The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 25, 1976 · Page 6
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 6

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1976
Page 6
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Following court ruling r«pr« drop, »,„ WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court decision allowing pharmacists to advertise the prices of their prescription drugs may mean that customers will pay less for medication, according to a consumer group involved in the case. Alan B. Morrison, who represented the Virginia Citizens' Council in .the case that led to the court's Monday ruling, said, "I would expect that some l«rr"~"' "• *P[ start a* it <*restrict pharmacists from wrtsng prm and that prices advertising prescription prices, will start coming down." An FTC report said Htingthose we seven-man court major- k °" " — ••—- _. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR REGULAR MEETING NMiisfy, Kay 26 8:00 p.m. ANNUAL ELECTION Lunch Stanley Morritl Commander - r- ity said consumers have a constitutional right to receive information on prescription drug prices. The court rejected arguments by Virginia officials, whose state law against advertisement of prescription drugs was challenged. State officials argued that the advertising ban was needed to prevent cost cutting that would result in poor service. "There is no claim that the advertising nan in any way prevents the cutting of corners by the pharmacist who is so inclined," Justice Harry A. Blackmun said for the court. "That pharmacist is likely to cut corners in any event. "Virginia is free to require whatever professional standards it wishes of its pharmacists. But it may not do so by keeping the public in ignorance of the entirely lawful terms that competing pharmacists are offering," Blackmun said. The Federal Trade Commission has been considering proposed rules to overturn Jaws in more than 30 states that prohib- The beautiful you without ,/% Custom-Made" Contacts. Because contact lenses to invisible, they let you show off the natural beauty of your eyes. Our contacts are easy to wear, too. They have that .professional, custom fit that makes them feel as comfortable as the wink of an eye. A natural fit, a natural feel. Discover the natural, beautiful you today. Phone 2M-7J7.9M1 129 East Lincoln Avenue Fergus Falls, Minnesota ... the musical Instrument 'of your choice! Nowyou can rent a famous CONN band instrument. Om trial plan and proven selection method let you be certain before you buy Offer the wonderful world of music to your child this easy way. See us for fur details. No obligation. RENT AN INSTRUMENT OF YOUR CHOICE RENTAL APPLIES TO PURCHASE IF rflU BUT! DIAL 7397ZX6 121-123 EAST LINCOLN - FERGUS FALLS bans would save buyers more than $130 million a year. A Washington-based resarch group, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, issued a report in March estimating buyers could save »380 million annually if drugs could be advertised. An Associated Press study of prescription drug prices in 12 cities showed that in April 1975 prices of widely used medication differed greatly within a single city where advertising of prices was not allowed. For instance, in Chics go, the drug Darvon could be purchased for prices ranging from H.90 to f3.90, The AP study showed. MARKETS SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) (USDA) - Cattle and calves: 7,900 Tuesday; slaughter steers and heifers steady to weak, except Holstein steers weak to 50 lower; caws and bulls slow; cows 50-1.00 lower; bulls weak to 50 lower; choice and prime 1250-1375 Ib slaughter steers 38.50-39.50; choice 1050-1300 Ibs 39.0040.00; good and choice 1000-1300 Ibs 38.0039.00; few shipments choice 1050-1350 Ib Holsteins 37.0037.50; good and choice 1100-1500 Ibs 36.00-37.00; good 34.50-36.00; choice 650-1100 Ib slaughter heifers 38.00-39.00; good and choice 37.00-38.00; good 34.0037.00; utility and commercial slaughter cows 28.5W0.50, few 31.00-31.50; cutter 24.00-29.00- No. 1-2 1400-2100 Ib slaughter bulls 35.0038.00; few No. 117001900 Ibs 38.5W9.00; 1-21100-14(10 Ibs 33.00-36.00; vealers fully steady; choice and prime 40.0050.00, few 52.0047.00; choice 30.0040.00; good 25.0W5.00. Hogs: 9,000; barrows and. gilts 1.00 lower, trading slow; 13 190-250 Ibs 49.0049.50; couple shipments up to 50.00; 2-3 240260 Ibs 48.5049.00; 2-3 260-280 Ibs 47.504J.50; 24 280300 Ins 46.5047.50; sows weak to 50 tower; 1-3 300-650 Ibs 43.0044.00 mostly 43.50; boars 39.0W9.50 weights under 350 Ibs 37.0040.00. Sheep: 700; slaughter Jambs steady, extreme top on spring slaughter lambs 1.00 higher; slaughter ewes and feeder lambs steady; choice and prime 85-105 Ib spring slaughter lambs 58.0W2.00; choice and prime 90-115 Ib old crop shorn slaughter lambs 58.00-60.50; cull Co choice slaughter ewes 5.00-15.00: choice 60-95 Ib feeder lambs 45.0fr50.00. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET (May24) MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Wheat receipts Monday 193; year ago holiday; Spring wheat cash trading basis up 2 to 3 cents; prices 12V«. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 3.77V 4 -5.16ii. Test-weight premiums: one cent each pound 5S to 61 Ibs; one cent discount each Vi Ib under 58 Ibs. Protein prices: 11 per cent 3.77V1; 12, 3.921i; 13, 402ii; 14, 4.32M.33Vi; 15, 4.73M.76U- 16, 5.001J-5.06V4; 17, 510ij- 5.16_Vi, No. 1 hard Montana winter Minni.D. No. 1 hard winter 3.42'i4.67*4. No. 1 hard amber durum, 4.104,35; discounts, amber 10; durum 20. Corn No. 2 yellow 2.83'i- Oats No. 1 extra heavy white Barley, cars Ml, year ago holiday; Larker 2.51-3.35; Blue Malting 151-3.15; Beacon 2513.20; Feed 1.80-2.50. Rye No. 1 and 2 2.75-2.95. Flax No. 1, truck 5.20; rail 6.75. Soybeans No. 1 yellow 5.4J!i. Southeast U.S. ~ gets rainfall in history By The Associated Press Showers 'splashed over parts of the West and the Southeast today, but most of the country in between was fair and pleasant. A man was struck by lightning and killed Monday at Miles, Tex., as thunderstorms roamed the southern Plains. Rainshowers fell over portions of Ihe Pacific Northwest, and showers and thunderstorms were scattered through (he northern Rockies and from the central Rockies into the Texas Panhandle. A scattering of showers also Alcoholic ban is continuing NORTHK1ELD, Minn. (AP) — The board of regents for St. Olaf College has voted to con- Unue the ban against student consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus. Oscar Husby, vice chairman of the board said all but for of the 20 regents who attended a recent meefing voted !o continue the ban at the school. "The consensus was lhat the present policy is as good a policy as we can matter what policy we had would not be a perfect policy, however," Husby said. Husby said that under the present St. Olaf policy, students who are of age may consume intoxicating beverages in Northfield or any place where they are saleable. Law signed, creates court of appeals DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Legislation to create a state court of appeals was one of seven bills signed into law Monday by Gov. Robert Ray. The five-member board will take cases sent to it by the supreme court and is expected to begin receiving cases early next year. The high court has complained that it does not have time to settle all the matters that come before it and has a heavy backlog of cases. NEW YORK BUTTER AND EGG MARKET NEW YORK (AP)-( USDA) - Wholesale egg offerings increasing on medium; adequate to ample on large, demand light to fair today. . Wholesale selling prices based on volume sales. New York spot Dotations follow: Whites: Fancy large 52-55; Fancy medium 4B-52; Fancy smalls 4245. NEWYORK(AP)-(USDA) — Butter offerings higher. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh). Creamery, 93 Seme AA 94-97 cents. 92 Score A 91S-92fe. Cheese offerings steady, prices unchanged. LOCAL HOG MARKET Market: 50 lower butchers; -sows steady; Base number 3 butchers 210-240:47.00; Closely sorted meat type butchers 210240: 47.504J.OO; Sows 27030040.5041.00; Boars: steady 30.0032.00, LOCAL GRAINMARKET (Tuesday, May 25) No. 1 Wheat No. lOati Barley Com Flax Soybeans 3.71 1.46 2.95 2.62 6.35 5.20 REAL ESTATE TAX NOTICE Tlw first haHC/i) of your real estate tax is due before May 31st. Mali by Hie 30tfi lo avoid (alt postal cancelations. Al TO« postmarted June 1st or later wfl be returned for penalty. A penalty of 3 percent on homestead property and 7 percent on non-homestead property wi be applied June 1st with an increase of 1 percent per month thereafter. Hyou hate not recened your tax notice, please write for statement Please 1st the description of (fie property you are concerned about. Cowly Treasurer ranged across the Southeast from Alabama Ihrough the Carolina*. Up to an inch of rain drenched sections of Georgia and South Carolina. Skies remained clear over much of the remainder of the nation and scattered frost was in prospect over Michigan and Wisconsin. Overnight temperatures in the 40s were common across the Midwest. Readings before dawn ranged from 35 at Greenville Maine, to 79 at Needles, Calif. Some other reports: Anchorage 42 cloudy, Atlanta Bismarck 53 fair, Boston 48 clear, Chicago « clear, Cincinnati 53 fair, Cleveland 50 cloudy Dallas-Fort Worth 71 dear, Denver 51 partly cloudy, Detroit 43 fair Indianapolis 46 dear, Kansas City 53 dear, Los Angeles 61 cloudy, Louisville 53 dear Miami 72 clear, Minneapotis-St Paul 48 clear, Nashville 53 clear, New York 53 partly cloudy, Philadelphia 56 cloudy, Phoenix 78 clear, Pittsburgh « partly cloudy, Rapid City « cloudy, SL Louis 50 clear, San Francisco 51 cloudy, Seattle 45 fair, Washington 56 fair. NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Clear to partly cloudy central and east today and in the extreme east tonight Increasing cloudiness extreme west today in the central portion tonight and in the east Wednesday. A slight chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms in the extreme west tonight and spreading to the central portion Wednesday. Highs today upper 60s extreme northeast and 70s elsewhere. Lows tonight upper 30s extreme northeast to the lower 50s in the west. Highs Wednesday 70s and lower 80s. North Dakota: Mostly doudy west and increasing cloudiness east today. Showers and thundershowers west this afternoon and tonight and spreading to the east tonight and Wednesday. Highs today 70s. Lo ws tonight around 50. Highs Wednesday 60s west to 70s eut South Dakota: Partly cloody east, cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms west ard central today and spreading into the east tonight. Highs today mid 60s to mid 70s Lows tonight mid 40s to low 50s. Partly cloudy west and cloudy with scattered showers and : thundershowers east Wednesday. Highs Wednesday in the 60s and low 70s. May Nutter 1975-76 -1HS- _|,;i- M4i M» pep Ml) Mil Uu PC. 52 35 66 31 62 33 70 47 70 42 70 44 54 49 60 48 74 47 76 46 69 46' 70 40 75 40 63 44 69 33 62 43 78 57 84 49 83 57 83 60 53 52 76 46 81 60 60 50 .27 0 .05 0 0 .15 T 0 0 0 0 0 .22 0 0 0 0 0 .22 .13 63 27 46 22 57 28 80 51 57 63 82 M 10 73 11 72 12 72 75 87 72 72 71 16 82 44 19 82 48 20 78 52 21 £8 56 .14 22 78 50 .17 23 76 44 T 24 80 37 24 24 34 46 44 40 39 41 43 39 42 44 43 48 CharloE. Adams Volmteer Observer Orwell Dam ExlwM forecast Minnesota: Dry Thursday through Saturday. Low 45-55. High in 70s. North Dakota: Partly cloudy Thursday and Friday, chance of rain showers Saturday. High in 70s. Low in mid to upper 4Qs. South Dakota: Chance of scattered afternoon showers west "Friday and Saturday. High in 60s and low 70s Thursday and Friday, 70s Saturday. Low in 40s and low 50s. WEATHER RANGE High Low Pr. 60 48 .. 76 46 .. Bemidji 75 37 .. Duluth 61 34 Hibbing TO M .. By The Associated Press Today is Tuesday, May 25, the 146th day of 1975. There are 220 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this dale in 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention met in Independence Hall in Philadelphia to frame the U.S. Constitution. On this date: In 1803, the American poet and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was born in Boston. In 1836, Representative John Quiiicy Adams opposed the annexation of Texas in a speech in the House. He cautioned that the move might bring on war with Mexico. In -1862, Confederate troops under General Stonewall Jackson defeated a Union force in (he Civil War Battle of Winchester, Va. In 1961, President John Kennedy asked the nation to slrive to send Americans to the moon '•before this decade is out." In 1967, UK U.S. State Department ordered wives and children of American officials to leave Egypt and Israel because of the danger of war. In 1974, President Richard Nixon said in a nationwide radio address he must defend the office of the Presidency by refusing to turn over evidence sought in two Watergate criminal cases. Ten years ago: A Kansas attorney, William Thompson, became the first layman in 83 years to head Ihe United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Five years ago: Two supersonic jet passenger planes, the British-French Concorde and the Soviet Tupolev 144, made flights across Europe and Africa. One year ago: Israeli and Lebanese jets and artillery battled for 12 hours in Southern Lebanoa Today's birthdays: President Tito of Yugoslavia is 34. Writer .Herman Wouk is 61. Thought for today: Let us be thankful for Ihe fools. But for them Ihe rest of us could not succeed— Mark Twain, American humorist, 1835-1910. Bicentennial footnote: Two hundred years ago today, the Maryland Convention in Annapolis voted to delete prayers and appeals to the King from the Book of Common Prayer. fills (Mi.) Join.l rues., May 25,1976 fi YAMAHA PRICES few't •• R««ttt !.««ICE 199 MM • f*«r Uft »»» tM" »rir« mu.. CONFIDENCE Bereavement brings confusion. Look to us for understanding trusted advtce in the selection of a fine monument Our complete service is as near as your telephone. Simply contact us. There's never any obligation. For your convenience we are now also open on Saturdays from 8 to 5 p.m FERGUS FALLS MONUMENT COMPANY, INC. Zl»B4SrUNCOLN,FERGUSFAIXS,MINN.-TELEPHONE73«a! Mondays through Saturdays—8 a .m. to 5 p.m. 1161 Sab Starh it IIUL Saturday, May 29 Guns 1876 Army ftHfc belt action Windwilers: Ltwo, Rifle pump Winckesier Mod.Uj.jj Boll Action Antiques M r Model tj 12 gauge pump , Tom 12 Gauge (good condition] « Revofcer n Revolver J» Rilol American Double Action RowderSlulMHSure Sill Snot flowder Homi 4 Holitert Musket Hand Gun 32 Revolver Mwder Caps Pocket Watches 11 Elgin Walctiei (tome with laa covers I enfrmd) 4 Elg.«i National horn, win fie, covers 8. engraved) iWamumUwirtlracecovers) JHajneden 1AurarJ 1 Standard I A Hwtt I Dueier Newport witti fa« rawr . Robert RHMI Uverpcol .' """"*" 5 Collet Crinors • . •', Clod " 5 Bl «k M"»M Clocks •lloDayClock 2 Mantel Clocks School Digital Clock Amsooia Cteck Co. Wall Ctoci Antiou. Mirror Cross Country list P,on,er Waoon Picture * ' SoapBox Cokman Brash Holde.- Match Bo, How, , Romme Orel Stirring. Spoon Brown Bean Pots Kerosene Can win Mela! stand J Lant«m Horse Neck Yokes, Eventrs Cast Iran stats 3 Sets of Horse Harnesses <, Hames "" Cfcain Driven Watch and Container I 9 oo<! condition) AlWin Lamp with Wall Bracket 1 Lamp Shades 7 Kerosene Lamps with Wall Brackets ' 1940 Ford J-dr. Car Body in good condition oMa Bronie M.W.C. Spnngheld win com «. engraving M-MtaqfOft I with cover j w jB £ m I Jours . EifiibitiM . l day witch Many other watches too numerous to mention P"ts Repairs Caiei Maim Wit* t Clock Lathe with Motor Safari No. 15 Eye Piece,' magnifying glan forward! •most of h>w wjtctws ire in working, order Machinery Pji.1 Sprayer •i InrJi Electric Drill Hand Drill (Vesi '« me* Ekctrk Drill >< H.p. EkctricOrill Blacksmith Vise HandGrmeV TabWSaw Hand Saws Remin S tonClvaio Saw Ratchets Carpenter Tools Tools 71, H.P. Wisconsin Engine CirckSaw Wrenches S<rtn« Co-op Trxlor. 3 Bottom Plow with W«l«Froatl H.d LoXer S»*yP)ow BOM mm* Gnm ktevafw DirtScraptr ComSMller Burr Mill 2 Wfi«(l Trailer Sm.ll Wo* Grain Ekvalor G» E~foM Our* 4 Mjusur Horst Cera Planter Minneapolis MoSne 11 ft. Swatterwilh pickup 5 o»ri s TrjPteBM RadMfcrs Hay Fork Wat.r Tank Wb«IB»rrews 55 Gal. Gaj Barrel!& Stand AcrtMtasuriagWhMl Ham) Sprayer BayKnif* Enwricn Wild Oat KkkerFannin, Mill 0.mpRake ft°?H F !! <l r> B<> '' RKlmgUwn Mower PBSl Hole Dtgger Miscellaneous Polaroid C«i*ra Tap* Recorder T»p«riler U«lerwo«(Hw<IA«mg Machine Se.ino. Mxt.iM ™°r\, r ^ t ?,,°°'' <! ' lCu|>bwr * °ilB.rmr W»hioo, Machine OM TV sud Radios Satellite FUsIr Camera Sr»p CaWntts Telescope * Tri.pod « » cc essor«s + NO ITEMS TO BE SHOWN PRIOR TO 0»Y OF SALE •rr« Htm. hcliiHer Andrew Torgerson, Estate rnl USMI U*. On Liti. CM.

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