The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 20, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 20
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THE BUCCANEERS' MOVES FAST Pirates Save New Orleans- but Hero Doesn't Win Gal «S^AUSTiN (Mtnn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, Wi FOR THEM, THE SEA — Lafitte, Bonnie Brown and Dominique You go back to the sea in the final scene. By BURGY If you like a fast-moving show, ^.you'll put In a vote for "The Buccaneers," which opens at the Paramount Theater Dec. 25 for a six-day run. All of a sadden the show Is ever, and you'll look at your watch and be surprised how fast the time has slid by. At least, that was our experience at the preview. There are no time - delaying songs and dances, and no long embraces to hold up progress. The action is under way Immediately and continues to what proves a somewhat bitter end for Jean Lafitte, played by Yul Brynner. Those who have retentive minds for history studied "way back when" will recall that the buccaneer came to the aid of General Andrew Jackson in New Orleans at the critical moment in the War of 1812. In producing the movie, Cecil B. De Mille has put gobs of money ($5 million) into the effort to at- tact paving customers at box offices to see an historic picture smacking of authenticity. Three especially noteworthy scenes are the burning of "The Corinthian," the Battle of New Orleans and the Grand Victory Ball. We liked the battle the best, with Lafitte and his pirates saving Gen. Jackson's forces. The British used rockets against American troops in the Battle of New Orleans, foreshadowing modem warfare in an action nearly 150 years ago. Paramount special effect technicians constructed Congreve rockets from old specifications for the scene. Ball and Antiques Women fans will enjoy as much the Victory Ball, in which Brynner and Inger Stevens do a thrilling dance number. Morrie Steinman, Paramount publicity man in St. Paul, points out that the two stars and a large group of dancers rehearsed for nearly a week to perfect the sequence. The women also find an antique dealer's heaven is the interior of Lafitte's home, ornate* ly furnished In striking contrast to the rough bat romantic exterior of his swampland stronghold near New Orleans. Many months were devoted to unearthing the needed articles. Luckily, some old California families ^ * • . II Network Television 1 •"••••••^ ^^^^"•'^^•Ell.t.fa'.TJl Thursday, December 25 1C) Means 'rogram to u Color 6.05 AM. S-Oarle) Stone 6/36 •.«». S. 10— Continental Classroom * 7.00 «.*». 4 Slegfrela" S. MpTeehn 7:45 ».m. 4— Cbrlitmas Shew tt.-Wi «.**. 3, 4— Cept. Raagaree 8/45 «.*». 1 New 9/00 «.*• >. 4— far Love at Money {_. lA"""DMWlt &f> lULl 9/30 «.mv X 4-Pley Hunch *, IS— Ircasurt HMt 10:00 «.**. J. 4. S-Gedtrey I. 10— Prke Is Right 10: 13 a.m B— Cam Moore t 10:30 *.m. S, 10— Concentration *— Q»ii f CalheUc J, 4 •— Lwe of Life 5. JO-Tk To* Doug* * Day HI Ceert If/30 «.*». 1, 4, (-Search f. IB-Could N tea *— feler Haves 1 t r/i^rf ?u!* ¥ f ii^*B*^ fBet J2.-00 m 12:10 p.m. 1 •— Living Storybook 12:15 p.m. W— Chratme* Show 12:20 p.m. f— Treasure Chest 72/30 p.m. t— At World Tun* 4— All Star Theater e— Mothers Day B— Mis* Brooks l.OO p.m 1. 4. B— Jimm. Deaa 5— Truth or Const(— Uberace l.i(J p.m. 1. B— House Party 4-LinkKtter S— Heggls Boggis •—New Weather. Clubs ' I 4O ft i» &__u •* ' "•"' l*~~fVIS|llMO £•00 p.m. 4 — Merune* $he« 3. •— Big payoff S-Teday Is Ours e— Chance »o- Romance 2/30 p.m. 1. 4. t— Verdict Vourt S, 10— from These Roots t— Pendulwn 3.00 p.m. {• 4, B— Brighter Pay S, 10— Q.u*t* for Day t— Beat Cock 3/75 p.m. \ 4, B— S:c'c> Stem 3/30 p.m. ^ij-^ty'feif t— Who Oe >ou Trint 4:00 p.m. »— Sho» 4-«Arouno tew e~~ Am Bandstand B— Western Theater 10— Oral Roberts 4;30 p.m. 4-Aut ft Dog S— Last et Mobicae* IPStar Shall Use 5.-00 p.m. > — Huckleberry Hound S— Robia Heoa 6— Texas Raegen B-Jungle Jiia 10— Jet Jackson 5:30 p.m. J— Time Out tor Talk 4— Pooeve $— Hi-Five Time J— Disney Adventure Time «— K!ddl»« Hour 10— Huckle'.-erry HPOM! 6:00 p.m 1. 4, J, B. 10— New* Weatnei Sports •—Weather 6:75 p.m. 6— Don Coddard 10— NBC News 6:20 pm S— Yea Should Know 6/30 p.m. I— Annie Oakley 4—1 Love Lacy 5, 10— Jefferson Drum t— Leave It to Beaver B — Disney Presents 7.00 PM. 1, 4— December Bride S— Ed Wyna *— Zorro 10— he Hunt 7:30 p.m. 3« 4 — Derringer S, 10— Could Be Toe •—Got Secret •— Reat McCoys 8.OO p.m. 3. 4 — Zone Grey S— Behind Closed Do«rs t— Pot Booae *— Mwic 10— Rescue B S.JO p.m. 3. 4, B— Playhouse 90 (C) S, 10-lrnli Fort e— Rough Riders 9.OO p.m. S. 10— Bet Yew Life *— Man Withe** «a» rt.J/i ^. 9:30 p.m. S— Masquerade Party (C) 4— Judge Been 10— V. S. Marshal ZO.OO p.m. J. 4.». t, 1, 10-Newi, Weethei Sports 10:15 p.m. *— John Doty 10:20 p.m. 1-rThis If Your Life JO.-30 p.m, 3— City Detective 4— Mickey SoUlaae S— Ten-few 6— Hour of Stars 10— Jack Paar Show 70.35 p.m. 10-Mevie 70:50 p.m. B— Cbarapioe Bowling 7 7. -00 p.m. 4 — Playhouse S— Jack Pear 22 m t— New* CHARLTON H E S T O N— A great General Jackson. still have Spanish antiques dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, which gave authenticity t* the setting. "The Buccaneers" has much that the popular westerns do not have, and it is as virile as any. It has rollicking pirate antics mixed in with a touching love triangle, and it even has a little boy and girl toj»elp'out. Fact is, the boy even has a dog Qutan Directs Anthony Quinn, two • time Academy award winner for acting, directed the pirate movie, and he has taken full advantage of a grand array of stars. Henry Wilcoxon, producer under DeMille's supervision lined up the cast. Brynner's publicity in recent months has been meteoric climaxed by his recent assignment to take over the role left vacant by the death of Tyrone Power in "Solomon and Sheba". Brynner takes on a new personality in his Buccaneer role of Jean Lafitte. Academy Award winner for his performance in "Tbe King and I," be forsakes bis succession of kingly roles to portray the patriot - buccaneer who aided the cause of America. Change of Pace Currently seen by millions around the world as the Pharaoh Ramses II in DeMille's "The Ten Commandments," Brynner was the YUL BRYNNER — As Jean INGER STEVENS —The , Lafitte he's head mart/ governor's lovely daughter. CLAIRE BLOOM—As Bon- CHARLES BOYER — Charnie Brown she loves, hates ming—this time as No. 2 Lafitte. Pirate. only star considered for the part of Lafitte. Always previously seen •• stage and screen with shaven head, Brynner for the first time appears with a full bead of hair. He plays the character of Lafitte to the hilt. "I think he was a pirate mostly by circumstances," said Brynner who steeped himself in Lafitte history before starting "The Buccaneer." "Circumstances probably made him fight for survival and brought him into association with pirates. He was as creative as he could be and was a strong-willed man with great self-discipline. He obviously had a great knowledge of how to make people like him and follow him. Inevitably, he had to end up at the top of whatever he did. So he ended up being the leader of the pirates." As presented la "The Bucca- 'Hasty Heart' Wins Praise From Mercer By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK (AP)—Broadway supplied television with a work of superb entertainment Thursday night when "The Hasty Heart" was- presented on CBS-TV. Don Murray gave » tremendous performance as » dour, doomed Scottish sergeant of World War n who tried to reject love and friendship in a Burma hospital. Barbara Bel Geddes, who appears on television too infrequently, was grand as the nurse who fell in love with the sergeant. Jackie Cooper was outstanding as the Yankee member of the international set of patients in a field hospital. Fine direction by Tom Donovan and Robert Wallsten'a faithful adaptation of the John Patrick drama helped to make this Gordon Puff production the best Du Pont Show of the Month this season. Ludi Claire Stars in Another TV Ploy Ludi Claire, the actress-playwright who did such a wonderful job adapting Thornton Wilder's "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" for TV. has just finished doing a TV version of Wilder's light-hearted "Heaven's My Destination." It may be a late spring offering. neer", Lafitte, although not accepted socially, is a charming rascal who falls in love with Inger Stevens, who plays the governor'* daughter. Hestoi • Favorite Charlton Heston was first and only choice to portray Andrew Jackson. Heston a few years back was seen as Jackson when he occupied the presidency in "The President's Lady." In /'The Buccaneer," he to seen as Jacks** at the earlier period when as general he lee] the American forces U victory In the Battle of New Orleans !• the War of Ml*, which brought the presidency to the lanky patriot. Heston is already assured enduring fame for bis dedicated and brilliant portrayal of Moses la "The Tea Commandments." Charles Boyer, long-time favorite of millions of movie lovers, adds another triumph to his many as Lafitte's right - band • man, Dominique You. He's gallant and lovable as the No. 2 men of the pirate gang. A FIERY ROLE Claire Bloom plays the fiery Bonnie Brown, pirate gal who both loves and hates Lafitte. E. G. Marshall appears as Claiborne, Louisiana governor, and Henry Hull as an interesting bit part as Jackson's aide-de-camp. Jerry Hartlebon plays the boy "Miggs." YOUR COMPLETE AUTO. 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