The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 20, 1958 · Page 19
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 19

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 19
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SUPREME CHALLENGE Mel Allen Says Sportscasting for TV Can Be Difficult Task AUSflN (Mfrin.) HERAtfr, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1 *TV la a wpttme challenge to *ny 8port8caster," saya Mel Alfen, veteran TV, radio and newsreel sports announcer and "Voice «! the world champion New York Yankees baseball team. "Basically," he points out, "a •ports announcer describing nn •vent on TV — football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, horse racing, or any other sport — must be 100 per cent accurate 100 per cent •f the time, because a viewer watching the action in his TV set can immediately detect an error in his commentary. "Unfortunately, everyone can make mistakes — even • sportscaster," says Mel, who-has been •BMMclBg spurts stace 1939, ami who admits that he has made Ms share •» broadcasting errors. '.:•'• '• • .. • '. , "On radio, a sportscaster is the aole link between the audience and what is taking place during a •ports event" Me! explains. "I guess the only people who are actually in a position to dispute the accuracy of a sportscaster's play by-play description over radio are those in the booth with him or persons in the stands who are listening to him over their portable radios. A sportscaster on radio, in effect, paints a complete word picture of the action." Bat, on TV, Mel points out, there's a picture of the action rifht In front of the listener and a sportscaster's Job becomes one •f supplementing the picture on the screen. "The TV sportscaster's function is to fill in where the camera leaves off," Mel explains. "For example, let's take the case where « batter gets a long hit to the outfield with runners on base. In the control room underneath the •tends, the TV director — seated in front of a group of monitors receiving pictures from various parts of the field — decides to focus on the outfielders retrieving the ball. It's the sportscaster's Job, then, to report the progress of the runners on the bases. He supplements the coverage of the camera. "Or, in football, when the camera follows the quarterback who is fading back to throw a forward pass, the sports commentator can tell his viewers, for example, that certain players are racing downfield to receive the pass," Mel says that describing a boxing bout on TV is his toughest assignment. "In boxing, the sports commentator has an especially hard job. George May Book Gracie as Guest Don't be surprised if you twist your TV dial and find Gracie Allen back on the George Burns Show. No, she's not coming back as a regular, but since Burns next week is changing his show format, he may book Gracie as a guest star now and then. In a bid for a higher rating, George is going to move into a Jive variety - comedy type of program. The change may either make or break him. s Gene Tierney Again Changes Her Plan After the nice advance stories, which stated she as all set for her comeback, Gene Tierney now makes it plain she I has canceled f plans to appear in I a TV version of "A Doll's House." Just recently "Showcase" print- led a report along (which a new !| photograph of I Gene, telling all about her decis- Chic w Nothing ion to come out of retirement and get back to work. This week, she reiterated her desire to appear on TV but announced that the role in the planned show "just wasn't chic and modern enough." So that's that. To a viewer, many punches, which are actually missing their mark 1 , appeaf to be landing or causing damage, It is the commentator's job to point out just which punches are scroing and which are not. ^ "In short," says Mel Allen, "a "TV sportscaster's comments vary with the camera's ability to cover the action. To talk or not to talk —that's the ;blg- decision every sportscaster encounters on TV." OUT IN SPACE — Joseph Gotten and Don Dubbins in thrilling rocket-ship sequence in "From Earth to the Moon" starting Sunday at the Sterling. Being Fired on 'Fur Cuddler' Was Lucky for Joan Marshall By ERSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD — Television "fur cuddling" can be recorded today as a milestone on the road to tele- film cosardom in Hollywood. Even disastrous fur cuddling. But Joan Marshall's career as a "fur cuddler" wasn't exactly (be reason, you understand, why •he left Chicago to study acting In mo vie town. "It helped, though," gorgeous, Evanston, 111., born, Joan told me. Her acting study in Hollywood led to a TV role and one role led to another. Now she's Dane Clark's leading lady in the weekly telefilm version of "Bold Venture," a radio series made famous by the late Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The show debuts on 101 TV-stations JOAN MARSHALL starting in mid • January. Joan is Lauren's TV counterpart. In more ways than one. But about this "fur cuddling" Joan turned into disaster when she was a $100-an-hour Chicago model who had one eye on the camera and the other on an acting career. She told me about it with a sense of humor as zippy as her blonde charms. She said she was one of those dolls oo TV who modeled furs with starry eyed looks and sighs •f "Oh, I love it, yes, I do." "But," Joan winced, "it was pretty gruesome. The furs were cheap — the kind that walk off your back. "One night a friend came to the studio with me and after modeling a real ratty $229.99 mink stole special, I saw the red light on the camera blink off and decide to give my friend a laugh. "I took the stole off and started dragging it around, saying things like 'Come on, Fido' and barking and kicking it. Well, five minutes later I was fired. "How did I know the red light on the camera had burned out? And I was still on the air and a half million people in Chicago fell out of their chairs laughing." That Was Her Fallout Anyway, it was Joan's fallout as a "fur cuddler." It wasn't much of a job, anyway, and besides TV was moving to Hollywood. So to Hollywood Joan came, slopping at Las Vegas for six months to earn some money as a dancer In the floor show at the Flamingo Hotel. Dancing had helped Joan's recovery after she suffered a paralyzing polio attack when she was 15 while attending Resurrection Academy at Park Ridge, 111. Dancing on the Red Skelton show in Hollywood gave Joan the money to afford Marilyn Monroe's former drama coach, Natasha Lytess, and Natasha's acting lessons won her roles in shows like Matinee Theater, Maverick, Have Gun — Will Travel, Mickey Spillane and The Millionaire. Like Lauren Bacall So now she's making like Lauren Bacall in "Bold Venture," which Ziv is syndicating. Her story of making the pilot reel for the show again turned on her sense of humor. The locale is supposed to be the Caribbean, where Dane Clark, bis boat and Joan, as a Girl Friday tag-along, are as adventuresome as the writers, and the budget, can make them. But during filming of the first script off the California coast, with Joan in scanty shorts, the weather went into a deep freeze act and, says Joan: "I turned as blue as the water." While the mercury dropped, Joan went over the boat's side, in a bathing suit and underwater breathing apparatus, to simulate returning from a skin - diving expedition. As she tells it: "My fingers blue and when they handed me a spear with a dead fish on it and dumped a pail of water over my head I was ready to go back to Chicago. Then I said to myself, 'Joan, you're going to costar in this series even if they kill you.' We're on our 10th show now, all filmed on and off the boat, and I'm still alive." ^^_ - — -i — •BM I Network Television I Wednesday, December 24 (C) Mtam Program n M Color 6:05 t.m. f— Oovld Slant 6/30 a.m. 1, 10— Continental Cldtl- Mom • 7:00 ».m. • ' t~$£-r% tosm 3, 4— Copt. Kangaroo 5, 10— Teda* 8:4) '«./». 3— New* S, 4— for Love or Moniy 1«— Dough Kt Ml 9:10 t.m. S, 4— Play Hunch Si IB— Treasure Hunt 10:00 «.m. J, 4 t— Godfrey S, it—Price 19 Right «— UN Hickok ; 10:30 *.m. 3 f 4, B— Tb« Dollar S, 10— Concentration *— Thlj It Answer 11. -00 t.m $,. It— Tic 'ac Ooua> i, *, f— Love of Life *— Ooy In Court 11, -30 a.m. *, It—Could Be You (O J. 4, B— Search «— Peter Mom 11:45 a.m. •—Film Review f 9 W1 1 — Him 2. 4— Guiding Ught 4. S— N«»« Weither (—Hand Arts 12:20 p.m. 1 — TrtMure Chest 12:30 p.m. S, 4— As World Turn 5, 10 — Sports Page *— Mothers Day 1 — Ranch Party 1:00 p.m. S, 10 — Truth or Consequence (C) 3, 4, 1 — Jimmy Dean «V— Liberaca 1:30 p.m. S, 10— Hoggus Baggus (C) S, 1 — House Party 4 — ktnkletter *— News, Weather, Clubs 1:40 p.m. «— Motinee 2:00 p.m. t, 4, 1— Big Payorr S, 10— Today (« Ours 6— Music Bingo 2:30 p.m. 3, 4, (—Verdict Vocrs S, 10— From These Roots fr— Charles Boyei 3:00 p.m. 3, 4, t— Brighter Day 5, 10— Queen tor Day 4— Beat Clock 3:15 p.m. 3, 4, (—Secret Storm 3:30 p.m 3, 4, (— Idge ot Night S, 10— County Fair •—Who Do You Trust 4.-00 p.m. 3— Show -" S — Margia IV— Am Bandstand 4— Around. Towa B— Royal Playhouse It— Vhafs Me* 4:30 p.m. - 4— Axel t Oog 5— Lost ot Mohicans »— Film 10— Hand Arts 5:00 p.m. 3— Club House 4— Woody .Woodpecker 5 — Robin Hood B— Big Picture 10— Casey Jones 5:30 p.m. ^ f Optyc «— Mkkey Mouse Cla* ( — Texas Rangera 10 — Looney Tunei 6.-00 p.m. 3. 4, S, I, 10— News, Weather. Sports t— Weatherman 6:15 p.m. 4. (—News 6— Don Goddard 10— NBC News 6:20 p.m. 5— You Should Know . 6:30 b-in- J— Barfs Club House 4~Rei«ie ( 5» 10 — Wagon Train fr— Lawrence Welk (—Grey Ghost 7:00 p.m * <»-t rij..^ *— \.OI. rlOCK 4— Pursuit (— Zorro 7:30 p.m 3 — Silent Service 5, 10— Price It Right (C) «, (— Ozzle & Harriot 8:00 p.m. 3, 4, (— MllKonalre 5, 10— Milton Bcrle (C) 4— Donna Reed j. 8:30 p.m. 3, 4- — Got Secret 6 — Day In Cowit B— Sea Hunt 5, 10 — Bat Mastcrson D .A 4 f. 4M o.qj p.m. «— Sport Tips 9:00 p.m. 3, 4— Circle Theater 5— Your Lite . •—Bishop Sheen 10— New York Confidential 9:30 t.m. S— Flight C— Star in Night 10— Tugboat Annie JO.-OO p.m 3. 4, 5, t, (—News. : Weather. Sports . 10:15 p.m •-John Daly 10:20 p.m 1 — Perry, Mason ;0:30 p.m. 3— Protestant Services S — District Attorney 4 — P'ayhouse •-—Hour of Start 10 — Jack Pqor Show 10:50 p.m. (—Charlie Chan ;;.-oo o.m 4— Protestant Services 5, 10— Midnight Christmas Mass 11:30 p.m. 3, 4— Catholic Carols 72:00 p.m. S— News ABC Brewing Deol for Saturday Sports ABC television network is in the process of arranging a year-round Saturday night sports schedule which would include major league baseball professional football and basketball and other sports. ABC has been getting only the drippings of the sports telecasts pie in recent years but has hired Sports Programs Inc., a sports program package agency, to put them up with CBS and NBC in sports program televising. Give the BEST Gift! 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