The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio on October 26, 1944 · Page 17
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The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio · Page 17

Massillon, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1944
Page 17
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THE EV ENJ NG INDEPENDENT If P.— Thun., Oct. 26, 18<4 * ' 3 CLASHES IN 3 NIGHTS FOR BARON ICERS Busy Weekend Faces ClevelandClub; At Home Saturday CLEVELAND victories in the the season, Uie - Having scored 2 first 3 games of Cleveland Barons will attempt to. continue' their fast hockey pace this weekend when they play 3 contests in as many nights. Friday evening, the,Barons play at St. Louis as the Flyers, lastest entry isi the American league, make their debut af home. The Cleveland ieers will be back at the Cleve- land'Arena Saturday night to play host to the Providence Reds and ' on. Sunday they meet Eddie Shore's Bisons at Buffalo. After defeating Pittsburgh in the opener last week, 6 to 1, the Barons dropped a 5-2 verdict at Plttsbuvg'.i Sports Roundup Football Bloomers A Gatty Season Real Confidence By HUGH FULLERTON. JR. NEW YORK, (AP) — In a high I Wisconsin Star, Jug Girard, Lives Up To Advance Rave Notices—And How! school football game Falls, Wis., recently lined up. facing the at qhippewa the 2 teams wrong goals after a score and didn't discover it until Bloomer high school carried the winning touchdown ^over the wrong line . . . Then the hollering began but officials decided to allow the tally and to finish the game the wrong way And in Ohio a Youngstown Ursullne halfback was going for a touchdown Tfhen a Scienceville sub, . ready to go Into the game, dashed" out from the side- •».!„__ i J-*. jsTrlnrl t-ilw* . * A1#y> -irt lines .and tackled him Also Ohio Ted Himes of Mt. Blanchard the next evening but made 7,900 fans happy last Saturday by skating to a-3 to 1 triumph over the Indianapolis Capitals. The Barons are just about set, on their roster. They have-Harvey Teno and Paul Gauthier in goal. Bill MacKenzie, Dick' Adolph, Pete Bessone, Rustry Waldriff and Dan Sprout on defense and 11 good forwards. . The No. 1 line, reading from left to right, lists Lou Trudel, Le.s Cunningham and Whitey Frokop. The No. 2 trio Is<comp6sed of Leo Gas- parlni, Tommy Burlington and Ear; Barthokmie while the third threesome brings together Roy Kelly, George Agar and Leo Richard. Johnny Horeck and Mike Sha, -baga are the 2 additional forwards fighting .for a regular place in the lineup. ' Providence/ comes here Saturday with ,almost ' a brand new team. However, they have' a number of veterans in Goalie Hec Highton, defensemen Stan Kemp and Bob Stoddard/and forwards Bill Hudson arid Roland Forget. insisted on kicking the extra points bare footed, tries.' He made 3 ou,t of One-minute sports page It may be catty to mention it, but Michigan State's football team already has played the. Scranton Tomcats, the Wildcats of Kentucky and Kansas State and soon will meet the Missouri Tigers. . . Confidence Note When Georgia Tech's Dmkev Bowen went in to try for that field goal that beat Navy last Saturday, assistant Coach Bobby Dodd patted his back and asked if he thought he could make it... Said Bowen: "You Couldn't be sending 'me in if you thought I couldn't, would you, coach?" By WALTER L. JOHNS Central Press Sport* Editor , All the fancy adjectives in the book are being dusted off by sports writers;this,football season,as th'ey sing the praises of a 17-year-old freshman who Is being touted as one o4j^"the greatest" football players ever to hit the college campus. The object of all the flowery accolades is Earl (Jug) Girard, sensational freshman halfback of the University of Wisconsin team. According to scouts, coaches and observers, Girard is one "helluva" ball player. ' He's a one-man team, according to the information, in that he does everything and does it well. And, he has lived up to his advance notices in games ' played to date. Baseball Star? Whether Girard goes on to become one of the big names of football or struggle, along like Bill De- Correvont did ,after he had been built up to a "super man" remains to bejaeen. The fact is that Girard may even forsake football later for baseball lor he has all the makings of a big league baseball star. A third baseman, Girard already has received bids from 5 major league clubs. On the football field this 17-year- old freshman does everything. He is the key to trie Wisconsin attack and he is playing his- first season with the Badgers! Even before the season started he was hailed as probably "the greatest" passer to hit the Madison campus and' the youth has begun to live up to that, too. In his first (-AMPFIR By JACK \WEICH> "THEY" .vised to say, and I partially, subscribed to the idea myself, that the pheasant rooster is a rather clumsy, slow-flying bird, heavy and awkward,. an easy target for the gunner. Sometimes it's true he doesn't appear to be flying very speedily, but if you will begin counting four nt the instant the ':.' bird flushes you'll be surprised at ' the distance he's put between himself and you before you end the count. And once the season's well .'. under way and the roosters have be. come wary and gunshy they can get - up'with the velocity of a bullet and a change of pace that would do credit to a mourning dove. This change of pace, and change in direction of flight, too, is all the more deceiving because it's scarcely noticeable. There's no abrupt maneuvering It just happens, and in the meantime maybe you have poured a charge of chilled shot into empty space. Formerly when a rocketing rooster flushed from under my feet and I scored a clean misa I would blame the shot, powder charge, choke of the gun and everything else but myself, where the f,ault really lay. More specifically, it was the fault of under leading. Those birds often fly 3 games he completed 50 per cent of his tosses but fell down slightly, against Notft Dame, completing only a third of his many heaves. • Boots 'Em Far He's a fine runner and a brilliant kicker. He averaged 51 yard* against Northwestern and kicked One that went over 70 yards. A rugged player and hard to hurt, Girard has played every minute of every game without a substitution. That's a record equaled by few athletes. Most noticeable characteristics ex- rOUTDOOR THING! FIHE^QUALITIES 100% VIRGIN WOOL! PLAID JACKETS $795 10Q';'f virgin wool in bright handsome plaid.i ... at unbelievable low price! Long or short arms make no difference . . . cuff adjusts to fit each perfectly. Cossack .style in extra 29-inch length Four pockets. Brown, blue. 34 to 48. EARL (JUG) GIRAH1I hibited by the Wisconsin whiz is his easy-going manner. He never gets ruffled and keeps a cool head^at all times. , some football player! Girard hails from Marinette, Wis.. where he was an all-around hi7h school star. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 174 pounds. in more open country and his heavy body and long tail may fool you into thinking he's pretty slow on his wings. I recall a big,,rooster that flushed past me and a. companion last fall. TROJANS MAY Year's Day. I They haven't lost a Pacific coii-,| Terence game and they've won only) 'one. UCLA tied them, 13-13, and so! idid California G-6. California beat He offered a shot seldom avail- j Seen Likely Nominee For isatuVd'av iri BerkeTeT' .I— ;.» J-T-._J- i,n K*.J fli*«-ViArI *if Vi»c _ ' _ » *w« o.y v _ TODAY — FRI. — SAT. .. 2—FEATURES—2 much more rapidly than they appear to be flying. He's A Speedster The ruffled grouse is famed as a speedster, but I've read somewhere Lhat he can only negotiate about 25 miles an hour, while pheasants under full steam' can travel a mile a minute. Whether or not this is strictly true the fact remains that much of the partridge's reputation has been built up in heavy brush, where you catch only a glimpse of him before he vanishes. This, coupled with the roar of his wings, gives the impression of great speed. I'd cast no aspersions on the grouse—^in my opinion he rates No. l_but the difficulty in downing him is certainly due as much to the environment in which he flies as to his momentum. The pheasant, on the other hand', is usually flushed able, in that he had flushed of his own accord somewhere in our rear and chose to sweep past within easy range. He was hitting on all eight as he approached, and seemed to put on a little- extra steam as he passed. Pass, he did, hesitating not an instant .as old No. 12 spoke twice and my companion's 16 sounded two encores. We looked blankly at each other, Rose Bowl The Trojans disposed of St. Mary's : Pre-tFlight, 6-0. and nobody thought!) . ,^,-r-nr „* T, s o much of that until the following! LOS ANGELES, (AP)—Based on; week the prc-flighters soundly! what they've been doing lately, the i whipped UCLA. Tha way Southern j Southern Califomia Trojans appear 1 California thumped Washington j the hottest team on the coast right' "...Ml now. - i to be the likely nominee from the west for the Rose bowl ^ then at our guns, then in the direction of the departing bird, and resumed oiir hunt without comment. No words were necessary to express our disgust. But ITU convinced that the old rooster ,was making about twice the time with which we credited him when w« pressed the triggers. NOW—2 REVIVALS TN Trio ! A WMMI MOS. MT ^> AUR)UU RANK McHUOH -.;«:.. .NO. 2 JOE E. BROWN in "POLO JOE" He's Here SATURDAY Bowling BRUNSWICK CITY one Lobue wore to fame as a half- i Tile United States created its' back on the Jeff Davis team. (first national, forests in 1891. But the greatest accomplishment j — : — of the sturdy youngster came in • 1941 when he singlehandedly won • the State high school track chain-; pior.Ehip for his school. He was a broad juniper, high jumper and re- : lay runner. . ' He also' was a star on the Jeff Davis basketball teain that won j the state title in 1942. I RENEW 2MIUL. SCHOOL LEVY NOV "7 Lined Chore Coat $2-49 Made of sturdy indigo blue 2.20 weight 'denim. Double stitched main seams. Length 30 inches. Sizes 34 to 43. cotton worsted, exit over graduated patterns, for better fit. Bar-tacked at all strain points. Gray and black stripe t0 TAUNG J10 OR MORE BE MADE ON SEA.R* 'All Wool* Melton $12.95 Styled like a navy pea^ coat . . . long enough for warmth, short enough for comfort! Sleeves satin lined. Sizes 36 to 48. *See Label On Coat Sporty Plaid Jacket $4-98 : A popular jacket with plenty 5 of warmth. Roomy armholes -and adjustable sides. Taped seams. Bright blue plaid. Sizes 34:-to 46. STANDINGS \V. L. Pet. Venice Spaghetti House. 13 2 7SS Pietzckei- Clothes 9 5 600 val Crown Cola S • 7 5" Borders Ice Cream 7 I 4fi 13. i X. Heats 7 S 467 Coxey Shell. Ras 6 a 100 gutter .Jewelers 6 • S 400 Mass. Paint •& Glass 4 11 26 G. .& N. Meals Sutler Jewelers SSS 915 S65 1024—2775 848 SSS—26S6 Mass. Paint, Glass S41 Borden's Ice Cream S6J Royal Crown Cola. S77 Venice Spaghetti.... 1012 Pitezckftr Clothes.. S92 Coxey Shell Gas SSS S73 547 336 SSO 779 910—2624 817—2359 856—2720 962—2930 S71—255 S32—2443 BEWARE OF Rost, Venice Spaghetti House, 255- 210-216—6X1; Frantz, Venice .Spaghetti House, S09-19S-237—S35; Ickes, Royal Crown Cola, 1SB-200-194—600; Sllck«r. Pietzcktr Clothes. 21l'-313-19S—623: Albright, G. & N. Meats. 1S3-17J-234— GOO. RECREATION WOMEN GEORGE MURPHY GLORIA DeHAVEN ADOLPHE MENJOU TODAY: "TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR" also "UNCERTAIN GLORY' FRI. - r SAT. 2-FEATURES-2 KING OF THI WILD WEST STANDINGS Style Center 13 Oljo Grill 13 J. & H. Grill 12 It 11 10 in 3 i » I L. Pet. Brediser Florist _ Zander v Yips Confectionery ..^ Katon Reliant* _ Vitality Acme Dairy -.. Grlscom-Russell Prod Griscom-Rtissell Office .. KiomhoUz Jeweler* 7 MassIUon Steel Casting... s Louie's Barbers K D. & SJ. Bar S &;* 647 S - S S i in 11 i: ii 667 en 611 SS6 55f 50fl 500 SM 444 SSS S89 27S 27H 27S Brediser Floriit D. & M 635 623 PROTECT YOUR WAIV BQHDS INSURANCE POLICIES .VALUABLES Vitality Shoes Style Center 70S 755 Mass. Steel Cast... 520 Yip's Confectionery 8SI IW r Foods .. K.iton RelUnoe Cl.-R. Prod 659 Jewelers ,t. & H. Grill 'M Acme Dairy , 729 Paqnflet Funeral... 633 (545 6»S O'.jo Grill . O.-R. Offic* I'll 782 6ti—uss 551—1S58I 71S—21EO 7S1—21S1 5M—1729 862—1926 «47—1941 62S—1SS1 KSS—1772 522—173S R73—2096 6»«—J(v3f> 6SS—2021 $73—193S 734—2217 711 —L-1H7 Krumtauf, Oljo Grill. 191-US-14S—526 SEARS HAS THE WORK SHOES} ELK TANNED COWHIDE Built for extra \vear and comfort." Black non-skid raw cord outsole a.ncl heel or leather sole and rubber he^t; Arch supporting- steel shank. . ~ ' HONOR MEMORY OF GRID HERO AP Newsfeatures HOUSTON, Tex.—The memory of j Sieve Lobue, an at.hlrtic legend 5n| Texas, lives on ia « trophy t.nse at' Jeff Davis high school. Lobue died on D-ciay over France.! He had completed his mission as a gunner on -a Flying Portress and had returned to his base in England. Another Flying Fortress was leaving for a run over France but one of Its crew members was ill. Lobue volunteered to take his place and was killed. Football jersey No. 54 will be petmAnently reUrtd. That w*i the FIREPROOF VAULT Q95 Now Only • Keep important and valuable papers in this safe, tamperproof and fireproof home vault. Will resist 'heat up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Made of special asbestos and zonolite, densely compressed and reinforced with steel bands. Precision fit front cover equipped with screw type, tamperproof lock and furnished with 2 keys. Overall dimensions l.V/z" long by 7Vi" high. Don't lose your war bonds thru fire. MAR ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Send me Fire Safe Home Vault as illustrated. I enclose $9-95, plus Ohio Sales Tax 30c and shipping charges 50c, tot»I *10.75 (or send C. O. D.) T NAME Boys Go For This Jacket! Aviator Styling 91% i«j3 u CONVENIENT ZIP FRONT! Extra warni and snug, because it combines wind- defying cape-skin and cold-defying wool*. Handsome, popular aviator styling. Genuine, supple capeskin front: corded woo! sleeves and back. Cotton flannel lining:. Brown, toal. Sizes 8 to 18. * See label in garment for wool specifications. Deluxe Capeskin For Jr.! $9.45 ADDRESS. CITY STATE. FIXIT TIRE & ELECTRIC CO. 1727 IAST 12th STREET • CLEVELAND 14 f OHIO The rich supple capo.Vtcti-. will defy wind and weather, keep him st'.us - n warm. Lined wiih ilcocv Kflsru. Sporty half-belted bark. Two fine sla^h pockets. Tan. Just what every lad 8 to 16 wants— a real grown-up looking leatherjacket Choice of Warm Caps 155 LINCOLN WAY, W. — MASSILLOtf

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