. young hens, R. I. Reds or Plymouth I Rocks. J. R. Cline, 802 North Jefferson. -, MERCHANDISE 24 ArUdes For Sale DESKS—Two roller top desks and one: typewriter, desk. Corr Truck & Storage. Phone 140. GOOD USED Cream Separators and s DeLaval service. George J. Marr. HARNESS OIL 75c—Harness repairing^ Helgele's Harness, and Auto Toii Shop, 201 South street. P. &;0. gang plow; good used separator; sell cheap. J: A. Stelmel, lol^ Route 2. PIANO—Whitney, good condition, fine tone, $25.00. See Bill Butt- rani, over C(3ok's Drug Store, or phone 1234. PULVERIZED SHEEP MANURE^ Pericwt., $2.00; sweet clover seed, per' bu.. $1.50. R. C. McKtoney Feed Store. Opp. P. O. Phone 389. USED SEPARATORS—Anke7-Ho;Lh and DeLaval, good condition, chmp.. Wlshard Seed Co. 27 Feed, Fuel, FcrtUizers ALFALFA HAY-^Baled or loose. Fred Bakej, west of lola. BAL^D PRAIRIE HAY-For sale. Cali at Mccarty's Blacksmith Shdp. 301 South street. FERTILIZER — For gardens and flower beds; bone meal for cattle; chick starter for chicks. Brownie's, _|hg^quarters_for_cream. ?8 Honaebold Goods BIG LOT used oil and gasoUne'cook stoves. Hennlnger's Fum. Store. 23 USED GAS RANGES—$2.50 UP. :Henninger's Furniture Store. TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash' paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. Wholesale—GAS, Per Gal., 5% (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade .G&s) VINE OIL & GAS CO. ; FINANCIAL 17 Business Opportunities FILLING STATION—For lease in lola by the year. Address Box 90, care of Register. LADIES' Re»dy-to-Wear Shoppe for sale; business established; best , location; low overhead. Write Box 491, Garnett, Kas. UVE STOCK 21 Ho^w^ Cattle, Vehlolea COWS — Just fresh, and cows to freshen soon. J, O. Butcher, west Street road. FOR BAL5—Big team work mares and wagon harness. North McBay street, Qas. Roy Lane. SOWS—With young pigs; Robert Harris, Moran, Kans- M 2 MALE HOGS —Ohestei- Whites, 170 and 250 lbs., $5.00 for either. •Charles BUey, 3 miles {west and ZVs: south of lola. 6 MILK COWS—1 Fordson tractor and plows. Earl Farrell.jSVi miles NW on HorviUe road. Phone 98BF4. 22 Poultry and guiqiues CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per case; less than case lots, Ic per egg; chicks, 4Hc and up. Taylor's Hatchery and Produce, ?01 South Jefferson, lola, Kas. BABY CmOKSl 100% from flocks bhHMJi testea and certified by Judge | Harrjs, poultry expert. Ask about our 90% guarantee on iCustcan Hatching. I All heavy breeds ......5'/4c >Ass't Heavies l,..5cv Custom Hatching IKc or $5 case WILLSON FAPM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele Supply [Oo. '^Ik Chicks witb Willson" 50 LEGHORN HENS—AU , laying. Phone 960-14. 150 CHOICE WHITE ROCK Chicks. 2 weeks old, with hen. lOe ^ch, hen 50Cy C. A. Anderson. 1425 N. Cottonwood. USED LIVING ROOM, dining room, land bedroom fmniture. Save 50*;^. Easy terms. Free delivery. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture, 202 South Jefferson. Phone 190. "WE BUY—Sell and exchange new anc^ used furniture, stoves, rugs, ietc, Curtis Fmniture. 29 Machinery and Toob GANG PLOW—Good used horse- drawn gang plowv priced to sell. Allen County Implement Oo. 30 Musical. B^o SEVERAL good used riidios. Terms. Hefmingcr's Furniture Store. 31 Seeds, FIsnts, Flowen KANOTA SEED OATS—15c at farm. Se^i M. T. Shhm, 210 North Cpl- t)ori|, lola. SWEET CLOV151—Clean, $1.35 bu.; illax free fromvwheat and dodder, ;85c bu. Nicholas, LaHarpe. 33 Waated-^lTo Buy GIRO'S Second hand bicycle, dreas Box 257, LaHarpe, Ad- RearEstate For Rent 36 : Farms- and Land For Bent 20-A. SUBURBAN^Wlth modern house, bam, other outbuildings, good pasture. Henderson Realty Co. '240 * ACRES—Vi mile north of I Geneva.; E. S. Stratton. REIJT, SELL, TRADE—Improved 80s: acres,' 1^ miles east Humboldt canent plant. C. W. Hollinger, Yates Center, Kas. 3V ' Houses For Beat COTTAGE—4 rooms, modern, close iih, garden, fruit, cheap rent. Phone I234. FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pees. HOUSE -T7 -room modem, close ip; oak floors; good garage. Inquire 224 South Cottonwood street. ^ Real Estate For Sale 40 : Farms and Land For Sale FOR SALE OR TRADE—Three acres on slab, close in, electric lijghts, garage, barn, 4-room house. Phone 974-13, 43 ; To Exchange—Beal Estate 6-RC>OM modem cottage close in ^d cash for larger modem bouse. Hehderson Realty Co. WANT TO TRADE—lola property fi)r merchiuidibf. A(l(U'e.s,s A, card Keglster.

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