The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 11, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1933
Page 7
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HASTTRcTS ffit MAtVtWf LtADfcfc, MALVfeim, IOWA, MAY 11, 1933 PAGE SEVEN Senior* to '* . „„..». Class Ptay Id be jpfe »a,...,ja.aa *«• jft'a; fc -aafrll A ai-ji ? i ****-* 5 {jTvdl «« JJCaWFl AUQHOTl 1 Hastings seniors will present tne annnal class play, '•Where's My Money," In the high school auditorium two evenings. Thursday and Friday, May g and 9. The east Is well chosen and the play abounds In lively scenes and mystifying interest until the efid. Supt. D. D. Fellows is directing the play and tne school orchestra will furnish plenty of special music for the evening's program. Ton will enjoy this entertainment, Better secure your seats early. Following Is the cast of characters: Wallace Brindle, who loses his money. Jack Mitchell. Effle Brindle, his wife, Lorraine Clark. Betty Brindle, their daughter, Ruth Pierce. Madge Brlndle, her sister, Aleene Quimby. Aunt Bertha Brindle, Wallace's sister, Bernlce Moore. Rodney Banker, engaged to Betty, Edgar Lookabill. Marian Motor, in love with Rodney, Frances Fisher. i Harmon Band, a radio crooner, Ralph HUM. Dr. Nettle Stevenson, slow but sure, Velma Ming. Don Jose Eldorado, whose vo- cabularly is limited, Bud Mitchell. Grant Harmon, Aunt Bertha's last romance, Rob't Blunt. fti E* Criwcli Motet school at 11. droreh at 10. tepwortn League at 6:80. CMreh service* were well attended last Sunday morning with ft good attendance at Sunday sclrool. A missionary program was given with Mm. Semon Cox in charge. Col. C. B. Bobbins of Cedar Rapids visited Sunday In the Fred Martin home in Hastings. Col. Bobbins was formerly assistant secretary of war under the Coolldge administration. Mr. and Mn. F. J. Wallace of Glenwood were guests in the Fred Martin home for a Sunday evening luncb. ._ .. . The "Beacon Otty plan for attending the World's Pair will take all the worry out ot the trip. You will know before you start just where you are going, Yo« will know exactly •what the trip will cost, Chicago's traffic will be entirely avoided. There will be parking for your car. Clean, comfortable living quarters wilt be provided, Excel lent meals wtH be served, A lecture eaofe morning on '3ow to See tb» JW w«I fnjde 704 in obtaining all the educational beneOta of toe great Century ot Progress Tbe - Mrs. R. L. Christie visited in the Joe Haden home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crawford visited in the Ora Douglas home Thursday. Mrs. George Schorr and son, Sterling, and Miss Mlna Christie were Malvern visitors Wednesday. The Garden club met at the home of Mrs. E. H. Dalzell Thursday. Master William Crawford visited the Strahan school Thursday. Miss Aleta Bayes of Strahan visited Thursday in the home of her sister, Mrs. Lawrence Reed. R. L. Christie and family visited in the Joe Haden home Sunday. W. F. Crawford and grandson, William Crawford, and Master Kenneth Nebbitt autoed to Malvern Saturday. Jim Ord returned to Nebraska the first ot last week where he will accompany his brother, Melvln, who has been there the past two weeks. Samuel Hutchtngs of Malvern and sister, Mrs. Marie Clark, and daughter, Lorraine, and Miss Freda Fellows autoed to Omaha Tuesday. Mervln Colvln who was seriously hurt two weeks ago and was taken to the Red Oak hospital returned home Saturday. He is some better but Is still in a critical condition. Miss Frieda Fellows was a dinner guest In the Walter Angus home near Strahan Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hanscom and son, Robert, visited relatives in Shenandoah Sunday. Mrs. Frank Waldon of Shenandoah visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Purcell, Sunday. Miss Norma Crawford and a girl friend from Peru, Nebr. came Friday and spent the week end with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. A. H. Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mellerup of Omaha visited Saturday evening and Sunday with her parents, Mr. Mrs. Herman Schurr and family were Red Oak visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker and daughter, Marjorie Gene, came Saturday to visit a few days in the Elam Ord home, Thelma and Carl Scott were Malvern visitors Thursday. Mrs. W. D, Linthicum and son, Jim, and Mrs, Lillie Dlxon visited Wednesday In the Less Dawson home near Riverton. Mr, and Mrs. Adrian Woods and daughter, Marie, moved from the Jim Clark property into that of Mark Hathaway last week. Mrs. R. F, Crawford visited In the Frank Bobbins home last Tuesday. A negro minstrel show was given by members of the Ladies' Aid last Tuesday evening. This program was humorous from the beginning to end and was well responded to by a large crowd, the church being full. They made around fl(. Mrs. FrjBd Priest, Mrs. D, D, Fellows, and Miss Carrie Luther autoed to VUlisea Wednesday evening. Mr, and Mrs, Roy Viner drove up from Randolph Sunday and spent the day with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Viner. Ed Hathaway has been quite sick at his borne here the past ten days but is sow slowly Improving. Mr. and Mrs. George Schurr drove to Omaba Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Colling visited their daughter in Council Bluffs Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. 0, R, Kidwell and Mrs. Orpaft Rowen were Council Bluffs visitors oae day last week. Mr, and Mrs, Dean Jackson of HlJlsdale were dinner guests in the 5, R. Kidwell borne Friday, Mlu Amy Culley spent tbe week end with her parents near Qlenwaad- WJIJtaw Trimmer, ft R. Kid- w»U MMl daughter, SMber, aad Mitt Awy Culley veto in Maima Saturday, Five to Hftfttittgg School* Cdm«i*ttc*rri*nt Address May 16, lit Re*. Itosco« , Gqpfteit filttts Hastings cotnmencement festivities begnn last week with the pre-gtttfoating aftftirg: class play, Junior-senior banquet, and neit Stmflay evening Rev. L. E. Rl|*ley will give the Baccalaureate address at the Methodist church. Then on Thursday evening, May IS, wilt be the graduating exercises. Rev. Roscoe Beard of the Broadway Methodist church in Council Bluffs will give the address and there will be special musical numbers and presentation of diplomas. The members of this year's clnss are: Aleene Quimby, Bernlce Moore, Ruth Pierce, Ralph Hites, and Frances Fisher — a fine class who have done excellent work. Unity of States and Federal Government Junior-Senior Banquet The juniors entertained the seniors at ah All-Star banquet last Friday at the M. E. church. The reception room was designed to represent a living room by the use of chairs, rugs, floor lamps, etc. Separating the reception f room from the dining room was a curtain decorated with silver moons and stars. The dining room represented a palm room, being decorated with various plants. The tables were arranged with bowls of roses, nut cups, menu cards, and lighted candles, carrying out the color scheme of pink and green. Each nut cup held a diploma with the name ot the owner inscribed. The mothers ot flie juniors prepared the banquet and it was served by four freshmen girls clad In pink and green. The menu was: Morning Star (fruit cup), Big Bear (chicken rosettes), Milky Way (mashed potatoes), Pleiades (buttered peas in pattle shells), Orion's Belt (clover leaf rolls), Mara (radish roaes), Saturn (lime salad), North Star (ice cream), Venus (star shaped cakes), Big Dipper (coffee). The program: Toastmaster, Edgar Lookabill. Constellation, D. D. Fellows. Atmosphere, Ruth Pierce. Piano solo, Star Dust, Lorraine Clark. Comet and Meteors, Ralph Hltes. Song, "Moon Song," Katbryn Anderson, ran Fisher. Class Will, Bernlce Moore. Presentation of torch to junior class, Aleene Quimby. The unanimous decision of the seniors was that it was a very very beautiful banquet and we. wish to thank the juniors for I their efforts. Architect's rendering ot Hall of States and Federal Building at Chicago's 1933 World's Fair—A Century ot Progress—which open* June 1. The building* are in juxtaposition to symbolize the essential unity of the federal and state governments. The Hail of States will be a great horseshoe shaped structure, two stories high, 500 feet across at * the base and with its two arms 500 feet long 140 feet wide at th« widest point The open part of the horseshoe will face west and enclose a court, landscaped and containing a sunken garden with a triangular pool. * HENDERSON Mrs. Galloway Passes Away After Breaking Hip Grandma Galloway, mother of George Galloway, fell last Tuesday breaking her hip. She gradually grew worse and passed away Friday. Funeral services were held Monday. They have the sympathy of their friends in their sorrow. Honored Birthdays of Rev, and Mrs. Wright Sunday, May 7, the people of the Christian church and friends sponsored a surprise basket dinner at the church basement following the ' morning services. This dinner was In honor of Rev. and Mrs. Wright whose birthdays were May « and eighth respeo- Orchestra Entertained by Miss Hattnan The members of the orchestra were entertained by Miss Naomi Harman at her home near Malvern Saturday evening. Supt, and Mrs, D. D. Fellows were additional guests. The evening was spent playing "500," working jigsaw puzzles, and guessing tunes, and other amusements, Various prizes were awarded. Dainty refreshments consisting of nut sundae, cake, and coffee were served at the close of the evening, Everyone considered the evening exceedingly well spent. there being nearly' a hundred present to enjoy It. A lovely birthday cake was presented to Mr. and Mrs, Wright. The young people undertook the responsibility of preparing the tables for dinner and also of clearing away the aftermath of j-the meal. Best wishes were extended to the honoreea and many more happy birthdays were wished for them. Give Party for Basket Ball Team Last Thursday evening Mr, Bittner entertained the girls' basket ball squad at the school house for the purpose of awarding letters. Those earning them were: Ruth Pierce, Ruth DalzeU, Rath* ryn Anderson, Crystal Re«.h, Edith viner, Pauline Potter, Mildred Parland, and Leora Christie. The evening was spent playing games and singing. A lunch of ice cream and cake was served after which the letters were awarded, Other greats were*. Helen Darland, Marjorle Hades, Amy Culley, Lorraine Clark (student manager). Miss Varley, and Supt, and Mrs. 0. D. Fellows and Coach Clyde Bittner, Real fotete TrMifart Record of Jwtrujaents filed to the offices ot the Recorder and Olerk ol District Court of Hill* county, Iowa, from April 88, iW, at 8 a. »., to M»y 6, W3, »t 8 ft. », (One 4*4, MiU* Co. to Alba W. Pwyer, fllwJ, but not of ree* Hvrjr to John n M. 0. wC»y. a. Piw u> a- Mrs. C. H. Amick is Hostess to Bridge Club The Bridge club were entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs, C, H. Amick »t dinner with plates laid for eight on daintily arranged tables. The dinner and a handkerchief shower were given In honor of Mrs. S. Sheehan, Later out-of-town guests arriving to spend the evening at bridge were Mrs. John Tborson, Mrs. Kenneth Evans, and Mrs. B. B, Tubbs of Emerson, and Mrs. King of Macedonia. High score of tne evening was held by June Boileau. PrUe for holding eighty honors the last round of the evening was given to Ferae Graven. Lunch was served and everyone left at a late hour declaring Mrs. Amiek a wonderful hostess. This will be the last regular meeting of the club until after tne summer months. 6. W. Wilson made a business trip to Red 'Oak Tuesday, Mrs. Addle Boileau and daughter, Jwe, Mtea Margaret Harbor, and Mrs. Btaine Parker were in Council Bluffs Thursday afternoon, Joe SdBM®d8Q« mursie4 Sat* urday evening from ft several days visit with his sister. Mrs- Ivan Fisber. near Macedonia. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pavfc moved }a«t week Into a part of the Alfred HuntamiM) home. Mrs. Laslle Hou*er, Mrs. P. 4. Wight, ftftd Mrs. R. I*. &»th were Omaha visitors Wedn»sd»y. P**r! Flemmlng ftfld H**el J&nkiM and their pupils b»w a joint plcaio In the &* timber W«4Be*4*y. A vary MUl i tW» dinner Tb* grt4f w«» rural «Uhtb tbiir Christian Church Notes There was a large crowd in attendance at the morning service Sunday. The Christian Endeavor had an Interesting lesson in the evening on the subject ot "Ambitions." The topic was well presented by Hazel Brown as our leader. There was no evening message as we dismissed for the Baccalaureate services. Next Sunday evening we will continue our pictures, "Know Your Bible." This is the third group of slides and promise* to be even more interesting than either of the other two. Mrs. Wright and I wish to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to those who made it possible for us to spend such an ^HXj&ftS&fff^WBy^Wv] of dor birthdays. Alpha A. Wrignt, pastor. Hazel Riggle received word recently from her sister, Mrs. Harold Campbell, of Los Angeles, Calif, telling of a baby show at Los Angeles In which the latter'a two children were entered. There were four thousand babies entered and her sister's baby girl won first place and her boy won second place of which they feel justly proud. . Will Cain and daughter, Hate), were in Omaha Tuesday, Mrs. Champ Harover entertained several friends at a bridge party Tuesday evening. Mrs. S. M. Woods received word the past week of the death of her sister, Mrs. Griffin, who lived In Kansas City. John Rainbow had business in Glenwood Tuesday. Mrs. C. E. Edmondson received a postal card recently from her cousin, Mable Turner, who is in Holland. Miss Turner has been visiting in foreign countries for almost a year. Elmer Braden and Orval Oxford made a trip to Council Bluffs Tuesday, Mr. Braden taking up a load of potatoes he bad sold to a firm up there, Scott Sheehan and family spent the week end in Chicago. Ralph Vi««r and family of Elliott were pneats Sunday In the ! T. D. rnmip* home. i The members of th* Chrlstf*n Aid were treated to a birthday cake Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Earl Bolteaa. A lunch of hot meat *and*lcho?. appte sancc, and coffee wan served al«o by lire. Addie Boilean. It was very rnneh ! enjoyed by over twenty ladles. Mr. and Mm. A. J. Harbor and daughter, Allene, and Mrs. O, L. Harbor and daughter. Lnella. were Omaha visitors Wednesday. Mrs. Ed Wilkinson has received icradoatlon announcement* from her nlecw. Ethlyn and Evelyn Moore, who are twins. They are graduating from the Macedonia high school. Mrs. Georgia Wilkinson tiass received word that her father Is very low and hi* recovery very doubtful. A large crowd attended the Baccalaureate ?prrlcp» Sunday evening at the M. E. church. Rev. L. D. Thomas pave a fine talk. The music was much en- jo ved a l*o. Workmen hare been busy the past few days repairing the root on the Farmers Union building. Leslie Allensworth and family visited Mru. Allensworth's mother at Sliver City Sunday. Her *lster from Indiana Is also visiting there. Mrs. Beevls Bowers ani* Mrs. John Rainbow were Red Oak visitors Tuesday. Harry Clark and family of Carson were visiting friends here Saturday evening. Dr. R. L. South and family visited his parents in Massena Sunday. Mrs. W. B. Wheeler of Council Bluffs opent the week end here with her husband. Mrs. Mlna La Hue's mother, who Is visiting her .was taken quite sick and Is confined to her bed. Her granddaughter who is a graduate nursn is caring for her. Mrs. Otta Farrlngton who has been staying with her daughter, Mrs. Earnest Ellison, has returned to her homo here. DRS. KLINE & KLINE Or. D. M. Kiln* Or. J, A. Kiln* Oiteopathlc PhyileUn* Offic* hour*: 1 to ft p. m. and 7 to t p. m. on W*dn*«Uyi »nd Saturdays. Othtr Hour* by Appointment OfTIc* avtr Iowa SUU Scvlngi Bank X-Ray Dlagnottt Phontii OfTIc* 132. Houl* 1M WE MOM OUR CbMMKaoM CKABGBS Cur Lowest Rate* at South Omaha Hundred* of tetterled Customer* Jtonctet fcr Vbur Protection •LONBRGAN HOC COMMISSION CO. UHWM$TOO»AJtM — Sovm OMAHA. Want Ads Get Results Each week more Mills Countians are learning that Leader Want Ads pay, And they cost just few cents a week, f Ml MALVERN a

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