The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 27, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCT. 27, 1939. "ME DAILY NEWS—LUDTNGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE FIVE SCOTTVILLE News From Mason County's Second Largest City, Agricultural and Dairying Center MRS. FRANK BARCLAY, Correspondent (Telephone: Office, No. 1; Horn* 126-F-14.) SHE PAYS FOR THIS "PRIVILEGE JOLLY ftT M. lift HOME Mrs Hiram Martin and Matt Urka 'celebrate their birthday anniversary on Oct. 25, and in honor of ihe occasion Mrs. Urka parly at the Urka home on West State street. The evening was spent with games and contests, with prizes being awarded in the various events. In a match box relay, Harry BarncLi's side won and each received a tiny box of mutches; R. C. Orth won first ancl Dolly Ann Urka second, in a musical contest; Mrs. Harry Barnett won first and J. T. O'Hearn, second, in an apple bobbing contest; Mrs. Hiram Martin won first and Joanna Talsma, second, in a jumbled words contest. Mutt Urka won in a contest deterring odors. The house was elaborately decorated lor the occasion with Hal- lowe'en motifs, with jack-o'-lanterns and Chinese lanterns over the lights. The house was darkened as the guesUs arrived and they were met at the door by ghosts who welcomed them with appropriate greeting. During the evening the hostess Rev. Gordon Grant Announces Sermon i The subject of the sermon at i the 10:30 o'clock Mass at St. I Jerome's Catholic church this 'Sunday, Oct. 29, will be "The Horrors of Modern Warfare." In his sermon, Rev. Gordon Grant will describe the suf- 1 fering, the destruction and ; frightfulness of modern war. •This sermon will be a part of I the national movement to "Keep America Out of War." The general public is invited to attend these services. The Mason Farm bureau night, Oct. 24, Holly Wilson. county Junior met Tuesday at the home of Twenty mem- The Methodist Ladies' Aid > society met Thursday after- | noon at the church parlors for the regular October meeting. An attendance of 46 made the meeting a most interesting j day. . ; Mrs. Harriett Meads, presi- , jdent of the society, opened the i ! meeting with Scripture reading < ' and prayer. Rev. R. K. King spoke briefly at the service. During the business session, Unsung heroines of the European war are girl members of the mechanized training corps who not only nay $2.50 membership dues and buy their own uniforms but work In 24-hour shifts during which they study first aid and learn blackout driving and how to repair ambulances. This girl is just completing an emergency repair job on her car. bers ent. The business meeting was . conducted by the president, j Merle Wood. Plans were dis- i cussed by the group for the annual Junior Farm bureau convention to be held in Lansing, Nov. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hennink of Lan.<-*»i were special guests of the organization at this meeting. Mr. Hennink is junior director of the state of Michigan. After the meeting, Mr. Hennink explained the problems I that were confronting the group most. He also gave the program that will be carried out at the convention. A discussion on program building, in which all t--e °TOUD took ! part, proved very interesting. I Games and group singing Iwere enjoyed by "the group, after which a delicious "lunch of ice cream and cookies was served by the hosts and hostess. Club Sponsors Hike at Ludington Park Under the direction of J. K. Hasse. the Handicraft 4-H club of Amber sponsored a hike Sunday, Oct. 15. Seven cars left Amber soon after dinner, going to Ludington State park. Hikes through the park were enjoyed and the na- farmers unite in a district and under the direct instruction of specialists, make use of these lands. In some cases trees are planted and cared for. land Is cleared of brush and other work is done. Under the district setup it is possible to receive from 'CCC camps in prep the ground and in planting and caring for trees. Loans are now under advisement by which possibly WPA help could be utilized Plastic surgery, far from being new, is one of the oldest branches of .medica} science. It was practiced in India more than 2,500 years ago. e na- j n {^is way the school; The ' other . ^,.. jubject will be fully ex' plained and discussed at the and 13 guests were pres- ; ture study class of I gathered leaves and ^ terial for study. ] meethig which is being""called Before leaving for home the| with the approval of the loca! iv: sprvpri •wpinpv.s and mai'sn-1 committee The meeting is open to the boys served weincrs and marsh mallows, toasted over the open fire. Those taking part were Amber Carpenters, the Forest Rangers and the Dressmakers, parents. their leaders and I llp I public and all interested in any A ,,,Kp,.' way are invited to attend. The Amber i meeting wil1 be S j n at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, Nov. 1. See Them In Our BARGAIN BASEMENT Girls' SKI BOOTS $1.45 PENNEY'S I Amber fanners interested in the USP of land which is not adaptable for present farming, are invited to attend a meeting , to be held at Amber townhall ; Wednesday evening, Nov. 1. The Scottville Churches J An B old 1 - U Sioned'"oance"wiis i church debt,^ the amount-to be one of the happy event, of the paid ^ yw*^ tt was ^St'^re' 1 $$> 'a'H *!£ K'Sd V^ed^ndTSE i Erns Lee, S "and" M K Robert more outlets placed In the Hannah, Mr. <md Mrs. Hiram j^ 6 "- th ™£ °? 0 n^e wil* b" ! M ^ tt y^"Ba R rn C .tt°ffi: ««?' t^he^S ft?' - ; ffi.r T . H ^ u;e S membo\?^uie^luVrkaiof the aid *° c ^ wil1 have to the county agent's office so | Queen Esther's opportunity, so that all finishers may be included .these times might be the pres- m the plans for the banquet. ;ent "opportunity of youth." County Agent Harold J. Larsen and assistant county agent, Russell N. Johnson, both stress the need for these reports to be sent at once. It is very evident that complete plans can not be made unless these reports are made quickly. Miss Olga Bird and A. G. Ket! tennun of the state 4-H depart- i ment will be present to talk and to advise winter leaders also to check on the summer work. Following the banquet, which Catherine Reinoehl, Ruth Peterson, Mariam Kirkman, Hazel Mattox, John Reinoehl, Robert T, onnfi r -, e hPino- Miller, Harvey Prowant, -Verna ; benefit i.s being Prowant, Ann Hamilton and . tnem. (I'li-ase turn to Page 7, Column 4) ation districts." Two such districts have been organized in Muskegon county and much derived from . Under the plans, a group of I ST. JEROME'S AND MISSIONS (Rev. Gordon Grant, pastor) Victory Mass—'8:30 a. m. Scottv'ille: Mass—10:30 a. m. lamilv. .charge of the supper to be | served at church night, Wed- inesday evening, Nov. 1. She '; suggested that each one bring ;one article of food and sand; wiches. The committee will ihave charge of setting tables land serving coffee. ; The refreshment committee for November includes Mes- will be served a.s nearly as possible at G o'clock, there will be an entertainment for the group. Epworth League Rally Well Attended Sunday Patricia Sue Morse Is Honored at Party Iria'mes^H^'Brooke, G. V. Felt, J. I church Sunday evening, guests Little Patricia Sue Morse,: Jay Cox L L Hunt, and G.! coming from Ludington. Man- \, * ,,.. f . f \/ti* n \"\ r\ TVTrS KnTl l **»•„„„,.«». mi-«. — nn t;»rv i*tt 11 u/i i ft nn T3nnv Tolro n n H TTV^P^ni 1 I A group of 85 young people •took ' part in the Epworth League rally at the Methodist _yery clever and tj» t v »v _ „ , - _ . i i/ t*jr \_/vy^_, _. - -- _ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl, Wagner _ The meeting will be of Route 1. Fountain, wasij lp ^j one week ea'rlv because a happy little girl Friday, Oct.! of Thanksgiving day and will 20 when she celebrated hen be held Wednesday, Nov. 15. fifth birthday anniversary. : Mrs. Regina Taylor and Mrs. About 2 o'clock--.iur.:the- altes-iD^ Wheeler were.. named. -or- noon Patricia's mother went to'gamsts for the Aid for the the and brought year. . P-iiricii and all of the girls in DunnR the program hour Tne'mailer grades to her home.!Mrs- Ward Pratt sang Schu- Games were played a» d a11 en ~ Regina Taylor "playing 'the ac S - joyed a good time. companiment. Mrs Walter A lovely lunch was enjoyed. Gowan gave the table being pretty with a; se i ec tions. "Our Tow'n," large jack-o'-lantern in the cen-i"Greasing the Windmill." ter. Strings led from this At the close of the afternoon jack-o'-lantern and at the end;Mrs. Rupert Stephens and her of the string was the name of'committee served delicious each child. When they were Hallowe'en sandwiches, dough- seated, they wore told to pull the nuts and coffee. .string and'at the end was a giftj for each one. Patricia Sue receiver a number of nice gif'u-'. Present were Helen Zynda, Lorain Zynda, Helen Jean Morse, Barbara Morse, Eva Morey, Rhea Walir. Cleu Wahr. Marian Pick- arc! and Sharon Morse, besides x-i iu is me uuuur way iui um- tlie little honor guest, Patricia annual fall Achievement day for Sue. the summer 4-H clubs of the county. This event will take place on Thursday. Nov. 9, and will begin with a leaders' meet- ! coming from Ludington. Manistee. Bear Lake and Freesoil. The event began with a potluck supper at 6:30, followed I by the meeting. i ".Rev. G. Rayle of Freesoil was i speaker of the..evening., his ad: dress being on the topic "For I Such a Time A.s This." His : text was taken from the Bible story of "Queen Esther," when the prophet Mordicia used those words to her in asking FREE METHODIST (Rev. Ray Calkins, minister) Sunday school—10 a. m. Morning worship—11 a. m. Evening service—7:30 p. m. Prayer'service—Thursday at 8 p. m. South Custer: Sunday school—2 p. m. Preaching service—3 p. m. Prayer service—Wednesday at 8 p: m. GRACE EVANGELICAL (Rev. E. F. Khoades, minister) Sunday school—10 a. m. Morning worship—11 a. in. i Young People's service—7:15 1 p. m. Evening service—8 p. m. : Prayer service—Wednesday at 8 p. m. METHODIST i (Rev. R. R. King, minister) ; Sunday school—10 a. m. Junior" church—11 a. m. Morning worship—11 a. ?n. ' Epworth League—6:30 p. m. We will accept no apples, unless contracted by card or telephone. Telephone 63-J. AUCTION SALE Wednesday, Nov. 8, 1939. Sale Called at 1 O'clock Sharp. LOCATION: 2 Miles South and one mile West o-f Fountain. I have quit farming and the following property will iie sold: One Ray fielding, weight 1,100 Ibs., 12 years old. One Hay (Jelding, weight 1,200 Ibs., 12 years old. One Red and White Cow, 9 years old. was fresh in Aug. One Red and While Cow, 8 years old, was fresh on August 20. One Red Cow, 8 rears old, to freshen the first of Jan. One Red Cow, 4 \f-ars old, to freshen Nov. 11. One Grade Holstein. 4 years old, to freshen in Feb. 4 Pigs, weight about 80 Ibs. 2 Pigs 8 weeks old. Wagon. Mower. Spring Tooth Drag. Walking Plow. Walking Cultivator. One Set of Double Work Harness. No. 10 DeLavel C-eam Separator 600 Ib. capacity. 12 Tons Loose Hay Alfalfa. Clover. Cabbages. 200 Shocks of Corn. Beets. 50 Bu. Potatoes. .'0 Bu. Wheat. 100 Bu. Oats. Bed. Tables. Chairs. Writing Desk. Heating Stoves ' and All Household Goods. Shovels, Hoes, Forks and Many Small Articles. Terms: $10 and under, Cash. Over that amount six months' lime will be given on joint notes, approved by clerk of sale. No property to be removed until settled for. LAWRENCE MATTIX, Auctioneer. H. J. GREGORY. Clerk of Sale. JOHN SUDRALA, Prop. Australia is a trifle smaller . ..„ „„ .._ .,, „„ „ than the United States, the her to intercede for her people area of each being about 3,000,He suggested as that was 000 square miles. Plans Under Way for Annual Fall Achievement Day Plans are under way for the TO SPONSOR SHOW The Band Mothers of the ing at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. i IlC JjtlllU iVlUtlltriO \JL Lilt ** M » " v * " '"•'-'^-IV III v»a- • .« * v^t »» uu* *, city arc sponsoring the show The meeting wi'l continue from ---' • — -• -" "— •»...-!-» 4 to 6, to be followed by a ban"And They Shall Have Music," being shown at the Star theater Monday and Tuesday evening. The band, their leader, M. Stiles, ancl the Band Mothers organization will appreciate the purchase of tickets from them for the show. , cuiet for summer club leaders and club finishers, also for those winter club leaders who come in the afternoon session. Winter club members are not included in this event. It is important that the reports of summer clubs be sent at once * V I Order Your Coal Now | .;. »;« I Before Winter Sets In f * * £ Marne Lump, Furnace and Range. Also Pocono Lump. | Loading Livestock Every Tuesday. -CATTLE CALVES^ HOCS- Call us before you sell. Mason County Co-Operative Inc. Phone 34 Scottville. WAIT FOR THE GREAT REXALL SALE NEXT WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 25th Anniversary Buy your drugs and drug sundries at this great sale. MoPherson's Drug Store The Rexall Store N. V. McPherson, Prop. SCOTTVILLE DOUBLE ROBERT BARRAT DOUGLAS WALTON ROBERT COOTE SCOTTMLE TONIGHT AND FRIDAY ^ PROGRAM THEY'RE IRRESISTIBLE! h I;WTH FELLOWS llarenc* Kolb • Dorothy Pdenon • Ronald Sinclair and Ihe little Pepperi A Columbia Picture -Added— RKO RADIO Picture. DirerttJ hy LEW LANDERS. Produced iy ROBERT S1HK. Story (Sf &nen Play by Clarence Upton Yo»n£. Shows 6:45-9:15 Admission 25c-10c RENDEZVOUS WITH DEATH Chopin * ^pVERUNDWfflWTCARSON; Lis.o me £>i..;:ne Quintuplets in "Five Times Five" And Cartoon first again in modern features ... first again in beauty and luxury . . . first again in performance with economy ... first again in driving ease, riding ease and safety .. .first again in high quality at low cost among all cars in its price range S No other car can match it for all-round value 85-H.P. VALVE-IN-HEAD SIX MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 p. m. Children 5c-Adults 15c (A Sack of HALLOWE'EN CANDY to each child attending Matinee show) Coming SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY "THEY SHALL HAVE MUSIC" with Jascha Heifetz, Andrea Leeds and Joel M.cCrea Matinee Sunday 2:30 p. m. ONLY CHEVROLET HAS ALL THESE QUALITY FEATURES ALL-SILENT SYNCRO-MESH TRANSMISSION IMPROVED SHOCKPROOF STEERING* NEW CRYSTAL-CLEAR HI-TEST SAFETY PLATE GLASS NEW SAFE-T-LOCK HOOD RIGHT-SIDE SERVICE *On Special DC Luxe and Master De Luxe Serlei AND UP, of flint. Mich. Tronipor/alion boied on roil rafet, ifale and local taxei (if any), optional equipment and occeiioriai — «xlrn. Pricot tubjoc/ (o change wilhou/ nolice. Bumper guordi — «xlra on Moifor 85 Seriei. A Genera/ Molort Value. CHEVROLET HAS MORE THAN 175 IMPORTANT MODERN FEATURES WIILOUGHBY CHEVROLET CO. l.UDINGTON, MICHIGAN HOWARD N. WILLOUGHBY SCOTTVILLE,

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