The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 11, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1933
Page 5
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PAGEttVft 100 Lesdsf to to get **wl oi Att the Mctti *t*i*i at if JNStt ftt» 1 dlnttef tor frtetds, et fc »tt» ty, of ifif todai fttft&v lion Mease phone 100 and tell us of It. We will aptitedate it retf much. Please phone as soon after the event as possible. thank you! Mr. and Mrs, Cnas. Albert* as their Sunday dinner guests J. Flanagan and soft, Rat, and fs: Bttina Motse of stiver City and Mrs. A. I. Jrtekersoa of Mai- tern. Ray Flanagan, who has been In Jnneau, Alaska, it now at the home of his father in Silver (Sty. 'Attended Breakfast itt Omah* Mrs. a J. AndetMn, Mrs, Hnrb Ben ton, Mrs. P. D. Slothower, Mrs. J. M. Bteele, Mrs. J. N. Sam- mere, and Mrs. Frank Bummers attended an Eastern Star Mar breakfast givett la Omaha at the Masonic Temple last Friday, May g. They were guests of Mrs. Ine* Summers smith. Mrs. Grant sum mers received the Popularity prise and Mrs. P. D. Blothower recelred a door prize —an angel food. Honor Visitor With Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Fred 3. Buttmann entertained at dinner last Friday erenlng at 7 o'clock for Mrs. Verne McMahlll who is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alstrope. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Alstrope, Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Strahan, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Straban, Mrs. McMahlll, Alice Jane and Max of Outhrle Center, Mrs. Margaret Cunningham, Mrs. D, 0. Cunningham, Mrs. Walter Van Mason, F. A. Mulholland, and Gilbert Good. FREE Full size IS Plate Battery and other small gifts in appreciation, of eel om" ,. Job to free'tire repairs for one year. Save your Coupons CAMPBELL SEIVICE STMTION Malvern Hyde* Guest* at Din*** Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Roeenfeld ot fiarlan and Bruce M. Kllpat- rick, new Mills County Farm Bureau agent, were dinner guests Monday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. otha Hyde, northeast of town. Bridge Club Guest* in Evan Swain Home Mr. and Mrs. Evan gwain entertained the Bridge club Saturday evening at their country home. Those present were: Messers and Mesdames Austin Bass, Daniel Beaton, Leonard Duval, Leonard Anderson, Vern Dunn, the Misses Helen Marshall, Bernice Candell, Marie Seeger, Frances Benton, Valda Hurst, Mrs. Will Bower, Max Ireland, Ralph Bower, Everett Knop, and Sant Wilkinson. Mrs. Austin Bass and Leonard Anderson received high scores. Mrs. Will Bower and Everett Knop received "booby prizes." At the close of the evening delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. Gives Dessert Luncheon frrid&jr Mrs. G. 8. Eacrett entertained at a 1:80 dessert luncheon Friday afternoon. Guests were Mrs. W. B. Larison, Miss Eulalle Larison, Mrs. J. R. Scott, Mrs. L. W. Boehner, Mrs. E. C. Collins, Mrs. T. W. Gldley, Mrs. F. R. Chantry, and Mrs. Fred Durbln. Pinochle was played following the lunch* eon. Mrs. Weartn HostaM to Red Oak P. E. O. Chapter Mrs. J. F. Wearin was hostess to F. E. O. Chapter H. B. of Red Oak at her home on Marion avenue at a musical tea Tuesday afternoon, May 9. Those assisting in the entertainment were Mrs. Mabel Fickel, Miss Boland, Miss Berry, Gretchen Gidley, Jane Fletcher, and Harry Hilton, Mrs. Zelma Fletch er accompanied, I Eighteen members attended fromsRed Qak. Lesidft Atttiliwjr to Sell Peppie* Sat Hattern and D*y t* tire American Le- f JffiMi fcafnfce wSo retire* trom ! > the office Sept. i has made an enviable record dartag nine teats in that office and has »ad« Mftls county's rural schools among the gion AtMfffct? *«B i*n the paper flowers on money for that day to raise telA$ffff*tl<m wort. they have sent tne following «di- totial about the day: This swagger suit in wnlte crochet angora has the lower bodice in national blue. The double belt repeats the two tones. It in a Vera Borea design imported by Sady Z. Weiss, His nied bayonet was pointed toward tne enet&y. His trteel helmet was tilted down over determined eye*. Aft nn*e«n machine gun sprayed his path with death, but he went forward rot America. tn a poppy-studded wheat field be fell. They buried him after the wave of battle bad swept by, and popples sprang Up around bis grave. Hi* victorious comrades, returning to America, brought memories and the poppy. On Saturday, May 27, the men of the American Legion wilt ask us to wear a poppy. The women of the Legion Auxiliary wilt offer us popples on the streets and will give us an opportunity to aid the war disabled, the widows, and the fatherless children. Can there be a person in Malvern in whom the pulse ot patriotism beats so low that he will refuse? He who can so soon forget the patriotic sacrifices of the past is a person from whom friends, community and country can expect little of unselfish service today or In the future. best in the state. She takes nigh rant as an educator and a*t bandied tbe office fn k most efficient and economical manner. Her work here has caused her to be recognised as one ot tne outstanding educators of the Mate And an authority on rural school work and administration. The electorate wa* composed of the following members: R. fit. Humphrey, Glenwood; 8, R. Btrdsall, Bmerson; thr. IBd- gar Christy, Hastings; F. B. Mulholland, MajVern; J. 8. Anderson, pacific junction; C. W. Sawyer, Silver City; Harry Conrad, Strahan; June Fickel, Henderson; L. t. Seeger, Rawles; H. H. Peln, Glenwood; Lafe Lincoln, Plattvllle; Adolpb Arp, St. Marys; George Phelps, Center, district No. 1; L. B. Bramineier, Valley View; G, A. Moore, Anderson; B. F. Bufftngtott, Center; Thos. Smith, Deer Creek; O. H. Dttrbin, Indian Creek; J. A. Burgoin, ingraham; Mrs. J. B. Me* Cf ftfTi Oak; Lyons; George Crouch, B, J. Lookablll, Silver Creek: Mrs. Chas. H, Summers, White Cloud, (Continued from page 1) called at 11 o'clock ana Mr. Warren we* enosen chairman of this also, and Mrs. Ethel M. Rboades bf olenwowd, secretary. Rev. L. A. Lipttt ot Glenwood read tbe appended resolutions which bad been previously adopted by the groups in question and asked their endorsement and recommendation to other communities. They were unanimously endorsed: By the county committee: "Resolved that we the representatives of the people of Mills county in f**er ot retaining the Igtb amendment will If possible with the cooperation ot the to* ters ot this county show by the vote on June 20, that Mills county is the cleanest county In the state of Iowa." By tbe Olenwood committee: "Resolved that we the representatives ot the people ot Olen- wood, Iowa, opposed to the repeal ot the 18th amendment will with the help of the other voters of Glenwood seek to show at the election June 20 that dlenwood Is the cleanest city of Iowa. We invite friendly competition from other W. P. Wortman of Marvem as dry delegate and George A. Pttetpa of Rawles township as al- ernate were chosen In the b«l- ottlng for the representative* 6 be listed on the referendum >allot. this wni be Voted upon tone 20. The various townships represented also presented named for [ndge* and clerks tor tbe various precincts on voting day. The group then adjourned as * convention and reconvened as ait unofficial mass meeting to make plans for the coming campaign. tt«tw*ilst« frame fttieftatea In tbe court house some thirty or more persons assembled for the antl-prohlbltlon or repeal convention for the same purpose as did the drys. John Olson ot Pacific Junction was selected as chairman and W. F. Hill ot Glenwood as secretary. For delegate for tbe official ballot Walter Breen ot Glenwood was named and C. B. Mosher of Glenwood was selected as alternate. The convention also named precinct Judges and clerks for election day, and filed the same with the county auditor later. Your ad in Tne Leaser Is worth two on the fence. Garden Club Has Luncheon, Meeting The Malvern Garden club held the regular meeting Tuesday afternoon in the dining room of the Community building. They had a covered dish luncheon at 1 o'clock. Thirty members and guests were seated at one table. The table decorations were spring flowers. following the luncheon was the election of officers, the old officers were all unanimously reelected. After a short program led by Miss Frances Benton the ladles went to the George Mellor home to see his gorgeous tulips. Mrs. 0. H. Cook and Mrs. K. R. Cook of Glenwood and Mrs. Frances Seeger and little daughter of Tabor were out ot town guests ot the club. O. E. S. Meeting Regular meeting ot Sliver Urn Chapter No. 168 Order of the Eastern Star will be held next Tuesday evening, May 16, in the Masonic hall. Mrs. Darice Hilton, W. M. Labor leaders are aaid to have some objection to the jobless relief bill. Evidently they do not approve of the musty old slogan that a dollar a day and a plate Scott, MM. A. B. Cook, Miss Walker, Mrs. T. W. Gidley, and Gretcben Gidley were guests from other chapters present, The living rooms were beautifully decorated with lilacs and tulips while in the dining room lilies ot the valley and yellow tulips carried out the chapter colors of yellow and white. Mrs. Scott of Malvern and Mrs. Schenck of Red Oak assisted la the serving. _ INSURANCE I carry every line? I4fe, Accident, Automobile, Fire, and Tornado, Can secure you through Aetna, Travelers, Continental and National —No better or safer companies, We can finance with a small down payment, Come in and let's talk it over, J. H. BECKWITH Malvern Correction In tbe report ot the dancing party for the younger high school set, given in last week's Leader, the names ot two ot the hosts were omitted. They Hyde and their parents with the party. wife used to be worth her weight in MAY SALES EVENT FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY The Sate for Whtch Hundreds of Women Have Been Watting Three Famous Makes! Warners. Gossards and R. & G! FOUNDATIONS Combinations! Inner Belts! Girdles! Uncle gam Is .till expecting ad dltlonal debt payment in June which again proves tbe old aay- ing that hope springs eternal in tbe human breast. The record at Washington since March 4 demonstrates what a Congress can do while it is still youthful. The American automobile tourist trade to Canada has declined 170,000,000 since 1989. This IB doubtless due partly to tbe depression and partly to a loss of confidence in Canadian beer. It appears now that tbe boarder IB going to become as unpopular as tbe slacker was during the World war, Tbe process of balancing the national budget is now on Its way, As soon as most of tbe family budgets of tbe country are balanced we will be back on tbe road to prosperity again. One thing we refuse to get excited about Is tbe potential difference between 3,8 per cent beer and 3.06 per cent beer, The bulls and bears in Wall Street are taking a» enforced vs* cation which ought to enable the sbom lambs to grow a little wool. There is one thing to be s»i4 for the Incoming Seyentyi-tblrd Congress, it can't be worse than Jamie Bummers who also assisted friend of ours says that his gone off the gold standard. W, WOLFE (Continued from page 1) Brown', pastor bearers were old B. Walling, Clyde tfpr fnnera Rev. J. Ini _ the Christian church in Glenwood, and was largely attended, tor f few men had more friends than -414 Mr. Wolfe, Tbe pall friends — A. Rhoads, Chris Wreldt, B. N. Maxwell, H. H. Hubbard, and Frank Rodman. Burial was; in tbe Glenwood cemetery. Local formed a guard of honor and tbe beautiful burial service of the order was given at the grave un4er direction of B. N. Maxwell. John Wolfe, son of Sarah and James Wolfe, was born in Mills county, Iowa, Feb. 28, 1861, and passed to his reward May 2, 1933, at bis late borne iu Qlenwood, la,, aged seventy-two years, two tbe Seventy-second and chance to be a lot better, a fine FASHIONED of brocade, or all elastic, these delightful foundation garments give you the essentials of figure-support — reducing both abdominal and hip lines, Have several of them! 129 garments in all! Friday and Saturday Only Table pa-sew—"• wws-— -i" -~v • [[[^^^•^•MIMIHBlMMlTrTinfT'*"*^^**^"**' 8 ^*^^^^^^^ '"''in ' iji"^' '"' ' '—' "••" " Gims Valuable . Tax Inf ormfltion Valuation and Tax Report, 1938 months, and two days. He was married to AUle A. Estes Feb. 4, 1880, To this union were > born ten children, all living with tbe exception of Alice Holmes, who preceded him in death one year ago. He leaves to mourn bis passing, Ms wife, Ollle A.; W» Children, Guy J* of Qlenwood, Walter R, of Linevllle, Bertha Pippltt of Scottspluff, Nebr., Jessie Ryan and Delia Qow4y ot Long Beach, Calif,, Myrtle Richmond end John 0. Wolfe pf 1,08 Angeles, Calif., Lucille R,o4gers of Council Bluffs, $sA Beuiab Wood of Valley Junction. Also thirteen grandchildren 8n4 one great gran4chll4; one brother* W, T« Wolfe, of ftn4 three elstera, Jona Ralaea of AnabeitB, CaUf-! Nan GftQ4e Of Frankfort, Kft»., and JaBe Rickab*ugh of a^ftftft, Nebr. {{9 epe»t most Pf We life on a farm seftr Tebor watU tbirteea years ftgo wben be aoved to aienwoo4. He was a member of tbe Maaonlp Io4se NQ, §81 at Ta bor; also a »e»ber of the lodge No, 418 9f You Will Find More Style, Quality and Value Than You Would Dream Possible at These Prices! Two Super Dress Groups '2l 7 New Spring and Summer Styksl printsl pastelsl eriap organdy trimsl THE SILK DRESS sale of the year! Don't miss this opportunity to gave! These dresses were made to sell for much more •— ia be wise and select several, W«-»dvUw yau to shop early, SUNDAY - MOTHER'S DAY! sure ft»4 rsmewbw yow dear, sweet mother! She loves you, Q1FTS — Me AID IHH Jie 8t»o4 psJpjre tbe wo«4 bonjsjt »s4 upright jaaa ana a a»4 by all who knew Wnj, He WM§ 68,4 father &R* will , AMY HAMMUI PSiiiipiSltlliiHi! (ftttB^^^*^*.t^tji^t*illu*mM»»A*W*M4* GRADUATION GIFTS for H*r <ff Him *t pri»* m «* »ff ord. Stap htf*

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