The Ada Weekly News from Ada, Oklahoma on February 4, 1937 · Page 7
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The Ada Weekly News from Ada, Oklahoma · Page 7

Ada, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 7
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THE ADA WEEKLY NEWS, ADA, OKLAHOMA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1937 PAGE SEVEN NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SAiK Notice. Is .hereby given t h a t in pursuance of an order ot sale Issued out.of tho District Court of Pon'.o- toc ' county, Oklahoma, on the fith d a y . of January. 1037, in. an action wherein The Federal Land Bank of Wichita, Wichita. Kansas, a corporation, wn» plaintiff, a n d Georsre Olln Crow, et al., were .defendants, directed to me the u n d e r s i g n e d Sheriff of Pontotoc: county, c o m - manding me to advertise and sell, ·without appraisement, the following described real estate lyirxsr and situ- · ate In the county of Fontotoc, State of Oklahoma, to-wlt: Wont Half (Wi) of West Halt (WJ) of Southwest Quarter (SWi) - and East Half. (EJ) of Southwest '· Quarter (SWi) of Southwest Quarter (SWI) of Section Seventeen (17) n n d Southeast Quarter (SE1) of Northwest Q u a r t e r (NWJ) of Southwest Quarter (SWJ) ot Section Seventeen (IT) and Ka«t Half (E!) of Northeast Quarter (NBJ) of Southeast Quar- '' tor (SB!) of Section ElRhtocn (18). Township Four (4) N o r t h . Eansre Six (6) East of tho I n d i a n Meridian: c o n t a i n i n g 90 acres of land, more or less, accordlnK to the povernment survey thereof: to satisfy tho j u d g m e n t and decree of foreclosure in favor of said p l a i n - 'tlff and against said d e f e n d a n t s obtained and itind* In the court on the 1 s t ' d a y of J u l y , 19SC. upon which j u d c m c n t there r e m n l n s d u e a n d owlnff the sum- o f $2613.01, w i t h Interest .thereon Rt tho rfitc of si* per cent per a n n u m from t h e dnte of 'said j u d s m e n t . $40.00 a t t o r n e y s ' fees, costs of SSS.-IO, and costs ne- cruinjr. 1 w i l l , on the 8th day of February. 1M7. at the h o u r of 2 o'clock,, p. m.. of salrl d«y. at the south f r o n t door of the Court House In^ 1 the City of Ada. said county of Pontotoc, state of Oklahoma, offer · Tor sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash in h a n d , tho said rcnl estate above described to s a t i s f y said J u d p m e n t . w i t h Interest, attorneys' fees, and costs. Witness my hand t h i s 6th day of January. »^ yT , K KAJSER S h e r i f f of Pontotoc County, Okla. By IIAItVE LAMBERT. U n d c v a h e r i f f J. .!'. McKEEU J.'F. CURTCAN. JTt. W. B. PEPPEKBLL. Attorneys for P l a i n t i f f . 1-7-Stw NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE i No. 11957 State of Oklahoma. SS. County of Pontotoc Notico is hereby vriven t h a t in pursuance of an order of sale issued out of the District C o u r t of Fern- 1 totoc county, state of O k l n h o m n . on th'e ISth day of J a n u a r y . 1037. In an action w h e r e i n the state of Oklahoma on relation of the commlssio;'- · er« of the land o f f i c e of said sta'e was p l a i n t i f f , and W. X. Kitchens. Mary Kitchens. Sinclair P r a i r i e Oil company, A. 15. Coon. J. I.. Under. C o u n t y " T r e a s u r e r o f P o n - totoc county, and Board of County Commissioners of rontolou c o u n t y , were d e f e n d a n t s , d i r e c t i n g me to levy upon and sell w i t h o u t n p p r n l s - e - ment the f o l l o w i n g described property, to-wlt: Lots one U', and two ( 2 ) othsr- wiso k n o w n r.s ths North Half ( N i l - o f 'tho N o r t h e a s t Q u a r t e r (NBi) of Section six (G) Township t h r e e (3) north. Ttanfre f o u r (·O cnst of tho InclUin M e r i d i a n , c o n t a i n i n g p l e n t y n n d t w e l v e ,,, h u n d r e d t h * (S0.12) ncrcs.inore or IKSH, s l t u n t f l In Ponlotoc county, fc. state of Oklahoma, to s a t i s f y a . ludgment and decree of foreclosure In favor of said p l a i n t i f f , tho state of Oklahoma on r e l a t i o n of the commissioners of the land o f f i c e of snid state a n d against the d e f e n d a n t s , ' obtained and mado In snid court on ths 3nd dny of April, 103P.. in t h e sunvof JU690.S6. w i t h i n t e r e s t thereon at .the rato of ten p e r c c n t u m per annum from the 2nd d a y of A p r i l . mG^ attorney's fee S300.00. and costs *25.40-due and costs a c c r u i n g : I will on . t h e " 2 0 t h day of February. 193,. at tho hour of 3:00 o'clock p. rn.. of ·said day. at the south f r o n t door of the court house In tho city of Ada. in said c o u n t y and state, o f f e r for sale and sell to the highest b i d d n r for cash In hand tho said property above described or so much thereof us will'-satisfy snid j u d g m e n t w i t h interest ard costs. · Witness my hand t h i n ISth day or January. 1937. CLTnr; KAISF.R. Sheriff of Pontntoc C o u n t y , StHte of Okla. OKLtAXnO "P". SWEET. EVERETT H. YVF.LBORX, Attorneys for P l a i n t i f f . 1-31-Stw State of Oklahoma, SS. County of Pontoioc · IN THE COUNTY COURT t in .the County Court In a n d for Maid -county and state. In the m a t t e r of the estate of J. "W. Maines, Deceased Tommln J l n l n e s , E w c u l o r XOTirn TO CHRDITOHS TO TRESKN'T CLAIMS All persons h a v i n g claims a g « I n n t ' J. W. Maine*, deceased, are r e q u i r e d to present tho same with the neces- .' sary vouchers to the u n r l c r s l e n c d k executor at the office, of Hal-roll K K e r r , ' A m e r i c a n building. A d n . Pon- 1 totoc county. Oklahoma, w i t h i n f o u r m o n t h s of the date h e r e o f , or thu L Done t h i s J a n u a r y 27. Id,".. ' TOMMTE MA1NES. Kxecutor. sarrin will be f o r e v e r barred. HARRELL KERR. Attorneys for Executor State of Oklahoma, SS. C o u n t y of Pontotoc TN THK DISTRICT COURT ' V e r d i * Tucker, nco G u l l y . and ; Lillian Rowe, nee G u l l y , P l u l n t i f f i . vs. W. R. Knmsey. nnd R a m s e y P e t r o - leum Corp., a c o r p o r a t i o n , and the u n k n o w n h e i r s , executors, a d m i n -, I s t r n t o r s . devisees, t r u s t e e s , as- 1 signs I m m e d i a t e nnd r e m o t e , of j T i m G u l l y decensed, ^ o f o n d n n t s , J A L I A S NOT1CK 11V IMiBl.ICATlOX "" No. M5S7 The atnte. of O k l a h o m a to the unknown heirs, e x e c u t o r s , n d m l n i s ' . r a I tors, devisees, trustees, assigns, immediate nnd remote of Jim G u l l y , 1 deceased, d e f e n d a n t s : \ .The d e f e n d a n t s , kbove mimed, w i l l take notice that the p l a i n t i f f s , above , named, claiming: to he tho solo a n d ; only heirs of J i m G u l l y , deceased, i, did on the 1st day of December. JSSfi. . file t h e i r p e t i t i o n In the D i s t r i c t Court of Pontotoc county, s t n t e of . Oklahoma, against the said d c f e n d L ants, above named, and t h a t t h o snid d e f e n d a n t s nnd em'h of t h e m must answer snid p e t i t i o n h e r e i n filed, on or before the l l t h dny of March, 1937, or smid p e t i t i o n w i l l be taken as t r u e and a j u d g m e n t w i l l V i» rendered In said action, q u i e t i n g i 1 the title of the said p l a i n t i f f s in nnd to t h e f o l l o w i n g described lands: The West Half of the N o r t h w e s t i Q u a r t e r of N o r t h e n s t Quarter; i- and N o r t h I-lalf of N o r t h w e s t P . Q u a r t e r "f Section 10, Township 4 North. .Range 1 East, and against tho said d e f e n d a n t s and each of them, and j u d i c i a l l y dctw- 4i,TMlnlng who were the heirs of the . s a i d Jim nully. ht t h e time of his I death, and decreeing tho p l a i n t i f f s to ! be the solo and only heirs of the || said JMm Gully, deceased, and f o r e v e r I' barring tho claims of each of the '! above d e f e n d a n t s , in and to the snid lands -nbovo described and b a r r i n g and e n j o i n i n g ench of the said de- I f o n d a n t s from c l a i m i n g any k i n d or i title estate, interest, claim. or e q u i t y of r e d e m p t i o n in and to said i land 'and preniifins. or any part j thereof. Of thfr you will take due Tated .this !6th dny of January, DELIA BEDFORD. Court Clerk. .' xHOMAS T. HOLT. ^.Attorney for plaintiffs. _ I * . l-2S~itW News From Our Rural Communities PLEASANT HHJj NO. 2 My, ray, we .will be glad when Mr. winter goes away. School Is still going on. In spite ot all the. bad weather we have had a very good attendance. Mrs. H. H. Hobble la visiting in Oklahoma City. Bud Philips visited In the 0. P. Woods home Monday. Willie Wllburn, 0. P. Wood, Leon Johnson, H. T. Johnson and Bud Phillips motored to Coalgate and Ada Monday. Jim Perry is able to be 'up again. : -Mr. ,-ind Mrs. Leon Johnson and family have returned from Chicago, III., where Mr. Johnson has been in school. Alter visiting her father, 0. P. Woods, they will locate in .Ada. Mr. and Mrs. Buren Wheat spent Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sullivan. H. H. Hobble has returned home from Oklahoma City where he attended ' · ' } Farmers Union meeting and visited with his daughters. Little Wanda McKinney is on the sick list. Lucille Johnson and Mrs. Wood called on Carrie Johnson Sunday evening. , Mrs. Steve Sullivan spent Saturday n i g h t with Mrs. Carrol of Stonewall. Glen Parker visited with home f o l k s of this place last week. Mrs. Frank King Is on the sick list this week.' Betty and .Marie Johnson spent Saturday with Janoma and Wanda Johnson. H I G H HILL Mr. and Mrs. Spence spent Wednesday w i t h the lattqr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones of. Sasakwa. Mr. and Sirs. Henry Glbbs called on .Mr. and Mrs. Pete Leslie Monday evening. MrV Nora Hopkins called on .Mrs. Laura Stephens Monday. Howard Jared spent Thursday w i t h his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jared of Black Rock. Seaborn and Lois Kerr and Chuck Watson called, on Irene 'McMcans Monday morning. Chuck Watson called on Allen Sweat Saturday evening, Florence Lee Brown spent Monday with Irene McMeans. Lois Kerr, Barbara Teel and Irene Mc.Mcans spent Sunday with Lavern Tomlinson of Hall's Hill, R o u n d y Mayers called on Ceci!e Leader Wednesday morning. Herman Kerr and Allen Sweat called on Harg Sweat Sunday evening. D. M. Kerr spent Saturday night wjth Mr. and Mrs. David Grev. SUMMERS CHAPEL Jewel Reeves of Parish Chapel spent the week en dwith Elnavern Kent. Mrs. Buel Stark? called on her m o t h e r , Mrs. George Evans Friday afternoon. David Galey transacted business in Stratford Friday. Mrs. James Isaacs and c h i l d r e n called on Mr. and Mrs. A, L. Woods Saturday. Edgar Woods spent Saturday n i g h t with John Mclntyre, Jr. Those who called in the J. 0. Mclntyre horns S u n d a y were Le'h- man and R. T. Hively, Tommy and Don Summers, Pauline Woods, Mrs. Buel Starks and son K e n n e t h . Mr. and Mrs. James Isaacs ond c h i l d r e n visited J. S. Isaacs of Jlnxwell Sunday. · E. K. Light, who hast been ill w i t h the flu, is reported to be obie to sit up some now. Miss Mozelle Payne of Ada visited in the E. H. L i g h t . h o m o the past week. Jim McGee called on Mr. and Mrs. David Galey Thursday morning. A l p h a M c l n t y r e spent Wednesday a f t e r n o o n with Mrs. Buel Starks, Fred Gray of Center apent a w h i l e In the James Isaacs home Wednesday a f t e r n o o n . R u t h and Pauline Woods and A l p h a M c l n t y r e visited Mrs. Sadie Watts of Oil Center Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Vcrsie Summers called on Mrs. Litha Summers Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Summers and children motored to Ada Saturday n i g h t . Mr. and Mrs. John Klulch. Mrs. Fiito Turner and c h i l d r e n of Yeager spent Sunday w i t h Mr. and Mrs. J. R, Magar. GALK1* The cold weather still continues. There is some taJk of closing our school u n t i l the bad w e a t h e r breeks. There is such a s m a l l a t t e n d a n c e and Is so disagreeable for p u p i l ? to gel to school. Ella H i n k l e and Georgia Lee Dcatherage spent a w h i l e Tuesday n i g h t with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wood. Lorene Jamar and baby spent Tuesday w i t h Levera Wood. Sherman Estes is spending the week w i t h his grandfather and grandmother Mr. and Mrs. G. K.. Deatherage. Mary Wortinan called on her sister Mrs, Thelma n a n k i n s Monday. Mrs. Irene Bauer and Ella Hlnklc spent ft while in the G. R. Deiuherage home.Saturday. The bad weather is a drawback to our Sunday school and young people's meeting, but some few still doing their best to keep them going. We are proud ot those who do their best. Mary Wortman called on Georgie Leo Deatherage Sunday. Miss Maness and Mlss.Wyatt shopped In Ada Saturday. · Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mosley's baby Is on the sick list this week. Georgia Lee Dealherage Is visiting with her cousin Ertis Estes of Union Hill. Q. R. Severs called on his mother Sunday. Grandma Severs has been sick Tor quite ft while but »eems to be improving, some. Everyone come out Sunday night and bring some one with you. We have some real good music and very good singing. ''We have purchased some new song books and would be glad other singing classes would come help^ us out In the singing. ~~~ROTJXD TOP Lowell Woods of Stratford spent a while Sunday afternoon in the Q. M. Griffin home. Edd Varnadore spent' Sunday in the Jamse home. Peggy Joe Ayres spent Salur day night with Katherine Standridge. J. C. James is visiting friends and relatives of Oklahoma City. ' Homer McGehee spent a while Sunday afternoon in the Perry Ayres home. . Arietta Standridge spent Saturday .with Mary Francis Ayres. Imogene Griffin and Alleta Bare called on Marie Offanl Sunday afternoon. · . · Claud Tiner of- Gaar Corner spent Sunday afternoon with his brother Frank Tiner and wife and children. Earnest McGehee spent Saturday with Kenneth Standrldge. G-earldine and Klsie Bragg spent Thursday night with their leacher Miss Imogene Norvell of Vauoss. Emily Griffin Is spending this week with her sister of Stratford. Evelyn McGehee spent Friday "with Mrs. Delia James and girls. Marie Standridge spent -Saturday night and Sunday wtih Alleta Bare. B u f o r d Griffin spent Sunday with Nash Woods of Old McGee. IN MEMORIAM- In memory of J. W. Balthrop of Ada, . Okla. Mr. Balthrop departed from this life January 27, 1937. He was kind and loved by all who knew him.' We hated to see him go but OUT heartaches and tears cannot bring him back. He leaves to m o u r n his loss, his wife, Mrs. Ella Balthrop; two daughters, K'. B. Balthrop and Mrs. I. C. Summers; six sons, J. Q. Balthrop, Babe Balthrop, L. D. Balthrop, Clovis Balthrop, Milton Balthrop and Wilson Balthrop; several brothers, sisters .grand children and other relatives, besides a host of friends, May God lay a soothing hand on the loved ones and make their burdens lighter. Our dear f a t h e r from us is gone, A voice that we loved is still, A place is vacant .in his home, Which never can be filled. For m a n y long years he suffered but with patience he bore his p a i n , And we know that someday we'll see Our darling father again. Oh, dear daddy how we miss you We all depended on you so, But now you have l e f t us In this world so f u l l of woe. He is gone but not forgotten Never - w i l l . his memory "ade. Sweetest thoughts will e v er linger A r o u n d , the grave where he is laid. He left his darling w i f e Down in this world · below But he is waiting for her On that happy. golden shore. His .friends will miss his welcome smile His loving words of cheer, For God called from us A friend that was k i n d and dear. But in heaven there's no sorrow, No pain or death is night, Up there there'll be no parting And we'll never say boodbye. -- By Mrs, M i l t o n Balthrop. OUT OUR WAY £ / iVE'A J-JOTIOM A -..' /OH, FEK TT-T'GOOD OL' PAYS- (TO.WEJNa HIS- . / WHEM DRESSES W^C RIGHT'"' ·' - 'I 'SHORES AW' I WAS EYOUC. S\ L1TTUEK.''.IU5EDTD B£ / f SOU KMEVVU ABLE TO GET IM TW ^ S. BUS 1 / JI HOUSE - OM MV HAMDS, "''' ' 'tkj=^M I CAM'T MAk ·«S*S- |T OM M STLW\MiO-l BREATHE TOO !-^ HAED.'ee. /A - SUMPM-'^- AXjj rrr ww:w f rkHlM?^ ·Jill 1»? \t\\ W ,'VAl-- A A.'* W J$ ,l ! |i m tel i * . ./^isii H£ ·WHV MOTi- \fj t* »Jli J -- £t_l ^ .y.fMiiiJjAi 3 GET QEA,V. T. u «Efi. u. I. nt. tin. Everett Dame N spent the week end with his parents, Mr. a n d Hi's. Dave Dame. GALEY Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Melott and children have moved- to Cook community. We invite them back at any time. Misses Millie BiUle and Ethlene Greger called on Mrs. Ida Stone Monday morning. Minnie Freeman and son Thomas Lee who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Sam Bittle have returned home. I Those who spent Sunday in the | Mitchel Woods hoint; were Ambers Bittlo, Hues Wood, Ralph Stone and M, H. Greger. Edmond Ward -spent Wednesday night with J. C, Law. Mrs. Ida' Stone and · son Johnnie spent Sunday with · Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Bittle and children. Ray Stone is spending the week end at Pickett with friends. Miss Ethlene Greger called On Marie Bray Sunday afternoon. Those who motored to Ada Thursday were J o n n Bittle, J i m Bray, Randolph Deatherage and Ralph Stone. , ; Miss Ertis Estes of Union Kill spent Wednesday night with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. George Deatherage. 13:11 McManias hart the misfor- t u n e of losing one oi! his cows Saturday. Maudie McJIainas spent Tuesday night -with Myrtle Graham. " Every one remember Sunday school every .Sunday and singing Sunday night. CENTER Mrs. Alva Fike called on her sister Mrs. Ruby Sellars Thursday. Ralph Privett of Okmulgee is visiting with his grandmother, Mrs. Betty Mcllroy. Mrs. M. B. Hayes and daughter Floy attended the funeral of Mr. John Crane of Ada Wednesday. They extend their sympathy to the bereaved family and many friends. Bob Donald Barns, Frank Bennett, Rosa Fay and Norma Lee Henry motored to Ada Thursday night. Belva Anatoli stayed all day Sunday with Bobby and Agnes Snipes. Little J i m m y C u m m i n g s h a s been very sick! Mr. Hoggers of Ada called on Doc Austell Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adams spent the week end with her son Fred Cecil of Stonewall. Earnest Farr ot Pickett called on his sister, Mrs. Ruby Elmore Sunday. .Mrs. Cleveland of Stonewall and Miss Anita Snipes of Ada were the Sunday evening visitors of Belva Austell. Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Horton were: Mr. and Mrs. John Corners, Mr. and Mrs. John Corners, Mr. and Mrs. Virgel Eaton and boys and Paul Barrett of Ada. Geneva Kindrick of Worstell who is staying with her aunt, Mrs. Pearl Horton spent the week end with Audrey Faye- Jones of Maxwell. Mrs. B e t t y Mcllroy arrived home Wednesday from a long stay with her daughter, Mrs. Pruitl of Okmulgee. Wayne Dame is very sick with the flu. WANT ADS FARM FOR KENT -- About 65 acres on Blue valley adjoining Roft. Require tenant w i t h , two teams. Good 'house. See Mr. Able at RofC or phone S. B. Barnett, Ada, 1030. ' 2-4-ltw COTTON SEED For planting from ?1.25 to $2.00 per bu.. or you may exchange the seed you .have carried over. We also carry fertilizer and nrsenate oC lead. Ada Cotton Oil Mill, Phone 1030. 2-4-41W I'LBASA.XT HILL The basketball team of Pleasant Hill entered the t o u r n a m e n t at Byng. Boys played in the semifinal but were defeated. We are very proud ot our teams altho they didn't bring home the "cup." 'Tho?. w h o , visited in t h e - J i m FJannapan home .Sunday evening were Mrs. Hice, Mrs. Charley Flannagan, LoDema a n d Marie Gouch and Geneva Hice. Mrs. McKeel visited school Friday. Mrs. F u l t o n who has been very ill is improving nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Akers and s o n Wendali and Lawrance Hice visited in the Jirn Flannagan h o m e Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Foster and family visited in the M. L. Stegall home of Latta Tuesday night. We are sorry to lose from our c o m m u n i t y Mr. and Mrs. Posey, who are moving to Franks. We are looking forward to their visiting us in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Keeling visited Mr. and Mrs. Estal Simpkins Sunday. Mr. and Mi's. Foster and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Chambers and son attended the show In Ada Monday night. Marie Flannagan visited Mrs. Jewel Flannagan Thursday. Miss Louise Foster spent, the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Stegall ot Latta. Mrs. Akers visited Mrs. CliKm- bers Friday evening. Lula Mae Glover visited in the Shears home Sunday. Eudar Ca.rter. visited Betty Lou Posey Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Sliser visited in Aria Wednesday.' Mr. and Mrs. Norvillc CranTord visited in the Creech hom-5 Sunday. Those who visited in the Akers home Sunday evening were Roy James Foster, Ovyllle Cran'ord, Thurman Palk, Floyd Fuller, Sdd Hudson. Those who were shopping in Ada Saturday were, Mr. and Mrs. Foster; Akers, Mrs. Chambers and son, Creeches. Fuller, Flannagan Thurman rallf, Couches, Krina Hudson, Lawl'encc'Hise, Gluvers, Mr. Edd Blank»nehip. Lawrence Hice who has been- staying w i t h his sister Mnv. Bess of Latta has returned -home. Those ivho attended the tournament at Byng .from our community were, Mr. and.Mrs. Akers, Mr. and Mrs. Stmpkins, Miss .Louise Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Knight, Lula Mae and Vivian and Francis GSov- 9r,.,R'oy James Foster, Thurman Palk, Dwight Akers, Those'on the sick iist this week were Mr. and Mrs. Gouch, Mrs. Foster Wendall Akers, Ada Jean Creech, L. H. Foster. Geneva. Hice spent Thursday night with Louise Foster. Thurman .Palk visited Roy James Foster Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Poridsr who ·havc been living in Pauls Valley have moved back to Old Midland. Lora Thomas called on Helen Cape Thursday afternoon. Sam Kepllnger of Sominole visited la the A.- C. Thomas home Tuesday. Mallie Cape and Jewel Hodges called on Mrs. W. L. McKluley Friday afternoon. Those on the sick list this week are Mrs. Charlie Turner, Mrs. Mallie Ponder, Mrs. Tom Cook, Mrs. Mary Reeves, Billle Jo, McNair, Earline Hodges, Charles Murrel Turner, Lee Ponder and J o h n Reeves. Edith Roland of Ada spent the week end with her sister Lora Thomas. S. D. Chambers and son Marion, and Doy/le Walker visited iri t h e | Galey community Sunday. 1 Mrs. Guy Welker is spending a shortwhile with her daughter Mrs. Bertha Smith. Those visiting in the A. C. Thomas- h o m e Sunday were .Earl Hodges, Marion Chambers, R u f u s Rogers and Doyle Walker. LAXTOX We. sure have been having some winter with the rain and snow.. Mrs. Oliver Lynch and daughter Irene of near Rotf spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. A. C.' Shahan and family, and Mrs. Feister, her m o t h e r , who is very ill. Bonnie Lou 'Brown spent Saturday n i g h t with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown and f a m i l y - o f Ada. Jessie Younts of Rdff spent Saturday -night with Wess Smith. Willie .McNiell spent Saturday n i g h t with James Prewilt. Those spending awhile Saturday night in the Will McNiell home were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jetton and son, Omego McDonald, Y. Q. Cantrell, Ruby, Pete, and Hoy Mackey, Wess Smith', Glen and Cecil Shahan, Velina and Jessie Younts o£ RofC. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan d Martin a n d children spent Sunday w i t h her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Majors and son. Those spending Sunday w i t h Fannie Sutton were R u b y a n d Pete Macky, · Jessie- and- Velma Younts, and Wess Smith. Juanita Shahan a n d Irene Lynch spent. Friday night w i t h Fannie Sutton. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jetton and son have moved on the W. B. Rucker farm. Mr. and Mrs. Donnle Rose and children moved to Owl Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Jetton moved from our community. Velma Younts spent Saturday night with Ruby Mackey. By WILLIAMS L IP ^ M£*"· f i" ' REEK Tomiinson yt Letter From Editor Dear, .Readers: All of us older ones can remember fery debates in the literary societies that we attended in our youth on the subject of which brought the greater pleasure, pursuit or possession. One side could pile, up just about ?.s maiiy arguments as the other, and the question fa no -nearer settled now than it was then.' In fact, it is doubtful if either side is entirely, right, although both sides are partly correct. · For one thing when one can possess something bd had wanted very badly he may suddenly find lhat .It is not worth what he thought It w'as. I remember a hit summer in Texas when I was chopping cotton for. a farmer in Bell county. 'As I went to ihe field after, dinner i had to pass s. srove of one shads trs?s on a little spring branch. How tempting tLa.t. shads looked: I could r.ol slop .then but every time I passed I vo'ived that i'lveoon as I was through wi:.h tie'- job I would spend a whole day iyins in that shade. Finally 1 finished but at once forgot 'all about my resolution. That was a sse when possession lost Its- charm. I am now past 61 and have he.d a good many ups and downs. I have made some progress and kave no -quarrel ' with .the fate Ing- From the 1 In this glo They shalt Now, ye nr guish O'er the gi Far remov uish They a*e -- Written Mrs. Charl Young i been organ day nights, invited to help us ma WoodroN Ited - Chest Mrs. V! tonsllitis. a speedy r Among Elva. Jones Mr. anv. M ily, Lorsnf Chester K Hayes. L. D. H Hightower Mrs. Eh Cliff Kinne Clyda 'H night with FittStOWD. Everyoa will be pr it will be dens. Mr. and Ada was t BEBEE Everyone is'cordially ome and* take part* e this a success. ; Woodrow Hayes of Center; vis- Virgil Meek U ill with. Her Mends wish her . covery. Among those who viaited Mrs. also Mrs, Ethan Haskins visited W. H. Sunday. i Jones ' visited Mrs. ry Friday afternoon. iskina spent Friday Elmer Standridje of Everyoae is hoping ti^.9 weather, li ie pretty in a lew risys so will be possffcie to -plant ger- Hood of Kht suest Coolgate spent the weekend with j tii a t placed me "here I. started of Mr. and J[rc. Elva Jones. her sister, Mrs. Luther H'attoh. | in ihe world. I dug away day 'Word has been received -by _Mrn'.- There :? a good attendance at schol here in eich room despite the bad weatber. Miss Eddie Melville has return- e d home from visiting if r brother ,,... - - - - - - Mr. and Mrs. Lee Melville at Fair-| ever Job !n hand I would flnaily -soon ha on the roaa to recovery: OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. 3.-=imp sites along the shore- alter da.y trying to get a .hold and John Bennett that her son. Wee- found the gams q'ulte hiterestinjr. die, who w.i!( employed in the oil When, things -'ere not going well field at Camdeii, Arkansas, wa« I couM console ;;yseif with the seriously Injured while working thought that' if I s t u c k - t o what- o n - a rig.. We ere hoping he will view. Mrs. Loula Couch spent the weekend iri Ana visiting her daughter Mrs. Retta O d o m . a u d f a m i l y . Orel Leslie and Wesley Reynolds h\ve left for the CCC .camp. Mrs. Siiger and little Katherine spent Thursday evening with Mrs. .Thompson. Lyllorace Maples left last week for Allen where he .will attend IX MEMOKIAM Jim W. Williamson died at his home near Francis, Jan, 28. Death was due to paralysis followed by pneumonia. Burial jn Denny cemetery. . · Mr. Williamson leaves to mourn his departure his widow and three c-hildrer, a daughter, Mrs. Flora Woods near Stratford, two sons. Raymond and Ewell, three brothers and two sisters, Will Williamson of Comanche county, Oklahoma, John and Amos near. Frauds, Mrs. Ma.rnie Williams near Francis and Mm. Casie Jones of Ahloso, and other, relatives. May God bless all t h e , bereaved. Mr. Williamson" will be bj his friends and relatives tor his deeds and kindness In lime pi need.--Mrs. . R. Lilley. OLD MIDLAND Bud Ragiand. returned home Wednesday night where h e - h a s been in 'the CCC camp in Arizona/ Mr. and Mrs. . George -Minyard and children of Vanoss .spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Turner. WILSOX Lorene Johnson spent Sunday with Nay Dean. Roundtree. Mr. and Mrs. Tommas Smith are the proud parents of a baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Johnson and baby oC Hart spent Friday and Saturday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Johnson. ·· Stella Mae Roundtree who has been ill with the flu is able to be up. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Meek spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Frazier, Nay Dean Roundtree who has been ill is able to ba up. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie McNally and. daughter spent Sunday with John Mcnally. Mr.- and Mrs. Eual Gurley and daughter visited Mr. a n - d - Mrs. J. S. Gurley Saturday night and- Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Christian's children ot Dallas, Texas visited 'them Sunday. Karl Wall spent a while Tuesday morning with Mr. and Mrs. Edd Roundtree." Edgar Morrison has 1 purchased an new 1937 V-8'.- ' · · Everybody .remember Sunday school next Sunday. . Everybody is Invited to come.. C. C. Couch, Bill Bennett and Luther Hatton were Ada visitors Saturday. Elmo Polk visited 'relatives In this community Monday. Levi and' Btirt .Cupps shopped in Stonewall Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Rose recently moved to o u r c o m m u n i t y from R o f t . We welcome them. Mrs. Alma B e n n e t t spent awhile with Mrs. Alpha Smith Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Odom were in Ada shopping last Saturday. The snow and ice are gone once more and we are slad to see the good old brown earth again. . Robert Reed who has heen ill with f l u e Is much improved at this writing. TUPELO During the snow the men and boys killed 500 or more rabbits and sent them to Tulsa t.nA Oklahoma City. Maybe they thinned them out so that the people can make good crops and gardens. Onier Finch from Wapanucka has put in a drygoods and grocery at Tupelo. . Mr. R h o a d s has put in a gro- very store here. Davis Harmon from Missouri is visiting his sister,. Jessie Harmon and brother, Rylie Harmon. - Mr. and Mrs. Jewel Harper of Stonewall visited Mrs. Harper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dilllon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ussary and family ot Carnegie visited Mrs. Ussary's mother, Mrs. E. M. George last weekend. Red George is visiting his sister Mrs. Bernard Swaffar at Byars. Mrs. Florence Dilllon spent a few days last'week with her sister, Mrs. L. B. Swaffar. Mrs. E.^ M. George and Gracie Cannon were in Coalgate on business last weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rogers and Plope Gotf visited in Stonewall and Ada. Wednesday. Miss Wilma Carter visited in Lula Friday. Wilroa Hink visited in .Stonewall Friday with her sister Kathleen and Mrs. Florence Cass. Miss Erma Nell Carter visited in Coalgate "Wednesday. · William Ennes from Phoenix, Ariz., visiting hie brother Ray Schuttie at Tupelo. OEDAB GROVE Well it seems that the old weather man is spending several days with us. We wish he would leave none for we would like to see some sunshine. The wedding bells rang in our community Jan. 28 for Leon Scroggins and Edith Gaylor. We wish them, a long and happy married life. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Gaylor and family spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Mollie Gaylor. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Scroggins and Mrs. Herley Kelly shopped in Ad"a Saturday. George Surgner called on Herley Kelly Saturday morning. Cleo Chism and Ted Scroggins called in the Herley Kelley-home Saturday evening. Dawn and Hazel Scroggins called on Marie Harris Saturday afternoon. Tollie Chism and family spent Friday night with his brother Duel Chism and family. Truman and Clercy Scroggins spent awhile Friday afternoon with their brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Scroggins. Dawn Hardrek, Hazel and Lavern Scroggins spent awhile Saturday afternoon w i t h Annie Scroggins. Duel Chism and family spent Saturday night with his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Chism. Dawn Hardrek spent Saturday night with Hazel Scroggins. Mrs. Mollie Gaylor spent Saturday nigbt- with- her daughter, get something better. One can get a ipv .of fun out o.' the game If he tries 'and when' it is all over he can look, back with some degree of satisfaction over the ups and .'downs 'he went through even though he does not always bit the particular spot in the world at which he aimed at the beginning. When all Is said a n d . d o n e it is J. good deal like that alluring shade that ! had to 'pass up on hot'days and'which I forgot when I had time to «njoy it. There, is pleasure both 'in pursuit and in possession when one plays the game squarsly and does not fall down or. the job. Th trouble with some people i?. their inborn laziness while misfortune seems to do'g the ateps of others who "make an honest effort. Regardless of the merits of the question of pursuit or possession we are here arid 1 one might as well make the best of what comes his way.--The Editor. Mr. and Mrs, Herley Keiley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Woodroe Phillips spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. a n d ' M r s . Ely West. Mrs. Ethel Canada spent Saturday nigbt with her cousin and family, Mrs. Jess Williams of Francis. Mrs. Ethel Chandler spent Monday with Mrs. Pearl Surgner. Robert Wilson called In the Herley Keiley home Tuesday morning. Those who were dinner guests in the Mollie Gaylor home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Herley Kelleyand children and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Scroggins and Miss Hazel Sc/oggins. Norma R u t h Jones spent Sunday with her cousin Louise Chandler. to I\ MEMORTAM John Crane was born In. Phelps county, Missouri, March 4, 1870.. He departed this life January 24, 1937, at St.' 1 Anthony'* hospital, Oklahoma City, at the age of 66 years, 10 months and 20 days. He lived in Oklahoma practically all his life and lived around Ada, some 25 years. He was married three times. There _were four children by his first wife, Miss Josephine King and seven of his second wife, Miss Leora Ren- necks. He joined'the First Baptist church some 25 years ago. He was a.good father and mont of his married life had to be father and mother both. He was loyal to his home and country, bad- one son who spent one year and three days In' the World War and later passed away October 6, 1926. Mr. Crane's last marriage wag to Mrs. Lottie Long; -June 23, 1926. To this union there were four children. He left a widow, two brother's and 12 children to mourn his d'eath. . He has six sons, Hall of Bln- ger, Oliver, Charlie, Walter, Doyle and Dale of Ada; six daughters, Josi« Clark of Kansas, Mary Jones of La U n i o n , N. Max.; Gracie Karnes of Tulare, Calif., Sophia, Doris and-Mozelle of Ad?, three stepchildren, Frank and Hersbel. Long oC Ada, Jua-nlta Rowe of Pecos, Texas; 28 grandchildren and ' four great-grand- hcildren. He was loved and respected by all who knew him. It was so hard to give him up as we realize he was one of the best daddies a bunch of children ever had. But we know our loss Is heaven's gain. There Is a chair in our home that 13 vacant. There a voice that la still today. For the Lord Is His wisdom has taken A husband, and f a t h e r away. Cease, ye mourners, cease to languish O'er the grave oJ those you love: Pain and death and night and" anguish · · Enter not the world above. While our silent steps are straying Lonely through night's deepening shade, Golry's brightest beams are play. Ing 'Round the happy Christian's head. · Light and peace at once recelv- of Lakfl Murray will be offered Jnr lease, Gams Warden. L. D. Rickey said, when work on th» lake completed sad ths fednril park service· returns to the Btat« fish and game commission, itg easements on the land. Seven widows o£ the War ot 1812 still are alive s.nd receiving pensions. A CASE OF NERVES! "Some yesri ago I §uf- ·fered frora ncrvou»ne»* J n«idach«i owoo'Ated functional di»tiirbRC Jackfd fctrengti: »nd ielt ,«id Mrs, Mary Dtrao o 425 S- W. 10A St., OIda horaa Citr. OW»- "I took Dr. Pierce** F*vont« Prescription u tonic and I found it helped mo from the Terr firmt, Mj^ apprtite increased and I felt much better. Buv of your drutrtrist today. New size, rsb*. ,'Oc., liijim' 51.00 « ..*5, Police Officer W, C, Stark, Says: B. J. B. (Bile, Juniper and Buchu) Quickly Relieved Bloody Urine, Rheumatism Officer Stark, further itateiu I do not believe I would be aliva today, Had I not obtained B. J. B. when I did. My urine was bloody and I had rheumatism so badly that I could riot dress my««lf. (OFFICER W. C. STARK) , W i t h i n ten days after starting to take this wonderlul medicine, I was able to dress and walk around the roonj: the urine waa no longer bloody: I did EOt hav« to get up nights and -was not at all constipated: 3. heavy coat had left my tongue: I w a s - n o longer billious and my appetite had returned. Within thirty.days I was back on police d u t y feeling fine. There may be better medicines than B. J. B., but I surely could not f i n d them when I really needed them. B. J. B. got me on my feet and back to work; all other medicines that I tried failed to do this. (W. C. Stark. 2320 Sulphur Ave., St. Louis. Mo.) For sale at the Corner Drug Store and all . other good drus stores in territory. Ada and snrroundlng (Positive money back guarantee.) This advertisement Is worth SI.26 upon the regular price of S large boxes of B. J. .T3~ at the Corner Drug Store.---Adv.

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