Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO niE lOLA DAILYREQISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 3, 1933. lOLA, KANSAS That I have found ydu lovely i May little mean to you, I But It has brought a' something ! Prom out the shapeless blue 1 To blossom'in la bosom ^. Where only ^thistles grew. And one who *aB a maiden I Of modest thought and mien Is petaled as a poppy In unashamed new; green, IB conscious as a peacock Of emerald and she^n'.. I That I have found you lovely You may not even know. For I have tapped as lightly As uninvited snow; ; Upon a western window Where vagrant winds tiptoe, ' Enough that you are lovely Whom God has christened man And that I am a woman. Alive and lean %nd tan; : With such a simple preface The book of life began. —Vivian Yeiser Laramore. • •:• Maran Bridge Club Estertalned Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hurley cnter- I HAVE FOUND YOIT LOVELY. | Mrs. Cox Hostess to Bridge Club Mrs. W. h. Cox was hostess Wednesday to ithe members of her afternoon bridge club and one guest, Mrs. Kenneth Poust. Mrs. Poust received higli score prize. The members present were; Mesdames W. D. Jones, Jack Hiatt.L. B. Chevalier. T. O. Canrttsey, Uoyd Carter. C. A. Swiggett. and Miss Mary Crouch. Miss Imin; Entertains Bridge Club Julia Irwin entertained the members oi her contract bridge club kis^ evening. Mrs. Lester Kesslnger wci the high score prize. Lunch wa; served jafter cards. Members at- tercling w'ere: Mesdames Warren Peijham, Vernon Dugsan, W. R. Mc- Kiiin. Don Spillman, Howard Copening. Lester! I^essinger and Milton Wdrthingtoh.i ' IV. B. Women's-Missionary I As.sociatiun ^ Meets • Tlie Women's Missionary associa- ition of the;United Brethren church imet yesterday afternoon at the : horhe of Mrs. Dewey Peck with Mrs. : Mabel Marining, the .assisting host- tained last evening a bridge club of ' e.ssi Ar the business meeting, con- Moran of which they are members. '< ducted by the president. Mrs. Mary The high score prize for the.women Wilson, officers for the coming year •was won by Mrs. Frank McAdams weije elected as follows: Mrs. Leon and the high score prize for the ScHell, president; Mrs. Lee Veteto, men by Prank McAdams. Refresh-; secretary; i Mrs. Vezie. treasurer; mekts were served to two guests, i Mrs. Wilson, secretary of literatilre: Mrs. Bernice Davis^and Otis Lam-• Mrs. James Pisher, secretary of beth of lola, and the following-Mo- : thank offering; Mrs. Charles Bish- ran members: Mes.srs. and Mes-| op. .secretary of stewardship. Dele- dames Walter Cline. Frank Mc-; gates, to the missionary convention Adams. Moody Ralston, and Dr. and ; in iJune are Mrs. Harley Warren Mrs. K. C. Kyger. : nnd Mrs. Raymond Hayes; alter•> •:• •:• ! nates. Mrs. |A. V. Howland and Mrs. Surprise Luncheon for Earl Knock. Miss Miles The lesson on the "Depths of For the regular meeting of the ex- : Pi'^jyer" was led by Mrs; Ella Jacobs „™.f(„„ K^o-^ «f n D ixr ' ^-"c reports on work m China were eoutive board of the B. P. W. cmb.^g^a^ by Mrs. Howland, Mrs. Hayes a surprise party was arranged at, anc Mrs. Schnell. After the pro- the home of Miss Alice Miles, presi-gra n. refreshments were served to dent. All brought dishes for a cov-' 15 jncmbers and four guests. ered dish luncheon that was .served „ ,. , ;...*'*„*'*. ?** Mp 'hodist Aid bociety, at 6:45. _ i Entertained After supper, the regular busines:;! -j^,. General Aid societv of the ROOSEVELT TO TAKE OATH Olfj^SBIBtE Fraiikllri ru .'RQ*»sevelt Is showa with the old family Bijjle which ^e will use in taking tlje oath of offiqe is, president. The Bible has been in the Roosevelt family for almost 300 years and tflellrst entry—that of a birth --is dated 1670. ./Il>!>-?lble will be opened to the thiiteenth (fhftjitaF^^of the Epistle of Paul to the Corlnthfan&-|Words on charity—for the oath. I First Methodist Episicopal Church. The last Sunday beiore the seventy-eighth annual • session of the Kansas conference to be held at Lawrence, Wednesday, Mawih 8th. The pastor will preach the'sermons for the day. jThe Epworth League will meet at 6:30 p. m. The morning worship at n a. m, The evening church service at 7:30 p. m. Mr. Charles ;E. Punk will lead the prayer meeting Wednesday evening, i Walter P. 'Wharton, Pastor. Christian Chuixh. ,We invite you to worship Sunday. Sermon by the minister, morning and evening. Every worship planned to help you and exalt Christ. Morning sermon Subject, '*What i Some Christians Miss." Evening germon subject. "Thi? Great Appeal." J. LEElRELEFORD. , Church of God. . I First and Neosho.) Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., followed by preaching at li a. m. The night service begins at 7:30 p. ra. Bible study at the church every Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. Cottage prayer meeting everj- Thursday 7:30 p. m. Yoting Peoples meeting every Friday at 7:30 p. m. Eveiyone' welcomje.. ' I. M. Cox, Pastor. WHERE DID HE DIE? • INWHATOTYIS VASSAE CCXXEGE ? meeting was held and the program p,L of the second district convention to be held at Olalhc March 4 and o, taiifed in the church parlors Thurs- Ine were discussed. A numbu-r ol local', day club members will attend and Mis;; o. Theta Brewer, director for this di.s- ' f,-r:i trict, has arranged ihu i)rosram and : ncsi will preside at different 5crsion,s. ' W.T.- Mlfis Miles will be on the program 'nin, to discuss the activities of the jjro- > ticv gram committees and Mr .s. Minnie i w. Alien will discuss the activities of | wh the public relations commitleM- j ch;: Letters were also read explaining | a the state convention lO be held in j poi Garden City May li-13 which a number of local club members are planning to attend. "National Busincs.s^ and Profcs- eionall Women's Week" bog^ins next Sunday and the local club 's plans in connection with it v.-ere disc'.is.sed last night. It was voted to attend tile Presbyterian church in a body itlarch 12. The big event; of the week will be the regular meeting March 10 with a dinner tit the Portland hotel sponsored by the public relations and publicity committees'. At this meeting the club will entertain representatives from various clubs in lola and speakers from out of town •Rill be here. ' Those attending the meeting last night were: Mesdames Sara Bell, H. Methodist church was enter- afternoon by Circle four. Mrs. . Duncan, president of the Oen- • Aid, presided over a short busi- ' (i session. A greeting of welcome ] offered by Mrs. Merle V. Lan- | . president of Circle four. The' [ationals were conducted by Mrs. A. Woodruff. TJhe larogram cli Mrs. Don Burtnett. program irman. had cJi;irge of. included !{)aper on "Ireland the Land of 'i|try and Song," by Mrs. H. W. Cci;r: two piano solos by Miss MaxWolf: a paper on the "Life and Miihi .5try ' of St. Patriot" by Mrs. | S. Hitchcock; "A Legend of St. Pa^^ricVt" by Mrs, Don Burtnett; a one-act play ehtitled "Courtship Under Difficulties" presented by Imp?ene Frazier, Betty Sue Davis, and Jean Brovi-n. At intervals during- the program Irish songs were } -sung by all present led by Mrs. C. E. | Newman. : Refreshments were served to the ' 07 Quests I present. ; BY SISTER MARY SK.\ .Servile Writer 'ITU tlie iiuu-Iict reports, IL-II- m.s u.s that Cf.n.s uru (:lie;ipcr ilii^ ye,-!r tli;iii tli'.'y liflvp lii'ijji in ihirty years, it liuliODvr.s all of us to i!Uik<i .L 'oud use OL" Ilici". How- e-y-tr, roj-'anllrss of ])rii e, oKfi lie- .scrvu siic. , J1 consideration on ;ti'. I omit oi tliL 'ii- vi.T.-.itility iinJ fooJ value. i T'l.v fooil v.iji;,.- c;:^s is : re­ nin rkn lily I'.iKli, ViliiMiiiis, miuf'i-- al- cont..-nt iinil ralorio.s areioti iii.>li.".yoi-tliy value. Tlicy are aj .'ir'ti. sourio of vitaniin -X .ind tlie I) viianiin wliii li is found prin- .-il'uliy m li.-ii oils is prosont in: ilu-' i-KK yolk in cunsidorablo I .uiiouiit. VitaiiHus B aiul G arej al'o iound m i'>;^'s. So you see; that all Iht' viianiin^ exct'pl C and ^ K are supplied 6y this always .ivailahle food. .\s a souri .L' of niiniM -als vapA hold an important pla(-o, loo. Al- tliouLih poor in t-alc-iuni. they *re .-ii -ii in iron and phosphorous, two ; minerals csaontial for good, nutrition. - • ^ When it comes to calorics, one niodiuin-sized eL ;L'. •.veipiiini; about; the teaspoon paprika, 4 small rounds of toast, 4 teaspoons tomato catsup, i ripe olives, watercress, pearl onions. Cut eg .Es in halve cro.sswiib, i.utiinj; on: the rounded ends so each. h.-Uf will .stand up. Remove yolk.s^aud mix well with anchovy paste, salt and paprika. Refill Toijiorrow 's Menu HUKAKKA.ST: Stewed rhubari), cereal,' cream, hash, mnmns, milk, coffee. LfNCHKO.V: Epgs baked in slieesp sauce, hearts of leitmo, ,maham rolLs, canned cherries, jumbles, tea. DINNKU: Boiled tonguo with rai.sin sauqe, candied sweet potatoes, Spinach au Bralin, stuffed p?-ach salad, lemon meringue ; pie, milk, coifce. ^ . i ii qiiicago. — Mrs. Mildred Rubin \ doesn't choose to be the woman who i pays. ^ 1 She not only filed suit for a di- ! , vorce from Maurice Rubin, but ask- i Jessie Bell, M. C. Langley. W. e. i ed jfor reimbursement for the costs j Wright^ Alma Hale. Lydia Reynolds, j of : the Weddmg and honeymoon. Phila Trout, Minnie Allen; llif,scs Dollie Adams, Ella 'Vczic. Nell Walters, JuUa Williamson, Dora Langsford, Grace Reno, Maude McKinney, Thelma Roberts, • Grace Kinney, and Alice Miles. Iteins listed: Ten dollar fee paid to the person | whb tied the wedding knot. j Eighteen dollars' expended for: flowers. Thirty dollar hotel bill. whites and put each on a round 01 toast with minced watercress. Cover eg.cs with tomato catsup and sprinkle three or four pearl , , ,. • • .1 .onions over each serving. Gar- iwo and one-hall ounces in ihe:^^.^^ vs-jth ripe olives and serve, shell, supplies 2-3 calories ol pro- , tein and 45 of tat. making a total | Kftfjs Baked in Cheese Sauce of 70 calories. : Two cups medium thick white While eggs do contain most, ol!! sauce, 1 cup grated cheese, 4 the food elements needed by the eggs. ',i cup tomato catsup, liody for its development, never-1 Add cheese to white 'sauce theless they must be combined while hot and pour intp a shallow properly with oliier foods. i buttered baking dish. Break Into A delicious appetizer for early this the'eggs, taking Care not to spring meals combines anchovy! break the yolks and spacing the paste with egg yolks in piquant | egss carefully. Cover dish aild fashion. •bake" in a moderate oven until ^..netizer ^'"^^^ """^ firm. Put two table; spoons catsup over each egg and Two liiird-cbokod eggs, 1 tea-1 bake, uncovered, until catsup is spoon anchovy pasjte, U teaspoon • hot. Serve from baking dish. ELM CREEK HOREONTAL 1 Former. 5 Mural decoration. 10 General term for mast. 14 Authoritative prohibition. 15 Changeable Colored jewels. 16 To relieve! 17 Roman poet. 18 Money drawers, 19 Mugs. 20 Cognlzauco. 21 Born. 22 To observe. 23 Units of work. 25 Artificial fly. :s7 Believers of particular creed. 28 Absolute ruler. 30 Apprehends. 32 To bellow. 34 Deposited. 35 Relief sculptiire on an arch. 38 Scanty. Answer to Previous Puzzle Biatll2iira5 )E :!tB/g!f !lES @@l par g3 42 Three. •lo lilazo. 4(! Gaseous clement, a 47 Tiny flap. 4S Since. 49 Stroke of epilepsy. r,n Gnindparenlal. 52 Spreads as of an arch. 54 Dialect from Sanskrit. 55 Network. 5fj Apart. • r 57 Maple shrub. 58 Winter! i carriage. ', 50 Animal Isimllar 3- T ^j^Jud from. 8 lUicit 9 Onager! 10 Dry. 11 Temporary rests. 12 Appearance. 13 Changes a jewel setting. 24 Atomizer. . 25 Cudgel. 26 To rub out. 27 Auto body. 29 Money. SI To tear stitches. 33 To backslide, 35 Perfumes. 36 Sand ond pebbles. to the :clvet. 6U To yield. VERTlCAIi 1 Called 2 Tb vent 3 Pricks painfull 4 Thick ^hrub. 0 Child, j 6 to deem. 7 Lost color. grate. :y.' 39 To renew front of. 40 Stained. 41 Whole. 44 Once more. 45 Society. 51 Guided. 52 To sink. 53 To, harden. 54 Moccasin. the )5 IB IS2 1^ 47 r 51 &S P6 li J r Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sullivan. Mr. and Mrs. Wiftis Walker, Mi-s. Leslie Preston and Miss Lucile Baker took dinner at the N. I. Crowell home I Sunday. Mrs. Delmcr Andrews called at the I W. S. Dr*ake home Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Wash Barker are i niovin:^ into the Elm Creek ncigh- ; borhood on the Shively farm, they ' lived four years in this neighborhood so they arc not newcomers. Mrs. A. T.' Baker; spent Monday afternoon at J. S. Overmeyer's. Mrs. W. L. Cottfill and baby were callers at Mr. and Mrs. MuUens's 1 in Gas City Sunday afternoon. , Lois, James, and Hazel Perles, I Evelyn Sims, and Lena Looney spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Delano and family. Mr. John Gcir and Mr. Lon Swing were callers at the John Lamb home Sunday afternoon. Miss Irene Baker was out of school Friday with a, bad cold. Mrs. A! T. Baker and two daughters, Irene and Aleene, were in town Saturday evening and spent the evening with Mrs. Ida Linville. Those who helped Mrs. W. S. Drake celebrate her seventieth birthday Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Milton,' Mr. and Mrs. L. S: Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Byrd and Virginia, and Jack Byrd and Walter Shank, of Yates Center. After a lovely dinner the aftel^noon was spent; in visiting. All departed wishing Mrs. Drake many more happy returns. GLENDALE Mar. 2.—Mr. Parcel and family are n^ovlng from Kansas City on !the farm he recently purchased, knowri as the T. T. Kaster farm. Lloyd Heath is leaving' this farm and gjoing north of Kincald on a farm of Mr. Grow's.- Wprd was received of the death of Jp^ Morrov. Kansas City, formerly! of near lola. His deisith occurred at 7 o'clock on Tljursday mprnftg and was burled at that place i Friday afternoon at 3:30 Mrsi Hosley attended a quilt show at Motan Tuesday. V. W. and Lloyd Heath and Mr. Hoslej* shipped veal calves to the Kanaap City market Monday. Callfrs on Mrs. Lloyd Heath last week w^re Mrs. !McBrlde. Mrs. William Tull, and Mrs. !Frank Tull and children. ' Wllma Ross spent Sunday with Vivian! Heath. Bert| Cooper and family called at the Wesley Tucker home Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pierce were ^11 day visitors Sunday. The Baptist Temple The slogan of th0 Northern Baptist convention Is "March to Church During. March." March 5th' Is designed as "Members March to Church Day." Let us make good irt this, and all be in our places oh time. The Lord's Supper will be observed. In the morning Dr. Sowerby will speak on "The Progressive Idea of God!" In the evening he v.ill speak! on "The Armor of Righteousness." I Sunday school at 9:45 a. m- and i Wednesday evening 7:45. B Y P U qt 6-30 D m ' All welcome.. B. Y. P. U. at 8.30 p. m. . J A.'DUNHAM, Pastor. (Answers will be found on Page 5) Pentecostal Church. (Second .ai^d Neosho) Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. , Preaching at .11 a. m. ; Sunday evenlj>g 7:45. Tuesday and Church of God. (North Buckeye) A treat to all. The Ministers and Deacons'Alliance of all surrounding in the evenmg: "What Should I! churches of Fort Scott district will be .at 3 ,o'clock Sunday afternoon. Opening sermon by Elder J. C. Carter of A. M. E., with singing by a choir of both A. M; E. and Second Baptist chm-ches of the city. If you are a minister or officer in church, this is your meeting. The general pubUc, regardless of sect, Is cordially invited. Sunday school at 10 a,, m. 1 Preaching at 3 p. m. and 9 p. m. 1 Y. P. W. W. 6:30 p. m. M. C. RUSSAW, Pastor. ALBERTA JARRETT, Sec. Presbyterian Church Sunday morning, 10' o'clock, Sunday school, and U o'clock, morning worship. Mr. Snuffer's message in the nriornmg: "UnWavenng Values.^'i stallation of Sunday school officers and teachers will take place at the church service. Gas City Methodist Church Morning wOi-ghip at 10 o'clock. Theme, "He is a New Creature." Sunday school, at 11 o'clock. In- 6:30 Pledge My Church?" Endeavors meet at 5:00 and as usual. . On 'Wednesday the Alpha and Beta Guilds and on Thursday the Working societies: 1st Division with MrSi- Katie Thomas; ,2nd Divisioij with Mrs. Beafty Ray; 3rd Division. I with Mrs. Emerson Lynn; 4th Divi4; sion with Mrs. Stadler. A full attendance for Important business is. urged. Junior league at 4:30 and Senior league at 6:30.- A' specijal meeting of the Ladies Aid is called, for Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. • W. E. VAN PATTEN, Pastor. Free Methodist Church. i307 North Third.) Sunday-school 10 a. m. Preaching,; 11 a. m. Evening-service, 7:30 p. m. Class mijctlng, Tuesday night. Cottage Prayer meeting, Thursday night. Let's go over the top this Sunday in attendance! If you don't attend church, bring the children and wor- shln with us. 'You're welcome in overalls. ' Rev. Richard Ti'aver. Pastor. Trinty Methodist Church Sunday school at 9:45 witli mi.s- .slonary play under direction of Mrs. VanPatten and Miss Harclerode. Worship service at 11 o'clock with Mrs. Van Sant and children called j theme "He Is a New Creature;" First United Brethren Church Albert V. Howland. Minister.- Earl P. Knock, S. S. Supt. 9:45—Morning worshp service. 10:10—Sermon "Life's Essentials" will be delivered by our minister. 10:35—Sunday school classes meet 11:15—^Adjournment. • 6:30—Senior and Intermediate endeavors meet. 7:30—Popular evening service. Sermon "God's Love." Come once and you will come often. on Mrs. Bess Ross'Tuesday afternoon, j Bi-n)onthly examinations were postpohed until next week on account of questions not arriving. D. H. Hickman and Llsh Aldrldge are both sick at the Hickman home. iiciya Heath is suffering with rheumatism. They are at the V. W. Heath home awaiting the moving of the family, who are on the place they will occupy. , the Installation of Sunday school teachers and officers will take place at this service. Epworth League at 6:30. Evening service at 7:30. Abundant Life" will be the theme. There will be special musical numbers by Betty and Cfarol Buctianan. Darnell Deneen win also play. Conference meets next Tuesday at Lawrence. W. E. VAN PAtTTEN. Pastor. Nazarene Church. 1223- North Sycamore.) 10 a. m. Bible school under the supervision of Mrs. Nellie Randel. 11 • a.; m. Morning worship, the pastor will preach the sermon. Subject: "Some essential factors in maintaining an intense devotional life." 6:30 p. m. Young Peoples society, Mr; Gaddis president, Miss Fern Holten leader. 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday prayer meeting. A hearty welcome to everyone. M. R. Bishop, Pastor. First Church of Christ, Scientist. Sunday scrvice.s 11 a. ni. Wednesday evening meotinu, 8 p. ir... Sunday .'.chcol 9:45 a. m. The readinnr room, at corner of Er .Et -and Sycamore street. Is open daily from 2 to 5 p. m. .e.xccptlns i Sundays and legal holidays. ^ "Mp.n" will be the subject o: tire | Irsson sermon in all churches of | Christ. Scientist. Sunday. March 5 Golden Tt-xt: 1 Ccrinlhlans 2:If:: What man knoweth the things oT a mail, save the ipirit of man which: Is in him? The pu'olic is cordially invited to attend the church services and to enjoy the privileges and make use of the reading room. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Usp the CIn.'wIfled columns' yiGKS » yvoK .^TONr ANTISEPTIC at HALF tlie price ofotlier Qiidttty Moulh'umhes At your druggist's TRIAL SIZE Vandlver from Iowa Is coming soon and will occupy his farm this year, j His son Calvin has been farming it. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Carter and farftily visited at the John Carter home Sunday. Report of Star school for February: Enrollment 12; absent 6; tardy none Perfect attendance 6. Visitors none. Perfect In spelling: 1st grade,] Dean Chambers; 4th grade, Darlene Denney; 6t.h grade, Wendell Carter, Maxlne bcnney. ' Lee Norman arid Ralph Dlckerson are helping Mr. Graf's move. Farmers are either preparing the! ground or seeding oats. We are indebted to the teacher and pupils of Star school for part of the news this week. Little OrvlUe Rose has been quite' ill with Intestinal flu. He Is some better now. Bobby Cai-ter is quite ill at (.his time. A d(3ctor was called Monday. Mrs. John Carter. Helen and Olen Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Howard 'Whitney and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Owens were Saturday evening callers at the M. J. Garter homp. Mr. and Mrs. 8. M. Dlckerson visited Sunday at the J. C. Wilson home in Neosho Palls. A FAMILY STAR DISTRICT (Mrs. S. M. Dlckerson) Feb. 27—Mesdames Anna Simpson, Charles Dlckerson and Ralph Dlck­ erson spent Tuesday afternoon with Mi-s. S. M. Dlckerson. Mrs. A. L. McKo\«ii spent, an afternoon last week with Mrs. Cena j Dlckerson. I 3.1r. and Mrs. Dale Varner and ; little daughter drove down from To! peka Saturday for an over Sunday ' visit with his brother Will Varner and Mrs. Varner. Lee Norman and Ralph Dlckerson were business visitors in Burlington Satm'day. . Mr. and Mi-s'. Charles Wells arid family visited Sunday with lylr. and Mrs. E. H. Denney. Mr, Rogers and sons are moving to the H^lderman farm. Mr. Graf's iire 'teWnifTSTHe rfiisseinafni.llf 7 WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Mornidg ^aiin' to Go - If you {eel tour .sad-sank afii t|ie world louks bpnk, doo't awalloir a Iqt of 'i^lta, minanil water, oil. iaxatim cAndy or ehcwing gum and exptict tbem to make 70a auddeaty Bweet and buoyant tull oi auoshbie. " For they can't do It They only moye the bowels and a mere movement dqean't get at the cause'. Tha rsaaon tor your down-aM-out feeling U your liver. It abould Pour oat two pounds o{ liquid bOo into your hjawdfi daily. If this bile u not Sowing freely, your food doeso 't digest. It just decays in too boweU. Gaa hloata up your <toinarh. 'Von h»ve a thick, bad taste and yoc^ breath is I014]. slun often breaks out In blenuahes. Your head aches and you feel dows and out. Your whoU system is poisoned.: It takes those jjod. old CARTER'S UTTLE UVER Fills t9 get then two pounds of bile flowing freely and make yoa leel "up and up." Tter contain vondetful, harmless, gentle vegetable ^ztiii^ts. ajnazing when it comes to maldqc ti^ faik flow freely. Bat don'taslrf orliverpiUs. ijit^tat Cartel's Uttle Liver Pills, look for the aasia Carter's _IitJleJJvetKlL substitute. SBcfcl News of the world—business,, political, financial, and sport for father and older sons fashions, society, and store news for mother and ql^er daughters .... special features for youngsters, witK daily comic strips to dp- light both young and old .. .. local and county news for all. Yes, we believe that you will agree that The Register is truly a family newspaper. DID YOU KNOW That the Regi«teif Is Deliyered to 5,000 IN lOLA, ALLEN COUNTY AND ITS REGULAR TRADE TERRITORY, THE REGISTER GETS ITS MESS-4GE TO 13,500 PEOPLE DAILY. The Register is an lola owned and operated institution. It has been in continuous operation for 66 years. The Register has grown from a small weekly to one of the best (iailies in Kansas, It has one of the largest forces and payrolls in Ipla. The Register strives to promote the welfare of lola and Allen county always. • ' ••"•'•I WHEN IT IS NEWS IT WILL BE IN TH E REGISTER. TOE lOLA PAIi^T IlilGlifill i , • • • - .1 I iTi-

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