Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 4, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 9
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Ann Landers answers your problems never lets his unhappiness show but I know he is hurt. Any sug- Dear Ann Landers: I am in love with a 21-year-old who has done something terrible. I am|gestions?—IMPASSE so ashamed of him I am sick at heart. Last night Phil told me he Dear Impasse: Continue to visit Janice in her home and was called up by the draftj^top bsggmg her to come to board and had to fill out a form. I yours. Make it clear that she On the form he stated he was a;is welcome anytinie but that homosexual. I asked why in thelyu will not ask her agam world he told such a lie and hel I'™ letting when you no replied, "Because I don't want,longer let the hurt show she U to go into the army, that's!change her attitude, why." Countdown for the birds SANTA MONICA (UPI) Douglas Aircraft Co. Engineers are quite used to space "bird" counldowns, but a pair of gray mourning doves counting down to parenthood is proving to be quite an experience. The doves, it seems, built their nest of scraps of electrical wiring and shreds of aluminum. Moreover, they located the bird home at the junction of two heavy metal beams amid a tangle of cables and pipes. Inside the nest, are two eggs, which the doves take turns sitting on, unperturbed by violent tests being conducted in the tower where tlie nest is located The tower happens to be the Philippines, U.S. Browt) accepts resignations closer than ever, ii' • i saysMacpagai of tt)ree state otticials We talked for a long time and MANILA (UPD—Despite recent anti-American outbursts in this country, Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal said today relations with the United States "have never been better." Macapagal said there was an "increasing awareness" on boih sides and that the United States had taken steps to remove certain irritants. He said, for example, the United .States had agreed to renegotiate its bases agreement v;ith the Pliilippmes. Macapagal also said the Pliil- site of breakaway tests of thejjppines y,^^ prepared to con,umbilical gantry for the Saturni^i^ip^ juij^g „^gyg i|,an just pro- Dear Ann Landers: Lester! S4B space vehicle which Doug-| ^jding non-military help to em- ., .J , ,(not his real name) and I wercjlas is building tor the National j^^mj goulh Viet Nam. Plul said, "There are enough ^^_pp^^^^ g^i„g ^l.^^y. I!Aeronautics and Space Admin-| bums and loafers around .who would rather go into the aj;nyj than work. I don't see why thej°^ °vi\h'Bruce (no 't his" real I atrTTound"' a ^ndlury 'reTemb- government has to pull men ° ^ ...... wanted to test my love for him so I accepted a date on the istration (N.-^SA). Engineers say the tests gener- away from good jobs when tlieyj^^'g^^'^,^^^^ Lester heard I wasi's 'iTam I ling a locomotive under full don't want to go. If a man says he is a homo- out with Bruce and he took hisi father's car and went looking sexual is he excused from thelfoj. ^g. The pohce picked him army? If it's true, then anyonei^p running a red light. Also who doesn't want to serve could |f,g l,as no driver's license be- Strawberry man faces heavy crop loss SALINAS (UPI) — The nation's largest strawberry grower expects to lose more than three-quarters of this season's crop because of a lack of pickers. Clancy Wilson, the field su- Phil could be charged withlrible that a kid who isn't even;Wendent of Salinas Straw- fraud, which might mean somelold enough to get a driver's!b^"/ n^ThT^nnf ^tv p nnn time in the cooler-or he could'license is so tangled up with ail'^OO °^ company s 2,000 use homosexuahfy as an excuse. Please teU me what the outcome of this horrible thing will be?— OUTA MY SKULL Dear Skull: Phil will be called in for a psychiatric examination and asked for a letter of verifi- cause he is underage. This is the second time Lester has been picked up so now he's in big trouble, not only with the police but with his folks. Lester's mother telephoned me and said it was all my fault „ ,. , , . ... because if I hadn't two-timed cation from his physician. Theni,,pj. not be in this he wiU be questioned by a psy- n^gs, ^v ^at do you think? - chiatnst who will determine! gL^jj^O from his answers tliat he is ly ' Dear Blamed: I think it's ter- be inducted promptly. The draft! board will decide. Dear Ann Landers: In September I married a man who!steady, so if you came to me lost his wife six years ago. We;for support you rattled the wrong get along well together and our;cage. Toots. And where is YOUR marriage is just about perfect. | mother anyway? There's only one serious flaw.' acres in the Salmas area were "just rotting" for lack of pickers. „ .„„, "Furthermore, we are losing You know my views on going. ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ased on girl that he goes looking for her when he hears she is out with someone else. the production figures of our volunteer pickers," he added. The California Labor Federation in San Francisco said that says she can't bear to come here because there are too many memories. She grew up in this house and was married in the living room. My husband and I must go to her home it we wish to sec her and the family. I have begged her to make the effort but she says she can't. Her father is the type who with your request 35 cents m coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. No Troop Report There have been unconfirmed t rc()orls here and in Saigon that 'the' Philippines might commit combat ti-oops to South Viet Nam. Macapagal neither confirmed nor denied the reports. The United States has come under fire from various sectors in the Philippines in recent months because of economic privileges enjoyed by .'Americans and the presence of the U.S. military bases. Most of the criticism has come from the outspoken Philippine press. There have also been nine anti- .American demonstrations. "Philippine - American relations have never been better than now . . .", Macapagal told UPI in an interview. "There is an increasing awareness on the part of both peoples and their contemporary leaders that their affinity of ideals, common security and mutual welfare make it. . .imperative to maintain the alliance and collaborative effort between them in the pursuit of their national interests." Touches On Irritants Touchmg on recent irritants between the two countries, Macapagal noted: The bases agreement is in a atisfaclory process of revision, to the Laurel-Langley trade in accordance with the jJolmson - Macapagal communi­ que, both governments are un- separate studies in SACRAMENTO (UPI) — The resignations of three state officials have been accepted by Gov. Edmund G. Brown who questioned their judgment in accepting a free dinner at a San Diego bowling alley. The three were Arthur Belcher of Hillsborough, chairman of the AlcohoUc Beverage Control Appeals Board; Robert H. Haden of Merced, a member of the board; and Dominic Tavaglione of Riverside, former chairman and a member of the State Athletic Commission. Brown announced Monday night that he accepted their resignations after reviewing information gathered by investigators for Atty. Gen. Thomas C. Lynch on the dinner. The governor said the inquiry showed that none of the three men violated the law but that each used questionable judgment by attending the dinner. Brown told a news conference today that the attorney general's report contained no information that would reflect on others in state government. But the governor steadfastly refused to make the complete report public. He said it contained "rumors and hearsay" evidence and taurant and bowling alley operated by the Matranga family. At the time, the family did not have any eases pending before the appeals board but it had cases at the department level. The governor said Tavaglione arranged the dinner party and acted under an impression that proceedings against the owner by the Alcoholic Beverage Con- Redlands Daily facts Tuesday, May 4, 1965 -9 would be returned to the attor--''^''^''-" trol department were "unjustly;some was not. nied feat they were guilty of any wrongdoing and met with Brown March 26. -After the conference, the governor announced that he would hold the resignations in abeyance until Lynch 's staff had investigated the incident. Brown received Lynch's report during the weekend and studied it before deciding to accept the resignations. He said some of the information gathered in the probe was substantiated and ney general. When contacted at his home, Belcher told a newsman that:on March 25 when Brown's ex- Brown had not spoken to himjecutive secretary, Winslow Chris- about accepting the resignation, itian, announced that the gover- He added: "I have no plans to nor had accepted Belcher's and "There is no suggestion in The fact that the three men;any of the material that the twu went to the dinner came to hght;members have acted improper- talk to the governor—I'm in Um­ bo, that's all." The three men attended a din- ly in any of the hundreds of cases they have considered in their official capacities," Brown said. •'.'\s a matter of fact, the evidence indicates they have Haden's resignations. Christian said at the time they;done outstanding jobs. The at- had accepted courtesies from attorney general's material also ner March 24 at the La Mesa:licensee. !makes it clear they did not vio- Bowl, a combination bar, res-i Both Belcher and Haden de-'late any law." in the farm labor crisis, federation secretary-treasurer Thom- Send them to her in care of as Pitts said, "whether it's Redlands Daily Facts, P.O. Box 191, enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Copyright 1965, PubUshers Newspaper Syndicate. Hospifal spokesman asks revision WASHINGTON (UPI) — A hospital spokesman today urged Congress to eliminate from the administration's medicare bill a proposed requirement that beneficiaries pay the first ?40 themselves. Joseph Tcrenzio, of the Amer- those same fields. Commenting on pressure by;'!"':' tions provided in tlie pact shortly before 1974." The Laurel - Langley agreement provides for preferential treatment for PhiUppine raw material exports to the U.S. while at the same time giving American exporters preferential "Take a peek at our new paneled family room" "Over 18 feet long and more than six feet wide- the neighbors are simply green. "And the way it's furnished- wall-to-wall carpeting, saddle-grain vinyl on the seats. "The paneling? Dreamy! Rich, deep, laminated walnut grain. "Who's the builder? Dodge, of course." strawberries or any other crop, the growers' repeated cries that crops are rotting in the fields always ignores the fact that hundreds of thousands of domestic farm workers have rot -i , , v., -i- ted in those same fields for decm the Phdippmes ades due to deplorable working:,^d ^Americans with Filipinos in explotmg ippine natural resources. bill has been introduced by Sen. Edward Long, D-Mo. Unemployment: Commerce Secretary John T. Connor told the Senate Banking Committee that although unemployment is at a seven-year low it still is ; too high. He testified in support ican Hospital Association, said'of President Johnson's proposed his organization has long op-: public ivorks and economic deposed deductibles "because wc vclupmcn act. do not believe they accomplish voting Rights: Southern scna- thcH- intended purpose of con- ,0,.^ continued today an app;ir- Irollmg hospital usage." , pntly doomed campaign to cut lie Icslifiod before the Senate! the "trigger" provision from I'inancc Committee which is the administration-backed vot- considering the administration's, ing rights bill. The Southern- .SS billion health bill, approved; crs want the bill to be acti- conditions and grossly inadequate pay." "Neither the state nor federal] government has any business,as soon as farmers provide j playing personnel agency for the:competitive pay, they will get ^•'growers," he said, adding thatlworkers for the fields. Power outlets? Glati you asked. 383 2-bbl. V8 standard; 383 4-bbl., 413 and 426 V8's optional. Other performance options include a Sure Grip differential and a trailer towing package. Two- or three-seat models available to suit your lancy. Custom 880 wagon-besl-looking room on the road. 'BS Dadgm Wssgans ------^SSBSIB VAN DORIN MOTOR CO. 1617 West Redlands Blvd. WATCH "THE BOB HOPE SHOW." NBC-TV. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTING. Redlands CHECK YOUR CAR ... CHECK YOUR DRIVING ... CHECK ACCIDENTS. by the House. The deductible was S20 in all previous bills but is S40 in the House-approved version. Terenzio endorsed the bill except for his reservations on the deductible. He was joined by other witnesses in supporting the legislation which would finance the plan through the Social Security system. Other congressional news: Military Operations: Con- ated only by the courts rather than leave it in its present form which allows the bill's force to bypass the courts. Cigarettes: The Senate Commerce Committee postponed until Wednesday expected approval of legislation to require health warnings on the packages of all cigarettes sold in this country. Action had been set for today but was postponed when Johnson called lawmakers gressional leaders applauded j to the White House for the for- President Johnson alter heieign policy briefmg. asked for 8700 miUion morej Drugs: Dr. Frances 0. Kcl- over the next two months to'.sey, the government scientist responsible for the first warnings about the danger of thalidomide to unborn infants, was scheduled to testify before ^tee /4dmcddc0^ — 'PoCcmaid (^cimena, 'Da^ — 'pice /4cCmcd4ccK — 'PoCcifuKcC (^^cunena. Cordially Invites You to Attend Our 2nd Annual Polaroid Free Camera Day and Owner Clinic On May 6 finance U.S. military operations in the Dominican Republic and South Viet Nam. Packaging: An AFL - CIO, spokesman told the Senate Com-IHolse „ merce Committee that there is i subcommittee hearing on drug! definite need for a proposed safety. bill to require truthful pack-; Investigation: Air Force Sec- ages and labels on consumer, rotary Eugene government operations Zuckerl w a s "oods Industry witnesses ar-i called before a House armed gued however, that the bill j services special investigations would result in rigid govern-1 subcommittee hearing into ac- ment control of free enterprise; tivities of the Aerospace Corp. marketing. Mall: Two Kcpublican congressmen. Rep. Durward HaU of Missouri and Glenn Cunningham ot Nebraska, said they had introduced bills aimed at protecting an individual's mail from the prying eyes of government investigators. A similar of California. Comptroller General Joseph CampbeU was also scheduled to appear. RedSands Plumbing Co. 520 Texas St. 792-3360 Air Force warns of sonic booms EDWARDS AF-B (UPI) — .•\ir Force F104s and F106s will conduct high altitude flights that might result in sonic booms today, according to an air force spokesman. The Au- Force made the ad vance warning Jlonday and said the tests will extend through Thm^sday. Tlie tests will be made in the base's supersonic test corridor extendmg from north of Needles on the Colorado River to the base test facility. Although the .Mr Force said every effort would be made to restrict sonic boom effects, the statement was issued because of numerous sonic booms reported after similar exercises two weeks ago. ''SHOPS" CLINIC WILL BE THURS., MAY 6 AT 12:30 3:00 7:30 P.M. HOLIDAY INN 666 FAIRWAY DRIVE, SAN BERNARDINO Everyone Welcome - No Admission Charge • Door Prizes SEE... 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