Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1928
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY.RBGISTEB.3yESDAY.EyE^Q. JANUARY 24.1928. PAGE FIVE MOM'N POP LYm Rita's voici'! Rita' He f«H :i ; qnotr. throtrli'il sciisutiim :ii hit.'. i'h «st :in<l cldjvlv swims yroiind in | th^' s;i(l<lle. iii.i fac- :is wliiti- as !)!«' \ b'.ar .o on fiitToki't-'s lorfhtjaii. • Ho saw li»>r tlirn. stzuiiliiin lii>:<iili-; hPT;horse, ihf >)ii(lle icius <l;in'4- UtiKj ill • her liiinil. Aivl.lic loiil'l; n^t «ij )onk Jjiit'tlifif .-tiir<-il i at h <T. ilio piittlro of i .fiip«Mi <'utiofi. • ••] was lir-hliiil tliosf ir(i> tln -re wlicn I saw yoi! <«nie riiliiiK iil>.' Khe said awkwardly and iorllnoil hrr .head in tlic <!lr4.-tior. from wliich shf* had come. "So ! Jii-Jt <'h'ri)kf<». W*-'!! b'' IhMP hipforelFtayod whrr.- I was. Did 1 Mirpri-f! Mindown without half trviif." jvou?" Her v<^iie then wan lisht:; A-i he rodo alon? he ihciiRht ofic ;asiiaI; bist ih«' palriip.sH of li <r; • CHAPTER Xl.vni , Thf- Indian t^rritotv Iwas <-ooI after heavy rains and the afternoon >iui' fell iilcasaiitly On the hor-if afid rld«'r tlia: forded the Salt Fork of t!ie .\-kaima.'* anil turned their faces v.-.-st Th" man wore the reKalia ol^ihe cowboy—tall hat-. ch;'ps, spurred )ioots and check! i"d fhirt- and as hr rode nt nn ••asy canter beneat'i I the iihade rf, the couoini^oodK aloiiK the river'.« ed^e he sjioke now then in a confidential tone' to [and his tnotint. •About fifteen miles tjo po. • manv taken things: the lanilscape hal on a fuinlllar asf-eci • and ch'-ftl;s ;:avc Mic lie to I HT i';:rcfrc" ni:Min<r alml aiiiiarcnily she foiiM here and there were strdche.* that j not v-ontrnl the riervr.n.' Tcnildiiri were recognizable as scenes of ear-i of the baud lli:it licld th;- bri'll-- rein.--. Totiy ]larrii'on found words ai last bnt his emotions l:ad slipped beyond linxnal reach. ••Why- why. Rita." he stanitnen^l. "l never thought— , '•To fiii<! MK- here." . vuc linisll- rd for liini. '.Vnd th; :"s wiiy >">'' came. <>1 courscJ 1 Inu.w" sliar." S^se Kwunj; her; <'ves awa.v from liim unvnrd the vunishinsr sun. .lie tienroled. \V;;» he mistaken or h-i'l tht-te been bitterness in her voiceV He sirovij for i-xpns-iion. floundered pave i{n helplessly. "Hadn't we better niovc on'!" she aiikeil <'iHdly. uVtei. u liii? pans.-. "I, frness '•II. ^<l•i:• father iht-reV ••Yes." ' ••CntiK'' •Ves." H<; llesit::ted awkw.Ji(l',>-. "•See lieic. Riia. Tve h. i n r;'.;ht ashani<il over thai afiaii in \\asliin'.;^)n. " "Oh.ilia':':?:!!' l:i:i'4!;eil inut -rlv. j -'I lorc-.Tv- vv.i idiitr apn I was vaili'f i( ha ppiM'il lie sl.-.rrinl !• lier wanderings. "It bcxins to look like home Cherokee Is that what you'ie trying to tell me?" His .caze ..took .in the vi.i-ta of preen and rolling land and .siid- Ofeiily be was swepf. by a wistful reuret that he would not behold that Kind many more times in its present virpin .state. Two years, or three, or four, anft a mighty avalanche of humanity would sweep across the Cherokee Strip just as he had seen it sweep acro .-is Oklahoma in the fierce rush of men for home.s that were free. "It had to come. Cherokee horse: it had to como. It's no use trying to stand up again!>t the tide of civilization. . .1 wonder wh-it .loe Craig will say when 1 roll up to the Har K. Of course. I ouKht not to expect him to fall on my neck %yith jo.v.after the way I treated him bufr h" oucht to be riaht glad to kilow that He nton we_u't bother anyljody any more. .Am I right Cli'-i'i)ke< lOODAVfS •fHE D«Y •friAT POP A.«ODTVTE FiORVfOVER TKEIR HARD EBRNEO lb-THE ppiHe eiLL -FOR MINING STock ii REALSlU. HAS AT \K\ HIS APPEftRANCll MAIN 7800-1 HOPE i/A NOT Too Lfrre - HELLO-HEUO -Yes 7600-KeEP0M RiMSlMS UWTII_ HE«?ElSlMEMONeY BiU.- HEMRV ANSWER THAT PHONE LEAVeS T=0!R THE SOWD MQUS^-CHftHCeS ARE THEX'Re RlN6 >Ne -TKE >MRON(a uoi ^eeR TOO LATE. BE CAREFliL OF T^W A MONEY, BILL- IT: ^ BY TAYLOR / MELLO-Gl^A^AE MR GDNN- THIS \S GERKtOi-rBlLL QERRtCK- DOWN THE DRCXa •StbRE - WO. I:M MOT vao .oiNG— T HAT CSTHER FALLOW IS. AW IMPOSTOR WEDNESDAY. JAN. 25 .{ByTke Associated Preaai rresrnm<i In Ceatral Standard tioia. An ilnie In M. unless otherwise In. ' ' fe lenirtlis on left of can diL-atfrd Utters. Wa, kllo<^:fcIes on rtRbt.. City—1100 .Am i right ( li-i'.)ke<-' •laui-r "-'la'i it iia ppfii. il ' The '^tallion fking up Isis he;id j He hi s.r pri^-. ••(;:;> T'" and lelljitln-ned l ;is. stiides •;lm-! "li shnwi d iii. a •'nr.u--' pati. 01. iio-.v it.:' we'i.' almost' oisi'-, i Ii^irui ici.^^ 1 il i>ii ct>I;- il li:i|.- • tlieri-. ai'fiii yimf ^ai I Tony llar-j Tmr. Hairi-on leciil'ii.,! ri.-inii. "Mc. iKuv. 1 f,-.l ji;.st thcihis lip .\' In- -;,:,| oii;)o.'^^iti'. The < li .si -r I 'nmr- the i stralneillv. "I ripi'ii.-ij ji iiKiti- iiirVDUs I I'd siU'i lie I""' i" I'liul. ;• : in. .• U!i-(t il Jin- CnuK .!. liil. .1 1)H was ' P'^iiei'" tliroiigh wiih ni. ." "lili. I^i. •v.'::u vi.u. T.'ir. ' Til.- sun sb'wly iwuug lii.wn to-;!"l :i- s:!i|.'.iii, i;!;. ward 111.:: point wlierc ea'ttii and! •• I :iiimi;'.i ...ii I '.i'l. \V!;.i w.n 't ] sky vvt re' join.-.'. Fnnu a ^ilarin^ ! tir iT.'" v.'lliiw sph'Te'il lia.' nirm-il iatfi a' VJ': i!i ii'^t i.iv |.-ii i.,i.r in(,i it-.' hall oC orange ami Tuiiy Ilarrl.soii i iri'iU' ami •wiiiiij ;urii-.-, I'lc sj.i- j face.l it as he rod.-. ,'dl' .•'Hi-;' -!;.• !.; wi.rili' i'1'.-..'iiily'he (lit awriy from the land '^alt Fork aiid swiinM, nortli up grlUli- ii>e Til.' lior .-c ^^.ll^ uirli iicvc:- :i l.eliiiig ol his ill.T a . -^viiii- •• >h- t- it iiii. •-:!.iM.i:i. 'In't i. •<\> • 'i uil.llv i ry that f i-mrir I i •11 tli.>i ' iii- li. I. .1 p.I .e. li'Jt .111. < 111.' iiip "T .iuv . Ill' 11. Ilita''^ I I;c.l hiitiaiid faciil iiiii:'anuiii 'l. ' 'I'll. •-Ir! • iviiu:: li "1 -.v^iiii,;.) t iK. ;i looli froniihiii! in iiiii .l. .li';.-! •lei'.'. TI KT " •.von'i 1>* tlia''.'" ' ' lur-nv fiiore- i exp.-rt" )lc siKlie.!..' • •A'jiy in .r.' y(,<. "Doim.'nc it liii u .iiii;; to I ;ii ]; my- 'o.^ s-lf v.; coniin'.; ten k it's .in-' II.' ^aw Ivi- '•ha';.' JllL'^ tllilcf::- II) Tie'. Cll.'r.ilvee. lb', loll. il. •; (•l;.! ,.1.;. slioiild-.e stai-e.i tp. Ciilhrie." jsi'le her in iicuni.i. •Kiiai'^ H" -w.'i.i his hilt from his liead , c .'(d f.-r v.-nily. "Rifri. luiv.- I ai'n! l.t it daiiirle < arel.s.-ly from ! •'•i"'! all tlii- time.'" his h.-iiiil. alter wbich he rat for | ^-'liv r:iis.-il h.'r.fa'-e ij !rs ami !!•• sevi-ral miiiut>'s in .'•ileni contelu-'^'aw that ;i<'i-.'\e.'- '.v. swininiiiig ).la !i -.ii ..I :hi- s;!!;.-. t, :'!s::'; tii::t ••Mo'!; ••,< r.r -!;,. v.'-•.y.-i i.i^i.rj- [ir-Ity. old timer''" he ..-aid present- 1 Iv. "have be^n i)liT"i.-Tony." ;in'! ly. "I'vt. s. eii'iho sr.n-^ei many V.I r.' lilatiiiiir.; • b-i- hi-a.l -Jn-.v- ; .- ali.l v:..- II. - ; b'-i'M ! 272.6—WPG Atlantic iC.KT. — riiiin.r Music '•.ih} —Dane*! Orchestra :i:'!0—.Stiiiiio rr.«:iain l.;;.)0—uano^ Miislc 285.5—WBAL Baltimore—105O 7— wn .M. Trio H.iMi —Viin. ty ilour !i.u'-'—.Mjr> landers 508.2—WEE! Botton—590 no—(irch'cFtra S:"!.—Ijiana Troiibailt.urs s '.liwCLAjrii-h Il.iiir 'J t .i —(."rsaii Keollal 4«1.3—WNAC Boston—«50 r.fiO—Jiiv.mile Smllors « . i._K'.l.>tcr Hour i....-;cn!uiiiM.i I'honograph Hour 10 l')-Tlir.;e l^.inrc urchenras 3C?.8—WCR Buffalo—MO L i:- —1 iri-lir.«ir;i c .' - le I riu Tr.iiit.a.toiirs t r ^.i nil li'h Ik.iir 5 ^3 .1—WMAK Buffalo—550 7-i.e_i;,.ii,insi<jn nuiiJ t;""- K'vN'<r Ilf.ur -< ''liii.:!)!.-! l;liono(rrap*> rroui 535*—WTIC Hartford—560 ,\lr Kr..llfi ' s n I'ii —lii.ina TroiiMilours y -.Ml -i;..r,(irlch Hiiur '.';':'j -N.r.i.jiial Or.aiid Oper* 422.3—WOR Newark—710 r •'.L.fiio.I.'re t^nsf-mtilo "T .11.'— Haiti-I.tnna C.rliy Houi ..'--K.ii.-it' r lli.ur •••'.-•.•..Iiijiil.i.I riiotioirraph Hour 1'.'.. —liaiK.. .Mii.>.|.; «91.5—WEAF New York— 610 .'i^T'O—Wnl.Iorf Astftfia Orchestr* (".; •• .Services c So.'Mriv.-tn^ T .u— .-.tval' M -'iTK -ms In Ilistorj T; —.sir n;; yiLirti t V,'". —Ipana "'r'.uliadours —i;<..xlrlrii Hour '•..' Cr.Tn^ Opera ;.' :!"— Ktmp's Orrh<'sira ra New York—C60 a lime lioin ihi~ U*t!e hill--iiiany a time. Quiet. Ciierokeet'. It .r the bors.' had lifte.l ills ii.-ail -iKidei!- ly and snorted. "Qiiier. I say! Now what the. devil—" There crept over hi:r. tht n the realization that h"' aii'.i d.-rokix* . w.'r.' not alone. Som-.iiie was near. Instinctively hf ielt vthn il was. :;nd yet somehow he..' ii-.'.I iiiin around for f^ar tttii he -tu uUl be ,-wrong. .And then someone' ke "Did •yoil ."oine all lh» way out here to .«ee the sunset, Tony'.'" 1 he Women, Weak, Tired, Rundown; and Nervous or who suffer ovarian pains,: painR in the lower jiarl of the stomach, hearing down plain's, female Iweak- nesses, headai he-, backache.: melancholia,. desiMiml .-ncy. nervoBs derangements, flushes of heat.! fleeting and indefinite paiiis. ^^hltes. Iiainful or irregular periods, should write to -Mrs. Kllen Lnvell. 7281 .Mass.. Kansas City. .Mo. She will ..niiivly I-TM-JK and wtib- oiii charge lo Ihe iiiiiuirer advise -or a convenient home method whereby she and oth.-r woihen say they liave' .stiirfs'iully ; relieved similar trouble-The mosi .'oiHinou ^'-ipression of • these thankful women is;. "I feel like a new uo.iian " .And others "I don't have, any paiii.s_whatever 'anymore." "I tan hardly believe iiiysielf that yoiir Wonderful .Method ha.s done so.much goo<l for lae In such a short time," Write today. This advise is entirely free lo you She has nothing to sell. "have be"n bent iiver r>,n(! idssed iy r. j "G::-l," lie muimiini: brok'-Tily.'! "I said cruel liii.igs to yon that; n'rht. I .-•.'iM mys. If f..' ' it-'" - ! "1 deserve it. Tony. J alwnvs lovetl you—for y.ars and years— and 1 Very n<'arl> did a dreadt'il thinu." She .Inn.:; to .him. "I'm -.ii liappy. dear: so happy," He hel.l JH-r f..r a li.ns tim.' an.I I then, as if bv a c-immon imptils.-. I they straight.'ned anil turned in ithelr saddles to watch the rim of the sun dip below the Mazing horizon; .Veliher "^-poke. ani! v.h. n tli.-v Mwung th.'ir horse-i amend to g.i the:shadows had vanished from the earth. ' "F have suffere«l, Tony, .she tol I Snre Relief forSore Throat Quirker t^n (Janrihisr Why suffer pain. Horeue.-.- or dls- "inlforl while- .wailing fur s;ow- ;..iing gargles tji give reli.-f wheii a phys;<'iaii s ',)rescfip:;.iii iail"<i! TlKixine is U!iaT.intee(l to relieve ninut'.|.-.'.' ' It ar:=; in a new 454.3—WJ2 .-; f."—.Me.lit.:rran.>an." .'. .;>.—J.'d.l.. llii;hland <'ra ... .' ^rl .^r .'Uvi^irA T.'.i—i.l'.iiiipion Sparkers ' ;'•—S"ylvniii.a Foresters t Vare^i.'fc; Hour ...i^M-ilit.-rran <-an.'« •,• J"—Sinallo and Itobertson l.'.....— .Slumber M <Ii <to «CS.2—WFI-WLIT PhiladelpliU-740 ( :!(.-if!vinpJienlc Orche «tra '.n't —'ireat .Moments in llUtory 'j.'jii —lioudrich Hour 34S.G—WOO Philadeiptila—8M C :3Q-;-Dinncr M UE I C 315.6—KOKA PIttrtuVoh—950 Orcbeatra kera yorest^ra 8 .U0—I'rosram from WJZ 4S3.6—WJAR Prcvldtnc*—•» 7:0r.— Musical Program Srdo— ::pan:i Trouba.Iours (Sooilrich Ifuur 27716—WHAM RocheMer—1060 Cino— .Studio' PrOBram 7.;o0— nemlngton Band r -'.A iif..«i~~i 5:13— rjttiR Symphony C 7:1..)— <'tiampion Sparker 7 :.'!(j—Sylvunia Forestrrn 7:20— MURlca 'i vinta 379.5—WGY Schenectady—790 e -SO— Attrlcultural Program ' "aiO —Remlnstun Baad g.oo— Ipuna Troubadours 1:30—Ocodricti Orchestra: Qu«rt« 333.1—waz Sprinofleld—900 (:30—Radio Nature Leagu* 7:00—Charnplon Sparker* 7:30—Sylvania Foresters 9:05—Kxtenfl.jn Course - 468.5—WRC Washington—640 5:00—W.-»Morf Astoria Orchestra, 7:00—(Ireat .Momenta In History S:00—Ipana Tr.iubadour..| »:30—National Grand Opera 516.9—WTAQ Worcester—58f r .-Ci— ViiKT^ Oal Minors .» '"'—Ipana Tnjubadoura 1; .:;"-< ;.>.j.lrich Hour -1010 -630 ill l.'i mi tiieoi-y. line swaliow taken i iiernally f'.'es liirfct to the caiisn. '.^mtains i i:'T .hloroform. n'on.or otie harm-1 till iiriig.s. -Safe and ^lea. iit for the hole family. Aiv ay.s . ft for '] V Tho.xiJie—much better |than f; .rglcs and patent medicine-. SlSc. 6. >•. and Sold tinner | money-back guarantee of qiijfk relft-f.—.S. d by the Evans Store. SHE WENT FROM BAD TO WORSE Down to 98 Pounds—Finally Restored to Health by Lydia £. Pinkhmm's Vegetable Compound Clevelaiid, Ohio. — "After having niy first baii', I !o«r weight, no matter . wh.i*. I | dii!.' Then a doc- j tor lobl ,me I v.-onM be l«?Iter if I' had .inother baUy,"' v.iiich I did. Uul I sot, wor.'^e. wa.-? always sid:!'- and went clown to I'S II o II n d s. .M y neiairbor told in.; about Lydla E. IMnkhani'.-i Vece- table Compound, as it helped hrr very irauch.-so 1 tried it. .After tak- j inqfour h'jtties. I w.^ijrh lH". jioun.l.-. i It -has just-done w^onders for nie j and I ican do niy lionseworU now withouf one hit of troub!.?.'.'—M RS. >1. Rii;ssi.\r.K::. I 'l 'Ol iselson A\'<i., Cleveland. Ohio. If sonio.sood fairy should appear, and offer lo ?;r:ir.! your heart's de- .sire, .what would ; .voii (Jhoose? Wealth'.' Hafipiuiiis i Heaiih? Tb.i: s the besl gift. Health is riches tliat gold catinot buy and suiely health is cause enough Urr happiness. Lydia i-:. Hinkham's Vegetable ^iu'Jl'l^o!. ihim as tl^y rode toivard the ranch j someone whistling drifted to SOUTHERN 296.9—WWNC Asheville i ;:00 —Dinner Mu^c 475.9—WS8 Atlanta—Jpan;i Trdubadours —lioo.lrlch Program —National Orand Opera 243.6—WDOO Chattanoooa-12:: 7:30— r.n.«embl« 8:30 —Cirgan Urcital 384.4—KTHS Hot Sprinoi— 78C 7:304 -Scotch & Irl.ih Favorites «.:oO -i -Ohamber Music 9 :20 —Dance Frolic 340.7—WJAX Jacksonville— 880 6 :00— Music 6 :S0j -Chlldrcns Period 322.4—WHAS Louisville—930 7:00 —Great Moments In History S ;09 —Ipana Troubadours !>:30 —ttonflrich Hour S:30— National Grand Opera 516.9—WMC Memphis-^580 8:00 —Ipan.i Troubadours E:.!©—Ooodrieh- Hour S :J0 —National Grand Opera 236.9—WSM Nashville—£€S:00— Ipajia Troubadours—(Joodrlctj Hour 9:30 —National Grand Opera 296.9—WSMB New Orlean- S:30 —'Vocal: Instrunii -rMvsic: Theater a49 >rWCOA Pensacola—1200 <:00—Briilge Lesson S:30—Naval Air Station Band 10:00—Organ 2S4.1—WRVA Richmond—11W G:0O—Acca Rempla Concert 7:30—Bfldge Les.son 8:00—Mu.sician-i Club •j:00—Ligbt Opera CENTRAL 526—KYW Chleaoo—570 7 :00— Champion Sparkers 7 :30 —Sylvanlu Foresters 8:00— Variety Hour 1V:00—Peachiown Frolic 365.6—WEBH-WJJD Chleaoo—«20 7:00—FMefwater Beach Orchestra , 8:00 —f:hll.lren of Menseheart 12:00— Informal Review 344.6—WLS Chicago—870 C:00—Supprrh*ll Program >l:UO—All Sl;iic Hour S;00—Choral MiLsie J1:00—PopaUtr Propram 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chlcaoo—670 C ;00— Orcan Ilecital C;:iU—Diimer Concert S:ftO—.S'am.» as WOIt 12 hrs.) 1 I>;'J O —liisinar.'k Sert-na.ters .13 hrs.) 428.3—WLW Cincinnati—700 C.r.O—Farrn IL-iillo Council 7:0.t—trhampion .S|iark<>r< •j;WI—firgaii Div.-riis.'nicnts 10:00— ThelH Orcliostra 3C1.2—WSAI Cincinnati—830 7:no—Or.>nt Moment.^ In Hlstorr )t:oO—Ipana Troubadours S ;::0— (i .Kidrleb Hour •.i.r..p-Cran.l Opfnt 399.«—WTAM Cleveland—750 5 :30 —Orehesir.i .1.110 —Ipana Troubadours s:::.!—Crlodrlrh Hour •j .:!0— .National Grand Oprra 545.1—WFAA Oallai—550 S.C3—<!oodr1ch Hour 374.8—woe Davenport—SOO 7 :00 —Great Moments in History .i:cn—ipnn.-i Troubadours S.30 —Goodrleh Orchestra ?:3i/—I::<lucational Talks 535.4—WHO Des Moines—5«0 C-.ZO —Dinner Hour Prcirram S:.^)—Ipan.'i Trouliadours .S:.';o—iloodrirh Hour »:30 —Nati..nat Grand Opera 440.9—WCX.WJR Detroit—6a0 T ::;0— Marimba Musinen •i -ilO—oil) Time SeiiK llevlew l '.':00— Personality Girls 35^7—WWJ Detroit—650 . 7:C0—Great Moments In History 7 :30— .\.>olIan Recital .H:00—Ipana Troubadours S;30—Gooilrirh Hour 499.7—WBAP Fort Worth—600 fr.OO —Seven Aces i :U0—Troubadours 422.3—WOS JefTerton City—7ie 7:30—Address 11:1.?—Radio Farm School 8:30—Mu.slpal PrOKTlun 370.2—WDAF Kansas City -«ie 6:00—School of tb* Air 7:00—Ike and Mike K:0<)—Ipana Troatndonra S ::o— Goodrich Hour 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee—102» 7:.'!0—Milwaukee A. C Orchetflra S:00—Waukesha Prorram 11:00-eWisconsin Roo? Orchestra' 406.2->WCCO MInaeapoils-St. Paul-740 8:00—Ipana Tronttadours S 30—Goodrich Hour 10:30—Dance Program . 50«.2—WOW Omaha—HO S:a0—Ipana Tronbadours S :.':o -Goodrlch Hour 9:30—National Grand Opera . • 499.7—WOAi San Antenlorr<00 9:00—UtaJj Procram 545.1—KSO St. Louli—S50 S:0'l—Ipana Trotibadoura <!:.'?0—Ooodrlch Hour '.':30—National Grand Opera 348.6—KVOO : Tulsa—MO SOO—Ipana Tronbadours 1 .1'i—<;ooUrl.h Hour WESTERN 352.9—KOA Denver—920° t :;i—T.ll .Mo A Story Hour '...00— iii.otrumental Prorram •):I5—Mixed Quartet ' ] 11 :00—<Jhief Gonzales' Orchestra ' 468.5—KFI Los Anaalet^-«40 l«:00 -Matln«8 Musical aub r,' 00— Modem Music 416.4—KHJ LOS Anoeles—720 1.1:00 —Concert Orchestra : J 00 -.M6lody Minstrels 336.9—KNX Los Anoslss—890 .1:00— Feature Programs ;u .')0— Dance Orchestras 384.4—K GO Oakland—780 •I 00—Farm Program • > 00— VaudevUle .: 00— vasabonds 508.2—Kt-X OakUnd—500 ;ii :nii—Educational Proeram :i :..0— Special ProKram 491.5—KQW PortUnd—610 fn :00— White King Orchestra :; :Oi>—Va(pj bonds 454.3—KFRC San Francltc»—600 ':');00—Marwell Hour !i:u0—Melody Hoar 322J—KPO San Francisco—710 •i .:00—Atwater Kent Artists i I :'iO—Chamt)€r Mtulc •.00— Dance Music (2 hra.) 348.6—KJR Seattl»-MO . • .-.0— Kni«ht-en-Gales • •)<>—Dance Mostc (2 hra.) 370.2—KHQ Spokane—«I0 '•>—Mission BelJ Concert -Vagabonds st(h;k mmkets still going up High' Qrad^ Industrials And Rails Take Price Lfead i I ;.\'ew Yor|t. .Ian. 'Ji. (APj—The reeovery ia-stoeW pr:<e.i <'ontinued today with the leadershiii of the market svvt>ehri^ from the po.i "liecialtie.s to the high grade investment ' tndustrialH and rails. 1 K.isy .-.i!! nipney n'tf-'- publication .):' several favoiabli? 1!>27 earn- iiii;^ repoW*' ami t'.ie reien.! im- [irovi meni in son e of the basic in- dii.-tri.-.- continued to provide the hackKronnd'for thi- ailvartce. '. rail- iii'^ coiiriiiutd in fairly luavy vol- iim.- with the market |:ip.<injc iii'o J •niMiies^ wli>»iievet relictionary t.-n- \ .1 -ii.-ie- develope.l '- ' Majbr-General Walker Will Retire April 22 Washington. .Ian. 24. (.API—Re- tiemient fnim the army of .Major- Ceneral Kenzie W Walker a's chief of finaiicj a; his own request, has been appro\yil by Pre.sjdeiit Cool- idi;e. effective .April 22. Major- tieneral Walker has been in servile lor.more than :;!> year.-. AUTOMOTIVE Afltomoblles for Sale U FORf} TOraiXp—Car is^ in goo.l condition every way. S^S North Elm. : ' Auto Accessories. Tires, Farts' . 13 RrrKSTEl,L .\XLE— For Ford ton truck: also tires, used parts. lola _Auto WreckingCV).. PhooeJ[.S2. Twenty-One Federal Prisoners in Break Detroii. .Ian. 21. i.\P>—Twenty- one feileial prisoners escaped from tile Kim wood branch of the Wayne c:)un;y jail early toilay by tunnel- ins liiri.ue'.i a six inch brick wall. Senator Walsh Changes Power Trust Motion j Mhen* .narlliet II OHII. i I 'iii. aKo. ..Ian. LM. i.vpi—jif-Hir ; fri .m llie jiV)rthw|st ;incr.'ase • ihe pric bulpes li tl:e wheat line used on , , . t mar- k'l today and brJouKht about if<• .line.^ in rhft. later d faiinir.s. rilow- • I'ess of e.xpnrt d|ma:iid today for from .Vorth .\taeri(a was a ;! so too was I wh- ;i; 'bearish factor an i m.ipiio hysln-Js enlariremenl of thf world'-i available totjil. ' Piirciuts- I es oi corn inifay .i. ;irr!v in Cht- I laco w.r.' e.mimali'd. al onlv .•{ IMMI O "hels-. •• ' ! Iiu- Wa~hiii*rion. Jan. I'l. t.\Pi—(K iiis owa iiioti.jn. .s.-aator Waish nf .Miiiiuiua. today amen.!.--!! h'lA power i:u-t investijsating r.soiiition so as ro sliaridy curtail th>» po-.vers of the piiipq.scd ^iiecia! committee to (jindiicr lb/' inquiry. ANNOUNCE.MENTS BUSINESS SERVICE Laoiiderini? 24 WA.XTED — Wftshinss and plajin sewinp. Ill South Kentiicky. .VoTlng, Triieklnr. StdraKS : 3 1-: CALL DEA.N TRA.N'SFER — Pht)ne iS.'i. will move; you by hoitr or contract, with experienced-men. WHE.V YOU MOVE—Or store ynar goods call Corr'.s Transfer. Offl-:.e! 140. residence 140. LIVESTOCK Poultry and Sepplies 49 Pt'LLKTS FOR S.\LF:—A\Tn'te Wy- andottes and Rhode liJlaind Reds. K. It. Van Ruren. Phoijie 994-1^. ROOSTERS — Rose Comh WTilte Wyatidotte-»: Phone !>.'>2-ll. I.ewls Powell. WE PAY TODAY—Cre;m.4Sc: esgs. hen^. 14c; :.n(} ISc: springs. 14e and ISc: c iw hides, 12c: hiiies up to ^6.4-AlIeii C'.'.antv Cream Co: • : l.Vf TB.VTORS—In eootl condl- fion. 1 Buckeye. IT.^-ftKg size; 1 Fairfield. 2iH >-ee^: 1 (jueeri 660- e?j:. Also a few choic.e 'White Rock cockerels from select stock.' .Mrs. E. S. I^arson. Chanute. Wanted—I-lve .Stti SO WA.N'TKI> TO m 'Y—All kinds of t;.lt:e all.l hnl-. .1. Butcher. EIVIPLOYMENT ; MERCHANDISE Help Wanted—Female S2i Articles FOr Sale r.ADY -Wanted Phone 1417. , t'l stjiy iiifflits. SI. Help Wanted—Male S3 Strayed, Lo<it, Found 10 F,OST On lola-CoIony road, pair men 's Kloves. shiail handbaK. silver compact. Fimler keep money, return rest to KeKister office. I KuHMis VUs ' Kansas Ciiy. .) I Ejji's. Ill SIS J .I.St/.jc ;P_"!:liry. heifyy heins 21c; spriiiKs 'fiidnee. in. 24. . (API- seconds 32'-'.c '. ;.Tic..: dill. ! cliaiii;.'.!. • K)llCx;».. ( ily Kans;>s f'if.v. .I:iii j itreRuLir; r.'trejj.i, o \Sii. 1. 21.oii*« L '2..'.'). AUCTIONS Aoctionit lOA r pr .Kliii .' uii- PL'Bf.IC AUCTip .V-Public auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at llishop's Sales Pavilion. Hay I . "APi-IIav . ;;r-'. Alfalfa i PCBLIC .<?ALE—Frida.v. Jan. 27th. Sale bepihs at. 1 ojcioc k. at 22:'> .\'. Third St. Will .se|l my household Kaii>ii< rily <iniiii Kansas ("fty. Jan., 21. lAVi — iWlieaf: receipts 74! car .s; nn- Ichanged; .\.r.' 2 dark ihard. l.::ii'-.. I « 1 .^7; No. :t; l.iylfi ljn:;i4 ; No. 2 'hard. 1.27 : l ..=;fiT, : .\o. 2 red. j '.(lose: .May., 1.2.-.J4 ; July I -il '-i-! i Corn: r-ceipis lijij cars; .... . chaiitted to* i, cent; hi ;lier: .\'o. 21 white. M'.'r/S2: -N'a '•'.. ''i^'i^i: \ So. 2 yellow. S:!-!; s:: 1-2: So. :?. j SO'-iTiS.-.i-.: So. 2nifxe<^ So 1.2 'fiSl: .\o. .1. 7S l-Z-li- SI. Close: .May.;.SI ;:-S: Oais: recei{>ts . T cars I No. .2 while, nomiqally :t. nominallv TihTi't'l .Milo maize? I .lfi.' Kafir: 1 ::::5» I::::;. Rye: 1.<I2. i Ilarlev; ,s:!fiSfi. Eoods: iiavenport.i ver rnr. 1».\12. libii: lamp, book cas.^. trola and records bed room suite.' Round Oak ins table. 6 chaii-s. Round 2 rockers, vtl- ?ry table. fltKir Brunswick vic- 5 piece- walnut din- Oak heater. Kas reznoij. Economy gas ranee, white iiorcejlain cook table. Hoozier kitchen cdbinet. 2 Conpo- leiim riiss. 9.T12. and many other ahicles. This furn(iture Is all just like new.' ('. S. Bishop, .\\xct. AUTOMOTIVE 2 .ME.V—With ciirs wlio iire inier- e>t.(; i-!! belleiirij; lIie;ii.-e!V! .Mil-: liave Rood personajiiy. Call .\fr. Wright at Ke!|.y Hoiel after 7::!i> toniBJii. ' i HATES—We are Kiving a special prii-e on farm and'lawn Rates tor a short time only. .-Mien Couftty Implement Co., .S. Jefferson. " WOOli— *2..">i) rank at farin; 1.1.00 rank delivered. Clyde Thbmpson. Office Phone 4r,7. .i— HellH-.Hiile: iind Female 3i Baslne«<« and Office Eauloment &t .MA.N' ANI) Wfp'F.'-To work on dairy farm. H%erythin^ 'furiti.'=h-. ed. See WiUiam Staffor.t. Phone 04 I; F21. - . TYPEWRITEIiS—For sale, rent or trade. Williams Tvpewriter Co, IK! We^.t Madison. IIoii«(^hold (>oods 59 WE H.AVE OPKNINC in this di.s-lOA.S R.V.VCK.-- .Vew and used. We trict for man Jir womanwritinz | exchanse. Ea?y payments. Delivery servii .'. Ciiriis Furniture health and ace^jlenr insirrame f.)r on-' of the larRest coni}>anies in -.\mer;.a. full <ir pan lipio. Will liive personal instruction; and help yon Ket startetl. Atldress Room 427.-Board Trade Bids.. JC- C .Mo. C •., I.nll;iip". Kan.-. FINANCTAL: Business OpportanU{e<< 38 HOrSK FtRMSHl .VC.S - I can furnish your house cheap in new or used eoods. See mo: before buyins. Prices never before offered. Bryson Furniture Store. 219 N. Jefferson .\ve. DAmV OUTFIT—Including cows, milk route. Sale for about 100 gal. milk per day. .jSee William Stafford, ^hone 94e|^. Money to Lofin ~.irortKai :es 4i) Antomot>He Acencies. July S7; I A USED CAR— Is as tiependabte a.s nnchanjred i 'ho dealer wbo sell.s it. Dodge •tfiTi :"..s: So I S?ales and Service. The best place to biiv good, depemlable u.'eil cars. .\t present Ave have a complete line of both open and < losed nuulels, priceo to .sell. Ellis .Motor Co.. 211 .N'orth Washineton. I ' Knn <i :ts (Ily Mte^orfc ; Kansas Citv.' .Ian. 24 (AP> —if. I S. Oepf. of .\?rif*ultnre)—Hogs- jlrt.oOO: unevea trajle |t_o shipper;s {steady with Monday's a'verage: big j packers poini'j' slow; ilalking I'tTi 12 ."ic lowc;-; slo. k nips steady: i early top s';i');o;i 2lri'i !.^ira'')le l^-.'-T: 2'.ii-Ibs i S.2 FARM UJA.VS-^Qrufck service and rea.sonable rate.s. .\. p. Hawthorne. i'>\2 West Madisipn.^ FARM AND f^TY l/l.\N.S—Tlio .-Mbn 'Connty lisvesrm.'iit^Co.. Kal-:l NE\I OAS RANCE.S—Will take in youir old one. Heuninger'.-; Furniture Store, lis West Madl.son. SECOND HANI) F(RNITl ;RE— Stoves, dres.<er.-. chairs.. Scissors and knives sha:p"ner!. 210 South street. ROOMS AND BOARD ICoonis Without Board ley Hotel Bldg-:. lola. Kfins. FAR.M AND CITY LOANS—Bas» rate on - farms. .V'. . city. ft;;. I»ng or short time, R. .M. f.'iinningham j.CO.U FORT ABLE KOO.MS- In m:-r!'rn rent, woo.I. SI.EFn^INO home, fot Inquire I'lC .Vorth Cotton-I Aotomoblle!! For Sale 11 jibs 7.9'ifi N.!.'.-: pai-kiup sows. 6.7.' • 'it 7.;!">- sunk . plus 7.'Ki?; 7.7.''>. Cattle; !>.i; calye.-; l.uOo; f.;d -leers opeulnc sl"«j. s eady; sup-; ply libeial wi»h miiien us loads of I i K"cd quality- slfei..itHk slow.; IKteaily to easier; . jbuUs steadv; 40-lbs.: de. o: lt'>«il70 !0. K. USED CARS—192.-1 Chevrolet touring; 1924 Chevrolet touring: .1927' Chevrolet truck, with cab; 1924 Chevrolet truck with cab and grain body; 1924 Ford touring. Many other, bargains in cheaper ears. Shelly .Motor Co.. Il.S V.'est Jackson. Phone »;ii. vealers higher; I scarce. and talves stockj'ts steatiV; -triing to o'J.: aiiil feeders, i;o6^ medium j weight sfr .eis.;i '>.2.'. B'x|l to choice (heavv steers held hi = b«ir: veal ton 112 .11 .1. I Sheep; -..r ,iH>; lambs. H'l .-f'I.'.c ! higher; sheci>: steaily; jtop lambs, jl:'..t;ri; othfr ;l.'!.<'Ofi 1.5J'; clippers ! 11.25: top ewcs 7 OAKL.\ND —Dealers — PO."«TIAC 27 Ponliac De Lu.xe landau serlan, like new; '2i; Hupiiiobile straight .s roarf'Mer; '2.'> Bnick Hlijjt jjix touring, fine shape;- '26^ .Va.-^ii advanced, road.«er. .-V-l shape: '26 Ford roadster; '27 Ford coupe; '2.'> Ford tudor. fine Shape; '27 Chevrolet coach, like new; '23 Chevrolet touring: '24 Ciievrolet coiipe: "21 Dodge touring. Several other cheaper used cars. Cash, terin.s or trade. Hobart, .Motor Go. \rnVFV Tn trliv n„ >o,^~^ ;SI.EEPI.Nf; IJOft.MS - ComTiDrlablft .MO.VRy TO LQAN-On tarms or; ,„n ,„„.r i.^^^d {iplion- citv property. Lowest rate" Stewar & Fnnk. • j winter and i^ummer. board p -! Kooni<t For Hon<iekeepinir ferson. 69 .MONEY TO LO.VN—On real est?.te.;_ repayable in sftall monthly par- FI R-VISHED ment.s. These loins never tome due - better because cheap«-r and more convenient. - Sejruritv Biglding S: I»an Assn., 1st, .Vatl. Bank BIdg. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT ROO.M.'^-For light iTou^ekeepin?. modern. Inquire 20fi Sirtith Chestnut street. . PRIV.VTE .MONf:Y~To loan on i farms or /itv ; property.! W. K.^ Brister. over Howard's Candv; J?hop. J : ^ LIVE-STOCK" Apartments and Flat..*' Horses-Cattle. Tehfcles 48' Few Clues Remain In : Missing pirl's Case .Northampfoii. .Mass.. Jan. 24. \ i.'VPi—The rapidly dwitdling .supply of I lues- iiito, tlH'. uiie.reabout.s 1926 CHEVROLET COUPE—Chry.s- ler "60" coach: Chevrolet sedan: Chrysler ".^8" coupe: Dodge touring: Ford setlans. roadsters and coupes: 1927 Ford touring, good as .new. .All are in good shape. We trade. Ross Arbnckle's Garage. Chrysler dealers.^ Phone .=56. BUD j 'if' ffie miVsiiig '^Mi.-? "'Frances St. ' H UDS0N-F:SSEX . ...... John Smith. I'.Cyear p!il Smith col-I investigators ; •ailmjttedly i WHITE .MOTOR CO. DEALER— lege .frcs'imair, left : today with bjit oii- ' sleniler lead. . ' \ \ '. Slate polic'' aiiiiouii.-eil they I house. "If I <ouIff ha«e found you |ears. I heir TO»EI-IBVE- Start thetauvb bowel action and rM ym .• lyitmi of powoDoiji wwie uoon a« yeu noiiee th« 6nt fijcn of ucv'.i. Jutt UVa NATtmirS HEMEBY—IW T»l .I «ti.-anJ b«( pure of prompt; ca»y and pLauM r. ••J I U. It i« mora t)iarouirb in aciiir. nr.: f »r b«.tt«T than ordinary laitiitive.<. Try i Mild, ndfe, purdy vegetable—25c Dorsett Produce Co. j Ka..t Street, lola Phono 70.1 I r.-ifli for I'oDlfrT and Eifg<« Call 1'^ Any Time. We will ronie after poultry. before vou left that night 1 would :have told you not- to leave me.' "That will he one of the boys In \ the corral." said Tony and puckered j were iryin<4 to :.ica:'i for question- Mag a. former .;Cnrnf!! T'rtH'eY.-ity aUiIele V.'lo he'll,..'tn:n'.as-ed an inn in th.» vicinity •^'•r Snii(ii c.dlege. JBank Caster Slain In Oklal^onia Robbery He nodde'l somberly. "Youri''''* and joined the whistler, •father." he said prosfTif ly—"has he i nian's v.ji.e bailed them. 'That i forgiven me."" . '>'0'i, Kita'.'" I "My father-she. answered, "i.i j ")''••,.''"'• a:"""-" i.onsiderablv wiser than either ofl..,.!'"". ''Shf nioved t„«-nrd them, 'ns. He will alwavs be ofi ^ ' 24. jtht lALL FOUB idLA ORtrOGISTB GRENNAN'S MARKET Corner Fast Monroe and KlmSts. lOL.V. K.V>S. , We;Want Your Poultry, Eggs'j and Hides » AM*, Or ,B PHONE NUMBER IS 376 lela'A FTMlM H«wf Stae« If 11 •Will he mind if 1 take you, to Cuthric?" "Is that where yoti live?"' I I 1 H grinned. "Cm almost ashamed to admit it, but I 'm a prosperotift biPiness man. From the show business I sort of drifted ialo hard* ware—wait till Joe Craig hears about that: it'll kill him." Sho/laughed bsnpUy. OntiOf the darkne^j^{^».^I|^>v^^ Clinton. Okla..; Jan. Ben Ki.'hn.; ca.s^rier lyC State bank wa .4 killed 'he r»sisti'd two' robbers who held up the bank, 'rhe men ' escaped with al»ut Jl.f^iO inicuifrency. Bessie is ten -'uiles jsoufh of Iiere .Someone .vou'il be glad to .see."'The men ilrove.ilp ,to the bank in The lantern hung niotionles* and ••' ^inall roadster. Witnesses saiil from Craig's quail '-r there was sl-;"""-^' a ^akg-c c:ir, a coupe. . hnre. j Kiolinjwa.s a .riuirinejdnring the .Iworld w-ar and was I prominent In (API- Bessie tbflay when "See here. Rita." he called prcs , ently In a queer voice; "yon're not j •\'W'''''an legion circles, telling mrf that ic 's— it's—" Tony H&rrisoif's aub -A ^cr interrupted him, Jnhilant and strong: "it's me, Joe. Here I come!" He touched Cherokee, with the >piir,mMi made, straight for th« light. —Tf yon wan't to buy or buildi city or snburbaif propert.v; The lola Bairding'.& Loaii AsioclaUon will make you a loaii; low intlereat rate, lO €0]iiinluldB.i ( S M GJ H .Pees BUICK. 1921 TOURLN'C. i BUICK. V.1'2?. TOURI .N'f!.. : CHRYSLER. 1926 Touring, line •shape. DOnOE. 1926 COUPE, like new., ESSEX, 1927 COACH. E.SSEX. 1926 COACH. FORD. 1926 TOURl.N 'O. FORD. 1927 TOURI.VO. FORD. 1924 TOURI.VG. FORD. 1924 ROADSTER. FORD. 192?! ROADSTER. HUDSO.N". 1927 Brougham. nUDSON ,Vi926 Brotigham. nUDSO .V. 1927 Standard Sedan. liUDSO.V. 1925 COACH. ' OVERLAND. 1924 Tonring. WILLYS-KXIOHT. ii24 Sedan. Cash. Terms or Trade. (;REY .MAKE-M-yr-oId. ; weight UnO lbs. .<oiinr;. well broke. Up- sliaw. 6 mi!.'.-: iior.h on State. APART.ME-NT—4 room, downstairs, with grarage< Inqiiire .i04 North •lefferson. , Business Places For Rent 75 BCSINESS BUILDI.Vi;—For rent. Phone 146 or 4!1. .-•f.V YOU.\'f;i';'i.\T.S \Vi!!'freshen in February and .\laich.. ilO.iiO head if taken at one.', fjiirane.v Sweep, store jihcn.' ;tf>:{: reti'Ience ::9.';. ' Farms and I.jind For Ke: 76 3 .1 .-iCRES 9 room house, city water, jii .-it ;-;outIi of Bassett on Humboldt road. Dr. John Wilson, Humboldt. Phone Humboldt 199. Ilonseo For Rent 77 TE.VM OF HORSES—.\l.-*o Shorthorn bull. L. .V. Tii-e_ linif niile south. 2 ;east LaHarpe. ! — jBUNG.ALOW — .5 room modem; i good garasre. Plion^ 97 -1 -22. C. J. : -McClelland. .S SHO.-VTS—! mile north, t, mile ! east LaHarpe. 1. E. Spradlin. f HOUSE—') roeni modern. c!<|>se in.- for rent, Plioiie llo.S. 12 SHO.\T.S—Weigh 7.-. lbs. each! Ray Chambers.'I mile north l..:iHarp''.,' RE.\L EST.VTE FOR SALE Farms and Land For Salt 83 Poultry arid'Supplies mile.s , j^'s.MA.'.L DAIRY FAR.M—Two BABY CHICKS-Eleven lleadintrj ^''"^ ^"""'^ surfaced road, b.reeds. *11 and up per, hundre-l: i ' ... discotint on orders pjaced .-JO ITH E BEST BAUCAIN in i Allen da.vsm advance./nunflowe? Hatch-1 fo„j,„-;. nearly luu acres highly •»er.v. Rronsoi!. Kjans. , I i„,proved. ad'joining loia. iOreat Allen BABY CHICK.S — Si'l-XTIAL this week on!y. Ai liberal (iiscoiint given on all orders placed this week. Delivery any time desired. One gallon size stont! fountain given fre« witlv-an orde'r of .'On chicks or more.—STURDY- CHICK HATCfiraY. lain. Kans.. 22 <r W. St. • , - : COCKERELS-Higb bred Buff Or­ pingtons. O. I). TrenaiT.-3 miles on North Kentufcky road.- CHICKS—Pure bred electric hatched, off-each week. With ea^-h order of 2.'')') chicks xCr give: ai gallun drinking fountain. Custom hatch^ ing Sc per egg.; Quality Electric Hatchery. Gas, Karis. t sacrifice if sold before March 1. O'herwi.-^.' off the market. Liberal i.'inis. Call'a: once. The .\llen f oiinty Investment Co.. Keiley Ito- tel BIdg.. lola. Kans. SO ACRES —On main county highway, good soil. 6 room liouse. good barn, shade, unlimited water, close to school and church. $5.5 ^Je^ acre, .'i'.' money, possession. J. H'. Hamilton. To Exchange-Real Estate S8 COCKERELS—Thoroughbred Eor- Hsh White Leghjoms. 260^93 'egg strain. Direct trom the^tamotia Ferris "White Uegliom Cana. f 3.00 pw.Wrd, fho^ i ^fpROVEo Vfi'i nn.vN TiiAtrr— ASouid consider livestock oi^ farm implemeht.s.—Jacksoii Realty Go., over Brown's Drug Store. Wauted—Real E.state 89 WANT TO HEAR from owner ha,v- , ing farm for sale in'Kansas, suitable for general farming andstOi^ raising. Send description i' and lowest casli pricey: ,JohB^Cfc!fiaiitife.l If

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