Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1928
Page 2
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\K- J PAGE TWO I. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVE LKST WE fOHGET Jury Trymg Youth for^Mufder of Mother If, tirunk with 8igl>t o£ power, we loose j -i .Wllil loiiKucs thai havo not Thee In awe—• ; . Such boahtln^ a« the f!<'nllle» usoj Or JcKscT breeds without the •Law— •Lord God of Hosts. b(r wilh UH yet. Lest we forset—ksi we forget. For heathen lioarl that puts her trust In reekinR tube and iron shard AH valiant dust that builds on dust.. • And guarding calls not Thee to guard— For rantic bo^'^t and foolish word, Thy mercy on Thy Pfople Lord! ^ —Rudyurd Kipling. 3Ioments Muslrn! fliib Cilves I'osluine Recliul E.tpressions of praise and con- gratulalions rewarded IheJ .musicians in the costume recital given . by ' Uie members of the Moments Musical club last night in the First Presbj-terian cliurch. Every available seat in the auditorium and the large Sunday school^room was'filled, and the,appreciative audience listened to a well balanced and finished program. ,Tbe program was presented in \ NG. JANUARY 25.1928. LAHARPE ITS CITIZENS Mrs. George and Mrs. Rousb came down from : fund .Mr.". K.mkr Is fllovlciss l« Y. II. llulf-.Mr*. \\\ A. HlrkH failed. To* Kuii«iiH Clly. (Mr,s. Opal Mitchell.) Laliarpe, K»nH., J^n. 23.—.Mrs. .NtTlie Fowler was histeKS to the. y dull Wednesdi y afternoon. J:iinuiry IS. Fancy wol -k anil music wa:-, the'fuaturii of tie afteruoou. The hostess served a loyoly two City .Mrs. C. •! on the sick are Hoi :ry to Malcom Sunday. Mr. j of tl Mr Saturday cvenlnjr. Ben Pennl!»glon is attendinl? col-'ly ni lege In lol .T and ;keeping ui) the erty, housework. so O'ebrse .Mcljonald , Mr. Ransom say. ;tliey .Mrs. GcoriKe Sallee went to far- ris sons yesterday to visit her daugh-ilie ter. iMrs. C'aijl Zink n ' family. e time was taken up raising ; for the World' Service, . iind Mrs. iviorris have recent- oved Into .the Bowman prop- formerly decupled by the .Rev. Iscnbcrg and family, which pitrohased^ Mr. and^.Mrs. Mor- came here from somewhere in •:isniore vft:inity. Andrews is reporte.I NOJITH MAPLE GROVE list, news her friends t hear. .Mr. 'PoffenbaiKcr who lias liecn I ^'5 ill for soniel tlnii- is reported jietter. Miss Helcii and Eloise .Andrew:^ who attenil iioIl.Ke at I'ill.'^^Iiiirg wilh rhenmalibm i Thii ev«.i /ursriunch ..^\rr. k^^^^^^^^ -in,< Cliirii PaHisci were' ^^'^ -r'"^-^- Maltom :i °es.s Members pfct' w'ere: -ore in lol; Saturday on business. (.Mr.". Arthur Ralsli.) . anil .VIr.'i. Paul Ijassniaii and ill-''(irove! to W'ttumka. OKla.. j sday and . returned .Sunday ; iiiR. .Mr.; and .Mrs. Harvey j liiiai; stayeij at tiielr plave-'and ' il for; lhini;s wlille th-.-y were' 'ingston, Gladys Lacy, man, Anna Hartley. The late of Harry HiU. S^-vcar-old Strealor. 111., youth on trial for tive niuvayr <.l hi;; UIO H K-V. vests vilh the jurv shown Tabove. 'The members, left to ri.«ht. front row. are AViliiam Si. PP. tar:ncr;_Rob-. crt Thompson, retiretl. farmer: Arthur Walter, ta.m hand; Mike Conness. fainter; H. \. Weeks, lumber dealer. Back) i^w: Cl.vde Greening, miner: Jack Ferris.-mir..-!; Rutas V. Hio-^ne. taclory workei- Leo Lugowski, cement worker; August Bruclt, carpenter,^ and Sam Call:in-s larnier. ::i lie; lionie ; Lvnoon with Enterlalns with Bridire jParty .Mr.--.(.M. Blanche Wood entertained with a bridge party iii her hpme yesterda.v afternoon. i Mrs. G. W. Lawrence;was given fhe high score prize. jVIrs. O. L. COx receiving the con.solatiun. The guests inchidetl: iilrs. L. G. |thi^"peri^^lhe'TOs!iini^"^theiBo«-ker, 'Mrs. S. S. Shejliey Mrs. • blasslcal and romantic periods be-:^^- W. Holmes. Mrs. b.;B Brown. ; ing true in form and making i ool- j ^'r;^- ^- F- Swonger. jr.. .Mrs Otho orftil picture. Those taking part' Alexander.. Mrs. O. L. Cox and Mrs. In these two periods were special-; f'- ^V- Lawrence.^ \y adapted ^o "the representations, i „ » , , ' . ***. **' ,'** , Mrs. J. R.Cornish opened the I SPneker hmployoes iProgram with Schubert's Serenade Mr. and Mr.-;., D< R. S.vmmes, of • for the organ and the classkal per- I 42C South Colborn street,! enier- iod followed with Mrs. Uenfc Billbe, j tained the Seneker Dry (ioods contralto,'wearing crimsoit velvet, i-C^mpany employees .last night in singing "My Abode" by Schubert; j their home. . . ] Mrs. Lloyd Xeff Brown, dressed in !, Uonk was played in w"lrich Mr. hjaroon velvet, prlaying the violin hv. F. Seneker won the high score . composition, "Gavotte" by Gossec. favor and Miss Anna Rumsey the and "Ave Maria" t)y Schiiben-1 coiisolatiou favor. After cards re- WllheniJ, and .Miss Clara ' Brown, j f,.<sj|,nents were served. • soprano, .in purple vclvc;.. singing "Hark! Hark, the Lark!" Ify Kchu- ! bert. Mr. Lloyd.Neff HroWn waj the accompanist for this group. Tli'e gowns of the iroiiiaiuic period •were' bouffant ai)d much longer In the back than! in front, and 'gray hair was the hyad dress. In this group .Miss LiKiiih C'yvy : played "Scherzo a Taiiriciin" "by Mendelssohn for ih«- piano ami Mrs. A. R. Enfield. Koj'rajKi. t^ang "Murmuring Zephyrs" hy Jen.sen, Mrs. Victor Ij. Kirk playiirg th" : flute obligato. Miss Gi'try was the accompanist. • , A diversion from the mii^ii- was Pe MiUe' Burlon's "Streiisheart" a reading by .Misis Rachi'I« J'urceil. Miss Purcell was s^nliwhfit handi- , capped by hoarseness ,but her road- ing gave much pleasdre. :She is a reader of rare ability and has entertained Io!a audience's many . 4ime8. ; The-modern period was made up of a piano and org^n selection "Grand Aria" by Demaiesi played • by Miss .Toy Hershbergt-r at the pi• ano and Mrs. R. L. Koenig at the , organ: a vocal .-jio. "Ki Star- light'Time."' by Speafis. sung by Miss Ruth Higgins. .Mr.s. A. R. Enfield and MlES Viola Dalgarno with violin obligato by .Mrs.. Mario Henderson and piano acconinanim»'nt by Miss ; Margaret Roberts. Mr, ijloyd Xe^f Browii played a grouii' of piano. compositions. ".Scherzo"" HICKMAN \ND FATHER MEET ! The guests included: Mr. and I :virs. W. F. Seneker. .Mis.-: .Vaiu y i llelon Senoker, .Mr. end .Mrs. .Itld- , son Rljni .rey, Miss Aiilia Itums.y. .\lr. and.Mrs. .lolin Kaufman. .Vr.<. .leiyio Kowden. .Miss Inez .Mi-iCib- ! btin. Mi:-« Otha Wilson, .Miss Alice- S.i'nimt s. Mis i ivlizaholh Rl(;gs. } .M!.-;s Ivalee We:-it and Miss Lena , Crid^ r. I • loin .'(In>i<> < Inh Iloias .HeeHnir The lola .Music cliili liclil its- regular nicutin:^ ycsli rday all ' noon in tiie htitm.' ui .Mr Wauph, 71 a Kast .lack.son'avenue. The entire program .TS annotinc-: C(i was givt-n and was one of the most enjo .valtle <ii iht^ yi -ar. -Two French >^i,ngs sung iiy .Mis.s : Ln<il!e Crook and th<' brilliunt ;Strans< Waltz jdayoil iiy .Mr;-. 1*.. j K. Waugli. Were of .•••iKiial inter''.-!. 1 Th(> associ.ite nirnibt rs cMi-nd- ' f(l an iii -.iti!!i <ijj «, the ai -ilve un in- 1 liers ir.> lie tinir guests at ;L one Vina Green. Aljici- Richardson, Minnie Becannon. Lettle C xender. Ste'- la Green, iidith .lolin.sijn. Lntii- i.,Iv- .Malitl I ..CW- !:.:fi,- Piitit, Ethel 'i'ancy, Leona ."Y ^nri-.-Kon. .Wl- ttc Fowler. The iie\t ;lin -'Uw^ will ; he' wkh Mabel Lewniiii fhjiola. Feliruifry !. Mrs. W; jfiicks ^ :'orn- iiig -for Kansiis Cily.i'cj-liKl there Iiy tile srrioiiK illiicMs 111 li; I- .;;.'ter. Mrs. .VeJtic Sut ton._ wlto .•nil"; .-id a'have r'titrm stroke of iiaralysis ii cjiiii.i-' oi'cays iCity wiiere t - 'ago and \t\ Jiow nncoitecious. |i —We iioW have scAiie of those li'driiess without breaching, v.-ith cruppers that several lancd for, at a j.'ooti jnice.—rtoacli-JElliott. -Mr. and .Mrs. Saniuei Ger.lson of . .Ian. 24.—Mrs. l»ro- iianil and .Mrs. l-hisign to llieir homes in LAHARPt •iert ai'.il have returned !. aft -r ;i :.;oi.i(.-r. -Mrs I.-, in poor \ Mrs. AnhiJ .Myers and daughter, .Miss Ada .Meek, spent Sinid;iy afl- Las; cart Konel •.Mr. an.-I .Mr-v Thomas. Mr. ;and .Mr.--. F.'-anklin ' spent Friday leve­ lling at Artliur R.iish's. rtii -.h. Hazel. .Tornmio and Knrl j Haiikensiefkcn.- enrolled at Maple I , Visit -here with th-ir '^londay. , Caroline Lowe, who: -Tiie .witire (oinmunity extends , 1 s.nni-atny ti> the (.erkert family in; a::i: for sale. Miss Ada urday night .Mrs. Lula' their sad hc-reaVenient. .Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Franklin spent F'riday afternoon at John Franklin's. > .lack ;ible to he -1) -rk [ ill t'cheol Vioiri'v'''. • Ail;t:t !t-i-hr.-i! ;1 - .\::-ii.-:^h Mrs. Andy Inman. -Mrs. Hunt] and tlnn ^'i -.ter who live on Son.tJi Washington street, d honie from Kansas hey l.nrcliased dresses ; prY <lav ;mr,riiinv. accessories wUicli lliey h;r\e I ,;„^ Mn.'ller move.Uon - I Slu'liion piacp .\londay.j spent Sat.-\da Meek.* lola visited to the : .-Mienbaugii with .Miss Farmer ofi Wnverly district ahnoiinc the birth '^a Myers. of a four pound baby d!| .lanuaiy Tl. M^iXh. mot in- doing wdL mmnnity sale will be j' ughter bornj ,^„„t^pr cd... j'*^''"^"y'held Saturday. These sales - are .-aining favor anil are v.-c-ll r.ttend- Tiiursday with her sistur, Mrs. An- - Clean whit6 rags w-anted at the Rcifikec offict'; will pay l»)c lb. THE --is known—six fo nine in til'.' evening—but not— THE DAY — thai, you will he cal'eil -to the door liy t!ie Jenny V.'rin 'Girl, in lier distribution of— DoHar Bills -Mee! her v.itli a part or full package of Jenny Wren -Jn yonr hand, when yon cipin ; i!:-- door. Are You Ready? Mrs A. A. Jnr.v .Mrs. F. E. Wood ^jj ,,^."^3^,^ ,,„j .,.rB. and Mrs. Lucy Jury ;attended the session of the Allen coijnty teachers One hundred and seventy-nine . , , „ ., ,, ..was the attendance irt Sunday meeting in lola Satur <»iy arid Heard 1^^,,^,^, j,^^. ..lelhodist Iv.iiscopal Dr. A\ .A.Brnndenbnrg. ^presiden pf Sundav mornin.r. Opal the Kansas St;ite .Te.i(}hers college ' at Pittsl)iirg also u veiiy fine inusi- Uhni Thomas Hickman, falher of William I-:<! I!i(-:(ii:ar. ;io M-,' liis l)i),v in a Los .\ngt!cs cell. v .-;i. h.- au.'ii -i trial li-r ' • der of ii.l! M.iiion Parker, yoiuitc iiii v-.i-^ illMrom- tl ca! program :md visnj.d with old friends. . Mr. and Mn;. Cirt)V'('v .Myers of Henrietta. (Jklii.. areivisitlng the former's mother, (iran'ilhia .Myers. W. B. May. a former resident hero •a niinib'r of years dgo. died at I-'aty. Texas. Januaryl' 17. Many old fiiends here will' be ..saddened to learn of lii.i death, j .Mrl !ind Mrs. .\V. 4-' "•'•"'•l '•>»<* iTheaj Justice drove to lola Sunday iond visited at the C. S. iftltier home. I Mr| and Mrs.; P.wlrain Stevenson of Br'oiison are vi8ltirig -jt!ie former's lauiil. Mrs. William .N'ewnian toilay. KIder Pliinim'er attended a ban- iquel at llic (ihrlstlaSj church at Frie Tui-.iilay evening.' | He was ac- jfohipanicd by ,1 Cliristianminister jfroni Pittsburg. Tomorrow night j . jlli'v and severiil nienilj^-rs from the i.ailarpc Christian church will at- liK- j. ,„| |,aii(|nei whi.-hjwill be held (fii'iis ol !ai the llaptlst T ''niple in lola. Mitchell gavej-a short talk for tin- W. C. T. U. and Miss Skinii 'M- gave a reading, (hiurch services were well attondeil; and a brief but splendid sernian deliv.ned by the pastor. Rev. 8. T. Andrews. Part -Use,*.- i'. I-;. ri':iiov:iiu- -jiiiial iluid for an ir..-<.!nity ;iif<-' 111' of ilii- lalh'-r ;o-.d in y. ; bciatc o'clock iJitiKlH 'on at tile Hoti ley. I-'.-ljr:iary 1-1. The- ass meniln-rii will civc a stunt program at t!ic li .inu- Kf .Mr .J. 1-C'>ni !e !h Fo '.i .-.t aft'-r l !ie !niicl/r(.!i ;it t!iat time. .M! active nunibi rs are :isl:ril :U> si -nd their acceptaiir-:- in Mr-. ': P. S. .Mifclieli find lin' n iate m.ii hers to Mij.-- Clirii Koii.-rt. •J'he club voted to combine thh Klicn'T. .\ final ri-j-orl of iiii- !II:IC!K(>;I lor tiio College of j !-;;i!noriu Giri.-^ Glee Clnh las; Sun-! day . v( iKiig was given. .Mr-^. C ^' .•;ui rite l ^iriiiK 'i .i-. of l-C .ii-,>.!.'- t Ity ! \ O 'li '-r ;ii.?:rjii.-:-:-. pr, ^-r-.i w. 1 (|;iaiiv;, Cor;!ii:- \\\:f.< \ :'l"!oiitwii!'\ ' i!ay:-i'i Wart..-r.- Harrl.-i Hur -.i -n. \ f.";i; .1VI r. llii-tin.T .\i;.iii.iii. ' I';, ni -vin.- (,':in!|i!,! il. ..Ir.-. .\a.jin: , 'i' ill'.'. M;ir'i'i-!i- (iiiii-l-;. ;u;-! p;i-| tn )ne.-jsi --s .Miss Georgia . Gritton (anie W<'dnesday.evtiiing for a visit wilh the latier's sister. .Mrs. W. .\. ilii-k.^. They returned to their honu> at Robinson. Kaiisas Friday. •Airs. C. T. Harris. fMr.s. Agnes E. Theater Fire Fails r To E.vcite K. C. Crowd Luffenl-.arrv, and Mr .'j. liinma Owens • I spent Sunday at the W. J. Hoke • KL -a ,:- (':•-.-, .'lo.. .!a;!. 2.1. (.VPi. jhomo. at Chani'tte and ri'l' 'I III! !ii :y p.-r.-oiis fili'il ftwens iiome near Hum: V Ir '.i;,! Ill" fs'.-- Tlu^aler to | Mr.--, (•|larles^ P.a-ddo( •; . i ni;!ii: iv iii.-iri-!i here : .Ifssc Turner w't-re in 1 I;' ! ji.I-? • '!i'- co:itoo.n .'it tii-'Ucss today. <'ii'.- ,1^ <:•.'• .-.(, oil,- w...-I ."Mr. and .'Mi-S! Sam Rojiish of Kan- 'I, i.o: V.;- i->ii;iiai.-,I at: Has City and Mr. and A; ison were dinnergnests of Mr. and DOUBLE ACTION ; «•;-( the W. loldt. k and Mrs^ )la on husi- 25ounc« for25* WHY PAY WAR PRICES ? Ouy Opyernment Tised^UUioMs ofPoancb *» ** lifhere savings are greatest SOUTH |lDE SQUARE ' lOLA, KANSAS Ready for Sewing Days? Dainty Lingerie CloUis Are Here Dimity, nainsook and long cloth — also fancy voiles and novelties tempt the woman -who sews to make delicate undies for herself and the small members of the family. Yard,: 15c to 49c White—Pastel White materials . make slips, panties and. gowns—dainty pastels in checks and stripes -will make fascinating undies. A fresh ai- sortment awaits yoo. Social ai Kovicr'^ Hall Tr'ni;.- Ml Tiioilisl iii< iiiiii'i.- Ii'-iil a s^ ill V !.,,1S-! 0''.Tl l.i.-t night, l-'a'-t lola. I'.v.^iiip sui'pi't '*\'a-- served inactt-d till'-,! ad liiL-ri- V. .'s program of .Mtirch'K'. with llie by Grltfes. "A Deserted Farm" by! program v!f Fohruarv ""28 and 10 MacDowell and "Caprice h>;)ag>. i postpone the .Alarcli L'7 proiirain iole" by Moskowski. Mr. Biowii, until some time in April. tjiietn F.-->V."r girl:~ showed his .skill when tlie lights': ..Mrs. L. H. Wi-ihurd and Mrs. T. I'l.'.'-• "•lUi:! .Ma !ud;t' •went out during his playing of! K. .N'oriigren were the hostesses, j-)ii:-:iiit:. ."The Deserted Farm" by complet-j • • <•' • • 1 li;.' li. :>t, on • par.sonag.- waging it In total darkness, the audi-| I 'hiloniallunn (iiiMd .Mcels I l,-.',;-i:. d Iiy pi' d.^' s totalling .;l-'r.o ence shnwinij Us admiration by i menibfrs of the I'hilomaih-' at liii- tinu-. prolonged applause. His last num-• jj,,, Cuiiiijof tli,- Kir.^i Presbyterian | Tim e %-*-M:!i:: cio .i ^ed .jber completely captured his listen-j ,.|,„rch met last night in the home of .x'lrs., Florence K. Uelding. .MjN. H|»»race Francis was th'-'rde- votlonal leader and .Mis.s Julia; Ir- Wing re\iewed the lesson from 111" text book. ".\ Straight Way 'lo- ward TonHirrnw." Jluring the sui lal hoiir refre-^ii- meiits were .vervi d v .itii .Mr:i. Flor- <nci> I/<;ng.-:liore .-i-s the a.-'Sis*liiig ers. Thd "Bridal Chorus" frtim "The Rose Maiden" sung by .Misp Clara Brown. -Miss Ruth Higsins. Mrs. K. W. Haglund, Mrs. .lohn Rra-/.ee, Mrs. A. R. Enfield. .Mr.-<. -.A. A. Schell 5ind Mrs. Dene lliillie with Mrs. Koenig accompanying, was a • high point In; the iiincram whiili was closed wIlli M M- iiisirmnentjil . .ensemlilcs. "Siiniiner" l.y rhamJ-; •nadeand "From the Canelir.ike" liy: "ounrA atten.llng were: .Mr.'^. iAr- Gardtier with .Mrs. Lloy.t;. .N'-ff j ,i,„r Shaiiiion. Miss Thelma Mad- .Urown. yolin: Mr.-. Marie Hender- ,,u^ yy^^^ He,-itrlc<..'McMurrav, Miss :»on. violin: Mrs. Victor L., Kirk. ; d.r.kK,,,, Troulwine and^ .Miis flute; .Miss Joy Hershlierger. pi-j Uul,y gfltles. ano and iMrs: R. L. Koenig,'organ, 1 -7. F <. *8 -i'io. '-^ ! lUrfhdiiy, SurprNe (..mpHiiHMif .. -Tlifj atidien.e regretted that Mrs.) ,^1,;.; |h.,-vford was cwnpii- , .E. Haglund was not :rble tOi „„.j,,„,i siirpris- partv in g|vo,lier solo. "H'-d .Koses" by - j,,,,,,,,. <,f 1,,,^ hirthdav las! nisht !Quirk! on account of lioarM-ness. j„ j,,.^ x^.^ti, Jefferson .'although sh'e took her place in the ,._vi.„,„. :volce en.s.<nible. showing tlie I'ow- " Among tiie gifts she received a •:er and sweetnes.- of her voii e. Mrs. „f ,11^.,,^ j,.,,;,.;, from her 'Balph Stover was unable ;to In •fprescntfto appear in tin seinble. Miss Joy Hershlierger. chairman Willi till- lioxDiouy- a;,'! prr '.M r liv i!:c Rev. .1. ('. \\ :iK iKi-tor of tin; cliurc-h. Shiirl Tiilks hy Th'imrhlfiil .Molhrrs - — A .\'-vv I'^li;;!:;!!!! niol'lu'r s.iy;. •Our c-^i 'niiiiii .in- v( ry r.l;=e( pfililf; 'o, i-oir.;ll.-. ail;l coid-i. Ilriiig lue:iie(l -OHIO (lisl.i:.,e I'roin (own. w.-.idi llio nerd of a g'loii nepi-iuialile"! i<iugh I'udicini , and wlii-u our dri'pci-t re( oinnieMli (1 l-'ol--;.-s lioto-y it.iid Tpr ('uin;)Oii!;.l as t!i<- 1,'( I ill In's e>'tiif-ri'-ii!-e. w.- ai 1 (-jit- eii l:i- juilj-'inellt j;!aiil.v. For (OKgiis. I roll J/. wlioopiiig-( ougii. tiouble- soi:ie niuh! coug?i=. broiiiliia! e"i!;;ii:, vvi; huve triec! li. time and .'gain. ;:lway.s with <o:i!ii!eti> salis- l;iit,io!i " llro'.\n Drug .Store. 0ay Bargafiii Fea^t at Ibe Leader! Vir ,m,t'! "th',> n-o,uUrfid vulurs Hot ad^Mcd will hv. jwnd at THE LEADER—it will payfyou to visit this store often. You will 'd.Uuhl in ii<< /<-'.'/ our most complcic line of ^ew Wash Fabrics, and remember The Leader uerer sacrifices quality to obtain a low price: l:;V Hi'-ticht'd Muslin (.Olid IJiij'lil:.. no .SLnrth, jiird. lOc lie luhk-ached ^!n • .No Starch, tiood Weight, jiinl 9c Kejiiiliir tii7.c box iROXK.S FOR •l.5c Bleached ShetinR 9-4 Still, Firm «iu»i»». No Filllne a Ken I Value ii 38c 2 (lc Yard Wide Outing .Sljtndnni <'ount i4c SI.2.5 RAYON BLOOMERS $1 Fine jTuiigp Kii.von, ml full. mart Spring C^ts and guits Arriving Daily! ! guests, voice en- , ,Tho.-.e of the program coinmittec, an- tiounccd the numbers. Ho«fe ."s at Luncheon i I'Mrs. A. W. Andro ] wa.^ liouse hostess yesterday to fa number of Royal Neighbor women ai a noon luncheon in her home at 311 South Ohio street, eacii guest taking her • favorita dish. i ^ The afternoon -was spent in playr .ing games' and with Victrola mu- ;sic. • These members were . present: Mrs. F. A. Wagner. Jlrs. J. O. Thompson, Mrs. P. C. Class. Mrs. E. E. LMoyer. Mrs. J. M. Kctlerraan, Mrs. .\. D. Young. Mrs. B. F. Smith. .Mrs. H. D. Warren, Mrs. J. F. Had- jev and Mrs. J. A. Tompkins. •> •:• • il. X. A. Iniliatlon i Initiation ceremonies were held for Mrs. Beryl Lamorea|i' at a Bveeting of the Royal Neighbors Of America lodge last night. Six liames were Iwllpted uiwn and ac- .<;epted into tht^ Jag was at ter meiiibers. order. The meet- ded • by . thirty-six who sunn-ised her were: .Mis -i Hose Hodd. .Mr. and .Mtrs. J. W. Funkhonser. Mr. and Mrs. Gar- fieli! Hehielirant and children." Arthur and Mildred: Mrs. Pool' and .Mr. and .Mrs. O. H. Dorsett. • •> •> .\Ipha Clrc.V; Dinner and .Heellni? ' The girls of the Alpha Circle of the First Presbyterian church held their regular picnic dinner and lesson in the guild room of the church last night, In the absence of the president, the vice-president, Maragarct Shannon, presided over the meeting.: The devotional wa.s in charge of Xellfc Funk and the lesson from the stuily book, "The Vanguard of a Race," was review^ed by Mary Lfi .ul-.-i>oaker.s are, ii ?'-d !o aii- n"i ;tit e trains in some of I>o:idon's big railway stations. CUEPE SATINS jf<» Inches wide S2.19 ' Fiiipxt ({nnllly lO.iuch I'lire .Silk CKEPE DE CHINE S1.39 Blnrk andt'olor* S.-.r BARONET SLIP SATIN 59c In n l.'ond Hiinge of Colors Itphing, Irritations oHhe^inarid Scalp Use Healing Liquid Zemo Don't suSFenfrorij an.i:gh-. itfhy skini. Do not endure Skin Tort-jres and Irritations. Banish Pimple*, Blotches, Rashes, and rchcve_ Dandruff and Eczenfja. Apply clean. tiseptic, dependable Zemo Liquid at any tim6. The safe, sure way to ktci: skm clear and free from Bkmj^h€^ aiid skin trouble8.35c, 60c'and HVM. FOR SKIN IRRITATIO .N- IheThmStepstoa CiTStal Clear Skin! The wonderful Golden Peacocic Prep3ntl <mt bring you a slcin of s'liperUtive sraooUwess. i nnd fineness. They banish all skin defects,' pre %-ent ^Tinkles and age siRru, and aro -.:9e tie slcin to new life end viuVity. .Already a ' ir .J'ion women oil over America are keeping • tlieir skins radiantly, glcriously youthful with these amazing new treatments. j Oolden P.'arocit Bleach Creme—An nmax- '* iat new discovefy«f science whiUi desrs and ' whitens your skJn almost o*-emi£ht. Banishes i frectles, bl-ckhcads, satiow skia, Un. blotches, i riapla and all discoloratioos. fl.OO) Coldrn IVaroek Ton'tc Tissue Crrme Just recently it ^-ss discovered tliat wrinkles.' crox's-feet, eabby 't;ss '.:cs and age sisns -arerc I due to a starred conditioa of the skin. Bui ' now this tranderful new creme has a stimulating effect on :the skin—arousing the sluggish, «tcn -ed eeDs to new life. (I.OO) Coldrn Peacock T»nlc Face Powder—Thir ' newpoA'derisaciuallya^liin tonir—itiscosi-' pounded of certainimpartedia^rcdientswhicti. have almost niagical results ia correctinj en- 1 lftrgedporcs.pimples.blemisbes,rougl :xiessanL ' preventii^g bUckbcads. And it stays ocl (.75; Sfarr using the»a*plendidireatmenia to niiht. Use them for5dart. Than.i/yau 'r- r .ot <Jcliihtadyui :Ttnonjiryivi!'l >eTzft :nJi.:l anket jf-^OO ynrelty. Part flJO QQ >Vool Blunket, jiulr tOid,OV i^.'to KVc Cotton 'Blanket. Beau- tifnl I'I«lds (PO QQ Kl»«€inl per pair L—«D ^a«>^ K ;.00 Part IVooI illanket, Kiincv maids, J ^lse 74x8* <g>| QK Sperljil per puir J fD'±,00 - One-third Off U All ^Vooi I Blankets. Beauliiul DRESSES .\t- 8ensationnl I'rirci Kediiction SILK DRESSES Valnes to f2i5o S9.85i SILK DRESSES V.nliips lo *8.-.JM) $16.98 i • NEW SPRING FROCKS Dozens and dozens of smart new creations 5.98 to 49.751 Ererj- color, finest flat crei>es and.geoq^ttes. .Sizes It to 46. All Winter Coats Ar^ No^ Selliiag at a Great Reduction in Price Silk Hosiery •^Quppu C'h.irolelle*' Pure •Mi tlir nrvv sprlnsr .shades .Silk o^er the knre "nosahx fashioned, pure knee all rolorv, (he pair <trhe i Smartest Styles in Spring Hats here—Smart silk and combinations, crochetted Visra.s and all silk silk. s!!k o>er knee 40c Spring Dresfe Prints 35c Itcaifliiul, dalBtr patterns, ligbt or dark grounds 1)000 yards— i ;ist uolo.n*. I'.UACE nntC. C0.1IP.\!fY , (.'. >V. Lawrence, Proi>. $1.25 ' Hoover'Aprons ; 89c With Dotch neefc. made of fine qaallty uniform cloth Children'aF«®Bisiery A »Ig ColoriMl •Balloon Free With Erery Fair. Silk Plaited, plain ribbed or fency plAId iftACkliigf^

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