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The St Johnsbury Caledonian from St. Johnsbury, Vermont • 3

St. Johnsbury, Vermont
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who died at the age of 90. at the home of her son Charles W. Coffran, Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Croup, Stomach away to wait on a customer and left his desk open and Incldentl-ally one of the small drawers which had In It a roll of $90 In bills of various denominations. A few minutes later the proprietor turned to find the money gone but by that time the youth bad made his escape after courteously thanking Mr. White and the clerk for the use of the 'phone.

He was caught in Wlnooski the next day and confessed his crime. PERFECTED OLT PO is vouched for by three generations of users. Bathe affected part for speedy relief of Lame Eack, Rheumatism, Swellings, Sprains. 25c and SOo bottles at all dealers. PiLLS I for Hsadaehe I Biliousness I.

S. JOHNSON Boston, Mass. doea mia ftccs ty. It tNe best egf producer. No red pepper ary Irncant ljt tp tit fwla ar.d than leaves licta worw thjua befors.

A fenuin fjod i-ukl keeps hna healthy and Buie poultry jrijw. Ttia tf cur Tool Em Vera r-rcvd la thLt Sot. We numerous tt irroc.l.i cf th- character. Tiey ere from wQ-Lnown farmers and poulirritwa r'hl ficra New HagLtad, people jo know or Lav hd shout We jainnttt satisfaction and stand back of every pound slap. Your money bu.k If are not satUScJ.

We want aa la every village. Sn4 Our it contains prices, and full particulars abost ur L'xend inducement. Tas frtljnt. RCMCMDCU PAGC'S tie ONLY PERFECT POULTRY FOOD. It the cev kind that realty makes eggs.

CARROLL S. PACE, on Charles street, was held on Mon day The interment was in the Lyndon Center cemetery. Twenty-five or thirty from here attended the concert by Sousa's band at St. Johnsbury Saturday eve ning. Mrs.

Clara Bean is very ill with erysipelas in her face. Mr. Otto Paul, Milwaukee, says Foley's Honey and Tar is still more than the best. He writes us, "All those that bought It think it is the be6t for coughs and colds they ever had and I think it is still more than the best. Our baby had a bad cold and it cured him in one day.

Please accept thanks." C. C. Bing ham. THE STATE OUAXGE Patrons of Husbandry to Meet in Burlington Next Month. Vermont State Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, will meet for the 39th annual session in the armory.

burlington, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, December 13, 14 and 15. The order of exercises will be as follows: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13. The committee on credentials will be in the hall at 10.30 o'clock to receive the same. 1.00 a. hi.

Opening Grange in Fifth degree. Report of the execu tive committee. Annual address of worthy master. Afternoon Session, 1.45 O'clock. 1.45 p.

m. Anouncement of standing committees. Reports of officers. Introduction of resolution without debate. Reports of depu ties.

Reports of Pomona Granges. 8.00 p. m. State lecturer E. H.

Hallett will present a program de signed as a model. Suggestions for the good of the Oder. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14 9.00 a. m. Report of committee on credentials.

Report of commit tee on division of labor and master's address. Introduction of resolutions. Election of officers and two members of the executive com mittee. Unfinished reports of depu ties or Pomona Granges. 1.45 p.

m. Reports of standing committees. These reports to be followed by discussion of their -subject matter, that we may decide the policies to be adopted by our order, 8.00 p. opened for work lif Fifth degree. Conferring the Sixth degree.

Exemplify the written work. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15. 9.00 a. of reports. Transaction of all necessary business.

Installation of officers. LUNEXBUItG. Mrs. Iodge Staying at St. Johns- bury Town Notes.

Mrs. J. M. Dodge has gone to St. Johnsbury to spend some time with her brother.

Dr. Breitling spent Sunday with friends in Camp. Union services were held in the Congregational church last Sunday morning and evening. Miss Lucretia Breitling returned last week from a six weeks visit with her sister in Lynn, Mass. The only child of Mr.

and Mrs. Wallace Phelps is critically ill. Dr. Leith of Lancaster is attending him. Rev.

Mr. Gregory was absent from town over Sunday so there were no services at the Methodist church. He is spending the Thanksgiving season with relatives. Editor Bishop of the Island Pond Herald was a guest at the Heights House over Sunday and called on a number of old triends. Quite a large number attended the social at the parsonage on Friday evening of last week.

Several games were enjoyed and refreshments were served. A social half hour with mu sic followed. During the evening Herbert Dugee and Mrs. Emma Fisher of Fitzdale came to be married which caused a flutter of excitement among the assembled company. The couple were accompanied by rela tives.

Mrs. Charles Thomas is suffering from an injured knee caused by falling on the icy sidewalk several days ago but is improving. Mrs. Atwood who has been visit ing with Rev. and Mrs.

Howard leaves for her home on Tuesday of this week. SOUTH RYEGATE. (Intended for last week). A very quiet wedding took place Wednesday evening at tne home ot Mr. and Mrs.

George Crowe when their daughter Charlotte was married to Norman I. Morrison of Barre. Rev. W. S.

Wallace omciating. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison startsd that night for Chicago where they will spend a couple of weeks, afterwards returning to Barre, where Mr, Morrison is local manager for the granite firm of W.C.Townshend and Co. and a here Mrs.

Morrision has very successfully taught school 'for the past four years. The United Presbvterian church will hold a congregational meeting Wednesday evening for the purpose of extend ing a call to Kev. John Evtle ot Delhi, N. Y. Rev.

J. A. McKirahan of Ryegate will preacn. Angela Mai has bought the Dr. Dar ling shop on the Island and George Brown is converting it into a dwelling bouse.

F. J. Doe has moved into the upstairs tenement in the F. J. Tewksbnry house, formerly occupied by B.

P. Crowe. T. Nicol has rented the tenement in the II. V.

Goodine house vacated by F. W. Ellis. Mrs. Emma Gibson with Mrs.

Bert Gardner of Groton spent Sunday at Wolcott as a guest of Mrs. Herbert Randall. Mrs. Ellen McXieee is spending several weeks with friends in Newbury and Bradford. T.

S. Gray's name is to be added to the list of successful deer hunters from this olace. The Presbvterian Christian tndeavor- ers and their friends enjoyed a fine har vest dinner Tuesday evening at six o'clock in the vest nr. llowine this came te regular C. E.

meeting. ii Wednesday Club meets this after- roonnub Miss Mabel Ha l. ine meet ing will take the form of a shower" for tLc Boston Flower Mission. HYDE YEWiIWjTHEWS. Sirs.

Avertl! room! Entity of Mat. slaughter. la Fraakltn county court Thurs day the Jury In the case of State vt Mrs. Frank C. Averilt.

charged with tae ratm! of her husband, brought la a verdict of the matt muni penalty for urttlctt is lm-prUonment for life. It was 4.15 o'clock Thursday afternoon when the verdict was reach! and Mrs. was brought Into the rourt room. When the word manslaughter was pronounced It did cot seem to have any effect a tier, but as Sheriff Holmea was taklo her from court room, she burst lata tears and sobbed violently, say-la -ray baby, my baby, my It wa a little less thin four weeks m. October 2).

that Mr. Aerlll was shot through the bed room diwf at his home In the TutUr district and he died the following evenlr. at the hospital la St. Albans. Mrs, AverUl was arrested the CLxf after his d-ath.

October 2 2. The case was twsun Monday. Not. T. It is not known when Juilc Miles wt; pronounce sentence.

Fell Iota Hay Spout. John, Corliss. a veteran mall carrier of was found last week Tareiay la a hay spout la one of the maasprs la the barn He was tarn Immediately to twmt at the hotel, and physiflaa raited. It was found that he had suffered a stroke of apoplexy and that his condition waa very erttkaL. lie hat returned from his daily trip over his route about half ma hour before hs was found la the tnaoxrr.

a ad It seems probable that bs went up to the hay loft atter putting: up his horse, to feed the animals, when he was stricken. Vermont lUh ami fiatue I.ceue The Vermont TUh and Came leaeue hetd Its annual business metlns and election of efflrers Wednesday etenlnjc ta the parlors of the Pavilion, la Montpelier, with Maiwetl Kvarts. the president, presiding and about 2 members present. The old board of Hirers was re-elected, with the esceptloa of Iorter It. Ia! of Ksaex county, who asked to be relieved, as follows: Jresiient.

Maswetl Kvarts, Windsor: secretary, it. CI. Tbomas. Stowe; treasurer. Charte F.

Iowe. Moatpetter; vice presidents. J. W. TUeotub.

LyndonvlUe. J. S. Patrick. rurltntoa.

W. G. Reynolds. Panre; L. Ureene.

St. Albans. F. 1 Fish. Versennes.

II. O. Carpenter. Rutland and Charte Itowner, Sharon: executive comltte Is made up of: F. C.

Smlta. Addison. K. C. Orvls.Man-ehester.

O. M. Campbell. Lyndon-Ttlle. K.

F. Gbhardt. Shetbaree. C. M.

Fletcher. Canaan, rt. M. Pelton. Rtcaford.

N. W. Fiske. 1 Motte. II.

K. Shaw. Stowe. A. W.

Silsby. Newbury. C. F. Nelson.

Derby Idne. F. C. Partridge. Proctor.

M. Wood. Moatrelter. II. G.

flottoa. Brattteboro, A. Davis, iietheU New Pe-'toe at Tne Uf. Harvey J. Newton of New Haven.

has accepted a unanimous call to become the pastor of the Congregational chorea Bradford. It now expected PARK, VERMONT. that Mr. and Mr. Newton will arrive tht Erst days la lec-ember.

and that he will occupy the pulpit Iee. 4th. as the recular pastor. Mr. Newton Is a graduate of Yale and Powdoin ColleKcs, and Iianeor Theological Seminary.

He has had about two years experience ta tne ministry. Mr. Dodge's Trial January 2. Fsex county court convened at Guildhall last week Tuesday following the recess taken two weeks ago. The case of Mrs.

J. M. Dodge of Lnaenburr. Indicted fr first de-icree murder. Is set Tor trial Tuesday.

January 3. Ju ice Stanton pre-sliinisr. II. 1 H. ScoIIey.

Grand Trunit strike breaker, is now on trial, charged with theft of an overcoat and money from passengers on the Grand Trunk trala between Island Pond and Coatlcook. Que. The alleged offtr.e was committed a month aco. The petit jurors were excused until January 3 except the panel trying the Scolley rae. May Uuitd New Iniitory.

At the last metln of the board of trutes of Goddard Seminary Principal Q. K. Hollister presented his resignation as secretary of the board and lHn V. Camp of South Parre was elected to succeed him. One Important subject discussed was that of erecting a new doml- tory on the seminary crounds la tn rear future.

If this building erected. It is probable that a part of it will bo reserved for a science hall. More Vermont cm Duped. Rutland peopte who purchased stock la the HI Progress Panana company frora the company's repre sentative. Rer.

Claude M. Sever ance last summer will be Interested to learn that their "shares" Include worthless swamp lands In Honduras. Rev. Mr. Severance and four other men constituting the company were arrested by post Sire and central detectives In their offices la the Tribune building In New York city iaturday.

Two of them were bailed out. but the other three. Including Ker. Mr. Severance, were taken to the Tombs to await action of the court.

Mr. Severance's duties were to travel throuRhout the New England states selling stock In this company and his headquarters during the greater part of the summer were in Rutland. In fact, hi family were there for a while. Although the compajjy was organlied two years ago it was just recently that the authorities suspected any "crooked deal." At the time of the raid Iter. Mr.

Severance was not in the offices, but he returned later and was arrested. A boy. thought to be not more than IS years of age. stole $S0 frora the store of J. J.

White In IJarllng- ton last Wednesday In clever man ner. The boy. who was neatly dressed la a gray suit and who wore a checked cap. entered the store and asked If he might use the telephone, which Is the desk, lie received permission and called for "information." While the boy was telephoning-. Mr.

White was called Tws Sitters Over 90 Tears of Ace Have a Tawa Sotca. lrs. M. J. Robinson and two daughter visited her mother, Mrs.

Betsey Kan-dalt. lat week. Mrs. Randall, wboe is 90, also received a visit last week from her sister, Mrs. Proctor of Johiit bury, who is 93 years old.

Mrs. Charles Darling has been quite ill with a combination of quinsy sores and tonsilitis. The Universalis Ladies Aid society met with Mrs. L. S.

Howe on Friday afternoon last. The memljcrs are preparing for their annual Christrras t.n'r which is to be held Thursday and Friday. Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, in the G.

A. K. Hall. Mrs. Harry White and little daughter.

Gertrude, from Fitch Bay. P. are spending the week with ber parrots. Mr. and Mrs.

A. L. rinncy. Mr. White will join his family here lor Thanksgiving Day.

Quite a number from here attended the, upper and lecture by Congressman Plumley which were given at Lyndon last Wednesday evening under the auspices of the Village Improvement society. I About 3o from here went to St. lohns- I bury laat Wednesday evening to attend the district meeting of the Order of the Lastern Star. E. J.

Blodgett is spending the week in Ronton. Mrs. Stephen Folsom has gone to New York City to join her sister, Mrs. Mc-Intyre, with whom she will soend a larce part ol the winter, before going to her new home in Los Angeles. Mr.

and Mrs. Daniel Ilantlev are mov. ing their household goods to Stanstead, A chicken nic sunoer is to be served in the vestry of St. Elizabeth's cburch this evening. The Woman's Auxiliary of St.

Peter's cnurcn are to tiold their annual fa in the gymnasium Dec. 7 and 8. The Lyndon Union club held their No- vemoer medio? in the Cable hall last Thursday evening under the ausnices of luvtuui viiiie, oi wmcn Airs. u. lampbcll is chairman.

Two musical selections were eiven. a t.iano solo micoi ana a vocal duct hv Air Huntley and Mrs. Harris. The speaker of the evening was Prof. II.

I. Stannnrri principal of the Barton Academy, who apoKe upon tne subject, "Moral Training in the Home and School." The usual social hour with light refreshments fol lowed. Two new members. Miss Helen Pride and Mrs. Louise rcceiveu into tne ciuo.

Miss Florence GiHis, a former teacher. was in town last week. Mrs. Hattie Troctor of Maeotr. P.

a former resident, was a recent visitor in town. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neatrle have re. turned trom Wells River, where thev were called by the illness and death of Mrs.

NeAglc's father, Jerrv Sullivan. The Thanksgiving ball Friday evening, Nov. 23, by the Village Improvement society is to be given in place of the usual rcuruary asuington bail. Mr. and Mrs.

M. D. Bowker of Lunen burg were recent visitors in town. Mrs. Arthur Stuart was a curst At Charles Stuart's last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Abern and Mrs. P. S.

Clark were in Boston recently. Edward Rtlev recentlv visited in One. bee. Elmer Darling has boueht the Welcome Hernia farm on Betnis Hill. Miss Claire LeBourveau was ill last week and confined to the bouse.

iss E. M. Balch cave an address on the Sunday school work of the county, before a union mectinsz in the Methodist church. A union Thankszivim? service will lw held this Wednesday evening in the Universalis! church. The Rev.

John ones, the Methodist pastor, will irive an address. Congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot Cheney, whose quiet marriage on Thursdar. Nov.

17 was in the nature of a surprise to their many frienda. Mrs. Cheney was Miss Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rnsr.

gles. They are away oo a brief weddlnz; trip, and will keep house in the house where Mr. and Mrs. Rueslca now live. while the narcnta will move into anntW house of theirs on Main street.

The members of the Mothers' Circle of the Union Club gave a social for their children in the Cable Hall. Saturdav evening. Over 50 children were present, of all ages under 13. and the necessarv number of mothers. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served, after which a lew marches and promenades were en- oyeu.

Thanksgiving week brings its usual number of family reunions and guests. Nearly all the school and college students are at home. Family gatherings of which we have learned are as follows: The Folsom'a will meet as usual at the old home, where Misa Amanda Folsom win be the hostess, and where Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stone are now spending the winter; Mr.

and Mrs. 11. I. Parker pend the day with Mr. Parker's sister, Mrs.

W. M. Silsby, while Mrs. Wilder entertains her sister-in- law, and daughter. Mrs.

Clara Smith, nd Miss Amy. rrora Bethlehem, N. Mr. and Mrs. W.

L. Guild are ntertalned by her brother, Mr. Brown at Bradford; Dr. and Mrs. F.

II. Davis and son Karl go to Barton to feast with the doctor's sisters, Mrs. Rasklll and Mrs. Hartwell; Mr. and Mrs.

James Dexter remain at home, while Miss Dorothy Dexter, with her aunt. Miss Galdys Trotter, spend the week end at the family home in Springfield: Mr. and Mrs. E. L.

Wells go to Boston to visit and eat their key with frienda and relatives there: Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Campbell and William with Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Dresser are to be guests of Fred Campbell at Littleton, N. 11. Mr. and Mrs.

Horace P. Emerson have gone to Chicago where they will spend the winter with their daughter. Mrs. Harry House. James, the son of Mr.

and Mrs. House has been in quite poor health for the last few weeks. The moving picture show given by F. S. Story In Music Hall Friday evening for the benefit of the base ball team was a very successful affair, and about $45 was cleared.

The funeral of Madam Coffran, Diarrhoea, Baby Pains, Trouble. 7 Kl'. At ix 11. I TN1MFVT Miss Grace Davis is at home from her school in Campton, N. for the holidays.

Mrs. Clara Gray was with her brother, C. B. Joy, over Sunday. Miss Madge Burnham is at home from her school at Lyndon Center for a week.

All schools resume their work for the winter term this week. Commissioners Notice. ESTATE OF ED WIN Iy HOVEY. The undersigned, having been appointed by the Honorable Probate Court for the district of Caledonia, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons against the estate of Edwin L. Hovcj, lateof St.

Johnsbury, in said district deceased, and allclaimsexjtiibitedin offset thereto, hereby give notice that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid, at the dwelling house of Sarah Hovey in the village of St. Johnsbury. in said district, on the 3rd day of December, 1910 and 27th day of April 1911 next, from 10 o'clock a. m. until 4 o'clock p.

on each of said davs and that six months from the 24-th day of October A. D. 1910, is the time limited by said Court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at St. Johnsbury this 2d day of November A.

1910. CHARLES ROSS, ELISHA MAY, Commissioners. Bankruptcy Notice. PETITION FOR DISCHARGE. In the matter of Ora W.

Eggleston, In Bankruptcy. Bankrupt. To the Hon. James L. Martin, Judge of the District Court for the District of Vermont.

Ora W. Eggleston of Lyndon, in the County of Caledonia and State of Vermont, in said district, respectfully represents: That on the 18th day of September, last past, he was duly adjudged bankrupt under the Acts of Congress relating to bankruptcy; that he has duly surrendered all" his and rights of property, and has fully complied-with all the requirements of said Acts and the orders of the Court touch-J ing his bankruptcy wneretore He oravs tnat be mav be de creed by the Court to have a full discharge from all debts provable against his estate under said bankrupt Acts, except such debts as are excepted by law from such discharge. JJatea tins 14-tn day of Jan. A. D.

1910. Ora W. Eggleston, Bankrupt. ORDER OF NOTICE THEREON. United States District Court for the Dis trict of Vermont.

In re Ora W. Eggleston. Bankrupt. Disr charge. Ivotice is herd) given that Ora w.

Eggleston, Bankrupt, has filed his petition dated Jan. 14-th, 1910. praving for a. discharge from all his debts in bankruptcy, and that all creditors and other persons ob jecting to such discharge may appear before me, at my othce in t. Johnsbury aforesaid, on the 5th dav of November, A.

D. 1910. at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, and then and there present their objections, if any. to such discharge, with their proofs thereon. G.

C. FRYEj Special Master. Dated at St. Tohnsbury. this 22nd dav of November, 1910.

THANKSGIVING TIME is a time indeed when we use most care in selection of what we eat. TURKEYS OR ROASTS SHOP AT THIS are especially suited for those of refined taste. Anticipatingyour wants, we have laid in a big supply. Leave orders before "choice- is gone. J.

F. LORD 57 Main St. 'ACES JJQULTRY Makes Hens Lay inWinter. If this food is not sold in your place, we will send you freight prepaid a 1 25 pound sack for $4.00, or a 60 pound sack for $2.00. If in want of Beef Scraps, Poultry Bone, Oyster Shells, etc.

write us for prices. Carroll S. Page, Hyde Park, Yt. Page's Perfected Poultry Food may be ob tained of the following E. T.

H. K. Ide, St. Johnsbury, Vt. William Morrison.

Barnet, Vt. L. H. Thornton. W.

Barnet, Vt. B. M. Willey, Greensboro, Vt. B.

C. Morse, Lyndon, Vt. A. Farrington, So. Walden, Vt.

Edson Sc Kine, Littleton, ti. H. M. D. Park, St.

Johnsbury Ctr. Vt. J. C. Eaton.

Lvndonville, Vt. J. I. Stone, Lower Cabot. Vt.

M. D. Bowker, Lunenburg. Vt. Dole Currier, Danville.

Vt. L. S. Robie. Hardwick, Vt.

-F. H. English. Littleton, N. H.

Way West Burke. Vt. Bert Wilson, South Peacham, Vt. D. M.

McLean. Wheetock. Vt. Gardner Legare, Groton. Vt.

O. Peck Son, Cabot. Vt. Geo Greene. South Wheelock, Vt.

W. M. Rich. North Concord, Vt, i a Aa6 Hvv 1m PERFECTED WM T-r F3 roop Suicide in Newport. Hermldas La la nr.

who lives on a farm about one mile from Newport village on the Coventry road, committed suicide Wednesday by drowning In Black river. Mr. La-lane had been acting queerly for some time and a close walcb was being kept over him, but he escaped and made way with himself. Im mediately after he was missing search was Instituted and foot prints were found leading to the river. It being too dark for any further investigation, the search was postponed unUI morning.

The body was recovered about 20 feet frora the place where he entered the water In a depth of about 12 feet. Mr. Lalane was unfortunate in farm work and became despondent over a heavy mortgage, lie leaves widow and four small children. Deer Shot Out of Season. Alexander Wagner and his brother, Willie Wagner.who live on the O.

H. Stone place in Hardwick, were arraigned before Justice of the Peace W. C. Daniela In Wood bury, last week charged with Illegal killing of deer. A few days ago word was received by the authori ties at Woodbury that the Wagners had shot a deer previous to the open season and an investigation revealed salted venison In their possession.

This and the test! mony of Mrs. Alexander Wagner at the hearing, to the effect that Willie had shot the deer and Alexan der had helped conceal the carcass. resulted In Willie a conviction, and he was bound over to county court In the sum of 300. He was able to secure bail. The caso against Alexander was continued.

Fined In Federal Court. At the opening of the U. S. court in Rutland last week considerable criminal business was taken up Judge Martin heard a case involving the ownership of maple sugar seized at the Canadian border. To the claimant 23.372 pounds was turned over, while 6,296 was held by the government.

W. K. Hicks of Berk shire was fined $100 Tor smuggling in connection with the case. The following fines were Imposed: Ar thur Fisher of St. Alhans.

a 100 for shipping bob veai: tJeorge K. Curtis of Lowell, a postmaster. $30 for embeiilcment: Jason E. Hunt of Kssex Junction. $10 for Bending obscene card through the mail; Curtis Stoddard of Iiurke, SI 00 for assaulting customs nicer at Newport; Harmon L.

Spooner of Alburg, $100 for smuggling maple sugar. Caught A Golden liable. II. K. White of Halifax captured a magnificent golden earte last week.

While Mr. While and Wtillam Morrison, a nelghoor, were watching the eagle on a nearby tree, the bird suddenly swooped downward with Incredible swiftness into a flock of ducks and guinea fowl In the yard. Both men rushed at the bird as it drove Its talons into a guinea hen and started to leave the ground. The eagle measured nine feet from tip to tip and was slow tn ascending. Mr.

White grasped both feet of the eagle and brought the bird back to the ground where It was bound and carried Into the house. The bird was a glossy black, with the ex-cptlon of a golden head and shawl around its neck, which gives the bird Its name. Across the shoul ders Is a white spot. Good Fhitit of Morgan Horws at York ehow. Oce new and Interesting feature of the 24th annual exhibition of the National Horse Show Association in New York last week was the exhibit of Morgan horses by the Morgan Horse club.

The blue ribbon 'fell to the smart busy Sampson, owned by H. R. C. Watson of Brandon. Sampson Is by Knox Morgan and is the horse selected by Captain Frank Tompkins I.

S. A. as the Morgan horse which he would ride against the CnRed States cavalry horses on the Morgan Horse club's chatlenge to the War Department. The stallions Bobby B. and Lyndon from Klmer A.

Darlings Mountain View farm at Hast Burke won second and fourth, respectively, and shared large la the pornlar favor accorded the Morgan exhibit. It was Interesting to note that a New York judgo recognized so clearly the old Morgan type for which the conservative Vermont breeders have Hood. The mares Cherry Ripe, owned by Spencer Borden, Belle Fellows; owned by A. it. Van Tassel, Carrie and Jenny C.

owned by K. A. Darling, and Ida 11 and Hello Marea owned by Mr. Watson are attracting much attention. The Morgan exhibits are about the sample of the great' Morgan horse show at the last Vermont State fair.

Malignant Smallpox at White River. A case of malignant smallpox has been discovered in White River Junction in the family of a man who had been on the streets and In the houses of people up to the day it was reported. The person afflicted with the dread disease Is a garbage man, who goes around to houses in the village and carts, away garbage, and the fact that he was ill a couple of days before it was known that he had the disease and that during that time he went about his work has caused no end of anxiety among the townspeople. A strict quarantine Is being enforced by the health officer. A HANDY.

REMEDY TO HAVE IN THE HOME Brown's Instant Relief A Katrine for tbe whole family. IIoiwik IxlirMttn. Coorh. I'oWt, Cnta, M.Maite fltti or iiDr.C1ilbUin, KratM. rm4 it tar MtVM Ul.

Concord. Mra. Ann de Moranvllle. Mrs. Ann de Moranville died at her home Sunday evening Nov.

13. She had been a great sufferer after she fell and in jured her hip so badly Sept. 29. Mrs. de Moranville was born April 9, 182d in the Spaulding neighborhood St.

Johnsbury, the daughter of William and Susau Grout McGregor. She was one of three children. Her early life was spent in Concord and vicinity after which she made Boston her home for 30 years She was married Nov. 2i, 1871 to Joseph de Moranville of Boston. For the past 20 years she has lived at her home here.

She leaves one son Cassius whom his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. McGregor took when a baby and brought up. She also leaves three grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. She was one of the few women over 87 years of age who read the daily papers with much in terest.

Being a great reader and so well informed on current events she was an interesting conversationalist and very loyal and generous to her friends. Until this fall she bad twice every year taken a short trip to Boston unaccompanied. The funeral services were held at her home Monday Nov. 14-. Rev.

I. P. Chase officiated. She was buried in the McGregor lot in Concord cemetery. Among those who came to attend the funeral were Mr.

and Mrs. Lyle Spaulding of St. Johnsbury, James Grout and Mrs. Wal lace Ford of Kirby. Miss Vera Mooney spent a part of last week with her friend Maude Berrv of St.

Johnsbury Center. Rev. A. P. Grint from.

St. Johnsbury will hold service here next Sunday, Nov. 27, at 3 o.clock. Mrs. Miles Mullen of Lunenburg was a guest at the home of George Chapman last week.

Mrs. Emery Adams is sick with gastri tis. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pease spent Sun day at their home here.

Pearl Lunnie, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Haviland and George Currier attended Sousa's Band concert at St. Johnsbury Saturday evening. Mrs.

George A. Wheeler of Wells River has been a guest of Mrs. Elwin Gray. Harry Emery of Barnet visited at Her bert Daniell's last week. Mrs.

William Savers of East Concord has been visiting Mrs. James Virtue. Mr. and Mrs. Abial Cheney entertained about 20 of their friends at their home Thursday evening, Nov.

17, it being the first anniversary of their marriage. The evening was pleasantly spent in playing games and refreshments were served. Mrs. Minnie Seavey was home from Fitzdale last Friday. William Pratt is visiting friends iu Boston.

Esther Howland from Cabot is the guest of her uncle James Bailey. Rev. Grant Van Blarcom has taken rooms ot U. W. Alaynard in Airs.

Moody's house for the winter. The Passumpsic Telephone Co. have installed a 'phone there for his use. Mrs. E.

J. Williams and son Ellsworth were in St. Johnsbury several days last week. Mrs. Toseph Forrest is verv sick at the home of her daughter, Mrs.

Eli Ash. Joseph Rancour with his family have moved to Whitefield, N. H. The Ladies' Benevolent Society will hold their annual Christmas sale at the vestrv of the Methodist church Wednes day afternoon and evening, Nov. 30, commencing at 1 p.

m. The subject of the morning service at the Methodist church next Sunday morning is "The Importance of the So- calfed Unimportant." The subject of the evening "The Restless Dove." The B. T. S. will meet Monday evening with M.

B. Carpenter. The entertainment by the Tunior League was much enjoyed by all present. The Juniors realized $2.75. Rev.

I. P. Chase visited his daughter in Orleans last week. Mr. and Mrs.

George Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Forsaith, Mr.

and Mrs. Elwin Gray, Mr. and Mrs. George Chapman, Mr. and Airs.

C. A. Mrs. Bertha Cobleigh, Mrs. William Reed, Mrs.

Horace Hastings, Mrs. Martha Cobleigh and Miss Louise Chapman from here went to St. Johnsbury last Wednesday to attend the district meeting of the O. E. S.

Dressed in "Black and Yellow." Not "Football Colors" but the color of the carton containing Foley's Honey and Tar the best and safest cough remedy for all coughs and colds. Do not accept a substitute but see that you get the genuine Foley's Honey and Tar In a yellow carton with black letters. u. C. Bingham.

SUTTON. D. E. Danforth has sold the E. L.

Pond farm to T. L- Richard of Barton, with the farming tools and hay. Mr. Richard has possession at once. The price paid was lobn L.

Gray has moved back into the Jesseman place, after spending the sum mer in Lyndon. Ernest T. Miles, who has been in New Hampshire the past year, has returned and recently rented a place and moved to Glover. Mrs. F.

A. Holmes is seriously sick. Mrs. Harriet Clark, 87 vears old, had a slight shock Friday and is confined to ber bed. She is very weak.

Her home is at H. A. Blake's. Miss Balcb. state Sundav school worker, addressed the people that were present in the interest of Sunday school work last weanesaay evening.

The next Grange meeting is to be held Saturday evening, when there are several application for membership to be voted Famous ic30 Gives the Best Light at Any Price Ehen you pty more than the Rayo price for a lamp, you are paying for extra decorations that cannot add to the quality of the light. You can't pay for a better light, because thers Is none. An oil light has the least effect on the human eye, and the Rayo Lamp is the best oil lamp made, though low In price. You can pay $5, $10, or $20 for some other lamp, and although you get a more costly lamp, you can't grt a better light than the hife, mellow, diffused, unflickering light of the low-priced Rayo, Hss a srror t. durable shade-bolder.

This tea son's burner sjis to the strength and appearance. Made of solid brass, nickeled, and easily polished. Once a Rayo User, Always One c-r-. CRM' Standard 7 r'W OH Company 5s upon and degree work to be done..

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