Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1928
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8- A:. - "-^C.. SOCIETY The. REGISTEk'S Cireula-l Hon records public inspection at i any time. VOLUME XX.XI. No. 79. . Succereor to The loltt Daily Bcdster; Th« lola I>.ilJy i:«-tiord nod loU Dklly Inde«. CIRCULATION is the only Commodity la Netcspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers. lOLA, KAN.. WEDxN'ESDAY EVENING. JANU;ARY 25. 1928. TO REPORT ON COLONEL LINDBERGH SPENDS DAYS FISHING ON PERLAS ISLANDS Engineer Will Speak At Miass Meetihg' At Memorial ilall M Tonighi ; SURVEiy IS COiM^LETE pcdltton. Lindbergh ti-ied a sport new to him—alligator hnntlng. While he was on tht^ «spedlUoii iho,KrenOh flyers. Dleudonne Coat«s and .Toseph Lebrlx, arrived from liaranquiUa. Colombia, with an al> ligator as their passenger. J Lindbergh was snillfng and taik- T»~*„;i«J- Infnr'tnatinn T/\'^t'^'^" bim.- as he sei off on his Detailed,Intormation lO|,i^,,i„j, ^ ,^^1 round or rect*- Colon. Panama, Jan. 25. (AP)^—mackerel and red snapper lured Col. Charles A. Lindbergh today. The flyer went to Perlias Islands, 80 miles from here and famous for the pearl fi.shing irjdustry, yesterday; by plaine with three arrjiy aviator companions. Before leaving on ihie tishlng ex-^ Be Given-By Kalnsas City Engineer At Meeting atlon before he hops off Friday for Bogota, Colombia. said he wa.>' fMling fine and was Ih the best of health. Lindbergh intends to fly tn a direct line to Bogota Instead of following the Magdalena river, thus attempting a feiit never before tried by aviators fl>-lnR iu Colombia. CHRISTIANS IN COUNTY ATTEND MEETING HERE HICKMAN TRIAL IS DELAYED BY COURT RULING DRY PLANK ISFAVdRED BY CURTIS Kansas Senator Replies To Questionnaire Of Borah The WVeklv Register. E-stablishrti ISST. The lolx Daily Register. Establlshejl IS97. SIX PA BOf^DSUSEb TO PAY FOR RANCHLAND Such Is M. T. Evjrhart's Statement ^About Transactior IS NOT DICTATLNG RELIES TO MALSU Karisan However Opposes No Papers Given, How- Repeal Of Dry Measures ever, Son-in-La^- Of Fall Says. W;.. !,;'>:;!::;. .Kill. i;^ St-:i;i!<jr:C6rU.s of At Baptist Temple Tuesday I^lght One of the' t;VfiU.s of the year tor citi- xen.s of lola will be the mas.s : I'lft-tiiiK' calleil for 7 :.'<() lo- Vi.iy'U in Memorial Hall lo _ ... 1 i:u ihi- ivpori of lis.; eiiKin- ^^oTc Than 200 at Dinner Exception Decision Is the - n.TittK firm of Burn.s & .McDonnell on the water .>itua- ^ tion in lola. The liroblem , \,„r.: tj,.,,, ;o" m-mbers of Chrls- Viiil be placeii before the \ot- ti;in tr.-; at an cleetion lew will be qualified to pass '''"^"K room of Uie jopenlnr at !>;30 oVIock toda>% and . r .i- ":<|iii<t !. miilc U-ing In session 40 mluuto .K. wasi cn the qiiesrion intellijrentl.; ^^^^ ,o„gJ.-,djourn.ed to two ovioc-k a-is aff- who do not hear the report wiro r.;ii<U-rtd and th.f i^hrlstian toniirht • onhtstra played several | Thi- action was taken to allow , - : numbers. ..Sevt-ral vocal selections | Superior Judge Carlos Hardy and i AlMjul iwi) months atiit. it w.rp pivcn by the three Smith sfs- !jf !t:>m>-inl)-riMi. Uu- city < omiijis-^ ItT.-'. !-!on .M> v(i;..',r til li;iv.- this liiini -I''"' "• Zimmerinan, secretary inak-- . .omi-!.-i.- .au.Iysis „i liu- .•^""^'''f Christian Misslon- . • • , . I :uy s,)i:.>!v: Ih*' Uev. F. I'ettlt. luh, ..uuao.M. aiul •.submit: a pjj^,.,^ christian Church at \\:.-li:lii;toii. .Ian. , .M. T. Kvi-rliai. ilii- . , , ,> , , iil'i,nitlf,' loi"vv: Ihaf w caiidi.iat.-tor th.- ,,. ,^i„^.^.,„ j,„.,„.,, ..^.^.^ (U-ntia! ii'juii'i.t. :o:i. ii.';Iar»-il lo-, .••y IIOIKIS in-i.ii i.'luV day for a p;.uiik Iu ihf lu'xt pjrly Cause For Hitch In Healing Hall of Justice, l>os .^nKt'Ie«. Jan. 25. (AP)—The trial of -Wil- platfcirin p!''il)?iuj; -irft i-nfor. fin<ii( of Ihi" i-r )!ii))iiii)n Iaw.> 111- al-.) ;ii;n ui.i' il lii"- 'ip|]i)>il;iiii i to till< ill •iTiiulifi!}; what ul- <oh«»:i<- <<>ii:.iii >;:i.iuiil li'- pi-niii.ifil , :.Hit --iM i;.- -va ai/i.i: : ..f . lrh< r '.'i.- aiii'-iiNiii u; i,i lin t'M- HI .-i' Il .'llnl- HI fe the vut- tiaii .hunh.-s in .\lien county at- _t.ivt-;—i ne trial ol ; «ii-. ,• , , , „ , . • Ufun Edvord Hickman, kidnaper-! s.-.on and un-l.-d a ,ell.,wshlp dinner last. ^„,^^ „j „„,^ . District Attorney Asa Keycs opportunity to consider, and the court'. to rule upon, an exception taken to; Judge Hardy sitting in the rase on the grounds of bias and prejudice. Thirty minutes of tlie session aw. Anj.Ml H. i'lill. . in Jor iiii intfii-.-'t in (^it- ban latiih luildin>:s. tlu look in r>:iiin n.. of lli> IH'U:, ij'ii; -I ji (111- [lIllplTfy. • , ; lltl'.yiiiK III >:i.|Mior Muii'aiia. Kv.ihait vai.l t 4 •( -lion III iii.'ii<i; t-l.ti sl<,< l< .ri fli" Til T Kifos I.aim ' 11 . v.iiitli wa- si-i >• ,it>'il in a III- I i/ii, I.I uiiiilrl )i..v.'- lo ail <if lilajlo. wtio 111- wmil .i! 'he v.llfj'-!->| •?:li .ai'i lAi') — senate oil en Harry 2:'.:!.«U'J in fallicr-iu- eifhanne |f'all-Ever- oil man • \ iiU-.u >• li-fi'M in J. OGI^EN ARMOUR lOIL STOCK IS VALUED AT $30,000,000 TODAY Chicago, jin. 2-5. (AP)—The Herald and Examiner today sai dthat .stock of the late J. Ogden Armour in the Universal Oil company,[rejected as-worthless by bankers five years ago when the Armour affairs were being reorganized, has added $30,000,000 tp the wealth of the packer's widow*. ; Uhiversal oil products wa.s^ Our. no financed a decade ago by .Mr. Arm- For sevc rotits, but eanied about hav<- estimated al years it showed n 1926 the company Sl.OOO.OOu. Brokers the 1927 earnings at about $3.000j000. After the banks rcjeftion of the t'nlversal stock .Mr. Armour turned it over to -Mrs Armour. ih<- news- PLANS ARE OFFERE Safety Measures Suggested! by Business Men i Of Tola mds |..-al. i!.|.-^;^<>niiiK aii «• iiiibilfan <an- injif in- lia<l !!•> i; .11 !ilii;,-i».< .ill Ih" -.v. • and i!ry i,-ti.. 1 -l titidfr il ilr> 1 "Wliilt' I Jiai.. 10 (!r-.i.". to - hi.n. tiiil ii>. rot tatc wliat >hail ! M - in tin" loxl !{••- .-.v., -aiil. I ib!:>.i:i nir:'in:iJ pialforin.' Ciiriis l.vcrhjirl Ciillra liiick wriiti. "I. p. t f.ivf..- a ii.,UiK Kvi iliai i. WIMI , liild ri-f'-rriti!.' .0 • I-r'i an; ij.i 11-11! ;.•<« li" iiandli'ii ih'-' I nil :li'- ; • - .•!•.! • :•• ••uiy i: ih!ii:;;'i| liaiiils in tli:.-^ into >:ii'i '. Ti i I i.wiif a i< ralitil iCiilaV ailfi- tli pltil^iiii; ni iii-f to a fair. t"»* l;aii noi i;i< il roMn!'''! vipori ;i- .111.! :"i:!;i:'i!; i.iji"ori'nimt W. Sli-w.irl. chaiiiilan of Ihitii. I'oaii! "f Ihi- Stantlanl N .Uinil l->ue.. pany of Indiaiia. now "If. ti.y oi>ini.i!i it 1- ilif criMt- ihar Sit wart wa.< wjinte <M moral i.^siic of ac ^. ami m-'iliatily for. iiin'.<ti(3nia!c. Unblii- •iiTiitimt^nt . ('cnii.iiii- iliat Tin' h<.in!> u'lvcn Kv' ^\•alsll of lat If .Sln- • •I lUI: aitic and a«ldi' for fiy upon and Kail locks. .pi paper said. .Mrs. Armour ref<<rred inquirers] to her son-in-law. John J. .Mitchell jr. He was asked If a valiie of fSO.OuO.OOD was too hish an estimate of the stock, j . ^ I don't think so."- the newspaper quoted him as saying, "but 1 would not attempt 10 v^iue it. In; iny ; judgment it is almftst prkeless." i:entf-r parking will be continued around ;tlip square—at Ic-'.-t for the present;—the board ^)f city commissioners lieddwl at :t.s meeting yesterday afternoon. Deci^:on to ri-tain ili" parking plan was na^licii on r.-niiit bf petitions which <(</irairi'-.( rh'- names- approxiin.Ufly \, v i viit, of the ! business nn-n of Papers Give Prominent Argentine Position On^the' in addiiion a.oni JT, „,.S „ a„. POLlTKjS INTO LIMELIGHT IN NEW YORK QTY TEMPORARY HALT IN PAN-AMERICAN CONFERENCE NOW!;;; NO CHANGE OF PARKING ORDINANCES Center Parking Will Retained—At Leasi For Present Be I Places To Subject Of Presiderit I 10 .Vcw York. .Jan. tional politics 'held 2.'.. fAl') —-Na- a iirominent Tariff, Hampers Actions Hanava, Jan. .2."... lAI'i -Tlf.- ap- llii-ni." j pia< I- i;) ioiiajjs^ .\ew York ncws- 1 p.i.pers. with catldidarTi.s lor president and vici'-iiii'.-iiif nt in tli<- fore- v»-.<lHrday that was front. Organization! .i)f a U^^^^n ideu Hhlnr effect. He sat quietly dtir- lag the session. The defendant's brother, .\lfred Hickman of Kansas fity. was the The Crusade. It was explained, j only other member of the laniily is for the purpose of i:aisln« fSOO,- i>f'0 for Teliglous education and benevolent purposes. Indepfndent donatioii-s- are being .accepted. bOt rliart ' by ifii-d as a d by the n which • ! iiri-^:.l. :it. I favor .Stewart and other <iil jnen were mif-tiiiir the i-^siu- sijitarciy .mil hi-- interested. lieve in the strict and eiicrg* tic Kvcrliait remained .on| the st.ind (nforccment of the laws to cnrry.bni a few minutes, •and then th out the amendment: !committee turned its at r: j'ort wiiich would represent it.-^ IMtsfuirg. ami Dr. 0>. P. belllnger, I had been consumed in the zeadliig botii iff the ixiliiica! jiarties de- Sinclair liav iiii'im;;- and piv • its recoiunienda- hioloiiy teacher at PitL-iburg Teach-'of the lengthy wTltten exception by Clare ' themselves unequivocally i>art of a liatili "purclias tions a.s tu'wluit shiiitld be done to eE>' college, were speakers. the court, the district attorney andiiipnn it Sh.n'i.l I 'u- 1: uniiiuid (•••iiilii uta! I'laam^ fo.! iiie wi'.ier wuiks >ysteni iu order ; Ti-.eiHev. J. Le*' Releford. pastor Deputy District Forr.est Murray, [jind clecti.! iiri-l.l. tit. I favor .Stewart and other itil I, pr^ivide :o.a wuh an aiioquate ' 01". the i'hristian church here, and' Hickman was in a neat blue sur'pl.'.' of pure, .~oft. SAKK i»r. .1. H. Sowerby. Baptist pastor.; serge suit and noticeable by his v..iier at all times. delivered addresses of welcome. Ail i wavy black b«lr, which had been iiils reiKiii win lie presented at Christian churches in the county [slicked back on the sides with; a the ..Meiiiorial Hall tonight at 7;.'h.': were represented.. , • iinil every citizen in lola is inviied ; The jwrpose of tlie meeting was auil ursifii to'attend. . TIii;^ report: (o outline the "Kansas ChrUrtian I -.viil be liiade by -Mr. -McDonnell and l-Crusade.'^ .Mil b • iihistrat»;d fully with lau- t-r 1 slides which will show Kraph- a ly such photopraifhs. charts, juaps. <'tc.. as will aid in making th" report ilUiminatiii.i; and nnder- .-.aiulabl'.. Oiiporiuniiy will be.^ no church is given a quota to liaise. Klveu for <|iiesfions to be .isked by t j}jf, laoney wll! bo deroted to .;.y:;c. whj '•- frcscs" i "^iildnip atfdiUops" to churches .Mr. .McDonnell spoke at the reg-1 ,vhere. there are frtate edacational •jii'r iiieeiinK of the Chainber of jjnsiitutions. in order to handle ths <»nn Iflll.nv tit ' -1.-. 1 ' J , - ptared before ttn- coininissionors. 1 of them I 'rijLnsthat the I (titer parkiiii^ ; Ian be retained.. IVMmrd Sneaks Uei'aiise of th" fact that com- proach of :•- (emporary impa.sse at i piaiiirs from tlie fire d-jpartmeni to the reorsanizalion of the !''^^ I'l! to > ration of the Paii-AmeBlcan fni-m was se,.n to-j V'T^''',"!''^ T'H'' parkin;:. L. H. Uishanl. lola hard- day by delegates to the-Han-.Vmeri-!,varc'man.offered proposals which • an congress in the announcement: would eliininati of the .Argentine jKjsilion on the'"'*'"' hazard. f.jj-Hf I Wishard i'.pclnr« d , fliat local 1 business men would pay for pongs rs of the pointed the fire irn mo, ,^ , « I w.v -.luare lo look nounccd that Coi. Throcore not incorporate as the duties of the „,„ f„j. ^ij^. jj^p d.^jiariment union those of stiHlying ways? and; ...-.i— : . commit-; iioover-for-president jor Uoliert. ion-wide association the fire depart- velt would start Friday on a lecture tour <f till? middle west, auii ! means to reduce, if not to abolish.' Another su?rjre.stion was that ture tour <r till? mKldie west, auil ; s'"^i^ns lie P 1;\ CCM 1 i:n all streets : I hiL'h tarift duties m mter-.Ymericau ,.nr....ii>.r ri,.. s^cnr.. Tho cinv the Times said that the tour was tomiiercc He also insisted-upon ' fhc slon. si|n , ., , . cuiiiiieiit. «^ aiao lusiMtii u.ion ^trg^.f comcs into the "with tht hope that his candidacy-n.pricultural and paaitary quaraii-,gf,„.,r,. has l...csened f.-" possibility .'(tiimerce noon luncheon lod.iy at | additional attendance durln* the the Portland Hotel and during th ^ hrlef .speakinp time allotted to him iti-re outlined rapidly the report .vhich he will pivr at the mass i:ie= tinp tou'iKtit. lie was able nec- for the r-pubiican nomination fori^i'^f" '^^^^'^ sirUjects for super- ac-cideuts there, vice-president -may possibility" business men cHsariiy. however, to touch only 'Me hicli spot.s aiul lor that reason what he .'-aid will not be reported lure in I '.etail. Tlie, m-etinp lo- iiitiit will he- reported fully in lo- uuiioW> K.-gister and tliv whole .>-'oij may lie read then. Tln-re is nil diiiilit as in the necessity of doii'i; .soniethinp alKiut iMe city w.iter situation. (If 102 •saitipl'-.s, tiiken from the water siip- ! ;i:> of thi-ni showedl 'lie lit "Sell e - I I', lyiM- n , oli arc till- "hups" v.hich produce typhoid ; <.r any one r.; io;ii oih^'r waler- diseases wlien ihey, pet into the human sys'.;iii .niamraiti tli.ii ci:ir pi.'-iil water Ml'.Illy' di"-^ vni Tl..eii i-or I eel iiMl. .Wir i.s ilieri- any arpiiiin i;i about [till f.ii I tli::i ;i I.role 5 I' 'ration ' I' '.vjli icoiri't I'll- i-iidiiion. Pinnie Is Held For Crime in Gamett veteras chief Justice. Isaac N. Siil- .'•thool year. Plans also are 'belngtllTan of Idaho, who sat as a spcc- mHde for construction of a nurses tator behind thf bench, home at the Christian hospital at An hour later and after con- .Vowton. . ferrlng with presiding Judge, Victor The Pittsburg Christian church, .McLucas, Judge Hardy announced the speakers painted out. has 500 that at two o'clock he would file a additional-persons attending dur- counter affidavit. District Attor- Ing the s'-hool year. ney Keyes Interpreted this as precluding the court disqualifying itself, and an indication that trial would continue under Judge Hardy. The opening of the trial drew about Ave hundred persons to the lawns and sidewalks arouml the hall otf Justice, most of ihem aimlessly standing sround waiting fur BOiaetblng to happen that nevei happened. These crowds outside had no| chance to reach the eighth tloor o: j present. i Mrs. i Eva tile mother, also of Kansas City, and the father, l^iomas Hickman of El Paso, i of cM-.-rr-s-i as was con!em'^Iated corporal iotis Ixioks. Tecas, came here for the trial, but: by the con.>;tuiion.ii amendment. —~ - • • were not present at the opening; A-: V U are a former citizen of (General Jadwin And session.. - ' -Kit.-a"-. 1 hav. n-i ik voii n- Jadge Hardy lntn)duced and wel-'in. lub •• "r- ^-.i a-i-eint-np coined to a seat at his side theiuttor:-••. T • r )i.:r\. Kais;'S. from ^s-,'. '' I--'>. Von will recall tbn 1 v., k tf. • i.::"!i .\ the sa!c..(;!s (<•<•- r leiri u ^\ i<!-- Reid ih House Clash IT" rieirrp open in the ^•••v or' :.lid that 1 had p'ntn'si d if elected to enforre the law Ihis i.rcimise wa-. as yiMi know, fulfilli d, and every saloon was dosed within .'i'l days niilti'C questions." and remained closed fnr tlie four Th" excliaiipe hc-nn '. lAPl — lUii d con- Oeiif ral V>'.';-hill-"o!i. .j.ii:. :ti r a !i ; ..' !l:r !:'< tnd !,..-ar:ii,u iod.iv. '.'iui.;|i'r i!..'par .lei-vi-i. /-i;). f f>; Ileer~. was ,e\,f;si i! fill iicss ktand by ( haii iiiai i'.e Was pre[;a'red "ty answer com- a potential candidate for the Re• publican presidential nomination. 1 In re-spon-'e he told the members \ that "to a«pire to. the prrcsidency ono must be old. unemployed or : I ored.. or a combination of tjie ' three." ' i ' "4 feel veryj youthful, I .nm very busy and my waking hours are union. essary to make the square, fire [Dr. Pue>Tredon on Monday;made trucks co'ild hv slowed xlown whl'.e •irinv niKi- 1""" t-xciting," ho said. "And be-i tribunal, nihe V i,. ' s^'des. I have not opinloi)^. hut con- United S He'd mail' ^''^ ^-"ns- a'"' •'^•^ nt"- 'or A .Colo a [long speech assailing high tariffs aad the principle of assessing tliese on the difference of cost of production al home and abrbad. A proposal for.Oie establishment of a Pan-Americriu court ot justice crossing the sipiure. he said. C. E RUSSPU r,i tt>f Lehiali Port- that years I was county ntmriiev. "I believe in i;ie,.;ini; the rquarely afid am lie r; !•• IM cfil .lad" in ;:.skid for Allen county officers must await (action in Anderson county before they can serve a warrant on P. R. j Pinnie, wanted In both counties. Pinnie at present is held In Jail at Giirnelt. Pinnie Is alleged to have swin- ..f faithfiiny ,11 laws. .TUd I ;:ni peal of the ixih \'(iis ;e .T'. a<*. • or-ciii:.- a!! .piio,. .i I,. a:ii<m'r.i i: 1 <-SU'> i>in" t 1 at' w-r -ioiiii nhiej" Were ' .• to the lOlulil -of Kdd' eil ,,!, ; te. •. hv .f l•iJi:.tI:.•U^, i.ili -fli .sale. I (ieorge AV. Olvany.' leader i I'ocatfon at Havapa of a tribunal ; ... of. composed of 11' justices and 10 when Gen-'^'''''l'- "^rresJed coinp:eie I a.sBistanis. each of the 21 couhtries more .j.„p.j confidence ih it <;.)v. Alfr. i K.|in-|Jic 'Smith Would ifecr-jve the r; land Cement - plant, fleeiared safety .•.•hotild be t'le pi .-dominating factor in all traffic ordinances. - . A time limit for jMrking was patterned after the Hague I discnssid by tiie coni-7ilssl(iners, also is disaproved Ijy thejl.ut no action was t.nken. Slates delegation. ; i Colombian plan calls for the; (^(jmpaj^Jonatg DlvorC^ s <iucs,iions. • ijie union being representeid. A representative of The United States hriel sent '"^ ncrainatioil. ;ui,i exprrs:,..; th^! .^.oulil appear a* one' of ithese Cov.rnorl!*!''"''^" '•'''"^ wither Presidenr f'oo!-;j„-dg...s. taking hl.l turn at serving all:.. 'Klii;r • Idze or vice-president Dawes' as justice and adviser. Airplane Seaijch Is On For Bank Robber ; th" •idiiHiv. (.I.'" .•a'wiii 'a.d|y not pi >'ii;ir> .1 til an;;.v pressed him to reply I would be selecteil by the Repubii- ' " • I (-.TPS. ^^.^^ ' A. n. Stanley. llr»'eto,| the 4eHeral tiJ pet out of died Lloyd Hook of. southwest of i the building where judge Hardy's i Clinton., Okla.. Jan. ro it i; to lola out of seven cows. Pinnie. U j court is located. ' ' The roar of an airplane motor accused of making a deal wlthl Up on that level the corridors (echoed over Wa.shita county lan- jthe witness chair, ah''. (.•VPI— only did so. but left t he room. Hook for eight cattle. They charge j were thoroughly policed and a bar!?e promised lo pay for them on his ! rtcade had been built some distance reiurn for the eighth one, which • froni the court room. door, through h.i' could not get in his truck. In- * which nobody passed without a 111. iicoriN of e.a!, over the,stead. Pinnie is'said to have sold: written permit signed by the lludge : Ttried St::t.- w Ki-h. !:ave installed them to Charlie Penningtdn for' — ; these iilaiiHs show ;l,;,i an avi-raae , jes.s ,than the price he agreed to ' Parm RlireaU HoDeS To . , iietii-r th,-,.. .r. .e ;,!! uertrt»|pay for them. Hook .says Pinnie. '^Y! rT- J .:.r- reincAei! fr.);-, w.i.r hy iKejm.ver returned'to pay for the cat-j COmplCte DnVC lOuay . |.er:.t;i,t. ef ilo -vste;*: 1,1c, it is a similar deal on which ' ' '••'''^if: Pinnie is lieing held at Garnett. e-i-< lion of |!„,..,i officers said. •(ithor ihtr"!'- wiU coyer, .^ii" . n waiei :i 'U '..r new d.lIM til • ! < 'c iiciv II.. • ;i il'siussion. vital • inte"-... wh, Iiirlditip of a yiiip of new niaiiis. , •• ;ii!': 'if " considerabie j l!il' all,of them .lie r.f | t to every citizen of With hopes of raising the Allen County Farm Bureau. membership , for 1928 above last year's mark, 1 members of the organization are : attempting to clean uji their drive lola-Chanute Bus Line Protests New YellowayjSrtonight. ~ j The men's division shows Topeka. Jan. 2a. (AP) —^The Yel-;njNnbers so far this year. drive started yesterday, but lola. ,(i;ii til" one \\hr> can possi^dy P,.. ,h,.p. s'i-"iii t, attend he ,„;v Hus lines'of Fo'rt Sco'trKa.s., nieetinc tonipht. ! , ,od.-iy protested to the public serv- .... • _ r^.., commission the granUng of a Liquidation OI Latlie ; ; certificate of convenience to thej -Market Complete; Brite The bad weather prevented many workers from starting at that time. yens today as the manhiiiu continued for Jack Brown. ;!". • ; cid • homa City, alleged-compuniou of '1. .V. Rickard. .'!.".. fatally .sjioi vv;ie;i the pair held uji the He^si.- Slat.- ;;ank yesfenlj.v .-inil klibd lUn K'ehn. cashier. .Stopping onl.v long enough :•• i;": a deathbed confession from iiick- ard. who. died at .1 o'do.k 'his morning frqm wounds re.-rive! from Kiehn'.s revolver, Wa^hil/ i.ouniy officer,- began a sysi.u, iiii .-.^nrcli . • the hrokeii c<aiim> :n n^'nnwesi Washita and soii.hv.--: (?uster counties. Peruvian Subi ruiseit ariife The United States, it Is stated, upholds the principle of arbitra- f'lrnier senator f tion. provided awards are hSnTled li'l.-i Kei.i Kcntuck.v. was quoted by the: down by speclallj- chosen arbltra- •\nallv Uei<f Times a.s naming tlovernor S.-nith , tors In their capacities as judges and Senator J.imes A . Reel of—• •— — Jawdiu not!outstanding j men of -the day. . ' The Times said former fJovern- or James M. Cox. of Ohio, is under con.iideration. for temporary chairman, of the Democratic national convention in June and that he has-the endorsement of. many Peruvian Smith suppf.irters. 0;!iers under and lin Crash (API.- Colon. Panaj la. .]ifi\. The coinmatidel- of,lift - _ cruiser Mmiraiite (Iraii reports bV'Onsideration. according to the wirole-s tliat his ship has been Times, are John W. Davis. Demo- daniaijed in a •ollisroii with the Peruvian si.hinaiiiie U-'l off lialboa The cointiuiitdani «f |ibe lifleenth navfil district' iein -rts. that, the! ^^ reJk,ing cratic nominee in lf»2». and Roland .S.Morris, former ambassador to Japan.- istricf i-epi-rts. that, the' The Times said that Governor ; tug Corgoila was initned-i Smith's frienils were uncertain lately dispaiched to \\ of the .Miuiiante ilraul assisiaiKo I wiiether he slioiild go to Houston •iiid that ;• for the Democratic convention and di- Kl Paso. Tex.. .Ian 2.".. (.\P'i ' Liquidation of cattle which has V>een Roinp on since l;i2i>. is over, and cattlemen received a fair prof- the Amei lean' National •ieiioway. Inc.. permitting the latr! Adored HcIp Wanted f<-r ."ompany to operate busses be-i W-.ii, rkIA tween Kansas City. Mo, and Tulsa,; 10 W feCK Old BUlIdmg oiUer iraft haV" in ;.ii ordered to j'bat opinion was al><|Ht even.Iy proceed with al! si-ifeil , vided. • Joseph .Steinberg. secretary- Okla. The Yellow Bus company, rep- | All colored people In lola are re- resented by Frank O'B.rien, former! quested by Will Groomer. vice- member of the public service com-| president of the committee in -; 1 , quately served by the Fort Scott i hand Thursday and Friday to wrf iTIIf» o .1 i Urt ATiC '"^I'^"^- which operates four : wreck the old building. Work will >VriAlllE<tV ana; KUALip; busses dailv between lola and Cha-| be sUrted at 9 o'clock tomorrow nnte. morning. FOR K.V>S.\S: .Kiilr lonighlfindl Thur-^dny: oonienhal colder Thirs. i diiv in enst portion. 'I FOR lOI.A: Fair lontiflit and i ThnrHlay,-VomeMhat coldep Thur>., T<?niperature—Highest ye>teiiday • :'.:>, at 4 p. m.: lowest last tslgh 2:! at 7 a. m.; normal for Iridav 2!'; t " (ieficlency yesterday 1: ex-ess - since January 1. Si> depreim; /this date last year.—highest ".r.: low' c-t:26. • Precipitation for the^ 24 Fine Weather Promised For Awhile in Kansas Topeka. Kans.. Jan. 2 ."i. (.\P> — .\ continuation of fine Imul-winter weather was predicted for Kan.-as by the weath*r bureau this morning. Clear skies were reported over the state and were .\n details have beeW received aJ to damace or possible loss of life ; treasurer of the Curtis-for-presi- The Peruv'ii'ii naval! vessels arts 'l'>nt club, dmied published reports said to have b.-en engage.l in man- 'hat ?;enator Charles Curtis of euver- at ihe-time of the collision Kun=,!.s was using his .pre.sidential candadicy as a stepping stone to <^• ;_^„„ I AnA ^ the'vlce-presidential nomination. Chinese General And : -That is not true." Steinberg Officers' Executed; said, "unless, of (>ourse,'pre.sident iCvilidge should choose to run. I —E.xeciitio.T • sfill believe that is possible and and ilot as representatives of particular nationalities. The chief . Lat^-American 'delegations believe tlSe Colombian- proposal is impracticable. Gonzalez Roa. ^Mexican delegate, has recomihended the adoption of Section 11 of the-' report of the international comijiission of jurists defining the obligations of states in the event of Civil war. This section lays down r;iles for neighboring states to obsArve, such as-preventing inhabitants; whether nationals or foreieners, from participating in warlike preparations, end preventing traffic in arms and munitions. ' Ends in Wedding Plan Cleveland. Ohio. Jan. 2'>. fAP)— "Companionate divorce."-an Innovation in dome.-t:c relations invented by .Mr. and .Mrs. Florian L. Hummer, of Cleveland, to fit their special problem.'-', sio'nl derrlcked in favor of; old-fasiiioned matrimony today arte.- aii. The Huinm"r.~ e.\p"rimented '30 days with their "< onipanionate "di- ; vorce." a tentative decree' which ' removed . the n spo.isihilities of. husband and.wife bu: allowed them to live together in th"ir $45,000 home here. Ye.-iterda.v. howpver, they found their ditagrei npnts , unimportant and asked to he re-united in matrimony. Then th>-y found comrion pleascourl .ludge Kwiiiir. confii'ent of^their eventual r* conclliat on, had neglected to en'er their "divorce" on the court journal and so. the formaiiiy of .re-marrlage was unnectssary. Kansans Congratulate No Action Taken On . Nicaraguan Policies ^ .i T»-_j.t-J ' •"^'•''Slru.pton. .Ian. 2'.. l.VPi—The LUrtlS- on rJirtnday ; senate foreign r^-lations c . : — r,.- . -•ohimittee 1 discussed the administration's Xic- Topeka, .Tan. f 25. . f.^Pi—Kan-! araguan policy for nearly "kii: hour sans today ejctended I today, but did not decirle whether ... „f''i '^,w>?i.i''("h.r,j''v;hV-'('hiiuis chief i that the Republican ticket will be that afternoon temperatures would of '.eneral Llien Mii. i.niaiiK- , piirtie " reach 45 d-grees ai.d low inspe..-*or of tife Peking Gom.armes Coolidge and Curtis. . readings would range from 15 in ""''j""^!'* '.»!f,,.*' -\t the head of your procery list-- tho northern .y.d western 1,^^^^^^ on i Put it down-PICKWlCK COFFEE: to 2a m eastern and southern, l " P" r .„ i.i."' \,ie counties. No moi.^ture was eri»ort-' charpes of blackmailing wealUi> —vi'- ^ ed in the last 24 hours. citizens by arre.stlng^Oiem on false ; —. ^ •"Concordia and Ooodalnd report- charge.- and "ff*"""'"^. I T>a-vchUl<S At'ri'!)P<i(miifn£ BUt ed a low mark last night of 14. Uiem on payment of large sums.; ±^CrSnlug .Til Tl\Ji^Un ± t.rrU^,JJU>t^ to Senator tCifrtis. their senior member of the "United States- senate and candidate for the Republican nomination for presideiit. as he reached his si.xty-elghth. birth- ilay. . Th6 follo-wing telegram was addressed to Senator Curtis by Charles P. Beebe. Governor Paulen's private secretair: "Kansans: are observing "your birthday with the hope' .vear it may be a national event. an inve.stisation should be: recommended to the senate. C'hiiirman- P.orah. v.ho favors a "ronstrtictive"" inquiry, which he thinks might be helpfiil in improving relations with the i.,atin-AmerI- can republics generally, had _ex- pecf^d the committee to report ..out a resolution for an investigation. The chairman said the matter would be taken up again. .f •J J He and Iii.-< four, siibordinafes | ' were executed SundSyi | Four Children Killed In Tenn_^see Tornado tottery Violatrnfllas Ford's Flivver PlatiePrepares For Flight Backto Detroit Now • under medical Asheville. .\. C:. Jan. 25. <AP)-j Brooks said he doubted If he could re«nlt of a tornado which destroved : Hie Kansas supreme c^urt his con- Forced down here iby stnrmy. eet off the hill on whlrh be landeiihe Holmes Creek school in f-iistern : viction in the Wyandotte county Welcoming Committee Waits Appealed Conviction' Kansas (ilty. Jan. 25. t.VPi—^brlef interview; to newspapermen j > i j General .lohii J. Pershing, en rputp .'before raeetini? the welcoming dying and a score of others wer'> I TojTeka, Kais.. J^aj. 2.5. fAP)—!,„ i,f.s bovhood home at I>aClcda,;'^''!y°""^f'^ ' „ „ „^ii,icB ^a.-e today as theM, H. Rutledg^ today appealed io,^,^_^ arrived here this mqrning. to i J^j^jSrs^curr^nt event his Nashville. Tenn.. Jan. 25. (.\Pi- Four children were, a fiftii 1 with a gas load sufficient to carry j Tennessee yesterday, meager hlin to Detroit. 1 ports received here said. After encountering "terr>ble weather" all the "way down from weather on his attempted non-stop i libtroit-Miaml flight in the Ford'* hours 1 "flh-ver" plane, Harry J. Brooks ,ni-„«.".-.. - •• m today T" total) prepared today to return home.! Detroit and struggling to Hy his f"rrhiK ve'ar to date 0"0" defic-I more confident than ever of tho|baby ship across the last remaln- encv since January 1. .o'.g^'inch. .!«iny crafts ability. He said he Uelative humidity at 1: J noon.would raak«? another attempt to ve-^terdav fift per cent: 7 i». m. to-• reach the Florida city as soon as d.-iT S4 per cent: liarometVjr reduc-'tt'Pa'.lK'f permits ' • _ ed to sea level, inch s. \ Brooks planned to break his re«:un rises at 7 -.'!2 a. m.; .sets at ' turn trip with an overnight stop S-.*;; p m. AVashington. That_arrangement Koad rondiUon!!.^ All clears all roads good. was agreed to by Ford officials over the telephone last night when ing r*bs of the Blue Ridge mountains. Brooks brought the plane down on a hill in Asheville suburb shortly after 4:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Heavy head winds and ice forming on the wings at high altitudes and fog and clouds at low le'vels forced him to the ground, be; Bald. upset well l«id plans for a rousing; progress on' hI5 book of memoirs. re-] district court on a charge of viola-i \^„A niono ,tion;of tW Mate _la,v which Pro-, i»-n,htnel.^^^^^^^^^ committee of' GeSp^rs^ing was taken to a Kansas City Murder Trial Is On Today Kansas City. -Mo.. Jan. 25. (API, Testimony by which the state hopes to send Mrs. -Myrtle Withey. 25, to the gallows for the alleged miirder of her husband, William J. "Withey, 24, last October, was resumed at Mrs. Wl^hey's trial In the circuit court here today. acharge of viola-'••'>< eptjon and a parade to a down-'army affairs ot his future hopes '• wn hotel. U_j _i 'hlbits sale'of lotteh -1 tickets i A large reception committee of: .. , nihlts salt ot lottery, ucKe^^. i ^^^^ official leaders, regular ulowntown hotef for breakfast'with army men and reserve officers and Chainber of Cwnmerce executives. Bank Robber Killed And Sheriff Injured Marietta. Okla.. .Ian. 25. (AP) — One bank robber was shot and killed and sheriff S. V. I.OBg of Lore tnmny. Oklahoma, was ser- iou.'^ly wounded in an attempted ,boldup-of the r^)ve County .Vatlonal Dank .it noon today. A second baiiilii escaped across the river into Texas toward Gainesville. The amount of the Icsot taken is not ktwiwn. The sh<iotirig occurred Inside the bank. Inland Waterways Urged By Pershing I a cre*d of cral Pershin when he sen Kansas City, Jan. 2i}. (AP)~The development of inland waterways as one means of aid&ig aericulture was urged today by; General John J. Peiiihing i^ an iid/iress at a Chamber of Commerce luncheoj here, ' informal as Ight seers found Gen- i The Chamber bf Commerce also g meant what he said i was host at i luncheon. This eve- word in advance that^ning the General will be the.guest his day in Kansas City must be as of honor at a reserve officers din- possible. ;ner and later will attend anAmeri- The General arrived in a special ] can Legion ball. car at 7:30 and twenty General, in a. m. It was an hour i The General's address at the minutes before theidinner at 9 o'clock tonight wuU be civilian clothing il)roadcast hy A\Ti.\F. the Kjinsas emerged, froiii his suite to grant a^lCity Star radio: station. New Glue Develops i In Smith Girl Trail Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 2.5. (tAP)— Charles A. McGrew. d'-puty clerk ' of the feileral court, hfcpe, said today thai a. young girl w"no applied here yesterday for a passport to . France resembled pictures of Frances" St. John Smith, missing Smith. college student, Northamp- loii, Mass. . ... J.-.

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