Bellows Falls Times from Bellows Falls, Vermont on July 15, 1899 · 2
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Bellows Falls Times from Bellows Falls, Vermont · 2

Bellows Falls, Vermont
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1899
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Big Boom in Sample Shoes. Our five traveling itleimen have returned from their summer trips and will start out July i with our fall and winter lines. They hate left on our hands more than zooo pairs of sample shoes, made to represent our most popular stylet for the summer trade. Although they have been handled many times, every pair is in perfect condition. We Have Marked the Price 15 per cent Less. Bellows Falls Times SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1899. Bellows Falls News. C. . Robertson ii in Boston. C. H. Knapp of Guy Bros.' minstrels I was in town Wednesday. A. W. Hawkes of Claremont was in finished work for the International Paper I town Wednesday. Elton Winch, who clerks in Howard', hardware store, expects to leave for a short vacation the first of the week. About 50 went t9 Lake Warren Than. day on the Immanael church Sunday school picnic. The day was beautiful and every one uau a una ume Miss Maud Fay, who has for some time been visiting at C. W. Gove's, returned to her home in White River Junction Wed' nesday. John Riley of North Walpole is the new porter at the Commercial House, bavins than we are selling the same shoes in our regular stock. run about as follows: Men's sizes, Ladies' " Boys' " Youths'" Misses' " Child's " Infants'" A few of these samples They 7, 7 i-2 and 8 3 i-a, 4, 4 1-2 and 5 4 and 5 12, 13, 1 and 2 13 and 1 7 and 8 4 and 5- Can be 5een in Our South Window. Every style of shoe we carry is included in this lot, whether for dress, shop or farm wear. It is an actual saving of 15 per cent, as everybody knows sample goods are never inferior to the goods they represent. DUNHAM BROS. Miss Rosetta Lewis is riding new Vic toria bicycle. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Day expect to go ,,77,, to Jersey City .Monday. - v . missj, ejowt Miss Lula Bacon is spending few days tin Westmoreland. A. R. Winnewisser' was taken to the Keene City hospital Wednesday. Mrs. Bert Sawyer went to Fittsford I Thursday for a short visit with relatives Miss Effie Ball went to Sunapee Thurs- Co. Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Underhill and son Ray and Miss Effie Ball are among those who went to Sunapee Thursday for a ;e. Mrs. Fred Martineau, who bas been vis iting her sister, Mrs. Dan Monahan ot North Walpole, returned Thursday to her home in Springfield. ' James O'Connor, who has been' in Chi cago for the past six years, is visiting his parents in .North Walpole, Be bad his shoes and all bis clothes on except ooat when he performed the fea Richie claims that he can dive 35 faet and land in four feet of water wi'lnut touching bottom ana says lie bas done this of t n at fairs and circuses. Card of Thanks. The undersigned wish to tbtnk their kind mends ana netRnoors lor their aid and tym patby daring la sickness and death of their beloved aangnter una sister and for the beau- tiful n wrers provided at tb funeral. Ma and Mas Akdbbw MoCabtht and Family vt. ana Mrs. F. G. War and Mrs. Way's mother. Mrs. Willard. and child n't John 0. Spring was in Westmoreland Wahoo, Nebraska, snent ThnraHav ad I J I . . ' . - - r- - jcDierunjr. rndav with Mrs. E. J. TTnham r Mrs. trtorge trtabam ot bpringneld was Miss Florence Youno- went to WefiW 1-a.t n ' y 1 ri 1 I w ' imc. j. rairoanxs xnursuay. Mar... va.a.j. . !js:. ..... I J vwvw uai ivi u 1UUOUUILO BIAr Harley Foster was in Weston Wednes-I" va Young accompanied her and will day. remain a week. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. St il well and child T- H. Jones and wife, who have bees returned Thursday from Penacook, N. H. rooming at W. A. Ferguson's, have moved LawTence Cannon"wilfsp1md tomorrow Int0 one 01 tt8 tenements in Maynard's I at his' Ashuelot, N. H Bellows Falls and Brattleboro. Bellows - palls - Bakery BEST COODS, LOW PRICES, PROMPT SERVICE. block. Miss Ingenu. Fassekt, after being for rave weeks in a hospital at Boston, has returned home very much improved. in health, H. A. Jaquith and family moved yester day from the house near W. A. Hall's paint shop to the upper part of the house owned bj Mrs. Jennie Hatch on Barker street. Miss Emna Mandigo, who has been spending a two weeks' vacation at her home on the Old Terrace, returned to her duties in the Waltham Watch fantarv Crosier & Bowtell. J. J. Fenton & Co. Mark Down Sale Mrs. C. L. Hurlburt and two children went to Chester Thursday for a few days. Miss Kuth Thayer is working in the of fice of the Robertson Paper company for a few days. James H. King went toKeene Wednes day where he has a job as night clerk in the.Cheshire House. John T. Woods and daughter Mary have been visiting friends in Springfield and Charlestown lately. Rev. C. R. B. Dodge goes to Chester I again tomorrow to preach in the .Baptist I gatur j MlfirpYi t.tiarA I , ka wu- , . j x lne postoflice department has accepted Miss Ada Williams left Thursday for ,hfl nrnnn.:,inn K t , i.i Rutland and Ticonderog. where she will Uhan, and leased the premiss occupied spend a week. - bv the tumtoffi fr mm . . Miss Charlotte Day will sing alto tomor- years. This lease includes thecnmnW I - .1.. 1 v .1 I . . . . xuf. ui uic uugrcgBuuuu vuvu-muwao-1 equipment ot turmture, heat, light, fire euwjuiimss-neDavooper. and burglar-proof safe, etc.. and beirins Misses Clara and Emma Mandigo and I with the present fiscal year. The salary Perley were at Sunapee Thursday and Fri-1 ot W. A. McDonald has also been raised day. $100, with that of several other postoffice Rev. J. H. Reid will address tim T,w.l cler" the state rence Mills Sunday school tomorrow after-1 The attention of the authorities has been noon at 3.15 o'clock. brought to the fact that tome of the butch. Look Out for Pickpockets. This notice msy put the traveler on his guard, tor there have been several cases of pocket picking at the depot, and resently an elderly lady, who started to see a sick sister, bought her ticket and after being jostled and crowded in getting aboard the train, thought ot her purse, and much to her surprise found both that and her ticket gone. She at once went back to the depot and gave notice of her loss, which she couli ill afford, and through the kind ness of some people who knew her was 1 sisted to go on the next train after a delay ot two hours. This reminds us that the railroad company have t j have your money before you ride, without regard to casualties, and it would be a good plan if all business was done in in a similar manner, for we have dead beats who are pickpockets in a more re fined way perhaps. They get their living out of the honest and obliging who trust them for everything they eat, drink and wear, rent and fuel included, and manage to exist by the lend-me-a-quarter system, till trust can wait no longer, when Lo and behold,-your pockets have been picked, for if these dead beats work, some one draws their weekly pay to cheat their credi tors, and you are caught in a trap. Why not have signs m conspicuous places, "Look out for pickpockets," and follow the example of our merchants of a few years ago by putting a black list in the papers that others may profit by it ; for it is not al ways at the railroad station that your pock ets are picked. I cannot see why the crime is not the same, and should not be dealt with in the same way,' when the fraud is proved. A Citizen. The Oldest Inhabitant "Mrs. Sophronia Draper, the oldest in habitant of Claremont and probably the oldest person living in Sullivan conntv. passed away at her home onJune 26, aged ay years, 4 months and 23 davs. She was a perfect repository of incidents and events connected with the early history of the town. Mrs law, David Bent, settled from Lanraufpr. Mass., about 1776. He erected his loir Draper was born at Mount Hollv. Vt., where her. father, with his brother-in- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elder and ., are in the habit ot leaving lambs and l?d Indan ''J"1.'. now thA daughters of Maiden, Mass., are guests at I cg for an unnecessary length of time Q, T f790 he erected the ! two of Charles E. Hall of Chester, George L. Fletcher appointed trustee by the referee. July 1. First meeting of creditors in the matter of Robert E. French. No trustee appointed and order issued that no other mee iog of creditors be called until further order of the court. In the matter of Ira Russell, the same order was iaaned aa in tha mails, nf R e V. . I French. In the matter of Elmer C. Cadv. Hcaium was granted to trustee to S'sll personal property at public auction for the best price obtainable. July 11. First meeting ot creditors in r, James Randel of 8nrinirfiM w;i. Novell appointed trustee. irat meeting ol creditors in re, Norris E. Edwards of Snrinefield. Nntmatnn appointed. Resolutions on Death of W jP.Cassidy. At the last regular assembly of E. H. Stcughton post, No. 84, department of Vermont, 6. A. R., the following resolutions were unanimously adopted : Whereas: The Great Commander has taken to himself our highly esteemed comrade, William P. Cassidy, Resolved, That in the death of our esteemed comrade, we recognize the mysterious hand ot the Great Architect of the Universe, who doeth all things well, And that we bow in humble submission to His will. Resolved, That we extend to the h. reaved wife, son and daughter our heartfelt sympathies and knowing that while they sorrow it is not without hope Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the records ot the ost, a copy printed in the Bellows Falls 'imks, and also a codv sent to the lamily of our deceased comrade. W. L. Mandigo, Adjutant. Sornething New! DSs&'i x vv . 1 raw vg ju vCfr iRSfiiTll rui i LJI NH I sasjaaaa jgw-- jj Large package of the World' boat cleanser for a nickel. Still greater econ omy la 4 pound package. Made only by THB N. K. PAIRBANK COMPANY, CUeagf , St. Leads, New York, Boston. Philadelphia THE FAMOUS III If Farm and Lumber Wyman Flint's Mrs. W. A Hall has returned trcm a hway leading from Bellows Falls to without proper food or care, and that story tavern in which she was born, known lambs are sometimes "left tied in sacks, alas the Hoskinson place, which is now v"' I U I. . . ... ... .. I ItinrilM inH i. an ... i.: triii tn Mnniw.1 .h nth. ;f. , p.. wuo"7 m treaimeni mat arouses the mdu- r--"t' - "f-yn ...r r - ..(i.-ji, , . . .. . i " secuon ior me tourist. -.-OF lada Matthew Bailey injured his right SUflHER SUIT5 We have several broken lots of our finest lines of Suits, that we have marked down. - - - work the rest of the week. t Mrs. Charles Chandler returned yester day to Boston, after a two weeks' visit in Bellows Falls and vicinity. Vk "uu"" PeP,e o are not en- Sne thft nf . f.m!, , f rolled in the ranks of the society with tie chiMrn. Ftr Wfii.. Ak..u i.. . rlullnnCT . Tf 1 1 .1 I n 1 1: . .a lujicu it j iuv suuiOT-1 i 117 wuuh uvea were sacruicea at too DatriB ot uueenatown Height in r ' .i ... isunng mis war Her latner s tavern was a ping then way to and from Lake Monday, so that he ha. been unable to htie-" VVT pplr. I .......... - I Dllrinir thia war hnv lolho'. f..a. . u w.a a unmoor persisteam. famouT it0Din . Fancy -Worsteds, Cheviots, and Scotches "Were $10.00, now $7.75 x2.oo styles now 9.50 15.00 " " 12.00 18.00 " " 15.00 time, went Thursday to Boston. Ernest Dean has the agency for Wind ham county, for several very interesting I and instructive books. L. S. Bennett and family expect I Ipava TvlnnH.v mnFtiina Inw finnaiu. . . , ...... , . I ' 6 1 ney are an ot them tne best styles 01 the th' wlJ1 KmtiD monm season and are strong bargains at the -bowLCTIE; priCeS. I visiting during part of the past week. Charles b. Wales of Dubuque. Iowa. Ten dozen Negligee Shirts in this week, very been 010 ne,tof Geor8e R-Wale' 1 1 . . 1 11 J I for several days. nanasome patterns, two turn aown collars, 50c. Mrs. w. o. Kemp ,d two daughter. Our fine Negligee Shirts at $ i .00, 1.25 and Z 1.50, are exclusive patterns with us, and are by far the richest colorings in this section. All our boys 75c and $1.00 Wash Suits now 50c. a cantata, entitled "Under the Palms.'' I sailors on is beinirf nlanned for. tn ha oivon in rt I lhamplain Baptist church Tueadav tu In 1818 she was married to James Har- W. E.Stockwell leaves todav to i0in hi. U. fill, a. im - a-..v .llfj unr "d settled on the plain at ;. ua. p..v iu... J:,..,.."-.- . . " v- we" waremont. Her husband died f " " cantata is to De under the direction ol Mrs. I Auenst 20. 1866. Shn ha. r.a.t,H aknnt sa tnn Janal nana!- I V vf rni . . ... I .i.i.J a1 . .i a . r I. ' ...iu.iiwii.;, tv-uuu. ij. jv, inayer who has oven it in the west I tleu mat me nrst ivoman Uathohc masi Miss Laura D. Clarke of Haverhill, with neat success. The firat :. was celebrated m the parlor of her house. Mm.., i. making a short visit at Hon. to be in the Congregational vestry next IZXm!!!!! James H. Williams'. I Tuesday evemui? at 7.30. A chorm nflnirflmnrt .Wh...tiin.f : jm " I - vm mo uidsj vi lli viuor Mrs. Adams, who has been stavinir with l0Ii7 hfty voices is required, and an in-1 erected in .New Hampshire her daughter, Mrs. W. A. Hall, for some wtation "tended to as many as are will-1 - " tb9 , WM .earIL90 i6" old ,Le to hn nrounf nn Tn..J.. J I . - .t-m. u hru 10 r v.u-. auuihnr rinnr nH . r join this chorus. - hip. and for 11 vears nntU hr durh .h. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Wheeler of Provi-I ""r the care of nurses. Up to the dene. R. T.. . mn.t u. . Il" iur- draper s neaith was w ' r"OT '"excellent. A most wonderful memory was Wednesday afternoon before about SO one of her strong characteristics.- New- .auics mo reuuenco oi VI. A. Hall on I vn Vuunpion. Westminster street. Her subject was the Dreyfus affair of which she gave a dear United States Bankruptcy Court. flAAMft 4aAa ik a! St. .a I -ww . uvu. uio wuaea uuu leatOUe Jnne 1Q. 1R99. Hearin.. nn .Jf;- fe. " vwywui Ainjuu to ue present i oucoarge, in re lunest U.Johnson, bank- developments in this famous case. SheniPt- JNo creditor appeanne to object, was closely Mowed br attatitiv i;.f.n. the expenses of administering his estate in who were so well pleased with the wav in which she handled this rather difficult sub ject that they prevailed upon Mrs. Wheeler to give a second talk at Mr. Hall's Tues- J: J. FENTON & CO. PROF. M. B. FRANKLIN, )PnCAL SPECIALIST- from S SO a. m. to 9. p. m. leave today lor York Beach, where they remain two weeks. F. J. Bliss of Hartford, who did the contracting tor the repairing of Towns hotel, was in town Thursday. Miss Williams of Hartford, Conn., is making a short stop with her brother, N, G. Williams. Mrs. F. A. George is entertaining her two nieces, the Misses Jennison, ol Cam bridge, Man. Miss Josie Derby and Majoris Dean spent Tuesday and Wednesday at West' moreland. Ambrose Busby is working at E. R, Ball's candy store daring Mr. Ball'. absence. Mrs. E. R. Ball went to Tror. N tlnate. maomce, uniy'a Bloc. Bellows Falls, Vt . every Thursday I , 77. " " Xm 9 SO a. m. to 9. . DnuT Anna. Trail Y. I VMfArHa n i.;f xm MMnf. . .k. :it llnlno vr,, .T.. .Ti . " rj, ' " I ' tw, w wui never be able to make them strong again We hare ttodled the turn tod,T v " i.iimtiMiiiijwwiii-iiia a ions an Henna1 organ but It will snap at last and then all the oculists and optf .w. . !' "c wunu nuuii put u ngeiner again. iont procras awn H re- Any Irritation about the eyes means something Come KAMINATION FEliT as and And oat. I CHASE FURNITURE CO. Jiut received new line of Wilton Ruga in the new ahadea of Permian and Oriental color. A complete line of Axminater Mcquette. The finest line ever ahown in town. Upholstering and furniture repairing of all kind at reasonable pricea. Picture framing a apecialty. - Furnishing undertaking. ' Telephone connected. v CHASE FURNITURE CO. Dr. Humphreys' Specifics act directly upon the disease, without exciting disorder in other parts of the system. They Cure the Sick, so, ecus. mm, I Fevers, Ooogwtloaa, wimi jSj sr-Waraaa. Worm Few, Worm Coilc... M S-TcthlaaCwe,Cl7lng.Wakeralneas AS 4 Olarrlira, ot Cblldrea or AdalU.. .95 T-CmsIm. coida, Broacfaltia ,i a-NeBralaU. Toothwae, Faoeacfce..... 34 HMSaciw. 8k Beadacbe. Vertiap.. M ie-Otapeal IsdlasUoWesk8toBaaeh.M lt-rerMPiBr. Pnisda.. JM 1 9-WklKw. Too FTotuse Periods M JJ H-Cr. Larira aitla. Boam miss ,w JU 14 011 Rbeaai, Erraipraa.ErapCkias.. M 15-RlwaaiatlM.RbraiDaUcPanM.. Jtt 13-Malaria. Chllla, Fever asdAgas... JU 1 Catarrh, tnBoeaia, Ootd la the Bsad JU Wheeslaassasi 3T-KMawvlNaeasea ...... .......MMM JU SS-fferreM DeMIU................l.S)) ao-t'riaarr Unkaeaa. Wetting BetL.. JU TT-43rl.BsyFerer .33 l)f nsrmiAiajaM Wataaaaaii jktl .a. - t)ru,u or ailed irT Hold raw ArmrtM sssasa m - - -a - ---- sr c .m Ma- w siiissi m SJ lYIUbl Durable - 1 r ir 1 1 opmaiiD 1 mi 1 1 101 o in ine World a a siva vyniviva aw I Chamber Furniture. . . We are showing two new sets at $i6.5o$i8.oo which are better values than have ever been shown for the money. A full line of Iron Beds, Spring Mattresses, etc. GEO. E WELCH. J. C. DAY & CO. Special flark Down READ CAREFULLY This list of items selected from our over stock. READ THE PRICES. Beat 12 1-2 cent ZEPHYR GINQHAMS Regular 15 cent FIQURED" DIMITIES 20 pieces 16 cent FANCY PIQUES, including many Navy and White, and Black and White polka dots and stripes, eoine now at White Lawn Waista 8c 8c now 75c now 98c H. J. LILLEY & CO, bankruptcy were paid, and he was reported .a tk. ... J .i TT .. J J . . . .v uiv juuKO uuitcu OLAbCI UlBIXlCb COUTC. as entitled to a discharge. On the same day the petition of Samuel Ulark of Hartford for discharge, came on day afternoon at 4 o'clock on the '.Book. Z'TLSTJS WE 01 1090, ua an ladies ate cordially in-1 in this) case as in case of Ernest J. vittd to be present. A small admission I Johnson. fee will be charted to cover the n.n.. nf I . June 17 meeting f creditors in HERCULEAN TABLETS MAKE PURE BLOOD, CURE CONSTIPATION AND DYSPEPSIA $1.25 White Pique ind LAWN WAISTS sizes 32, 34, 36, 38. $1.75 WHITE PIQUE WAISTS, sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, now $M5 $2.75 White PIQUE WAISTS, with insertion, sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, now $3.00 3 dozen best $1.25 and $1.38 DOMESTIC WRAPPERS, medium light, now 98c. 5 COTTON COVERT CLOTH DRESS SKIRTS, were 11.98, now $1.39 2 dozen ALL LINEN Dress Skirts, were $1 98 and f2.39, now $1.50 PAY THE FREIGHT. 5 Fancy Braided Linen Skirts, (white braid) were 13 75, now $2.98 Our Stock of LINEN and PIQUE SKIRTS is very large and prices right. The Vermont WagonSuUders. HYDE PARK, VT. Living on the Reputation of Others. a.1 11 i mi a nrnrnnn. fko M rL t. A "r ADOmaS Vail 01 WeStOn in r o ueeier nas kankrnntnv. at Om Hntal WAn m.. hppn crivinrr innna..f..l : . , 11 I . l . i r. r ! . . 1 . o b - iiu .cnea oi laias i Kr. Aanoei w. Vyoouaee or Mutnuid was in Claremont lately for the benefit of the I appointed by the referee to be trustee of hoanital. I thi said estate. wuud it. ueanng on peiiuon ior au- Knights of Pythias Banquet : Ire, Z,b. N. Pftige. Trustees' account wai "f I sallMsssl sa1 as AiAA Ol C 1A a I 1f TnAfiaif KsanV TheKnianta nf PtV:.. . V. Zi l?"'?," .ucuu i ol u-iu per cent o -' a vauuun aeciarea. sanirnrii waa nannrtMi mih. last Tuesday night in their hall. I court as entitled to his discharge. At the beginning of the. year two! nt meetmB of creditors in the matter squads were chosen of the members of the 2 "AZ. iST.V. order, captained by F. L. Wilbur and W, by thT. W H. Pierce, tor the purpose of getting ne I Hearing on pttition of Chules B. Bridge Z A , 4 . "iY 1899 7 ' "Take everything that I have but in getting the larger number wasto h& r: . .. . . . . a anr.m.r .f fk .v. ... m I " " wwurars m i uij gwu name : leave me inai ana 1 r' .uuhc. w.i re , ueorge r. walker ot Springfield, atl.m c -j.u um . U. Pierce's iqnadwu the winnfaur.n. .v. Uh Adnabro.n hotel. SnAa.Hv 1 mententv Sosaidthephiloaopher. a smiU margin, but the banquet which was I Aldrich of Springfield wu appointed trus I So say all manufacturers of genuine set before the order demonstrated very fflfffJ?!!! trS 1?!.bo"d rtides to that horde of imitators clearly that Mr. Wilbur's companions are I of articles set off to the bankrupt as exempt I wbich thrives upon the reputation of umsau. ina. inihan Tk r ll..l. . . I Tl t r-:. . I -I " S Aiwr wo naoquei several toasts wen I "v 1- x btcvuiw m onunmii airen. W. H. TaW .nr5 . . I Wiarles P. Herrfll of Nor- r . .,77 " wich, E. J. Wallace of Hartford appointed ter. bennl proBusent members of the I tm.ty.. n:JTJa LwSlOT y adventurer, toput Wallace ot Hartford appointed trustee. 1 111 luc uuusm lmiunons ioai arr; noc First meeting of creditors in the matter I only lacking in the best elements of ssssssssssssssswaaaassssiaBBBBBBBBBB the Lawn or Colored Waists. New Black Safin Waists today, New Fancy Belt Buckles, Ribbon, etc. price $4.98 Mra. .T. A . flh.ttnoV nf I wffiS&'v&SSSi YouTcan be 8u ""king sstisfactory selection from our stock of White uuiura troaoie, uue ooz l Herculean Tablets cnredl me." Mr. W. 8. Monlthrop ot South Windham, Vt., says: "I hare had rheumatism over inmy years. Triad a great many doctors and remedies. One box of Herculean Tablets did me more good than all of inem." juyur druggist or by price8 on Ladie8.t msKi,t and Chndrena Jackets, Capes, and TAILORED w. h. uiynn, Beglstered I fui s J. i-nsrmacun, oaxtons kit- ar, vu REMEMBER the HARK DOWN 1 AT STRONG'S ROOFING A Wonderful Feit . William Richie, who has been workins- 10 wwn somt time, dived from the B. & M. iron bridge into the Connecticut riser Wednesday night. Richie hid a bet of $5 that he could do and come out alive. So about 10.30 WVdiesday night, with John Pickett ta witness h went te the bridge, climbed np on the railing and dived headlong into the whirlpool just below the dam. Pickett felt sure that be would strike a rock but a moment later he heard Richie about Hello, Jack," and went down to m Is Baby Thin this summer? Then add a tittle SCOTT'S CZUISIC.? to hn milk three times a day. It b astonishing how fast he will improve. It he nurses. let the mother take the tUkion. ae. sad fcMi aU dnanrfasL genuine article, but sue often brittle and worthless. The public should be on their guard against these frauds, and when la good roofing is needed, be sure to j insist upon having Strong's. tSEE THAT OUR HAME IS ON EVERT ROLL. Strong Hardware Co., Burlington, Vt, AGENTS WANTED J. C. DAY & CO.'S CASH DRY QOODS AND CLOAK HOUSE. UlElTOOUYlSEiWlilM Many a live dairyman wonders how many cows he should have in his herd to make a cream separator profitable machine for him. He can easily make thia calculation himself. , He, of coarse, wants a sep arator that will not wear out, one that will not be expensive in the way of repairs, and one mat will be easy to operate. Undoubtedly THE SIIARPLES SEPARATOR fills all these requirements. After findins? the nriem of the sired machine he wants, he should determine the exact amount ot income from the dairy. This will be increased the year through about twenty per cent through the use of Sharpies Separator : and in adrfition the dairyman will have his skim milk warm and sweet, and in such con-dition that it will have a feeding value of at least fifteen cents per hundred pounds. With these facta in mind, it will be found that the aenaratm- ia profitable investment with as few as four or five good cows. P. M. SHARPLE8, West Chester. Pa. Branches ; Elgin, 111., Omaha, Neb., Dubuque, la. hi

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