Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 15, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 11
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1955 ELEVEN Promotions .Given Six Army Reserves .Six Allegany County men were promoted in the Army Reserve re- c?ntly by the Maryland Military District headquarters at Baltimore. Three: Frostburg ..'men, all privates, :were 'advanced to privates first class. They are Carl D. Skidmore, a member of the 7!J9th Army Postal Unit, and two members of the 941st Ordnance D.etachmen, James C. Catherman and Donald D. Pryor. j'fhe Lonaconing men, both mem- ftjbers of the 810th Signal Battalion, are Corporal Raymond C. Barclay, who was promoted from private first class and Private Edward T. Winters, who 'advanced to private first class. 'Robert L.'Bantz,. of Cumberland, a; member of-the 94lst Ordnance Detachment, was promoted from private to private first class. Nearly three - fourths of the world's passengar cars are in the 'U.S. St. Mary's Annual Fair Gets Underway Tonight Daily Cattle Leader Named St. Mary's Catholic Church willj hold its annual parish fair today through Friday at the parish hall.: Suppers will be served today, tomorrow and Thursday from 5:30 until 8 p. m. Committees for the project follow: Supper Mrs. George Crass and Mrs. Andrew Saliga, co-chairmen. Mrs. Albert Beckman, Mrs. Edward Bergman, Mrs. Leo Breighner, Mrs. Howard Bush, Mrs. Jesse Clark, Mrs. Nellie Cline. Mrs. Patrick Cline, Mrs. Jerry Deffibaugh, Mrs. Leroy Deetz, Mrs. Thomas Dunn, Mrs. Charles Freeland, Mrs. Allen Fresh, Mrs. Frederick Graziana, Mrs. Paul Goetz, Mrs. Robert Harper, Mrs. Glenn Kimberlin, Mrs. Jesse Kaulbaugh, Mrs. Steve Holshey, Mrs. Calvin Hudson, Mrs. Lawrence Hyrms, ..liss Madeline Keech, Mrs. Edward Lyons, Mrs. Valentine Lydinger, Mrs. Michael McDade, Mrs. Mortimer Nehring, •--: KINGNUT OLEOl Li* SUNSHINE KRISPY ARMOUR STAR URD 8 ctns. , .00 NEW I HEINZ KOSHER DILL Sandwich Ghi|is 2 is-oi jar. 45c RINSO WHITE SOAP POWDER 1/2 PRICE SALE ? * '•• SWAN TOILET SOAP 6 <ou, 25c Lifebuoy Soap . ',. KM. «i«'-*C...- •; . 2 both til. 27C; BREEZE iB.i.k8.33c Gionr'pko. 75C SILVER DUST NEW BLUE U. pkg. 33C ' Giant pkg. /9C , LUX SOAP.-3. m. •;» 25C 2 barh <ii* 2SC SURF .la. Pkg. 31C Giant, pkg. /«SC LUX FLAKES L* pVt. 31C Giont pks. 63C BLUE RINSO u. pi<a. 31 ic Giant pkg. 73C LUX LIQUID DETERGENT* 12-oz. can 39C Giant can 69C Mrs. Edward Nevy, Mrs. Nick Perlozzo, Mrs. Roger Pisaneschi, Mrs. Ellis Rose, Mrs. Ellis Sneatlv ervMrs. Andrew Saliga, Mrs. John Sloan, Mrs. Charles Seaders, Mrs. Walter Russell, Mrs. H. C. Spiker, Mrs. Lewis Valentine, Mrs. James Van and *Mrs. Ernest Wolford. Floor, John J. Coyle, chairman, Floyd Hout, Patrick Coyle, Peter Decker, Peter Malachowski,- William Malachowski, William Mantheiy, Ted Grabenstein, and Roger Pisaneschi. Refreshment booth, Mrs. Thomas Mullan, Mrs. Edward Mattingly, Mrs. Lawrence Hymes, Mrs. Walter Russell, Mrs. Arlie Davis, Mrs. Joseph Di Gilarmo, Mrs. Everly, Mrs. Harold Hipsley, Mrs. Earl Hurnbertson, Mrs. Edgar Lee Hollen, Mrs. Leo Lueck, Mrs. Joseph Lueck, Mr.-i. Anthony LaGrat- ta, Mrs. Leo LaNeve, Mrs. Edward Melvin, Mrs. Joseph Sirna, Mrs. Joseph Spera, Mrs. RicSard Stegmaier, Mrs. Clark Swartley anc Mrs. Melvin Zollner. Doll booth, Mrs. Frank Gobelli, chairman, Mrs. Albert Beckrhan, Mrs. John Brinker, Mrs. Al. SrhiLh, Mrs. James Castles' Sr., Mrs. Louise Carey, Mrs. John J. Coyle, Miss Aurelia Drenning, Mrs. Joseph Leasure, Mrs. Mary Parker; fancy booth, Mrs. John B. Clancey and Mrs. Leonard L. Davis, co- Raymond Holstein Mrs. Anthony Schultz, Mrs. James Van. The white elephant booth will be under, direction -of St. Mary'; Mothers Club. (Continued on Page 20) Home Room Mothers Hold Meeting At School rsso : .at. The Home Room Mothers of Columbia Street School were to A cow named Oleta, which is owned by Lloyd Nave of Bedford Valley, .was top butterfat producer in October among cows registered with the Potomac Valley Dairy Herd Improvement Association. She produced 88 pounds butterfat from 2,250 pounds of milk. Carl Howsare, also of Bedford Valley, had two top producers during October. Claud 2d, a grade Holstein, placed second by producing 82 pounds of butterfat from 1,640 pounds of milk. Tillie 3d, also a grade Holstein belonging to Howsare, placed fourth by producing 76 pounds of butterfat from 1,630 pounds of milk. Third place producer was 51 B0034, an artificially-bred grade owned by John T. Mason of Cresaptown. The cow produced 77 pounds of butterfat from 1,640 pounds of milk. Mason also had three other cows in the top ten producers. Glen Savage Dairy Inc.. Mt. Savage; Shumaker Brothers, Rawlings; Harry H. Delbrook, Mt: Savage, and Ivan C. Wilson, of Midland, had cows which'were among the" first ten producers. The number of cows on test during, the month was 874 with the average production of • all cows being 664 pounds of milk. 27.7 pounds of butterfat and 4.7 per cent'test. Speech Course Slated A meeting will be held at Central YMCA today at 8 p.m. for the purpose of organizing a Dale Carnegie course in Cumberland. NEW. LABEL SPRY1132C ORDER NOW! 50-GAL. WHISKY BARRELS EACH $4.75 FINE FOR CIDER OR KRAUT OPEN TILL 5 P.M. WEDNESDAYS RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET JUST A FEW BLOCKS FROM BALTIMORE ST. WE DELIVER RIDGELEY, W. VA. DIAL REdwood 8-9511 lour Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes, and find what your outlook is,, according .to the stars, . For Wednesday, November' 16, 1935 MABCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries)—Very stimulating, encouraging 'influences this day;' Family interests, finishing incom- pleted and necessary tasks, new duties favored. Be calm. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Don't go to extremes now. Watch how you express yourself so that you won't give a wrong impression of yourself. And don't overlook the important "little things." No careless mistakes! MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—You can be happy, congenial and progressive ,t the same time. There's no need to drive through the day in a fashion that may cause misunderstanding or unnecessary hurts. Keep smiling. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Please note T»urus. Your aspects - and' vibrations are similar. KNOW YOURSELF. Get" sufficient outdoor exercise, and enough rest to take care of tired nerves. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Aim high and keep striving. This is most Important when the going seems rough est. There are many ways -to improve upon- daily routine if one really tries Today favors «11 worthwhile under takings. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Vir Greetings at Thanksgiving... meet today at the recreation room f the Fair/view Methodist Church. Mrs. Harvey Stouffer, chairman f. the group, announced the fol- owing home room mothers for] e year. \ First Grade — Mrs. William! Grubb, Mrs. William McGinn. Mrs.! Henry Sauer. Mrs. Mangus Work.! Irs. Robert Pence, Mrs. John! layo, Mrs. William B. Williams.! Irs. James Edmiston and Mrs. )avid Watson. Second Grade — Mrs. George feiffer. Mrs. Joseph Siebert. Mrs. Belmont Robinctte, Mrs. Lester imith, Mrs. William Rice, Mrs. George Rowe. Mrs. Robert Boden. Urs. Charles Burns and Mrs. Fred Larson. Third Grade — Mrs. William Jrady, Mrs. Homer Dicken, Mrs. Robert Thorn. Mrs. Harvey Stoufer, Mrs. Kenneth Castle, Mrs. larry Davidson, Mrs. Luther Huter Jr., Mrs. Raymond Beeman and Mrs. John Saville. Fourth Grade—Mrs. Jesse Baker, Mrs. William Shaver and Mrs. "F. Oiipperiberg. Fourth and Fifth Grades — Mrs. Albert Gormer, Mrs. Ray Bloss. Mrs. James VanSickle and Mrs. Wallace Wilson. ' Fifth Grade—Mrs. Joseph Keefe, Mrs. Paul Hartung, Mrs. Ray Dex- ter, Mrs. Charles Meagher, Mrs. L. W. DieM, Mrs. James Gaffney and Mrs. Francis Wisenburg. Sixth Grade—Mrs. Harry Allison, Mrs. Ronald Jackson, Mrs. Charles Keyser, Mrs. Michael Cunningham, • Mrs. Robert Kasecamp, and Mrs. Wilmer Nunarnaker. Sunning For Office j Miss Dorothy Ludman is one of| lie eight candidates for the office if freshman women's vice presi-| dent at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Miss. Ludman was graduated 'rom Allegany High School last 3 TIMES FASTER for HEARTBURN Certified laboratory testsproveBell-an: tablets neutralize 3 times as much stomach acidity in one minute as many eading digestive tablets. Get Bell-ans today for the fastest known relief. 25f go)—Don't get ''all het up" about sud ,en or seemingly unprovoked changes rrors. These will continue, through life; ' and, surely, Virgo's innate ability- can | iolve such situations. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Lib ra)—Always use your assets and ad antages well (as is Libra's inborn ten dency) and you will have* "little difficulty vith the trying periods. Today MAY be me, but push forward. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor pio)—Don't change what isn't, yours t alter. But make suggestions where yoi hink". advisable. Take an interest ii worthy causes which, with your talents •ou can ably assist.'Allocate time prop erly.. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 Sagittarius)—Getting along with various dispositions is vital to organization work, lighly necessary in home and comrhun- ty matters.. Help erase "bard feelings," misjudgment. •"•'•••'* ^ DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—There are times for silence and moments often most difficult) for speaking—AND saying the -.- right - thing. Use your best judgment now. ' JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius)—Note Sagittarius. Your indi cations similar now. You* may be able to produce better during some hours than during others for no apparent reason Aim for the top, and never become dis couragcd. > FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces —How can you do well if the will and faith are undermined! Go forward with confidence. Some gains- possible. 1 YOU BORN TODAY: There arc manj strong talents in the Sign of Scorpio.'I is always your duty to develop your best side and control, all learnings thought fully; never to waste time, precious 'assets. You would make an able executive, an efficient co-worker.. You are quick to detect new needs and trends. While often shrwcd and penetrating, you .are sometimes discouraged and believe you are not ' meeting requirements. . Shun extremes and don't worry about • errors; •just determine to avoid them. Your sense of fair play, enthusiasm and courage are outstanding. Don't overwork (King Features Syndicate. Inc.) Say if with Flowers-By-Wire If you can't be at a family gathering this Thanksgiving, your Flowers-By-Wire will represent you beautifully instead ! Your F.T.D. Florist guarantees delivery worldwide-, telegraph-fast. Look for SPEEDY and the famous MERCURY EMBLEM.' Visitor Phone Your F.T.D. Florist ! D«lro!t In Fro$tburg — Your F.T.D.A. member is Harvey's Greenhouse 294 East Main St. Phones: Day and Nite—266 In Cumberland—Your F.T.D.A. member it Bopp's Flower 19 N Liberty St. Phones: Day PA-2-4330—Nirt: PA-2-422i In Lonaconing— Your F.T.D. A. member it Phillips Flower fait Main Street HO-3-3131 In Cumberland .—Tour F.T.D.A. member it Ren-Roy Flowers 37 N. Ctntrt St. Day: PA-2-§420~Mite: Ramney 7-MS \ • All Prescriptions Triple \^ \^ i^ Checked • Four Registered Pharmacists • Reasonable Prices Walsh tMcCagh PHARMACY 101 N. Centre St. FREE DELIVERY Phones • - 1 • PA 4-3646 — PA 4-3647 ' * Maryland'* Leading Prescription Start 4% DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS An Unbroken Record For 15 Years All Funds Inverted in First Mortgages • on Homes WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT HOME Binding I Lou ASSOCIATION, INC, If Smrth Liberty St. Cnmb«rl«n4, Md. PHONI PA 4-1960 Hnr biRtny Jtat $1.29 Rexoll MONACET Aspirin compound relieves pain flO, fMl 200's yO c FORD'S Drug Stores CUMBERLAND and FROSTBURG Why is a Liberty Trust Car Loan Your — BEST DEAL That's easy! A Liberty Trust Car Loan is YOUR BEST DEAL because you get FREE LIFE INSURANCE FOR THE LENGTH OF YOUR LOAN. Compare our loan cost and benefits with any others .. .Convince yourself! Your Bonk Is The Best Place To Borrow Sorrow $1250 1500 1750 2000 2500 It Month f 73.68 88.42 103.09 117.86 147.32 24 MonA Paymtntt* » 56.10 67.33 78.52 89.74 112.16 *Yes, You Get FREE LIFE INSURANCE CUMBERLAND LONACONING Mtmb«r F.D.I.C. M«mb*r Fcdtral Rturv* Syjttm USE OUR FREE PARKING SERVICE AVAILABLE AT 3 CONVENIENT LOTS Don't forger to open your 1956 Christmas Club here now ;.•£• •'t . 'W ^•*. ."*. * one good neighbor tells another. an automatic GAS dryer works for just a penny-a-load! Good news travels fast! Folks are finding out that a penny's worth of Gas is all you need to dry a full load of wash ... fluffier, softer, cleaner and njore sanitary. "Why, that'scheaperthanleverdreamed!" Yes indeed, far cheaper- ; than any other type of clothes dryer. A Gas dryer costs leas to install, too. So save yourself money and nasty, back-breaking work by getting a Ga* clothe* dryer, th« moat modern on the market! neighbor—Gca heats water better, too! Only modern automatic Gas water heaters are Laundry-Rated to keep up with your automatic washer. A Gas water heater gives you hot w»t*r three times faster and three times thriftier than any other kind. So for all your water heatinic and clothes drying, ehoote Gat! SEE YOUR GAS APPLIANCE DEALER- -TODAY! Cumberland & Allegheny Gas Co.

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