The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 18, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1933
Page 4
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tHI HiALVMH LfeAOfeft, MALVEiai, KJW/L WAY IE tf§l Dr. and Mr*. I. 0. Parsons and* John Intel was over from Hast- soa. George, drove to De* Motees f tags Sato-day attending the sale early Thursday morning *here j atsd greeting old time friends. Mr. the doctor attended tbe sessions f tm«l. as OUT readers may remem- . *0«* RH** r*»ort* ft* of a d***hter to Mr. sad ; 9n. 6. ». Artwbnr* «wrt»*«t ; «f Glenwood. SttMar. May " jWe extend congratalstloa*. & J. Anderson we* on in* O*ah* «**« wlfi i fesrfl of hogs urn Friday that did pretty Sign*!* Courte*?, Make for Safety . et tic Iowa State Medical Society i ber, met with a very severe ae- IB their eighty-second annual ses-j eldest early last winter when be — «._ _. ---- * .„- — ., They ret anted the same Bight Fred Dnrbia and Earl Shook were on the Omaha market breaking his see*, sad paralys- ing the upper part of Ms body Thursday moraing with twenty- is and his arms for a long time. He m» * ««* 8* * Serte* e* »-afwaHt. OB the enwtt <rf aflio-oolHJe s*ie*ieajt w**3* te Jan. «•»**« tbe fleam <s* 1»,9W and injnrl** to more than WMW *a»riiMH.IIIH Tina frilim-ili i» T-r'nf ai.anrf *h* TKtTWitffriftT. r t it tttt A .'.JMfcfct^ ia «M .**K4«* t&kK. ««». - .* »c,.aOTtii&fc. Is fvof0aio£ of ..EKj^HPlmtiitaJ rSMulioJoRy in jfafiBii KQip- ^C*^?f»ttJi,^tte«r«. SM^iegdJ* Chairman of tbe Comadttee OB fin'" J TJSjShwfcy fl^ HSfe AfttiMtnfcl ^ttiNHkx'cli OiWHsdL Oflws* ftft3c$6B wfl -«••-—•• Note). ea***r of I*. mump, t^ottmat of ErpwfflMttU! r»ycfto*>ty, to*** ±m^j ^«^a <BQ^T«« m t v j^^^uaa«»ar ^«W*M and they sold for the day's top of the market, I4.ZS. , - ft Mr. and Mrs. H. i. Beatoa. Mr. j Competwrt drtrers »«*e* fait to j is well Bade* *«y- « t*e dr*rer tA Mi*. A. P. Kflntartln. Mr. •^-_ .^luuiib ** 4*^* t^i^^i.-^- *« e»aaot maaipalate th* steering wheel with one haad while hold- the other arm oat. that is . a Jot better now and *uui?uaj iuvi uau^ "*j»-u iwcsftj-! la secu&g • KTi DOHCr BOw um s*ren bead of fat steers which! can ase Us beads quite a bit and ' —*—• * - ^--» ~— at aa eVea $« per haadred, They averaged about 1670 each aad had made a alee gala since they were pat oa feed. Mr. Shook estimates that at that price the Cora trey fed them broaght them abont fifty cents per bushel. Paal- soa t Wise trucked them up for them. 1* M. Kliae of East Deer Creek was IB towa Satarday. Ensmett Cardiff sad J. B. James from soath of Emerson were la towa Friday aad Mr. James made oar office a pleasant call. Mr. James Is farming the W. A, Laag farm soath of Em-, ersoB aad already had one hsa-l SB * ***** - dred acres of corn planted to f *** *°* ot gets around a good deal like his old self. Looks BOW like Bis re- eoTery would be complete. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hill of Hamburg drore np Friday afternoon and risited orer night ia tfce acme of Dr. Tatw, W. Gidley. Mr. HU1 left Satarday morning for Chicago mad Mrs. fllll returned the same day to Ham bar*. B. E. GldJer of Strahan was ia town Satarday ehoppJng and attending the sale. aad Mrs. A. P. Kilmartia. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Perdew, aad Mr. and Mrs. A. Karich attended the American t*gion and Amerjean Legion Antliiary district eoBrea- tion and banquet at Glenwood las* Wednesday erentng. Tho*e attending the afternoon meeting of the Aoiiliary w«re: Mrs. W. D. MeCatishind, Mr*. W. D. Slothower. Mrs. Jane Fickel, and Mrs. 3. Jr. SwalB. Mr. and Mrs. L. t. Henry Bad SOB motored to Exira Friday to fit felatires. H. B. Wilcoi was orer from Glenwood Saturday attending the warn other* of Uheir hsteatfons to ehange tbetf wnrses or to reduce theft speeds to any important %«n»> SIWCWEB 19 viy impOTTsab C2- utfi tire v^acr Brra vat.* i.u«% xa tent tTiere ire, aowerer. it great gnfflcient eridence that he is driT- many drfr«ra who make left; Ing at unsafe speed or is other- tBfas, or etof or slow down sad- ] wise incompetent to drive. No denly. wnfc ao attempt to warn 'matter what the system of sig- ».,^__^ *i^m.^ ..^^ ^__* sale. Misses Geaevieve Wright and Randolph Atkinson Winifred Atkinson of ivislted Miss Maxine C. W. Davies from west oft Monday, towa was ia Satarday. Charlie his following trail*. Some depend entirely on their stop lights; but their stop tight* often have goae oat of commission without their knowing it. Mlfior damage occurs freqaently through failure to signal Intention*, aad more serious disaster is always possible, in some state*, failure to give warning is merely a discourtesy, but It should be regarded as a more serious offense. There has been some difficulty IB agreel&g oa an adequate system Of haatf signals, tn general B*lliag »»y be, K is well ia *By that all it aeeded was the good Barvje Doagla* from sooth o rain we had that day sad * little I Emer*oa *** Ia town Satarday warmer weather. Mr. Jaaies said I _ *"*• SMB Masters west to is ia Satarday. Charlie I tern of head sirtwu tn teneral Po^d ChiB« are doing J Misses £*»**«*«• Clark JtB ?^^J ffJ^-J^TS.* rear and that he has a;"* {Jr. and Mrs. HoTaw ;NmgelJ^ ^ ^ ^^j o{ imp0r > '^^jsrsiSL a-sa.Kp'Sff sx^iisti**^ er. r. aaes sa en o that the cat worms seem rery j Cleswood Saturday afternoon to ,f 1 with their brother, James Clark sad family north of Glenwood. Mr. aad Mrs. Max Beaton o mach IB erldenc* aad woaW doabtkcs do a lot ot damage ir Metier Day with Mr. and George Masters. Henderson visited IB the borne o; the Istter's parents, Mr, sad Mrs. J. R. Hurst, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Binnall are moring this week into the L. E. Smith residence In east Malvern recently vacated by the Rosen* «*«* o««^._ «_ 7, •,-—.- •«*«» itut «rs. r V^KBBT s i feld*. sad Sunday, by mall oa ra- paresu, Mr aad Mrs. J D, Liste. I ral routes only. This offer limit-* " » Mrs. Alma Simpson of Chicago ed. Bead fa year order TODAT.i *«. Frark Mlstte xsd aaa«fe-fcame ia recently sad Is keeping «tf.jter, Darie®*, froa #nBr imarlboa** for her brother, J. H. Mr. and Mrs. Baton Teaaaat, s Hliisdale were ia fiitnr-asy ***;Sa*re, IB his pleasant home In Mrs. H. E. Boyer. sad Mr. aadjc* 31 *^ »* ****»«, u»fe ntaerjp-eecthwest Malvera, as she makes Mrs. Dale Dyke aad baby drove; tiOB *»d at tfee wow t*s6* *»A£ • iias an extended visit- Jack says to Omaha Saturday morning sod!* 018 * »J«a*amt list*** *Jw*s Tfer,'ta*t it Is mighty alee to have speat tbe day In tbe city. Raymond Trively from soatb of towa was in Friday aad called to tell us we bad missed seadiag them the paper this week although he wu paid np until next year. We do make mistake* her* sometime* bat are always glad to rectify them. SUMMER NTS L«te«t Creatioos Men's aad Young Men's Pants 98c - $1.15 $1.95 to $4.85 Ducks, Seersuckers, Crashes, Linens, Flannells and Salt Pants Beau Bmmmell Latest Patterns in Soft Collar Dress Shirts white included $1.00 Glover Plain and Fancy 59c TIES New Spring aad Summer 14eat Patterns featuring New Check Plaids and Stripes. J. E. RandcrsoB Clothier Leader which w»r* 'dated. Dr. The*. W eriaary board. Miss Gladys GmHaad aad Earl Pace spent Sunday with the former's parent*. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. GiUiland, near Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Randenon speat Tuesday in Omaha OB bus- ness. Arthur C. Cammlngs of Tabor was In Malvera Monday and purchased a fine new watch at the Smith Jewelry store. slater aad brother-in-law. Mr. aad Mrs. Chester Carey. While there she made tbe acquaintance of the new niece, Carolyn Jeane, bora May II. Mr. and Mrs. L. k. Vanatta aad Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Allely and sons of Randolph were Sunday visitors In the H. O. Allely home. Miss Hatel Donaer came ia from Chicago Thursday where I she has spent the past winter and [ will spend a week vigjtiag relatives and friends In this vicinity. Betty, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Henderson northwest of Marrera, was taken very sick with appendicitis Monday and accompanied by her parents aad her grandmother, Mrm. R. K. Henderson, and Dr. John Kliae, she was takes to the Ed- mn&dson hospital Monday afternoon and operated OB the eanie evening about & o'clock. She stood the operation well and ju latest report was Improvtog nicely John Aistrope from down Tabor way was up Saturday *tMaid- ing tbe sale at the sale bam. W, G. Gregory ot Ts.bor w&* in MaJvers Saturday greetiitg old friends. , C- P. Kioney cam* over , ] Glenwood Tuesday t« «u>»d i funeral of Mr*. George jand remained for » few hoars SvUU with Malvent •erne one about the house again who knows how. Quite a number from here at' the funeral of Mrs. George In Randolph Tuesday afternoon. She was especially well known to our people who came from southeast of town and tbe Strahan neighborhood. Miss Mildred Nlms aad Mrs. William Rarrtmaa and son, William, of Council Bluffs accompanied their mother, Mrs. Henry Nlms. to her home at Strahan for a weeks visit. Mrs. Ntms has been at the Harrtman home assisting In the care ot the new grandson while Mr. Harrlman is dotax ml}|. »*— _»__.• _. . .7 •" • ' ~ i therefore be Immediately on their guard. This system is satisfactory bat coald be Improved, la some states, the arm Is required to be extended hortsoataiiy for a ten tarn. 4 & degrees or more below the horizontal for a stop or pro* Bounced slowing, and 45 degrees or more above the horizontal for a right turn. Kama* Aettoaw Prodactag Death DlNCI'l Ptmetlce «C Oarefal Driven This system is theoretically ex- oellent, bat la practice has seri- oas danger. For example: a driver extends his arm at an angle somewhat below the horisoataJ. .—-^ ._. . ^ammimmiiismmm^ DEARDORFPQ OROCERY *^ Dicky Elliott of Bloaey Is visiting his grandparents, Mr. aad Mrs, Frank CharehilL J. N. "Summers sad SOB. Jamie. »ad J. F. Wearin sad SOB, Ed. drove to Atlantic yesterday morn- lag to attend the Hopley sale of Aagas cattle, Marion Keraey and son, Clar- eaee, and Mm, EWe Keraey and dsaghter. Josie, drove to Oakland yesterday to attend the funeral ot s brother-in-law of Mr, Keraey. F. E. Mulhollaad was la Omaha Thnnday oa business connected wits big store. . Mrs. G. S. Eacrett had as her; luncheon gaest Tuesday, Mrs. Raymond Gearhan of Omaha. Mr. Cearhan is owner of the wrt I^Bber company here they were in Malvera for the day, Mr. sad Mrs. Guy Breeding and Gerald aad Mrs. O. JU Kline left yesterday morning for Chicago where the Breedings will visit their daughters, Itene sad Mildred, aad their *imfl(e*. Their von. Harold, is also there dote* •ome specisl work at the World's Fair buildings so tt wTO be some* thlag of a family reunion. Mrs. Kttae wfll go on up to l*ke 4** aevs, Wls. and vlstt a week with her sister. Mrs. A. G. lAwrfas, Mr. aa4 Mrs, A, 8. Marshall a»4 Mrs, Marshall visited ia the HP fcBl'-WMW^' •«.w »»«»*. f jj^^^^^^^% to pass on the left Just as tbe preceding driver begins s left turn, with resulting disaster. Careful drivers, where this system is in vogae. never take the signals literally, hot merely as- same that something is going to happen, and watch carefully to- see what it win be, m certain states still different systems hare been tried, oat The proper rule. In any case. is to extend the arm .well out of the ear. aad beginning sufficiently early to give the following driver time to take precautions. Moreover, the arm should not be quickly thrust out and drawn back, as ia flicking the ashes off a cigar; but it should be kept extended uatil tbe turn or stop ease, however, for following drivers to proceed csBtionsly by tbe car which seems to be stopping or making a right tarn, for there win never be a time when all drivers are competent In some matters as giving proper hand signals. WiM* Weatfee* to Bad The greatest difficulty arises In cold or rainy weather, when cars have their windows closed. Holding up the haad Inside the car is never an assurance ot safety. In a rain, the greatest of caution, a&d the assumption that the driver ahead may do almost anything at say time, are necessary, it is probable that before long all cars will be required to be equipped with external signalling devices, operated from inside, bat considerable Improvement a&d stand- ardisation Is required before such a step can be taken. If a driver is certain that his stop light is working properly he may reasonably omit the hand signal for stopping. The most careful driven, however, while keeping the stop light la the best possible condition, do not omit the hand signals. These signals are Important not only tor following drivers, but also for those approaching In the opposite direction, aad are often vital for pedestrians. The pedestrian caught in the middle of the street needs to know if the approaching ear is about to make a turn, or Is to stop, aad the hand signal is as clear to him as it ia to the driver of another car. The stop light can be seen neither by the pedestrian nor by the driver of the car going in the opposite direction. One of the most irritatiag perversities ot Incompetent drivers is the habit of pulling suddenly out from a parallel parkins; spate without warning. When a goat Golfer* Lets Omaha ifi After defemtlBg them on tie local course the Falrview Country dub golf team of Mafvern lost to the Municipal University of Omaha team la a doal Match on the Dundee coarse in Omaha test Wednesday, the tally was S to t, Stanley Putnam and Art Uad- berg turning ia 82 each for lows ot the day. Summaries: Putnam, Omaha, defeated Redenbangh. Malvera, S-0; LJndberg. Omaha, defeated Doaner, Malvern, *-»; Wilcox, Omaha, defeated stiver*. Malvern, 2-0; Sherman, Omaha, and Boyer. Malvern, tied. 1-i; Mai- bolbtad, Malvern, defeated Anthes, Omaha, 2-0, has to swerve suddenly endaager- Ing his own car and those of others. In drawing out of a parallel parking space, the driver should wait until there is a lull In pass- lac traffic, and then extend his arm exactly as for a left turn, and draw out slowly. Goats have no place la street or highway. Hendertxm Team Lotet to Malvern The Malvern high school defeated the Henderson nigh kitten ball tea on the local diamond Wednesday 13 to 1. There were foar players on the local team tlelng for high batting averages each with two runs to their credit Wilkinson had the high* est average for the Henderson team with the same number. Friday will end the scheduled' season for the Orioles, They will play the Emerson high school on their diamond. The local tea win probably then play any pick-up games that they can* get Holden Wins Shot Put at T« J, Meet Carl Holden, the oriole one- man track team, won first in the shot-put event at Thomas Jefferson In Council Bluffs Saturday. He hurled the little brass ball 44 feet 9% inches to claim first place. He is now entitled to go to Ames to the State Track meet, held next Saturday. All Malvern should be proud of bis record as] be ranks abont fourth among the men of the state who are eagaged In putting the shot to great dls- tances. Silver City to Circuit Ta* Hfcfr«f& fete* school Wt- ten bad team defeated tbe Em. er**» »§* tta eft tfttt epptmeat'g diamond, it to i Monday The local tea blanked *&e toes in every fatrinf except the foarth, and then only allowed them tbefr thre* rasa. There was ao debate over who was the high batting average ana on the Emerson team te- canse Patrick* ftntchings, and Davis wete the only ones able to score. Write, Connor, and Jackson tied tor high average among tbe local boys, each having two scores to tfcdt credit FaieJ pitched his assal great game to the »omr* of ate opponent* Tatt game ends the scheduled season Of kitteaball for tbe local ten. although there taay be a few non-scheduled games before tbe school year Is finished. Malvern ranks second la the later-school klttenball league, Hastings being first. MEAT Graduate Nine f •'.v^^^fSnf^i'^f^fiff^f'r Years Class; ' Gnulo- „ ate May 17 Silver City high school commencement activities are OB this week. There are nine to graduate this year: flve boys aad four The Growing Child Needi Meat, the Body Builder YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE THE BEST The BEST OF MEATS at Our __^ Rood old and Alfalfa Ramsay MacDoosId aad M. Harriot hare cone back home without putting anything over on Uncle Sam, bat wait till he plays a return game on their home grounds. With the salary of its mayor eat to $30,000 a year. New York City may be said to be entering upon a period of Jeffersoalaa simplicity, metropolitan model.— Boston Transcript. *""•" ""•''' ' ' , .. . Joy ft. CogeUr, Pastor W« trast th» t yoi f §w aa| getting the d«i>y BJhto rft4lBC. f|'|s Corinthian*. FroftHtljr "If to the asstgameat irtD pa Qa}«* tl^ajsc* SJ 1 * ' " •* Swvtces wst, Soa«ay will be •jfcStew* faadarlSMt'a* Jf "Ths best KeaslaxtOB wW meet wit* Mr*,- John Bacon. Chris- it * Christian, That Is » f«c4 which mas cannot get over." Drnmrnoad, and a fine class they are. The senior class play was given last Friday evening to a fine audience who were well pleased with the presentation of "Home Again Harry." The Baccalaureate services were held Sunday night, May 14. and the address was given by Rev, Mr. Scott of the Baptist church. Tbe commencement exercises will be held at the opera house Wednesday. May IT. at 8 p. m.. with Mr, Merrill ot Neols, delivering the address, Nine seniors will receive their diplomas as follows; Stuart Anderson. Geneva Anderson. Donald Hays. Bernice Horton Edward Jlrovsky, WlUI»m Merk. Irene Parman. gidon SebulU, and Ulllan Talboy. The elaaa day exercises will be held in the high school auditorium Friday. May 19, »t 10 a. ». OB Thursday eveala* Supt. goes to Deloit. his for- met home, to give the s4dre»s to the gradnstlng class there. Good enough for the youngsters and won't hurtlae old folk. Fine Juicy Steak, ID. ________ _. _20c Pork Chops. Ib. 12c Pure Pork Sausage, Ib. . loc Fresh Hamburger. Ib. lOc Bulk Peanut Butter, Ib. lOc Hemz Split Sweet Pickles,, dog. — —IQc City Meat Market Iowa Open Nichl and Day and

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