Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 4, 1965 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 7
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Softening Skin Do your knees and elbows embarrass you? Treat them to an overnight refresher. Smooth on a mixture o£ lemon juice and baby oil after scrubbing the areas with a brush first. This combination helps rid knees and elbows of discolorations while softening the skin. Eggs will shrink and become tough and rubbery if cooked at high temperature. here is your once-a-year cknce for great savings on TEN-O-SIX Lotion This liquid massaging lotion, goes deep, helps carry away unseen impurities. Originally a Doctor's prescription, TenOSix gels to the root of the problem, helps heal as it cleanses your skin. Use first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Your face never had it so clean. On, sale May only. m More Than Powder It takes more than a dab of powder to turn out today's "natural" beauty. Most women's cosmetics include foundations, pressed powder and loose powder, brush-on eye shadow, eye liner, lash lengthening mascara and several shades of lipstick. At day's end remove cosmetics more easily with two or three applications of cold cream. Cover face and eye area lavishly with the cream and tissue off. Follow with a soap facial and an astringent. Face Exercises Your face is made up of many muscles. Like the rest of you, the more your exercise the muscles, the better it is for you. Daily massage when applying moisturizing creams and makeup removing creams contribute to muscle firmness. Let your facial muscles down and they'll eventually let you down. Stiffen and renew old straw hats with equal parts of clear shellac and clear alcohol. Trousers for women fit fempo of fhe times By GAY PAULEY UPl Woman's Editor NEW YORK (UPD—Trousers for women fit the tempo of the times. They're the "battle" gear for today. Thus, a famous artist and stage and costume designer expresses his view on the perennial controversy in women's fashions, whether trousers are becoming feminine garb. "Well, women today ARE slimmer," said Feliks Topolski. "I like trousers," he said. "It's a rough business, the living today, the rushing about. There's a psychology -of readiness for disaster, ready for anything. Clothes must fit that mood. Battle dress is the right costume for our time." Topolski, Polish - bom, now lives in London but travels the world sketcliing people and events. He was a close friend In Mar, Bailors of Tcn-O-Six also M sale for $24.95. (Reg. S30.00) RTOLANDS DJEXALL X DRUGS 1 East stats Redlands of and illustrator for George Bernard Shaw, was an official artist at the front lines for the Britisb and Polish armies in World War II, and officially recorded the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The artist currently is represented in New York at the Hallmark Gallery this his "Chronicles," the first American exhibition of the life and times of this century as he sees them. Topolski said in an interview that if a woman foUows fashion dictates faithfuUy, the clothes are apt "to tone down the person." This fact, he said, is one reason he likes to see women uniforms — the nurses, scouts, school girls and others. "The person comes through ... the individual face and personaUty stand out." Topolski said men run less chance of dressing poorly than women do because men have fewer styles from which to chose. "The bigger the choice," he said, "the more chance for mistakes." Tips Help To Keep Wallpaper CHICAGO (UPD — Many new wallpapers are plastic coated or impregnated and can be washed frequently with soaps and cleaning solutions. One manufacturer. United Wallpaper, recommends a packaged wallpaper cleaner, similar to putty, for a few papers that are water-sensitive. Dirt adheres to this cleaner when it is lightly rubbed against the pa per. Paper which is only slightly soiled can be cleaned with semi- stale bread. Rub large pieces of this bread, from which crust had been removed, over the surface of the paper. Work from ceiling to baseboard in wide, sweeping strokes, overlapping cleaned portions. Wallpaper generaUy lasts from seven to 10 years if properly cared for and installed, the firm said. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Redlands Daily Tocfs Tussday, May 4, 1965 - 7 NOTES Actress-socialite Dina Merrill wears her pale gray and silver sari with the pleats at the back and the "paUau" fastened to the right shoulder with an amethyst brooch. Moms Get Golden Awards SAN ANTONIO, Tex.—School crossing guards here are known as the "Mama PatroL" From the 220-member, four-supervisor force, six women are selected each year to receive the "Golden Mommy" award for outstanding service. Each woman in the patrol receives a special awards certificate for her work during the school year. Remember her on HER DAY . . -. Sunday, May 9th! Even better . . . remember her EVERYDAY. Remember how she listened to your tales of woe & kissed the hurts away . . . remember how steadfast her strength, her wisdom, her humor, but best of all ... her LOVE that never fails. Women Find Comfort As Sari Sights By Helen Hennessy Women's Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NEW YORK—(NEA) —With a half dozen yards of fine fabric and a quickie course in how to drape it, you can have a head-swiveling gown for evenings. For sheer glamor, the Indian sari has yet to meet its match. Celebrities, socialites and style-setters are appearing in saris, draped in the traditional exotic Indian fashion rather than having the fabric cut into western gowns. A recent premiere of an Indian motion picture brought out sari-clad New Yorkers in droves. Saris star in the wardrobes of such famous beauties as Elizabeth Taylor, Dma Merrill, Monique Van Vooren, Eva Gabor and opera singers Blanche Thebom and Teresa Stratas. New York society has gone Indian, too. Barbara Hutton owns many saris and Mrs. William Paley wears a gold brocaded sari dress by Balenciaga said to cost ?3,000. Don't let that figure scare you into feeling "Sari wrong number for me." A beautiful, hand-loomed silk sari, embroidered in silver, can be had for about $75, the price of an ordinary cocktail dress. The cost of saris depends upon the amount of gold thread and hand embroidery involved, the most lavish running from $300 to $500 if not stitched up by the great Mr. B. This graceful garb consists of six yards of fine fabric and one needn't go to India to obtain it. Specialty stores in larger cities stock saris, and this year a breathtaking choice will be found at the India Pavilion at the New York World's Fair (Handlooms and Handicrafts Shop). When you wear a sari, you also wear a midriff bodice called the choli and a long, drawstring petticoat. The choli is always handmade to fit the wearer and may have sleeves or not. In fact, Indian fashions dictate from year to year the length of the sleeves. The petticoat is plain cotton. The intricate-looking drape of! the sari is really quite easy to master after one or two tries, .-^nd although Indian ladies never use pins or fastenings, wcj novices are allowed a hirlden safety pin to hold the pleats even. I Newcomers to the sari report that it is comfortable to wear, requiring no girdle or stockings and that the flowing garb feels Metropolitan Opera star, Blanche Thebom, makes a bright and glamorous picture in her handloomed Bernaras sari of cherry red silk embroidered and bordered in gold. Her bodice, or "choli," is sleeveless. But elbow-length sleeves are also fashionable in India and the United States. so super-feminine that they find they walk with unusual grace. The sari is ideal for showing off handsome pieces of jewelry. Monique Van Vooren, for example, wears a chunky gold and topaz necklace with her gold- bordered sari. Dina Merrill secures her pallau (the wide-bordered end that goes over the shoulder) with a huge amethyst brooch. Several bracelets or long earrings also add to the glamor. Although most Indian women wear their hair parted in the middle and pulled back in a bun, the sari looks just as pretty with American hair styles. At one time the small red dot Indian women wear on their foreheads signified caste or marital status. But now it is merely a cosmetic decoration! worn by anyone and often made with a dab of eye shadow or lipstick to match the color of the sari. For pregnant women the versatile sari is a wardrobe lifesaver since it can be draped loosely enough to offer chic camouflage. The average woman in India owns about four of the more expensive handloomed saris for special occasions and 10 or 12 cotton saris for ordinary wear. She needs little storage space for they fold flat and she can travel with a month's wardrobe in an overnight case. Sari patterns are distinctive, according to where they have been loomed and can be recognized as Benaras, Kanchip- uram, Chandheri, etc., by the widths of the border design and texture. Since the sari doesn't come in sizes, Indian husbands brmg them liome to their wives as gifts—and American husbands may want to adopt that habit. Unlike ordinary evening gowns, a sari never goes out of style. Instead, with good care, it becomes an heirloom as it ages and gains more value than when new. Curler Covers For women who insist on going into the water with their hair in curlers, there's a new swim cap that stretches to fit (jvcr biilkly rollers. For those who wait to set tlieir hair until after a swim, a cap is available with a detachable shirred da- cron crepe bonnet that can be shpped on over the curlers. aairs BEAUTY STUDIO 120 East State St., Redlands Phone 793-5255 or 793-3091 Member Salon of National Hairdressers & Cosmetologists Association Observe Mother's Day on May 9th With a Gift for Mother or Yourself During Our SPRirSie YARDA6 TUESDAY - SATURDAY — MAY 4 - 8 DRIVE A LITTLE - SAVE A LOT! OFF ON ALL WOOLS 10 Vogue — Simplicity — McCaii PATTERNS The best selection and the Most Complete Yardage Store in the Area ic Bolts Galore ic Remnants -k Drapery and Upholstery Fabric LARGE SELECTiON OF: • SILK SHANTUNGS • STRETCH FABRICS (Many Various Blends) •. NAUGAHYDE • DRESS CREPES • TERRIFIC SELECTION OF LACES OPEN SUNDAYS 9:30-5:30 EXCEPT MOTHER'S DAY. MAY 9th COOPER'S YARDA6 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:30 TO 5:30 Mondays and Thursdays 9:30 to 9:00 Sundays 9:30 to 5:30 — CLOSED MOTHER'S DAY 25244 Business Hiway 99 Plione 796-0275 DIRECTIONS Located One Block South of the Freeway on Old Hwy. 99 Next to the Tri-City Drive - In Theatre near Loma Linda, between Redlands and Colton.

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