The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1894
Page 7
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DAILY AtiD WEEKLY, ALL HOME PRINT. frit* 8RNTinnr, is the ofilr newspaper In Car- foil county thatIs printed all at home and it con- *ln> more local and county news than an» other two patters lo this county, FOWKRS ft COLOLO, Props. FBIDAV, AUGUST 24, 1804. PEOPLE AND EVENTS Fresh oysters for sale at Todd & McAllister's. Misses Jessie Ferguson and Irene Mov- •erty, of Glidden, wore city visitors. Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley cob I at Joyce's. Babv carriages for sale at cost at Woodring's furniture store for a few days only. To exchange, extra good gold watch torbreeoh loading shot gun. Eugene MDDBOD, at Driving Park. B, R. Woodriog sprained one of his ankles quite severely yesterday. The scaffolding he was working on broke and threw hint to the ground a distance of some twelve feet. It Is Important to keep the liver and kidneys la good condition. Hood's Sarsaparllla In tlie remedy lot Invigorating these erguiu. For rent,—two dwelling houses, one located on north side and the other on the south Bide. Geo. W. Bowen. Mrs. T. B. Broderick returned home the fere part ot the week from Ohio, where she hud been visiting relatives of tier husband. "Her hair always looks so perfectly lovely." IVhy ? Because she uses Ayer's Hair Vigor. That is the secret of its lus- tre. I have for sale at a bargain several articles of household furniture. At residence of C. D. Boynton. F. M. HAIIVEV. There will be a special meeting of the •O. E. 8. Friday evening at Masonic hall. A. full attendance is required. M, SIMON. W. P. The Union Cornet band will make its first public appearance on the streets this •evening. The boys have been working like boavers since they organized. We are pleased to see that all of the SENTKUEI/B family of correspondents will be present to take iu the show with us. Thai's right; v e want to see you al that day. WANTED.—I have two quarter sections of good land In northeast Nebraska, al clear. Will trade same for good residence property or merchandise. Inquire at BBNTINEL office. T. B. K.ATU We understand that the Carroll wheel* men ure arranging for a two days' cycling tournament to bo bold in our city the fore part of October. Such a meeting would prove very popular here and would draw a lar^o attendance. Jud Churchill, of Union townshjp, iu company .with Mr. Dutton, of Clinton county, was in the city today. Mr. Dul tan Ie well pleased with Carroll county and would probably settle hero if be could buy some of Carroll county's land ' at a figure to suit. The Chinese pay their doctor only so long as lie keeps them iu health. They believe in preventing rather tlnin curing disease. This is sound sense, and one of the strongest recommendation.!) of Ayer's Sarsaparllla, a medicine which not only cures diseases but prevents them. School opens Monday, Sepi 3. ilavu your boys well dressed and they will learn more aud behave better and please both parents and teachers. M. Simon IB prepared to'show a large line in suits and knee pants, ills prices are always O. K, J. O. Hcuwallar, of Rosolle, was in the city today nnd Informed us that notwithstanding the bard times and the drouth the lloselle Poultry Yards were still doing business at the old stand and loiked for a fair trade during the cow ing season. To cleanse the system effectually yet gently, whor costive or bilious, or when the blood Is Impure or sluggish, to pernia- uently euro habitual constipation, to Awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening thorn, 10 dlapel ho»d*ohe, colds or fever* use Syrup of Flge. Misi Alice Lewis, of Nevada, u a gueit of Mrs. A. K, Smith. Mist UwU wai a teacher Iu our schools a number of year* ago and h»i filled a position In the Nevada schools nearly ever iluce. Her •obool begin* a week from next Monday. Mm Lewis wai olio a pupil in the schools of (hi* city at au early day whea they wort) far fiom being what .tuoy aio now. "1 know an old soldier who Imd oiironlu dlarrliotu of long uUiuilup to have been permanently cured by taking Chamber- Ulu'a collo, ohuUm aud diarrhoea remedy," »»)'» Kdwurd hhuiuplk, « prominent drugglvl of Minneapolis, JUIiui. "l Imvo gold the remedy In ihU city (or over neven years aud oouslder it superior toauy other uiwlloluo now ou (lie market for bowel ooiuplkliiU." 88 aud W cent bottle* of this remvdy for aulo by J. W, lUttuu, druggUt. Oltai. Qarrell, of Warren towuiUlp, «w iu lUu olty today «uU luforuwd u« Ite and tiv« other f»u>lliui from {thai tuwutulp weru going lo'wove to Arkuii- »ai In the loeuljty of Llttlu Uook. They will HU over laud. pbtrioi b»i boon « rwideut of tiili county for a uuwbor of year* and we dUllku to MOO mob wen u» bo leavlug, Carroll county, for Wo f«ur tuny uro waking a luUtuko. Kuglucer lilug, ouu of tug {regular* ou the . Sioux City and Movllle rubs, was taken sick at the latter tlace yesterday morning and was unable to take his tun home to this city. His BOD, Who was working in the round house at that place, was substituted in his stead and Mr. Kins came home in an "easy chair." He will DO doubt be on dutv in » few days. Mr. Theo. V. Norns, general agent of the Rockford Manufacturing Co., Rock ford Illinois, received a dispatch this morning notlfing him of the death of August Lind, the secretary of the com pany. No particulars given, he received a dispatch from him at 3:30 last evening, and this morning one of his death. At a menting of the school board yesterday evening, Miss Emma Roderick, of Dedham, was selected to fill the. vacancy in the South side intermediate school, Miss Roderick was one of the brightest teachers in 'the normal. There were one or two applicants for the position from thie city which we would be pleased to see secure positions in our schools, for we are confident they will make first class instructors. Harry Shermer, cue of Carroll's best ball players, has left the city and will make bis home at O'Neil, Neb. During his stay wUh us he was one of the enthusiastic ball playera. He did fine work behind the bat and was a sure throw aud a strong batter. The boys will miss him from the club and are sorry to have him leave, for he was .a good fellow and enthusiastic in base ball circles. "That Girl" Comedy company appeared last evening at Music hall to a fairly good audience. In fact there was a much better house than anyone looked for. considering the extreme heat. Although it had been very warm during the day it was not so uncomfortable iu the ball as we anticipated It would be. The troupe is a good one and well deserved the patronage that it commanded. The music was a special feature and pleased all who heard it. The show was a clean one and is deserving of good houses. Kenneth Bazemore had the good fortune to receive a small bottle Of Chamberlain's colic, cholera aud diarrhoea remedy^when t'iiree Members o'f his family were sifek with dyseutrey. This one small bottlt cured them all and he had some left which he gave to Geo. W. Baker, a prominent merchant of the place, Lewiston, N". 0., aud Itcured him ot the same complaint. IFhen troubled with dysentery, diarrhoea', colic or cholera niorbus, give this reuiedv a trial aud you will be more than pleased with Clio result. The praise that natural ly follows its Introduction and use has made It very popular. 25 aud 50 cent bottles for sale by J. W. Hatton, druggist. Wo were stown a line of goods a few days ngo. that are noW being manufactured by O. M. Moore, the old reliable shoe dealer f Carroll. It is a line of Indies' high cut ovorgimors. This line is something long needed by ladies that arc out a groat deal during the fall and winter. To teachers, sale Indies, those who rido or drive a great deal und for bicyiile riding they will be found of untold VAluo to the wearer. Mr. Moore is prepared to make those goods to measure thereby giving a better (it than can bo had in buying from stock. also being made of better quality of goods. He showed us quite a list of orders that has been lakeu and extends an invitation to the teachers now attending normal lo kindly call and see them. THIS HOUSE WON. The grant rnoo whiob has attracted so much interest for the past week or sc, to be made from Holstein to Battle Greek, between a man ou boree-baok and one ou a bicycle, came off this forenoon. The distance is fifteen miles and was covered by the boree in tourty^flve miuntos iiut, and by the bicycle in forty* els minutes aud thirty seconds. This is a remarkable record for M boree to make for that distance. There wae great ex oilemeut over the race, us n similar one bud been run a few weeks ' ngo and the horee won. It is oiaiowd that more money changed bauds «• a remit of tola raoe than ou any sporting event wbion ever occurred in that part of the stale. How'a Tblal W«t oner one uuudrud dollar* reward for any own of oatarrU that uauuot U> cured by Hull 1 * catarrh ouro. If, 1, OIIKNKY & go. , Toledo, 0. W«,tu« uad«r«l|u<xl, uavtf known V. J, ua«u«jr for the |i»»t U »•»«, aud boU»v» him pwtw»iiy houorublo In all builuwu Iriniaoiloiu and liy alii* to eurry out toy obligation* inude by their nriu. Wtut A Truax, wiiolowiio dru«Kl*Ui Toledo, O. Welding, Klutian *, lUrvIn, wuolmle dru*- . 1'otalo, 0. Hall'* oatsnrk cure U tokon lulenutliy, dlNetlf upon tun blood aud uiuoouu «urfeo«« of (tie »r«t«ui. ToitlioouUli wot Itev. I'rloe TSo. per bottle. Bold by all drooUU. HVPOOUUT. The GOOD lUplds Kuterpriee tod the •trrotl Herald, two Republio*n papere ill tbto oouuly, M* baring » good d««J to NT •bout pabUtuiug the delinquent Ux lUt Inf. The etteriff ie • Hepublioan.eaid •» notioe tuat tueee papere keep pablleb- laf •bwiff wtle uotioee, «ad M yet we Mr* not ItMta o! eJtbw of tbeee p*p»r» tbrowiBfoff their obitrgee for pablig*- lioo. Htre it » »pUndid (told (or tb«B* poorilw to ehow their niitgu*mit> lo liw poor uafor(uu«te. 1'he Herald will no doub^publieb the fleolicn prooliu>»> iiou »ud will witut pity for it too, but «e Itter* ure p«p«re iu (be ounuty tb«t will blUU it freeof ooct, (be bluiu* rests witu Sheriff Jeffrey whether tu» tu puyere of Ourro'l oiiuutv, are compelled >o go down iu tboir pockets aud pey mouey out Ihii "burd ye«r" for uolbiog. FOUR GENERATIONS OF ROYALTY. Very seldom is it the lot of a country to hare fonr generations of rulers alire at one time, Yet England can boost of such a fact, oa the above picture, taken at the recent royal christening in Sandrineham nnlnce, shows. Besides Queen Victoria, there are three future kings, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and the baby Earl of Kent. 80 far as the SENTINEL ie concerned it is too poor itaelf,tbis year,to work (or notb- iog,and what little there ie to do we must have pay (or it. We do not believa it will add one star to our diadem to be a hypocrite while on earth, and (or tbia reason and others we prefer to tell the truth. Music Lost evening the theater going people of our city were given an opportunity of seeing what the owners of the boll had been doing during^ the summer in the line of repairing and putting it iu shape for the coming season. We were ngree- nbly surprised on entering at seeing n tine new drop curtain, beautif ully.pnintod. The scene is one at twilight and is a decided improvement. There is also another drop used between nets; the scene ou this curtain is bbe memorable engagement of the Monitor and the Merri mac. This curtain is very fine and is the only one known that presents the thrilling sceuea~of this fearful engagement. The stage scenery is very complete, consisting of a garden scene, two strrfot scenes, parlor, prison, deep wood, horigou, kitchen nud a landscape scene, and A full set of rocks. All of these tire complete aud presents a very pleasing and attractive appearance. The stiigo in Musiu hull is much more attractive than it hns boon »t nay time before, the new scenery and the improved system of lighting being fur superior to what they wore previously. 1'uo work of painting the scenery has occupied the greater part of the season, but it is well done aud is a credit to tho owners of the hall and to those who did the work. A great improvement has boon made in the seating of the hall. The chairs have been placed four and oue half inches apart and tho side chairs placed at an angle with tho stngo, thus giving more room aud also adding largely lo the comfort of the iiudiauue. Music hull looked well lust night and it will bo worth tho time of those who were not present last evening to go aud inspect tho new scenery. GOOD ADVICE. 6'uraaioii Journal. Tuo boys aud young men who have transcended the proper bonds of the moral law by congregating in tho ecbqc 1 house yard on the firm day ot the wi>ok, commonly called Sunday, and indulging iu playing cards or (lipping pennies, aru hereby requested to desist from further practice of the same. CL.AIJIVOYAKT! Tho wonder of tbe age has JUKI nrrlv ed. A |1,000 prcmiuu for licr Madame Baker, Ibe greatest aud miud reader, of Boston, Is in ihu city aud will remain a short time, liusl- neiiand professional men consult her. All hidden mysteries revealed. BiUlufnc- tlou guaranteed. AU who are In trouble or doubt should consult lliltf Judy. Quo call ii all I aifc, luu reit will follow, Mtulame Baker givei Information and advice regarding love aud courtship affaire. Alio gives magnetic trualtueut to ladlw. Ladies eipuoiully Invited. kUdauui Uakur can bo found at Urn. liurwell'i boariilug house, Carroll, la. Adam Bobleieuao, of Bueridnu lovn- ebip, «M •rr«i|u«d before JSiquire Lvnob lbi« moruiu* ou «u iuforauiiori •vora out by John EVWM, eburgiog bin with MMOll oo bie boy. Tbe evldeuoe wiw quite oaottiotiug M »nob elde looked •t tbe affair in • different light, County Attorney KnrU appeared for lb» plaiu- tiff and F. M. Powere for tbe defendant. Several «itueeet« were examined «nd front tbe evldeuoe it looked M if tbia win but «o out orop of lb« b«d blood wbiob •ppwra to exiel between the two f*n>i< liee. Ae no barm wan done «ud the at- tuok WHde by Sobleieuuu on tbe lltMe boy did not look to be of « very war like u«lure, it i» likely tbe '(quire will not «U«ob muob iuporluuoa to it, Tbe de- oi«lou will not be glveu for » few days CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure tbe publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them so they will reach our oOlee Wednesday.J ONION TOWNSHIP. School will commence at No. 2 Monday, Sept. 8. The Friendss' church held a sociable at S. T. Auljjer's Tuesday evening. M. O. Ruthrattff Is thinking of sinking a deep well soon. Tho work on T. C. Ramsey's new barn Is being pushed qaits rapidly. A bout fourty-elght young people gathered at Mr. Elliott's last Friday evening and enjoyed a pleasant time. IVm. tilanchard will farm the Geo. Harris farm next year. Mo Is. now busy doing his fall plowing. Chan. Dutton Is here looking at the Dut- tou farm with the intention of buying. Married Friday evening of last week in Conn Rapids, Hank Heater to Miss Jenkins of Coon Rapids. W: KtitlirnufT and his best girl weut to Rnlston last Sunday to attend the dedication ot the U. 13. church at that place. Lymau Ltaroud has bought a well drill and is now prepared to sink wells. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sextou spent Sunday with Mr. JohnCoppock. Miss Carrie Cole, of Dedham, spent Thursday with E.Turks. Mrs. J. U. and T. L. Downing and children visited at Mr. Arblngast's one day last week. A. Orotslnger Is having a deep well sunk on his furm, 'Thanks,EdltorSKXTi.vj5r.,wenre thinking someof attending tue ''Greatest Sllow on Karth"lf possible. IPe will call at your oilleo. \Ve would bu glad to meet all the correspondents and enjoy t the sights together. Is tho rest of the family going to butliuro? _ Bio Foun, OAK UIIiL. School will begin on the Hill soou with Miss tiurtle Audcrsou as teauhur. Mrs. I). Vf, Vttughau aud sou Leonard, aitvuded dedication at Uulstou Saturday tied Sunday. Miss Unrrie Aliilloy, formerly a rostdutit of tnis plaoe,8turted (or Ireland last week ou a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Hodges are visiting Iu 1'erry at present. Gus. Smith made another trip to liueim Vista eouuty a short'tlmu"i«Ko, bringing his wire and child homu this lime. A gung of horse traders passed through this vloluity the iirst of tho week, bnutor- Ing every parson they met for a trade. "lUIss Faunie Schrelber will teach the w iter term at the Lake. dinners are hauling their hogs to •i.rk«l; Mtiue of tbeai are not overly fat Some little fall plowing U being done by those having riding plows but, the majority ure holdingolf for more rain.' Mr. and Mrs. MoCurdy.of Dedlmm, and Waster Fritz and Miss Dora Sohreib, of Cttirulltou visited at this voltage lust Sunday. Juuies Mowder, who has lived lit thin vicinity f or ugoutt ninny year*, uud U a sou of Mataon Mowder, was stricken down with a paralytlo stroke on the street a of thu Kapida Saturday about 4 o'clock. This Is Hie fourth .iiroko Aft. Mowder lt«g dad uml roevvwy U vorv doubtful. The doctors say they ouu do nothing (or hlm.g ll'e *k*H uu Oil hand at TUK SKNTINKI. family reunion Supt.«. Mr. Kdltor.lf uoih- lug htt|iueus, (o claim UIOKO tlokela. Hope we'll un-ut Uie r«wt o( >our prodluils •II toguther. •MV UIIUITX AND 1IOCK HVN. rains. Almost every OHO u Joslinfjhogs. Itorn.uu (Uo IHth, tu Mr. »ud Mrt.|U, A. t'l'tlUf, • SOU. The 4(U«tt8 Jtoblusou, Hull . Imvu ruluriiud from the iioriual, Hov. U. A, UurUou itud U. \V. Sanderson ilnbruted their mutual birthday on lliu lotu* Thu UitautuauuCJuhu Illukluyjaud \v|(o dti'd on the ititu and wus laid to rest ou Fi'Kluy IK ituuut Hope vcmulery bnnldo two litllu onus who hud illud somo y«>a» siiu'o. 'l'lu«(uuilly huvo thoNyuiputhy of tho community. UiithoUthwo took a trip through » jiuiiioa ofCuri'oll eoiintj'io suo what wo could see. In the language of the poet, "the pastures were lying brown and bare" exceedingly so Many of them will have to be plowed and seeded. Corn looked— well, not as lown corn usually does. Breaking and stubble plowing was in progress and the clear atmosphere, the grateful freedom from dust, the numerous domestic banners floating in the breeze, the gay girls swinging graceful on the lines, and the happy women bending over the wash tubs In the back yards, all proclaimed the joyful fact that It bad rained. PLEASANT HIM,. IPhen normal was out the teachers were glad to get home. II. L. Squires bought some flue steers from E. Baybuck lately. The farmers have begun fall plowing as though the droulh was not here. . There Is quite a demand for rye to sow for fall pasture. Uncle Cy lihoads is not so well of late and does not Improve much. The road boss will begin to move.tdin near the Hill this week. The change in the mail service is jnst what the folks here wanted. Quite a number of the Coon river elite was at Dedham to sue n few people bap- tised last Sunday. Some parties were at Wllley last week buying up pigs, paying $1 per head. 0. A. Davis was threshing for the Hill folks last week. Mr.Johnson and wife, of Guthrle county, were vlsltiuglast week with their daughter Mrs. I!. Knight. ire learn that two young men near Carrolltou were the worst from taking too much firewater, aud was very boisterous last Saturday. F. Crabb, of Guthrie county, was a guest at the Sigler, Yduug wedding in Dedham and called on J. L. Grove, of Carrolllon. We note that several cattle men have begun to pasture the corn fields and will ship soon. Wo hasten to acknowledge our thanks to HID ndltor (or the tender of tickets and will beon hai.d like a soar thumb, and will be ready to swap a few points with the others. • - SANTA. Imtjgestiotfa painful grip Uavc me many a cruel nip, Jill of remedies tbe chief, "Pletort's Pellets" brought relief. Dr. Plerce's Pleasant Pellets promote digestion, cure constipation, sick lioadauhe and biliousness. POPDMST CONVENTION. The Peoples party of Carroll county will bold their county convention at Olidden, Saturday, Sept. 1, 1894, at the opera house, tor tbe purpose ot nominating a (all county ticket. We extend a cordial invitation to all who ore tired of old party broken pledgee and political triokery, and to those who favor tbe free coinage ot silver at the ratio of 16 to l,to meet with us at 2:30 p. CQ. A goo-1 speaker ..will be in attendance. J. A. HARUIS, County Chairman. ioa Ice season has now begun and the wagon is now out. Leave your orders at tbe office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store. ALWAYS IN THE LBAD. Moses Simon of the Famous just opened a large apartment of boys knee, pants nnd suits, justahlo for the present wants. Prices and goods always away down. TUB O RE AT SHOW Olf BARTUt TWO UOH1M.A8, AN ETUNOLOOIOAI. CON- (IllBsa, KB* HI1TO3H051K ANDTIUINBU- ANI.MAI. A1IKNA NKW K15ATU11KS THIS VKAU. T. UAllXUM and J. A. UAILKY, equal owuor.4 of the Greatest Show on Earth, have Iu this year's exhibition everything that human iiiguuultv could Invent of a novel kind. Kvory- thiug in absolutely now. Now OJB- tumes, new acts, now people, new hippo drome races, etc., together with everything discovered or unearthed In any part of the universe, Including stmige races of men, wonderful aiiimaU like gorillas, anil champion performers, all of which are to De seen under thuir teu-aore waterproof tents. Tins year the Greatest Show Is larger, grander, richer aud better than ever before iu IU history, mid U now orguulzed aud equipped In suoh a monstrously large proportion and upon sued a ot>l«s4»l a«hU tlml (u 100 HoUoan on «x ilblted In nothing lubt* limn three rings, two sUgus, a racing track aud special constructed aroint, Its 'army of uialu and fomaluohiunplou performurs are found In every part of thu vast touts i)urforuiUiK|iti> nauy m « dozen acts at one time. In tli« uuw uu'iii»K»rlo pnvllllim, iiueldttti the double mimugorlo <it wild and trained , iberu is ihu grand A'lhnologioul Congress of s»v»go und healhuu people, comprising Hourly every known race of , with their wives and olill- dniu. Thuro »ro Juvnuosu, I'ftpuanti, Amuioiis, thoau tierce •ud blood-lhlrttly feui»lu warriors; Cauitl- Australians, Uunuose, UoruuMe, Malaus, Uyaku, Uotwouku, Algor, UuUUlilsU, UohtiumviiUua, Itiolators aud umuy others, lloaldos lla'so llioro itre thu giant aud Kluutass gorliUs, c'hlko aud Us bruieAlulmuim, tuo only two gorillas u oaptlvu Iu thu world which aru| more Ike dumuii bclugit tlmu «uy «ulwal kuuwu tu i-xUt. Thu purfurmaiiuo eomprUob every known fitiiulrlnu ftmt.uuiUIdisplay, jroiuul ui'l, uml rouiai'kttble Iriok of olowu, rldor, uni'obul or tHuluU'.busldi's tiw uraud MUriottttum of ihu hunter'* tour- lament and tntluwd wild Uo»si vxpo*ltluu u Ihu Iroii-lMiwl ttreu». Thin season's »huw U not ouly tho luigust but thu bi'sl ovprortfauUwl by J. A. ilalluy, and that U enough to si,y tho graiidwii lu tho world. '1 he new street parnda, with i»jresent« tionsof all the crowned heads in the wnrld, Is a rrmrvelously grand sight, the whole undivided affair will be here on Saturday, Septembers, with the street parade on the morning of arrival. Knights of Pythias Conclave at Washington. For the aoove occasion the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Washington, D.C., and return at the exceedingly low rate of one fare for tbe round trip; good for return until Sept. 16, 1894. For tickets and full Information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Hallway. The Best Route to the Pacific Coast Is the Chicago, Union Pacitic & Northwestern HUB. Fast vestibuied trains of palacu sleeping cars, free renlining'chair cnr.s and superb dining cars are run dally from points In Illinois and Iowa through to Portland, Oregon, with sleeping cars to Denver, Col., San Francisco, Ctol., and other Important western cities. For tickets and full Information apply to agents Chicago A Northwestern R r y. 16-4 In 1877. The historic railway strike of 1877, except the present one the largest ever known in this country, originated with tho employees of the Baltimore arid Ohio railway. They struck against a reduction of their wages 10 per cent Pennsylvania railroadmen joined iu out of sympathy, and the movement extended from Pittsburg to Chicago. Violence began at Mnrtinsburg, W. Va., and the last gun was fired in Chicago. The strike began July 10 and closed July 26. Governor Matthews of West Virginia called ou President Hayes for federal troops to suppress the rioters; They were sent at once, this being the first time such troops had ever been called out to .settle a labor strike. The militia of Maryland and Pennsylvania were in active service in quelling the riots in Baltimore and Pittsburg respectively. They shot, and shot to kill, in both cities. Eight hundred Pennsylvania militiamen were at oue time in the roundhouse at Pittsbnrg surrounded by tbe mob. They fought their way ont and drove the rioters six miles, using gatling guns. But' tbe rioters burned the Pennsylvania railway station and. many hundred loaded cars. The dam-' ages Alloghaiiy county had td pay mounted up into the millions. In Chicago the police, the militia, several companies of United States soldiers and a mounted company of Grand Army veterans suppressed tho rioters and restored the oivil authority after a few hours July 26. And the rcsnlt of it all was that the strikers lost every point. New men took their places at the reduced wages, and sorno of themselves served a term in the penitentiary for inciting insurrection, and destroying property. Some Advertising. Various methods of floating into fame) are adopted by different individuals. Dr. Thomas S. Robertson of 28 East Twentieth street, New York city, has adopted a plan all his own. We cheerfully give him tho ucuottt of a free ad. Some time ago Dr. Robertson treated & patient for alcoholism and iiervous ailments brought oi^by drink. Tho patient was a person now very woll known to the public. In his anxiety tp 5179 (h^ public valuable information Or. Robert-* sou details to a World reporter the circumstances >f the patient's unfortunate attack nnd illness, which he, the skillful hualer, wus nblo to nuister. Mora than that, he "predicts" that his patient will shortly do something desperate. , This is kind of Dr. Robertson—very. His exclusive information is so valuable to tho publio that in order to furnish it be violates utterly the unwritten contract between medical men anil their patients time all communications from a sick person to his physician aro sacredly confidential, and that nothing over justifies the doctor in revoitling those matters. Tho extremely obliging disposition of Dr. Robertson will, of course, have a strong tendency to increase tho geuoral confidence in a doctor's ability to koup his mouth shut All tho world will now waut to go to Dr. Robertson uspi'oially to bo treated. They will feel so sure from this oit that ho and other physicians will sacredly guard their ailments aud distressing weaknoasea from tho pltiloaa publio ken. All tho world will rush to the arms of Its confidential physician to pour out tho tale of iU sulVuring und bo healed, knowing full \vull tluit hu will bover toll. Of COUl'KO I -TSUB- OF CARROLL. IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00, OU4llU'4» fill. 4, 0. A. MAST. - - U. W. WATT1.K4. - • VlQ» 0. L. WATT1.KS, - ... 0. K. urimiu, v. Utnrlob*. N. K. aium«*, CUD* Walitnehoiu, SUUIUM WtUtw, Inlwrwl (uOd uu tlai* dv ou«ouiu«ourii». Pr«(U gwu r MiU OU ett lo »u nwnwo «Uwaiu

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