Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1933 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 11
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TOLA. KANSAS THE IOLA : DAILY REGISTElt; THURSDAY EVENlKG^M^RCH 2:1933. PAGE ELEVEN / Chicken-Soufne. (Uses leftovers) 4 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour 'iv teaspoon salt 2 cups milk • 1 teaspoon chopped parsley 1 teaspoon chpppied celery l^i cups diced cooked chicken 3 egg yolks 3 egg whites, beaten Xfelt the butter. Add the flour and salt. iBiend wdl. Add the mlBc and ccwk until a 'thick .fauce ' forjns, -.Stir constaritly. Add the rest' of the Ingredients. Pour into 11 buttered baking dlsli. Set In a part of hot water and bake for 50 mlrtutics In a modcratoly «low oven, rl.'nmold or servo In the dish lii vhleh baked, ; I CodfiNh and I'otnfo Culu-s. 1 cup shredded codfish 3 or 4 medliim-slzed jjotatocs 2 tablesixwns milk • 1 tablesijoon niclled,butter P^epper ; . Freshen the codfi* slightly by nlldwlng it :tb stand for a few minutes in warm wale^' Drain and Corned Beef; Hash with Baked Eggs Moisten ttie contients of one lOVi^ ounci; can corned Ijeef with three tEaspbons water, and'divide among four iTCidie. shallow, buttered ramekins. • Cover with buttered ci-umba anft i>lace in the oven until browned on top. ; Drop a raw egg 6n top i of each, sprinidR with salt and pepper, returnj to oven untli the eggs i^one. 1 ICracker Crumb Stuffing, cup cracker crumbs 4 tfiblesi>P9ns boiling water :i tablespoons til ': fcaspobn poultry .seasoning >i ^cas|X)6n gait I ijiih teaspoon pepper Mix the molted fat with the crumbs.. Add the water and seasoning. When using this stuffing a greater allowance than usual must )x» mndc for swelling. Cocoanut Pie. To one-half pound grated cocoanut add a pint of milk, 3 eggs. 2 tablespoons of sugar, a small cracker pounded fine and a httle nutmeg. The • eggs and sugar should be lieaten together to a froth. Put am. •nantaa KBE 50 DEAD- Its-' luKMiwr/aiowTide ijasrygioai'w.Tm' •y ^IllOINIA is the native state of KlGHT preKldeiits, while OHIO lias produced SEVEN. IJ. H. paper currency IH printed In 11 nyNOMINATIONS, from $1 to $10,000. Sill WALTEU SCOTT IH (lio author of the passage sliowii. ( n?.S.°,fMw'^^ **"w^°'',^^^tl^em into the milk anjl cocoanut potatoes until tender or chop i ^.jjjci, should first be allbwed to get fi2 ti"!^ the milk butter and | add the cracker and nut- 2 .nL„ „ >l potatoes....Mix \«11- ^eg and turn the whble: into ^a deep 'S^^^^ "J?'' i u plate, wllih a lining and rim of minced onion if desired, and shape paste and bake Int6 cakes. Melt 2 or 3 tablespoons '• " i. . pf fat in a , skillet. Fry! the .fisli Tomat)T and Cheese Rabbit. Cook '-J package spaghetti whicl. ha ^j been broken in small pieces, in boiling sailed water. ' Heat 1 .can tomato soup In top of doMble boiler. Add 'j pound Ameri- cheese which has been cut in^ small pieces. When the cheese is melted, add ithe cooked spaghetti ./lakes on both sides until well browned. Serve hot.—TKi.s recipe sen-es four persons. Cream of Carrot and Pea Soup- Make a white sauce of tw'o tablespoons butter, one tablespoon flour . arid three cups milk, press the contents of an, 11-ounce' ean bf,_ peas through a sieve, reserk-ing a few for garnishing. Add the pureed peas and the pea liquor to the white sauce. Add one-fourth^cup carrot pulp, boiled and pressed through a .|;ieve. Season to taste, and add the whole peas. Sei-ves six. ; Beauregard Eggs. 'Boil five o'ggs twenty minutes. ! chop whites fine, rub yokes through sieve.' Scald a cup of milk. Rub one tea.spoon flour and one of butter and add gradually to scalded milk. Stir i until.: thick. ' Add chopped whiles and' salt and pepper. Have ready slices of toaSt and pour sauce over them, tjhen sprinkle with sifted egS yoli«. ! Stand in the oven ;i mometit and serve hot. Ritz Broiled Bananas. 12 slices unsweetenedi Zwielrack 6 bananas 2 strips bncon t On each slice of Zwi^ack place one half peeled banana. Wrap one slice of bacon • around each prepared slice of Zwieback and secure with toothpiclts. Broil in a: hot flame until bacon is crisp. Six portions.; .., " CARLYLE Feb. 27—Mrs. Brainard and Mrs. Readel attended the f^rm bureau itraining schopl .for gardening and nutrition in loli Wednesday. A; number ^f friends gathered at the'McCoy home Wednesday for a farewell party. The McCoys are a farm near Humboldt. Fred Ejrfey of Colorado S^riiigs came Wednesday evening for a visit with his sister.' Mrs. Alta Dunlap. . A farewelLparty for Mr, and iSxs. Bowen and family and Mr. and ISis Wingler was held at the church last Thursday evening. Games were played and refreshments were served, ^oth families are moving this we^k •—Bowen's to a farm near Moran. and Wlngler's to a farm west of lola, ^ Because of illness and other meetings Friday night, the community program was not very well attended. J. R. Dunlap spent Thursday at the home of his son, Alta Dunlap. Ah Intejestlng meeting of the missionary and,W. C. T. U. was held at the church Thursday afternoon i. Election of officers for the missionary society was held: Mrs. Sawyer was elected president; Mrs. Wiggins vice.president: Mrs. Higginbotham secretary and Mrs. Gregg treasurer. ' • Ed Chambers of lolai visited with his son Frank and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Readel and children called,on Mr. and Mrs. McCoy Saturday evening. Congratulations and best wishes arc extended to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Upshaw who were married Sunday morning. J Mr. and Mrs. Brainard and family were dinner guests at the Norman Lowe home Sunday. Afternoon visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Lowft of East Gas, Mrs. Pearl Canatsey arid Mrs. Clarence. Granden of Kansas City. Lloyd Christenberry is quite ill with influenza. " , Dr. Fred Dunlap, Pleas^ntoo,, And Miss Erma Lee Hart, Kansa8_Ci«y, ^ - --ji ^.--yi 'f^ were Saturday night and Sunday .visitors with Mr. and> Mrs. Alta tJudlapf-February 1*-!I8. Mr. and Mrs. Wingler called on Mr. and Mrs. Shadwlck Sunday evening. Mr* Aroher,; Mr. and -Mrs. Ned Wiggins, and childjen. ^3!>Ir^ and Mrs. Curtis Yowell drove to Pittsburg lasi> Saturday afternoon to visit,/ their daughter and sistei- and her hus- , band; Mr. and Mrs.-Raymond Ride- oiit. - ; ' : ' . Mr, and Mrs. Wilbur Helms moved from the Melyin property Monday to Moran. The MeJvins are moving back to Carlyle. Mr. and^Mrs. Brightwell motored to Yates Center Sunday to visit relatives, returning Simday evening. yhe program committee of the farm bureau met at the Readel home Monday afternoon to make out the program liooks for the year. . and' Mrs.. Readel and children . ! atjd Mr. Gilkeson. Mr. and Mrs. Prayer meeting will be held at' F^nston visited at the Fred Cook the church each We"anesday evening- .... ' Mrs. Megill and Mrs. Lowe <alled home Mor^day evening. ^Mr. and: Airs. Pogue Funston were dinner giiCsts at the Readel home on Mrs, Harlirig Tuesday aftewooa.iyiunday. Fred Coffield and children ajled in the afternoon. BAGON SQUARES, t^ound (While Ihey last.;)[ BACON (half or whole side) lb.... . 10c PORK ROAST, pound ^ .6c BULK KRAUT, 3 pounds 10c FRBIS^ SIDE, pound,. • 5c SAUSAGE, pure pork, pound .. 5c PEANUTBUTTER y.^K 2 lbs 15c MINCE MEiVT (Mip^ireirs) ... .2 lbs. 15c BEEF ROAST, pound v7c LARD, 10 pounds , , ^ .39c HENS, dressed, pound-^-v;—-.^^: 14c First Author: "Does Scribbling know much about literature?" Second Author: "Oh, yes; he says it't pay."' Stock up! Special Low Prices-^ Fat}cy Creamery LB. From the famous Dairylands of the MiddleM'est. Evaporated Milk. All .Standard Brands, tall ran Whitehouse, tall can, 2 for...9c 5c^ Clabber GifI ;^, J?D^E 1 ; J • 2 LB. SIZE 19c Campbell's Soups . . • 3 CANS 25c AMERICAN BEAUTY OR QUAKER Macaroni or Spaghetti. • 4 PKGS! j 25c Kingsfor^ Cora Starch. 2 PKGS. 25c . Beechniit Spaghetti . • • 2 16.0Z. CANS 19c Pink Sahnon sfR °AM • . 3 TALL CANS 25c Blue Rose Rice . . . « 10 LBS. 29c ComMdal^^;[,iKJK^ i 10 LB." BAG 15c Red Salmon SULTANA i J • '^2 29c ^^•/r^ 21c Del Monite Apricots. . • 29c ^^•/r^ 21c Wet Shrimp V'it'c'/. . . GLASS JAR 19c LifebuoyiSoap .... Wet Shrimp 7A?f . • • CAKE 7c LifebuoyiSoap .... Wet Shrimp 7A?f . • • CAN 10c Vigo Dog Food • . i 3 CANS 19c Libby's SoS ?E Tomatoes • 2 NO. 8 CANS 27c A-1 Sauce .... * • BOT: 1 29c Beryl Ripe OUves . . • 9 -OZ. CAN 29c LUCKY STRIKE-OLD GOLO-CAMEL-CHESTERFIELD Cigarettes . . . , . • PKG. 10c "TIN OF 50 'S SSc" (PLUS TAX IN KANSAS) Crystal White Soap Chips. S1 -OZ. PKGi 10c M. J. B.Coffee . . L • LB. 35c Sea Foam ..... • 2 SM. PKGS. 5c Quaker Oats g'SSl^g. . • 2 LGE- PKGS. 27c Lobster ""'-,1^?^ . . • SM. CAN . 15c' Grandmother's WHEAT B re a d Whole Wheat Pure and Nutritious 12-OZ. LOAF ll. S. No, 1 CERTIFIED Seed Potatoes 100 Lb. Sack $l!20 FT OTT'P suNNYFiELD 24-ib Bag 33c r l^VJ FAMILY 48.jj,^ gg^ : 9§-lb. Bag^ $1.29 Maxwell House COFFEE tb J. L 29c PrunesSSt ^sd 3 Lbs. 15c GRdCEiiY Aid> M MARKET CASH SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SC^IIARE CASH DELIVER %im GROCERY ORDERS OR $1.00 MEAT ORDER^ MILK Carnation or Pet . 5 tall canS 25c OLD DLTCH (a blend ef^he finest Coffees grown) including Java and Mocha Special Friday and Saturday ees grown; inciuu- Lb. 25c Jello ^» ^1 ""^^ 3 pkgs. 19c Tuna Fish Stewart's Pure White Meat ; 15c SOAP—P&G . /. 2bars5e Tomato Juice ^^^"^ 3 cans 25c Vj|if i ^^^M 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream 65c Jr lOUr 48 Ib.jbag Daisy 8.5c HONEY Comb, nice clear honey . . . 12c CATSOP-^HeinZ 2 large bottles . 35c Peanut Butter 2 lb duart jar . . . 19c Salad Dressing Eatwell brand (It. jar . 25c RIPE OLIVES pint tins . .... 15c Coffee (Fresh Roasteii) 3 lb. 55c Onion Sets Red, White. YIIIOW . Lb. 6c POSTOM Instant large caij . . 39c NOODLE^ Pound bag .15c m Pounds for ...89c 4 Pounds Brown .., 21c 2 '/2 lbs. Powdered . 19c SARDINES—In Oil 6 cans 25c CHOCOLATE COOKIES, special . Lb. 19c TOMATO SOUP (Lee brand) .2 cans 15c BAKING POWDER, K. C, 25-oz. can . 19c REGULAR PRICE SALMON—Regular price. 2 cans 19c FANCY ALASKA PINK CHERRIES, Sturgeon Bay ^.. .2 cans 25c No. 2 cans—:fine quality, KIDNEY BEANS, Dark Red.; 2 cans 19c (No. 2 Cans) HEAD LETTUCE, large, solid. .2 hds. 15c SMALLER HEADS—, 5c BANANAS—Yellow ripe fruit. .5 lbs. 25c HEAVY BEEF Boils, Per lb.,. 4c Roasts, Tender Chuck, lb. 7c Hamburger, lb. 8c; 4 lbs. 25c (Pore Meat—No Cereal) Sirloin Steak, Special, per lb. 10c SCRAP SLICED BACON .5 lb. box 35c OI^EO, pound 99; 3 pounds .25c LARGE WIENIES .... Pound 10c BULK KRAUT (fresh barrel) .. Lb. 5c (Wholesale or Retail) Shoulder Pork Roasts^ lean, lb. .. Hara Roasts, young pOrk, lb. ... Spare Ribs, per pound ......... Pork Liver, per poun d — Whole Fresh Hams, pound Whole Fresh Shoulders, lb. LARD—Pure pork .4 lbs. 17c FANCY BABYrBEEF—CORN Fll:i) Boils, Rib orB^sket, H). ... 6c Roasts, Tender Chuck, lb. , .12y2C Rolled Prime Ribs (no waste) lb 18c Steaks, Round or ^irloin, lb. ...... 221/2C Baby Beef Liver, tender, lb . 18c Creamery, quarters or I solids, pound . tJpshaw's Guaranteed Country, lb. [ 19c 22c CHEESE (Longhorn) peii lb........I21 /2C Armonr's Star Hams half or wbole Lb.IIc ^Bacon Squares, home pf p cured, per lb. tl Home Cured, half oi- whole -| tVn slab, per lb lU^ Sliced, per lb. 15c; 2 lbs _25c Armour's Star or Swift's Premium Bacon, Pound cellophane, per Ibi ... .. .19c PEANUT BUTTER, lb. l©c; 3 lb&. ... 25p Peanut Butter, Pickwick, lb. 15c; 2 lbs.. 25c HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR HOGS! STODDARD ! MENZIE McFADDEN EVERYTHING FOR LESS KANSAS SEAL 48.1b. sack EMPIRE 48-lb. sack 85c 65c Blue Plums NO. 10 CAN 29€ Biilter POUND 19c PUFFED WHEAT POST BRAN RICE KRISPIES 2Pkgs .i9c 1 Matches^ 6 BOXES 19c Salt Texaco, 10-lb. Sack : P «G SOAP - 10 BARS Peaches&Apricots2No .2y2caii $25c Silverdale Brand~-Syrup^ Packed Coffee . SENSATION Drip Ground Pound j VaniUa 8-oz. JJOTTLK 19c Pound Powdered Sugar Free, Onfon Sets Per Gallon \ 25c Oliions -Large Yellow la -lbs. 19c Sweet Potatoes i PECiv ^ 15c New Cabbage POUND 3c SUGARi£t^-20ffts.89c PALMOLIVE SOAP, 3 BARS 19c 2 iimni Crystal White \ FREE PEABERRY Coffee 3 POUNDS poumrrw " * Tobacco • j Gulden Grain, Dukes, Durham ; 6 SACKS lie 1 •• ! CIGAREnES Camels, LucUes, Old Golds, Chesterfields 2 PACKAGES Pet Rmk I Large Cans . 5c Small Cans, 2-fOr 5<v Tomatoe 5 CANS RED PITTED NO. 10 CAN

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