The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 20, 1958 · Page 22
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 22

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 22
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^^^^^^^^^^ira i *,, jv." nr r •. . „ ;± r, . tr Kf%W> 5 llfWHraiP • ** X^f * ' KAUS M6HNINC .«. AfYlttNatfl* f«OG*AM! MONDAY TMHOUGH MHOAY ' 'DlC, ' timt To t»d. AT THE PARAMOUNt S.-M Ml i»auoaj •:M UK*! Hew* a-.4> Aa*tiB,IUMUo Clock M9 Oul* The Ur*. . Tim* WM „ 30» J«eit W»rtte» Show R«*t'l«B8 «r»tiwr show ;Wv* • ' ^ V't.' fcA'jiji' ^ do Htm »u«M aaato Clock ^.•>l«;«i-Cl!W*i vf K,*^*; "The Barbarian awl the 1 ( John Wayne; Eiko Had*. - uoaea _ V uiiauu» «T~ ^ , J( ij-jM^grtr..."*^".' ,"" rtiiinrttoyrStoiiaa^ "' - '„ -£"3500 £«».*" "">" Ford,*fc*d Buttons} Taiha-Eli-' , / a*** * t ^»^:^ 5^^*!SH" / £'?Ltii*,iS •HM V»rletj lfutt» O»b Heattw Mtvut* Loo»l Hew* World ToO«j Bill Stern tat Night W»Mk Hew* T J r"yj X i J J f*,^»"l V , KAUSid^jil), •^ ivwme WIO**AMJ MONDAY NIGHT (D€C. r j * j „ *•_,£— ji«. M t w»tok New* ' »M ESSaV New* 5-05 Wight — N«W« •MS Night Wfttob ' 1030 t»ew« 10:35 Night Watch, 11 HW Scoreboard 11 M Night W»W1» 11 as Local New* TUESDAY NIGHY (DEC. 23) • KM Beotion tM O»b Heatt«r •as vm«tj MU«IC Kew* Stern Night W»»h S:OS Might Watch DOES WHAT SHE LIKES ••""^ f r f " Jylie Newmar to in Movies Despite Height 930 New* »:4S-Nlght Watch 10-JO.New* 10d5 Night Watoh 11*0 Scoreboard . 11 M" Night'Watch lias New* WEDNESDAY NIGHT (DIG. 24) New* ««E3BF—. •# »•**%;£? -> k -^rr ml °" : ' aarss-tsiMS!: -5= •«£*££• .'*., &STSS* , r Strife P** fur coat around her. It seems, fa j^' where ghe s has a' couple; Bv "all rights she should live as a native Califomian, she cant ^ n,^ companies ,waiting UB- in a penthouse, surrounded by rtM^SWi'?*?**?"^^ satin; velvet, diamonds and i gold- degrees^and ^J^>ifff9m^^l^t^: '^^$? * *S^ inlaid kitchen *&&... -r*^ 4*W««lifc*'4WSi«ticSM^l«PJ^*«^ ° Ker " •.•OS Ohrtotma* OnRd*—*> .: ford •.•OS Christmat Carol*—Blue '-, Crosby ChrUtnoa* Carol* — Norman Angel I 10-M St. 6laf College Choir Carol* I- 11*0 ChrUtmag Serric* THURSDAY NIGHT (OiC. 25) 2*0 Chrtatua* foe »r« a JO The** 'the Humble 3X» Chriatma* with Love 9M Auatln Male Choru* 6^0 Baptist Chyrch Choir 740 8t. AttcuatlD* Choir ' 7:30 Feuowahlp Wethodtat Cboif 8rt» MethOdlAt Choir 8 -M Presbyterian Choir 9*0 Congregational Choir . ,9-M Our .Savior* Lutheran . church Choir 10:00 St. Olaf Choir 1030 ralth Church Choir .!«-»*••« agj.^ she's i . 9-M Return to' Oh|totma* Wand 10*0 Frftnk Sinatra ChrUtma* Album 10;lS New*. Weather and 1 U-M Chrlat- li-Js M *looaeli«*rt bhjjdren* Choir ia:»-Dlolc«na Christina* Carol ^ 1*0 The' Miracle at Chrtotma* ibo Angel With cold No*» aid kitchen sink. This ii <the room, oi»vxNwy,hWr7 ( iNnc-w^aw* jm> «« "^t Se •SrVS** «- her f .^^ J ^f!^m^^^^S^ wui-M at*rtm4«t,e. the ^t- m S»«»^*'»W'tafi^e|tt*wid; /J^'^f**;**"^ ....VU..1.1- -«^r -«t *ui>. „£» loves. V -" j v ^"' ^ «aok^amhitipus.- vf X- *. • ^^ M.«inc*at J«* /,C;;^<'TWM^SUC^«,'* she^ays, .rt,. At the moment she's ^ttaiding up 'and. walking .around •^ Julie •M Tan*ty 9^0 Oab Beatt«r «:W V»ne» Hud* T*0 Local Hew* FRIDAY NIGHT <OfC. 2«) 7:49 B*»k«tbaUt Austin »t Wluona 10 «0 Night Watoh 10 AS New* 10:33 Night Watch 11 H» Scoreboard 11:05 men t Watc» M,-. „, ««4.Local Mew* SATUKDAY AFTERNOON art .EVENING (DEC 27) 4«» Laraon, Show SM Local.New* 8«9 tarfon Show 5 JO New» — MBS 1:30 Bill Stem 7:33 Wight Watob 11,-OS Lanon Show U:l» New* Show LftTBOD a ao N«WS Local New* 5:« Football i 8*0 Mu*l* I <7^Q |^^i Ke^pfy I TAS Nlsht Watch 3:48 Lureon 4*« New*, . T:J» M%kt Wetfb . , 8 KM Bartet^l: P»c*lU- 4% lW|UEi"^V -™SF "1™ «P" , >- —' ^ •iwtaddnahle «Pf«r west sMe T AM -tte Uvwg leesa «f JWe Newnafs apartment to the tfa- •M M tkla remarkaUe yeng toJy, . ' |t is,^first,'»'cluttered room, l dominated by a grand piano. ! There's a hi-fi .system in. components here and there, and a TV set on the floor, under the piano. Against one wall is ^a fireplace, and on the raantiepiece there's a pair <'of men's rubbers', each one holding a flower pot with artificial roses- - - ','!* %e »Ws»'? /ihfA wyf. "* «If you're no»!a'», -. „., There's a bird cage on the man- think **Jm«J8»*ej!«ct -fhe person- ^ ggyiy «'Hollyi?ood doesn't want toi; too, and another one in a cor- alitles ol their owner., That's why you. TheWe. alter types, not ner, housing a total of three birds x like,, birds -? theyre like cfeam- &&& & mp6t caUfornians have — canary, parakeet and a white pagne b«bble»;- 1|iUx, no ^worries, $ ^^^ to Ne.w York, to get a job with red beak mat Julie id- jqgt gay and. .euphoric, So am I break>Now I don't care if I ever ratifies as a Java bird, And cats, too They're indlvidua- g O back." SeVeral Fawttags "»»», they won't do. anything' £ B«* afce will. She wants to The waFSdV^emal paint- they dn't want t to. Neither will I.'" ings, portraits of various women Art se evfiwfie, to*vl4«alls- Julie has painted, to one comer tte J«Ue Newmar is «et«f e*. k a dressmaker's dummy, sup- «e«» what she wanta to, art porting fragments of a lemon-yel- h«vtog a MM at It, low dress, and there'« a work *jMr», »ewr^worke4 a day fc table nearby full of aewlng para« my life," she says, tnd the room »• -J •••& M^K Man* ••t^ M A 14 1 n phernalia. 9:4S Nisto* Wateb 10-JO NfW* lASS Night Watch 11:50 Local Hew* . make mevies — try her bud at mwleal cemedy, at playing "a flgwre ef 4rage4y>" at man? thlagi. jut Uke she wants to try her mtaK*n|e»Uur ha«4 at Mway things, toe. The enly thing she Me* to ttme'fer It all, ' "I have no time," she says. ernaua. . warmed up so that she could ,,j ^ ^ „ ^ Then^e'i • iptgajlaj, take pfjt h*r coit, ««4 «•!•'«• .«r4rS W muS to t. A«d ^w«rt w«lp p«rie4te»U, v»m> wii In * tight * fitting knitted ^ rm always to love with |»g frem theatrical «* ••»• W»e dress, The room got much 2Sebody/ * w - h^e, «x don't P*U wlwH'm do- "wnw^- tbrf «gb Network Radio KAUS (Mwttrtl) SUNDAY, DEC. t?a(9 1:M ft Joan^ iuthw** Ctourob New* Last fra»» aim «*mwt PtoJ-i»tl»»» 10S50 New* 10:40 W«atb«r _, to 19:48 St PIK Otoiw<* ^ l *jfr U»M WCfttitMWOOPf «K»H«ws i Local Wt¥« B»<* W 1 Hew« - r „_- ^™p MM 3:09 High School Chrlfltma* Fe«Uf*l 4:34 AnUienjr 5*0 Waiter Winch*" "•• J:15 Anthony 6:30 Newi - WBS 5:43 Anthony 6:00 Variety Mu*lc SOS Mew* -.-. 9;» Variety uu«ic 7*0 Loca) 730 Night 7«S New* 8*0 local Hew* 8*6Nl«bt Watch 8J5 Nlfht Watcb »*p Local New* •M Night W*U* 930 MBS New* »:M L0QM New* 9:49 Nlebt Watch 1040 N*w« Locai New* somebody. And she leaned back on the couch again and whistled at her canary. It was a very warm room. Pricci Slashed fir Fiiil Ckriilmtf Civiif Many tU«hriv ut«4 W ltt» la txctllMt cendl* tio». PAPPAS liiU TV Cnlnr 9WWMP «w^WW ff^ll^w*^^^ w

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