The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1894
Page 9
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A Gentleman ftbo formerly resided In Connecticut, but %ho now resides In Honolulu, writes: "for 20 years past, my wile and 1 have used Ayer'f Hnlr Vigor, and we attribute to It the dark hair which she and t now have, while bun* dreds ol our acquaintances, ten or a dozen years younger than we, are either gray-headed, white, or bald. When [ asked how our halt has retained Its color and fullness, we reply,'By theuseutAyer'illair Vigor-nothing else.'" "In 1M8, my Affianced nearly bald, and the hair > kept falling out every day. I I Induced her to use Aytr'i Hair Vigor, and very soon, It not • only checked any further loss of hair, but ' produced an entirely nov; growth, which has remained luxuriant and glossy to this day. I can recommend this preparation to all In -need ot a genuine hair-restorer. It Is all • that It Is claimed to be."—Antonio Alamo, Baitrop, Tex, AVER'S HAIR VIGOR CALIFORNIA And all Pitpifio Coast sod Paget Bound pointn are reached comfortably and quickly via Palnoe Drawing Room Sleeping Oars nod Tourist Sleepers leave • Ohicage daily and ran tbrongh to Sail Franoisco without change. Personally ConH'^ted Excursions In Tourist Bleeping Oaro leave OUioago every Ttinraday. Bate for .a completely equipped berth from Ohiotigo to Sun Francisco, Los Augules or Portland only 84 00. Passengers from points 'went and northwest ot Chicago can joiu tbese oxonrsionfl en route. Yarinble route excursion tickets at Rreally reduced rates. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION APPLY TO AGENTS CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTF.RN R'Y OR ADDRCM, Gen. Puns, aa1 Ticket Agent CHICAGO. lit Day, 15th Day, THE GREAT "ssrar RE VIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a ell Man of Me. SOtb *" "" *" M-»-« I produces the above results ln'30 days. It acts powerfully and quickly. Oyreu when all otuere fall. Young man will rogalu tlielr lost manhood, and old '"S£?«r wm rocov ° 1 ' tllc1 '' youthful vigor by using BKVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nervousness, Lost Vitality. Iinpotonoy, Nightly Emissions, Cost Power, lalllng Momory, Wastlnn Diseases, ana • 111 offbota ot BoK-abUBo or eseoi>nai)d Indiscretion, which unfits ono for «' ucly, business or marriage. It not only cures by starting at the neat of disease, but le a great nerve tnnio and blooU builder, bringing back tho pink (flow to pale cheek* and re storing the Ore ol youth. It wards off Insanity • and Consumption, Insist on having BKVIVO, no sther. It can bo carried in vest pocket. By mall, •l-OO per package, or sli (or •a.oo, with a poal »tlve written Kuurnntee to cure or refund the money. Circular free. Addreu •OVAL MEDICINE CO.. 63 filter St., CHICAGO. IU For Sale at Carroll, I own, by J. W., Druggist. QIG REVENUE RECEIPTS. Aid Coming to the Treasury li Only Temporary. GOLD RESERVE 13 INCREASING CAvcAlojIWJL COPYRIGHTS. "I TAKENO OTMBH. Itteth* BRIT. Tair* In nothing JUST A* WOP. Due to Weftt.«rn Demntirl for Small Wntw to Harvest Crops—Error* In Ilia N«« Tariff mil — Senate tack* » Qnorun f|nav Improve* tilt Privilege—Cleveland Kennlicn Wnshington. WASHINGTON, Aug. 2H.—Receipts from internal revtnue sources continue to bt abnormally large with every prospect o( continuing so until the new tariff bill goes into effect. During the last seven working days, from Aug. IIS, the receipts have reached the unprecedented sum of $11,000,122 and it is confidently expected that by next Saturday night al midnight when the new act will become operative, the aggregate receipts for the preceding 10 days will have reached $15,- OpO.Otm. These large receipts under the circumstances are deprecated by the treasury officials who liken the situation to the poor man paying 10 per cent pet month for money upon which to live. The reason for this is that the aid coming to the treasury is only temporary at best and will add to the deficit later on for every gallon of whisky now being withdrawn the government sooner or later is bound to 'lose 20 cents. Gold Keserve Slowly Increasing. As soon as the tariff bill goes into operation the receipts from this source are expected to drop down to a merely nominal amount and so continue for some months until the great supply now being laid in is exhausted. These abnormal receipts have swelled the cash balance of the treasury to nearlv (131,000,000. At the same time the gold reserve is slowly increasing until it has reached about 154,000,000. This increase is due almost wholly to the western demand for small notes with which to harvest the crops. Under the terms of the special Circular issued by the United States treasury in June'last, small notes are exchanged only for gold and very substantial sums are now being received from this source. The demand for small notes has not yet set in from the south, but the movement of cotton now beginning is expected to bring in considerable sums of gold, so that for the present at least, the embarrassments which have threatened the treasury, have passed by. ERRORS IN THE NEW "TARIFF BILL. Only Three That Will Give Officera of the Treasury Any Concern. WASHINGTON, Aug. 23.—The executive and engrossing clerks of the senate have been comparing the statements of errors in the new tariff bill made in various papers and say there are only three errors that need give officers of the treasury any concern. These are tho paragraphs relating to free admission of alcohol in the arts, the diamond schedule and, perhaps 1 , the omission of a period in the paragraphs relating to stamping foreign manufactures. Even in tho cnso of diamonds, they believe the construction placed will bo that intended by congress, and they will pay the duty imposed on precious stones. As to the other errors enumerated, it is stated by the clerks that by no system of construction can the alleged mistakes in punctuation be made to either impose higher duties or allow the free admission of articles named. Members of the finance committee are of the same opinion. • Senate Luck* n Quorum. WASHINGTON, Aug. ^8.—No business was transacted during tho short session Wednesday., Attention was called to the absence of a quorum within five minutes after the vice president rapped for order and from then to 1:30 o'clock, when the senate went into executive session, that body was in a state of suspended animation, The lust of the appropriation bills—tho general deficiency —was signed by the vice-president anil now awaito the president's signature to become a law. DEFY BISHOP BONACU Hastings Catholics Hold an I dignation Meeting. THEY APPEAL TO MQR. SATOLL: Several? Condemn the Bishop For Hemming Father English—Claim It Wait Dun For Revel,ge—Committee Sent to \Vnsl Ington to Lay the Hatter Before tin Papal Delegate. • . • HASTINGS, Neb,, Aug. 83.—The Iron', with Bishop Ponacum of Lincoln am the priests of this diocese broke out anou here Wednesday night when an indignn tion meeting was held at St. Cecilias church to take measures to prevent the removal of Father English. He was opposed to the bishop in the Corbett case and they claim that Bonacuin ordered him to an obscure location for re venge. They sent a committee to Washington to confer with Mgr. Satolli. A committee on resolutions presentee a series of resolutions setting out Fathei English's life in Hastings for the last years; how he had won the love and re> spect of Catholics and Protestants; how he had increased the value of the church property fully f 1A.OOO, and detailing the manner in which he incurred the enmity of the bishop of tho diocese. A speedy and full trial of the charges, if any existed, was demanded as a righi of the priest and his congregation. A petition to Mgr. Satolli was also drawn up and signed by nil present. Mess;a. J. C. Stevens and Tom Brcunan were ap> pointed delegates to present tho memorial and resolutions to Satolli and funds for their transportation immediately raised. Red Oluiul Itoy Hurt. BED CLOUD, V Nob., Aug. 28,—Eight- year-old Roy Rife fell on a pitchfork One tine passed entirely through hie body, penetrating his lungs. He is resting easy, with a possibility of recovery. For the Flout Convention. BEATRICE, Neb., Aug. VS.—Tho Democratic float convention for the Thirty- third representative district, consisting of Saline and Qage counties, will bo held in this city Sept. 11. Alnska I'ostiuiMtor Appointed. WASHINGTON, Aug. ii».—A chungo in one of the few postoinces in Alaska was made when Fourth Assistant Postmaster General Maxwell appointed William King Lear postmaster at Fort Orange, vice Lydia Thomas, resigned. The compensation of the office is $353 a year. As there are only It) offices iu Alaska, appointments in that territory average one in six mouths. Quay Improves Ills I'rlvlltige, WASHINGTON, Aug. 8)J.— The Congressional Record contains 8ft pages of Senator Quay's speech which has been inserted uudir tho leave to print granted several weulu ago. Cleveland Benches Washington. WASHINGTON, Aug. 8U. — President Cleveland reached Washington at M:46 night. Gongr*MiuBU lloliuitu tUnoiulnitlcd. 8mci4JYViLUt, lud,, Aug. 88,— Con- gromuau William H. Holutan wa» re- nominated in thU, the Fourth dUtriot, on the firat ballot. Hall, DO votetwd Holuian, ie«. At the «iuiraUou of Uiia term Holinan will' have been a number of ooug row 80 yean, IVJ3W tal WM UUAH Write ,Vr 0wr Xttv J«r*w JEM. IT* will «»* LUDWIQ BftOB,, lew* Wllbhtld vinua Vall*ot«d. , Aug. »«,— Juatio* of the P«*oe Row W, LatolMw U short |I,(XM In bin aooounto with tb* oonn»y, aooora- tai to the report filed by Eipert Ac- oouutant GUater. The report »bow> Iu0 withheld OHM oolleoted f rout women. Thief liound Over, HASTINGS, Neb,, Aug. 2.S.—Ebonezoi Lawrence, the milk wagon driver who robbed bis employer nud flod to Michigan, wai bound over to the district court. Kansas Pralrlea on Fire, WICHITA, Kan., Aug. 38.—A special says that miles upon miles of the Kickapoo country are on fire, the reflection ol which can be seen for 40 miles. The gross in some places along the valleys was five feet high and the blazo is terrible in consequence. It is said the In- diuns set the country on fire purposely, with a foolish hope of keeping out wuita •nttlem at the owning in Ootobur. Oorbett-Jaekaou Mill. PIERRK, 8. D., Aug. 9H.—Gfforte ar< being made by New York parties to find out if the governor will interfere will the Corbett-Jacksou mill if attempted iu this state across the line from Sioux City, la. The penalty in thia state it only for a misdemeanor. _. and appears to have been drowned about four days. • Hyatt For Judge. WEBSTER CITY, la., Aug. 88.—The Democratic judicial convention named Hon. W, B. Hyatt of this city for district judge. Dr. Graeaer For Congress. LEMARS, la., Aug. SJ3.—The Eleventh district Democratic convention nominated for congress Dr. Bernard Oraeser of Battle Creek. I-V , W4T«wyoo, !•„ Aug. »U.-B»f, A, ft DMbtr, PopulUt c*»di4ate for oon- ° CITV, Mo., Aug. 88,-The ia»iwd A nrooliMMiliAit rtv nroo que»tu»g the objervajwe ol Sent, tt «• ' er. PWWWVBQ, Aug, M.-TM ma ta i«fer% frw iuftwuw. Recognition CIIAUTAUO.UA, N. Y., Aug. 28,— Wednesday was Recognition Day a' Chautauqua, when the claw of '04 won graduated and tho member* reoeivtx their diplouian. The addrew wai deliv ered by Dr, Edward Everett Hale of Boaton. Tu Healor* Wag**. LOWUJU, Mail., Aug. 88.— Tho operative* in the bowoll Manufacturing com pauy (oarnet milU) have been notified that if the new tariff bill became a law the 10 per oeut out down of la»t Febru •ry would immediately be nstored. ALBANY, N. Y-, Aug. iW,~Th« Wa» nw Palace Car company nled in the railroad oomiuiffioDer'n office thel( anuuaj report, wbiob ihown gtoa» evniog* ol A«g. foi> tbo here iwd to Major ^bat»fpr Qougr«n», about 18 yew. oid, d,rk ha4r, Demise of Reporter Freeman. SRHINOFIELD, Aug. 28. — Hon. Norman L. Freeman, for 3t) years reporter foi the Illinois supreme court, is dead. COWARDLY MURDERERS CAPTURED. Offlcera Arrest the Supposed Assassins ol John 8. Frnxer, Knnsits Cattle Dealer. KANSAS Crrv, Aug. U3.— A special tc The Journal from Sedan, Kan., says: After a lapie of four years the cowardly murderers of John 8. Frazw, a promr noht cattle dealer of this county, hav« been captured. They are all prominent farmers or business men living in this vicinity and the news of their arrest has caused a sensation. Their names are Theodore F. Cox, Mark McBee, William Licklister, John R. and Elmer Coz. Theodore Cos is a blacksmith of Howard, Kan., McBee is a druggist in the same town, John Cox, a brother of Theodore, is a hardware merchant at Moline, Kan., Elmer, another brother, is a prom inent citizen of Clinton, Mo., while Lick- lister has been working at a etrawboarc factory at Muuoie, Ind, The erime with which tho men are charged was one of the most cold blooded ever committed in Kansas. In 18W, W. H. Gibson and J«Vm 8. Frazer were partners in an extensive cattle business in Chautauqua. They imported 1,4«9 head of Texns steers, to which nearby ranch- en objected, fearing they would spread 11 iS!« fover. Gibson & Frazer refused >u removed the cattle, however, and in coiumqnence wore threatened with death. They paid no heed to the threats, but in May of that year Gibson was found dead in a hotel at Moliuo, Kan. In June Frazer was missed and after a long search his body, covered with knife cuts, was found in a neighboring stream, Gibson's death was thought to have been caused by heart disease, but the finding of Frazer's body led to the murder theory. Since then search for the murderers has quietly progressed, culminating in what the authorities believe to be arrest of the active participants. 8TRIKER8~H~ELD FOR"MURDER. »onr BlembeiM of the Sacramento A. H. U. Indicted For Ditching a Train. WOODLAND, Gal., Aug. 38.— Knox, 'ompton, Mullin nml Hatch, the mem- Jcrs of the mediation committee of the I'viorumento A. E. U., who were or;• sted for ditohiu? a train on July 11, i. ml causing the death of Engineer Saw Clark and four United States soldiers, were held under tho charges of murder. The prisoners managed to secure bonds, though the justice of tho peace held them in tho sum of $100,000 each. Defendant Wordim demanded the right to Introduce testimony in bis own behalf, a right which the other culprits waived, and his preliminary examination will be ro suuuHl n«xt Thursday. Two other strlk- ing trainmen are vet to be examined under uhargua of complicity in tho sumu ottuutt. Hatch, one of the dofoudanU, wan refused boil by Judge Fisher. We Four U*|»ol Uuriu. CINCINNATI, Aug. 98.— The Big Fonr depot uud adjoining buildings wore burned Tuoxday, causing a loaa estimated at 1600,000, Captain ftoiuus, Lieutenant Gavauaugh and Fireman Broft wore badly hurt by falling timber*. The government bonded warehouse adjoining H* depot WM burned, with valuable ooutouU. Two negroe* have been arrested ou Hiwpioiou of netting Ore to the building. ^ _ WtlfM* Hual««M UUUSM lUrued. BBKVII.UC, Tex,, Aug. »9.— The largest Are iu the hintory of the city occurred Tuowlay night, Sixty-six of tho largest bouse* were bunted. Low, iujuranoe about one-half. W»«htw(loii UeiuwvraUti Uuuvvnlloo. TACOMA, Wa4i., Aug. fl'J.-Tho Demo- oraUo (state oautral comwUtoa met hero «ud a call wan iwuod fur the Htato con- reuttou, to be hula at North Yaklma, IN PARAGRAPHS. TO year* old, who ' nNlllflVlllll, B A»>*»^aaBaiaifiiMMA«aaM| _ der to get results. This is but one I of the common stove troubles that [have been overcome in Jewel ; Stoves and Ranges. They throw out [ all the heat generated. They make j neither dirt or trouble and burn little [fuel. As for looks—they are the j handsomest stoves made. Sold by 1 dealers. I«ook for Trade Mark. Where the Heat Goes Up the chimney. 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