Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1928
Page 6
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.1 l PAGE SDC •SI THE ^OLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY G, JANUARY 24.1928. BOY IS FIRST IN NOW Nebraska and West Liamm Counis 35 Points Of Team's Tptalin S.E. K,Piay. Doi^JALpSON SECOND lola Boy, However, Is Far In Rear of Leader Of Tossers. with only a' littte more than two 'w'CH'ks of tho Sotitbeast Kansao hi/;h - school leagues baakelball aeiaKon gone, I^nitn of Parfions Is lieadlnR the list ot Individual scor- jers with a 19 pobit maririn over the closeql man, wjio 1B Bstle Don- alilBOn, forward artd only letter- inan. In second position. Lamm, who has piaycd a brll- Jlant scoring game^for tie Parsons i Point jNegotiating • Lincoln, .Neb.. Jan. 24. (API- Reports from the east that officials of West Point military academy and the University of Nebraska were negotlatltag for an Army-N'ebraskii football game next November, were conflnned here today when it v u learned that three Nebraska ath-j letlc authorities were in the east • „ „ i. a ** A conferring with the military acad- IfarSOnS, rOr.t JSCOll ana! eniy athletic boird. { ^EJK.LEAD GIVEN THREE FAST CREWS OLDEST ACTIVE JOGKfiY SPEAKER SAYS WASHINGTON IS TO DOTAIKING Tris Declares He Will Not Cut His Own Salary. ^tt^burg Are Undefeated. lOLA IS AT 1 BOTTOM Coffeyville May Assist i Locals in Climbing From Cellar. i ^S. I-. K. STANDIXIS. W. I.. Pit. Taniiv. Kla., Jan. 24. V.\Pi—A winter of Ktarlllrig baseball events, bringing wholesale rpdlstrlbutlon of .many 4)rllllant playei^ now! team baa scored SSpoTnta so "far j se^ms offpr "e*^ fields of specu-i tbia season otit of iits team's 84, or I latlou concerning Trls Speaker. I - -.0 .--II l .ono l .ono 1.000 .OIIl» .1(00 .000 .000 almost 42 per ceot of his team'* : points. at preseut 1 beading Uie league while his scoring aWllty has had not a little bit to do TVlth Its present standing. Though Donaldson's team holds no 'long:string 'of< Victories llkei who last year played cehterfleM | for the WasTiington Scnalors The apparent tendency of baseball ' to rearrange it.s valuation on stars Neems jto have entered into tlie Speaker taso. a.i it did with Ty Cobb. Rogers Horns- ;P:ir.'ii>ii!s ;Kort Hioit. il'ittitburg t'oUi'nibiis ; ,Coffryvllie . e !iaini(f 0 lola 0 (liiii<>|i<'n:l<'iice has not playvd) (•limes This >Vcek Tiicsilay--Independence at Par- Friday—Fori Scott at Pittsburg: Independence at Coffeyvllle. Saturday—Coffeyvllle at lola. THREE TEAMS OF COLLEGES Arkansas City, Parsons .And Kansas City Are Tied. When Uoxi<- Konianclli. at the age of 50,'retired only.:a few days ago, th>.> distinctiou of being .America's oldest active:Jockey^ellj to Johnny Callahan. Here i.s Callahan, not a Fator or a Sande by^any means, but a verj' active rider, astride Cru.sader/Man o' Wr's noted-son. Lamm's, Donaadson has climbed I fjeorgc Sisler and others who Into secdnd the scoring .' ranks entirely by. means of field foals, baring made no free toss- e«. Donaldson has contributed a iltUe better than « fourth of, bis team'.s points. have KWltcheil their affiliations, or bad them.switched, since lost season cios&d. Clark Urlffitlu owner of. tho "Washington club, announced heiie yesterday that unltss Speaker vol- Thi.-? wejt 'ks standings In the Southeast'Kaii.saij high school league find the same three leaders at the top that headed tlic list weik. but fiuil.s iwo more teams in tho loss columu with Indepeud- eme as yet to play a league game. All the teams in the league will get into action this week with In- Biethel of Yx. Scott is the first iuntarlly'reduced his own salary onl . , . .. ,^.,„. center to place, tying with Brlggs orWre Februarv 1. he would |,c! dependence, the lone inen her wo nf Mffthnro. f«^\Hi«nS fiffo^ I v.„ ,. ii.!„ ' . -^i .oL I Iws not uiL't Cither defeat or vic- pf Pittsburg for tliird with fifteen points. Brlnkman.of Fort Scott made fourteen, points U> tie for fourth place in the lola game last Friday. Smay of parsons also has fourteen points. 5 Jackson, Fort .Scott guard has. scored eleven IMints for bIS' team thoa far this season pnd stands ^me little ways ahead of the closest guards, Mack of Pittsburg, and' Keas of Chanute. Breckenridge ts the first lola guard to place, having made six points this seasop. MeOuire of lola t^kes eighth., place In the ranJcings heading; many from given his unconditional release. Tris, in BirmlnghiMi]. eq route to SoutHi Carolina for a hunting trip, said' he would no overtures to the .Senators with regard to cutting his own payJ "Unless Grif- fltb sends BJC a contract by Febrii- ary 1," he said. "I will aufomati: cally become a free agent." Griffith countered to this news with the opinion that is Speaker did not make thf overtures suggested his chances of playing next season in a AVashington uniform "were mighty slim." ; The AVashlngton owner declared j !ihat he tpld Speakt^r tnt the do-^o stronger teams. Other lola men i'or last season he could not again placing were .McClay,, Hall, Sev-ipay him his ' present salary. "I erns, and Hubbard. I I told him to po out and 'cok for Though Lamm head» the Ust ta job and that 1 would help him." J with his fifteen fleld goals, -Me-;he ailijed. Montreal and Mersey tJuIre has tho most free throws to,city have made udvanies to Speak- hi.i crMit with six.- Lamm Is closest with five charity tosses. F(I FT TP er regarding fith said. a managership, Grlf- tory in the league, invading Par- soiw Tue.s<fay night and Colfeyville Friday ei'ening. Independence wa-s .•-i-lieiluleil to play Chanute last wick but for some reason. tho game was not played. ln<lej»-Tidence. leader <ir the A'erdigris Valley l^eague may give Parsons a good go to win or may turn tables and do the winning itself, thftugh that is not, likely. In the present standlpps there is f.nt one In the mifldle rlass. all K-anis either having won or lost everything. However this week will find some entries for either Fort Scott or I'iti.shurg must fall when the Hourlxin county team in- vadi 'S the I'liridi* and White's territory Fri(l;iy night. The F'ort Sroll team ran up more points again.'^t the lolaiis last j week but Pittshurgli also had a larger margin of vietory over lola the pre- JACK SHARKEY IS PARTICULAR ABOUT FIGHTS ! Fla. informing hiui of Sharkey's |d;»mand. ; Riickley said iliat sinc<^ Tunney had »;een reported f anxious to defend his title twice next I summer Sharkey was willing to take him on in Jline, leaving a Septemfber date to Dempsey. "Jack wants to meet- Gene first ;of all but if tbat \» lihposslblc. he Will Meet Onlv Demnsev '° ™<'*^ Dempsey; in June YViu iueet uniy i»erap!»ey|^^ anytime but he-is not going to, Or Tunney, Boston Boxer Asserts. igo over the ground^bc : covered. • ' • ' "Twenty-two out*of 24 sporting Jan. 'H. .[jit'x 1 writers gave Shackey the decision • I -hiu •Mi .ottT" >vjt.h Heeney and has already Boston _.. ,. , . , , , Sharkey will box Gen- Tunney or:>n "'s „ , , , Jack nempsty Imt no one else, it | tliei;e is no questtdn bi^t that Jack was announced thhs morning after SCOTTERS lola SECOND Ranks Next After Local Defeat at Kansas City. CO.NFKRKM'K .STA>Df>(;S. •w L. Pet. Arkansas City -.2 0 1.000 Parsons — 2 0 1.000 Kansas City; —2 0 l.OOO Fort Scott ^ 2 1 .607 lola :_- 1 1 .5011 Kl Dorado 0 1 . .000 Independence —0 .000 Coffeyvllle _-._-0 . 4 .000 Thb Meek's UameM. Friday—JVrkansas City at ElDo- rado; Parsons at Fort Scott; dependence at CoffeyvlHe. In- a six hour conference between Sharkey'.s manat;er. Johnny Hiick- Is.the logical contender. nisko is out and. so is Jack Delaney. Risko beat Delaney and so le.v\nd Jess .McMahon. Madison'did Mfllouey while t)elaney has re.- Square Garden matchmaker, in'fused to box Risko at rounds in Ithlcii an offer to match the Boston sailor with Johni^y Risko. I Cleveland heavyweight, was defin- ] itely turned down. I Buckley told. -McMahon that his I man was through with eliminations of the fypi' (>f the proposed; Risko bout and in adritition re- JiH'ted the possibility'ol a fight with Ja<k Delaney. The boni, with IMskn was to have hi'i-n staged in .\ew Ycik 'Alarch 12. .Me.Malion at once dispatchod^^ii tele.^ram to Tex Rickard in Miami. Lamm, f. Parson.^——15 Donaldson, f. lola :„L— 8 Bethel, c". Ft. Scott:..'-.. 7 Brigga. f. Pitttburt 7 Brinkman. f. Ft. ScoUl. 6 Smay, f. Parsons ^ 6 McClure, c. Pltt.Kburg-— 6 MoGulre, c. lola., 3 . Jackson; g. Ft. Scott — 5 Cahtrcll, c. Parsoue 4 SiilllvTan, c. I'arsoi^s 2 ': •Kdmnndfion, f. Ft Scott. 4 , Ik'ehom, c. Chanute...- 4 ;etrader. f. Ft. Scott 4 * ICarieton, f. Pittsburg... 3 IVIack, g. Pitts^jurg. :! Keas, g. Chanute . 3- Breckenridge. ,g. lola— 3 Lleber, f. Pafsone ^..J_ 3 Mathls, f. Chiamite 3 Youig. c. Columbus 3 Gallagher, g. Columbus. 1 Mcaay. f. lola 2 B. Cs^rns. g. Coff.vvllle.. 0 l^'icak, g. Parsons . 1 Sjererns, g. Tola ... 0 lall. c lola . 1 Tavls, f. Chanute 1 ckrnard, g. Pitt.'^urg .. 1 qbrlstle. f. Chanute'.;--.! Shofnerr, f. Ooffe>-v}lle. 1- Morgan, f. Columbusr — 1 Davis, g. CofIer »1llew— 1 Myers,' c. Chanute — 1 Nelson, g. Parsons -i...- 1 , Tyson, g;, Chanute . 1 Hubbard. %. lola —0 Benefleld, g. CoffeynUe. 0 Pryor, f. Columbus—— 0- Her^'ood, g. Cplumbus _ 0 Speaker's Blrmlnghanv Interview : vions week, so little can be said 35jdi8clpsed that be had no plans in j as to tl 16. regard to a minor league managerial rQlc, altlinugh he did $ay the coming .season would find him back in uniform somewhere. "Until February 1." he said. "I am the property of the Washington baseball club and am not at liberty to nt^ptiate with any other club." 1 • GERMAN STILL WANTS TO RUN ON U.S. TRACKS Dr. Peltzer Has Wired Entries for Two Races Soon. the Aisollated Press.) PhUadelpbla'—Joe Duiidce, Baltimore, defeated Joe Slmbnlcb, Montana Babe McGbrgary, Oklahoma, won a technical knockout over Bobby Brown, Atlantic City (10). Buster Brown, Baltimore, outpointed -Wilbur Cohen. New York (6)New Y'orkw-"CannohbaIl" Eddie Martin, Brooklyn, defeated Doraln- fck Petrone. New York (10). Rene de Vos, Belgium, knocked out Sidney Friedman. New York (1). Pierre Charles, Belgium, and Jack Demave, Hobofcen, N. J., drew (10). Lou Barba, New York, won from Marco Polo. Pittsburgh (6). Ted Sandwina. Sioux City, outpointed Johnny Urban, Pittsburgh (6). Miami. Fla.—Y'oung Strlbllng. . Macon, Ga., knocked out Martin Burke. New Orleans (1). Mobile, Ala—Jimmy KJng, New- Orleans, knocked out Pete Stamaty, Moston (4). • Toronto, Ont—Willie Davis, Pittsburgh, won from Ernie Jani 'ls, England (10). • ' . , Newark; N. J.—Willie : Greb. j Scranton, defeated Jackie Horner, St. Louis (10). Harry Goldstein, Pittsburgh, woni from Jack Charity, >'ewark (10). i ! ;Chicago -T T e d d y Estetbrook. Nlles, O., outpointed Howard:Bentz, Milwaukee (10). j Billy Bortfield, Milwaukee, won from Billy ! Showers. St. Paul (6).' Memphis, Tcnn.—Red Herring, tJca; N. Y.. defeated Frankie Dugan, Memphis (S). Sectional trials of the National Collegiate A. A. for the selection of Olympic performers .will be beld «9 follows: Wrestling, at Ames, Iowa. March 30-31: swlmmiolg at the University of PennsylTania. Itfarch 30-31: track and field, at Chir^o, June 8 and 0. •: Los Angeles.. Jan. 24. (AP)—Dn Otto Peltzer, famous German middle distance runner made ready to leave here for CHiicago today, still in the dar(c as to whether or not he v.ould be allowed to run. in this country. The running doctor was declared to be at a loss to nnder- stand why he had not received permission to enter a few meets while in tl»e United States. Yesterday he telegraphed an entry for the half mile race at the. .Mlllrose Athletic Ai^sociatlon. track and field carnival in Aladison Square Garden, February 2, advising tho officials that his entry w-as coudl.tional upon sanction from the A. A. U. Ilu also has entered a meet in Chicago February 10 nnder the sam«'> conditions as In -N'ew York. •VNTille, waiting word from ibe .\. A. U., Peltzer stepped around the Colisciim track here yesterd.iy and when hi."*, flashing; het^ls had; taken hl.m over a half mile course a'new record for that distance here; ha.1 been hung up. The did mark of 1 minute and :">."..9 seconds by Percy NIersbach, former University of Southern California runner, was bettered by balf a second. Two' pace markers foun<l that tarfv too strenuous for them end dropped out after a single turn rr<jund the oval, Peltzer flnlsh- inpj tbe day's work alone. While the time did not approach Peltzer's record of 1 minute 51.6 seconds, sports writers who watched the run declared the time good in viei*- 01 the lack of competition. JuniorCollege Has Big Battle For Thursday n- final outcome 'of the Kuni"'. Independenre. as a league leading teadi in the Verdigrli? 'Valley, slintild'add another defeat to ilie CofiV>-vU!e list Friday night. Saturday 'evening Coffeyvllle. will Inv.'ide lola in the only league tilt of t!ie week for lol.a, Tnis game will find eillur lola or Coffeyville out of the cellar, with comparative score?! giving lola a iii irgln. Though Parsons defeated both teams by decisive scores, i. w.-i" the; lola ieam that held the P;ir ons ytjuad (lown to the lowest score of the two games, though lola did make, three points less than Cof- feyvifle. Parsons managed to defeat the Golden Tornado squad on it.s own court, while lola lost on the large Parsons court and will be playing on it.f own court thl.s week-end. It looks as though Tola will have an opportunity to start climbing out of its present predicament, j The first lola-Chanuto game was to have been plaj-edithis week but was call iMl off and will likely he. pla.ved next week ij) either Chanute or lola. As Chanute does not play any league contests this week It may give lola another chance to climb a little higher up the ladder next week as Chanute is also iii tho no win cla.'w. Games with Coliimhii.s. there, on February 2.'!: Humboldt, here. Febr ruary 11. and Osawatomie. there. Filiruary IS h.ivo bi>en scheduled for fli(- locals. The first is a league contest. New Y'ork State. "We don't consJider Delane.v of any consequence. I He j has been meeting* a lot of Jias j .beens and setups and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he had h«|en matched to meet his own grandfather. "Dempsey and Tanney say they -.ire willing to fiffh't. 'VVell. Jack Sharkey Is willing-' fo accommodate them." : , —Extra large bundles of clean newspapers, 10c. at Register office. The standings at present seem to indicate that two teams usually prett>- strong; are again out to fight junior colleges for a championship, w^lth Arkansas City and Parsons In the undefeated column. Kansas City is still in the running, while lola and .Ft. Scott entered the loss column, each one receiving a defeat. .Kansas City is in a position at present to hold its clear record since it ts playing on Us own court until the second week In February when it is likely to take a tumble on the first of its road trips. There is no danger of it being knocked out this week as it is not taking on any conference op- iwnents. Parsons has a stronger team than usual from present reports while the Arkilnsas City team is credited with a powerful defense having let only one Ft. Scott forward score a field goal during the entire game last Friday evening. Arkansas City Is not likely to meet a great deal of opposition in its invasion o< El Dorado where it will meet a badly weakened team from tbe one that frightened alljKniporia opponents by-its startling playing j lOl^i. game of the season on their own court where a ' great deal of strength is usually shown. Independence and CofrejTille will get to fight it out nejct Friday night to see wiio gets to climb out of the loss column and-, get at least one victor.v--; Parsons ihalk- ed about even m)irgiits for ea.-y vlctoric.«r over both teams earlier :n rhe season. i -Though things do not lo(ik particularly exciting this' weejc two league leaders might come down from their present easy positions. Tho lola-Parsons game Frida.v. however, will" probably be the one to which the attention of most of the league will be' turned. STEVE HINSHAW GOES to K. U. AS FRESHMi^ COACH Parsons Mentbr Is Named At Athletib Board Meeting. Lawrence. Kan.. Jan. 24. f.\i')-- Lynn O. Waldorf,' head fpolball coach at Oklabomal City University since,1923. and Jolin Bnnn,'fresh­ man football eoadi at the University^ of Kansas, last nij-'ht - were named as assiatantji to 11. \V. Hargiss, new K.' U. football mentor. Steve Hinsliaw, coach at Parsons junior college wasS elected. freshman coach to succeed Bunn. Announcement o* the selections came after an all-^lay session between coach Ilar.q'iss and the athletic board: " Waldorf is the son of Uisiii>p K. L. Waldorf of the Methodist Kpis- copiil church, with Jie.^dquarlers at Kansas City. Tlie ne -vv coach was graduated , from • S.vracuse Univer- sitv in 192-">. where he won foot- bail letters in 1922. 1923 and 1921. He was cm AValter Camp's .^ll-Am- erican second team in 1922 and 1924. Last year his? Oklahoma City V. team won S ganies. lost one and tied one. . ' i liiiiui was graduated fron) Kansas in 1921 and has since Jsefvcd as head freshman football. Jjasket- ball and basfball cdach. La>t season he ws named liearl .< (jilch of baseball. He won-several -letters in tlie three sports 'vhile in Ischool. Hinshaw is a former College of athle '-f, I graduating in i • • •• ARE BY HEAVIES Delaney and iSharkey Are After Fights Or 'Title. TIME LIMIT NEARS Delaney Has Posted His Challenge With N.B.A. Now. In the early part of the season, j .Parsons however,, may meet a stiff I i HaskellMill 5{e>nlls. opponent in the lolans who will | Pittsburg TearhH.-,- II; .Spring- be playing their first conference.j field. Slo.. Teacli.-rs. 22. New York. Jan. 24. (AP)—The lic.-ivyweight plot aimed at Gene Tunni'v's crown thickened todays witli a po.ssib4Iity of three champions at large in the event the present title-holder is not signed for the defense of his treasure by early summer. Matching Jack Sharkey's chaV lenge with the New York state athletic commission. Jack Delaney has i.ssued a like defi at Tunney thru the National boxing association which has a membership in 26 states. I Delaney's challenge, however, ab- cording to his manager. Joe Jacobs- will be effective only on condition that- Delaney knocks out Tom Heeney during their 15-round bout at .Madison Square Garden March first. The New York state athletic commission requires champions to fight at least once every six months and Tunney's period of idleness closes in March. ' .-\s for the National' boxing com­ mission'this is the first tinie it has steppe(! into the affairs of the liea- vyv.-pights. The body has accepted Delaney's challenge. Jacobs said Jacobs said he woiild confer with -1 Tom Donahue, president of the N. i. B. .\- within a few," days in rjespect to the time limit which would be imposed on Tnnney to acce]j)t Delaney as a challenger in case the Hridgeporter sends Heeney I down for the count. 1 ' ' Incidentally. Delaney's chajUengc with the N. B. A. is regarded; as favorable to the interests of Promoter Tyx Rickard. Previously Sharkey's challenge with the New York solons would .compel Rickard to respect the rulings of the Em-, pire stale body. Now-, if Rickard should find it to his advantage to shift his heav>-w-eiglit stage to another state, he could call on De­ lane.v. LEE MEADOWS Famous Pitcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates, ivrites; "It requires splendid physical condition aiid steady nerves to take your regular turn Oh the moUnd season after Reason, and in looking for my cigarette 1 ivds anxious to find one which cotdd hel smoked without taxing my <wind or irritating my tjiroat. \ I decided upon Luckies and 1 can safely say that 1 am never troid)led ^vith [ J /-y a cough and my ivind is\ in splendid shape." /yy .^-Cc</^ Junior Highs Play Humboldt Crew Tomorrow This afternoon's practice will concltKle preparations for the Junior high ganif against Humlwldt at 4 o'<:lock tomorrow afternoon. The game will he a ilouble header with both first and second teams getting Into action. Coach Van Camp's se<:onds have not met a defeat ^n a regular game as yet this season and hope to con- .rlnue with another victory tomorrow. The first string will probably meet some strong competition In the Humboldt team tomorrow afternoon when the two clash. The firsts have met one defeat thus far in Interscholastfc games, while having added several wins. Probably much tbe same lineup that started earlier games of the .•-easou will be able to start tomorrow, with Thon pson and Sharp at forwards. Skinrtt-r and Driggs as - I .guards, with possibly Wimsett or Harbison back at center after being oiii last week .when the team fell to the Fredonia. there. the season being played in lola; '\rrgh^ParsonTfs- credited with -n-hen the lola junior college team meets Parsons junior colleger in what will probably prove to be one of the hardest games of the sea.son. Coach Stockebrand has been whipping his mtjn into, shape and getting the morale of the team raised, after its recent defeat at the hands of Kansas City junior college. IThe team will be whipped into tlie best defensive-shape possible 60 as to stop the powerful offense of the invaders who have stacked up some 117 points in the last two games to tbelr opponents 38. Also a scoring offense will be smobthcd ont so that thje team raay I having a strong team as usual, lola has a habit of upsetting the Parsons hopes, as it did last year when it went til Parsons and in the second extra period won by a sligUt margin. Tlie lola team will have the advantage of playing on its own ourt which m'ay prove to he of in poVtance before tho game is over. Se^en.of the-eight baseball clilbs In the ThrecEye League will start the 192S season .with new managers. The only left-over is Spud Campbell, who will continue to pilot the Bloomingtoi^ team.' The Gream of the Tobacco Crop "Here in the Southland we know; good Tobacco. It is born in us audit is the livelihood of most of us. -The Cream of the Crop* is bought for LUCKY STRIKE. I know for it has been my duty to purchase it on the markets for years for this brand.*' Bayer of Tobacco i -

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