The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 26, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 6
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' r jw, i'M,j,, » 'iyi ^ t »?«_' , -i . K] !,,"•> m-)i/* l> -< rl T"«nt j, ' <J ^IfVy,'^" -I T ^ v ^ tW 1 ^ t r THE BAKEKSFIELD CALIFORNIA!*, THURSDAY,.JANUARY 20, 1933 . SCHUUP S NEWS % WEEK CAN t HAVE liOCRV, L. IL^ftutflB M/-UUl»XSf AlM^l « 1^^ HAVE TO MAKE. . THAT DO-I Only the BEST will "do" when It comes to foods! That's why The Palms Drlve-ln Market features Monarch Foods, Cnsa Loma Eggs, Danish Butter and other products of equal merit. This home-town •tore'guarantees your satisfaction. Tune In on'KFI Sunday at 1.1 o'clock a. m. for Monarch program. Specials for Friday and Saturday Sunshine Sugar Wafers Ib. (Jig-Saw Puzzle Free) 25c Armour's Peaches, Sliced or Halves Armour's Preserves, Assorted..38-oz. glass Wellman Sockeye Salmon... tall can Lighthouse A I lift Cleanser w for IUB Crlsco O K.O.«» O ibs. OJC Pineapple Lux Soap. Rlnso Lifebuoy Soap.., Lux 3, I9c large ISC 3 20c .large pkg. siZC Z3C Bring Your Coupons Blue Tip Matches '.carton California Home Catsup 18-oz. Heinz Vinegar quart I7c GUTTER AND £GGS 22c 23c 45c 32c .Ib. Ibs. Danish Butter Casa Loma Eggs, Large Extras doz. Sugar, IA Cane • W Coffee, Hills Ib. 2-1 b. Tin, 62c Maxwell House, Coffee Ib. 2-lb. Tin, 53c Jell-o M 1 for 27c 25c Black Orange Pekoe 1 Ib. 54c '/ 2 Ib. 29c Green 1Ib.43c «/ 2 Ib. 22c YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THIS MALTED MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Free Recipe In Every Sack GOLD MEDAL FLOUR "KITCHEN-TESTED" 24i/ 2 -lb. Sack Blsguick 296 Gold M«dal Cake OB- &9V 69c Wilbur—MEATS—Wyatt Armour's Star Skinned Hams, Half or Whole Ib. Armour's Star I I A Bacon. J/2-lb. cello, pkg. I IB Leg of Pork I IM Roast Ib. I IB Loin of Pork Roast Ib. Little Pig Sausage Ib. Pure Hog C A Ib.OB Me Prime Steer Beef Roast .............. Ib. Hamburger or Pure Pork Sausage ...... Tb. Legs of Baby Lamb .......... ____ Ib. Round and Loin Steak, Steer Beef.. ........ Ib. Boneless Veal Roast .............. Ib. Rump Roast, I DM I A_ IOC Steer Beef. .Ib. PALMS ORU/HN . CflLIFOBNIA ai CHESTER PHONE I37( NATIONAL MARKET Phone 4812 Corner Nineteenth and Baker SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 5c Milk, any brand Rice -LU Ibs.OOC Crystal Wedding Oats,' Premium, .large pkg. Damson Plum Preserves— 2 ja rs29C Ketlogg's Corn S\ 1 f _ Flakes £pkgs. J-tJl/ jars pkgs. YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THIS MALTED MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Free Recipe In Every Sack GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 69c V'KITCHEN.TESTED" Of* ODC Sack.... 49-lb. d»-| f\Q Sack.... <D.L*£O National Coffee.... National Coffee Pink Beans, f\ new crop <w Ibe. Peanut Butter, Wellman 2i/ 2 'lb jar Dog Food; A Strongheart.. Tt 1 ,b 17c 3 ,bs 50c Catsup t bottles ib. 6c Lamb Stew Leg of Spring f. /» Lamb Ib. IOC/ Veal /» Stew Ib. Ol/ Loin Pork Chops Ib. Lean Leg of 1 Q _ Pork Ib. \-U\s Round, Rib or Sirloin *-| r7 _ Steak Ib. 11 I/ Picnic Shoulder Pork Roast Pot Roast Beef.... Our Sugar-Cured Bacon U. S. Extra Large Eggs doz, Kokoheart Q Margarine. . . O Ibs. COMMUNITY NEWS SHAPTEU, Jan. 26.—Business of the ilgli school annual Is under way, ac- jordlngr to the chairman of the subscriptions committee, Reynold Mott- cr. "Tim hardest work," says Editor William Johnson, "will oomo (luring he next two weeks." This will be ho llmo when subscriptions are so- Icltcd and arrangements made with ocal merchants for advertisements. The members of the subscriptions committee are: nichard Arnold, hylls Breckenrldge, Blynn Scott, Aleck Poznoff, Darrell Janzon, Aldlne Myrlck and Virginia Meadows. Numerous other committees havo jecn chosen for sport write-ups, art, snapshots and other subjects. The dltors for these portions of the book wilt be chosen from students doing the best work In their appointed lines. 19c Van Camp O cans Pork and Beans £t for Sugar, pow- O deredor brown AJpkgs.. Karo, Blue; 21/ 2 -lb. can Cider 9 1 f Vinegar... U bottles JLtll/ 15c ,b 6c ,„ lOc ,. 13c 19c KERNVILLE .KERNVILLE, Jan. 26.—Lloyd Bartoo, Bakcrsflold High School student and a member of the Kernvllle choir, Is vacationing this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs, J. A. Green, Mrs. Boswoll Welch, following a trying time through rain, wind, snow and rock slides, arrived 'safely home from Modesto, where she had boon visiting, George James was a week-end visitor from Sawtolle with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. James. He returned with a friend Monday. • Miss Gloria Kemerer, who has been attending college In Los Angeles, has returned to the homo of\Jier; parents, Mr, und Mrs. M. P.; Kemerer, to re-, main Indefinitely. • " . ' Tho recent storm of rain and snow left precipitation to the extent of 4.BX inches, bringing the total to date to B.85 Inches. Tho gauge this date last year read 0.27 Inches, •— *• Tenth Street Grocery J. H. HIGDON, Proprietor Service FREE DELIVERY Quality Phone 787 1001 H Street Prices Effective Friday and Saturday Sugar, Pure Cane, in cloth bag.. 10 ib, 43c Royal Baking Pow- -IA der. oz. tin 36c Kellogg's Corn large package Royal Gelatin , Des- A sert. . at pkg! Flakes, 6ic ,15c Wellman Syrup, Cane and Maple quarts Tea Garden Syrup quart jug Palace A Al ft Oysters •§ cans <• I w Wellman Tuna, Pure White I A- Meat, J/ 2 s I«B Wellman Catsup, A QRi* Large •• for WwC Palade Tomato C Sauce V cans Van Camp's Pork and Beans, Medium A I BA Tin O for IwG Asparagus Style String Beans, Dodge Brand, 2s Wesson Oil quarts IA M I wv Hill Red Coffee, 1-lb. 32c 2-lb. tin Schilling Spices, Assorted, 2-oz Schilling Extract, 1-oz. 14c 2 oz. Leslies' Salt, A Full 2 Ibs A pkgs. Venetian Plums, A Trupak, 2J/2S. ..•• for Trupak Kirby A Corn, 2s •* for Trupak Sauerkraut, True Fermented, A 2/ 2 s W for Dog A Food w cans Pal Dog A Biscuits ft Snowdrift ' A * Ibs. I R_ IOC 35c 33c Ibs. I AI WW AE. fttJB OR* JOC YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THIS MALTED MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Free Recipe in Every Sack ' GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 39e "KITCHEN.TESTEO" 24/ 2 -l b. Sack. Sack.... 69e Gold Medal Softasllk Cake Flour ....... pkg. Bisquick Butter, Golden Rod, In Quarters pkg. 9O* fc*W White King Granulated Potato Chips, Fresh and • Crisp t Lux Toilet A Soap Vcakes Purex, Large Quart Bottle I9e lie FREE One Kite and One, 10c Size White King Granulated Soap With Purchase 90* 10 bars White King SoapaCOC Kraft Kitchen-Fresh MAYONNAISE Quarts . . . 49c Pints . 29c Special Tree Tea Orange Pekoe l /2 -Ib. pkg. 29c Japan .... !4-lb. pkg. 22c t Ib. Jewel Shortening with 1-lb. Swift's Premium 4A* Sliced Bacon. OUC Beef Roast, A-l Steer Ib. 12c Hamburger .2 Ibs. 23c Fresh Ground From Select Meat Link Sausage, Try Them .Ib. 20c Tall Milk 6 cans 25c Alpine or,Borden'8—With 50c Meat Purchase GOLDEN CRUST QUALITY BREAD Butternut Bread I '/ 2 -ll>. loaf tOc Golden Crust Sliced 2 loaves 15c Flour Sacks, Large Size, Laundered doz. 99c Bluhill Pimento |O A Cheese.... 2 pkgs. IQ« . Strictly |A~ Fresh doz. 1 VV Bunch Vegetables, Full Bunc Onions, Mustard. Greens, '1 Mother's Boston Cream Now IOC Fresh Grapefruit 90ft Imperial... doz. stvv hes, Carrots, Green 4 A 'urnips bunch IV MRS. WEST HONOREE FELLOWS, Jan, x 26.—Mrs, W, B. West was very pleasantly surprised Tuesday evening at her home on the Santa Fe, when friends gathered to celebrate her birthday. The evening was enjoyed with games and cards and refreshments, A lovely birthday cake was presented to Mrs, West and she was also the recipient of several other gifts, Present were Messrs, and Mesdamcs C. It. Owen, Q. F. Blanklnshtp and son Robert, John C. Stephens* II. C. Penney, Fred Allen, Mr. and Mrs. West. Miss Jane Penney and Carl Penney, Jr., • Charles Simons;' Mesdatnes Alta Simons and C. L. O'Dell. Essay Contest Is Plan of Auxiliary TAFT, Jan. 20.—Stanley II. Llttlo Unit, No. 70, American Legion Auxiliary, held a" busy meeting Tuesday night with Mrs. Anna Doylo pro- siding. , Tentative plans were made to hold essay contests In the schools of Tafl. "What Can Bo Expected From Present Youth for the Realization of Universal Peace," will bo the title of the essay to be submitted to high school pupils. "The Constitution of the United States," will bo the title of the essay for eighth grade students Grocery Specials for Friday and Saturday pkgs. Chile A Sanborn Dated 4 1 M Coffee ....... Mb. tint W J V (Vacuum Packed) Lighthouse, Sunbrlght or Crystal White A 9R|* Cleanser ....... ™ for s»WB Kellogg's Pep and Rice « Krisples ..... W Monarch IRj» Hominy.: .No. 2/ 2 tins IV« Doyle Supreme Dog and Cat Food, Made From Beef, Vegetables and Oils, A I E A Tall Cans ..... * for liH» Carnation, Borden, All-Pure and Lucerne Milk ........... tall can Lifebuoy, Lux and Palmollve A Soap ......... •» Peet's Granulated 9f|flk Soap ....... large pkg. alUw Peanut Butter ........ 2-1 b. jar Monarch Okra, Fancy, Cut ......... No. 2 tin Colorado Gold, Clover- bloom Butter ....... Ib. California Home Pickles, Sour, Sweet, Dill and Mixed, I A. 6J/2-OZ. Glass Jar ...... I UC bars I5e MOW toio M.«|A|II (AHHINQ IAI Famo Cello. Packed Macaroni.. 12-or. pkg. IIIC I5c 3 ,:„ 25e Jell-well A AC. .0 for ZOG Monarch Shrimp, Wet Pack Grape-Nut Flakes Blsqulck Large Package 29 c YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THIS MALTED MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Free Recipe In Every Sack GOLD MEDAL FLOUR "KITCHEN-TESTED" 24/ 2 -l b. Sack... 49-1 b. Sack... 23c 39c 69c $1.33 American-Packed Sardines in Oil ^ for 4 „- 25e Monarch Grapefruit, No. 2 fin, 2,.,36c Fancy. Palace Oval Can Mustard and Tomato A Sardines; *J for Monarch Strawberries In Heavy Syrup ' A No. 2 Tins £ fo MEATS Young Grain-Fed Leg Pork Roast Ib Baby Beef Prime Rib Roast Ib. Baby Beef Round Steak Ibr Large Loin Lamb Chops Ib. ...Ib. 22c Small Rib Lamb Chops. Sliced IA Liver Ib. IUB Fresh Side |A_ Pork Ib. IUC Fancy Sliced A. Bacon. .'/2-lb. cello, pkg. »IB Edison Grapefruit. Cauliflower Lettuce VEGETABLES 6 -, : I6e lOc lOe .head for , 25c Apples, Pippin or ^ Bellefleur • No. 1 Idaho Russet Potatoes 25-lb. bag* Bunch A C» Z for OC Vegetables •• for Full Line of Fresh Peas, String Beans, Squash, Eggplant and Pineapple Bakersfield Market, Inc. 1618 Nineteenth Street WASHINGTON MARKET 1917-1919 L Street PHONE 1083 ^ FREE DELIVERY Friday and Saturday Specials Snow Flake Salted Wafers ...... 2-lb. box 1-lb. Box, 13c Park. Brand Tomatoes, No. Zy z A AA- Cans ......... . .«» for ««» Blue Cross A Toilet Paper..." for Chipso Flakes pkg. Karo Blue ,5-lb. can ]7e 32c A. K. O. Brand Crab Meat , No. I/a* can Ace High Brand A Coffee * Ibs. 29c For All Brand A Tomato Sauce W cans I0e Wheat Pops. Pot Roast Beef.... .Ib. Sirloin Steak Ib. Round Steak .Ib. Hamburger or Pork Sausage. Pork Chops Ib. , I9e 9c I6c I6e A II * «• Ibs. I Iv 3c Pork Roast Ib. lOc Oleomargarine 2 ,„. I Be Rib Steak, Ib. I5c Cabbage .Ib. le Bunch Vegetables. 2 to 5c Potatoes, No. 2 25 Ibs. TODAY'S NEWS FROM SHATTER SHAFTER, Jan. 20,—Mr. and Mrs. , A. Haydock, prominent citizens of lafter for several years, are moving > Los Angeles where they will re- de. They have rented their farm to L. W. Crane, who bus lived' In thlu vicinity for the past .four years, O. C. Meadows has returned to work for the King Lumber Company, where he Is manager. He has been 111 ul: his home fof the past week. ALTA VIST A MARKET I Phone 4166 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN Phone 3053 Corner Twentieth and L Streets YOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVE THIS MALTED MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Free Recipe In Every Sack GOLD MEDAL FLOUR "KITCHEN-TESTED" I Oft 24J/ 2 -lb. ... Ivw Sack... 32t 67c 10e Peanut ' Butter ...... '. .Ib. .Brown's Best — 1-lb. Jar Setter Pack lA- Asparagus ....... IVw Picnic Can • Fancy Pack Peaches. . . ____ . No. 2'/ 2 Can Clar '°" 3,.,25c Corn. No. 2 Can Lucerne A1 A Milk.... tall cans f 7V Baby Cans, 2 for 4|/ z c Formay . 3-lb. can 47c 1-lb. Can, 19c; 2-lb. Can, 32c Oysters V cans Z / C cans Pride of Gulf Park Brand Tomatoes V for No. 2'/ 2 Cans 0 OC.> V for aVvV Tomato Juice..... .tall can Golden Wreath 5c Wellroan's Coffee.. 1-lb. can 2-lb. Can, 56c 29c Boneless Kippered Q ' Herrings..0 for Silver Thistle Jelly. 12-or. Glass lOc Ground Chocolate, 1QA Bolemann's, >/ 2 Ib. IVV 1-lb. Can, 22c , Candy .Ib. lOc Old-Fashioned Chocolates MEAT DEPARTMENT Pot Roast, * Prime Beef Ib. Prime Rib Steak .Ib. Ham, Half or 9c 16c Whole Ib.lOC Swift Premium Skinned Sauerkraut Butter, Cloverbloom. .Ib. .Ib. 5c 22c Cauliflower 2 for 15c Celery 2 for 15c Bunch Vegetables 2 for 5c Pippin Apples. .9 Ibs. 25c Sugar-Cured "10 A Bacon Ib. I £w . Half or Whole Rex Picnic 1f|* Ham Ib. IUC Margarine Pork Roast Ib. Picnic Cut, Ib. 9c Pork Steak Ib. lie Cabbage Ib. Ic Lettuce 3 for lOc Yams 8 Ibs. 15c Russet Potatoes 25-lb. sack 26c B. F. Stinson Market 1709-11 Chester Avenue Phone 612 "S. & H." Green Stamps—All Departments Large Ranch Snow Flake or Graham .... Bulk Cookies Coffee, Tip Top Roasted Peanuts Nucoa, Best Foods. . . .dozen «Ov* 2 ,„. 25c , b .25c , b . 17c ...... lOc 9c Butter, solid Sugar Bulk Macaroni. . . 10 3 Dog Food, as- Q sorted brands O Cocoa Malt Prunes 10-lb. , h 22c >b,.43c ,b, 25c for^OC can 45C box 69c Frye Bros. Progressive Meat Market Kern County Quality Meat at Reasonable Prices Genuine Steer Pot Roast Lean Leg Pork Roast WHITE RIBBON Shortening •Ib. t palls! 8*,,.69c Lean Pork Steaks.., 12c Many Other Specials Not Listed—Free Delivery Fruit and Vegetable Department 2?.';25c 26-lb. bag No. 1 Klamath Falls Russets.. Yams or Sweet Potatoes Ibs. 8 No. 1 Newtown Pippin Apples... 8 Ibs. Or 95c box Bananas lbs. Onions....... 4: Ibs. IUC Oregon Delicious £• or Winesaps. . U Ibs. Or $1.60 box Juice Oranges doz. Tomatoes 2,b,15c Cherry q 1A^ Rhubarb O Ibs. IUC parsnlp> 3.b.lOc Large Cauliflower Celery & for IOC All bunch Q BJ' Vegetables. U for DC

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