Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 15, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 16
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i- SIXTIsfcN EVENING TIMES, .CUMBERLAND, 311), TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker . ayvce Came Rcs«t Fort Hill' High's Junior varsity! • ridders, undefeated Jn seven; • ames, will meet Ailsgany tomor-' w, 3:30 p. m.. at Fort HiJI. The' • ontcst was scheduled yesterday; ' jt postponed because 'of a wet; sl± ' • : LITTLE SPORT By Rouson BIG 5 4-INCH iV Deluxe Cabinet Sink 159.95 Ever! complete with Deluxe fitting! ; L .-.I IOW DOWN PAYMENT • EASY TERMS Now is the best time ever to replace your old-fashioned sink. Start enjoying these timesaving, work-saving features: DtLux* swinging mixing-foui»t—worronled 5 ytori Removable cutting board Handy, flexibl* rin» tpray • ••'.''' Soap-box rock. . -. . • Sturdy STEEL conitrudion . . . will not worp, rot, swell, itick, or splinter . Beautifully curved contour! Partitioned, lined cutlery drawer One-piece steel top—porcelain-enameled, acid-retiitant .Easy to clean, eaiy to k««p clean 5 huge, «aiy-gliding drawert Enormous undereabinet itorage ipace Broad, no-tip drainboardi Crumb.-cup itraintr catchet food pdrticlet Finished' in gleaming Star, While ' :Youngstown Kitchens Food Waste OiipoMr •otlly In- . (tailed—only $79.95 extra, plui initallation BUY NOW—SAVE NOW THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL COMPANY Queen St. at B&O R.R. DIAL PA 2-2600 ; 56 Cards To Play (Maryland 11 DoubleJieadersi 21S ST. LOUIS '•» - The St. Lcuis; d<wns Cardinals will play 11 double-i^* 100 ' headers next season comparedj in 1916-17-19 by Harley. to three this year in a move toj Coach of the Week -Lea., attract more long-distance fans,; . . . , • JSpas general manager Frank Lane an- ; Pittsourgn nad a losing season^ uounced today. . : !£St - vear even mlh msn uke °- a&? -< In the club's 1956 home schedule terback Corny Salvaterra and Spas, Outdoor Keep Close Pace . Spa Bar and Outdoor Club kept °f, 2? 1 P°' n{s £et jup their neck-and-neck race in the [South End Liquor Dealers Bowling (Continued from Page 14) eclipsing the Syndicate Buys (Purdue And Indiana To Honor Ed Burns Richmond Club CHICAGO (& — The late Edward RICHMOND. Va. t?—A sLx-maniBurns. Chicago Tribune sports syndicate now owns Richmond'si^-riter who covered 28 ''Old Oaken International League baseball clubj Bicket" football games between after a surprising deal in whichjinrjjana and Purdue, will be per- the only big loser apparently \vasj II ; ane n.tly honored by the two former owner Harry 1 C. Seibold. ' The 'syndicate purchased the team's triple-A franchise, equipment and player contracts for S20,- schools. A bronze plaque in memory of Burns, who died last January, will be dedicated between halves of the 000 yesterday at an auction heldij^diana-Purdue game at Blooming- by registering shutouts. m °. »'»^« nkpff VFW and Outdoor',' No onl - v by the Internal Revenue Service, which bad seized fee club's assets. The government put the team up! for sale to satisfy tax liens total-| ing 879,218.68. night games are cat from 53 to 43- Joe v -alton-and John Palac blanked VFW out Fourth jcfats, both by 3-0, as Spas a one-game lead. t ».lose his ju _ i he still owes the government; j!TlS45,3i5.97 on the tax claim. Applied' 'ito the original lien were the S20> ton, Ind., on Saturday. The plaque is donated by the Indiana University Alumni Club ofj- Chicago and will be placed in Indiana's press box. Purdue plans a plaque in its press box. LEARN to DANCE Privoli or .clou injfruction in pl| forms of ballroom and itog« dancing. Skillful mtn and wemin initructors. MOVER DANCE STUDIO 231 S. Mechanic St. •«• ft ScJuMlhtt^u. STRAND and there are more Saturday after- j noon games. But the Redbirds will return to from ailing Lowell Dawson this John Michelson, a 1938 alumnus, over the head coaching job a night opener this year, a al >d the Panthers are being tice they followed during 1S50-53. [considered for a bowl bid. They've Decker's Bar took, Exports! 000 P rice across, 3-0, whfle'AVonder Bar upset Racey.and Lynn, 2-1, in other matches. Ed'McKay took scoring laurels with a 248431 total for Spas while Milwaukee will be the foe April)won six of nine to date and iv.1cej 0 ther team pacesetters were 20. (staged major upsets. Three weeks George Hixenbaugh, Outdoor Club, The Cardinals' home attendance,)after toppling Duke from the un- over the one million mark in '54, i beaten'ranks, they crushed V.'est 214-541; Tom Hopwood, Hacey and Lynn, 197-554; Joe Grim. Wonder 'dropped to about* 850.000 last sea-'! Virginia.-26 to 7. Saturday for the Bar,'191-535: Fred Corbin, Demo- son, and the competition of cross-jMountaineers' first defeat in lljcrats, 159-434; John Reitmeier, 'Deckers, 174-475; Robert Krampfi Exports, 169-441; "Bill" Nelson, VFW, 188-520. Standings: state rival Kansas City in its firsiigames dating back to their only year in the majors was considered)loss of the season last year—to. a factor. The club also dropped Pitt. from sixth to seventh place. Pod res' Fate To Be Known In Few Days ;. BROOKLYN !# — Johnny Podres, the southpaw with the pain in the back who became a pain in the neck for the New York Yankees in the World Series, probably won't know for 10 days or so whether he'll be drafted. -The 23-year : old 'lefty, who won twice for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the series, including the decisive seventh game, went through not one but two physical examinations yesterday, and an ' ished the still was status. ~r an Army doctor ."•" specialist fin- however, there n on his draft Should Be Long Shot' LONDON <1NS) — Ewart Pot- gieter,. South African seven-footer, meets his first American opponent, Jim Parker, in a ten-round heavyweight bout tonight in London. Are You Interested In FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOL? If so attend a meeting of the FORT HILL BOOSTER CLUB at the B & 0 Y.M.C.A. AUDITORIUM, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1955 at 7:30 P.M. Game of the Week- No game offered any higner stakes Saturday than the Maryland at Clemson contest. Maryland was the nation's No. 1 team at. the time and .had a 13-game winning streak to protect. But more important, the Atlantic 902.71 received for recent p. sales. The syndicate is comprised Richard S. Reynolds Jr., Fritz Sitterding, E. Claiborne. Robins,-Dan Freidmaa, Milton Market and Jack Bernstein. All are Richmond businessmen. <% ' . The purchasers must still satisfy: additional debis totaling some S4S,- 000 held against the territory. They also must he approved by International League. ' BENEFIT DANCE Spa Bar ,...20 Outdoor Ctob 19 Racey. Lynn IS Wonder Bar. 16 7 Decker's Bar 8 Democrat Cl. 3 V T V! II Exports 19 ;For Francigco 13 Orange Bowl SAN FRANCISCO — (NEA) — If Phil Woolpert moans this season, the University of San Francisco basketball coach should be named Coast Conference crown Orange Bowl bid was to go to the winner. • "-.'• ,Joe Wells, the-game's leading ground-gainer, burst through for a 50-yard touchdown run that had Maryland in the .hole, 12 to'0, until Ed Vereb crashed from the one just before the half. The Terps averted their darkest hour when Lynn Beightol passed to Vereb from the 13 in the third period. PJay of the Week UCLA, which had lost only to Maryland in eight previous games and already was preparing floats for the Rose Bowl parade at Pasa : dena, was losing to Washington, 17 to 16. Saturday 'with less than three minutes remaining. The-Huskies stopped a desperation drive on their own 14, then were driven to the • seven' and finally to their own goal. They got off a free kick but the Bruins, led by tailback Sam (First Down) Brown, charged back to the 18 to set up the game-winning field goal by Decker with 18 seconds left. 'Continued from Page 14) teams finish their regular seasons! _ in raid-November and then mark] All the defending National Col- time until 'Jan. 2 for their show- legiate Athletic Association champions, have back is .6-10 Bill Rus- Annual Soroptimist count pustnu HUMPHREY BOGART COMPLETE SELL-OUT! FREDRIC MARCH Sorry— No more reservations No tickets will be WILLIAM WYLER'S s- cl THE DESPERATE HOURS 12:00 - 2:00 4:00 - 6:00 8:00 - 10:00 down. In 1953, when the Terrapins were j sell, the All-America center,' and generally acclaimed as the na-jK.'C. Jones, the guard who hand- tion's No. 1 team, they also met cuffed Philadelphia La Salle's Tom Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.JGola so .well in last season's However, during the hiatus be- NCAA final. The Dons play 25 games, which take them to Chicago and New York. tween regular season and bowl game, Bernie Faloney, the Terps great All-American quarterback, wrecked a knee, and without him! Man-land lost to the Sooners 7-O.iBraves To Play 38 This time, if everybody staysiri healthy, it shold be quite a skirm- rlonie ish. And despite some strong dis- NEXT ATTRACTION "DAVY CROCKETT INDIAN SCOUT" WITH GEORGE MONTGOMERY PLUS ACADEMY AWARD WINNEr GARY COOPER in "ALONG CAME JONES with LORETTA YOUNG I I I I I I i.. COMING THURSDAY! stenting voices .from the big ten, the Terp-Sooner winner certainly will insist on taking bows as the nation^ premier team." Courckesne Wins Nod Over Berries NEW YORK — (INS) — Bobby Courchesne of Holypke, Mass., scored- a majority decision over Puerto Bico's Miguel Berrios last night in a nationally-televised ten- round featherweight bout at St. Nicholas Arena. Both weighed 128. PHONE PA 4-0370 • GREAT HITS Last Time Today! JOE THE MOTORISTS' FRIEND, Inc. Baltimore Street 173 BARGAINS FOR HUNTERS HUNTING S COATS ........ PANTS and BREECHES J 77 **•• • %itreal C&rfetmatf <§tft! j While They "ORIGINAL ROGERS • QUALITY EXTRA PLATED A*«,CANRO* so-PIECE SERVICE FOR Q f*Atlt/Ut ^f USUAL HIT NO. 1 Cross Channels HIT NO. 2 Monkey Business ' HIT NO. 3 Rose Of 1 Cimarron STARTS TOMORROW — DOUBLE FEATURE Staffing YVONNE DE ORIO JOHN IREIAND -JAMES CRAIG WRRESnt/CKER LYLEBE7TCER RICHARD ARIfN ..JOHN RHONDA PAYNE • FUMING MILWAUKEE waukee Braves (Si today The ' Mil- listed a seven great years brought .Wiscon-j 77-game home baseball schedule! for 1956, including 38 arc light con-] tests—three more than last year. The Braves will open at County Stadium with the Chicago'Cubs on April 17 and close their home season Sept. 23 with the same dub. SUPER 4Q "That Lady" OLIVIA deHAVILLAND" and GILBERT ROLAND The 13-0 victory scored over Vanderbilt this year was Mississippi's First shutout against the Commodores in a football series that dates back through 33 games since 1894. VALUE Yoan only FREE- MAHOGANY FINISH- ANTI-TAftNISH CHEST Jake how for only moo HfRf'S WHAT YOU RtCtlVt.. . I Knivtf — Stainlttt Madti I Oinn«r Forlu 16 Ttatpoont DOWN • Soup Spoom I Salad P«ri» • L^rf9 vOfW BE Goodrich 1H N. Gwiln SI. Dill PA 2-3177 Now! a 5 00 bill adds ... Auto Personal Accident . • '• ''•••'.- fo your liability policy IF YOUR CAR IS INSURED BY CONLON • . • ' ; . • - . •-.*-. Get details of this new service for insured with the service-minded agency A LOT of Protection For L/TTLE Cost $5,000 to $10,000 D«»th Benefit $25 to $50 W««kly Income Total Disability Btnoflt When a serious accident happens, your first , question.wili be: "Have I The lt*t Protection" Call PA 44776 For Rat* Folfer Conlon Insurance - SHIRT Laundered -R-E-E IF WE RETURN ONE WITH A BUTTON MISSING SHIRTS ONLY (CASH & CARRY) FIRST SHOW 7:00 LAST COMPLETE SHOW 8:40 "I Was A Male War Bride" CARY GRANT and ANN SHERIDAN I NOT SINCE SCARLETT AMD JEZEBEL HAS THE SOUTH PRODUCED ,-* SUCH A WOMAN! - COtOR by DELUXE Q NEM AScoPfc RICHARD EGAN DANA WYNTER CAMERON MITCHELL w!if Stdftey Block««- • *Ao'i0'i» Pon-o^au Ptoovtfd OJ<rt'«d i^d Wr'-ci . M, n,, >..-•. PHttlPDUNNf 12:36-2:27-4:15 6:09-8:00-9:50 Wh«n h« cams to h»f roowi at nlgM... wa« it to MM or » kW...7 COLUMBIA PICTUSH ranti n siEWAR, n JEAN , GRANGER-.SIMMONS DIAL: PA 4-1400 Dave Gunier's GOOD FOOD or Clarysville Inn will be CLOSED from Nov. 7 to Nov. 17 It's Not Too Late to Make Your Contribution to the Cumberland Community Chest. Help Keep the Agencies Functioning. 'MaiMt to 5.14 Liberty Trust Bldg, or Phone PA 2-2700 ,,, , 16 04ft Of PIMLICO NOV. 16* thru DEC 3 rd 8 RACES DAILY POST TIME 1:00 P. M. Saturday, NOV. 19th PIMLICO FUTURITY Saturday, NOV. 26*h PIMLICO SPECIAL Thursday, NOV. 24th EXTERMINATOR HANDICAP Saturday, DEC 3rd GALLORETTE STAKEC Admissions: GRANDSTAND $1.80 CLUBHOUSE 13.60 *wwvww^/s^^^^^ MEET THE STAR PERSON ALDO RAY APPEARING IN OUR THEATRE LQIIY Friday Only 3:15 to 3:45 PM • AND • 7:30 to 8:45 PM MOST EXTtAOtOMAKT mu... MOST EXTtAOtDINAIT MOTION ncium THREE STRIPES in*he STARTS FRIDAY

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