Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1933 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 10
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t ^A(ifc: TEN Relishes 'That Shoitfd Actoraiiany the Meat Course. A. U$t of meats aind the kinds, o! ^Ittjrost suitably seired with 1 lb 1 1 Oiioh THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, nmORSDAY EVENING, >JG. MARCH f Recipes Selecritjd By Ruth Lyrtni) ahd Vesretable: en Cossi^role. groun^ round steals mfjdiuir. siaud can of peas btmdh carrtits ; 3 :iot ?,tOPS toi^spoons flour roll round steak In balls Inch In diameter. Brown I 'thjfjn follows— Beef—!.Woi;cester snucr muslar.t I ptPltles, :spiced peaches, piokled on- ' ' lonfi,. ijlack currant or plum jcll.v.: s 'VQCt tomato trickles. ; . . .Fork—Apple sauw.. sauer kraui. din. pickles, stuffed olives, celery.' tl;e.':e 1^1 ;.'rcase in a fr.vlng pan I sweet mixed pickles, radishes, cur- ;ihen place in a lajer in the botlcn; ''''^ij -K^^'i^-. ,„ .» „4„f 1 lu. o;,.,J- f'^ cn.sserole. On top of this, • Ifamb—Mint sauce, mint Jelly, sour- ; , ,. , lieh.erkins. radishes, chopped sweet. ^ 'a.vcr of sliced carrots, which irellsh, green oltvea • . .have Been boiled about ten min. Veal—Pickled beets, chili sauce.; ute.'-. Make a third; layer of the mustard pickles, catsup, sliced dil: ; pe.i.'- iiom w'.ilch you have drained pickles. „ the julbe isavc this juice). On top' ; Poultry — Cranberry jelly, sweet: of th'^ make a layer of sUcud P '1 J *1 CS . dill pickles, rtpe and green poJatoes. Which!have also been hoil- o]ivc.^, celerj-, radishes, currant, jelly, ert abotit ten minvtos. Take 3 Cea- lilack currant jelly. spoons; of flour and make a paste Fish—Sour pickles, tartar sauce. , with ft: httle of the juice'from the lemons, cole .siaw. sweet pepper rel- ; can of ix;as. Add this to the re- Ish, piccalilli. imainder.of the juics ajid season ' • ' ' ; heavily with .salt and pepper and i ' ' ; . onion ^uice. Pour this juice over all ingredients and bake for abou one-half hour. of Flavpro^ "lust The fine June-butter flavor and plcaning aroma of Fairmont's Better Butler is i-epeated every day ill every pound; there's a meadow f rash- no.s.s,tii)o. "Voti will like it. M.tdr in luia. Keef Sliaiik with Noodies. 1 piece beef shank 1 tablespoon finely mincea onion f:up canned tcmsio 2 cups eRB noodles 3 tablespoons fat " Flnnr Salt • Penijer Cm :the meat fi'om the shanic irto !'--inch "cwtes., Salt and pepper and dredge with flour. Brown lightly in a small amount oi fac Add finely minced onion, the shnnl: bone, and enough hot water barely to cover. Add tomatoes,: covci tl^rhtly and simmer until the meat is tender. Remove the bone and add noodles and enough liot water to keep the noodles from, .sticking. Season with .ortl! and cook for about fifteen min- VXK^T., or until the no<^lcs arc tender. Browned Ojrsters. Scald 1 pint Sealshipt oy.stois; ni ;pint water; drain and save the water. Put 2 tablespoonfuls of butter into a Saucepan and brown with ai! cQiial quantity of flour. Whin brown, add the oj-ster water and ' • cupful chopped celery and ullo.v I to boil minutes^ stirring constant ;ly. A."^ soon as it thickens, add the I oyf.tcrs. Sea.'-.on with salt and cay- i enne. Do not allow the oysters lo cook: longer than is necessary to ! heat them through. are priced low every day in the w'eek at our stores. Tiiese pricesiare effective Friday, Saturday, and Monady, March 3, 4, and 6, in loHi. lln Mustard .or Tomato Sauce Salmon "^"•^'"^"^ Tall Cans Peaches Catsup , Fancy Pack 1 5-oz, Can.s . Hills-Dale Sliced .. ... 2 No ;Tomato, Frailer Brand Larirc H-oz. Bottle .... ^^^S Or Spmchettl iTOni In Cellophane Quaker Qulci(^r R«irular Larrc 55-o!t, Parkaife ..... Bathroom TIraue Wiildort VirllX Frexh and .Sweet Matches r""" Jell Well Brand 6 California Dessert Assorted Flavors .. 2 for 19c 2£or 17c . 2for 19c 21/2 Cans 19c 2 for 19c 3Lbs i7c Pkg. i2c 4 Rolls 19c LbeiOe Box. Car. 19c PkgeSc FtOUR HARVEST BLOSSOM 48 -r .B; BAG Satisfartlon Guaranteed or Money Refunded ... 59c iBiananas^f T^**a '«AA Leaf JPi ^d¥llv9 Hot House Medium Slie Larg^e Crisp Stalks White Globe 3 Lbs. tOc Lb.iOc 2D4IZ.29C ..Ea»-10e Lb. 5c MEATS HALF OR ^VHfiLE lOe Lb. Center Cuts . 10c Each Beef I Roast .... . Lb. 7c Pork Sleaks . . 3 Lbs. 19c i^e#9a«^ • • • Lbfiac osp IJI1 ..IIC Sfuffcd'Roast Shoulder of Liimb. t shoulder of Iamb 2 cups bread crumb-s ! .'. onioHi finely chopped •N^eat (Stock or water • 3 tabl^siJoons lard 'j te.ispoon celery salt 1 tcasjioon salt: ', teaspoon, pepper Hiivc shoulderof lamb boned and the fell remcn'ed.- (The bones may be urrd to flwor soup.i wipe with a damp cloth and sprinkle the in- (Sidcof the pocket niiide by remov-. line the shoulder bone, with salt anu peoncr. Season the, bread crUm'o.s v.ith onion salt, pepper, and ccierj. 'salt. Moisten with stock or water ir wiiich fat has been melted. Pilo tiic xlres.sinr: into the cavity lightlj' and sewthe cidRes together. Riiu sa!*. !)epper.' and flour over the outside, rr the outside' covering of fa', is 'Try' thin, lay several strips o/ bacon over the top. I?lace the lo^son a rack in anoppn pan without water. Sear for thirty minutes or Ir.<w if bacon has been aaded, the!- Ircdu'^c tlw temijerature rapidly to that of a slow oven and contiiiue ccPklnflr at ihls ten^jerattire .until the iT.ast, is done. ' This reijuircs i from two, and a half to three hour» Serve hot v,!th giavy. , J Shrimp and Lobster Ramekins 1 • All Gratin. j Make a. cheese sauce of one and \ one-half tablespoons butter, one and i o)ie-half cup.s tnilk and one-third j cuij grated cheese. • Season to Uisfr. jAdd the contents of one 5'.-ounce ' ran cf .^shrimp." cut in pieces, and the contents of a 6-ounce can of lob-stcr. shredded. Pour into ihdi- ; vidnal, flat, s.'jallow ramekins, cover i with buttered cnirnbs and brown in I p. hot oven. This sei-ves five per- .scns. t ,: A sm^U a9 m the Classified col- ; uimv: often piif,s .oyer a bl6 deal. foaiied EngUsh Monint. 3 tablespoons melted buttor 1 qiiart of flour 1 teaspoon salt '• cnKc yeast 1 tcRspooni sugar 2', cup.*^ warm nflik Dissolve t^e yeast in 'J iup of thf?.jiflJIq. Then addi with tiie rest of the milk, to the dry ingrediepus. Beat this mixture well. Add the k^€,^tenj egg and the melted jautter. E6at again for abou,t ten mli'iutes Cover..' apd iet stand In a \ warm pl:ke 1^ rise. :-' \ \Vh^ mixture is light, have a \ not -riddle, on which there aire well jsrcp.^cd,. muffin rings. readyV Fill ' each i3ng h^ilf full and cqok'. unti; ' brnv.n|;ort, one side. Turn, over anC I let bioiwn on the other, side. | i whei^ done, slice in fevo and toast. May he sen-ed either with bu^ei- or witji ^ruE„^nd. hutt^er.. . ... We It^iver $1 OrdersKhoncis 224-'225 See4 l^otMoies: Ottios or Cdiblers No. 1 Red Rii^i^, llb-lb. Bag $l.2i Onion Sets, White, Red or Yellow, Quart.. 5c SUGAR^FineGraniilated, 20 lbs 89c Coffee, Self-Service, 1 lb. :92c—lbs. 57c Mama^s Cookies, 2 Ifis... •29c Pineapple, No. 2y2 Sliced or Crushed, 2 for33c Peadies, No. m Can, California Clings ...11c Poplar Floui*, 48 lbs...... 65c Excelsior FloMr, 48 lbs.... 85c Expansion Flour^ 48 lbs* <. .99c Salad Dressing, S.S.S. Brand, Quart.. 25c Sandwich Spread, S;Si Brani Qt. 2^0 K C Baking Powder, 25e Size. .19c Salmon, 2Tall Cans, QQBraitl.«. 19C PET MILK, 5 Tall Cans . * , , . . 2Se Bananas, 5 lbs.,No.... I9c Dill PiekleSv Happyvale, 2 Qilarts •«< 29c OLEO, A Better Proifuct, 2 fils..,.«. 19c Raisins^ Seedless, 4 lbs. . i. . ^ 25c Prunes, Sweet Variety, S JHygJ..... 15c Soap, A Real Buy, 10 Bars ...... 19c Our Fresh Goods Line id Comg^iete! WE BUY EGGS AJTD CREAM! —SEE US: Fpit Atnr KIWfD OF FEED$» 1933. lOLA.iKANSAS TKEi feEiST PART OF G6FFEE..fHE ftAVOR v\ND AROMA THAT MAKE , COFFEE REALLV SATrSfViNG... it% THt muLt m.-:... KWIK^DHIP Cdffee Ends -Waste... ^Capfure^ Ml ihe havpr ... leaves bitt^fhess ahd harmful acids ih ffie grounds It's a shamt ibr ypa to "put up" with ordinary coffee anti ordinary methods jof cnfTee-maldhg, when there is noW a hew coffee that gives you perfect results every tim^-without watching^ . Coffee thait's never too^trbng or too weak—always theniiost delicious coffee you've evier tasted. • , Especially prepared,for dripping, this new Sensation KWIK-DRIP Coffee puts coffee pots and percolators into the discard. The secret is an exclusive costly process that exposes ^^ice the usual number of oil cells. You get all of coffee's goodness with one passage of boiling water through the specially prepared coffee berries. Since grounds do not stand or percolate, bitternessi and harmful acids cannot develop; you can drink it and sleep. You get all the flavor —all the healthful stimulation. Strength never varies. Andijio waste. An actual saving of 25% in your coffee bills. The blend, too, is perfect for dripping—five different coffees, each thie best "high altitude" grade from Central and South American dis- 89e PR P-O-LATOR For Solid alumiauin, eleven inches high, full 6-cup capacity—nationally advertised at 8Sc. How yours. for only] 47c— with the purchase of q one-pound can of Sen> sation KWIK-DRIP Coffee. Bnjoy thi^ flawless coffee at no higher price per cup than cheap "Santos." See your independent grocer. tricts. Comes super-vacuum-packed. Don't experiment with ordinary, wastefuljwffees or so- called "drip" coffees that are actually pulverized and leave coffee cloudy and unpalatable. Visit your independent grocer today and ask for Sensatiein KWIK-DRIP Coffee. The H. D.| LEE Mercantile Co., Kansas City, Salina SPECIALLY PREPARED, BY EXCLUSIVE PROCESS, FOR DRIPPfNO p01pk-PricedtoSell! Sausage, 3 lbs. . .. .14c Fresh Side, 5 lbs. .. ...23c Shoulder Roast or Steak, lb. 5e Chops, large, per lb. .... .6c Sweet Poiatpes, l^^lbs. . Corn, mediuh^ c^ns, ^ch . 5c Blackberries; heavy syrup, Monarch brand, 2: ^ans. 25c Cherries, NojiO can'.'... j. .45c Peaches, ?fo.j 10 cans— .. 34e ,Pineapple^ No. 10 cans'.. 426 FLOUR star, fully j^uaranteed. Extra Special foi^ Friday and Saturday. Gold Valu^ Per Lb. 19c Dried Applts, lb. 7c; I lbs. 2.5c fJanfcyHeifgrs Home dried quarters. fJanfcyHeifgrs Prunes, smalK fresh, 5 lbs — _2.5c IJoil, per lb. - —- -^C •Mbs. 17c. Roast, per Ib^ lOc and 8c Apricbt.s, 3 lbs. 23c; 1 lb. --__8c Short Cuts, jjer Ifc — idc Peaclies. 3 lbs. 25c; 1 lb. _9C Hamburger, 1 lb. 8c; 4 lbs. 25c Heinz Demonstration and Sale;On Saturday .a i-epresentative of the H. J. Heinz Co., will demon-strate Heinz, products, opening the can.s and giving .samples. Many Heinz;product.s will be priced exceptfonally low for thi.s day. ' . ; iBaby Beef or Milk teal • Onion Sets, per ^\on -__25e Fat and Fine. P & G SOAP—7 fftrge bars or i 10 small bars . -_25<^ Boil, per lb. _i i -6c Beah.s, Navy, 5 lbs; —lie Roast, per lb. .12c CanVas GlovesJ pei; pair ________ — _6c' Steak, loin or chops, per lb .17c Sbrirhum, brinji pail, 10 lbs. -_33c' CHEESE Full Cream Per Lb. llcl Premium iACOK' Celiophane Roll 1 "-Ib. 18c 2 -n>^. 35c Fresh CATli'ISH SALMON Register Want Ads for Prornpt Results

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