The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 11, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1933
Page 4
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LOCAL SPORTS Wk» EUiott Meet IT. ST3*Sf ys. £»Wf!*9Uk Was ; |£ &'^AB\ 'filEti tif Omtia . €X** Ornate ffceraoar as* a* salt Mi, UKUB.-JS •st tbss be Safest fear ei tart" is is* tbt HB*Kr }»srs «f fib* w***. R Jfe*. Steer* ASstrpjw. wwti «ff' la* **« je'tstj rw* ••"easier far ._., _-_ - !3» Mea'm *BasS«er 5*1ri!te.. ^ X*€E'V 'RB¥ *«* Gr«ji, {Sanaa*. MRstt, *t**atS 0 SasaJtw of Stfalaa TS* F is M ft.**, ; tt-y*. ; *»»•?«. relty **••*£>• *<*». M o|*BS«tljrti- The*' 6. H^den»«M; adte Row), ta third ia the MeKeax meratd te the dash a»« Hi the high third ia the !£*> third ia the broad Irarth te the twe- foarti te the mfle tday. Mix. JT«»et Cfcmj>*a {r0m frtenat and «t- te tbtt *«» aide to be Putrtc* of Eaeraex bosjiltaJ ta Oovactl tuma tor ax rp«raiias a co«j>> oT veeks J>re»ad M«SBS to mktir at Ms bon» ta ten. He 8&ortaons W!* After $f Defeat* ta« iaamra ki^ «8*B*t ***** tafl tea* **Feel*a th* fiH3r*r Cfty t« OT tM loan day. la tb* fifth aftd *Ht» CHy tmarf to *eete at b» *r*t «»« t«rth -Weal «eam «ate«i a«ke . Bet tor «ach tisw at the plate. aai Coaaer *«te **« te«rH(«al teertef wtth toat «ae*, f«t the local tern. Jr*^ . ti*d fceaty teerte* tor tte ofpo- wSh t*e raas to their B«ttt dceMed to of material the fstart hat* M fe* setrt Jaetan* ia. Be h* J<*t ewt two lees tt *a*s „_„*. B ihte 1* say i*4Jeattoa of what the fatsfe Is to be. the fecal Ugh school wffl eareJr hare a irtssteg team. At the eosrtwfoa of the tat fh« Meal bey* were te the lead by a good iesrgte, Xt to It. Ma» Trtdt T< ai*t4Mt CSaresc* Xagel, te the Strahaa high thto rear, was te towa Sat- ardar aad called to order a few COX irocer We Paw CASH for Cream, Eggs and Poultry We handle Flocn* and Mill Feed* Watch for PUT Handbill* for Saturday SPE- C1ALS. SATURDAY we wOl •eU bread, IfU 3 loaves for___,"** Retnenber the bi* GIFT DistnboiioB erery Saturday forty doQars aad was boagbt by Gar Lowrey of Peacerille. Mr. aad Mrs. Frsseto E. Balof Ltecote spent Sunday at ae bone of Mr. Baldemaa's pareats, Mr. aad Mrs. A. O. Hal- Mr, aad Mrs. Fred Farqahar aad Elinor dnrre to Uacola yesterday xaorateg to attead the f a- aeral of a baby itephee. SOB of j TerS. "- a&d Mr*. Ed Xagei aad Jess Wijaos from below were te tows Saturday •hopping asd attesdteg the sale. aad Mrs. Iran aad Bermadtee. from Red Oak Saturday for as over Sunday rhdt te the Jobs Bacon home. Smart Sew Hats te watte, nary, beige, gray, aad black. Kew shipment* constantly arriving, both large asd small head sizes. — Ladle* Apparel Shop. Shenan- adr. The district eoarestiOB of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist chares ho«tod. Aaroa Lewis of CharHon stopped te Malrers Mosday morning fora brief visit wtth old friend*. Be was esroste to Omaha. Betty Dees asd Carolya Cook of Gteawood were gaests Satar- day asd Sunday te the home of' Jase asd Lorraine Fletcher. Mrs. Cbas, Alberts aad Mrs. Dale Kttse were Cevsea BtsOs visitor* Tuesday. Mr. asd Mr*. Lee Koftager left Taersday for their homestead sear Ocboto, Wyo. They wQl stay there this esmmer. Mrs. A. i. Xickersos asd Mis* Rath Ltedsey spest Sat«rday te Conscil Bteffa. Dr. D. M. Kline report* the birti of as eight pound bey to Mr. asd Mrs. Arthsr Holies of sear Strahas, i Mr. «sd Mr*. Joe Iteri* and i family of Gleswood Yfstted S»n- day with Mr. asd Mrs, O. DeriB asd mother, Mr*. E. 1- Ba* of this week. Mr. Mr*. J. B. McClymoad aad Mr*. B. B. Gogeler attended Tmeaday and Wedaeaday. Mrs. E. C. Kay- toa. Mrs, W. p. Wortmaa. Mrs. W. E. Kern*. Mr*. H. H. Amos, asd Miss ABee Bewtly. Mr. aad Mrs. Bos* U*le of gaests Snsday Golfer* Defeat Omaha U. First comsetfttos of the was so mates for MsJrera** Fair- riew gelfera. The local team met the.Omaha Calrersttr golf team test ICedsesiay aftersoos os the Fairrtew eovrse, winateg IS to J. C. A. Beyer, presidest of the Faixriew dab. took medalfaA boa- ore whea ho tars«d te a 7< for dghteea holes. The smmmary: Stirers. Malrers. tied WOcox. Omaha, 1-1; Caldwen. Malrern. defeated Patsam. Omaha. 2-1; Mattollasd. Malrera. defeated Asthes. Omaha, $-4; Borer. Mal-j rern. defeated Ltedberg. Omaha, S-«: Redeahasgh. Malrera, defeated Gregory. Omaha. 3-a, Is exeeOost condition, the Fairrtew coarse faratahed good sport for the conteatinta, Baste for scoxisg allowed oae point to one taaa track teaia cevaeted ia the M-J-X-K mat*, at Oaaha last Satatday whea Cari HoMea. Oriole abet aatter. was «fctct*d there by Coach Paal Berts, ttoeca ttertx* jadcaMtrt of BoUea's pboriVnttleB was prored whea Beidea alaeed foarth te the shot pat eveat. They wfil attead aaother aaeet aatatday. t* tt tte loi«» . tt. IMI. W. M. "WESTOdl CO«E W "iOIUiOf IER Benton Saves Day With Three Bagger The Malrera high school kit- teaban tea defeated the Pacific JvncUoB team oa the local dia- mosd Monday afternoon by a IS to IX margin. The tilt was played oae inning overtime becaase of a tied score at the ead of the aer- eath inning. Herb Beaton was the hero of the game (if yoa wish to call him sach) by slagging oat a three bagger when there were three men oa base asd two dews at the ead of the overtime period. This game was eajoyed by all the local fans who witsessed tt. A NEW SERVICE/ i We have arranged for 1 a, cold storage room and can now Clean and Press your Winter Overcoat £l forw,.^,,.^-.-,^,** . and store it dimiyr the summer months FREE. PUB COATS, cleaned and I S|Ored -, T-5- IT 9T-T»»•«•—»•— ^"* Many are takine ad* vantage of our tailoring servi^. A b^e rrawr* „ i»f or altmnfr »t the II light time will natke more serviceable. Malvern Cleaners BeaatMrt Sew SBfc Prrtrir is] both regvlar asd half ***** from 1* to i*. priced tS.SS asd »>- — Ladie* Apparel Siop. Sh****- doah. **r. Mice Elsie Barf* of Emeraoa wa* * Sunday visitor te the O- E- Dari* home. Mis* D»TU teaches nth of Emeraoa, Mr. asd Mr*. Barry AHe}y Jr, of CoascQ B|sS* spest the week ead .at the parental ft O- ABeiy Gilbert Good, WUbwr Bower, asd Ben Breeding spest the week and te Kansas City. sos weighing sise asd ose- Ler poasds was bora to Mr. Mr*. Asstte Bass Sasday May 7. B> has bees named Richard Austin. A $%M£kt£P* $WM$ fj^ffffj^fri w^jc%|j&c f4jt%* p^^iff. yiif kcw of Mr. aad Mrs. Fred Fanjahar. Mr, aad Mrs. Leo Robirds are moriag this week to the Mr*. Alfred Cooes residence. Mrs. Cooas has takes a room te the M. E. Ben home. Mrs. L. H- Bobbin was te T««cday axtendisg a of the Baptist MissSoa- ary tnrieries of the west Mrc. Bobettt is atcr«Ury of this grove. A sos, James Wiffiam. bora to Mr. aad Mrs. George Ma- taaey at the Immaaraei hecfstal te Omaha, Friday. May 5- Mrs, Maloaey was formerly Mtas Mary XUpatrtek of Malvera, A. E, Fargo of T«bw vac a bacteesx csBer te tow* T*f*d*y. Mrs. T- B- CajulelJ sfest To«»e»y te SBrer Cfay rte&teg her mother. Mrs. H, C. Ktxtoe&tttter. Dr. «*d Mrs. M. S. left test sight for Be* where the doctor wfil attend the Do You Know? CASH USE SAUT IT HAS WRINKLES; THEYU£E NO COiNS THfcY fWT fl M QAftS ANO SPRINKLES.. the fowa State M«4te»l ffxtt&y te Aeseies there today asd vumt** row. They wOi rentrs Frfdvy stag. Roy CaaeeO asd Berstee. Ode, asd Tctett ^«aa, amtoed dowa to Sar*aash, M«. Bcsdar to risft Mrs. Osdea te the he«*4t»l there. Out U m*ctt imsmre4 asd wffl he afete te come home by Satvrday, tutnctor tried to eftter la the gata* * aeeoad Tata wai ntp»ed te th» bad (ao to ceeak) whea the Profeaaor draoed forth hto tratty rmte book. The local bon win act l*t the «uae tatotake haMwa acala. The cane aehedaled wtth Km- eraoa was eaUed off became of raia. AH thte week to to be rather boy wtth ban case* a* the local school has three. Chiaeae to the aamber of 1"*,««• ta Chaachal hare decided to boTCott Jspaa. Bat it wfll take •ore thaa a boycott to stop the Japaseee anay oa Its way to JTe- hoL en«a aumed fruit and more conventioiul foods, idSTroirip. id the . weknowyoo ______ _________ wfll thoroaglUy enjoy serving them at your ble. Cake Floor Braad—. No. f eaa_—^ No. 1 tall caa. Com Waote crata No. Hk* catiac trecli S, Richelicn GeJatn Per pkg m------- Oak Meal Regmtar or Qjsick. targe pkg Wbe*t Fwrf Ught or dark, same stxe .DC .lie Toroatpe JKric* No, I tall eaa_ KMmfW Aw Howe Owaed. SPECIALS FM! SATlltoAY OUT 10 Jb, 9»fr^ M FLN1 j. sack Ib. sack' Mrs. B. A. Lo*i*Wli as4 nes« Howard, drore u» Coandl BteCf T«a*dsy W *ee .her *«". Harry, te ike EdsiandsojB hotpital Be it *\t*£j hopes to ha u> OMM home the Isie of KttvfcU **» te from east of afternoon. Be reporf* b)» s»Mu4»f bor, m Bj4hf «ay, M*t afcft the ** each tor **•»« bfftaihl Ik th* *V^ ""- 111 *^M^F -w p w v^ su •-— - --" - ' 9m PW It p*r le, ttxui «§ tbe»l44i.«< l^p^wyff «t V«ffk. te* *M!ff <M ^IPWIPi 1WP» Ww WSWiW^ ipWWWIs ^F w v^Rw^^WJW |p 1 t. The iovejr a#e4 «s4 *** le w*» ««Jtea accce cleared f*-f*- H«« s be Wedse»«*y, M«y orcft. Pot lack aorred, the Cemetery .. .. ,_ , .. Hat *««k fer work and plas* tot /tut* Fjffcut tfa Nil &0s»VMaM * ***** , , rtih av TiTHnifjir' aw gb»te»*i erics, ****** lit Hi* Per *#rm#*v "*f*» Ml CS*A-"* A Mttflhlp ***** «»*s*» i save CsH «***«* «f l» *^Wfcy MfptlifflFB jpKpftift Vtiif.' t YW tPlJP fcllft ^f i iVff ~JLL ^^^^el' _?^^_ : ^^P^ ^ W^pt iiS^^' mi ilm amins/ - h*f fti«t? Wbywewve a yWs suJwrtptiw to The Leader •*%- * Sfe ' - : * *~ f."- '* * 1 4-* T^ t %isl^X B: a «S._a,',^i_,-.-.,"jf?... *!«>. ,..':i-5i.^5.^,^ft l -i^il^i: L fc?c^,

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