The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 26, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 12
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12 THE BAKERSFIELD GALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1933 EDUCATIONAL 'CAKTOONS* HUMOROUS' CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON %& MALE (?P(ZZ1V SEAI2., F1NO* iM<3 A HONrriNo RAMOK'TO HIS LIKING,, WRITES HIS CHALVENGfe WITH HISCXAWSONTHETPONK OF A TWBB Aff HKSH AS HE CAN REACH, OTHEtt MALES P.49SIN© THXT WA.V ALSO CLAW THE aA«K, Btnr IF ONABLE TO REACH THE MARKS ALREADY THERE /THBV 00 NOT LIN<?ER. LOMQ. 12^' ._ OSTRICH DOES BORV ITS HEAO FOR. peoTBCTION, SOT FOR. THE PURPOSE OF -^ OBTAINING WATER- " WHICH. .IN PLACES, IS NEAP. THE SURFACE. C//bk_j >_-fc^fc^ SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "Mrs. Broema I* here, now. You know Mrs, Broome—the woman who suffers so from corns." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (HEAD THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Pltturei by Klni) A S' ALL the Tinles worked awny, one of them said, "It's Just like play. I guess that we are going to prove we're real good cooks, at that. "I've whipped the eggs up. They're a. sight. I'll Bhortly scramble them just right. I only hope that nothing that we plan on turns out flat." Another Tiny said, "Well, gee! Please give some credit, lads, to me. I've set the little table, putting things •where they belong. "Five places! See? We won't need more. The hound can eat upon the floor. If we all keep on going like this, nothing will go wrong. * • • "You're right," said Bcouty. "We are good! But now, we need a little wood to build a fine fire in the stove, so we can start to cook. "I think that Duncy can do that. He's merely sut and sat and sat." Then Duncy jumped up to his feet and Bald. "All right, I'll look!" Outside he found a big woodpile. He brought a load in, with a smile. "I'll make the fire," said Scouly. "Then we'll know it won't go out." "You HOI', I've trained for days and day*, to safely make a real fine blaze. That's Just ono of the things I've learned through being a Boy Scout. It wasn't very long until the meal was ready. What a thrill! ,Iu«t at the proper time the hunter walked in through thn door. "Well, well! 1 hn shouted. "What a hunch. I sea you huvo prepared some lunch. Como, let's sit down and eat until wo can't eat any inoro." "I knew the hound would bring you hero and now you lads have brought me cheer." And then they started eating. Then the whole bunch heard a cry. •Twaa Coppy, and with quite a strain, he yelled, "Look through that window pane." They did, and »aw. a bear's face In the window, right nearby. JUICY FRUIT r GUM M-187 KEPT RIGHT IM CELLOPHANE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THE. WORRV WART ei*u*vNiAMMvtec.Me.i«Q.u.«.MT.orr. l- OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN WELL,THIS WONT TAK-E LONG/-SOON AS 1 COIL MY BOA CONSTRICTOR HOLD ' ON YOU, IT'LL JUST BE A MATTER OF A FEW SEeONt>S,TMEN THINGS WILL <SOT3LA,CK, AN 1 VOU\L SL\PTX>WN LIKE A BUSTED VEH/-••*-WAIT TILL I <5ET A, MEAT> LOOC ON VOU AH" START TU/CT T?PT} NlO^fc I ™r^i rt*&*^* i^fN^^ycr OF VOURS WILL. TLVRN GREEN — -^-JUST LIKE THFlOWlN<o A Tt AILROAD SWITCH, ALL TWO OUT FALLS— TVA" BEST MAN WIN IF TlA 1 JOISTS OUT? =2* e= im HE COLUSIOSi . «. POT, orr. e IKK> »v no tcwci. INC. t-ZC THE GUMPS Officer, Do Your Duty! By SIDNEY SMITH MAMA LEFT TWE BROOCH >NITH HIM fQ*. SECURITY WHILE SHE6ETS THE BILL. MAbA/A WOYO THAT BJCL 6R WEEKS THE , FOR MILLIE'* SHE kS A COONTERPIETER ^_ ON HER XA.Y TO THE PAWN SHOP TO BORROW „ HEIR ANOTHER'S BROOCH SHE PICKED UP As POCKET BOOK CONTAINING A THOUSANP BILL-- COUNTERFEIT BEEN ON 1ME LOOKOUT m *1W6 MARKET \NIYH COUMtERFEIT MOKJ6V- THREE MINUTES EUKPSE DARTEI> FROM THE DOOR, CLAIMED HE HAbTO 1AV HANDS ON ONE 01= THEM- THtT TO DIVIDE IT — BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ferdy Plays Safe! By MARTIN SO COVD \'M T\\' H06T «£ 001 V^HIO. u. s. PAT, orr; e i»»3 iv MIA WMVICE. INC. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Close Call! By BLOSSER 15 THE TWI5TIM& WATEOSPOIK SE.LKCECF, BILLY BOW LEGS, WITH BIFLE IW HAWD, BCACEO HIM SELF OKJ I HOPE SO-THI5 15 THE VVOB6T I'VE EVEJ2 SEEW-I WOMDEG / HEM2D WHAT BILLY WAKJTED \SHOT JUST WITH THAT CIFLE ? / THEM GOSH, OklCLE HABRY- THIS IS AWFUL I'M SETTIM6- ALL BAVJ6ED UP — D'YA THIWK. WE HAVE A CHANGE? ...AMOTHERONE THAT WU5T BE BILLY BOWLE&5, SHOOTIWG- THAT CIFLE OF YOUDS .'/ WHY .'THE. BOAT'S \ YOO'BE. BI&HT- 5TE.AOV.... SHEy HMM--THI& is ISM'T COLUMG- f(JOTHIW& 5HOCT LIKE. SHE WAS///OF A MIPACLE — I WOUDEB WHAT HAPPENED THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Permanent Guests! By Cowan ISN'T THAT TOO BAD? WE'LL BUY VOU ANOTHER ONE, COUSIN GLADYS- CASSIE \S SO PLAYFUL- SHE DIDN'T MEAN TO \T IN THE. HECK AWE. THEY SOME PELATIONS Of MINC- t PEMEMBER V)E^T?tNC THE NAME, BUT t DON'T KNOW THEM. FPOM ADAM—AND THEIP BRAT BPOKE OOP LOVELV LVTTLE LAMP \ BUT THEY EXPECT TO STAY HEBE! HE'S BECN ASKING ABOUT A BEDROOM 1 . WHAT CAN WE DO ? T'S BAD ENOUGH WHEN A MEMBER OF VOUR OWN FAMILY SMASHES THIN&.S APOUND THE HOUSE, SO VOU CAN IMAGINE HOW COUSIN GEPTIE'S CHIUO STOOD WITH GLADYS, AFTEP SHE. HAD SCIMM&LED THEIP NEW READING LAMP GET RID OF THEM II

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