The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 26, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 8
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' •'« "' ' ' "' ' ' " * ''• THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1933 Amusemenl STARS APPEAR STAGE TOMORROW Olcn Hlee Jind 111* Original HIM Billies, who have IHMMI booking the luTRi'r tiiontcrs. will piny n stiiKO >'"- gagomi'tit tit tho Vox thriller Krlday nwl futurdny. Thry will appcnr lit both tin vmitlnpp nml evening por- formances. Tills lovable primp "f mnuntnlnocr boy,- whom- liearl-tourlilng ^ungs litive cnilenrod Iliom t" millions of radio ll.Mti'ticrs. will siiip nny Teqnests t'nit thp loi-ul theatfrgoerw may demand. They conic, direct from Hie Win-field Ihuiiter, Sar. Francisco. • L HERE TODAY FOX BOOKS "HOT PEPPER" Tlobcrt Armstrong If n rnro Hollywood specimen. TTIs nnnie In rcully Hobprt Armstrong. Armstrong, featured with Constance Ouimnlngy. Olga riaclanovn, Frank Aim-Kit n. .lames Glcasnn, Irving T-Monel iMiil Warren Hvnier In "Tho Billion Dollar Si-andal." dramn of governmental intrlgur ending today at tho Fox theater, is ono of the few stars who aro known to the screen under their. own ntmios. Most others are forced to change- them because they are difficult to pronounce i>r to remember. Armstrong was burn lucky. His fit from birth on'. Actor Win. Farnuin • Files as Bankrupt i nii/rrf t'rrnH Lraiteil Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 26.— William Kiirnum. whose fight with Tom Snnts- i-lii in "The Spoilers" been me a film tpio. is "broke." The veteran stage .•Hid screen actor filed n voluntnry pe- Utioir of bankruptoy in Federal Court, listing assets of $500 and debts of ?45,- I3S. Among his creditors, wore Thomas Mi'iRhan, whom he owes S5500, and the federal government, which still has an income tax claim of S1G19 from tho !MC assessment, the petition sa.ld. EDMUND LOWE, VICTOR McLAQLEN AND LUPE VELEZ. M OTION picture, devotees who aro demanding the return of screen musicals will find enough music and dancing In tho Fox comedy, "Hot Pepper," to meet their desires. It Is tho next attraction at the Fox theater, starting tomorrow. This picture depicts tho latest adventures of the Immortal Quirt and Flagg, the fight- Ing and loving marines portrayed by Edmund Lowo and Victor McLaglen. Though they are no longer In uniform, they are still tho, devil dogs created by Laurence Stalllngs and JIaxwell Anderson. The 1933 Flagg and Quirt are night olub owners, and they dress In regal style. i The night clubs are the playgrounds j of beautiful women and tailor-made, men, and entertainment In one of them Is furnished by the flaming meteor, Lupe Velez, und a chorus of singing and dancing beauties. Miss Velcz sings a new song, "Ain't Going to Ring No More," and appears In a dance that Is said to bo sensational. FIND ACTRESS DEAD; Human Side of Prison Life Depicted in Sing Sing Film i N "TW1BNTY Thouwand Years In Sing Sing," which opened liiHt night il. tho Nile, Warner Brothcro' studio lias tuken the sensational book of tlio Bttino tltli! by Lewis IB. Lawew, wurdon of Sing Wing prison, and Imbued It with a vitality and appeal that makes If. ono of the rnoHt Interesting und thrilling pictures of the year. The picture Is a realistic depletion of the liumun side of prison life, with Its humor, Its pathos, Its .romance and Its thrills, as well as Its tragedies. No such authentic document could have been written by other than the famoUH authority on prison systems, Lewis E. Lawes, warden of the noted penitentiary at Osslng, N.' Y. To Spencer Tracy must go the palm for ono of the most sincerely Impressive characterizations ho has given, His work Is a masterpiece. Ha Is seen ns Tom Connors, a former "big shot" who Is sentenced for an Indefinite period. Arthur Byron plays the rolo of tho warden, while Bette Uuvls Is Connors' sweetheart, who Is willing to wait. Louis Calhern plays the rolo of Finn, a politician who, while pretending to work for Connors' release, tries to win his sweetheart. AS "BIG SHOT" COMING TO CALIFORNIA SPENCER TRACY AT NILE 488.5 M.—KFI—640 K. FOX LAST TIMES TODAY THE BILLION DOLLAR SCANDAL" Robert Armstrong—Constance Cummlngs Starting Tomorrow ON OUR STAGE1 Radio's Idols GUN Rice (United Prena Leafed Wire) SISATTTVR, Jan. 26.— TCdlth Ransom, 2S, former singe star, who gained nation-wide recognition us tho torrid "Tondelayo" of the stage play "White Cargo." died In a hospital here today, assertedly from the effects of self- admlnlKtorod poison. Doctors buttled for her life for moro than '•!•! hours after she was brought to the hospital unconscious. Police, said they hurt found several notes In her apartment Indicating she had planned ;i suicide. One of the nntos a.slced that her body be sent to Maryland to be buried in the family plot. iliss Ransom was found unconscious yesterday by the malinger of the apartment in which she had lived for inort; than a year. She died without regaining consciousness. 6—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jlmmq. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank "Watanabe and Archie. 7:15—Guardsmen, mala quartet, 7:30—KNX Ensemble. 7 MR—Light and Stever. 8—Organ recital. 8:15—Pennsylvania Dulchlea. 8:45—Golden Memories. 9—News. 8:15—KNX Dance Band. 9:30—Luboviskl Violin Choir. 10—Idylls. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. KERN—1200 K. <*>- BEVERLY HILLBILLIES You'll Roar and Scream at Their Quaint Humor and Hilarious "Opery Haous Antlcsl" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I ON OUR SCREEN! FLAGG AND QUIRT FROLICKING. FIGHTING AND CHASING A NEW DAME THROUGH THE NEW YORK NIGHT CLUBS HOT PEPPER VSR BACK AGAIN. AND. COCKIER THAN EVER. WITH NEW COCK-EYED GAGSI G—Chosterfield program, Ruth Etting, Leonard Hiiyton's Orchestra. 6:1 u—Jan Garber's Orchestra. 0:30—Colonel Slopnaglo and Budd. 7—The Songfinlths. 7:15—"Tarzun of tho Apes." 7:KO—Edwin C. 11111. 7:40—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. S:I5—Howard Barlow and Colum" bia Symphony Orchestra. 8:30—Ishanr Jones, Orchestra. 9 9—Eddie Duchln's Orchestra. 9:30—Tjeon Uelasco's Orchestra. 10—" Hour." 10:40—Ted Flo-Kilo's Orchestra. ACTOR FOUND GUILTY NIOW HAVTCN, Conn., Jan. 26. (A. P. )— Jumes Hall, motion picture actor, whoso family name is Brown, was found guilty of nonsupport of his wife, Irene Gardner Brown, today. He was ordered placed under a bond of $GOOO to Insure payment of $100 a week for one year, In default of which he would bo committed to Jail for six months. •*i I 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. G—Captain Henry's Showboat. 7—Lucky Strike Dance Hour. 8—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15—Standard Symphony Hour. 9:16—Howard Thurston, magician. 0:30—Thirty Minutes from Broad- wny. 10—Hichfield Reporter of the Air. 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. > 6—Ruth Etting. 0:15—Mel Snyder's Orchestra. 6:30—Colonel Stoopnaglo and Budd. 7—Ingle wood Park Concert. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:40—Myrt and Marge. S—Ulobe Headlines. 8:IC—Howard Uarlow's Orchestra. 8:30—Dick Ourunt. 8:45—I 'Xingarl. 9—Eddio Duchin's Orchestra. 9:30—Xoellner String Quartet. 10—News Items and Bisiiulck Band. 10:10—Eb and Zeb. 10:30—Tom Coakley's Orchestra. :i—Dancing with the Stars. 12—Marshall Grant, organist. REDWOOD THEATERS 10 (Associated I'reas Leaned ll'Jrej SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26.—Purchase of the controlling interest in ten theaters In six northern California cities by Redwood Theaters, Inc., was announced here today by George Mann and Morgan "Walsh, head of the purchasing company. The ten theaters, organized into the National Theaters Syndicate by the late L. R. Cook, are located three In San Jose, three in Modesto and one each In Madera, Stockton. Marysvllle, and Woodland. The controlling interest was purchased principally from Mrs. Crook, widow of the organizer of the chain. Redwood Theaters, Inc., aro now operating eleven other theaters in northern California towns. The two chains, although coining under the same general policies, will bo operated separately. A waysldo Inn, abandoned by all but tho grizzled caretaker and his bluett cat, provides a background for HICO- Radlo Pictures' mystery thriller, "Tho Roadhouso Murder," opening today at tho Virginia theater. The story concerns a cub reporter and his girl friend who seek refugo at tho inn when tholr car breaks down in a stornriato at night. What for the moment appears a mero romantic episode suddenly takes a Minister turn when they stumble UCI-OHH a doublo murder and como face to face with the killers. Eric Linden and Dorothy Jordan ara featured. They aro supported by Roc- cuo Alos, stammering comedian, and a splendid cast. Linden is seen as the young reporter ind Miss Jordan plays tho sweetheart. After discovering tho murder, thp boy conceives the daringly fantastic, Idea of putting tho pollco on his own trail. His gamble for fame, with death In tho electric chair tho price of failure, carries through thrilling situations which build suspense to the last reel. FOX TO DISTRIBUTE FOR (United Press Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 26. — Fox Film Corporation will take over next Mon-\ day the sales and distribution of all pictures produced by Educational and AVotld Pictures, it was announced today in a joint statement by S. R. Kent, president of Fox, and Earl W. Hammons, president of Educational Film Exchanges, Inc. "Following the trend of the times George O'Brien and Maureen O'Sulllvan have the principal roles In "Robbers' Roost," adapted from Zane Qrey's book of the same name, which comes to the local screen tomorrow. "Women Won't Tell," with Sarah Padden featured, Is also on the bill. for greater economy in operation," the statement said, "It was decided by both companies that more efficiency could be obtained by placing the sales and physical distribution of the Educational and World-Wide pictures with the Fox organization." Educational Films will continue to maintain Its home office sales force, it was said, and every effort will be made to retain as many of the field personnel as possible. The company operated branches In 30 cities, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, New York, Oklahoma City, Omaha- ami San Francisco. Philco's NEW RADIO DISCOVERY CONTINUOUS 1:30 TO 11:00 = LAST TIMES TODAY = "LIFE BEGINS" Loretta Young—Eric Linden MONTE BLUE in "OFFICER 13" With Lila Le« STARTING TOMORROW GEORGE O'BRIEN "Women Won't Tell" .With Sarah Padden Otis Harlari Mae Busch Edmund Breese Tomorrow and Saturday TWO BIG FEATURES Tim McCoy In "Cornered" and Joe E. Brown in "Tenderfoot" LAST TIMES TODAY Constance Cummings in "NIGHT AFTER NIGHT" and Carole Lombard in "Virtue" VIRGINIA Continuous 1? m. to 11 p. in. .'{00 Scats. Any Time... 15c Today and Friday ERIC LINDEN Dorothy Jordan, Rosco Ateti in "ttOADHOUSE MURDER" Surprise! Suipense! Sensation! You Wouldn't Believe It If It Hadn't Happened! Comedy, Cartoon, Screen Songs The Amazing LAZY-X with a marvelous remote control an amazingly 20,000 YEARS IN WARDEN LEWIS E LAWES BETTE DAVIS SPENCER TRACY We're Telling You Tonight! That Saturday Is Bringing Some Startling SURPRISE VALUES • All Over the Redlick Store . 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Bring in any station, in any volume, in the tone that suits you best and WITHOUT MOVING FROM YOUR CHAIR FREE TRIAL YM, we will gladly deliver this superb PH1LCO LAZY X to your home on absolutely Free Trial. We want you to realize the beauty if will add to jour home, to play it yourself, know ita glorioiu tone, its distance range, power and selectivity. Try it out free at positively no obligation. RI ALTO 5 TO 6 P. M.. I5»i AFTEH C. ISc. jit Last Times Today GEORGE BRENT RUTH CHATTERTON In "The Crash" Comedy, News, Cartoon, Snapshots CHINA NIGHT TONIGHT Tomorrow—Peter B. Kyne's •'THE PRIDE OF THE LEGION' G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Talking Pltturei Every Day A BOXING TONIGHT Main Event Siki vs. Simpson Five Fast Bouts General Admission, 55c TOMORROW and SATURDAY "Trouble In Paradise" SATURDAY NIQHT Amateur Vaudeville TONIGHT BARGAIN DANCE OC*% All Evening •£«>C Ladies Free Coconut Grove Ballroom SPECIAL!! Trade-in Allowance. Special arrangement* with the Philco factory enable us to make you a full trade-in allowance on your old set. This offer is limited. So act now, phone, or better still come into our store! You'll want to see the remarkable new PHILCO radio on display. Test it thoroughly for yourself, then get full details of our introductory offer. Sensational Performer! All the engineering genius, experience and talent that has made Philco the leader of the radio industry has been utilized in the creation of the marvelous new Lazy-X. It gives you beautiful, full undistorted tone—at any volume you desire* And all at your finget tips, Outstanding Features Included'in this superb new radio are a host of modern improvements, such aa Inclined Sounding Board, Twin Electro- Dynamic Speakers, Shadow Tuning, High Efficiency Tubes.... and more! Be among the first to see and hear U. KIDD BROTHERS RADIO SHOP EXCLUSIVE PHILCO DEALERS FOR BAKERSFIELD AND TAFT 1617 Nineteenth Street, Bukeraficld 429 North Street, Taft Phone 734 Phone 145-M PONTIAC ft / c > / // / > COL.STOOPN/^GLE — .,,.,/ BUDD -: •••VBB ^BWH^iMllSl^BlMS»SHSMSBil*lil^iri^BflllJl7«^Bil V/7 a brand new RADIO PROGRAM KERN AT 6:30 P. M. ROBERT BURNS ANNIVERSARY Concert and DANCE Sat. Eve., Jan. 28 8 o'clock Auspices St, Andrews Society Music by John Ramage Orchestra K. OF P. HALL G04 Lake Street Admission 35e MONTH-END SALE OF PAINTS House Paint aal. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, quick 14 drying., , .qt. Tlo Lead and Zinc Paitt... 100 IDs. M.70 Floor Enamel gil.f8.25 Floor VarnUh.,. gal, $1.85 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. $2.49 Boiled Linseed Oil... 79o Bring Your Own Container Free City Delivery. United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Chester Aye, P.liona 1441

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