The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 27, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCT. 27,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THREE I NEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that you can show your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through this page. Please call the society editor, telephone 106. Choir—The choir of Emanuel Lutheran church will rehearse this evening in Mayor Proclaims Navy Day Today PROCLAMATION: WHEREAS, Navy Day will be observed throughout this nation .today, Friday, Oct. 27, for the purpose of honoring the personnel and officers of our country's sea forces who stand at 7:30 o'clock Luther hall. To Florida—Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Mercereau, East Ludington Uilwl .^ „„ „„. „„.„.„._„ avenue, will leave on Saturday of • those whO) since the es t a b- Jor Dunedin, Fla., where they i is h me nt of our Navy by act winter ^ u " - Mrs. North ready to defend our land and institutions against invasion and aggression by unfriendly powers and influences, and to pay tribute to the memories will spend the To Illinois Leuwer, 204 street, left/ today months. Beatrice Staffon for Peoria, 111 , where she will visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ernest Chadwick. Surgery-- Dr. R. A. Davis, 105 South Lavinia street, has btsen admiUed to Butterworth hospital, Grand Rapids, where he will undergo major surgery on Tuesday. Oct. 31. Announce Birth — Mr. and Mrs. Norman Killey, 909 South Washington avenue, announce the birth of a daughter, on Thursday morning, at home. The baby weighed six pounds at birth and has been named Carmine Nadine. From Detroit—Mrs. Nora Hayes, 405 South Staffon .street, and Mi.s.s Bernice Fitch, 322 North Rowe street, returned to their homes Ijii.s morning after attending the state Women's Christian Temperance Union convention at Detroit. Story Hour—Children are reminded of the .story hour, held at the Ludington public library on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mis.« Doris Shoffner will tell "The Stolen Wings" and "Tinker and the Fur Coat" during the hour this week. Rcurncd Home—Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parks. 306 South George street, returned to their home on Thursday morning after taking their daughter. Alyce, to Blodgett hospital at Grand Rapids, where Fhe will undergo surgery on Saturday morning. Correction—Winner of the high prize in pinochle at the party sponsored on Tuesday of Congress in 1775, have ever been ready in the national defense, many of them laying down their lives in the performance of their patriotic duties; and WHEREAS, that so be nationally day will observed alas the anniversary of the birth of "The Father "of Our Modern Navy," Theodore Roosevelt, who brought sharply to our people the need for an adequate defense by sea; and WHEREAS, this nation always has been foremost in giving of its wise counsel for the preservation of world wide peace, and today desires nothing more than the return of peace to the entire world, proposing to meddle not in the affairs of other nations and maintaining only its rijjht to protect its own borders, its institutions and its people and Demands For Red Cross Services ^ _ Prompt Greatest Roll Call in 20 Years their liberties. THEREFORE, be that I, Edward J. mayor of the city it resolved Thompson, of Ludington, by the virtue of the auth- j ority vested in me by law, do designate Friday, Oct. 27, as Navy day, so to be observed and celebrated in this community by the appropriate display of the national colors, and by means of such programs and patriotic meetings and readings as may be arranged to commemorate the occasion. FURTHER, I strongly urge that in all of the churches of this community prayers be offered to Almighty God that our country may maintain its peace and dignity toward all other nations, at the same time continuing its splendid evening by Ludington aerie No. j efforts and influence for peace 1354. Fraternal Order of Eagles L monR all tne peoples of the was Mrs. Mary Peterson, not ' - - H H .Peterson as was 'stated in Thurs- Mrs. Harry erroneously dav's Daily .News. To" Six-Mile Lake—Mr. and Mrs. -Godfrey Hallberg, 416 Norton William street, left this morning for Six-Mile lake to VisR with Mrs. HalFberg's sister. Mrs. Henry Haney. They expect to be gone until Sunday. From Flint —Mrs. William Marble, daughter. Carol, and sbn, Billy, returned today from Flint, where they spent a week in visiting. Mrs. Marble's father. Seaman Thompson. Miss | Winifred Marble, who accompanied them to Flint, will visit at the home of her grandfather for some time. To Ann Arbor—Donald Johnson of 601 First street left on Thursday for Ann Arbor to vi.sitat, the home of his brother-in-law ;itul sister, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Engel. "While in Ann Arbor,' Mr. Johnson will attend the Michigan-Yale football game, to be played on Saturday. Pictured—All interested persons are reminded of the showing of the motion picture "The Pay Off." to take place at 7:30 o'clock Sunday evening in First Methodist church as a part of the Temperance Sunday program. There will be no admis- .sion charge but a free-will offering will be taken to defray expenses of the showing. To Ann Arbor—Dr. A. E. Ras- mus-sen, 506 North Jame.s street, accompanied by his son, Andrew Jr., and Ben Gregory Jr. of 923 East Ludington avenue, left this morning for Ann Arbor, where Dr. Rasmussen will attend a .special dental clinic at the University of Michigan today and Saturday. Before returning to Ludington, the Rasmussens and Ben will attend the Michigan- Yale football game, to be played on Saturday. among world. EDWARD J. THOMPSON, Mayor of Ludjugton, Mich. This 27th day of October, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-Nine. Ludington Couple Honored by Firm Register of Deeds, and Mrs. John Pehrson, who recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary, were tho surprised recipients Wednesday of an unusual gift from H. J.'Heinz and Co. Widely known for its "57 varieties," the company Lj this, year presenting gift boxes oi' their' products to couples celebrating their 57th wedding anniversaries. The gift box Mr. and Mrs. Pehrson received, weighed in the neighborhood of 200 pounds and contained one of each of "Heinz's Half Million Workers Ready for Membership Drive ^ Freesoil who visited in Manistee Tuesday afternoon. Edward Crawford visited his farm in Browntown Tuesday. Fountain Mrs. John Boehm visited Monday afternoon with Mrs. Daisy Webster of Ludington, who is ill at the home of her sister, Mrs. Melard Warren. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McFarland left Thursday morning to attend the Michigan Educational association in Grand Rapids and will go to Owosso Saturday, Oct. 28, where they Will visit friends and return home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William Zimmerman have moved from their farm in the Ford lake district to Fountain where they will spend the winter months. Mrs. H. J. Gregory entertained with a 6 o'clock dinner honoring her husband's birthday, Oct. 24. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. William Tubbs of Freesoil and Mr. and Mrs. F. W, Reek. BABY CLOTHES, FLAGS AND FOUNDER, ALL SPELL RED CROSS— At top left Red Cross volunteer packs Infant's layette for European war victims: right, No. 1 Roll Call got under way at Washington, D. C., when Legion honor guard raised flags; lower, Mrs. Peter DeGraw, 90-year-old Washlngtonian and only surviving founder of American Red Cross 58 years ago, reminisces with Secretary of War Woodring, two of the first citizens to join their local chapter '"pHE American Red Cross embarks •*• on its greatest membership Roll Call in two decades November 11 when a half million volunteers working in virtually every community In the nation, will seek increased membership strength to meet growing demands for Red Cross services, Chairman Norman H. Davis has announced. Increased membership support has been prompted by an urgent need for extending Red Cross services not only in this country, but as a result of appeals from Red Croat societies in war-stricken European nations, Mr. Davis said. •$ "Although the Red Cross must meet the cries from war-stricken Europe, we of America must not slacken our effort to reduce the peace-time forms of human suffering found in this country," Mr. Davis declared. "The 5,700,000 American inen and women who enrolled as members of the Red Cross last year enabled the organization to meet th« needs of sufferers In 157 disaster* during the year, as well as to train hundreds of thousands In First Aid, Life Saving and health education." COLDS ^ftC^-T^ Relieve misery as 3 out ft ":¥?', v| of 5 mothers do. Rub I k'"\ 11- • -i I throat ' chest ' back with VICKS VAPORUB IN OUR BARGAIN BASEMENT MEN'S OVERCOATS Sizes 39—46 1.70 A geuine bargain. PENNEY'S IN THIS SUNDAY'S CHICAGO i AT 57 Varieties " A few days before ! cal .selection, "Riding Down the '/ou Till We Meet Again." arrival of the Rift, Mr. and Mrs.! Trail When the Desert Sun Goes j M ^ All rolp Mvrtle Pehrson received a telegram of Down" and also an encore. j Mesdames Alee Cole, Myrtle felicitations from the packing The meeUng closed by repe at- | Kinfffan'dMr^filrr^lgS- company. • },-,„ t j le Townsend pledge and aimussen and daughter and Levi verse of the song "God Be With Stanley were among those from Townsend Club Has Meeting Tuesday FREESOIL. — An Townsend meeting interest ing: was held . 4:30 p. m. , 7:30 p. m. 5:45 p. m. Time Schedules Mail, Rail, Boat and Bus Pen- Mnrqucltc Passenger Trains Westbound, arrive 11:25 it. m. EiiKtbouncl, leave 12:50 p. m. Dally, except Sundays I'crc Maniucttc Carfcrrles Lonve for Milwaukee, Wls 11 a. m.. 7 p. in. Arrive from Milwaukee 2:30 n. m., 9:30 a. m. Leave for Mimltowoc, Win 4 p. m., 3:30 a. m. Arrive from Mnnltowoc 3:30 a. m., 2:30 p. m. Leave for Kewaunee, Wl« , p «. m. Additional sailings without regard to Hchrdulo. Dntly, Sundays Included Call clock office for dally Information. All boulu curry automobiles. Bus Lines Leave for Muskegon, etc. . .8:30 a. m.. 12:30 p. m., 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Muskegon, etc. ..10:50 a, m., 4:05 p. m., 7:35 p. m. Leave for Traverse City, etc 11 a. m., 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City, etc 11:59 a. m., 0 p. in. Daily. Sundays Included Leave for Baldwin 5:30 p. m. OutKolne Mail Weekdays Southbound mail (mall truck) closes 9:30 a. m. Eiwtbound mall (train) connecting with north and south trains, closes 11:30 a. m. Southbound (mall bus) closes 3:30 p. m. Eastboiuid (bu«) connecting with. north and south trains, 4:30 p. m. Outgoing innll Sundays (mull truck) closes ........................ 5 p. m. Incoming Mail Weekdays Prom south (mull truck) ....... 8 a. in. From east (train) .......... 11:45 a. in. Krom Mouth (mall bus) ...... 10:45 a. m. From eaat (bus) ............ 9:40 p. in. Incoming mail, Sundays (mail truck) ..................... 9:30 a. in. FROM SCOTTVILLE Pert- Marquette PasseiiRer Trains From east, arrive ........... 11:10 a. m. EastbounU, leave ............ 1 :0'2 p. m. Bus Lilies Leave for Traverse City, etc ............. 11 :15 a. m. Arrive from Traverse City, otc ............. 11:45 a. in. Leave for Lucllngton ---- 11:45 a. m. Arrive from Ludlnt;- ton ..11:15 n. in., 5:45 p. m., 7:15 p. m. Leave for Baldwin ........... 5:45 j>. in. Arrive from Baldwin ......... . . .9 p. m. Outgoing Mail Northbound mall (mall truck) closes ...................... 7 :30 a. m. Southbound mall (mail truck) closes ...................... 9:15 a. m. Westbound (train) closes ..10:40 a. m. Ettstbound (train), connecting with north and south trains, closes .................... 12:40 p. m. Eastbound (bus), connecting with north and south trains, close. 1 ! ...................... 5:30 p. m. Westbound (bus) closes . ..... 6 p. in. Incoming Mail From south (mail truck) ....8:30 a. in. A'rrives from, east (train) ....11:10 a. m. Arrives from west (train) ....1:02 p. m. Arrives from west (bus) ..... 0:00 p. m. Tuesday evening in the tuwnlmll. The meoUiiK was called to order by the president, Mr. Lydic. and was opened with the Lord's prayer, a verse of the song "America" and the "Allegiance to the Flag." The secretary, Mrs. Coon, read the minutes of the last meeting and Mr. Coon gave the treasurer's report. The president read the Townsend Creed and Bulletin 107 after which it was decided to purchase ' 100 copies of the Nov. 17 issue of the Townsend Weekly. Mrs. George Rayle favored with two readings entitled, "The Good Days Are Not Better" and "Which Way from Here," and Clare, Bert and Edward Tyler gave \a musi- •x—- -x— #—•#—-x- -#—*—* * I * I * * I •X-- Old Fashioned Hallowe'en Parly Saturday Evening Let's Get Together! Middle Bayou Tavern -*—*—*—* *—*—# New Dresses Read TTTP send for a FREE iveaa inji SAMPLE COPY Wall Street Journal for Complfet* Markets and all BUSINESS—FINANCIAL- INDUSTRIAL News The Newspaper of Successful Business Men and InTestors 14 BROAD ST., NEW YORK, N. Y. In new weaves, Venetian cord and ribbed rayons. A "Rib" fabric for the coming holidays, these dresses fit aind flatter nine out ten who try them. Each has a figure line that is unusually wearable for every type. Colors, black, blue, green and blackberry, sizes 12 to 20 and 38 to 46. Price range from W«uv to SPECIALS ON GOLD STRIPE HOSIERY—Prices are going up so lake advantage of our one-day hose offer of GOLD STRIPE in regular and adjustable. AII 85c no ^ o Values at • **\j ^ pairs THE MODE "Distinctively Different" South James Street Ludington $5.50 to $13.50 ANOTHER INSTALLMENT Or DARON'S MARKET 505 S. James Street SPRINGERS or LING HENS, fresh dressed, BEEF KETTLE or CHUCK ROAST, lb. ROLLED BONELESS BEEF RIB ROAST, lb. BOSTON BUTT PORK ROAST, lean and very little bone, lb. REGULAR SLAB BACON, iby the <• Q*» piece, lb. JLOV VEAL SHOULDER, .. lb. SALT SIDE PORK, streak of lean and a streak of fat, , FRESH SIDE PORK, VEAL CHOPS, lb. SHORT RIBS OF BEEF, lean and \ fjf Xj meaty, lb. PHONE 413 BUYER'S INDEX Don't let the pressure of a busy day cause you to lose sight of the fact that in the eyes of your son you are truly a hero! He looks to you for guidance. He likes to imitate you! When wearing "Foot-Fashion" fine shoes for men you keep more active and better fitted to your role. See our wide selection of these finer shoes today! $1.98 to $6.50 Sizes C to 12. Widths AA to EE. READ f THE ADS* Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER . . . YOU CAN:T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEM! Lives of Hollywood \ & Week :, SONJA MENIE TYRONE POWER Saturday REGULAR $3.50 BLACK KID Nurse Oxfords $2.98 FOR HOUSEWIVES, NURSES, OFFICE WORKERS, FACTORY WORKERS AND ALL WHO NEED ' COMFORTABLE SHOES. Birke's Shoe Store 117 S. James St. Ludington ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair BUI* LUDINGTvON AUTO SALES Phone 600 W. Loomlg Street HAVE YOUE * Gas Tank Filled * Oil Changed * Car Lubricated * Battery Charged * Tires Repaired * Car Washed * Accessories HERE Right and Reasonable SUBURBAN'SERVICE STATION Ludington Ave. and Lewis St.—Phone 570-W. INTIMATE SECRETS OF THEIR 1 LIVES... NEVER BEFORE TOLD I

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