The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 25, 1976 · Page 10
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 10

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1976
Page 10
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m M 1 I w. •.'.*.' :•:•:* I Q: I feel sorry lor Louise Lasser's drug bust but whV really interests me Is her relationship with Bruce Solomon. Am I crazy, or is she getting high on Sgi Foley's Simplicity I iystem 70001 Tractors I *),13,and16 horsepower I The Kg Yard System.) PERSONALITY PLUS By ROBIN ADAMS SLOAN Woodward 1 - Tneone with all the Clara Bow: Really 'IT la ker Loul«: * «»1 '"UK* with iS charm. day. . Foley? : : : : : : kisses? — D.R., Boston, Mass. A: You win the sharp-eyed viewer award. We hear there, is a real-life romance going on between Louise and Bruce. Solomon is said to be quite something with the ladies off screen as well as on. Q: In the movie "All the President's Men" Bernstein seems to come off the smartest but I like Woodward belt* r. Has anyone ever voted on favorites? - 1.1., SL Paul, Minn. A: The pair seem inextricably linked to the point" of being named as one "Woodstein" but in any real popularity contest Woodward would win hands down. He's the one with all the charm. Q: Aren't those old-time Hollywood sex queens who were supposed to be so naughty pretty tame stuff compared to the current bunch who publicly admit sleeping around? — T. N,, Atlanta, Ga. A: According to a newly published biography of the "It" girl, Clara Bow, she would have been a stellar nymphomaniac in any era of Hollywood history. Scores of names are mentioned including such upright types as Gary Cooper and Fredric March. The book says, however, that when Clara finally found bit player Rex Bell, a man who cared for her as a woman and no! just: a body, she settled down happily until her death in 1965 at 60. Q: Has anybody ever figured out what rock star David Bowie is really like? - S.C., Reno, Nev. A: He's an odd one. A recent interviewer, trying to get at the essential Bowie, could only report that he was deathly pale, thoroughly weird and totally nice. One thing David definitely won't talk about is his mother, who is reported to be living in near poverty on a $23 a week pension. And even though the singer almost never sees his wife, Angie, he says he would "never let go of such a divine being." The reality of David Bowie seems to be that he is unreal. Q: You said that Ava Gardner dated actor Martin Sheen In Rome. Were you suggesting romance? — D.A., San Diego, Calif. A: You weren't listening. We wrote it was just a night on the town where Martin was filming "The Cassandra Crossing." Now "Badlands" Sheen is half a world away from Ava in the Philippine jungles where Francis Coppola is struggling to complete his Viet Nam war picture. Sheen replaces Harvey Keitel, who was fired. Coppola says he greatly admires Sheen's talent and hopes for a long association. That, of course, is exactly what he said about Keitel. Q: I lo«t track of that wonderful actor John Kerr wbo played the school boy In "Tea and Sympathy." - C.McD,, N.Y., N.Y. A: John went back to school and became a lawyer. He practices in Los Angeles and is currently living with Pat Cox, widow of the late comedian, \Vally Cox. Q: Can you tell me how many Air Force Medal oi Honor winners there were in World War If? - ftV., Indiaaapolls, Ind. A: There are 38 Medals of Honor awarded to personnel of the then Army Air Corps. Amazingly, of the 14 men so honored who survived the war, only one has since died. That was World War II top ace, Maj. Richard Bong, who was killed in 1915, the last year of the war, while flying as a civilian test pilot. The other, hardly unlucky 13 are still alive and well a?cording to Air Force records. Q: What's with that tag- heralded sex book by Gay Talese? Alter that article In Esquire there hasn't bwn amy further news about the book. — La, Brooklyn, N.Y. A: The two current rumors are one that Talese hasn't done much on it so pubiicalion will have to be delayed. The second is that he was looking for a focus and has decided to use Sandstone, a club in Los Angeles, as the central theme. Robin Adams Sloan welcomes questions from readers. While Sloan cannot provide individual answers, questions of general interest will be used in the column. Write to Robin Adams Sloan, care of this newspaper. Ftrfis Falls (Hi.) fcmil Tws., Hay 25,1976 1Q ARE THEY THINNER? SEATTLE (AP) - Pacific Northwest families spend less each week for food thin their Eastern counterparts. They also spend less in restiurtnti an) show a growing preference for seafood restaurants when they decide to dine out. And Northwest families hold more outdoor barbecues, three a week, than households anywhere else in the country including California. These figures and other food facts resulted from a recent study by Esmark, Inc., a Chicago-based company. The study also shows4nat Northwest families spend about $32.69 a week for food, compared with f34 spent by Eastern families. Cm*M> Ml* IN* M» Wf UWtNUtMIM- SPORTSPORT hi. •"fcTfi'iik" ro^ :¥?:^ Stock market 'myths' disspelled WASH-INN LAUNDROMAT 212 WEST CfDAR Now has dryers with permanent press cycle. We invite you to come in and give them a try. Simplicity System Because your yard is a lot more than a lawn. PHONE 734-244* SWANSON EQUIPMENT West Old Highway 210 Fergus Falls, Minn. By JOHN CUNXIFF AF Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-"Money managers are a jitter)' lot and feel most comfortable when they are worrying," said the securities firm in a report to customers on why so many "mjlhs" exist in the stock market today. "They worry when they are in the consensus of investment thinking, and they worry when they are outside of it. They constantly try to extend the forecasting horizon beyond what is realistically visible and analyzable ..." That analysis seems to suggest that money managers are similar to other normal people, even if their particular job calls for handling millions of dollars in a fat stock portfolio rather than a few dollars in a thin wallet. But Goldman Sachs, the firm that made this unusual analysis, isn't concerned with the similarities - of people so much as in destroying what it says are the prevailing myths that many bi e money managers currently accept. Myth One: "Most in- stitutional market participants are lully invested, and hence, there is not sufficient sidelined cash to fuel a market advance." GoWman Sachs' explanation: As with many myths, there is some truth connected with this belief. Mutual fund cash reserves have been nearly depleted, at about 6.1 per cent of assets. And cash reserves for most other major market participants probably have fallen to 5-10 per cent from 15-15 per cent six to nine months ago. "However, the market rose about 15 per cent in 1972 when mutual fund cash as a per cent of total assets averaged about 5.5 per cent and the industry was in a net redemption position during the last 11 months of the year." Recent history, therefore, doesn't support this widely held "truth." Myth Two: "Tightening monetary policy and rising short- term interest rates will send the market lower." Explanation: "We doubl that there are many investors today who do not anticipate rising short-term interest rates in the period ahead. In our view, if the r ise in rates is gradual a nd does not worry KMay Treasuries much above 6 per cent, the stock market can advance from current levels." Again, recent history does not support the widely held notion. From mid-1962 to yearend 1965 the market rose along with rising Treasury bill rates, ft did so again in 1968 and in 1972. Myth Three: "The historically wide spread — 5 per cent — between bond yields and stock dividend returns renders stocks unattractive relative to bonds." Explanation: "We have always been a proponent of the theory that bond yields play an important role in stock valuation. However, historically, the bond-stock yield differential has been a poor forecaster ..." The key question investors must ask themselves, says Goldman Sachs, is whether the NOTICE! We have moved our Real Estate office from 101 East Lincoln Avenue to in North Mill Street (former Reilari-Larson Co. office) Stop ii ail say Hi! LAKE REGION REALTY Same Telephone Number 736-5489 Same Personalized Service from Harold Hexum 736-2470 Mary Neuman 736-4833 Myron Hexum 847-2484 Barb Farrar 739-9693 Dalyce Leabo 736-7372 Jim Moline 736-2419 low acid' tomatoes pose no great risks WASHINGTON (AP) - So- called "low acid" tomatoes lor home canning pose no greater risks to consumers from deadly botulism poisoning than the older types of tomatoes which appear to have more acid, according to an Agriculture Department scientist. Dr. Gerald M. Sapers of the department's Agricultural Research Service said today's modern tomato varieties are similar in acid content to most older varieties and that "several so-called 'tow-acid 1 tomatoes are actually not low in acid, but high in sugar" which masks the tart, acid flavor. The department said Monday, that "some recent reports have suggested there may be a' threat of botulism poisoning AT FERGUS FALLS COWHWITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 104 Nor tti Cascade Box 374, Fergus Fa !ls, Minnesota 54537 For a limited time, you can receive a magnificent FAMILY BIBLE. Yours for only $9.95 when you open a new savings account witti a minimum of S2S.OO, or when you add $25.00 to your present savings account. SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL BIBLE IN OUR LOBBY You .TJ« s« ihis B-tl< to »pf«uT* itvt>f*.:y Lvyvit. r i;V * 2V- Ava'libk i- rt^ei t Pto-.rvvt or Cil ed.ton O-ftt 900 pages. Prof J«ly ilk/sUiTfd wish D^IUTCI i- l yo--r cop; of i YOUR REL1GEOUSLIBRARY CO-HP [«*•£<• w Script res F JUokx B hie -.dps Gc'd sia-rxid page «J?es corcwdo-ce of ir>e of O-mMft [xi -led 11 red COVE FN TODAY! Fc-r pcxe o ! ""-"4 '"' d <>NCUA from canning some of the new low-acid tomato varieties." But there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, Sapers said. "One myth that people believe is that white and yellow- fleshed tomatoes are lower in acid than red tomatoes," he said. "This misconception isn't based on scientific research." Sapers evaluated about SO tomato varieties in his laboratory at USDA's Eastern -Regional Research Center, Philadelphia, the department said. None of the tomatoes had acid contents low enough to permit the growth (if bacteria which causes botulism, officials said. Normally, botulism bacteria will not grow in highly acidic foods such as canned tomatoes. But Charles N. Huhtanen, a USDA microbiologist, said mold can change the acidity of canned tomatoes enough so that the bacteria can grow. MoUy canned tomatoes may not always have a rotten odor and the liquid in the jar may not always appear cloudy. Thus, Huhtanen said, "don't scrape mold off home-canned tomatoes and then eat the rest in the jar. Discard the entire contents of the jar." The department said Huhtanen found that "certain molds that can grow on the surface of improperly sealed canned tomatoes may eventually reduce the acidity to the point where botulism bacteria can grow." Thus, officials said in a statement, Huhtanen's research "may explain cases of Botulism poisoning from home-canned tomato products which tested highly acid since the botulism bacteria would grow only directly beneath the mold where the acidity had been reduced." But simply removing the mold "would not make the tomatoes safe to eat since the toxin can diffuse through the canned product. Only a minute amount of botulism toxin is needed to make a person fatally ill." Guidelines for canning are included in USDA home and garden bulletin No. 8, "Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables." Officials said single copies are available for 45 cents each from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20M2. inflation that drove up bond yields will eventually do the same thing for earnings and dividends. "It has been our contention for some time that we are likely to see an increase in corporate profits' share of national income over the next five years', resulting in profits rising more rapidly than nominal Gross National Product" If bond rates remain stable, the analysis 'continues, there is room for profits and stock prices to grow. Myth Four: "The rate of inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, will escalate significantly in 1977, bringing with it declining stock prices." Explanation: Again, says Goldman Sachs, there is an element of truth in the myth. Inflation is indeed widely expected to accelerate in 1977. But that, it adds, doesn't mean stock prices will automatically drop. "The key question again is whether the inflation that pushes bond yields up will also find its way into profit growth," the securities firm argues. And its own answer to the question is that, yes, it will. Summation: "We are in a primary bull market, though the extreme degree of under- valuation has been removed and the easy money has been made." Panel for HHH gets publicity MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D-Miim., says he will have no contact or give no direction to a Draft ' Humphrey Committee formed without his approval. The committee organization was announced in Washington last week by Humphrey backers who want him nominated for president at the Democratic National Convention. Humphrey repeatedly has . said he will not enter any primary elections but would accept the party's nomination if the national convention deadlocks and drafts him. Humphrey commented on th« committee formation Saturday in an interview with radio station WWTC. The former "vice-president also sakl he still feels there will be no first-ballot victory at the convention for former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter or any other presidential candidate. After Carter's primary victory in Pennsylvania, Humphrey said, Carter backers "tried to develop a bandwagon psychology. But the Nebraska primary put the brakes on the bandwagon and I would say the Maryland primary stopped it dead in its tracks." £ ^'Sv- Thtra li III Bittir Ti«i ti limlati Tfcn low Unfit fo*m. KM?* Hit "Coil" litMi Tiur Nnti ia H» Mot SiMmin ari *• lut" m Dirni Tkt CtW Wtattn Biftr* In RttU* Your loiti or Maki Otar Nine iHiriTiHirtt - GinMir Insulation ftnK Get Your 5% Discount HO« Hn Ti« Samp htm Cui*t M W*l at Mtafiit; low IMI Clip out and send to: F. Sauby Insulation LTD Elbow Lake, Minn. 54531 Phone 218-485^252 or 211-615-4330 ( ) Send information t ) Give cost estimate NAME ADDRESS :....: CITY STATE . ....ZIP PHONE. perfect gift for CONGRATULATING that special young man who's GRADUATING SamsonHe Suggests: Their ineipenshe but practical tra»el kits or one of thir hgjjje pieces for Ihat tilra special graduate. Another Popular Gift Idea: Nylon travel bigs by Jiffy Men's Jewelry by Swank. Ctoclen - Pendants - seMthof the 76 End *MU realh Ike After Shove and Cologne... Abraxas, Muk, Braggi. Knit Shirts • Ready for Summer A welcome lift witti pulloter stylnf in stripes and uEds ... bj Drammond, Robert Brace and Can teed. YouK find them an at IN W. Lincoln, Fergus Fah. Use yoar Bank Americatd. We're open Monday throi|h Saturday 9:00 to 5:30 aid Thursday nights mrirt 9:00

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