Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1928
Page 3
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i\ iiLteT n -tirif....ini»ir.i THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENT SX. JANUARY 25, 1928 Mr. McKeerer, who lives iu the country northj of Lalluriie. and who was operated upon thirteen days ago at St. John's hospital, returned home, today. I Mrs. Ed Mllnp; of Ponra City, OUa., is hero \is5tiiiR IHT hmrents. Mr; and Mri, C, Canatscy, of 2u2 East Jackson avonue. Teachers. ^-Teachers' <-.vaniination Friday Saturday. .I.-m. 21 and 28. Fee. ;,. fl.OO.—Dollie V. Adams, Co. Supt. ]', Mrs. l^slio Wolf vi-sited friends • In Fori Scott Monday. :, i --Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor. ^ Jola Laundry Uldg. , Phone 138. • Chas. E. May and Richard Tobey; ilinotypfr operators at the Register I are back to work this morning af^- er being off on account of ilinefis. j —If you arc planning lo ilo early ! Wall Papering you will be d«liKht- l ed with ou»: dandy selection of low medium priced Wall Papers. Cook's; ; Ray Ilale, of Ilalc's filling sU- • ! tlon on east. .Madisnn avenue, is j carrying mail on one of the routes ! this week. Harlai* Mean.-^ la in ' charge^'of "til" ."Station during his ai»s«-iice. ( HE( K ri". f)n ymvr p.irty froi-ks mid wraits. Maintain-1 lii-ir dainty idvelini-s -i liav.- tin in •-dr.v <l>'an<'d auii pressed. f . . I'nn^rnl of L«»slle Parr. The funeral aerxice of I>!s1ie',* Dair will be held at 1 o'ciock to-1 • morrow at the Methodist <hurch in. • I.aHarp". Burial will take place in • the LaHarpe cemetery. .Mr. Darr.f' ••»•••,•••••••• who Jived in We.'iley Chapel neighborhood, died at St. Johns hospital yesterdaj' morninp. F./L. B. LEAVELL, M. I). Special attention given Dis- ea.sea of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office Ida State Bank Btdg. Phones—H" and 70.^ —Electric Heaters keep the chi'.l off the bathroom or small bedroom. K. C. Blec. and Plumb. Co. 1 who has been at St. John's hospital for treatmetit. returned home this . - IrMectric- Heati-rs keep the chill off the bathroom or small IMMI- room. K. C Ei 'er. and I'lunib. Co. Mrs. Caroline Lowe," of LaHarpe, —"Van's Dread." good aa ever. Mrs. D., McCabo went to Ottawa on Ihe afternoon train on a short business trip. —Start your Haby Chiika on Humboldt's Best Starting food. $4.00 per JOO lbs.—.Sturdy Chick Hatchery. —Dr. J. T. Rcid, Surgery and .<-ray. Phone 357. Jess Wilhite. a student, at tlie Kansas State .\cricultural COIIIM;^ I*AGE THREE! In Honor of Lindbergh's Flight Kansas Has Pleasant afternoon. —Valentines and Valenlino Oreet- log Cards at Cook's. Evalyn Dugan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Dugatj, of 'i04 i East Monroe street, who has been ill since Sunday of pneumonia.; isi reported better. 1 > 0 T I fF. The County Comml.-wioner.s of | j Allen County have given orderr4 loj, ' dl.-iconllnue the payment of bounty ,' on crow-liead.s. crow eggs, jack j at Manhattan, who has been home'rabbit fcaljw. and gopher scalps. foV the past two weeks on account ff iiUnesH, returne<l to school today. He i.-i the son of .Mr. and Mrs Jiert Wilhite. of LaHarpe. —For Iteal Estate Uians see the «prnrlfy lUrtir. & L(uin Ats.ubflun, lolfl, K .s. Office in First Natl. Bank. .\>de<<)n Cleaners I'hiiiii- lu.". —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chlroprac- •tor. Norlbriip Bidg. P,hone 32C. O, E. Cravciis. a salesman; for ,,r.-r. , . . • •jtiip Hdfstra company,, of. Tulsa, r ";i(lkla . ivas expti !«.-d hotne this aft- Mi-^ (• II <ii rfir. Kast [''"'"on f'"" ••m ou-i the >v,...|<-<-nd Btre-t. who bas t.o.-i' visiii.iiir i,ep .^vilb his family, i-isler, .Mrs. C. K Kr.tiiiuii. of .\r- I 'kaiisa.'-- Cii.v. for rli<-; pa<t three I —i'iairi<- l )i -ll Silioi;)] hou>--<' ])ie •Wfeks. rHiiiriH'ii !ni:n' y-vTcrday. ;sniiper ami •'IL' CoiiiUry Cousins." • ' ,';in(l male ijuarteitc Thursday .-vc. - '-Tln> loJa lie Ci-.Iil SiiiraiTi' ancl|i:iir.:. I.adios pftas.' brin.s Jiies ,-Fu»-l Ct)m |iaiiy sells <'oal ol" beat <iua!ity. l;hon.' lli;. —Dr. G .i K. IVndarvis, Dentist. Off. over;f;iobe. Pho.j384: Res. li2:{. The annual K. I', itadio )iro^'r :iiii will ho iluoui:li KFKC • and \VI».\K next Monday evenini?. Ijoginnliig Ff'bruarv 1, 192S. \V I) CI^RK, County Clerk. W. L; Peters and his sister, Alr.s. Harry Fellows, of I,os .Xngeles-, Calif., who came Saturday to see their motlier, Mrs; .Mary K. Uone- |well, who has been ejuite ill, started today on the 11:5^ Santa Fe, via the southern route, fdr their liome. taking their motlier with tliem. , —We pay S^r oi\ Full Paid and | Installment $tovk. The hcot invest-' ment. the .best method to save. * •:• • •> * •:• <• «• •:• •:• • •:• i' \ Weather During AVeeki* IOLA DAILY ABSTRACT Issued from Office of Iola <• AbFtr^ict Company Mild. dry., and );.-n:»ralIi- sun! sliiny weather over Kan.>ias, niad^.'* the past week a jdeasant otie, for |^ "t^ ^r^" •> midwinfer. according to the rep(>rts of the i -orre.spondfuts of the U. S, Weather Bureau. .Vft'-'rnoon temperatures were aliove 45 degrees over the Slate on several day.s and the thermometer failed to drop much below freezing, except on • j i-fanuary Ji. lft2S> Custer liavi .H. Sheriff, to Iola j Slate Bank. S4 feet'^^ud .=> in. off of' and along the east side (>f I.ot>."! in • Block r,i, Iola. :«::.i'.'!i.:!s. : The Iola State Bank f« Herman : Tholen Jr. :{4 ft...", in. off east side I but the amounts were too'light to moisten the soil to any extent, except in the extreme southeastern counties. No snowfall was reported and the ground was bare all Week. j Wheat in the i eastern hjilf of Kansas continuea in gOod condition with sufficient moisture in the soil for .its winter retiuirenients. Soil in the eentral counties is beginning to net Very dry on top and in the western third of the state, wheat is sufferine badly on account of the lonf ilry spell which, in many ex- 'reine western counties, has persisted over .-^ince wheat was sown. .\ considerable :linount of wh(?Ht in the western third has not Kerniin- .ited ain! a large proportion i>f Mie ! crop tlieri- show.s no siun.-? of lite, j 'ory little wJieat is affoi:diii;: |)as- TJire anywliere. Farm work is generally welj in j h.-i^il. (.'liirhirins torn is ipractical-] ly all doue. Tlireshiiis' lirain sort -'luiins has generally been com- i |)lf-ted. e .\cept in soim- of tie- north•:i co '.mties. Soii.'ii plowing was I >ne last week lit the eastern third fijuiii tl." K .-'W Valley south except t!ie extrt 'iiie soiitlieastent ctiiiii- s. w!ier<:. tlie fJiOiii '.d was to. wet. Live stoirk is in i.'oo <i eomii- rioJ! with plenty ol iniirh f>;.-i| availahli-. [.Survey of Jones Add to Ida: and \ Lots 11 and 12, Bfock 3. Hend(^r^ i son and Powell's Add to Iola. . = | William Bryson "and wife EHert i to M. Loyeail. Lot 6. Block ii:J ; Highland Place, an addition th' Iola. 1 : The Eari of Baltour. who is in i his SOth year, has jpst had 17 teeth ! extracted at. one sQting. i i To Cure a Coid in One Day ^ Take^ \Bromo taiUs' The tonic and lai^va tSeet of I«ative BBOMO QUININE lUMcM will fortiar the trnrm mgunMt Orip, Influenza and other seriooa ilia mult. iog ftxim a Cold. Price 30c Tbf box bears thia ligsatura ^Proven Merii since 1889--^ Frank.'Vittor, Pittsburgli sculptor,- has immoftallzed Lindbergh's flight, across the Atlantic in this piece to be cast in. branz4. If Con- -Al«ays Tired at \ight" - Try Tli!-» -.\ Ji.'althy iiever VeeU Sepu?ilT B!d|r. k Loan Association.; gress approves, the piece, will be erected on.Le Bourget held. Paris, <i<i'^ian;ly jir.M I ',' too iirt-d' Iola,-Knnsa.s. , wJier^ Lindbergh landed; The dominating figure is': winged youth." 'o :;;unK: I Iv <'i something • — 'spanning the Statue of Liberty and EiHel toWfcx. ' j-.vru;.-'. when John R. Cordon. , I.-.,,, — — ; _ _ ! I ianville. 111., fiuiii'l himself '-always MriS. .\nna E. Fisher, of Fort I nodge, Kans.. is a guest in the home of Mrs. C. K. Henry and family, ()f 111 .South Chestnut streen. Sunday >jlrs. (>. IJ. ,|l'ourtney. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Braden and children were Sundav guests iu —0. L. Cox, .M. D. Speclallai,! the parental Jordan home. Eye. Ear, -Vose and Throat. ^ Dhelma an.l Donald Markley and • ' ' jJ. .Moore were ilinner guests in the , I • • . ! i rireil at iiigat and nurdened with dinner guests of .Mr. andjine I'.iiniriL-ton, Billyi Redding. I .i- • U- took Foley i'ills. a WisplMns. Harold .lohnson. : .iiinriie ..^rinuiiatil tor th.- kidne.vs. .Merrill Byington h;id, f liarue of.;.-,! writes: - Airer a Tt w d»>rfs. I, the chapel pro.uram ,Monda.v. ,I)<>fi-; ;.,.;j,.r. eould wurkeaster. lie- I aU: Markley wu.^ a visitor. • sti 'er. and slept .-oundlv." ! .darle Hamilton yi -fite,d Die Jiiuli styloid Friday, and ritreiideil tli Mr. and Mrs. Jess; Fnlmcr, of 21"; South Cottonwood! street, spent, ,„. ...„„., ^^c^., ... i..e, Januaiy ;^<^ 1" to H.oo. There WilP Sunday with his parents in Walnut. • i*"'' •'• ^- flilkeson w<'rc,^„„n. y,- -^i,.^ Knuna Johns.m last I'""'"'' I'""-''-""- ,"li,i'li was be. a karied program of speeches' Kans. j business visitors iu Chanute this j . jrliarge of .Miss Wallgleii. and soncs. ami alumni and friends' ..«. — • 11... ... . =- ••-- . 1 —Oooil ('oal makes warm friends. •of the I 'niversity much enjoy ii.^ doul>il will , afternoon. T !ie loia! Ice. Cold Storage KuerCo. I Call lit; for prices. SAVONBURG , ' \ Jan. 24. - - Loriiig Winters I I , M ... ,1 1'"' contest in tlo! iiijih silicMd .Mis. J.l Moore spent Saturday!,.).,,,.,, p,idav noon with lh 'night and Sunday at the home of;•^.,..^,.j„,. ,1,,. ih.-r !>aients. Mr. and .Mrs. (ieorge j,;.„'., There w-re lorVy -sk'ven mag- :t and women eVt -r ?~A liere use j •liiil reeotiiiii--:id thetn. S.itisiai-j •i .'ti ?jui;a :itee,!. ,\sk for Foley i I 'i!!s liiiiretic. itrowji Drug i^'tore. | id.! win-! < r, ' 11,^. .V been (luite ill with the flu the past grelii I.CIS. Th.'r' .r;;ii)es sol .l. ami thi- hiE ;h school's Cliffie Huff, who is .1 student at !< ominissi.'ii on the s.-vb 's tunotintei has '-Markley. of LaHarpe. 20<-..-.<)c TO.NIGHT AND ALL WEEK DUBIIiSKY BROTHERS STOCK COMPANY O^MGINAlJ NO- i SHOW THE SHOW YOU ALL KNOW Blehl Family Orchestra Three Bij; VautJeville Specialties Between Act.s—Tob\'- Sheltoi^, the Boy Who .Makes You I-augh Tonijjht's P!a>;—One That You Cannot Afford to .MissI "Saintly llyr)ocrite.4 and Honest Sinners" Friday's Plaj'—^Feature of the Week "^VENTH HEAVEN" YOrVE HEARD OF THE PICTURE—NOW ' SEE THE PLAY - Boors Uprn (;:l'>: .'. reels «i rictures at T; Cnrtaiu S. Cilinplrte Chanze 01 Program Daily the Teachers College at Pittsburg.! to Sl 'i 7.".. Clyd.- .'^.•ifecren receiv- j.spent the week-end at liie home of rd th • fountain i>en li>r *cllin of (Irandma t.;nding the FniverMty ot K.u.n.,r^^ ^^^^^^^^ \\ill l )e home. Thursday nigln ^wK^:.,r, Kri.l -iv -.fiernoon the mid-semester vacation^ She H''ta M/I tr wi L^haT been ill the daiichlnr ot .Mr. and -Mis C fl, • ("oghill. 62:! East Lincoln stre.-i. j , We know Bakcpyi Productt I . are'good. I But Have ! \o\t Tried Ours? VAN' HOOZEUS. , Miss Esther Co>:hii;. who i.« at- 1 -^'"'ly of the peojde of .Savonbiirg | his father. (•. 1{. Huff. Myrtle r.-:n;ost. and. sevral rel.eivld pencils OLDELSMORE .I.iri ..2l. .\;ii.'iisf. Kylcejiter an.l turned to I'ittsbiirg with him to; f. .nttend the semester. Donald \ land Harold Sinith have also enroll- ihe ' ed for work there. Flks \tlenliiMi. • iie.iriilar me.tini: s p. 111. tonJ;:ht. 7 . Frank .McCarthy. K It • ..Mr. Fugene Davis, who has been •workliig as relief man ojj one of Ihe -i -r linotyi..>s fo;- two or 1 fhfie years off ami on, has got a regular job on a pap.r at Wamego and left y.^sterday tor . that place. "Oene" is a good operator j lareut.s. .Mr. and Mrs. R. W. iJonn- ml .Mrs. •;. !•: Diitia-. of oah. Iowa, anit .Mrs. t ^atu Mr. Shenaiii Itithos. of Marysville. Kans.. areji,- cuests in the honii- of .Mrs. Dimas's »i.„ j .sp<nf the week-end with. relatives and severed an artery m liis icftjjjj j.^ijl and a steady, reliable man and the Il^gislef wishes him all success. WM. F. CHEW Physician and Surgeon Eye Ear, -N'ose and Throat Glasses Fitted / 2'i S. AVa.shington. loin Office, phone .*<29: Res. ill .'.n van. 212 .N'orth-State >lreet. j —Baby Chicks live and grow on I Humlwldfs Best Starting food — ' .Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 220 W. St. Mrs. liouis Roiiusavei and baby daughter. Fr .mki. . Marciin, j of Tulsa. Okl;'... who hav.' lie.n vlsit- i "\E th.'iv par iits :j\ardi.arents, "t and «'. '•; CIV .\orth c.k sii-.M-t. ii 'iiin.'i! lionie Toilay. Mr. J. D. Buchanan, inanaper of ^ —I»r. | Df\oin OriliopediM and!:\ "^^ .. f . I. .11 . htind. E lo there he visited hi$ adn .Mex who is employ.(I by the .Ailmour Packing Co. ' Velma .Milroy returned to her hciiool work .Monday after an absence ot nearly two moiiths on ac- co.iiut of illness. The lleV. Mr. Mosslander went to Fort ijcott Thur.sday to visit •Mrs. Mosslander who is in the hospital there. He reports her as getting along very well. Dhelma i Markley and Joe Johnson were iupper guests of .Mr. and '.Mrs. Ert .Miller Wednesday even- .rt Mill..-.madc a f «iness jrip B -sl ^irSherir^ '"'"'^'^ »^"°''"^^''>;',.^'H"-\,J \e M'-. -''nd Mrs. Hill lianiels sp,. the Iola Button ta .tovy. r. ports Font .SpeeialKtJ will |ie at Eronoriiy wallcren snent a few davs that the output cf tr^at lacioiy last , Shoe More Friday n.'lern !, "t'Teck- with her Xrknd AvU week was th.- laru.-i ol any week ' - . I «•„ , r-yu^,.„ \ , •^'••-."rt'*' •"'r''; 1 '"r ami HaroW smith made dora f „ft Shop located at 416 1 trip j .itt .sburg Wed- .Soiiih Washington avenue, has re- = >• for four years, s./'iii. thing more • than 6,100 gross of ••blanks" iiav- ing been cut. There are now 44 people on the payroll of the button factory anil it is a very. I)usy place. Enough sli.'lls ar.' now on hand to Eun throufsh tlj.- reintiinder of the winter.- I .u .niim aii'I Mr. Ho.vd Kcrptts .s;ii.;v.'il away S ::!nrtl ,iy 1 aii-i wer>- iiiarrie.l. We wish > Mr.. aii;; .\l:s Kveretts a l.nig happy life. Mr. Kmiii-;t Jcdiuson liau'ic! corn parental .\ttleberiy |.for .Mr. BroHu-ng .Mon.lay. Wf had an atten.iancf. of :ir .'-^niKlay school hist ^J^unday. Let's keep i;icie.isi !iir -'ht'. atteiidan<,-e. .Mr. and M'"- I'.liner IJrowiiing six 'ti' Sunday . v.'ntng at • tli.- Brightly home. . Mr. rind Mrs. Ilnr .ild Raiston. RATI-S SIXV aiut up .Marttc J.'olTcc Shop Unk ..... . . . . (. »< ^ AW A U Catrr Vr.a« pi>nt .^iiiiday at tin I'.oine. .Mr, and .Mrs. E. llaworth tailed at the Ira MiHer home .Suii.i.iy afternoon. I .Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olberg visited Sunday at the home of .Mrs. Olberg's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. Ike -Prairie D.ll s .hool house r .ie ji —Wall Paper as low as .Sc p.-r 4-'.'.per and "12 ("ountry Cousins." di-.uble roll at Cook'.s. • ~ stld male ((uartette Thursday eve-| - — , nins!.'-Ladies ''p !.-as.' bring pies. j —If you Want to buy or bullij. 1 • ictty or siiburluin property. The lolu .L. ••l)o<-" DagM.'ii. coinity jaili-r. Building & I.oan .\ssociation will today deni.'il ln' is planning to go make you a loan, low interest rafp. to Coloradoi as aiinouiued in last no commission. See Ct. E. Pe«a Bight's Regtst.'f, Daggetl .said he Secretary, at old T^egiflter building • jdans to;refiiain in Iola. , isputhwest corner Of square. NO PRO-BRITISH LEADERS HERK •2E turneii home "^from a Vhree""d.ivH |'*''^,''">''^ ,. „ ,.. , „ . rtay in Kan.sts Citv. %\-hile there ^- *' "'."'^'""^ Parker, she studied i;ome of the newest I ^^i-• ^\ "'"'^^'^rfay tor a few things in art work and purchased '"^-^ V.^" the home of her son novelties for her shop (•'i') wHe. -^Ir. and Mrs. A. W. Red- iding. She returned home Saturday, taking Kenneth witli her to »spend the week-end. j The Rev. Mr. .Mosslander and I children sp.-nt Saturday in Fort Scott visiting Mrs. .Mosslander. lA )uis Borchers was a week end ,guest of Edward Wallgren. Heniy Houston spent Sunday with Donald and Daniel Lowe. June Enos spent Sunday afternoon with Juanita Swift. .Mr. and Mrs. L.dgh Bowlus of Iola spent Sunday afternoon at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. J. O. .N'yman. .Mr. and .Mr.s. J. .Mijrten of Parsons spei'u Sunday aft'-rftoon at the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Wm. Winters. -Mrs. Allison ami daughter of Chanute spent Sunday at the home of .Mr. anil .Mrs. Charlie Smith. Jim Bauers and children spent Sunday evening at the liome of .Mr.'. and .Mrs. Ert .Miller. •.Mr. and' .Mrs. Harley Minor and jMr. Robert Bowlby were supper! guests of .Ml', and .Mrs. Sam Elliott • Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. Klliott and Pcirl of Iola. and .Mr. and .Mrs. Bill El-i .liott of I.aCygne. were Sunday din- 1 •ner guests of }lr. and .Mrs. Chas. j .McDaniels. Mr. and .Mrs. Ert Miller called' at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ha- inar Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ha- nv.iit has been ill a week with flu. •Mr. and Mrs. Krnest . Swanson and children motored to Pittsburg Sunday to spend the day vyiih Mr. and Mrs. John Shultz. .Mr. and .Airs. Wm. Hob-'on and daughters spent Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mayheart. 1 Belle Wallgren was a Sunday 'dinnei' guest of Mr. antl^ Mrs. C.. .\. Ander.son. .Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dani^ison and ! fainily sp.-ni Sunday In the home of their .s'on Dclmar Danielson and w!fe. ; I The Sunday school teachers of. tlie Lntlieran church Iield a husi 1 ness meeting Friday evening at tli.-' home of Mr. and Mis. K. Swanson. .School Note.. Those absent from school th.-' last week on account of illness:! June Kiios. .Marlaiid -Veltron. Richard Mill.r. Milo Watsoil. Fdwaul j Wallgren. Kenneth Klliott. Meslej-j Cation. Kdward Elliott. Delia Witt- ' sell. .\'o<d and .Voreen .N'ystrom. ^ Vera Lee Bangs. Bay Connett. Max- j called on .Mrs. Crai day afternoon. RalsTon .^aii- DRONCHmS At bedtime iiih thcj throat and chest thoroughly with— WICKS Ovtr ir-MilUon Uar, U.tJ.YrarH \ WIBJ3NG 1 ELITE l .\.ST TIMKS T0M(;HX .?anct (<atnor and Charles Farrell in I Lake. .Mr. and .Mrs. ter. Calif., and est Dalistroin d |llen Cooper, Hollis.-Mr. and Mrs. Ern- nd children were n Too** . Wben President Cdsgrave of the Irish Free State arrivid in Chicago, it was necessary, of'course, to havejhis picture taken with .Mayor Will- lain Hale (Big Bill) Thompson. Mayor Thompson is not pio-Bri^ish. .according to advices from Chicago, but he was very glad |o greet Uhe Jrisb chief executive. COIiDS ^"^S ^S to end a coid qidddy. HILL'S Cas* cam-Btamide-Xlainliie does all four at one time. Stops a cold in one day. Red box. 30 cents. All druggists. Ar^ You Overdoing? Overwork Throws a Heavy Burden on the Kidneys. O VERWORK, rich foodi! and stimulating drinks put extra burdens .on our kidneys. VX'hen tiie kidneys slow up: impurities remain in the blood and arc apt to make one languid, tired and achy, with dull headaches, dizziness and often nagging backache. A common warning is scanty or burning secretions. I Use Doon'i Pills. Doan's, a stimulant diuretic, increase the secretion ol jthe kidneys and aid in the eiimination iof vraste impurities. Are endorsed by users everywhere.' <4*t !/<""' neifhborj DOAN'S "iif ASTIMULANT DIURETIC KIDKEYS Ibsur-Mabani Co. M(;;Cl)cm,DBffa)«.K.Y. Let us figure on that wiring and- fixture job decide to i)lace your order. We have saved money for others; v^-e can do the same for you. WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED Qui* workfnf-mship is guaranteed -to conform to all' refijLiire ments of ^the insurance regulation .s and building code. Full Lines of Attra[cjive Moe-BHdges 'Fixtures JONiSS ELECTRIC WdRKS 8 E. Jackson: Phone 192 'Seventh Heaven Heaven is where love dwells! .\either i)overiy nor war. nor the long .years of separation nor the malignant scourges of fate can keep two faithful hearts from achii'ving the highest h'-aveii. .\n «'pic of haining love and blazing courage. -Aesop*- Fables and Topics of the Bay. AdinNslon lOc-S.'ic Till K.SBAV AM> KHIB.VV :. William Fo\ presents andTOlfX.the wonder horse - In ZANE ems WHIALWINO STORY OF THE PtAINS The ace ot the west uncorks a wild stage coach race which ivill lake your bixath away If you thought "iJie chariot race in "Ben Hur"' was a race -see T(nu Mix win this ow against nine other drivers all '.rying to wreck him. Comedy. ^Loie In a Police . - Station- MaUnee 10c.25c; Mght We are alway.-; in the market for g^ood real, estate first morttiajfe.s. SH' n--^ if you arc planning on making a new loan or rtf inancini,' an old one. Our loans aiie till made on the monthly payment plan, makinjr a verv convenient method of paying them-off. Th^'V never come (|ue and "you are never bothered about lai.sing the interest, or the money for a himp sum payment. ' ': \ EACH MONTH YOU HAVE SAVED iVlONEY .S20.S0 per-moftth pays off a loan for $1,000 in 5 years. S12,70 per moii^h pay.s off a loan for Sl.OOO in 10 years. $11.30 per month pays off a loan for Sl.OOO in 12 years. payments include both principal and interest. principal They are gusifanteed to mature within the time. . - i .specified mmmmmm mm • \ IOLA, KANSAS C|ffice in First National Bank THOS.H."BOwr.b'S, President; /I. K. BOWLrS, Cashier A lien County State Bank lOLA.KAXSAS " Established a Quarter of a Century Capital Stock $ .30,000.00 Surplus ... ......L 100,mOO Deposits 1,000,00^00 INTEREST PAID 6.N tl.ME DEPOSITS SAEETT DEPO.SIT BOXES FOR RENT L. E. HORTILLE, Jpresldent F. 0. BE.\SO-\', Cashier A. W. BECK, Tice.presirfent E. D. I.AXD, Asst. Cashier HARBt SHITELI, Asst. Cashier IOLA STATE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TLME DEPOSITS' Capital Stods ....]-• • • • -$50,000.00 Surplus $43 ,ooaoo

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