The St Johnsbury Caledonian from St. Johnsbury, Vermont on April 12, 1895 · 10
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The St Johnsbury Caledonian from St. Johnsbury, Vermont · 10

St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1895
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THE ST. JOHXSBCKV CALEDONIAN, APRIL 12, 185. 10 A HOSG THE FRATERSITIES- Eastern Star Chapter wii! hold an entertainment at Masonic Hall Monday tvtuing, consisting of in-stromental and vocal music, readings, etc. Especial pains are being taken to make this occasion one of the pleasantest, and all are cordially invited to attend. New sugar will be served to thoe who desire at a nominal gam. The Odd Fellows bold tbeir regular meetings in the hall formerly occupied by the Knights of Pythias, and will continue there till their hall is again in readiness for occupancy. Green Mountain Commaadery Xo. 335 U. O. G. C. are to have a public masquerade and promenade ' at Stanley's Opera House Friday evening, April 19. A prize will be given to the person wearing the best costume, also one to the person wearing the poorest. Good music Will UK IUrUlSDCU. auiuissiviu, Cents. Cbamberlin Relief Corps will serve new sugar in G. A. R. Hall Thursday evening, April 38. A programme of literary and musical selections will be rendered, followed by a promenade. Admission 20 cents. Children tinder 12 years. 15 cents. Regular meeting of Corps called at 6.30 p. m. At the annual meeting of Passump-sic Lodge, No. 27. F. & A. M., last week Thursday evening these officers were elected : VV. B.Eastman, W. M.; Geo. F. Cheney, S. VV.; H. Q. Walker, J. V.; C. A. Calderwood, treasurer; D. M. Bacon, secretary; Gilbert E. Woods, S. D.; O. C. Chamberlain, J. D.; Jas. Armstrong, chaplain ; J. H. Thompson, marshal! ; E. E. Gage, S. S.; Gilbert Movies, J. S.; J.E.Taylor, organist; J. R. Sutnmerville, tvler; C. W. Ruiter, H. A. Bartlett G. E. Woods, finance committee; J. H. Holder, 0. P. Bennett, N. P. Bowman, grievance committee. The subject of the Woman's A. P. A. meeting Saturday evening will be the life of Mrs. Mary A. Livermore. Newton's celebrated "Mock Trial" court will be given in St. Johnsbury, May 7, under the auspices of Cham-berlin Post. It will be managed by two lawyers from Worcester, Mass., who have successfully presented it at Brattleboro, Rutland and Chester and are to give it at Montpelier before coming here. This trial has the reputation of being full of laughable testimony given by witnesses who are prepared for the occasion. This will be well prepared as all the participants will be instructed by the lawyers in charge previous to the evening of the trial. A DISGRACEFUL AFFAIR. On Friday morning people were tartled by the report that a murder bad been committed in town and that the murderer had given himself into thehands of the sheriff who had placed him in jail. As nearly as can be ascertained the facts are that one Walter Nicholson, an Englishman, am Mrs. Ann Woods, formerly of Paddocks village, have been living at the home of Clinton Aldrich about three miles from the village in the Four Corners neighborhood, during the past winter, and that their intimacy has been very close. A short time since Mr. Nicholson noticed a decided coolness on the part of Mrs. Wood and discovered that one Colby held her esteem. On Friday morning he secured an ax and made an entrance to her room, approached the bed with the ax uplifted in a threatening manner. Mrs. Wood in the struggle that followed was considerably cut about the head and chest. As soon as Nicholson realized what he had done, he left the room saying to the family that he had killed the woman. He came to the village and ga ve himself into the hands of Sheriff Sulloway who lodged him in jail for sale keeping. A doctor was summoned who found Mrs. Wood in a cri lieal condition. The wounds were dressed and the woman made as comfortable as possible and will probably recover. Nicholson will be held until the June term of court on charge of assault with intent to kill. TO REBUILD THE "KNOB." Those, who have in the past enjoy- cd the magnificent view from "Lookout" on Observatory Knob, and others that would, could it be reached by carriage, will be pleased to learn that there is a project on foot to raise money to complete a driveway to the summit and to erect ;i fine. new. hexaernnfi. twn stnrv building, 24 feet in diameter at the oase ana lb leet at the top. The building will be substantially built on a good foundation, firmly secured . irainst the winds. The entire oost of the driveway and building is esti- raaieu Btaoouttzuu. it is proposed to raise this sum hv a rnnivrf nnH reading early in May. It is earnestly hoped that all will feel interested id this pleasure-giving and recreative enterprise. EASTER SALS AND SVPPER, The Rector's Aid Society of St Andrew's church will hold its annual a'c find supper in Grand Army Hall Tuesday, April 16, afternoon ant evening . Fancy articles, aprons ant n riy other useful things will be on sale in thehntl. Home made ennfpr. tionery a specialty. Admission to hall free. Chicken pie supper served trom 6:30 to 8 o'clock, gunner rii'lrota 25 cents.children 15 cents. The pub lic is coraiany invited to attend. Death ofCapLaim Fisher. An intimate acquaintance of Captain Abial Fislier sends as another accoant of his life parts, ot which we publish. Abial Fisher entered the service as a lieutenant of the 4-th Vt. When dis charged in Sept. 1864, he was captain of Company K. same regiment, He after wards served as captain ot Company t., 24th V. K. C. receiving bis discharge xn 1865. In 1S66 be went to North Caro lina and engaged in the lumber business. In 1868 be was elected a delegate to the constitutional convention that took North Carolina back into the Union and was elected a member of the legislature that followed the convention servingt wo terms. It was said that A. VV. Tonrgee and A. V. Fisher were the hardest work ers of the constitutional convention of '68. In 1868 he was appointed Adjutant General tor North Carolina bv Gov. , W. llolden and served as such until he resigned in 1S71. In 1871 he was called to Washington as counsel in the contest ed election between J. C. Abbott and Z B. Vance for United States senator from North Carolina. Caleb Cashing and Capt. Fisher appeared for Mr. Abbott. After this case was decided, which lasted for months, Capt. Fisher accepted a posi tion in the pension omce going trora grade to grade until he became chief clerk which next to commissioner is the most responsible position in the department. This position he held under the Hayes administration and gave such good satisfaction that when President Cleveland came in be was kept in the place for two years, and then the pressure against a republican holding this place was so great that Capt. Fisher was given the position of principal examiner, and a democrat was appointed chief clerk. Two yearslater Capt. Fisher was again occupying the position of chief clerk which he held until June 1893. In Sept. 1891, while at work at his desk be was stricken with paralysis but in about six weeks was able to resume his duties. On the26th was again stricken while at his desk and died the next morning. He left a widow, sou and daughter. At his funeral which was held in Danville on the 29th were the members of the family, David Morse, Mrs. Fisher's father, one brother and two sisters of Captain Fisher, Stephen Morse and Mrs. Williams, brother and sister of Mrs. Fisher, as well as many other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Eldredse of Ran- dolph attended thefuneral. Mr.Eldredge was witn capt. ttsber in North Carolina. Death of John . Palmer. Mr. John L. Palmer who died Sundav at the age of 83 and had been a long time resident of Danville had experienced a very eventful career. Born in Boston, aiass., ne teamed tne cabinet trade, serv- g seven years in a shoo which stood on the present site of the City Hall. At the age ot he enlisted in the regular armv and was among the troops sent to cnaneston, 5s. C.,bv President lackson to quell the nullifers. Re-enlisting at the close of that year he was sent West by rail to Oswego, then down the lakes to Green Bay, up the Fox and down the Wisconsin river to the Mississippi, and up to St. Anthony Falls where a treaty was made with the Sioux, Fox and Sac Indians. From there he went down the Mississippi to St. Louis, and overland to Honda where he participated in the Seminole war being twice taken prisoner By the Indians, once being condemned to be burned at the stake. He was one of the detachment which buried Major Dade and men who were ambuscaded and massacred while on their way to the relief ot his regiment surrounded in Fort Brooks. Having been wounded and sick in St. Augustine he was discharged. On reaching Boston lie found that his family had moved to Peacham whither he came. When health returned he resumed his trade. In 1841 he married Hannah L. D. Page, sister of George and Nathaniel Page of this town, having bv her five children, one of whom died in infancy, me remaining luur using rranK ii. oi Peacham, Nathan P. of Thompsonville. Ct., Wm, VV. of Boston and Mrs. Jennie Clifford of this town. He married for his second wife Miss Harriet Clifford of Bar- net, a most estimable lady, who survives him. Mr. Palmer alwavs retained his in terest in military affairs being captain of ttiree political companies during the Fre mont campaign, and rendered much service drilling recruits during the early years of the late war, and had charge of the funeral of John L. Chase, the first Danville man killed in the war and first buried with military honors in the town. Mr. Palmer was an active energetic man, a devoted husband and father, and a kind neighbor. He was a great sufferer and invalid during the last few years of his life but has borne his troubles bravely. Easter Programme at Congregational vnuren. ine Lord is Risen." Annn Solo, " Palin Branches." Remeanx Mr. Smart. Anthem, "Christ our Passover is Sacrificed For Us." Danks Offertory Solo, " The Lord is Risen." Hymn, AHelulta, Morse Mrs. Flora Wricxllt snnnlipH rhe n, .. . , ft.. is,,. tne aietnoaist cnurcn last Sunday. Miss Mary Dole has been appointed school superintendent of this town. Allan Bartlett has had the misfortune to lose his valuable stallion. D. K. Wakefield lias sold two tlnrep. tr T. C. Hastings of Oakrlate Mace fin mem was a prize winner at tne world s r air. The Methodist Social on Tuesday etren ing April 2 was very successful, a large numoer oeingpresent ; $17.00 was taken at tne aoor. Rev. F. R. Currier Mise Hattie ru. and Miss Abbie Davis are attending the conference at Waterburv. Rev. E. W. Hatch of Corinth hn heen visiting his son. Walter, and nreneherl at tne congregational cnurcn Sunday. Frank Palmer and wife from Peacham N. P. Palmer and wife of Thompsonville Conn., and Wm. W. Palmer of Rotnn were in town last week to attend the funeral of their father. Bert Barber has finished work atCabot and is stopping at home. S.D.Morse purchased five heavy horses in Montreal last week for use on his farm. Key. F. E. Currier has sold his horse to J. C. Clark, who is moving to West Dan ville this week. At the annual meeting of Washburn lvuinje, wo. z, r. a. M., hem on Wednesday evening the following officers were cicciea : vt . m j. s. niton ; S. W C. H. Mattocks; J. W H. M. Osgood treasurer. C. S. Dole: neoretnrv. A n Hoyt; S. D., F. A. Crane; j. D., Alfred euQ;a. james Wilcox; J. ., H. S Eastman; chaplain, John Sias; marshal a. n. crown ; organist, tj. ri. Wilson tyler, Geo. I. Green. The membership of toe lodge is the largest it has ever been and it is in a verr thriving condition. They own the old brick church and are in good financial circumstances. The trustees were empowered to raise money and rebuild the old church into a fine hall. The plans and specifications for remodeling the church are all drawn no and will be ready to put into the hands of contractors tor bids as soon as sufficient money is assured. Contributions will be gladly received from former residents who would like to see the church (which is one ot the landmarks of the town) preserved in good shape. It is hoped that every member of the lodge will be prompt to pay their dues and contribute as much as they can towards the new hall. Mrs. F. E. Currier and children, are visiting her lather at Jay. Mr. and Mrs. Mat. Greenbank have returned from a visit to Mr. Greenbank's lather at Enfield, X. H. Mr. and Mrs. John Page of St. Johns- uury were in town last week tor a short stop. Mrs. John Spencer has been engaged by Overseer Coveny to board the town poor. Mr. Coveny will carry on the farm. George Brainerd of Montpelier was in town last week. Mrs. Brown of Orrnft and Vfi- fir. cutt of St. Johnsbury have been visiting airs. Annette rarr this week. WEST WATERFORD. A. B. Cflrnenrr f linmo strain artA oil are glad to see him once more. Mr. Carpenter has SDent the winter in VVinHe island, having been engaged in writing a KavIt niliiA . -11 Z 1 I I , vjvju mm give inecompiete nistory of the Carpenters from the time they left liugiaiiu in ioo. Miss Edna Hnmir nnm Un, Ct Johnsbury Academy on a week's vacation. w ilbur Dawson has gone to New York city where he will work in the ice business. There was miife a hnuw ttiaw nV Monday and Tuesday which raised the water sn hiirh that Jt- w..u II HO ll'UI, 1. 1 1C dam at R. M. Lawreuce's pond would go out, but at the present writing all uaugcr is past. Miss Ellen Cllttincr nf West Pni.1 visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Carpenter. R. M. Lawrence line heen annninf fish and game warden for the "town of iiT j e j KYfiicnura. MASONIC MEETINGS. Special Conclave of Palestine rm. mandery No. 5, K. T., Tuesday evening, April 16 at 7.30 The Drrlpr nf r,o TJ Cross will be conferred. J. H. Holder, Em. Com. D. M. Bacon, Recorder. The Annual Convocation nf Haewell Royal Arch Chapter No. 11 will be held itn PriioiTB,FAn;.. L. 1 n.L n . .. mUj vinng liic 141.11. Dusmess oi aportance including election of officers. William Wetherbee, H. P. Delos M. Bacon, Secretary. The Annual Election of officers of Cal-lonia Council No. 13 R. anH S M alr ed occurs on Friday evening of this week. L. P. Harriman, T. I. M. Delos M. Bacon, Recorder. A CARD. W TOick trt A' il - . - " v -Ajj,a um UicUlKS CO OUT friends and neighbors for their kindness to " ' v...uft me Buucas ttnu aeaca 01 our wile and mother. Me. Wm. T. Wkight, Mr. Wakken Wright and Family. St. Johnsbury, Vt.. April 9, 1895. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. Wanted Immediately. As foreman. scale mechanic of long experience and unquestionable ability in making of counter and portable scales. A specially superior sealer of tall pillarcounterscales. iu an energetic, temperate and highly capable man, good salary and permanent position.1- State age and references. Address Scaleuiaker, Care J. L. Stack Co 112 Dearborn St., Chicago. Many, manv oersons feel unwell irt don't know just what's wrong with mem. r or sucn people ur. Hproule has made out a list of symptoms (in question form) of diseases of the main nrcrans of the body. No one can read this list and fail to know what is the matter with them. These questions can be found on page four of this issue. Tenement to rent at No. ft riiff Inquire of Mrs. Marshal! Clifford, 12 Summer street. Dog Found. A hlack marked "E. R. Kent, Zeke, 1889.." Owner can have the same by proving property and paying charges. Li. h. Caswell, St. Johnsbury. AfterAorilS. Mrs. C. R FT will open Millinery Parlors in the Hos-mer house, 43 Eastern avenue, and will be pleased to show you choice selection of goods. The rooms will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday even ings. J. C . Goodenough of Littleton, N. H. can sell a Wm. Bourne, a McPhail or Prescott piano at a mere nominal price, ior nis expenses are nil. For Sale. House. Rarn and uv acres of land on John street, Paddock village. House and oarn nearly new and well fitted up. Land in good condition. Inquire at the Union House. Tenement to rent on Snrinir trot Enquire of A. S. Livingston. House to Rent. To a reliable family wishing' for a pood home outside tv, lage, with a piece of land, chance to keen m tan.. 1 t T r -J a iam, aiiu iJ w icilt. inquire ot U. Goss, St. Johnsbury Center. For Sale. The place formerly owned by Aaron Farnham, situated on Portland street, St. Johnsbury, three-fourths mile from railroad station, containing twenty acres. Price, $5000. For further particulars apply to ivory P. Estes, 34 Ash street, Cambridge, Mass. Dr. F. M. NtPHnijs Vetorio- e.. . ; j, our. geon has permanently located in town muu ton uc iuuiiu ai me cottage Hotel Has bad a practical nivm 10 r . 1- vi 10 years, and has been at St, Albans the past iu years. Is endorsed by the leading horsemen in Vermont and New Hamo- smre. Births. .A';"i"21,.veVAPril 3' . to Mr. auu Mia. Aiiiui uauipec. Marriages. ALBV!t x8t' Jhnbury, April 8, by R n,AiB,f,,Ai6,'.b-?;TJ0P'' Board- whXf R..; "DU numbolt Deaths. At St. Johnsbury, April 3. Mrs. Trypbenia Woods, wife of William T. Wright, aged 79 years. At Newport, April 8, Felix J. Rooney, aged 33 years. At Newport. April 8, Louis A. Emerson, aged 22 years. At New York. April 6. Mrs. Nellie K., wife of C. Edward Waite. aged 28 years. At St. Johnsbury, April S, Mrs. Carrie C, wife of A. M. Goodrich, aged 34 years. At Danville, April S, John L. Palmer, aged 83 years, 9 months and 4 days. At North Danville, April 5, Moses Varney, aged 70 years. At Groton, April 6, Mrs. Lanra Hosmer Hood, aged 70 years. At Sntton, April S, Mrs. Lanra Fisher, widow of the late E. H. Fisher ol Lyndon, aged 82 years. Home Again. I am back from Florida and my store is now open. I hare a big stock of all kinds of goods and have a large lot of new goods that are arriving daily. I brought home a beautiful line of FLORIDA NOVELTIES including shells, jewelry, etc. Give me a call and you will surely see something you want. CEO. E. CROW. Speedwell Farms. Stallions, 1895. FRENCH COACH. Jenner, No. 1370. ' Fee $25. Orange Indre, No. 1669. Fee $25. Limited to ten mares. PERCHER0N. Speedwell's Volcan, No. 18669. Fee $15. Limited to ten mares. STANDARD BRED. Ivan Speedwell, No. 214Q6. Fee $15. WELSH PONY. Taffy. Fee $10. All Service Fees due when mare oroves to be in foal. Send for descriptive cata logue of above horses. Address SPEEDWELL FARMS, Lyndon Center, Vt. 41 E. D. STEELE & CO., HHHHHHHHIIHHHII..I.HHIHHaill...H The "STEELE MADE" Pant. WILL WEAR LIKE STEEL. Warranted by Steele for 60 Days. For every Suspender Button that conies off, we will pay you 10 cents. If the waist-band seam rips, we will pay you 50 cents. If they rip in any other seam, we will pay you $1.00, or exchange for a new pair. The most perfect fitting, best wearing pant ever produced. Button holes on all these pants are made on the well-known Reece Button Hole Machine. MANUFACTURED ONLY FOR Main St. E. D. STEELE EASTER , . NECKWEAR In Great Variety of Popular Colors. All shapesin25c.,50c. and 75c. goods. FINE DRESS, STREET AND DRIVING 6L0YES. Our $ 1 .25 Castor Gloves are acknowledged to be the greatest trade ever shown the trade. Every pair fully warranted by E.. D. Steele 41 Mam Street, Opp. St. Johnsbury House. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. E. & T. FAIRBANKS & CO. New Spring Goods ! Black Dress Goods. Large assortment of Plain and Fancy Dress Goods for Suits and Skirts. Black and Colored Crepon, Cheviot Serges, Covert Cloths. Lans-downs, Challies, Wash Goods, etc. Fine Line of Dress Patterns. (In Suit Lengths Only.) Fancy Taffeta Silks for Waists, also Figured India Dress Silks, and Special Values in Black Dress Silks at $1 and $1.25 per yard. Spring Garments and Suits. We are showing Early Spring Styles Ladies' Capes, Misses and Children's Reefer Jackets, Ladies' Suits, Separate Dress Skirts, Silk and Cotton Waists, Cravenette Waterproof Garments, Wrappers, Cotton Underwear, etc. Samples Cheerfully E. ft T. FAIRBANKS ft CO. MAIN STREET. & CO., St. Sent on Application."1 41 Main St. Johnsbury, Yt. & Co

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